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» Mathematics Program Summary | HSC 2-Unit Course

.». TOPIC 1: RADIAN MEASURE & Arithmetic series (continued) .». TOPIC 13: GROWTH & DECAY
TRIGONOMETRIC FUNCTIONS • Given a general term ܶ௡ , prove Graph ‫ ݁ܣ = ݕ‬௞௧
Define an angle of one radian that it forms an arithmetic series Convert verbal information to a
Convert between degrees & radians • Given ܵ௡ , find expression for ܶ௡ differential equation
Evaluate expressions with radians Geometric sequences: Prove by substitution that ‫ ݁ܣ = ݕ‬௞௧ is
Find the length of an arc • Define a solution of ݀ܰ/݀‫ܰ݇ = ݐ‬
Find the area of a sector • Find general term ܶ௡ Solve problems with given features
Find the area of a segment • Find sum of ݊ terms .». TOPIC 14: MOTION (Differentiation)
Apply formulae to actual problems
• Find limiting sum Describe motion verbally given
Establish that limit of ሺsin ‫ݔ‬ሻ ÷ ‫ = ݔ‬1 displacement as a function of time
• Determine if number belongs to
Graph trigonometric functions Describe motion verbally given
an geometric series
Determine period & amplitude velocity as a function of time
• Given a general term ܶ௡ , prove
Determine domain and range Describe motion verbally given
that it forms a geometric series
Graph extended trigonometric acceleration as a function of time
graphs, e.g. ‫ ܽ = ݕ‬sinሺܾ‫ ݔ‬+ ܿሻ • Given ܵ௡ , find expression for ܶ௡
Find sum of a series where number of .». TOPIC 15: PROBABILITY
.». TOPIC 2: DIFFERENTIATION RULES terms must be recognised Use dot diagrams to represent sample
Expressions with indices space for 2-stage events
Find ܶ௡ & ܵ௡ of composite series
Expressions requiring simplification Distinguish between situations that
Practical exercises:
Expressions containing trigonometric, require addition or product rule
• Salaries w/ incremental increases
exponential and logarithmic terms Use tree diagrams to represent
Use product and quotient rule • Superannuation multiple-stage events
Use chain rule • Time payments Use probability tree diagrams to
Find equation of tangent or normal • General problems of non- represent multiple-stage events with
.». TOPIC 3: PROOFS W/ CO-ORD. GEOM. commercial nature varying chances
Find gradient, midpoint and distance • Recurring decimals Solve problems with:
Write down equation of a line given .». TOPIC 8: PRIMITIVES & INTEGRATION • mutually exclusive events
certain features of the line Recognise standard forms • complementary events
Solve geometric problems Integrate expressions with sums & .». TOPIC 16: MOTION (Integration)
.». TOPIC 4: CURVE SKETCHING differences Understand that two-dimensional
WITH CALCULUS Integrate functions that require initial graph represents one-dimensional
Explain significance of sign of algebraic simplification movement and time, not two-
derivative Choose appropriate methods for dimensional motion
Find domain in which a function is integration Find expressions for:
increasing or decreasing Use link between differentiation and • Displacement, given velocity
Find stationary points integration to evaluate an integral
• Velocity, given displacement
Test for local maxima/minima Find ݂ሺ‫ݔ‬ሻ given ݂ ᇱ ሺ‫ݔ‬ሻ and a point
• Displacement & velocity, given
Distinguish between local that is on the curve
maxima/minima and maxima/minima .». TOPIC 9: AREAS UNDER CURVES
in a given domain .». TOPIC 17: QUADRATICS
Perform calculations involving:
Solve quadratic equations
Explain geometrical significance of • Areas for curves above ‫–ݔ‬axis
second derivative Solve quadratic inequalities
• Areas for curves that cut ‫–ݔ‬axis Write down relation between roots
Test for concavity
• Areas bounded by 2 curves and co-efficients
Test for points of inflexion and
horizontal points of inflexion • Areas involving addition and Define discriminant
subtraction of integrals Use discriminant to identify different
Find equation of inflexional tangent
Sketch curves with above techniques • Areas involving the ‫–ݕ‬axis types of roots
Sketch ‫݂ = ݕ‬ሺ‫ݔ‬ሻ based on properties • Simpson’s Rule Find condition that gives real,
• Trapezoidal Rule unequal / distinct or unreal roots
of ‫ ݕ‬ᇱ & ‫ ݕ‬ᇱᇱ
Distinguish between integral & area Find condition for quadratic to be
Sketch ‫ ݕ‬ᇱ & ‫ ݕ‬ᇱᇱ based on ‫݂ = ݕ‬ሺ‫ݔ‬ሻ positive or negative definite
Find the volume of solids rotated .». TOPIC 18: LOCUS & PARABOLA
Solve problems with right-angled ∆ Derive equation of parabola given
State and use Sine Rule around both ‫–ݔ‬axis and ‫–ݕ‬axis
Derive volume of cone & sphere focus and directrix
State and use Cosine Rule Find vertex, focus and directrix given
Solve problems with ∆s that have Use Simpson’s rule to find
approximation of volume equation of a parabola
common sides Find points of intersection of
Find volumes involving trig. graphs
and ones leading to logarithmic and
Find stationary values for geometrical exponential functions .». TOPIC 19: RATES OF CHANGE
and practical situations Apply understanding of integration
Construct function based on data to physical situations
given in diagram or words Year 7-11 knowledge & skills
Solve problems in which a derivative
Recognise both endpoints and .». TOPIC 12: GRAPHS statement is given
stationary points as possible solutions Graph equalities & inequalities with
straight lines .». TOPIC 20: ABSOLUTE VALUE
.». TOPIC 7: SEQUENCES & SERIES Draw absolute value graphs
Extend and generalise given number Graph circles
Recognise and graph semi-circles Solve:
patterns / sequences Equations involving absolute values
Arithmetic sequences: Graph parabolas
Graph hyperbolas Inequalities involving absolute values
• Define
Graph regions involving unions and
• Find general term ܶ௡ intersections of inequalities For more details, please see the full
• Find sum of ݊ terms mathematics program, available for
• Determine if number belongs to download on the school intranet.
an arithmetic series