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Color Forecast
What’s ahead for Spring/Summer ’10

Nature’s bounty
“Naturally beautiful” –
new interpretations, innovations, and opportunities

Complete protection
against the sun
The trend toward healthy skin – from one source
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Dear cosmetics professionals,

Welcome to the first issue of COSmagazine, a Merck magazine devoted to today’s cosmetics industry.
We hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we do.

You might be wondering why we’ve launched a magazine specifically for cosmetics. At Merck, our
customers are incredibly important to us, so we think it’s equally important to share the latest insight
with you on a regular basis – about issues in cosmetics that matter to you most. And as trends
change so rapidly in cosmetics, our customers need to stay ahead of key developments. With this tool,
Merck will spread the latest news on a regular basis.

“That’s what’s in it for you” was our guiding principle in creating this biannual magazine. Inside,
Dr. Matthias Lergenmüller, left you’ll find all the latest on Merck products, research, and support – from research to formulation and
and Dr. Hansjürgen Driller, right. regulatory affairs. Two stories in this edition explore protection against the sun plus the “natural”
products trend and eco-positioning. Another feature is our highly popular Color Forecast – be sure to
look for it in every issue! COSmagazine also includes news and upcoming industry events, such as this
year’s In-Cosmetics from April 21-23, 2009.

COSmagazine is, really, about you: how Merck can assist you in developing application technologies,
sorting out regulatory affairs, conducting precise research, or finding exactly the right formulation –
just to name a few of the things we do besides supply raw materials and products. COSmagazine is
more of what you want – more information, more support, more inspiration. That’s what’s in it for you.

We’d be delighted to hear what you think about the subjects covered in this issue or its look and feel.
Please drop our editorial team a line at

See you at In-Cosmetics!


Dr. Hansjürgen Driller Dr. Matthias Lergenmüller

Director Global Business Cosmetic Actives Director Global Business Pigments for Cosmetics
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The rundown on popular color choices
and trends for Spring/Summer ’10.

02 From the editors 10 Special report: 16 In-Cosmetics

Welcome to COSmagazine!
What’s in it for you?
the “natural” trend An exciting look at complete protec-
tion against the sun as well as plenty
“Natural” encompasses many things.
of new items in color cosmetics and
We tell you what you need to know about
personal care. Join us at Booth D700!
certification, natural ingredients, and raw

03 What’s inside materials – and how you can stay ahead

of the trend.
Find everything you need at a glance.
16 Events
Mark your calendar! And don’t miss

04 Special report: 14 Recent another opportunity to meet Merck in

person. Find every important date here.

complete protection developments

The Cosmetic Forum, a new pigment,
against the sun four fillers, a new active ingredient,
Skincare is changing – can your products increased production – all the latest
keep pace? We examine why protection from Merck, all right here. Be the first
needs to extend beyond preventing sunburn. to know!
Don’t miss the special section on how to
double your SPF.
04 / S p e c i a l r e po r t : c om p l e t e p ro t ect io n ag ainst t he sun cos mag a zin e @ me rc k . d e
w ww. m e r c k 4 c o s m e t i c s . c o m Special report: complete protection again st th e su n / 0 5


The isn’t sunscreen

enough? days are
BE THE SAME. Our crops wouldn’t grow. Our
bodies wouldn’t produce essential Vitamin D.

protection against In fact, life as we know it wouldn’t exist!

And what about the indirect benefits of sun-
light? We use it to disinfect drinking water,

the sun sees skin as for instance, and cure adhesives. Activities
that we take for granted today. But what about
the damaging effects of the sun?


GRANTED. Although it nourishes our crops

and offers a ­complete and helps us produce potable water, sunlight

also contains UV radiation. We know that
prolonged exposure to this radiation invites

range of products sunburn and skin cancer – and it assaults

our bodies’ natural defenses. As ever, it’s
important to wear sunscreen, but protection

to match. from the sun goes beyond protection against

sunburn. >>
06 / S p e c i a l r e po r t : c om p l e t e p ro t ect io n ag ainst t he sun cos mag a zin e @ me rc k . d e

>> Across-the-board protection – it’s INterview:

here to stay. As we discover how our skin
reacts to the sun, we must develop solutions Twice the SPF – An interview
that meet its changing needs. Thanks to ex- with Dr. Frank Pflücker
tensive research, we know that damage goes
COSmagazine: Is it true you can significantly increase your total SPF with
beyond sunburn. Healthy skin starts with
SPF – but it doesn’t stop there. Any com­ just one agent?
petitive range of products will need to offer Dr. Pflücker: It is – just add Eusolex® UV-Pearls™.
complete protection.
COSmagazine: How does that work?

