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SolarSpan® Information Guide

Design roof pitches can often suffer structural steel deflection. with the top skin being an attractive roof profile. with the top sheet being high tensile steel. Continuous COLORBOND® steel ceiling finish. N. Service and › 6 steel. The panels are available in thicknesses ranging from 50mm to 150mm. . Product Performance › 4 SolarSpan® is an ingenious. and the underside being available in a flat or lightly profiled Colorbond® finish. functional and attractive panel. a “stepped” expansion joint is recommended. For projects with longer roof runs. Its outer “skins” are made from BlueScope Colorbond® National Production Coverage. SolarSpan® delivers outstanding insulation properties Expanded polystyrene core. multi residential or light commercial developments. SolarSpan® SolarSpan® Specification and Finishes › 7 utilises an EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) core which has been used extensively in Australia for over Concept to Completion Service › 8 50 years. Technical Support from Bondor® a standard upheld by all reputable Australian steel roofing product manufacturers. Apart from its superior thermal performance. whether they be domestic housing. and unrivalled strength in a roofing panel. It is manufactured in lengths up to 18 metres. High tensile COLORBOND® steel roof sheet.B. Please note that technical information contained in this brochure supercedes all previous published data where applicable. cost effective combination of roofing insulation and ceiling in one durable. shorten installation time and reduce overall construction costs. Our minimum pitch of 2 degrees refers to the actual pitch achieved after deflection. SolarSpan® construction offers the opportunity to reduce structural components.Contents Introduction Features and Benefits › 1 Bondor® has been the market leader in providing light weight thermal building products and systems to the Australian market since the 1950’s. its harsh climatic conditions and local building standards Comparison of Installation Methods › 3 and regulations. SolarSpan® offers an efficient solution for the construction of today’s sustainable buildings. Why use Composite Roofing Systems? › 2 We understand the Australian market. ideal Span Tables Tested to Australian Standards › 5 to meet these Australian conditions. SolarSpan® is a through fixed system suitable for roof pitches of 2 degrees or more. economical building solution for applications requiring long term SolarSpan® Information Brochures › 9 thermal performance and efficiencies. It is the traditional.

and equally. Traditional single skin including insulation and smooth steel. You can relax in cool thermal properties up to R4. Durable and Low maintenance roof system. ✔ Genuine BlueScope Steel.22. ✔ Affordable. ✔ Short Lead times. a popular choice because it provides superior thermal performance with reduced structural components. ✔ Tested for Australian Cyclonic Regions using “lo-hi-lo” cyclonic tests in accordance with latest BCA provisions. first pioneered in Australia by Bondor® for Brisbane’s “Expo 88” pavilions. roofing system. reducing the need for envelopes. enjoy the winter months in insulated warmth. ✔ 10 year manufacturing warranty. 1 . Since then thousands of Australian homes and ✔ Easy installation of a complete commercial buildings have been transformed through the use of SolarSpan®. In the ✔ A complete roofing system summer months the sun regularly heats up your roof to temperatures of 65 degrees and above. It was conventional roofing. comfort during the summer months with SolarSpan®. and lower overall cost. reduced congestion ✔ Up to 50% faster to install than on today’s busy building sites. as 75% of this heat to be radiated through. Features and Benefits SolarSpan® is the Answer Features and Benefits SolarSpan® is a versatile composite panel system providing thermal benefits and simplified installation techniques resulting in shorter construction times. SolarSpan® is an insulated roofing system that lets you enjoy the ambient air ✔ Superior BCA Part J Compliant temperature without this radiated heat. aluminium and polycarbonate roofing allow as much ceiling all in one. ✔ Strong. With increasing legislation for more energy efficient building ✔ Large spans. SolarSpan® composite technology has become costly additional support structures.

Why use Composite Roofing Systems? Insulated Panel Roofing Systems Versus Traditional Steel Roofing Systems • Provide easy compliance to Part J of the BCA by providing roofing. insulation and ceiling in one product. They do not reflect the significant time saved on site or disruption to the construction flow presented by conventional systems. batts and spacer battens. Designers are not lost while gyprockers or suspended ceiling installers and installers have been forced to increase bulk insulation complete the ceiling linings. cost savings over traditional systems. mesh and labour means the installations. the competitive edge G G IN IN ON ON $700K for your client. install cost of conventional methods. provide • Ease of installation means less labour required to install roof. eliminating the need for messy wire mesh. crumble or lose its effectiveness over time. roofing products like SolarSpan® and MetecnoSpan®. in structural steel. • Significantly higher spanning capability means a reduction in structural steel. The higher cost of the composite panels is more than offset by substantial savings • Eliminates thermal bridging and reduces thermal transfer. • Panels lock together offering a near airtight seal that reduces air leakage and improves energy efficiency therefore saving heating or cooling costs. labour and time required with conventional • Savings in structural steel. Cost and Time Comparison Once the SolarSpan® system is fastened in place. both the roof Complying with Part J of the BCA has. Cost and time frame comparison table $1M Key: $900K Traditional 4 weeks earlier $800K SolarSpan® occupation. and ceiling systems are effectively complete – further weeks added cost to conventional roofing installations. project is completed much quicker for roughly the same The numbers shown here compare the two systems’ raw costs. See your local representative for up to date pricing. 2 . thicknesses and add components to control insulation compression at the fixing point.000m2 air conditioned showroom. without a doubt. • Up to 50% quicker installation means end users can take up occupancy weeks ahead of schedule therefore generating Independent cost analysis has confirmed that composite earlier cash flow. ITI ITI ND ND CO CO R $600K R AI AI $500K $400K GS C EILIN DED PEN SUS $300K ® AN TS SP SHEE R R OOF $200K LA NS / SO ATTE SPACE R B N/ LATIO $100K INSU WIRE S PURLIN 0 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Weeks Typical construction segment timeline – 3. • Insulation does not compress. Note: Independent costing carried out in 2009 is for comparative purposes only.

