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Authentic Assessment

Teks: (8) History. The student understands the impact of significant national and international
decisions and conflicts in the Cold War on the United States. The student is expected to: (A) describe
U.S. responses to Soviet aggression after World War II, including the Truman Doctrine, the Marshall
Plan, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the Berlin airlift, and John F. Kennedy's role in the Cuban
Missile Crisis

Grade Level: 11th grade

Creative Product: The student will create a poster board over one of the five subjects listed
above involving U.S. responses to Soviet aggression during the Cold War. The five subjects are
the Truman Doctrine, Marshall Plan, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), Berlin Airlift
and Cuban Missile Crisis. The poster board must include accurate information over the topic,
pictures illustrating the topic, demonstrate creativity with the depiction and include sources. The
student will be required to present their poster board to the class over their chosen topic.
3 2 1
Excellent Satisfactory Below Average
Knowledge/Interpretation Demonstrates a great Demonstrates a well Demonstrates a not very
of Subject understanding of the subject understanding of the subject well understanding of the
and does an excellent job and does a good job subject and does an
interpreting the topic by interpreting the topic but inadequate job of
stating the who, what, when, leaves out one or two key interpreting the topic by
where and why. components of the who, what, leaving out several
when, where and why. components of the who,
what, when, where and

Creativity/Presentation Presents a poster board that Presents a poster board that Presents a poster board
displays great effort and displays satisfactory effort that displays poor effort
creativity by using different and creativity by using only a and creativity by using
colors and labeling everything. couple different colors and/or only one color and/or not
leaving out some labels. labeling anything.

Pictures Poster board includes at least 3 Poster board includes 2 Poster board includes
but no more than 5 pictures pictures accurately depicting only 1 or less pictures
accurately depicting topic. topic. accurately depicting

Sources Poster board includes 5 or Poster board includes 3-4 Poster board includes 1-2
more sources. sources. sources.