COMPREHENSIVE PROTECTION FROM ONE Dr. Pflücker: Let’s assume you’re interested in having a formula contain-
SOURCE. At Merck, we’ve developed a variety ing avobenzone and octocrylene at 5 :1 ratio and a total UV filter content
of ingredients and additives that do precisely
of 12% which has been formulated via the oil phase. You’ll be able to get
this. As well as blocking UV rays, they counter­
act the build-up of free radicals and help Sun Protection ­Factors of approximately 10-12. If you then add 2% of EHMC
shield skin’s living cells from further damage.
as encapsulated filter – our Eusolex® UV-Pearls™ OMC – you double your
Let’s explore each component and how they
benefit you. For a real-life example of how total SPF in vivo to approximately 20-24.
to dramatically boost your SPF performance, COSmagazine: That’s a pretty dramatic boost. Is this always the case?
please refer to our interview.
Dr. Pflücker: Well, you won’t always see a 100% jump. It depends

TREND: Who said complete protection against on your specific formula, the encapsulated filter used and the SPF of
the sun can’t look good? Stand-out sunscreen the ­original formula. In any case it’s worth screening for this effect in any
and after sun products can also contain inter­
formulation – Eusolex® UV-Pearls™ will definitely add value to your
ference pigments – such as gold or red – that
lend skin a healthy, natural glow. // UV filter’s performance.
w ww. m e r c k 4 c o s m e t i c s . c o m Special report: complete protection again st th e su n / 07

Eusolex® UV-Pearls™:
the first line of defense against UVA and UVB radiation
What. Invisible to the naked eye, these UV ­aqueous phase and even combine with
filters are entrapped in a shell of sol-gel other UV filters in the oil phase.
silica glass. The filters remain on the top Why. Exaggerated UV irradiation is known
layers of the skin, and the highly stable to prematurely age skin and damage DNA.
capsules will not dissolve. The capsules also Benefits. Eusolex® UV-Pearls™ work like
avoid direct contact of active ingredients sunglasses for our skin, screening out UV ra-
with the skin and will not mix with other diation at its first point of contact. They also
substances that might be incompatible. offer greater flexibility in formulation – by
How. Using these capsules, you can de-
­­ combining the pearls in the aqueous phase
ploy lipophilic UV filters into the formula’s with other filters in the oil phase.


Eusolex® UV-Pearls™ B-O fulfill the new – Determination of UVA protection factor
UVA recommendations stipulated by the by preferably an in vitro method or by the
European Commission and COLIPA: in vivo PPD method
– UVA protection factor at least 1/3 of – Critical wavelength must be > 370 nm
labeled SPF

RonaCare® AP:
the tireless assault on free radicals
What. Much more than a highly stable provides protection from free radicals
antioxidant, this colorless and completely during the night.
transparent cosmetic oil works to neutral- Why. UV radiation can penetrate the
ize free radicals. Its advanced efficacy skin’s upper layers, creating free radicals
mechanism is especially appropriate for and other reactive species that may lead
those radicals caused by UV exposure. to damaged DNA and skin cancer sooner
Likewise, when RonaCare® AP is converted or later.
to its oxidized form upon radical scaveng- Benefits. Incredibly effective and remark-
ing, it provides ongoing protection from ably stable over the long term, RonaCare® AP
the negative effects of the sun. outperforms conventional antioxidants
How. RonaCare® AP dims oxidative stress like Vitamin C or Tocopherol. It works day
during the day, it prevents free radicals and night, functioning much longer than
from forming after the sun has set, and conventional sun protection products.