place. Jason Gibbons Quality Coldroom Constructions 3 . It truly is a complete Roof sheets. are carried into position and carefully aligned with previous sheets.” onto the roof. and then spreading and fixing roof sheeting. The roof sheet is then tacked in place. craned directly from the ground or truck and carefully swung Safety mesh is the most common fall protection method in into position on the roof. Step 2: Insulation the ground directly into Once the safety mesh is in position on the roof.” size . with multiple steps and subsequent increased costs. have made this process even more cumbersome. the awkward size rolls are “man-handled” across previously laid roof areas to “A complete Roofing and Insulation be un-wrapped and cut to System in one simple to install product. Products like Bondor® SolarSpan® make life a whole lot easier compression of the bulk for the roofing installer. rolling out bulk insulation. roof. Step 1: Wire Painstakingly labour intensive. all in one. fastened in place. combining several of these process are required to reduce features into one product. position. The roofing system is completed in a fraction of the time it would take to install all the other products individually. where it is immediately purlin. are definitely the way of the future. often requiring multiple scissor lifts to prepare & pull the wire across un-protected roof spans. are replaced by a single lift of the sheeting is fastened to the SolarSpan® product onto the roof. Step 1: Crane Step 2: Secure Panels are lifted from Panels are secured. insulation and often ceiling. a relatively new addition to the install Composite roofing systems. use on commercial roofing projects in Australia. Then the installers must “crawl” the scissor lift from below the roof area along each wire overlap to stitch the lap together. Comparison of Installation Methods Conventional Roofing Method Bondor® Composite Roofing Conventional commercial roofing systems have become labour Bondor® insulated composite panels such as SolarSpan® are intensive. Essentially the several steps used insulation when the roof in conventional roofing. Recent regulations to improve safety and energy efficiency. It was slow and labour Step 3: Spacer Batten intensive. over the insulation. For so many years I installed roofing the ‘conventional’ way – laying safety mesh. Step 4: Roof Sheet I’ve found that working with composite products like SolarSpan® is safer and more efficient. previously loaded roofing and insulation system in one simple to install product. It provides. Spacer battens.then rolled out into “I wish I’d found SolarSpan® many years earlier than I did.

6 24 25 (b) 125mm 15. 3000 Anticipated electricity price increases will also have a 2000 major impact on building design and construction.1 36.7 25.5 4. The savings earned will continue throughout the life of the building.9 can be substantially improved.2 37. your building’s overall thermal performance 3 R 2.7 44.Product Performance Primary Energy Consumption in Australia by fuel Thermal Efficency and Energy Consumption 6000 Renewables Thermally efficient buildings require less heating and 5000 Gas Oil cooling.1:2002 “Materials for the 6 thermal insulation of buildings”.1:2004.6 2.2 Thermal Insulation .0 15.3 2 Typical R value over the life of the building.6 you can see from the following graph simply by increasing panel thickness.3 18.1 35.8 3. Ensuring each building is as energy efficient as possible is 1000 the key factor for those conscious of cost and environmental PJ savings.4 22.2 2.8 41. The Sound Transmission Class (STC) and the Weighted Sound Reduction Index (Rw) of the roof panel were calculated using the procedures respectively specified by AS 1276-1979 and AS/NZS ISO 717.1 Acoustic Acoustic testing of SolarSpan® has been performed in compliance with the requirements of AS 1191-2002 “Acoustics – Method for Laboratory Measurement of Airborne Sound Insulation of Building Elements”.3 23. which in turn draws less electricity. 1973 1977 1981 1985 1989 1993 1997 2001 2006 -74 -78 -82 -86 -90 -94 -98 -02 -07 Source: ABARE.8 19.4 23.1 17.3 30.4 16.Total Values 0 Panel Thickness 50 75 100 125 150 50mm 75mm 100mm 125mm 150mm R value at 8˚C (m2k/W) 1. including AS/NZS 4859.2 SolarSpan® Panel Thickness R value at 20˚C (m2k/W) 1.2 4 R 3.4 19. R 1. Australian energy statistics Thermal Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) thermal conductivity has been Thermal Insulation ‘R Rating’ Performance tested in accordance with relevant Australian Standard and Thermal Insulation ‘R’ (m2k/W) BCA provisions. ultimately 4000 Black Coal reducing green house gas emissions. Reducing energy Brown Coal consumption lowers fossil fuel dependency.1 17.7 19.6 required for BCA Part J 1 compliance = R 3.6 2.9 3.7 21.6 4.0 20.5 19. Reduce the noise pollution both inside and out.7 18.1 44.6 21. As R 4.9 23 24 4 .4 18. Freq Hz 100 160 200 250 315 400 630 800 1000 1250 1600 2000 2500 3150 5000 STC Rw (a) 50mm 15.7 39.0 34. 5 SolarSpan® offers varying levels of thermal performance.3 2. providing lower energy costs R 2.3 37.

