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Clear skies., Ad..mIi~

Design: Paul Sudlow

Development and Editllng: am Smith and Erlc S. Trautmana

Additional Design: Greg, Costlkyan and Greg Gorden ("Contort/escape," "force of will, n "shift sense"); MatLHong ("Beast languages," "control breathing, H "projected fighting," "remove fatIgue, . emove fatigue In another")

Cover Design: Brian Schomb1lt'g

Graphics: Briao Schomburg

AdditlonaJ 'Or@pl1ics: to Q~em, Troy Vigil Cover Art: Lucas'film Ud.

lntarior Art: Stom ook. Jolm DoUar,Ray LedereJ"

Special Thanks To: Kevl • Anderson; Michael A. Staekpole; 1'bnothy ZaIIn; Sue

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by ~ I Sudlow


h the StaT Wan roleplaying game.

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Chapter One; The New Republic ' ' , " ' " .. .,. .•..... " 0;0 5

Chapter Two: COl'1lSC~t.,.III ••• ,.i!!lI •• , ,iillI iiiiil.II!1i.II!!!!_!!!II!"'I!"~!!!'!! .. '!' II •• '.III •••••• i ' ••• II ,Il!! •• ' •• iilii 'iilO •• ~'~!I.!li •••••••• 1i •• 1II.1II ••• 1I111! 2:2

Chapter Th:re,e: The Jedi Academy ..•.•.•... ' .. ' ' " ........•..•.. , ••. , ••••.. , .. , •. " .. , ........•.•......•. 30

Chapter Four: Echoes o:f the Sitb. 'iiii'iiiililiiIUiiiil iIi.iIIl!lI!ll;t.,;t'l",II!"".!!I!!!!~'!!'!! "' ••• , •• illiijiii •• iiiiiililiiliiililolililOiI.IIi •• ' ••••• I!1;11I1IIIiUII .111 •••• , •• 481

Chapter Flve; Forces of the Empire .,."'iIlEi.IiI ... ii .. iliiiiil ...... 'ilil,ii·lilililll!;!!II'!!!!!I!!"t!!!''!!''!'.iI'''!I!! ..... " ••• <II .. r~."I •• III ... ,.i1."iiiili.lioiilli.iil .... I;jIiillli.ii~.itl ....... 1i.52

'Chapte.r Six:' Maw ·lnstallatioB , ..• , ..••.•.•.•........ ' ' " ' , ..•..••.•.. ,62

Ch,apter Seven: Th,e F.rin,ge '. I!! I!!'.'!!!" .' , ••.• , , •• , ••••• , .• ,.,;".'. iiIi. iII,iII iito 'iI!II !t,!!! I!!'I!! I!! 'I! !!!'I!! !!!'I!!_ •• "''' II .,. "! "! •• , I oti ,,, •• 111' •• '.' .ioi iii i,iIi i .. iii." 82

'Chapter Eight: Kessel , •...•• II'I!I" !lI.!I!!!!!I!'!!l!!'"P."., •• , •••••• , lI!Iiioiltiiio io.illiilliiiiiiliiilill!!lII!!!I'~!'lI!l!!~I!!"!!I!!!!!'!!I •• iII .. IiI •• III •• ,.' I' , , •••• i.85

'Cb,apter Nine: The Independent Class , ",.' .. " , , , .. ,.96

Chapter Eleven: Creatures ' '0 " '., ,." •••••••••• ,",," , •• ,', ] 19

Chapter Twelve': Starsbipsl,., .. ,."Ii , .. II'ii,illliiiliiilliililii!li;til'tI I! !!'I' .. !!!!!!!!.I!!!!!' III'II[ II' ••• [ ii~ i'lii'.' •• oIijolli ;t;IIIi11I~.III •• iII<III.1.25

4 The Truce at Bakura Sourcebook

Chapter Thirteen: V'ebicles .,.' .. ,iiiiitiii .. i iili •• ili ••• '.!I!I,IIj.'''''''.''' ••• ,,,9'!''!' , , III.III.iii'iiiiii' •• ,IIi!.I1~ •••• , ••• , III,..III • ., •• 1I1 •• , •••• 136

'Chapter Fourteen: 'Eql!lipment and Drolds ' .. ' ' , , ,,, " ,; " ' .. ,', .. ', n 140


-wau Chapter One: The New Republic

Chapter One

T e ew R ublic

The Sta1te of the New Republic:

The New Republl' has had a tumultuous history since Its Inception seven Y'i.':! IS ago. It has raced external threats in the f rmof Impe'rial fleets, alten armadas, and ravagllilg pirate bands whlch strl Ike in lsolated systems where the New Republic an not yer establish apresence.lt has had to ntend with Internal threats 110 less reaiff (Jot as 1m mediately thr latenillgblckeri~g and leudtng qltl,ongst senators, worlds all the borden; or the New Republl.c who give shelter to Imperial sh ips, and the constant ~h reat of sleeper sples lurkJn-g in the many chambers of government on Corus ant.

Only recently has the New Repu bile become stable enotlsh ~o devote sertous resources to consolidaHng Its p,(lowef' and reaching OIJ~ to establish diplomatic relations. wlth worlds not yet a part of the New Republlc, Now that the remnants of the Empire have fallen t, fighting amongst themselves, Man Mothma has shifted the mafn thrust olf her foreign policy lrnm Imperial containment to establish i ng dlplomatic ties Wilh neutral and pro-Imperial, 'or Ids. Dozens of planetary systems ar on the verge '01 joiJJing th New R public, but need reassurance and c0l'1Xillg from skilled diplomats and negotiators 10 ease the,ir transftlon.

Mothma does not enjoy solidsupport for her change in policy. Many members of the Inner Coun.cil (avora continued push [}IO Imperial space willi the Imp, rials are mil disarray. They argue that it would be much easier lo divide and eonquer i,[).di,viduaJ trnperlal Iaetlens now than lace them as, a unit d front In a year or SOl when they have had a chan e to regroup and fall in b hlnd a strong lead f. This argument, championed by Garm Be] Iblis (among oth rs), was very persuasive one which garnered a great deal otsupport both In tl'ielfiJl1Ie:r Cou~cll and the Senate ttselr,

Mothrna su,cce.ssfi.:IUy argued hat l!':Ie ew Rep'lIbllc is ntermg a crttlcal period in Its history, in whl '11 it must stop r'Elilctlng to the actions of ext rnal forces and begin charting its OWl] COIJTS,e. - he assembled a coalition whic'h agrees that the time bou:ght by beating back Thrawn and the resurrected Emperor could be better spent strengthen! ng ties wi th nou-allgned worlds, Her eoalttlon .11, Ids a bare majiOl"ity in the Inner C uncil, whi h is severely disrupted when both she and Admiral Ackbar step down from the Council. she to (ijght her illness, and he to go 'In to self-imposed e.',:ile 011 Mon Calamari. Leta Organa 501,0 successfully manages to keep her agenda an an even ke I, however.

Mon Mathma

E~e:gant and strong-wiil,ed, the auburn-hatred MonMotl1'1l1ll has been one ol the New Rep-ILl bllc's guiding lights vil'tuaUy from. its inception as ,a. rebel gtW rnment operating within the greater Empire, She has an overpcwertngpresence, and is always thecenteroB,attentioninaIlY room she enters. Though charisma' te, Mothma 'tends to hold hersell a. bit apart from others.

As Chlel I()I tate for til New R,epublic, her days are rill d with the ,C ul1Hess taska demanding theattentlon of the paramoupt leader of the NewRepublk:. She revlewseeonomic plans and reports fmm, various filovernmental bodies, meets with visiting dignitaries, maintains ties. with allies in the Inner nuncil and ienate to

nsure h r Inltlattv s are supp rted, man ges the re overy or Coruscent and other worlds bardest hit by tile Empire, and sees that New Republic hol.dllngs are ad, quateLy prate ted.

By liM her greates_ task and responslblltty is strengthening 'the fledgling New Republi: • and ensuring that it grows stronger with each passing year .. To this end" she begins an aggressive program ote'stab Iis,hiHgtles with nell tlraj worlds

The Jeol Academy Scurceoook

Tille HighC'ommana

During the days of the lR,ebellion, the Amance High Command was responsible ~or dl· rectly setHng overall strategy, and overseeIng oemly every facet or the Rebel military.