RonaCare® Ectoin:
the champion of living skin cells
What. This natural substance helps living temperatures, dryness and, in particular,
cells cope with the stress of UV radiation UVA radiation, one of the key catalysts
and other environmental stressors. of skin aging.
How. It supports every aspect of our skin’s Benefits. No cosmetic product that pro-
natural defense system – even its repair tects skin against the sun is complete with-
mechanisms. What’s more, RonaCare® out RonaCare® Ectoin. Very easy to process,
Ectoin protects our skin’s very cells and this substance helps keep skin looking fresh,
delicate matrix. increases skin’s moisture retention for up to
Why. Living cells are susceptible to five days at a time, and – most importantly –
numerous stress situations like elevated bolsters the skin’s defenses against UV rays.

Thinking about rounding out your range Our representatives would be delighted to
of products? Visit one of our Application assist you with formulations or answer any
­Technology Centers in: questions you might have about applica-
Brazil, France, United States, Taiwan, tion technologies. Simply contact your local
China, and Germany sales partner for more information.
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Color Forecast Spring/Summer ’10

Global Heritage 2010

In cosmetics, you always need to be thinking about what’s around the corner. With the Color Forecast from Merck
­Chemicals, you’ll know what trends are coming your way. The Spring/Summer ’10 season continues to draw on
global fashion heritage. Whisper and Vestiges pay tribute to the classics, from antiquity to the golden age of couture.

Whisper Show Girls

WHISPER gives minimalism a sensual and poetic twist, balancing the classic SHOW GIRLS is rooted in every facet of nightlife – from the fanciful to the
and visionary. Beauty adopts an understated nude look, but lends a touch fast-paced. Eclectic looks slip effortlessly between day and night. The multi-
of color and glamour, such as pulpy lips or textures applied in unexpected shade palette is equally flamboyant, ranging from ultra darks to dirty pastels.
places – like the arch of an eye. As well as boosting the complexion and gently High shine and bright colors are stage-ready for the bold, smudged for the
redefining features, make-up moisturizes and diminishes the signs of aging. modest – but always seem slightly overdone. “Girly” punks and cabaret sirens
The natural nude look exudes a healthy glow, and classic beauty takes on an delight in color everywhere – cheeks, lips, eyes, and nails.
experimental edge.

DISTINCTIVE FEATURE Cold and clear tones pivot around mock whites, beiges, DISTINCTIVE FEATURE Light and dark jewel tones emerge – even as pastels.
and pearl-inspired, barely-tinged pastels with mauve and pink overtones. Whether multicolor or monochromatic, very matte, high shine, and metallic
effects steal the show.

Portraits: © Luis Huber, make-up artist – Munich

w ww. m e r c k 4 c o s m e t i c s . c o m Colo r F o re c a st / 0 9

Where minimalist Whisper nods to the future, Vestiges updates the classics by crossing them with timeless inspirations from
around the globe. Wild Deluxe and Show Girls tap into new sources of energy and creativity, whether infusing functional
workwear with renewed femininity in Wild Deluxe or playing with the over-the-top cabaret and rebel styles of Show Girls.

Vestiges Wild Deluxe

VESTIGES updates the classics by crossing them with universal basics to WILD DELUXE infuses the urban jungle with a spirited sense of the outdoors.
­create looks that transcend cultures and regions. It’s a carefully crafted Utilitarian looks lose none of their femininity. Whether halfway down the
style that likes to play with the unconventional. Time-honored beauty street or halfway around the world, beauty stays vibrant, recalling days
basics take their cues from ancient Egypt. Mineral reflections and gemstone spent in the sun. Complexions are warm and luscious, playing with a mineral
colors abound, radiating romance and feminine charm. Mesopotamian sheen or touch of gold. Sun-touched loveliness takes on the evening with
­goddesses find a new home in modernity with bare lips, striking eyeliners, a rich palette. Jewel-toned powders and pigments beckon with velvety and
and iridescent sheens. sparkling textures.