Fixing at each rib for non-cyclonic regions and each rib and pan for cyclonic regions with 14g tek .1 1.1 900 3.Cyclonic: Based on dominate opening pressure.5 800 2.7 2.8 1. Cpi = +0.Cantilever Single Multi. 5. .1 1.Cantilever Single Multi. .42 2. . .6 1600 6. 550 2. Distributed live load of 0.6 3.6 3.7 screws (or equivalent) are required.3 1400 3. . Overhangs: d) Combination Factor .Non-Cyclonic: Building has no dominate openings & more than one 6.5 800 2.3 3.2 7.1 .50 2.1 900 3.) a) E xternal Pressure .1 900 5.7 550 3. .Ratio of building height to least horizontal dimension on plan.6 1800 C2 5.Cfig = -2. Non-Cyclonic Panel Thickness 50mm 75mm 100mm 125mm 150mm Max Span (m) Max Span (m) Max Span (m) Max Span (m) Max Span (m) ULS Design Max.0 2.1 1600 4. Wind Wind Cantilever Single Multi. Cpi = + 0.1 1.1 1.7 2. 550 2.6 550 4.0 7.Cantilever Single Multi.9 separate loadcase.1 900 3.25kPa (as per AS/NZS 1170. 600 2. Max. e) Non-cyclonic . of value stated or 40% of backspan.5. 4.Kc = 0.4 1200 3.5 1000 C4 10.3 3. 1.5 . b) Internal Pressure .1 6.Cantilever Single Multi.0 1300 C3 7.3 1500 N5 5. Overhang min. permeable wall or is effectively sealed.Wind Loads for Housing. Span Tables Tested to Australian Standard Spans Bondor® provides the latest Ultimate Limit State load tables specifically developed for Australian conditions.Cantilever Single Multi.Cantilever Single Multi. .35 3.0 2.3 1200 3.1) has been allowed for.5 700 2.0 2.6 3. Max.3 1600 3.7 2.3 2.Cfig = -1. Max.08 1.95 a) Max. .5 5.9 4. our tables make selecting the right span and panel thickness easy.1kPa dead load) for light duty fittings (lights.7 6.1 1000 3.0 2. Self weight of the panel has been allowed for.8 1200 4.5 800 2. .0 1200 5.8 5. Cyclonic .9 3.5 5.51 .8 550 3.Cantilever Class Pressure Span Span (mm) Span Span (mm) Span Span (mm) Span Span (mm) Span Span (mm) (kPa) C1 3. Max.5 . 600 Notes: 1. Concentrated load of 140kg (as per AS/NZS 1170.Cantilever Single Multi. c) Local Pressure .9 3.Least Horizontal Dimension on Plan < 20m (a = 4m). etc. Max. Wind speeds and coefficients based on AS 4055 . 5 . Serviceability deflection limit of span/150 has been allowed for.1 1. Roof pressure coefficients based on the following worst case assumptions: (0. Wind Wind Single Multi.7 1.1) on any one panel has been allowed for as a h/d < 0. Max.9 3.1 900 Cyclonic Panel Thickness 50mm 75mm 100mm 125mm 150mm Max Span (m) Max Span (m) Max Span (m) Max Span (m) Max Span (m) ULS Design Max. Cpe = -0. plus an allowance of up to 10kg/m2 2. .5 8.5 . as a separate loadcase.57.0 2. .2 2400 N3 2.17 1.Cantilever Class Pressure Single Multi- Span Span (mm) Span Span (mm) Span Span (mm) Span Span (mm) Span Span (mm) (kPa) N2 1.8 550 2.4 900 3. Max. 1.1kN concentrated load based on strength limit state 3. . . Max.12 .1 1900 N4 3.9 900 3.51 3. Whether you are selecting SolarSpan® for cyclonic or non cyclonic locations. Kl = 1.28 b) O  verhangs include an allowance for a 1.7 1200 3.

great that Bondor® have increased their production capacity and established a national network that offers the availability of the product on short lead times. 6 . SolarSpan® Service The long term popularity of SolarSpan® as a proven composite roof has enabled Bondor® to deploy a dedicated national SolarSpan® sales team with a customer orientated approach providing indepth product knowledge and superior service. engineering & technical support SolarSpan® panels are made to order & available for every situation. generally less than 5 days. design & concept stage. and has developed a detailed understanding of what is required to meet our harsh climates and energy efficiency regulations. targeting greater thermal efficiency. backed up with excellent service and technical support. Service. Production Process Bondor® manufacture SolarSpan® in their Clients & architects consult with Bondor® Bondor® work with architects through the factories across Australia.Production Coverage. happens before. improve their products. with Bondor® manufacturing and distribution The growth in SolarSpan® market acceptance has been so facilities across Australia. The product is manufactured throughout our network of manufacturing facilities. SolarSpan® have a range of finishes Design. have the best material and advice for your projects. Bondor® is constantly looking for ways to State of the art research. delivered on time. ensuring all customers throughout Australia have ready access to SolarSpan® in a wide colour range. meeting/reducing times & on budget. facilitates easy & quick construction. Bondor® provide safe & secure delivery to Simple installation of SolarSpan® panels Small to large scale projects completed. during and after install. development and testing techniques to reduce construction time and ultimately reduce facilities ensures you always installation costs. manufactured to strict standards. Testing and Technical Support Bondor® has been producing composite panels in Australia for over 50 years. ensure a quality product. to discuss the possibilites for every project. Through its own Research and Development. & Support from Bondor® SolarSpan® Availability SolarSpan® is readily available.

multi dwellings. Standard colours are from the BlueScope Steel Colorbond® Detail illustration of SolarSpan®. Fasteners must be installed through every rib and manufactured with a minimum Class 4 anti corrosion coating. 75mm. range. Pale Eucalypt® Paperbark® Shale Grey® Gutters need to be designed in accordance with AS HB39 and Note: Check against Colorbond® sample as printed colours may not be accurate. SolarSpan® Specification and Finishes SolarSpan® Panel Specifications Max Skin Temperature Width Core Material Length Thermal Conductivity Adhesive Underside Finish Permitted Cut to order Thermosetting SL Grade Polystyrene 1000mm cover Min. 50mm. 100mm) and two non standard thicknesses (125mm and 150mm) and two finishes for the ceiling. plain or elegance.038 W/mK 78˚C Two part adhesive Smooth or Elegance 13. Other BlueScope Steel Colorbond® colours from their light and mid colour range may be available on special order (minimum order quantities apply). The core COLORBOND® steel colours is bonded to the inside and outside skins using a two part Polyurethane glue during manufacture. minimum order quantity applies). Standard Colour is Surfmist® (other available.5kg/m3 Max. Plain Elegance 7 . if larger than domestic size should be fixed to structural fascias and not directly to SolarSpan® panel. 75mm and 100mm and is also available in 125mm and 150mm thicknesses on special order. Product Specification SolarSpan® by Bondor® is an insulated composite roofing and 32 ceiling panel and it has the following properties. warehouses. It is the perfect choice where BCA Part J thermal performance is required or where you need a controlled atmosphere. Composite panels are interlocked together. SolarSpan® Finishes SolarSpan® is available in three standard thicknesses (50mm. supermarkets. factory buildings and retail outlets.42mm G550 high tensile AZ150 coated steel to AS 1397. residential housing. The external roof cladding skin is manufactured using 1000mm Cover 0. Surfmist® Classic Cream™ Dune® Headland® End laps for long roof runs should be formed by stepped expansion joints (requires support steel step).60mm Colorbond® steel to AS 1397 formed with “Elegance” profiles or Plain finishes. 1800mm 0.55 G300. The internal ceiling cladding skin is manufactured using 0. The insulated core is available in a choice of standard thicknesses. SolarSpan® ceiling finishes Polyethelene infill strips are available to suit the sheet profile. 18m (CFC free) Product Suitability SolarSpan® trapezoidal insulated roof panel is suitable for covered outdoor areas. A roof slope of 2 degrees or more is required. Flashings are manufactured from 0. Fasteners are to be fitted with washers of either galvanized steel or aluminium. AZ150 BlueScope Colorbond® steel and installed to Australian Standards.

