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MOOCHHALA for his valuable guidance as far as the subject matter and its presentation is concerned.HUSSAIN TANKIWALA for helping me to use e.I would also like to thank MR.VIKRAM SHIKHARE for providing us the best possible educational facilities and environment to develop ourselves as tomorrow¶s global business leaders . At the end I would like to thank BURHANI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCH. .resources effectively.Acknowledgement I would like to acknowledge a deep sense of gratitude to PROF.MUMBAI and our director PROF .Q.M. I would also like to thank various authers whose work has served as a valuable reference material for developing the further understanding of the topic of global managers .in the bustling global business scenario.


What we are left with is the search for good ³conventional´ managers with a global mindset who could succeed in the international marketplace. so there is no consistent way to point out what a global manager is.´ The best way to achieve this is by coming up with a clear concept of what constitutes such a manager. companies need to pay careful attention to selecting and managing people who may become their ³global managers.(see bibliography:websites/no:5) . But the examination of a wide set of possible characteristics indicates that there seems to be no distinct set of such individual qualities.EXECUTIVE SUMMARY With the continuing growth of globalization.

A global manager is one who understands and recognizes the patterns. Alternatively. WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY A GLOBAL COMPANY.CONTEXTUAL BACKGROUND Global management is the one in which an organization has operations in other parts of the countries and is managed in all parts of the world(bibliography/website/no. So in essence. and expectations from such managers and at the end an attempt is made to establish relationship between the term global manager and the term efficient manager with capability to handle his responsibilities in the diversified global environment. Awareness. comprehension. it is the same company foraying into international market. The manager is able to withstand the pressure and is sensitive to issues and lastly the family or social moorings also play an important role in making a good manager(bibliography/e database/proquest) The report is aimed to find out that what is a Global manager and is it myth or reality? To study is topic the method used is the comparison of opinions from various authors and reports from various journals in this context. the trait of a global manager is as useful internationally as it is when it comes to the domestic market. And the ingredients which make a global manager are simple basics which are imbibed into us but lose their prominence. conviction and maturity are the qualities which make the global managers of today. said corporate(bibliography/websites/3) Globalization today means that a company is competing in the domestic market and protecting its turf from international players making an entry. One of us was involved in .? We take global to mean at least 20% of sales in each of the three main regions of the world: North America.1) The profile of a global manager is not just looking at the global market but also the domestic market. The major emphasis is laid on understanding the process of globalization and responsibilities of managers handling international operations for a global company. Europe and a group of leading Asian countries. An attempt is made to find out the responsibilities. exposure.

exposure. especially one labelled falsely as universal or global. And the ingredients which make a global manager are simple basics which are imbibed into us but lose their prominence. p34). Only nine companies were truly global. How many of them come from. Copying another style. can only weaken people from one culture in competition with others. At the other end of the spectrum. How about a global mindset? Consider the 10 most senior executives in the most global company you can think of. Perhaps this helps to explain the long-term success of these two companies. We need to take a good hard look at the whole question of global and worldly. and of those companies. This is a picture of regionalization. the particular characteristics of its own people. The profile of a global manager is not just looking at the global market but also the domestic market. In any event. our point is that global coverage does not a global mindset make. not globalization (see The Myth of the Global Company. comprehension. Maybe Shell and Unilever stand out because their executives are rooted in two cultures. Awareness.research involving the Fortune 500. (bibliography/websites/no2) So what makes a global manager? Every country has its own needs. its own culture. said corporates. with at least 20% of their sales in two of the three regions. . Another 36 were 'bi-regional'. 320 were home-based with only modest sales in the other two regions. conviction and maturity are the qualities which make the global managers of today. or at least have spent a significant part of their careers in a different country to that in which the company is headquartered? We note that there are pitifully few. with at least 20% of their sales in all three regions. We all have to build on our own intrinsic strengths. management institutions need to constantly upgrade their knowledge and be sensitive to the changing environment to help create global managers.

"coordination. need to gain exposure. As always.. They are the awareness of the world beyond your realm. RPG Enterprises. said that there are business managers.corporate development & HR.. managers" (p. Another reason for placing greater importance on manager selection stems from the more traditional role of the manager argued by Forster (1997) who proposes. ability to manage own's growth in the highly competitive atmosphere and emotional intelligence. 1999.umi. Japanese or Indian. 2000). Mr Arvind Agarwal.[subsidiary]. Tata Sons Ltd said that global managers are made not through inherent quality but ones which are acquired. executive director. subsidiary managers are seen as the "linchpin" to many activities between the parent firm and local market contacts (Lindsley. They are not Chinese. comprehension of the fact that the information is relevant for me as well and conviction. who have their own set of responsibilities. these individuals are required to co-exist between widely dissimilar cultures thus leading to issues of "fit" between manager and country.R Gopalakrishnan. respect for the cultural differences.´ said Mr Gopalakrishnan. Ones and Viswesvaran. 1999). 1. and Emler. He added that the hallmarks of a global managers is that they are hands on and tend to take the responsibilities on themselves instead of passing it onto others. shareholders. integration and control issues [about local operations] faced by the multinational enterprises (MNEs) must all be channeled through. The traits of a global manager are fundamental and are present in all managers.. Ruhe and Alien 1997). 78).com/pqdweb?did=1194641211&sid=2&Fmt=4&clientId=103388&RQT=309&VName=PQD Author: José Castillo . 1998. Selection of foreign subsidiary managers is becoming increasingly important. president . Often. said Mr Agarwal. ³There are three or four criteria which make global managers. speakers from the industry said that in the era of globalisation. In these roles subsidiary managers help establish good relations with local intermediaries who can help firms further their market penetration and diversification (Dillon and Reid. http://proquest. Instead business managers of today have to operate in a climate which comprise the changing aspirations of customers. Cook. At the core of a global manager is personal maturity and the maturity comprises of discipline. 1999. there is no such thing as a global manager. said Mr Agarwal. focus.. as more and more firms are driven by competition to extend their global reach through a physical presence in foreign markets or via the virtual world of the internet (Ashamalla. employees and Government. country managers and functional managers.