Since reclaiming COfusean t, the HiQ"h Command. has cba.ng,ed to allow muref!,exibilil:y In dealing with ill crisis. E.s·sentia&ly. the High Command acts as an advisory board to the Chief oJ State, as well as provIding tnstructlon and guidance to the New Republi.c's Supreme' AJlied Commanders,

The Hi,gh Command is the hand-picked cabinet o:llnliler Council members who comprise th Chierof State'slnner circle. Because the New Republic has been engaged 111 armed conII.icl 51 nee its Ineepttoa, the m.iI itary has a sigwificrml presence illl tihe High Command.

-The foUowrng people are some of the key members of 'the High Command at the time that Coruscant first learns, of the SWl Crusher and Mawlastallanon.

MOil Mo~hma. Chief (,If State

Leta Organa Solo. Minister 01 State A<ilmir-al Ac.kbar. Minister or Defense General Crlx Madlne, Minister oJ the Amy General Jan Dod on na ,. EXf'CIJ.bve Advlso.r General Carlis.t Rleekan, Military Advto;;or Senator ~ Bel fblls, Senate Represellta.tive

Inside the Inner Council

The hmar Councll ls the executlve braneh 01 the New Republic. The Chief of State' is elected by the Sentlte, and serves as the Speake.r ot the Senate.. She nils her mlntstrles as she Sees Ilt, She: may create as many minlstrtesas she likes, but the Senate is granted tile dght by the New Republic Charter 'to place as many of ilbs OWn members in the Inlter Coul'lcll as there are rnlnlsters. The Chief or State may replace ministers at any time, !but she has no power to appoint en dlsrnlss Senate representatives.

Most executive deeisions are made by straight VOle; Which gives 'the Stinate the' ,ability mO~lN~:atly infll..l,ence proceedings Ctl'lougll the Chief of State always has the powar to' break ties). LIl time of war" the Sell ate may gr.ant the Chief 01 Smale special emergency powers. whld! allow her to !le'L wl.thoul approval 01 the Inner Council. To PI' VeJl~ such powers Irom being abused; the New Republk Charter places restrletlens resartling their use.

Thasfze and of nile lnner Cotlncll valles ~rom year to'year as ll1eChieforStatJe;md Senate add or phase out pcsttlons, and occaslonally positions change and members are r placerl.

During Adml ral Daala's 'campaign, the New ReplJbl.lc Is 1111 at "transltional" form; it is likely that the atructure of the New Republic will change considerably ln the future, to No-I]et' the needs ol the lime.

by sending out numerous diplomats to forge reli!i,tlonsh ips. developcooperattve dev,eloprflli!llm programs. and establish em bas S tes .. She places a pattlclilarly high value 011 courtl11l8" pro-lmpe-· rlal worlds such as Carida, since she sees them as· being the greatest resist","!: points to' New Republic reunUicaUon.

Though Mothma has traditionall:y been somewhat cool toward lei; due to i:deological dlffer~ enees bel:weeJl1 herself and Lela's Ilosler fath r Bail Orlil.ana, she comes 'to r,ely more on Lela wilen Furgan'sn .. ino virus attacks her body. As she weakens, she del gates. more of her duties to others. UllimiJItely •. she turns her ofUce over to Leia. with the support o~ the Inner Councll, because: she feels herstckness has made her appeer weak 111 the ,eyes of the New RepuhHc.

.Mon Mothma

Type;: New Republic Chl,~1 ~f Siale DEXliF.Rn-v 3D

Blasl'r 3['hl·, docl.ilC: m'" KNOWLEliKiE ,10

Allen species 9D 12. bur'!Uiucmq [20'. bureaucracy: New

Republic Inn~rCou:m:1I13D~2'. bureaucracy; New RepiJblie SeIH!I,I!' 12D.2, CUaLlrl!S 11.D, Intlmldll,tI~n i'D, langllage.sIiD, phmeta.ry systems 91). s~lVival iD, value 61). willpower liD


As~.I"oIlAllon~m. heast tiidln~:alD· 2:,cornmunlcatltll1ls50.2. r·CIJuI50rll.[1 upcnl<Uo.n 'I D·l. ~~liu~e' tr.III1SptlrlS 41J. :.tilr'llghlcr IllIo;Ullg 4.0

PEKCfF.n:I}N 10

Barll',nln J lD. cernm .. nd ICm. cornrnancl: N'w Repu!llic bureaucrats IOD~2~co!lll!lHl,md: N'ew Replllbllc soldiers I iD'. I. cl!ln 90. g.ambllng i3D. hide 60.2. persuasion 80. persuasioru d bale IOD.2 .. persuaslcn: oration: I.1D-1.. search 10. sneak 40~ l'

:!ITR.ENCTU :ill!)

Stamina :11)·,·1'. swtrnmlng 2'O.<!' TECHNICAL 20

CompU'tl:'f prn.ll:rilm!llllnglr~,pEilr ,61), dmid' ,Pf'o!!f<ll'l1mlng SD, d.uld J'I!~lr <10. iJl'Sl al(! 7[).~eur:lly5D' 1 .. .!!lilrfighter r,e~lr au.!'

[f'Qroi! 1i',"II1~ 5

Chwmdet PDln.ts: 10

Move: .8"

~ulpmcnl: Cfiml!rtk, dlUapnd

~ Nulc; SflnlO!: skills have been lowered to rellect aging and !.aek QIII.se. AJj 01 the!ll.' stats repl"eSentMolll MGtllm{l '5 skills and ahllttles at !:he onset 01 h!;!f Illness. Musl skills dmp l3ol'lSide;rably as her illness pragr·e$se!I.

The Jedl Academy Sourcebook


~Ch~ap~t~elr~O~n~e~:!~~h~e!N~e~W~R~eEP~u~b~Jlc~. ::::::::::::::::::::::==============::==::::::==;:~~~

ploy assassination as a business t- ol but ror one key factor - ea h specific strain of tlh virus must be custern-d sign d to attack t,h genetic structure of ach lndivldual victim. Otherwtse, the nanu virus be xirnes a tool of Indiscrtrnlnate murder, only usetul as <JI weepon of mass d structton -3 W' apon that can turn n th s who wield fl. A virus design - 0' atta .k on (l rson we ul ~ h in rr - ttv if used on another,

I" w organizations, possess the means, tlil ne d, and the will to us such horrible echIilology on. a person-by-person basis. and those lhal. do usually laver I],ess cempllcated and more direct methods of elhl1inaUn~ competftors anti obstructions, Still, th nann vi,ral, solution can b us lul under c rtaln clr 'urnstan es, such as If a well-h el d assa 'in desires to Heel amysterious and slow death. Nanovtruses ar xtrem l.ydlimclJlt lode"

if the medical staff do sn 't know x ,clly what to look f r,and r w doctors OIInd medl 'al drord s aT train. d to look fDE the subtle signs of a 11M virus at work. since i,~ is so 'II ry rare.

Nano virus t dlllology wag developed by human research rs, lind thus far CoiU1 only b used on other humans. and some near-human specles,

N,ano Viruses

Nano viruses are artificially creat d 111111& crobes which attack a victim's body as a virus, dtsrnantltng the cells one nucleus al a time. They can be administered orally or l1y physical, contact, and have a gestation that

an be as short as onetoflvedays.dependtng on the design.

One - contract d. neno viruses are exce d· ingly dif(icu'l't to st p before theycomple ely ravage the victim's body. Total imm rsion in a bacta tall_lk can delay th onset or the diseas - , but is In He ttve in purging the b dy 'f the viruses themselves, 111 'the spat' ola month Or two, the Victim growslss and Jess active, and finally slips irUo ,a_ oma and dies.

Fortunat 1)1 ior the galaxy at large. nano viruses are ext rem Iy diffh::::L11lt and exp flsiv to d vetop, though the technology [or 'I' ating: hem has en around several centurt . Designing a virus requires a marge and welleq ulppsd suite of I aboratories , astaff of highly specialized nane-scienttstsvand sever I months of extremely expensive development time. Generl semples (rom the' target 11 1:'80n are also requtr d.