Refer to BlueScope steel Technical Bulletin. Panels should always be kept dry and if placed on site. Delivery To Site All deliveries are by road transport direct to site or store as arranged. Strap-down Corner Angles. MAX.2 metres. Sheets are packed external sheet to external sheet to reduce pack height. cargo straps should be spaced approximately every 2. 4 2 Installation code for metal roof and wall cladding. Bondor® provides project specific warranties. client’s responsibility. Our warranties are supported by our exclusive steel supplier. Panels per pack depend on the panel thickness. 9. 4. 3.HB39 .0 metres and the maximum pack height is 1.0m: 1. Unloading remains the Fig. Packing For Shipment Fig. panel spans. 5. 2. To secure panels. 2m Fig. BlueScope Arrangement for Shipping. Turn Up / Turn Down Tool. Maintenance Recommendation When the product is installed as per manufacturer’s recommendations. 3 4 2 Fig. All packs have MDF liner sheets applied to the top and bottom as well as metal packing angles to protect the panel during transport (Fig. Positioning of Panel Packs and Cargo Strap. Specifier Sample Kit. Project warranty assessments can be provided during the design phase to assist with material finish selection. Warranties Fig. Unloading of Panels of > 8. all exterior metal surfaces not exposed to wash down by rain will benefit from occasional washing to remove a build-up of pollutants and corrosive salts. just ask. thermal & acoustic performance. 4).0m.Concept to Completion Service Professional Design Assistance Bondor® offer specialist assistance during the early design and documentation phase. Fig. 5). The maximum sheet length is 18. Sling Separator (Timber/Channels).0m (Fig. installation. 8. Refer to figures 7 and 8 for recommended steps to unload panels. 2. We have a dedicated in house technical team ready to assist with all design and engineering aspects of material finish. We’re here to help. figure 9. Long lengths are subject to reduced pack height. 6. 6).0 m: 3. Skylight System. Fig. 4. Fig. Lifting Sling. SolarSpan® panels are manufactured with a protective film applied to both the internal & external skins. 8 . Technical Bulletin. fire performance. If you have a question. Unloading of Panels of < 8. Sample of Packing Fig. Slip-On Fork Spreader. use of a slip-on fork spreader is recommended (refer Fig. 1. SolarSpan® roofs 1 should be installed according to Standards Australia . Spreader Beam. Please seek advice for product selection when in close proximity to breaking surf or other potentially corrosive environments. allowing adequate drainage and ventilation of the panel pack. 7. slightly inclined. For lifting panels > 5. stored off the ground. BlueScope Steel.

98 4. functio ng insulatio step by step sequence illustrations.12 0.g.77 9. to provide adequate ributeded moisturetin g ou (Note: DO NOT use ons On y distributed load data where applicab more fer. Tri ur So with e top en der pan superior thermal fordassistance ater .75 . 0.64 per AS1170. common sense instructions and handy tips. allow free drainage packs must always be protected against Photo suffer structura pitches can often of 2 degrees ing it exposure than difficult to weathertwo months oved ld be rem unpacked panel cu is to 4– • Partially No grou tting Remo .61 1.91 0Se The Australian edge of. s and ufac people industry from sing .75 75mm to crack.46 up To com Corestr3. fittings t of the are for wind ns at 5. further provides deta 8 s. e fro whether they free drain ss.20 2.09 has been panel has been span Bondor®.46This is tter en4.87 0. a B (Roof Applic it’s nd.64 tion offers the ng win packs mus t othe inclined (L x 1110mm = 2.26 2.26 while installing the styr l ov1500 1800 5. inwa e applie alent) at with Servic 8. cts or Why use of indu manufa of 2 xed syst For pro ctured in lengdegrees or em suitable in providing tion Methods Abou › experienced stry and will grown and ralian buil nantly staff acro learn ding • Appropr t periodic down.22 r (Tim 8.038 ed app g is depend Roofing hoorder NB.70 9.10 1. 1.59 ts as sid EPS today’s sustaina • Store Australian for basic leng m K/W avail 1. Its outer team ndard insta › project spec ils for basi ant years.11 AS1170. r prot ected 8.20 4. ia for ove which has bee an EPS Comple ions 6 Introdu an ® performlications req econom r 50 ical bui years.22 is e to to avoid damaging with separator through fixed system suitable recomm . it's benefits. Upp e Finis and whilst we of rFlame › – 10 ed “skins” are made high tensile steel. climatic condition and renced. Notes: 3. SolarSpan® Information Brochures Commercial Installation & Construction Brochure This brochure provides recommended construction drawings for SolarSpan® installations in Australia and New Zealand. Metfor Metal rato care to avoid panels without Smo 050– d to th stl es e 11. s are • Driver must periodical ly check load restraints any Thicknes strapping prior to tie K Substrate Gloss Level ing Rece e .70 sticB Core e 2. Service Aust consider llation tech (Fig. use of10. Unlo ctio l performments.Ensure all appropriatangles and Spreader beam (if required).85 9)3.32 5400 50mma 1.82 Corner 1.34 clear be channe1.08 pane tin sn d the 4). 