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Sequential operation of PP-PI module in SAP

 Create Process Order by using transaction code COR1. While creating process
order you have to select the correct version of product if you have more then one
master recipe. Then only correct recipe will be copied.

 Release the process order. When you release the process order, the user is
assigning the batch number for that particular product and simultaneously
reservation also is being created by the system, which is the intimation to material
custodian to issue the material against the process order as defined in the BOM.
(RMS will do Issue of material in the system by using transaction code of

1. Physical Material transferring from RMS

2. Real Production at shop floor.

 Once real production completed, the process order should be confirmed by using
the transaction code of CORK/COR6N

Steps to remember at the time of confirmation

1. Please enter the right quantity in the field of “Yield to conf.” Without any
mistake where this quantity only will reflect at the time of Goods Receipt.
2. Batch execution and finish date and time should be entered.
3. Before saving, please tick “Final Confirmation” and “Clear open
reservation” which is very important in the costing angle

 Once confirmation is completed, do Goods receipts (MIGO) for the order. Please do
Goods Receipts at your storage location itself where the QC will take sample and re-
post the material to you location after Result Recording & Usage decision. Please note
that when you are doing the GR for your product, at that time only Inspection lot
number is being created by the system.
 Some other material which is coming to the plant storage location but not being
consumed in process (Raw water, purified water, Coal etc.) needs to be consumed for
the correct cost center. This activity to be done regularly if possible, but surely before
month closing. By transaction code MIGO using movement type 201.

 It is advisable to check the physical stock & system stock regularly for any difference.
For seeing the stock of material transaction code is MMBE.

 These process orders status needs to be changed as technical completed. (After
completion of process order status should be either “DLV” or “TECO”.)