As high as they are, the r esearch and devel praent .osts would Ilk, Iy be negllglbl roll' most organizations which routinely em-

Admiral Ackbar

As Minister of elense. Admiral Ackbar is rsapenslbl for the milltary forces of h ew Rep1Libll . 1'his is a lonely, l1igh~press.ur jiob. and Ackbar has been shoulder,lng II' 'for a 10l1S time. He Una'll)' breaks after he crashes his Bwing Into the Cathedral 0'£ Wiflds on Vortex (due, unbeknown' t LoO him, to sabotage by his atde Terpfen) ..

Gunt-rldden. and believing his clumsy pilotIng is to blame fOT th disaster. his only desire is to fade from sight and be forgotten. He resign his comrnlssion and retreats to MOil Calamari. There her tires toa childhood retreat out in th seatree beds and devomes his time to perJormillg geolegtcal studies In an aUempt to determine wheth r til rec nt Imperial attacks have damaged the planetary crust.

'When D ala atta Its Mon Calamari. A,ekba.r comes 011.11 01 his (unk and rallles the Mon Calamari forces. His victory enalbl : s him 'to redeem hlmself 111 his OWn eyes, and reminds him. that h is not the sort of person who can run £Tom his failures and problems. However, he

resolves 'to stay on M III CaJamari.

When Leia lT3V Is to Mon Calamari to enlls Ackbar's aidfn r scuingWillterandAnakin from Furgan, he' drops everything to hel p. He rapid Iy recrulh. the most loyal members 0,' his s:aJ,vage crew Oil R, el Home City, and rounds LIP a shill from MOil Calamari's orbital d f ns lleet.

After engaging and drlvtngthe Vendetta away from Anoth, be a' ompanles Lela and th MOll Calamari ommand lam down to the surtac , whee " they recover y ung An kin Solo and slay Furgan,

Akbar pr vents T rplen from killing himself, and tells his subordinate that h canru ,t tak th easy way out of atoning for past misdeeds - b must work to repaIr them. He reallzes, al the same tim • Ut1<d he himself caenot run SWEIlY from his own duties and responslblltnes.

_ Admiral Ackbar

'J}'iIW. ion atarnan Admlr, I DDITERITY 31)0

BIA leI' 5D.2', blaster nflill Ify 4JD·I. (]Iudg '10-1. mel I'cmbal5D.I. mls II 11\' lillons >II). I, mrs lie w apons pow >f hll/puOn fiD·1


IYI n p les 1D~ I, bureaucracy I'.D.l, bureaucracy;

The Jedi Academy 50lJr,ceooolie

,--rr~~.============================================~IC~h~_s~'p~re~r~o~n~e~;Th~,_~e~N~ .. ··!eW~ __ ~R~_e~p~u~b~Iit -WA_

The Jed'i Academy Sourcebook:

her husbandand children, but events constantly consplre against her. She Is overjoyed at having Jacen and Jalna hom agaln, but ftnds that sh has grawn much m re protective and leartul for them now that they are near.

She feels gul ItY~Qr not devoting more time to her Jed! ~ralDjl1g, but I~ takes a.dellnlte backseat to her professional duties and lamily time. Luke has said nothing. butl.ela knows that heworries about her lack of progress, Perhaps by way of apology, she personally ~a,kes on the task or selecting a location lor Luke's Jedi academy, despite her tull schedule.

• Lela Orgcl'na SOIIO Type: Mb!liste>,r 01 Slat DEXTERIl'Y an

Blaster 9D" blaster artlltery 4D+], bnrwlln~ parry SIJ+:i!, dodge !lO, Itrenade 4D.!, llghtsaber !iD~2,mleecoml)a! 6D+2. melee parry 60. I, runnlng' 50, 'Vehicle blasters 4D KNOWLEDQlE4D

Allen spe les BD, bureaucracy 9D+2. bureaucracy: New R publtc Inner C!Jun U WD. bureaucra y: N w Republle Senal'· 101)" ultures '90· I, bJ!1:guag,es 7D+2.llIw enforcemen t "l' .. I" plll:net,llry systems 9D+ 1 , 51 re twlse 7D, survivalBD, value6D+I. wtllp wer 7D~2


Astrogauon 5D" beast ~id In!! 4D~ 1"comDnulI1lcal'lons SI)"l!, !tover vehicle ope'filUon 3D+2, repulserlllt operation 5D+ I. sensors 4D. 2" space I ransports :10-1, ~tarfi!lhter jpilotinl! SOl. starsnip [!U~U1.ery 6D+ 1. starshlp sh'teJds 5.D,; 2


~argl!olll1'D. command II D. con 60, llambllngSD. hide7D, persuaslon9D. perauaslon.d bale I LV, persuasion: oraUon 11.0 .. 2, search 6D. sneak 1D.1

STRENGTH 3D Br<lwling4D~2,climbJI~gl1iUmping5n+[,slamlna7D,sw[m-

ming5D I .


Computer programming/repair 4[h2, dernotittons 3D 1. drold pmgroLrnmillg 51). IlrstaJ,d 70. se<:llIr.ty 6lJ .. spece ban 5 ports repalr 4D+1

S:peclal Ab:llitlea:

FofC!! Shills: Contro15V+I, ~'llllSf! <tOt!!; alter 3D

These tire '(}lily So(Jf1l€ or 111ft pow(mr that u:w fms demDnstrated:

CtlTltrol;' Ab!;Qrbjd.lss.pale energy. control paln, resist stun

sense: DanRer sense", 111· detection. llle sense, magnify senses, r c ptive telepathy

Afler-: TelekJne5is

Control. Be,flse, and I(f!r,··ofce harmol[Jy~! "Des rlbed In The Thrown Trilogy Sf)IlIT"dlQol~ ~ .. Described In [)ark cril{Jiffi SuufCI!b{mk

This charaeter 1'5 iForcI!-8CJ19Hive

Force PollIIl:s: 4

Cba:mcieI'Ptllnl1l: 14

Mol''!:: ru~1

Equip ment: Ugh tsa ber (S.D) , com lin". d atapad, hold-out blaster (30).

~C~h~aEP~te~r~O~n~e~:T~h!e~N~,e!.vv~·~R~'e!p~U2b~li~C:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::"!l ~

- .AAi

New I'tepublic Senate 8D 2, cultures 50, InUm.ldati n 5D~ I, larl.guOliges 6D, plan tary systems 81). scholar: M n Calamari marine S olnllY 4D~ 1, survl"'llli 40, survtvak e ca.n/undersea 6D 2, taetlcs: capital tihlps 9D. l, raelies; lleets 9D~2. taetles: slilirfighter5 7D. f. value 5D 2, wIUpower60


AAI mSlllln~ 3D. capital sh,ip gunnery 11)+.2" caplta.1 sh~p piloUng8D-I, c~pllilil ship Ililotimg: MOI1J C<llmnari bi!lttl ' erutser lOD. capiltll ship shiclrb 6D+ I, .replIJsClrli!t Ol~ ration 5D.1, repuisorlllt op ra[lol:I; subm rslbl 4 D. t.seesots 5D .. 1, space: transports 50 .. 2, stll.r[igiller piloting 7D PERCEPTION W+ I

Bargall'l7D, command 90, command: MOn Calamari, lI"CWrnen l Zlr. hlde 4D+I. per.suaslonl1D, search SO"l. sneak <lD ... ::!

S'fRENG'r.1H 3D

Lilting ,10, stamina 60. swlmmtng 81)..2 TECH N.ICAL 3D-+ I.

C"'pilal ship repair 5D I, capital g,hjp w,~a.p(~n. repair 4D+:.!. computer prograrnr:n:irtgli'epOilr ·~D.I. drold prog~amrnlng '1D~1, flrsl aid /I'D+l. Arst aid: MOil Cal,llmari 5[h I. we,pulsurlift r@pair5D;.1. security 7D+1

Special AbUltles.:

MOIst En!Jironmenl£. When In moist envlrnnments, Ion C<llamarll!'(!.celv@ a -+ 10 bonus 10 all Dexterity, Percepuon and SIIT'ngrlll;lttribl.lt . lid skill che ks.