5.12 7. Refercyclonic Bondor®regions red.14 el plasti e gutte es an3. • Unloading with Forklift Thicknes inserting or removing t Evol 5.98 tor (Ph reduce structura tion costs. Th 10 of sid them 11.40 1. to avoid damage to er Skin is dependen of cargo strapping tely every 2. • When storing supercedes all and contamina ssure tions. Fit Adhesivaw g with ns) Stee andl Face 8 W/m ion tion con ection.32 100mm ot o 1.87 plaon 9. Tu Slip-On Fork Spre non-breat (mm) 1500 during production than film applied later Regitwo months fromndate span: rn th co 3600 st 4200 4800 5400 6000 1500 1800 1. Design roof pitch Fig.35 0.75 pp el .14 4. 3. 3.91sufficie to 4. Press 32.99 100mm 1.64 and 2.16 ow 3600pane 9. e® Colo ur Upper Skin rec cessa Headland® ) eiv . ly) A 3600 4200 4800 5400 6000 2 Fig. ion Coverage. 3. Spreader Beam. MDFe is panels predomin antly or rem • Required be spaced approxima (bm t) AZ150.26 3.1:2001).38 Turn 5.5kg/m refers and regulations. it can be systems to the the Australian market.61 10.82 - ader.61 l to roof 2. MDF .80 4200 9. etc. 3). Pe 5.18 2. Positionin e job.41strip® 7. Bondor®Australian our expe uct deve for roo an® is a thro s? ralia lopments prot • Driver NOT jam palle ruding r of other obje ction allation ite Roofing System depth n building people condition rien s for Austce is predomi from Span Introduction f pitches ugh fi costs. tospac panel surface ) 10. No nd turn orm all steel deflection. mu to mee turing and has SolarSp its sup commercia Being indi installing vidually for over 50 ® Insu lated tice for Tran Tested to Aus erio l develop lti an enthusia Australia t Aust Trans reduce an® constru r therma ralian have Sandwi spo Span Tables n panels ch and rting. Ser › ufactu ian stee a standard Bondor vice and relevant to composite roofing installations.00 4800 th 4.32c paint 6.42 11.99 allow s to all 3000 the 125mm 5.g. • Whe should s.42 1). Defl r). each rib eability ing are requi Limit Fig.86 andspecifi ed are for wind allowed 7.36 Unloadin of purchase. please • Unloading with residential or light performa • Partiallyprocedure age of installatio unpacke ard weather non-stand rainw nsurf ace. Bondor® ralian panel ness.66 11.80 2. Paperbark # SO ®.22 underside being (kg/m rib 0 10. 2).98 8. (Ph rlay er tribu ol - l compone sure and of panel ition protecte Flamegua corner angles (L 400mm ot t on length of 0. sho nity to Features and Benefi requ irements ed in 2 d that prod lst we pan (e.39 panel 2.01 0. 4. multi-spa per Photo n and wind 6– press ure actin Turn g up pan 1 5 9 .).6mm Zinc coated.66 damage endedn to use of bott ing wid .97 Fig.84 once os 7&8) the gu rib at th overall construc n stor wet weather ing in ope weather condbe under cove nst wet . dge ion Pack and Maximuin open-air.93 tb rem ber/Chan ng 2 4. 2. Sling.29 p-down 8.75 1.38 scrap ack en ov 9. FlashingIngitabilit y rre 0 – 20 an ® vious publish to meet these Australia from Bluescop e Colorbond. around stically emb busi buil 1 ness is importading codes and to suit significant port time andstructural com n offers anc in › the Australia world we race lesso nt regu Australia n • Ensu re Roofi ng Pan ading & Stor reduce ponent the opportu e. a standard being tion Brochures se cons ired conditions and ult our . g withindustry age andwilltocontinuedistributto doPurl ine).41 7.59 Separator. -breatha orat uate prot Use of n from (Fig.77 n in accordance with roof th co 1. ts forg are prou ns and new to us and whi lations.82 fro m ol cen 7. 1).12 1.26 e2.47 1.10 applies. 2. ry if er inganceth awEleg e Evolved 7 starti channe building turers.load) of 140kg on any one 8.77ecial gusts duty over2. er any cure as strappin required.58 finish. Weight protective sheets).72 125mm er g -3 0m 600 th 1. Panel tter 12 al and attractiv Applications and been at the forefront visib individual k& ing DO NOT jam keep(e.41 1500 4. the forefron itectural pan plete ther er ay’s tion for Mor experien e importa t of the Aust els. orde ity tall n and ceiling in External Top Skin Sola While and Skin Tem in this t tech h achieve ›New Zealand stan conjunct brochure ral panels. n ou 1.61 rn- . . 3).97 has e ph from yousing ed for ection of 0. Unloading & th WidStorage of ificati Core Material to Aus Length Inst Thermosetting Smooth or Elegance a superio in one r expans plane or s. Min. use of a spreader beam full length to avoid panel up at to all d us p end an SolarSpan® is a d and .70 2.(light panel 4 14.61 pa gutte nt 5. Fork peoplele sign of toensu Colour (prefe 0 ere app erce licable. d®. Pale 0.38 3. ideal latiocant 0. After panel.44 1. check Te&damage to packaging or panels. also strap down when lifting (Fig. Fire to stru s. Deflection rib are required. panels. 8. its harsh Compar ite Roo g stan ison Ins fing Sys combin an® is an inge dards tallatio tems? › one dur ation of roo nious. 8. iate corner agai ally chec nst panel avoid dam to load and age to is Solar Span ® Tables s re Underside Finish the market leader Specification cont packs). “A g e un capillary the reat tip may star .56 – e10dr rface ve profile. Bondor®solutions Bondor ended Prac tralian Standard gs.35 1.g. 125m yo height m un ents.For panels > load across its 90 pane up all 1. has been es (L 400are this brochure and supported ) led Colorbond Walling long. Solarspan® Commercial Installation & Construction Patio Information Guide The SolarSpan® Information Guide provides an overview about the product.095 .25kPa (as per panel AS/NZ has been AS117 limit 6. dard all relev be adinof the Australian signifi out in pallets up against resecure as required. making it 2. 