DISTINCTIVE FEATURE The palette centers on blues, from aquamarine to jade. DISTINCTIVE FEATURE Colors evoke a natural yet sophisticated look:
Subtle sand, stone, and ivory neutrals soften the look, while gold adds an ­sun-kissed tones, charred shades, and rich pigments punctuated with copper,
antique edge. brass, and gold.
10 / S p e c i a l r e p o r t : t h e “ n a t u ral” t rend cos mag a zin e @ me rc k . d e

The natural part

of cosmetics –
a trend that’s
rapidly gaining ground.
Merck shares what’s behind the movement,
how it affects you, and how you can make your mark.

People think quite differently about We’ve done our homework here at Merck and ECOCERT
“nature” than they did ten or even have identified the most salient ones for you: Active in over 80 countries, ECOCERT
five years ago. Some attribute this certification, natural ingredients, and raw inspects and certifies food and non-food
new mindset to climate change, materials. Let’s explore how “natural” shapes products such as cosmetic products and
others say it’s an understandable each issue. raw materials, perfumes, and textiles. This
“back to the roots” response to organization audits both finished products
increasing urbanization. Whatever NAVIGATE YOUR WAY and manufacturers, differentiates between
the reason, this trend toward natu-
ral products permeates our every-
THROUGH NATURAL natural ingredients and ingredients of natural
origin, and has even identified which ingre-
day lives. Such as all those hypo­ ­CERTIFICATION LABELS. dients cannot be used. Among other stan-
allergenic products on the market. dards, ECOCERT stipulates that a minimum
Or companies that use energy more A seal of approval from reputable institu- of 95% of the total ingredients are natural
efficiently during production. And tions is a fast, relatively simple, and highly ingredients or ingredients of natural origin
let’s not forget about cosmetics, visible way of communicating a product’s (as determined by ECOCERT). Certificates
where the source of raw materials is eco-friendliness. Trying to find one single require extensive documentation and must
attracting more and more attention. guideline or definition of a natural product be renewed every year.
But what does “natural” mean? And is a fruitless task – it doesn’t exist! In fact,
how does Merck help you use this regulatory bodies, economic interest groups, NaTrue
to your advantage? and industry associations have drawn up their Founded in 2008, NaTrue is the European
own standards. This means that there are a Interest Grouping for manufacturers of
“Natural” is actually an umbrella number of private and independent organiza- natural and organic skin care and cosmetic
term that applies to the cosmetics tions that certify natural products. Two major products. So far, this organization does not
industry in several different ways. players in Europe are ECOCERT and NaTrue. certify ingredients – only finished cosmetic
w ww. m e r c k 4 c o s m e t i c s . c o m

products are subject to review. NaTrue will If you’re looking to obtain certification from these two bodies, you’ll need to submit extensive
only accept a raw material if it’s produced documentation. Merck can help. Plenty of our products are already certified – one way we make the
according to NaTrue criteria. Even if a process easier for you. You’ll also find our Cosmetic Ingredient Dossiers (CIDs) – over 350 in total –
particular substance is listed as nature- extremely helpful in saving you time and money.
identical, manufacturers still have to fill out
the certifier’s Raw Material Documentation What’s in our CIDs for you?
Form – every single time. Assured safety. Since our CIDs usually contain more data than the law requires, you can be sure
that your products meet or exceed every requirement – and you don’t have to worry about gaps.
Merck is working with ECOCERT to obtain End-to-end documentation. Each CID features a thorough rundown of regulatory information,
raw materials certificates for all substances chemical data, and safety evaluations – complete with safety data sheets and toxicological profiles.
with a natural or nature-identical back- Constant updates. Whenever the law or formulation changes, we’ll adapt our CIDs accordingly.
ground. Not all products, however, can be So you’ll always have accurate information at your fingertips.
certified for several reasons.
CIDs are essential in quality management, especially where regulation is concerned. But they can also
We’re also joining forces with NaTrue to tell help you obtain eco-friendly certification more quickly and inexpensively - also essential if you want
you which of our raw materials are eligible to keep pace with the natural trend.
for your NaTrue certification and final prod-
ucts. This helps you make the most of the
“natural” trend – and communicate the right
This seal Certifies raw Founded in 2008, this label
information to your customers, and your
materials and cosmetic covers three “grades” of natural
customers’ customers. >>
products. Learn more cosmetics. Visit
at for more information.
12 / S p e c i a l r e po r t : t h e “ n a t u ral” t rend cos mag a zin e @ me rc k . d e