Dry £nVlmn'rnems: Wh I'l 111 very dry environments. Mm~ Calamari seem; depreasedand withdrawn, They sulf r <I -II) pen.a1ty to all Dexterity, Percepfi.m and Stl'engrh attribute and sklll checks.

Fun; p.Q.I.otl>l 3

ChW1lcle:rr P'oinl:9: 15

Mo,,"e: 10'

'Equipment: ComUn~ (wired into the HoloNd), ~atapad. !n~lltary clrf'~S un ilorm , standard rnllttary unlfnrm

Leial Organa Solo

Prln ess Lela Organa 5011.01 has seldom been so busy .. In the flrst I w years of the provist nal New Republic government, the fledgHng g vernmenr was oncerned primarily with containmg Imperial forces whlle it establlshed itself on Coruscant, Lela's duties as Minister of Stare for the New Republic, the government's secondhlghest-level diplomat" mainly consisted of mediating between the various member worlds or the torrner Rebel Alliance, and establishing embassies on pro-New R public worlds.

Now that Mothma has, shined policy tactics away from direct confrontation with lmperial forces toward wooing neutral and pro-Irnperral worlds into the New RePUbIJic, Lela Finds herself busier than ever, especially when Mothma's advancing Il]ness forces her to put more oj her duties on Leia, Ultll1lately, Mothma sees that Leta tsappotn ted ell ier of State In her place. Lela Is not sure she wants the job, but agrees for the sake of the' e"" Republic to take on the heavy responsiblllty of r presenting the New Repub!me.

Lela's busy prctesstcnal hte leaves her very UUle thne for her famlmly, which she finds distressing. Sh e does what she can to make lime fOir

Han Solo

Han Solo. who at one time teased his old mentor Rca about ettllng down and "gOing respectable," finds thatthese days Roa has had


The Jedi Academy Sourcebook

tbeJastla~gh. Han doesn 't necessarlly enjoy the frippery ilind formality of State dinners and the cloying Ialse friendships which come wltih being the h usband of the Minister or Sta.te of the New Republlc, 'but Lela and the chlldren MIi: worth all or the minor meonvenlences and annoyances, He may bave lost orne of the Independence and freedom off asmuggler 'captain, but he has gained so much more,

Not til t his wayward past doesn't occasionally come ba It to haunt him.

ow that Han has such a high profile, old friends and en rnles are constantly r appearing' to renew acquaintances and even old scores. When he 'travels to Kessel as a representattv of the New Republic, be runs atoul of one of these old acquaintances, an amphibian. named Moruth Doole. Doole once betrayed! Han to the Imperials, which forced Han to dump an ent f shipment 01 spice, and subsequ ntly led to his Jamng out with Jabba the Hurtt. Doole. whohas h is own reasons not to love Han, lrnprlsons 5010 and Chewbaeca In the spice mines - f Kessel.

While in the mines, Han encount rs a young man named Kyp Durron, As Roa took Han under his wing, Han in tum befri ends Kyp and forges. a mentor-llke bond wlth the young man. He is determined to see that Kyp gets a taste ol the lire that lias b en denied him ul until now, and HIe two spen 1 lot of tim tog ther IOn C ruscarrt before Kyp leaves to join L.uke on Yavln Four. When the Sith-rnadden d young man beglns his one-mail crusade agaill!; the Empire with the Sun Crush 1', Han sue .esstully uses his b nd wit'h him t bring KYI! hack from he edg of the

abyss. -

.Han Solo

Type: SlIHJ!l!:ller DlEXTl:!RJTY ~~D '1-1

Blaster 80-2. blaster: blaster rifle 51)+ I. blaster: hc<wy bJ~lstt'lr pistol IOU ,. L bil~S~l!r artillery 6lJ I. brawling parry RD, dud!le 80 .. Z, jodse: energy WCIIPOI1lS !J'lJi 2. grenad~ 60, I, melee t:flInhlll 6D~ I. lHe~e parry SD; I. miss II .. WI!!IPIlIlS 60,·1, pick !lucke" ;m~2. running 5D""2, IhFOl\'I1 w(!tlpr:m.~ 5D+ I. 'V(>111c1c bla:sw-ni (,D· 1 KNOWLEDGE 2.0

Alien Slwci 'Ii iD, bure;HJI:r,j y iD, husln Si: (iD. bustness: sll1uw~l('rs 7D+2. runures fJD- I, mumldatton I'm,

language!;, 6 • law enforcement 60, ularu tary systems RD, sl reetwlse 9D. streetwlse: .labba the Hurt's nrgantzarlon WU-:I, ~lJn;jval RD, WIllie fiD, wl]lpm~er I,D+2 MEnIANI'CA:L 3D+2

Astrogatlcn 9.0, beast ndil!f,15D .2, beast rldlng: auntaun GO. capital shlp gunnery t;o.o-2,Cil'pHal !;hippilaling8D~2. capital shill' sili,eJds 6D.2, communlcetlons :m-2, ground vehleleop r tl.nn5D~2,l .. pulsortift operatlon DJ 'I. sen);nr~ 6D, SPB{:t" I ransports RI)" space Lf[J,IrJ~~iOrl5; YT-13tJO transpons 12D, stllrllght~r pllntiny 70.2. stershrp gllllnery 9D. s~nrshijJ shields 7D. I, swoop operatlnn BD+2 PERC[P'IJ"rDN 3D

Bargain 80· I, ornmand RD. CUll 8D·1, iorgrry ~D, IQrg· ery: ships II s i'D, gambling 8D·2. lJide '\!D~2, P ersuasion 6D-2, ~l'ar;.:h Gil-I. sneak sn


IJrawling 70 .. 2, dlmblng/lulnplllg6D, IlftiugSD .2, stamina so, swimming 41 +2


BI'Isler repalr r-O. comput 'r [lll'ogrmnl11lflg/r nalr 70·1, demcllrtcn 6D·2. droid progrnmmlng rtD-1 .Ilrst aid :m-2, ground vehicle repair 50+:2. r tpulscrtlll repalr 7D, securHy 1D .. I" space transports repalr 7D. 2. space transport repair: YT·l200 transports 9D·~, starshlp wuapons reo palr 5D

F"on:(l Foilllts: ] Chai'ac.el' poim.!!: 10 Muve: 10

1~(llJipJllu!lllt: Mudilie:d heavy blast .. r pistol (liD.:n. ('tll1~~irlk

Jacenl ilnd Jaina Solo

Jacen and Jalnaare feisty, strong-will d twoand-a-half y ar old twins with well-defined leaLUI',es and dark brown hair.

They have spent vel)' little olthelr young lives in til company 01 their parents, having lived in remot secret locations to Dr vent Imperial agents [rom kldnapplng tJlIem.ot sur-

The Jedi Academy Sourc book


considers his workjustabout don .as he smugly reminds Han when he human gets particularly ocky, Not that he shows any signs of leaving Han - the man bears constant wat hlng, in Chewle's cplnlon,

Chewbacca bears many psychological scars [rom his tlrne as an Imperial slave. scars which have never completely healed. Thes scars have recently been cruelly reopened by his expertences on Kessel and in th Maw, though he takes pains ~a hide this from his friends, On both of these occasions, faced with slav f,:/, he seriously considers nghling to the death rather than submit again. Illy his COne rn for Han prevents him from entertng a berserker rage and taking out as many ot hls enemies as posslhle before dying,

While a prisoner 111 Maw Installatioll, C hewbacca meets a small band o[ broken Wookiees who have toil d for over a decade: under a sadistic slave driver. He promises both himself and his fellow aptlves that he will see them free. After escaping with Han and Kyp, Chewbacca makes this promise his, personal miasicn In life.

With the support 01 Wedge Antilles and Han Solo, Cbewbacca successfully convmces the Inner Council to. send a rescue and occupation 'for-ce back into the Maw to iree the Wooklees. His proposal llounders at fi rst, but makes immedial headway when b points out that the New Republic cannot risk leaving Maw Iristallation unmolested as long a there is a ch nee that it might be used as ill platform to devise weapon which might be depl yed against u e New Republic,

He accompanies the Specf'orce team which is assigned tile task of taking the Maw lnstallatlon and frees the enslaved Wook;iees, When Daala's forces return to the Maw during the mission, Cnewte leads the now-freed Wookiees in an attack in the Installation's own assault shut les, wi I some atypically useful help from C-3PO.


