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Sadikun Niagamas Raya

BAB I Company Profile

Sadikun was established in March 13th 1968, with progressive vision and mission. The
Company has been developed to provide channels for expanding networks, reaching potential
market and ready to face globalization era.

Sadikun has been Pertamina's authorized distributor agent which sells Pertamina products
such as Fuels, LPG, Natural Gas, Coal, Lubricants, Chemical (Petrochemical) and Additive.
Sadikun’s distribution line encompasses accross Indonesia and is organized through our regional
offices which are located in Merak, Jakarta, Bekasi, Surabaya And Denpasar.

Now, Sadikun has operated for more than 50 years, by embracing Customer trust and
loyalty as the Company’s main value. The growth of your Company is our goal, and Sadikun
stands ready to provide sustainnable energy supply in line with the needs of your business. Sadikun
serves large, medium and small companies, industries, households, restaurants, Hotels, gas
stations, hospitals and many others. The growth and accomplishment of Sadikun are inseparable
from the loyalty of our Customers. Sadikun would love to say thanks to our loyal Customers that
have supported and participated in our success.

Company Structure
Diagram 1 Company Structure

Basically the company structure is based on one-tier company structure. The top of
management structure lead by President Director.

The Product

Sadikun distribute varies products of Pertamina such as fuel, LPG, Natural Gas and Lubricant.

1. Fuel Distribution

Sadikun is a distributor of Pertamina's non-subsidized fuel oil, with a fleet of 8 KL, 16 KL

and 24 KL capacity. They also serve small-scale Pertamina fuel or Pertamina Retail fuel
(retail) to meet market fuel supply needs. All of their fleet furnished with GPS (Global
Positioning System) in order to ensure the safety and the accuracy of delivery fuel Your.

2. LPG Distribution

LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas) is a hydrocarbon gas produced from an oil refinery and a
gas refinery with main components of propane gas (C3H8) and butane (C4H10). In
Indonesia, LPG is used primarily for cooking. LPG consumers vary, ranging from
households, commercial circles (restaurants, hotels) to industry. Among industries, LPG is
used as fuel for the food industry, ceramics and forklift fuel. In addition, LPG can also be
used as a raw material in the aerosol industry as well as environmentally friendly refrigerant.

Sadikun distributes several size of LPG, such as blue tube 12 Kg, Bright Gas 5,5 Kg, Bright
Gas 12 Kg, Ease gas 14 Kg, LPG tube 50 Kg, Musicool & LPG Bulk.

3. Natural Gas Distribution

Sadikun provides Natural Gas to complete Customer needs. Sadikun distributes Natural Gas
directly through Our pipeline distribution system to industrial Customers to be used as raw
materials in the manufacturing process or as a fuel support operation. The advantages of
Natural Gas are eco-friendly factors that is not available in other energy sources.

4. Lubricant Distribution

Sadikun is an authorized distributor of Pertamina Lubricants for retail and industrial


On this Project Report, we’re focusing on distribution process of lubricant on Sadikun

Niagamas Raya in Jakarta Utara.

Sadikun Distribution Process

Overall, Sadikun Niagamas Raya’s distribution process can be illustrate as shown

on Diagram 2.
Diagram 1. Distribution Scheme

The distribution scheme start from Principle Manufacturer, Pertamina Lubricant. Sadikun order
the lubricant from Pertamina monthly to fulfill the demand of the market. Then, Sadikun
distribute to industry, wholesaler and retailer. Until now the percentage of distribution split to
70:30 for whole sale and retailer.