CARE: A GOOD RonaCare® Isoquercetin NEW RonaCare® Rutinsulfate

MATCH WITH NAT­ Isoquercetin is the bioflavonoid that keeps

apples – and our skin – looking fresh and at-
Another derivative of natural rutin, Rona­
Care® Rutinsulfate is a valuable addition to
URAL INGREDIENTS. tractive. A powerful antioxidant, Rona­Care® any anti-cellulite product. It’s also suited
Isoquercetin scavenges superoxide anion to a number of other applications thanks
>> You could say that certifica- radicals, which lead to tissue damage and to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory
tion looks outward – to logos accelerated skin aging. It also prevents properties.
and brands, for example. But that the formation of AGE (Advanced Glycation
natural trend also looks inward – Endproducts), one of the many catalysts RonaCare® Ectoin
to ingredients. Mother Nature has of skin aging. Found in deserts and salt lakes, halophilic
developed her own highly useful bacteria developed a protection mechanism
mechanisms for warding off attacks RonaCare® Tiliroside NEW based on ectoine to minimize the stress
and environmental stressors as well Tiliroside is known to protect young, tender resulting from high UV irradiation, dryness,
as for locking in moisture. That’s a leaves in certain tropical plants. Purified and changes in temperature. Today, we know
valuable lesson, and we’ve trans- from its natural source, tiliroside extends its that ectoine is present in many microorgan-
formed those systems into inno­ benefits to human skin. As well as working isms – and that natural ectoine benefits skin
vative substances designed to care as an antioxidant, RonaCare® Tiliroside is in a number of ways. RonaCare® Ectoin uses
for skin in a variety of ways. highly effective in preventing inflammatory this substance to support repair mechanisms,
processes. It also delivers anti-aging benefits, help prevent premature aging, and hydrate to
Whether they’re natural, derived especially to dry and sensitive skin. keep skin looking younger, longer.
from nature, or nature-identical,
these eight substances aim to deliver RonaCare® Troxerutin
effective results as they imitate natu- A derivative of natural rutin, this substance
ral processes. So you won’t have to combines Merck expertise and natural active
compromise on performance or lose ingredients to bring you an anti-inflamma-
out to the competition in capitalizing tory agent. RonaCare® Troxerutin also boosts
on the eco-friendly trend. microcirculation of the blood and lymph.
w ww. m e r c k 4 c o s m e t i c s . c o m Special report: the “na tu ra l” tre n d / 1 3

RonaCare® Emblica NATURALLY GORGEOUS all over the world promote mineral
Isolated from natural emblica fruit, this
­substance is primarily known as a safe and
DECORATIVES NEED THE use in a number of ways – some
focus on the ingredients, ­others
effective skin-brightening agent. It also RIGHT RAW MATERIALS. highlight the finished product
works as a powerful cascading antioxidant, properties. This is good news for
and other applications use RonaCare® Em- Another branch of the natural trend explores you. With no standard in place,
blica as an anti-aging ingredient. minerals and how to add a “precious touch” you’re free to decide how to best
to cosmetics. The earth’s crust is an excel- play up minerals in your cosmetics.
RonaCare® Bisabolol lent place to start – it’s loaded with minerals
Obtained from natural chamomile, RonaCare® such as mica as well as gemstones (to a lesser Already know how you’re going
Bisabolol is an excellent anti-inflammatory extent) like diamonds and rubies. Mineral to tap into this trend? Merck has
ingredient. Well suited to sensitive skin, this make-up, one of the very latest trends functional fillers and pigments in
substance also shows anti-bacterial properties. in cosmetics, takes its cues from these raw place. Our RonaFlair™ MTU and
materials. RonaFlair™ LF-2000 fillers help
RonaCare® Luremin™ NEW Using minerals in cosmetic products ex- bring minerals to life in founda-
Identical to the substances found in certain presses a certain affinity with nature. In fact, tions and concealers, improving
kinds of rhubarb and rhododendron – plus more and more con- application and wearing proper-
its use in traditional Chinese and Japanese sumers are subscribing ties. Pigments also add a genuine
remedies – RonaCare® Luremin™ offers all of to the safe and healthy mineral look and feel. Our inter-
the anti-aging and anti-wrinkle advantages image that these in­ ference pigments (in the Ronastar®
of retinol without the disadvantages. What’s gredients offer. How­ and Timiron® series) and colored
more, RonaCare® Luremin™ shows anti- ever, no clear definition pearl pigments (in the Colorona®
inflammatory properties and an excellent of “mineral” exists in range) help you visualize your
stability and toxicology profile. cosmetics. Companies gemstone story. //
14 / N e ws cos mag a zin e @ me rc k . d e