Type: W lkl.ee DEXTERITY 2D+2:

B!1l-5ter 7D, bcwcasrer 10D, brawling parry BD .. I, dO<lg 7D, srelw.de 5D+I, m. -11ll combat 81). rnelea parry 80, vehicle blasters 7iJ


A]lell species 70+1, bureaucracy 4[1<-2, buslness 5D.I, cultures 3D .. 2, laU!'lgUilge.~ S.D, planetary systems, 80, streetwls ro, surv]vail 7D 2, value 80

MECKAN1CAl 3D As.trQ8"J.!on8D.2,beastrldlng4'D.cQmmunlcatlcmsSn .. l, reputsorlllt operauou 7D+2, sensors 7D. space transpOl'ts8D.I,spaceLransporls: YT-1JrnOLralilsp.orts1 lD+2. s'tarshlp gUllnery SD+l, SUllrsl'Iilp shfelds 7D, walker ep-

LC~h~ap~t~e~r~O~n~-e~:J~!~~eWN~ .. ·!e~W~R~e!peu~b~1iC~::::::::::::::::::==::::::::::::::::::::::::::==~~I.IL.. - - - .AU-

prisingly, they vlew Winterrnore as e motherfigure than Leta, since the serious woman has all

but raised them. .

The Force ls strong in the Solo twins, and they have already demonstrated a crude ability to manipulate -objects from time ~o time. They seem to share a kind of psychic link, speaking in half sen tences to eac h other or somehow communicating In complete silence,

The twins are strong-willed children, and take a lot of dis Iplin to -antral. Winter and Lelaestabltshed early on who was in charge, but when the twins are left in the hands otChewbacca arid C'-3PO, it is 'only a matter of time before something goes hOl'rJ I:Ily wrong.

It do sn'] take long., Jacen and Jama steal: away from tile two guardians, and embark (In a series or adventures in the wllderness of Coruseant's Undercity. Fortunately, between their fledgling force skills and the aid of Killg Dayklrn, they emerge unscathed, and are returned to their parents none the worse for wear.

Leta lld Han bring the' twins with them to Yavln Four when they rush [0 Luke's side alter Kyp places him ina lth-induced coma. They immediately demonstrate a s,ensltivUy fOI" detecting the ncn-eerpcrea! presences of Exar

• Kun ancll..uke in the complex, am:!. play a key role in protecting Luke from theSith Lord's attacks on Luke and the others.

Anakin Solo

Baby Anakln isn't quite old en ugh yet to ge·i mto much .rouble, though he causes plentyof it byvfrtu of his, heritage. He has already demonstrated that he is strong ill the Foree, Even as an unborn child he helped his mother and unc] defeat the reborn Ernp 0 ror, MId he acts again 'to defend himself and hts family when furgan threatens him- by compelling a powerdroid to deliver a mild shock 10 Furgan, which provides just enough of a distraction to allow the Mon Calamartans to res ue him. As far as Luke can ascertain. Anakln's grasp of the For' is purely reflex.v at this stage in his, life.


Chewbacca had already lived nearly two centudes when he was enslaved by the Empire. He learned! 0 !late both the Em.pi"re and his dlailrls while in fnreed captivity, and extended a: 1If • debt to Han Solo when the younglmpetial orficer fre d him,

Since that time, he has stuck dose to Han; graduaUy guiding him toward a more stable lifestyle and a more respectable line of work. It tcokyears of patient elfort, but now hewbac a


The Jedl Academy Sourceocok

"r.Jtinlll. AT-sl' 4D.2 l'fll.cEPTlO~ 2D

RilrHnlnlllJ).I,commmJ[i.5[) ·2. &amblin~5D·l, hIde <I !). 2, ~mUlrh 11)..1, sneak ·lifjJ·2


RrllwllnJj '11 D.lJrawllll!l: llIiutlnl arts tilJ, cllmblng/JunlpInN 8D, IIlIing lID. ~1;llllill.l. ItlD, ~wlmmlfig 7D 'IIEClIN"ICAL 3D.,.,1

1l!.I.lwr t~palr 5IJ'.~, htlwclIsler rl!}Xtlr 60, computer 11HlllrnlTlmlngfrol'l1i.l1 gIl, tI .. mol!Uons,6D. droit! pru:l!ll'~!lI' min II, tlD, drlDld lii:,pcrIr 70.,2, first aid 5D.I. rllpulsorlllt , ... p~lr 711 .1. socllllily 71).2. sp~c@ trnnsports repair lIn, ~p.n i' I mnsports r"rA1,: 1j1:1 :1011Ifl'll'1~pmt512D.2 SpNl'al A.lJtailie..i

Stnmg/l'l sl(JIIs;

l1ft/mllllll; mariral am. [llcw!e ~earned Uw rudlments 01 !lIe NOjilhrJ martial arts style, He gelS .:2D t,l" brawlll1j:! wll0fl ill'llLl ing somebody wll hour this spectallaatlon nnd mU~flI Srrength -I D "~ dlfimn~e, ~ page fN of the IJ'ilrk rrJrru R/,SllIIl Smm;f!iJooh lor more In!onna1Iol1.

JJL<ncrk .. r Rage: rhtrWl:~ gains I 2D toSlne/Wtll Will" 11 bmw!· IllY ~f1 1iIt'l'tlJrlu!r fU[.I4!. SeI! :IMse 131 .o( Swr WafS. nil:' Rolo:plUYIITR GamE', s,.·(lJrld f.diMI'l and paFll' 12·1 or Stur WUr.!' Gamw!ltJs/er lfamJbrmti..

CW(l1/11f!8 Ctaw$:'·2D ~O) cUm/llnjij.

[Force Polnl:s:' I

qu,mu;:ll'.f [Polnt." 1 (I

M111"1I; 13

EqUIpment: i)o\vl:n5Ib.'r (4n damuge), illl1II1U. droltl 10(11 kll, ·~,lfIlJ;!I1lp tool kll. "".0.191 pouch


W,il1t,e_r has long been a rrlend arid confidante to Lela. and her most trusted aide and servant, When ttl. Solos realize what tempting targets I:'beir children pose to lruperial schemers, they Immec!latel.y turn to Winter. When the base on New Alderaan is penetrated by the resurrected Emperor's agents, Wlnl:er, Luke, and Ackbar eslabltsh a secret base on the Iractured world of Motlli. Wlnt,er serves willingly as nanny and protectress te the Solo children ln their years in hidlll~. She dearly loves her charges, oIlind fl€'rI;ely proteets them with her :1 lIe.

Her duty Is riot without saerillce, however.

The me or an exile Is a lonely one tor someone who has, ol'lly infants rflf company. Winter looks IOh'o'.ud 10 the few visllS Han. Leia.anti ~heir dose circle of family h'lellds can make to the remote world with great anttctpenon. When' he 1"",11'15 J,~lIve Ano,th ~n reJoi.11 lh,eir parents, she becomes very depressed, UUDugh she rarely slto·ws any trace of emotion. She 15 also grea'lly dlsal}pnll'lted when Aekbar decllnes herinvtration to visit ror awhile after he resigns 'from the !r:m,er Ceuncll,

Win'er faces the lmperlal intruders alone wll'len Furgan invades to steal Ciw,a), Analdn 5010\ She lai-;es out a number oJ the ImperIal MT-AT "spider" waJkers usin&l 'the eutomatlc defenses 01 the base, and then iles In wait insidE', so that she can lead the tnvad rs on a chase through the Innerlor. She suecesslully leads the pUTsin~

stormtroopers inm,o the depths of the station. and into lhe dim computer Core chamber. There she unleashes the room's hidden occupants on the storrntroopers - assassin droid.s. Fortunately .. Lela and mJie New Republk: .a.rrlve with retntorcements be ro re furg~m's remaining forces can overpower he.!".