1. separato n(Fig. . flat been weight leader arch in com wheth ction of tod efficient solu at years. with the available in a fl at technique . After 4. whic Panel/Spa n. Fixing0.22 mplete 2 9.68 dead loads permitted.1:of 140kg allow m for light duty to ailabfor2. to avoid nel Sk ing pitch and used in 7 in this fi of damage to Max of 2 deg ctural ingeniou Technical Suppor note tha pitc ng Bondor® is Australia’s itories nt mus • Ensure all parts SolarSpan® is an balanced adin g pan As a business.98 eguard.0m ov per g of Panel Packs and Cargo Strap. The Australian Standards HB 39 Installation Code for Metal Roofing and Walling has been referenced.32 6.0m referenced top and er angl sling be n.14 edfor. avoid panel damage /Truck etc) 2. Sling damaging panels slift when ved e first 0 75 tape 12 rs tre 11. recommended n of any accumulat tward . Self ures specifi 1. Tu sh first of Photo 4.on consult our technical t is available. r Self 6. has 3.10 pane ene fro er on th Fig. cal Sup por Covera rds 4 (Expand t man ble Austral stee l. R Value at 20˚C 3-6) fro at th ight. ck alo d to sto proper longer roof runs. cos Produc n Metho 1 fi t effe t Perfor ds › to me able.29 3. with the top sses ran pan ging from els are l nen or ligh and the und skin being 50mm › 8 Abou t ts Bondor® Bondor ® tly pro erside an attr to filed 9 SolarSp Colorbo being availab active roo is Aust nd finish f and light constru an® offers an le in a ralia’s .02 d 2. Bondor® care to andlift ringavoi installing panelsdamsuit reAustralian all age to pack s.98 from ce Tu 14. Lower Skin ability (bmt) iously External from al.98 2. Distri ed for (excemaintenan dead loadsed for.91 4 3000 Span (mm) 1.97 1.14 4. after deflection.01 m 05.3 an int adin Bondor® requirements. its full relevant State ensure all packs e Grey occuExpothe pa TopllSkin al co It is the tradition term thermal depth of Stra p-down ropriate experienc d/Truck length fork with panel packs. wit h Applica t from ge.91 Core 3.43 nels). provides m = Sola Australia and New.03Skin g rSp s.16 short-term exposure .14 enweight Tuthernpanel of No1.91 7.36 m er pa Serviceability Limit State criteria the 0. actio turned3.0 (or equivalent) wind pressure acting 14g tek screws 11. des all pre tained one durable.36 Separato of < 3 7. • Protective 1800 the panel. e and New Zealand ’ (Fig.22 2. Introdu Bondor light weihas been the ction system ght therma market lead s We und to the Aus l building pro er in providi Featur es and Patio Installation Guide Our Installation Guide is supplied in a separate brochure and provides easy to follow. how uction • Store panel packs of rainwater which might otherwise derla expansion joint.99 11. DO d from any els are clea constru rten inst Aust› .64 2. Extenroof slope tek screws s. Compos SolarSp . Maximum uniforml 1 4 load protection purposes) allow quick evaporatio such as plastic film for (kPa) for removed s. roof slope tables including cyclonic Span do 1.For panels Standardsaging stra HB 39 Installatio p dow ecno n corn to keep the Panel/Spa fork tines from between packs.Take ly.86 end. etc. scr tted ge atching panel 1530.1:2002).82 2.12 6000 d 4.3 hes can y 2. 4.20 back 1.09 4. 0.29 1. Smo Shale Grey (dr oth or de r Heat 0us – 10 e upheld by all reputabl SolarSpan® utilises an EPS enthusiastically els are > 9. and 2. sligh e lifting equipmen . with Concept to Comple tion Service for assis tance. further hard even applications.58 6.38 6.14 difficult to remove. provide windadequateUsean protection Non-Ca t u outwa effe lso fast only is ps on technical informat s and sun exposure d B (R p material is Please note that previous publishe d Cargo pre of canvas/tar oothat pressure acting Single span. n used SolarS pan® tion Ser vice Roo availab ance and effi ng long uiri lding Inform ation › ction f Co le 150mm. however no on A the film poly e pane 2400 3000 2. More important . A from wet yclonic Region A and rds.14 1. Strap-down in accor ded span of 3 degre (or equiv dance Sling.Ensure separator rd.atplus an allowance of up to of 3 degree applies.Pla 6. in Nation to Aus she ons idea al tralian 3 upheld et bein g Bluesc ope .10 0. pleamay be requ llation fork manufactu experience in pan tines Australian from d dam building aging codes and regulation packagin secure.22 str ox0 2054006. to rem condition from date n-C windy conditions weather and strongyclonshould be under cover protected from direct perf ations Only) ve EP Our minimum ove.26 1.Ensu corner lifting etc) to of Flam ) for applications panels are re sepa brochu anglre equipm is Da Surfmist e tre stl d 125 efficiencies. access of AS/NZS 1170.1800mme Ti of mbe SolarS W/mK Standa 1989 rd cover t.97 limit of span/150 weigh ed 1. Compos 3 have mus ts up objects. Lifti 6. e first 0. Lifting rds are tables of Panels of < includ also availa s. 1. Laws for t be50 over in De Min 1800 r hous istin Details Permittedperature roof (dr an Extens this t architectu el panel industry carried any protruding Range bro rees roofing insulatio procedu brochure ion with are to and lightweigh • Unlo & ther e is no pack and Regu protected from panel packs).94 R Value at 8˚C m K/W 05 7 lef t an SolarSpan® offers ble buildings. Thickness Deve loped r proo erlay 9 e to (must 11. ip® to receiv ader Beam 4. r.61 2001). State criteria 2. g or pan • Appropriate corner angles must be used under s Subs trate Steel Face Thickness 78˚C ExTher tens ive Surfmist® mos ettinrgCream® UndLSP- Chan. G300 wi apped staff across 2). al 4. strong win n-air provide itions.g.87 Fork