Merck knows how to build on a good thing. Take COMES TO GERMANY
Despite a justified reputation, retinol has its Oxynex® ST Liquid: it stablizes colors and odors as
drawbacks – stability and possible skin irritation well as light-sensitive substances. Knowing that Despite their miniscule size, Eusolex® UV Pearls™
to name a few. Good thing there’s RonaCare® the demand for stable colors and odors will grow, are genuine multi-taskers. With a UV filter encap-
­Luremin®, a brand-new active ingredient from Merck is now quintupling its production capacity sulated in sol-gel silica glass, these capsules can
Merck featuring a revolutionary molecule that for Oxynex® ST Liquid in Goa, India. The outcome: be used in the aqueous phase and won’t dissolve –
delivers benefits similar to retinol. more of your needs met. In more parts of the they’re that stable. They also avoid direct skin
world, and closer to your own operations. contact and contact with other substances that
All the advantages of retinol… might prove incompatible. And now, Merck is in-
Both are designed to diminish the appearance of The new facilities will adhere to GMP production creasing production of these filters – and moving
wrinkles and aging. And they’re a close match in standards, which are in force around the world it to Germany.
effectiveness. Another shared benefit: a similar and monitor the quality and safety of drugs and
gene activation pattern in skin cells. In fact, Merck the substances used in their manufacture. But What’s in it for you? At Merck, we’re planning on
has conclusively demonstrated that RonaCare® what’s in this expansion for you? You’ll benefit growing Eusolex® UV Pearls™ into an extensive
Luremin® works at the molecular level. Last but from twice the expertise in one product – from portfolio of UVA and UVB products, helping us stay
not least, both RonaCare® Luremin® and retinol the research wizards in Darmstadt and production on top of the trend toward complete protection
stimulate collagen synthesis. professionals in India. against the sun. By moving production of the
capsules to Darmstadt, we’ll be able to tie this
…without the disadvantages! technology much more seamlessly into R&D –
Internal studies have shown that RonaCare® PRE-REGISTRATION COMPLETE FOR meaning more tailor-made products, more quickly.
Luremin® – a nature-identical substance – REACH COMPLIANCE And you can get back to business.
has fewer side effects, is less irritable to the
skin, exhibits greater stability, and has a December 1, 2008 has come and gone – that was
perfect toxicological profile. the final day to pre-register all cosmetic pigment
components and cosmetic active ingredients
To learn more about this innovative alternative that must comply with REACH. You’ll be pleased
to retinol, visit to know that we’ve met this deadline for you.
A proactive approach to legislation and time-
frames: just another way you can take advantage
of Merck’s expertise in highly regulated markets.
w ww. m e r c k 4 c o s m e t i c s . c o m News / 15