• Winter

Type: CUUJIU:llor rude DEXil"iERm'J D+·I

Blastef 5U.,2. blaster: hold-out blm\ler ;P·.I, bnlwllng pi.l1T)' ·m.l. dooge 1>0·2. !lrenade 40· I


Alien sperles I5D. bllweaut:racy 6D. burenurracy; New Rel)lIIbllr Imlllt tc:mncil 7'O<~, cul~ur~~ 50, cullures:

Aldaraan myaHy9U.lmperlru supplies GIJ. ~il,l',gllages 71), pianel;11'y systems 71::1. ~ln"~I'I>\"I:S(, 51). value ,D. I. wlllpoII'er6D


l3ea!!t rldlnlol ~D. communlcallons 5[1· I. n:pu]sortillt operatlon :m, ~1:nS"'f~~,1.) .2. space lrilh5l'Orl,; S.D. iLGfllghlu pilOI'lns 3U·1. starshln shields 3!l·2


Barn<l~1l6L). '1.lJarlla!n: mmt,"'y.!>!,[Jlplle~ ~[}~2, command 4.0+ I. cen 7n", J. h~rlletY SO.2. hide iill.:;!; persuasion 5D~ I, scarrh 41)-2. :>l1e.il:~ 51)· 1

SnltNGnl 2:0. .. 2

Bn,l ..... lhlH :'!D, SHU:~11111 411'+2. swlmmlilJo!,lf).2 TECNNJCAL 20+2

C'oml'U(.I,·r prl:lllramm1.loIgfrl!p:3Ir 4D.2'. druid programming 'In, llrst aid 'iD· 2, securlry ru- I

SpeeluJ AbUWe!I!

Pf,rli!(/,"t'IrI{Ji)i Wlnlcr has -liulogmplll,' lllemory- - silt' has inslnn! mn!'! tottll recall 01' !::!,1L'I·ylhl.ng she has. ever IWhFd, 1 .. ,1'1, .... llnessud, ilElltenrdl._>d. Or <ilherwls~ expertenccd.

force PQI!'It8~ I

Cb:uTIl!:ter ','olnti!!: 15

Mo\'It: 10

Eq,lI1pmcnt: H(}ld-oUl blaster (31D, I t comlln~, New Republic Consular 10


Artco-Detoo has spent most or the last decade at the stde oll.uke Skywalker. snd has been 111 mote ae!vetuures than any one droid has a rigllt to be. Small wonder. I hen .. that 11' decided that a qule] week or so in the relatively sedate environs ot lhe lrnperlal database center would dohlrn some good. At Luke's behest, he combs the lmperlal darabases in search .of potential candtdates for Luke's Jedl academy, while Luke goes 011 ~Q check a few leads o~ his own,

He and Threeplo accompany Lando urn a trip no Umgul to check en ane lead that he lurns up. The lead ~ urned OUf to be a dead end, but Artoo does help lAndo land a mtllien credit reward, ~or which Lando is no doubt grateful.

When luke returns from his jourl1leys .. Artuo resumes his duties 0'1 keeping a watch rul eye 011 his master. He accompanies Luke and Lando to Kessel, and gu . ards Luke's defenseless body on Yavtn Four after Kyp places. him III <it Sl~hcoma.

The Jedl Academy Sourcehook


Wedge gasped, He had heard that some of the Army dtvlstons had lost commanders, but he nad hsd rIO ideathat the sltuatton '\!'las so sertous. "Thall': news Is going to decimate morale," he said, "Generals Riieekan and Madlne must be going out of their heads trying 10 dig up replacements."

Ackbar nodded. '''Ware. or COIUS' , promOting,as many from the lower commissioned ranks as 'W can.and GeneT I Madill Is taking steps to recall offkers from other posts and worlds. I'm sure hey a able commanders. but many of our best COs, even those stationed on other worlds" had traveled to lrn P€rial City foil" the victory celebrattons." He s lghed ,agai nand flnger,eo ill small 00 ral 'SCI.! I pture 011 his desk. "The bottom Ilne is th.a.t the Army's leadership has suffered a grtevous blow, General Dodonna and other members of the sray cadre have offered 10 come out of retirement. and Calrtsslan has r a ulvated his commission. but we are 'facing: a definite shortage IOJ other high-rankclng officers,."

Wedge lurrowed his brow. H - wasn't exactly sure where Ackbar was going, but he did know he didn't much like the general drift. "We],I, what can I do for you, Admiral? You want me to brief the new :guys? Bring some retired officers up 'to spe d 011 current technology and naval tactics?"

Ackbar I aned ( nard. and. k d Into his eyes. "I want you in Ih - Army."

Wedg trl d not to laugh. but the r quest was too sudden. lao unexpected. On lop of everything that had happened In the .last week, II was simply too much, He snorted.

Aekbar's tendrils twitched. "You lind my request (jtf/.USl.ng. Commander?+;

~C~h~a~p~te~r~'O~.~n~e~:~Th~e~·~N~e~W~~R~e~e~u~· b2·!liC~··::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::~ii~~

A Change of Command

"The Admiral w1Jl SElie you now."

Wedge nodded to the youog ensign. She look'ed tired. He looked around the central eorrldor of the Headquarters Frigate. Every-· one looked tired. And defeated. He stood, slowlysrnoothlng his uniform. The deck plates thrummed as one oS lh m.aln engines oughed - It had been dameg d during the escape Irom Coruscant.

Wedge stepped Into the Admiral's office. and remained r sp ctlully by th door waltjng, to be acknowl dged, Admlra.],Ackbar stood looking out of his window at the knotted swirling maelstrom of hyperspac,e. He turned with a rasping sigh. his ha.nds, thoughtfully stroldng bis chrn t ndclls, His g:'lassy eyes swlveled in their sockets to focus on Wedge.

"Please make yourself at home, Commander." He wait d I'Dr Wedge Ito seat himself, and then sat down himself. "'I have read your report. You and Rogue Quadran are to be commended for your work hill coverl ng th evacuation of Coruscant,"

"Thank you, sfr ...

"I did not brmg you hers 100 o~iel" cengratu]aUons, however." Ackbar bowed his domed head. "The Imperials have' done their work well. By launching (heir sneak attack while we were celebre . ing ourvictory OV. r'Ibrawn, they caught many 01 our military leaders .in the review stands at. the parade grounds. Between the first wav ~ 01 attack, the ensuing battles" nd the evacuation. we have lost over 60 per ent of th Army's command stall, The upper hherarchy has been severely disrupted. We sull have majors and colonels aplenty, but above that ... ¥,t)lJlJ1ilJlit understand that thls information has yet to be made public."


T}'Jlie.lnduslrlaJAuroJn ton R2 AstrQm eh Drcld DEXTERITY an

Eleclro:o;hock prod 4D-2. dudg' 50 KNOWlEDGE 2E1

Planetary syslems 9D, 1m rvlva 1 150 .. 2. valu 70-2: p,mCHANU:AL ~II)

M1::I"ogatioll 12D. comI11Ul'jlorllli()J!s m. l'o.:p!,II$orllfl opel1i!:loll 'tiD .. :!, senSOES 80. I" starflgluer piloting: 7D', s~nrlllilhter pllotlng: ;':-\Io,lng 91), strursld:p R)Jnnery 5D', stars hlp shields 5D.2


Command olD, con 4D12. 8nmbllnil6D. BCIIJ'ch 10. sneak 5D


LIfting '1D. swjmming::m,1


Computer programrnlnifr palr 91)-2. droid program· mlng 5D ... 2, drnld JepO'Ilr SO, machinery repair 5;0 • .2.

rerll.lls()rllltrepalr 50, security 7'0.1. sta'rilllhtel' repa r 10. :5!lal'll(!nl r r~pa1J: X.io\·lng 9D.2. :spae, transport repalr i'D. space transpcrts repililr. VT·L3UO transport

90·1 -

Eq Illppedl WI,!h:

'. Thre wheeled legs (one r tractable)

• ReIT!I(I!lbhd'Je.<!'VY ijl'a5pl!r arm ( .. 10. ,0;> II,qm,!V '~RI!ITIl 1I11)h! Ilne wur,k grililip~r arm