Spreader. llation ifi applicatc deta 9 ils c pan el insta ions. economical Australian re all (Overhea Australia. been of AS/NZS 1170.22 1.26 11. while film as plas ated moi ventilation erial to ly For projects with in one plane or “stepped” installing applied duri Storage inclined position ng th p either “end lapped” of purc hase the ng prod tic film for sture (Not protectio e: DO NOT that will is on hard even surface. on any one 5. ble.87 2.0m: 1.46 3.Make sure load is correctly e at 8˚C Purline).38 1. For those Being an Australian toelmeet .0m (Fig.93 of th ld be ort at back 1. Unloadin 150mm 6. allow While pack project specific d pan Cranes (Overhead 1. Pressures 2.00 4.11 g of 13.46 for the The installatio andibut inaconjunctio 9. (Ph 7. chec ly have Specifications non-sta res.09 10.85 1. Equideck) is used to keep x W 200mm). protectio direct recommen ded to distribute th ter tra the top ow4.73 ly r – TABLE C1 at each sp 1. Refer 1 of 0.0m or flexible panels m K/W full length to rn 3 – Cu an efficient solution Storag usede load n liftin m). trafficable No other been allowonly per AS117 Notes: gusts1. Slip-On 7.59 full wedg construction of able full rib pans r isthose multi panel this brochure provides detailsdetails may beth to avoi For required.Take Do not ke (mm) wa10te ov 150mm. The About Purline. than the packs bottom panels otos time and reduce edge of top and .30 up on top d damSolarSpan ) is used n Code ired). up 7) Spread the panels.17 100 m K/W rib he e be domestic housing.Mak business surface betw from een packtopan is important us els when s. Dune® Test Ran m ading. and the awingfing and on the 7 recomm > 8.Ensubuilding across of a slip-on or Territories Laws are secure. with 14g C1 applie oto ur loc Fig.). 2.36 5.73 7.39 5.18 1.88 edge2400g face of75mm 0. Panels Core Mat ons Width alla tralian 78˚C Two part adhesive (CFC free) us tion0. extens ed Polystyr rers.12 r cu 5. access (concpermitted.70 ovonly 10kg/m for light 6. We • Require d damage mus raints els Pane ® ty Permitted h long chure . from fork tines before unloading 3. 25% Spread 0 –so 20ft ma pr rner gs if requiring long • Before unloading no visible sign of ch nical teria 0epared r) ansed 150 Coreck (nev . application and finishes.35 1. Sola ene) core rSpan® util roofing l tions and Spe › 5 Sola It is the ively in Austral ises Con cept to cificat rSp for app traditional. 1.22 t at2.91 the e ov SolarSpan® construc nts. Gloss Level Ea Zincalume® fiTwo part ion 25%t a(CFC sidfree Classic adh Flash. Des steel deflign roof pitc ion join “stepped” We understand s and local building standards Span Tables Tested The insta ›been refe HB 6 llations installatio in n sequ (Note: ding roximat ent Recomme ely ever on length Bondor® Insulated Sandwich and 1000mm erial SL Grade Polystyren e Cut to Min1. 1.0m long.82 1. Paperbar d Pr Liftop #SOL previou 1 product manufac ne) core which has been used d panin Australian exible Lower Index thert ng fro l and Smoke SPDeveloped sly fi 0 – 10 and learned Unloading ies AS forged mmend grown panels in keeping k®.29 2. 39 Installat Australia and ences and Use of SL Grad Length pan ® Hazard Properties AS 1530. more.25k requireme entrated ® dis to d (lights. Stra Panels of > 3. As a busimal building residen they be dom sustain estic hou able buildinthe Recomm Apart tial or light conditionce in man ntly. strong ly dist protection and Region B le. 2.6mout or ba -F02) in Australia ortehave a Skin Cream® or 25% Surfmist® (Expanded Polystyre for over 50 years.0 m: S 1170.g.82 7.42mm AZ150.70 1.0mproud that ectly protectiv without oving the straps should G550 Surfmist steel zar4.95 e 4.64 available in thicknes skin being an attractive roof This brochure ns in (if requ Roofi.(avNon-traffi 1.29 3.5kg/mstyrene ove National Product solutions to Please the actual minimum suffer ed a guid niques detailed for Met al Roo and About • Befo Statcomplete in e or Terr thermal ng Equi building clear of other Pa objects or load Thermal 2. C&D.64 2. Fixing with multi-span and turn the gutte s. For pan loadlessons embrace is corr our experienc s lift (e. 1 allow 4.59 2.30 7.73 1.61 2. protecteall parts of els age of SolarSp overall s. s detailed in R Valu balanced a slip-on fork 75 Weight (kg/m 2. standards 4). 1000mm cover Rem 13. particularly ctive Span mance et the nal n and Tables 2 “skins” se Aus and attr ceiling › tral active Tested the top are made fromian conditi panel.16 5.18 apcable doother tribu ol 3.70 2. Min. Sling Separator .this rator (L es and ent is n sequences and balanced & there ta ® ical Data 0– es) l or ca pla foam rpente 90ce it ro er drag 100 performance and ses ranging from 50mm to TechnHea available than theFlam x 1110m ded recommen Spre installatio ader beam Zealand. m lar Span a tu d opportunity to Strap-down corner h migh tly on an 150 Apart from its unde both th ® dis rn-up to of the panel • Prolonge and teamstro SolarSpan. Do notdevelopm ents from inserting els.08 or lightly profi technique om pane all mm relevant ls whe x W 200m er #SOL 1 SP-F ould be panel ac and ‘sag distr spreader n with (e. 3600 1.0m: 1. cost effective t from Bondor ralian e and . • Unlo el dampeople have ed (e. beam with g R Valu toe distribute 10. plus 0. Metecno sling spacing wider 11. 4. mwind uniform f Ap will span: acventilation plicati ctiv it sa the (kPa) for the given e” er and in this brochure 4 weather. 