4 NEW FILLERS Xirona® Volcanic Sparks
Complete protection against the sun, the natural
cosmetics trend, and GHS and REACH compli- Merck customers can now take advantage of A luminous, fiery glow that glitters and b­ eckons.
ance: just some of the many topics explored at four new fillers. As well as providing a soft skin From ravishing red to coquettish copper to
the Merck Cosmetic Forum on January 27, 2009. feel, each filler helps you improve your products’ ­glamorous gold, studded with intense sparkle
As has always been the case in cosmetics, new performance in areas such as compressibility throughout. That’s Xirona® Volcanic Sparks, a
products need to roll out constantly. To support and skin adhesion. And as you’ve come to expect brand-new cosmetic pigment from Merck. Its
industry professionals in accomplishing this, from Merck, these four new fillers do an excellent secret: very thin, smooth, and uniform Calcium
Merck has taken the lead over the last seven years job of “filling” skin. Aluminum Borosilicate platelets that are encap-
with an annual forum. This event gives customers sulated by metal oxide layers. Xirona® Volcanic
in German-speaking countries the opportunity What makes RonaFlair™ Balance Gold, RonaFlair™ Sparks is the only pigment on the market that
to meet, share ideas, ask questions, and gain fresh Balance Red, and RonaFlair™ Balance Blue so helps you achieve such stunning depth, vivid-
inspiration. unique? These functional interference fillers that ness, and pure colors – and makes competitors’
both balance and mattify are found nowhere else products pale in comparison.
Many participants took advantage of one-on-one on the market, giving you a definitive edge over
appointments for the next day with Merck experts your competitors. Versatile & transparent
in application technology. Immediate follow-up With incredibly high transparency, you can also
and in-depth discussions with the right people – RonaFlair™ Softshade is specifically designed to highlight cosmetic formulas without ­changing
that’s precisely what we mean at Merck when we help skin look more beautiful. It diffuses light so the formulation’s base color. What’s more, no
say we react more quickly and individually to your skin appears more even and balanced. RonaFlair™ limitations on use level have been placed on
needs. And that’s what’s in it for you when Merck Softshade also works to diminish the appearance Xirona® Volcanic Sparks, but you’ll often find
is at your side. of fine lines. that just a little is more than enough to produce
eye-catching shifts in color plus exceptional
All work and no play, however, makes for a one- As with all of our fillers, Merck would be delighted ­glitter. So go ahead – give creativity free reign
sided forum. After untangling the intricacies to advise you on application technologies. when designing color cosmetics and personal
of trends and regulatory affairs, guests unwound care products.
with the intrigue of a mystery dinner theater.
Xirona® Volcanic Sparks is approved for use
around the world. If you’d like your products to
turn heads, order a complimentary sample from
your local sales representative today.
16 / E v e m ts cos mag a zin e @ me rc k . d e

Published by
Performance & Life Science
Will three days be enough? Complete protection against the sun Frankfurter Strasse 250
Merck has plenty to showcase in color cosmetics, will be on hand, too. 64293 Darmstadt
personal care, and sun care. And the information We’ll be launching our UVA filter Eusolex® UV- Germany
to match – thanks to two presentations on func- Pearls™ B-O to broaden our portfolio of refined UV
tional fillers and superior sunscreen solutions as filters within the Eusolex® UV-Pearls™ range. Check Phone: +49 6151 72-6899
Fax: +49 6151 72-916899
part of the Innovation Seminars. out our encapsulated UV filters for the ­aqueous
phase. Or discover how to make truly superior
Color cosmetics and personal care ­sunscreens thanks to the chronoactive Editing & LAYOUT
are full of innovation. power of RonaCare® AP. RTS Rieger Team,
Four new fillers – RonaFlair™ Bal-
ance Gold, RonaFlair™ Balance Merck experts at the Cos­
Red, RonaFlair™ Balance Blue, metic Science Conference. DISCLAIMER
and RonaFlair™ Softshade – are Calling all formulators, bench We provide information and
groundbreaking additions to chemists, and R&D specialists! advice to our customers on
RonaFlair™. A new cosmetic pig- Dr. Corinna Wirth will outline application technologies
and regulatory matters to
ment, Xirona® Volcanic Sparks, Merck’s natural products research
the best of our knowledge
offers color travel and dramatic in her lecture, “Nature Meets
and ability, but without
sparkle in one. Timiron® Ice Crystal Technology: Reinvent Nature.”
warranty, obligation or
and Colorona® Precious Fine Gold, liability. Existing laws
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04/21–04/23 in-cosmetics 2009, Booth D700, Munich, Germany

05/12–05/13 SCC Suppliers Day, NJ Expo Center Edison, USA

06/04–06/05 SCC Chicago, USA

09/09–09/13 2009 Sunscreen Symposium Orlando, USA

10/07–10/09 IFSCC Melbourne, Australia

10/14–10/16 56th Sepawa Wuerzburg, Germany

10/25–10/28 Colamiq Guayaquil, Ecuador

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