,_ tXI,endnble 0,3 meter lang Video s nser (:t60 rotation) • Small ele t rtc arc welder (3~ dama!!e"D.3 meier tan!!eJ ;; Small elrcular saw (4D damage. 0.3 meier rang)

• Video dIsplay sere flI

• hI"lo~r<lJlhlc projet:lor/r corder (one meier r ,ng ) ~ FIre extinguisher

'. SmaIl uu rl1lal ·cargo" ,lIren (211 ern by 1I 1:"111) ., Inner pitch acoustic 18.n, II r

~ ne 'lung range sens.lng array; 1nc::,ludes r dar, sIger co Linter lind IlC term ensor,lnfrMed reeeprors, el NrC). masn tl lleld receplor (add ·3D Iu Sf!flir:Jr 111 rans~ of IJP to 100 meters)


The Jedi Academy Souroebook

Wedge blanked hls Iace ." No. sir, myapologtes, sir. t Just don't ., .. 1 mean, me, iii ground pounder? [ don't have the trai:nlllg rOT that!"

j,you ,Iue too modest. YOUf role as wing rcommanderofRogueSquadron has more than prepai' d yotl for such duties, And the work "ou dJd In rail lying the Imperial City miUtias just this we k has disp -U-d any lingering doubts I may hay had l1egarding your ,ability to lead men on th ground as well as in th alT."

W dg hesitated. VOlLl don't simply say "no" to an Admiral. "With all due respect, Admiral, I [eell I can better serv - time New Republic In my eockplt than 111 a repulsortank somewhere, "

Ackbar opened his [aws In it Mon Calamari clute 'Ie. "1 do not <iIIlfIIHdpate serlding you into the field, Command r AntUie . I want you on my command slaff. You are about due for a prOlIllodon, are you not? How would you like to be a 8 peraJt·

Wedgegrmnedwryly. "l'mnde€pfyfl!atlter@d.

Admral, but I didn't exactly join the QUy to become 81 genera.I."

Ackbar gestured for Wedge to lean closer.

U] am, Navy myself, Antilles," hesald III a low ,gravelly 'voice, "and I do not ask: you to turn your back 0:11 'the Service lightly. But as you said yourself, morale Is low. We need leaders the tro ps an rally ar undo You have bean wjththe AUlancefor a long while. You are well regarded and lev d by the men and women you leae t and you are a hero in theey sof the people. ,I must have v terans like yourself at the head of my Army/' He paused. "I willll.ot order yoUI' transfer. 1 don't want you If you won't go voluntarily. however desperate the hour mlg,ht be."

• Broad~b nd antenna f ,{'elv 'r (<:at1 monitor 311 broadcast and communication lrequencles)

• Irnormn\!lonstorasefretrl '! I a kforcompui link-up

• Onecompressed air laooclJ reused !or Luk 's lightsaber orlor II r )

F:1Jn: Polnl1: I

Clwmc;ler PalnD! iO

Move: 5

Slz~ '0.96 r11l~lcril (ali Cos:t! 01 ror ~'llJle

Equl,pm. 11: l.ol'lg~rangi' comlll'lrk ,alll.lI:hmen~ (100 'kilometer f!i nil!!)


C·3P Is lond Or telling anyone who will listen how under-appreciated J\e Is. and he does have ill point. H@ has many de ades of xpertence as a protocol drold, and is !hIghly skilled at the

Wedge winced. Ackbar knew exactly what hewas doing. tugginga.t his sense o:f dutya.nd honor. Ackbar mi:g'nt pretend he was ~ivlng Wedge a choice, bi,.n: they both kl1ew he Was as good as hooked. No, Y01:iI just didn't. say "no" to all AdmIral.

Not that he had to go without a ~Isht With the Empire 01"1 Coruscant and chasing the New Republic up and down 'the Trade Spine, he might havesome bargaining power. ·'As long as I can lead Rog\.le Squadron, you can pin whatever rank or tiUe you want on me."

Ackbar's eyes swiveled in surprls , Well, there It was" Either AcklDar went fvr II: 01, he dldn't, .. /\ ..• general commanding a naval starfighter squadron Is certainly a noeet proposition. But, I suppcs that RogLi quadranis notatyptcalsquadroe.enher ... " Ac:kbar paused a long moment, and mad 8i show of ex,amining his corall seuipune again. "Very wen. I shaU probably never hear th end of m~ from Madlne, but I will agree," Ackbar stood, and We'dg'e quickly followed suit.

"Genera! Antilles, from this moment on, you shall be my Fighter Command Llalson. You will serve on my command starr as a representative of th,eArmy, and I expectyou to familiarize yourself with the protocols of that branch and get to, know your fell.ow officers and troops throughout the command chain. You may remain wIng ommander 01 Rogue Squadron, and may continue to fly missions so long as your doing so does not interfere with your new dutles, You wl.ll continue to report directly to me.Is that sa..tl50factory?"

Wedge grinned. "You got yourself ~l general, Admiral. ~

tasks involved. Unfortunat,eEy, he isseldom called UpOIl to perform the protocol dutles he was designed lor, and more o,ften than not finds himself ill sltuatiens his programming does not prepare him fOli - such as babysittilli or rlying into combat as a bartlecoordlaa or.

C-3PO spends a, lot of his time dolns domestlc chores ro'r Lela Organa Solo. He has trained himself 'to prepare gourmet meals, and Is ,ass,lgnee! thetask of managing the twi ns when they return from Anoth (unfortunately lor him. Lela discovered be had spent a year sup rvlstng preschoolers on AJd,eraan many years ago). He eventually escapes this ignoble dut 'a long with Chewbaeca) by accidentdy mispla Ing'lh twins during afield trip.

The Jedl AC8demy Sourcebook

He undoubtedly wlishes h hadn't. since he is almost lmmedlately assigned tu accompany Chewbacca and I'ag"~ Commandos om} a rald 01 Maw lnstalfatlon. 0111 'j,21lly, he is xp cted to be useful in illnaJyz~ng til • data stored ill the Maw computers. and lmnsla.ting.for 1:11 'variousa,liell scient lsts, However, he more than S uspects that Lela pu his name ill to get him away from III twlns,

Thlngs do not go as expected In the Maw, however, and ~h dmlri is dragooned lnto flying inlu . mbaL against Daala wtth II iwbacca. Ht' serv s as battle c rdlnator, and pr vldes navigation !o"rl.l ldanoe 10 r the verlous Illwerial assault shuttles the New Republic press >. lnln a {iun,


TYll ,. C~bftll;<Jlarlll'll :~I~[lllum<lrM~yhoq-lI~(!lntlot1s Oro 'ld Dli.Xl·EI:I:n' an

Dodge !ill-:!

K (\'\1LEDGE5D+2

,\11 '11 SpeCIt'S sn. I. bure4llll.:fiKY 91). cultures RD. 11In~U.114 '5 l:1D, planeliny ~)istems BU, schnler; child car' em. survlval 5D .1, volu" ~[l·2


N('j}lJl~orllfl up 'nJLlull.'l1 .~, space transpor! ·m. starshlp !!IMld~ :m

PER EP110. 30+-1

Uar!!,;aln 70. con 61.), I. hid" 5D. sneak: I) STR ~NGl1i '2D

11': H ICAL 311

Flnll aid -ID

EqllllllrJl!d Wllh:

• l lurnannld bod (two arms, i WOo h·g. , he d)

• ·fll'o visual and hllu audlal ~f'11S!}r:> -11'LIma" rallSe

• u'r ,nd·!Jand anlE'l1nfl r. l"I'lv",r

• I,A·I Vl!rl.Ju.:brall1

• TranLang III CU'l~f!I\.Irll(, ... lIml module with over S{'v .. n mU~'IOIl k~Hl'Iliil!l s

• Vocubularor spe 'rh/~c'JUnd system ('apahle of provid- 111<1 <II. extraordh .or~ly wide range or suunds Indud~lI~ ~ollild lleers ami CX!lcl irnpc'50Ila~io'l 01 Pnncess I.. Ja's vole, '\!Ii well as ery passabl . imitjJlIom~ 01 Han vi". flwwh'lI·ci!. Lando alrlsslan ann I .k· 'kywalker Fnn:' Polnllr. I

Ch .. rn.r.I~r Po'lnil!: ;; lIoiovc:,!I

11 : 1.,Gil1ie'tertl hdl C - 9 : NOi lor sal •

G,e,neral Wedge Antilles

As mu -h as her llsh sthe ornrnand of Rogue quadrnn, Wedge Is beginning to get a little restless as l1e nears his fourth decade. He Is

egltm ng to reallz that he's nev r had much or .ill normal llle, He went from being a klcll!mocking arou nd a spaceport t a pilot flying for the Rebellion, wIth not much oj a chance to get ou. and try a few thtngs, see a bit of th universe, enjoy himself lor a while. and try t figure out who-Wedge Antllles is.