Even though the management of the expatriate adjustment process has been identified as the most pressing human resource task for the multinational corporation. and geocentric environment.2. . There are 6 mandates global managers need to follow in order to successfully respond to business forces. and a case is made for the around-the-job training (AJT) approach. it found a certain uniformity among US and non-US companies. When the Conference Board. In the global training arena. In this step.umi. Paul 3. This applies not only to goods and services. Global companies are spending more time trying to figure out what attributes produce the kinds of employees who can succeed in another culture. a business research firm. The 5th mandate is to empower individual employees to accept more Author: Sullivan. The importance of cultural training in the area of international business is delineated by addressing the need for such training and examining how it should be conducted. Marie a. AJT has the potential to be more effective than traditional training methods http://proquest. Author: Mishra. surveyed companies on this question. One of the greatest challenges facing US industry is the internationalization of business.Global managers have a strong interest in and tolerance for other cultures and understand how a particular decision might affect a company's markets or competitors around the world. Cultural differences are explored. Jitrenda. The 2nd mandate is to prompt the organization to respond to changes. Yet at issue is how such understanding can be created. communication with employees is essential because it builds commitment and aligns individual goals with company goals. studies indicate that these employees often fail. McKendall. The 3rd mandate is to expect continuous improvement.umi. The first is to develop a shared vision and strategy. and the 6th is to build team performance http://proquest. The 4th mandate is to develop a multicultural perspective. but also to every activity in which the manager and the organization are involved. common training methods are compared. The workforce is becoming more diversified. Managers on foreign assignment for multinational corporations must be able to operate effectively and comfortably in a multicultural. The globalization of the world's markets and the corresponding shift from domestic to international interactions requires the learning and adoption of new management skills. and global managers might want to rethink how they manage people.

Companies need to ensure their executives understand the different leadership styles between countries before sending them on a foreign assignment. computer skills.Succeeding as a global leader takes more than a surface understanding of a country's etiquette. The ColgatePalmolive Co. or entrepreneurial experience. looks for 5 things in potential candidates for global managers: 1. Failure to do this could jeopardize business results -. As business becomes even more globalized. some marketing. 3. Beverly RECOMMENDATIONS OR FINAL COMMENTS: From the above observations we can conclude that: 1. c. sales. 3.So such a manager cant actually implement values of his company directly to the foreign territory he is looking author : Geber.He has to be a good local manager which maintaining harmony with the core values of the company.and devastate the career of the executive. adaptability and 5. proficiency in a language other than English.umi. the companies that will ultimately succeed are those that have an .b. 4.The 2nd success factors that tied for first place were knowledge of the business and a high degree of tolerance and flexibility. http://proquest. 2.MNCs are venturing into new foreign territories to withstand in the global competition in business scenario. protocols and idiosyncrasies.The 3rd success factor on the list was the ability to work with people. 5. 2. 4.Managers working for such company¶s subsidiary in the foreign territories need to show adaptation with the local environment while pushing the company into the local market. work or education overseas.

com/pqdweb?did=1174430771&sid=12&Fmt=2&clientId=103388&RQT=309&VName=PQD author: Marjo Johne 6. Thus global manager is atually a global manager in the precise manner. CONCLUSION BIBLOGRAPHY: Websites: 1.answers.www. 4. Management Today Website: http://www. Mintzberg H.Thus in reality any manager who is termed as a global manager is actually a local manager with Global outlook and such purly global manger is possible in any part of the world. 2. http://www.managementtoday. & Moore 3.articulated set of business goals -. World Business Magazine. (2006) Global or Wordly.mht 093392267&_rerunOrigin=google&_acct=C000050221&_version=1&_urlVersion=0&_userid= 10&md5=432e8d7d85ae70bae57a49786101aec5 . http://www.tata_com Global manager A myth or reality.and a global leadership strategy that is aligned with these goals.

umi.umi.http://proquest. 13.umi.umi. 18.umi.umi. 1. 14. .com/pqdweb?did=1900729501&sid=2&Fmt=2&clientId=103388&RQT=309&VName=PQD 4. 6. Mishra J.umi.umi. & McKendall 7. http://proquest. 5. 19.umi. http://proquest. 10.E ±database: www. http://proquest. 3. (1993) Globalizing business: The importance of around-the-job cultural 17. http://proquest.umi. http://proquest.umi. http://proquest. http://proquest.umi. International journal of 11.umi. http://proquest. http://proquest. http://proquest.Proquest. 19. Vol.

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