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Part 1. Circle the correct letter to complete the next sentences, choose A, B or C. (5)

1. The IFAD is
a. Independent from the UN
b. Dependent from the UN
Public Financial Management Freelance Consultants c. Unrelated to the UN

2. Poverty eradication is done by means

The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) is an a. Financing projects and programmes
international financial institution and a specialized United Nations agency b. Advocating at the local, national
dedicated to eradicating poverty and hunger in rural areas in developing and international levels.
countries. It does so by financing projects and programmes that increase c. Both answers are correct.
agricultural productivity and raise rural incomes, and by advocating at the
3. Knowledge of Spanish is,
local, national and international levels for policies that enable poor rural a. Recommended
people to overcome poverty. b. Mandatory
c. Unimportant
IFAD is currently seeking to strengthen its global financial management
consultant roster, ideally under retainer contracts up to a maximum of 11 4. Diversity is:
months in support of IFAD-financed projects. Tasks usually include financial a. Fundamental for IFAD
management capacity and risk assessments, design of financial management b. Unimportant to IFAD
processes, fiduciary supervision and implementation support. Language c. Not mentioned
skills in Arabic, English, French and/or Spanish are required for most
5. The invitation is open to:
assignments. a. Freelance individuals and consulting
Appropriate experience in development and qualifications in Public Financial
b. Consulting firms
Management (PFM), accounting or auditing are required. Candidates should c. Freelance individuals.
be professionals with strategic vision, team orientation, proven capacity to
generate results, and an understanding of and commitment to
development. If shortlisted for the roster, candidates will be tested on PFM
and relevant IFAD-specific procedures (materials will be provided) before
being accredited for possible contracting.

IFAD is committed to achieving diversity and is seeking a balanced workforce

from IFAD’s member states. Women are particularly encouraged to apply.
This invitation is open to freelance individuals and not consulting firms.

For detailed information and to submit your online application, visit our

Part 2. Read the text below and write a suitable question for each answer. (5)

97 percent of small businesses still use paper checks to make and accept

Online and mobile payments are certainly growing in popularity. In all likelihood, you’ll
still be hearing “the check’s in the mail” from many small businesses for at least the
foreseeable future.
My business is in Philly. And here, most of my clients are small companies located in
industrial parks and corporate centers near airports. They sell pipes, tubes, corrugated
containers, metalized film, landscaping services, auto-parts, etc. They still do business old
school and are slow to adopt new technologies. Don’t believe me?
Then believe the latest quarterly report on the SMB Technology Adoption
Index, which was done in collaboration with software giant Sage. This report doesn’t
surprise me.
For example, although we see and hear about mobile payment services like Apple Pay and
Android Pay, only 20 percent of the small merchants that were surveyed are set up to
accept this form of payment. But that’s not all. Even in this world of online banking, a
whopping 97 percent of the companies surveyed said they still cut paper checks to their
business vendors and receive checks from their business customers.
Why do paper checks endure? You’d think it would be the float – it takes longer for a
paper check to be cashed than an online payment. But only 1.8 percent of respondents in
another survey released last week by online invoicing and payment firm Viewpost said
that was the top reason. The main excuse? Forty-one percent said their own suppliers
don’t accept electronic payment! Lack of hidden fees, familiarity and a paper trail were
also reasons given.

“the check’s in the mail”
Small companies located in industrial parks and corporate centers.
Pipes, tubes, corrugated containers, metalized film, landscaping services, auto-parts, etc.
Apple Pay and Android Pay
5. ___________________________________________________________?
They still cut paper checks to their business vendors.

Part 3. Rewrite the sentences into active form

1. A new tomb has been discovered by archaeologists in Egypt.

Archaeologists _____________________________________
2. Тhе nеw sports stadium will be opened by the President on Sunday
3. This portrait was painted by Picasso
4. Тhе rеsults of thе сompetition are going to be announced tomorrow
5. Our school will be redecorated during the summer holidays
6. Thrее suspects have been arrested by the police
7. More than 1,000 cars are sold every week
8. A nеw museum is being built in the city centre

Part 4. Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.

1. This is the station where / when / were Emily met James.

2. This is the bank where/ which was robbed yesterday.

3. July and August are the months what / when most people go on holiday.

4. The man which / who robbed the bank had two pistols.

5. He wore a mask which/ who / where made him look like Mickey Mouse.

6. This is the church where / what Sue and Peter got married.

7. He came with a friend where / that / which waited outside in the car.

Part 5. Put the verb in the past simple, present perfect simple or present perfect

1 He ________________________ [fill] his car yesterday.

2 We ________________________[be] here since nine o'clock.

3 I can't get in because I ________________________ [lose] my keys.

4 ________________________ [you ever be] to Naples?

5 I ________________________ [give] up smoking last year.

6 She ________________________ [be] busy this week.

7 He ________________________ [look] for a job for ages.

8 He ________________________ [not finish] the exam in time yesterday.

9 They ________________________ [see] that movie several times.

10 How long ________________________ [you have] this job?

Part 6. Answer the following questions providing full answers.

1. How long have you been studying?


2. What have you done this week?


3. Where have you been recently?


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