2. of > 8.g. Position s the Sinstorage of panel ic Re S we refers to the actual pitch achieved containe d ing of Panel film • Prolonged gle spwet weather conditions an gion. Its out er l Techni Production Standa › produc by all reputa high tensile Colorbond. Performance techniqu hure prov ides reco 5 have a the stra d number ps shou of cargo to the be used und panels.38 ceilin back the 1. use re unlo m Headlanlypt®.34 2. e gu ips for roof tter cking ba end an l to lap 16 metres. Unloading Corner Angles.0 m: Fig. We d befo Equipment must be carried Euca .40er.46 Fig. l buildin .32 10. 4 2 buted eding live load ce an min.42 2. in lengths up to • Prot ble mat ion of any canvas/t wet damage and ‘sagging’ manufactured it can be ective erial such accumul ection and arp mat end. re leader unlo pme Bondor® has panels are to the panels Cut Conductiv Ins ia an ex Exposed Core objects. down. Sling. in thickne ciencies. 2002). allowance wn 4. Unloading (Timber/Channels). It is non quick evap cont ide adeq aminations. ion Code Bondo with relev r® ant Powered Lifti e Poly r Transport New Zeal exist FascEarly Our often and is 13. Non.95 2. Sepa ng and (mm) protecting to avoi s for pack s also Equi ® installatio deck rSpa n.29 10.17 4. Shal . be Region 2400 3000 Span hable material process should the give 8. 16 light weight thermal Australian market since the 1950’s.56 at lay 11.16 e tre 2. ed. Spre 4. Solar 8.41 3.0 – TABLE of span/150 1.65 of Photo 11.02 1. el commercial developm nce.84 considered a guide ging across.88 pletio ip® sh2.20 1800 1. Extended inwards are also available.’ (Fig.38rem 3. NB. slightly on an penetrate into pack.38(concentrated of up Pa has nts load) to 10kg/ fittings pr wnrequirements maintenance ox 20min. so. 50 (e. around theavoi spre worldaderwe is reco or flconditions balancedfor Australian and suppwithe the sheets).18 10.0m of ection.68 150mm su 10 trally Angles.44 o pane 4200 l joinin l appr coat 480 ing 4.68 7.For panels > leg at n of wa ing SolarSpan® Patio Installation Guide allow ended to prov adequate from load across its pitches of 2 degrees or more.12 1. and 10. t to crac short-term ever no laterprocess shou n purposes use wet y forming a superior l k. Sling g of Panels may start 2. protecting steel 25% Classic ®. (Note: Use of Powered Lifting Zinc coat 1989ern rge flashin(also s) Ingit Australia Cranes and ‘sagging and Regulation(bmt) G300 prev extensively in e load building solution .1: of Panels 7.47 2.26l. 3.61 3.94 p su ha 2. mak ).77 8. been ison Installa t thi 4 ss Aust inue to do ed with the to avoi angles k load rest the pan SolarSpan Panel Tested Max Skin Temperatu Adhesive Introduction either jects wit ths up to It is Bondor has building products and Compar This broc› s bro ralia so. Pe l with m5. t and rese l Spec Thermal Conductivi “en forming d lapped” er roof run metres. d agai into pack Purline. G550 ne e e ing un ho 0 (bmt) Fire Ha e Australia SolarSp tech nical . tral climatic erstand the ian market ducts and ng Benefi Why use ts and reg conditions Australian since ulations and loca market the 1950’s.SeDistributedlelive allowed ° load 1. regions C&D.43 ap prox 7.35 am 13. its full panel installatio ded spreader is recommenand ‘sagging’ at 20˚C(Fig. Regi 1. its harsh Product The ds Australia es for › to Australian StandarWalling has n Standardsn® insta Sola rSpa mm ended Unloa ld be spac stra ppin g prio r to tiended Practice for Transporting.46(exceeding all been allowed for (as per AS/NZS 1170. function n conditions.68 1. wind Strap. tails mm e gu Index Test data wh chure sup nical informad after defl combination of e panel. 3. Dune® esiv h exist ing d) 7 llatio n roofing Informa e sure Zincalum Eucalypt® the top sheet n steel an® fork new product andtine number rly 0.14 stl 0.72 50mm 2400 to weather conditions 4.32 3. shorten installation sun expo d storage dy cond t alwa ys be rwise penetrateposition to . Pale ersid F0 unde dm et0ho 0 9 Insta nel. The therma term solution Brochu res › 7 mpo profile.26fit int2.65 2.73 1. panels.99 1. 4.

42mm external panel which can roof/ceiling/ Colorbond® skin. of large spans. It is Purline is specified regularly specified extensively for poultry in recreational. 23/02/11-GL17643 . trademark of Metecno Pty Limited. a R1. www. ABN 44 096 402 934 Check against actual COLORBOND® sample as printed colours may not be accurate.8 be manufactured insulation system rated PUR insulating in lengths up to 20 utilising a PIR core. fire A low cost panel with An EPS cored sandwich retardent commercial a and livestock buildings. institutional and school halls as well as industrial buildings. core and a white metres and capable vinyl or foil underside. COLORBOND® and colour names are trademarks of BlueScope Steel. BRISBANE/EXPORT ADELAIDE LAUNCESTON 111 Ingram Road Acacia Ridge QLD 4110 70-72 Rundle Road Salisbury South SA 5106 7 Connector Park Drive Kings Meadows TAS 7249 Ph: (07) 3323 8500 Fax: (07) 3323 8501 Ph: (08) 8282 5000 Fax: (08) 8282 5099 Ph: (03) 6335 8500 Fax: (03) 6335 8544 PERTH MELBOURNE SYDNEY 17 Gauge Circuit Canning Vale WA 6155 329A St Albans Road Sunshine VIC 3020 49-53 Newton Road Wetherill Park NSW 2164 Ph: (08) 9256 0600 Fax: (08) 9256 0620 Ph: (03) 8326 8000 Fax: (03) 8326 8099 Ph: (02) 9609 0888 Fax: (02) 9729 1114 The manufacturer reserves the right to change the specification without notice.Other Composite Roofing Products Available from Bondor® Include: A cost effective. SolarSpan® is a Metecno Pty.