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Laurent Kleinheinz 5th period

Historic context (5 items)

1. The movement began in Europe during early 20th century.
2. It was moving parallel to the expressionist visual and performing arts movements.
3. Many of the expressionist architects had fought in World War 1 which affected their style.
4. Germany, where much of Expressionism was taking place, was going through economic
hardships which influenced the architects.
5. New technological advancements like mass-glass production allowed Expressionism to

Physical characteristics (7 items)

1. It’s often not symmetrical.
2. It uses distorted, weird forms that stand out.
3. It is usually made of glass, steel, and brick.
4. It is more gothic than classical influenced.
5. You can find many romantic-like themes like caves, mountains, lightning, etc.
6. Aspects of Islamic, Moorish, Indian, as well as Greek and Roman art and architecture
can be found in Expressionism.
7. They vary in size from huge theatres to houses.

5 architect names with brief bio

1. Erich Mendelsohn was a Jewish German born on March 21, 1887 and built Einstein
2. Bruno Taut was a German architect born on ​ May 4, 1880 and built the Glass Pavilion.
3. Rudolf Steiner was an Austrian architect born on February, 25, 1861 and built the
Goetheanum which serves as the world center for the anthroposophical movement.
4. Piet Kramer was a Dutch architect born on July 1, 1881 and built De Bijenkorf.
5. Dominikus Böhm was a German architect born on October 23, 1880 who specialized in
churches and built the St. Engelbert church. He was a brick expressionist.

10 reasons why you chose the style

1. It uses a lot of different shapes that give a different feel from conventional buildings.
2. I liked how it was a way for the architects to express what they felt rather than just serve
a purpose.
3. I like the smooth shapes that stand out against angular buildings.
4. The material choice gives a different texture from other buildings.
5. The thought of psychological effect from form and shape interest me.
6. I find that a lot of the houses look cozy.
7. The buildings give off a futuristic feel like from a movie.
8. I can see the Islamic elements which is another style I like.
9. The buildings serve multiple purposes from houses to large auditoriums which would be
fun to draw.
10. Each building is so unique to others of the same style.