As the New R publl seemingly ntersa new eta of peace; Wedg. decides [0 take a leav 01 absene from Rog:ue Squadron tIInd tackle a lew

personalpr j cts of his own. H spe nd his fir'l Iour mont hs supervising salvage crews, working 10 clear away the battle debris stlll clogging til ~

rbital trall Ian s around Coruscant, ()n ' that project is off and rolllng, he lakes on the task of Iwaciil1g a large-scale work cre\ charged with dearing away a portion 0' Imperial Clty's sunder d cityscape. ":\1\1 we eks late r, th urg to gee back Into spac grows tun pow rILlI tc resist. and Wedgevohmteers 10 head the relocation of till:' Eol Sha col ny tu Dantuoine.

Wedgl' rlgr es 10 look after Qwi Xux, th Imperial research scientist who detects to the New Republic. alter he and she hi! IL orr at an lnltial d bri ling 5 sslun. om In llle lnner

Olund I fe'l that a prolesslunal bodyguard might b mar approprlate for th task. but others. Wedge among them. 'Ieel that she might bt'" better oU with sorneon > sh leis c mfurtablp Mound.

When he learns that Qwi is. uncertain about what she wants to du wni1 her me, h simply takes her nit ng as he pursues his own lnleresh ~ at lirst. out of convent _ nee, and later, out 01 a.grow-Inu interest in her, Together. they join Ih disaster rellef crews on Vorl >t. ,ami work t h Ip the Vors cI ar away th ruins of their Cal h d ral ()f Winds.

For a long While, Wedge holds htrnself r sponslbl fnr Qwts m rnory loss.Il sl1 had hod a real prolesslonal rather than a lovesick fight r plIDo~ for a b dyguard, she wouldn't have fallen prey to yp. Only later an he a cept Luk 's gentl~ argument 'that if he, a Jedl Ma.ster, could not stand up to Kyp's tilth-augm nt d powers, Wedge could not be expect ed to do so When Kyp came for Qwi Xux,

The m-rg-nceofAdmiridDaala'slor' sends WedS'e's p riod of introspection and personal explo,i'atIOl', With lruperial lorces one atlain on the mov ,h must return to his dutles tIS 1l general and a warrlor.

I. Glen era I' Wedge Antilles Type: BriL<ih ~IIQt -


HI.iilster 60, bn'l\lo'ling pnrry ,11).1. d -dg r.D, I. meje combat ,II). I, mel!'! pur!'")" 'm, 'll'ehl('le blasters 40 KNOWtEl)Gr: 2D

Alien lip 1'1';; 6D, twremwrncy 160.1, cultures tiD. langUAges 'I ,2; plliln tary s stems (iD. 2. stre IwISf! 51), survival :iD. rocues 5D . I

I'11:ECHIANI. l ~ [)

Astrogolloll 70.2. repuls,u,lill operallun 5D.2, spa e transp rts 5D.2, starflghter pllll'tlllll: X·wlng 70':!. starshjp gunnery 7L·).l, starshtp hl'lds 60 PERCEPTION 3D

Bargajfl SD. l:ommaml 71}·1" rummilml: Rog!.!!: WIII~

D;.2, gllInbllng 5D, hide D. searcll 50" sneak 40 S'TR:ENlll 3D

Brawllng III), stamina '61l. swlllllll1lneSIJ n:oJ.N~CAJ, SO


The Jedl Academy Sourcebook

~'::::~::::::::::::::~~::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::~C~h~~fe~te~r~o2-~n~e:~T~h~e~'!N~e~vv~' ~~~,e~p~u~b~J~jc

Comput r pmgrllJrnrninJ!!,/repalr '60, r spulsorlllt repa.ir 4D.1, S,!}OlCe tr ansports repalr 60, II ' a rllght r repair: Xwing 6D-2

Force P'olni:s: 'I

nlaracl~r Points; 8

Move: III

Elllu:lpm -01: master plsrol (51) tlamaEle), ,rom~lnk, bl~ISI vesl [,10 physical, .1 ellNgy), N w Hepub.llc unuorm, survival pack (SC., p<1~e % 01 Til Rebet Allitmcl! Sr;JUJ'r',(,/XW/f;

General Jan Dodonna

Every n 'Wand th n, Jan Dodcnna, the brtlllant general who conceived the Re bel attack on the flrst Death Star at the Battle of Yavln, thin ks about r tiring. He has tried it a few times. but events always conspire to bring him back into the thick of galactlcahalrs.

These days, Dodonna leaves the rU[,lIlj~g o~ the military to young r men and women, He serv€' th Inner C uncll by sp cial appointment as an elder statesman. He directs no ministry, and takes on only the projects which interest him.

Most recently, he has taken on the issue 01 reintegrating the Ieral humans of the Undercity into rnalnstr am Coruscant life. This has proven t be a daunting, task. and Dodonna has had to expand his staff several times to malntain he rapidly "'xpal1ding program. Even so, he ha s successfully brough~ several bundr d families back to th surface, an is working with government health and support departments to provide them houstng and a means to earn a living.

• General Jan IDodonna Typ : New I~el,mbli.e Gl!m~ral DE.XTEiRITY 1.0+:2*

Blasrer 30', dodge 3D', melee combat. 3D, I" KNOWLEDGE 3D

Alien species 61), bureaucracy 6D+2, cultures 11).1. languages !lD. ml'lltlllry history 11), 2, muli~<Iry hlsICl'ry: modem fleel battles 12D .. 2, plllru~lary systems S.D+ I, tac:1I 's: capital shlps D+2, la tks; 11 eets 71)..1, tactics: sieges 100.:t l41ci tcs. s'tarnghlcrs 71>+2


Astrugall.lI1 1;0.2, repulsorllft fi[illrilJi~lli liD, :>1)".'1:1:; transpor '$ 41 .. 2, stM'shtp gunnery 4D-2


Bargain 51)· I. commaurl !II , con ~111, gambling 90 e2. search 70, sneak 5D

Sl'RI':NGTli ~'D+2"


Computer pmgl(ilfitlmll1g!r pair 7D, dem 1m II 5D, drold programming 7D, drotd repalr 50~2, security 70 I Force PQInI1!: 2

Clll1mc'te.r Points: Hl


llquilnllelU: Datapad, bla t r pliHOI (10 . cUlOlink

~ NO'le:Om' aurtbutea <Hilt skills have been lowered 10 renee! il!ll!l~ and lack 01 use.

G,eneral erix Madine General Crtx Maaine has always viewed himself more as a military man than a politician,

which makes his current position as New Republic Minister of the Army somewhat surprising. However, the loss 5 the New Republic Army officer corps has suffer d with~1IiI the last 24 months has Forced a drastic shuffling of upperlevel officers within the Army, and Madine has not escaped the reorganization,

Madine ls nor altog ther thrill d with til situation - he lavers field assignments over staff lobs - but at least he has discovered he can handl tie demands -of the job wtth competence. He is still a trine unsure oC hlms,eU in polltlcal matters, however, and tends 'to take MClIl Methrna's lead when asked tovot on nonmllltary matters.

Madin • who defected from the Empire when ordered by the Emperor to lead a squad of Storm Commandos to Dentaal to unleash the' dreaded Candorlan Plagu . has nev r b n in laver of employing weapons of mass destrucHOIl, and 11 as viewed til never-ending procession of Imp rtal sup rweapons with c nsiderable distaste. He prefers to U5,e surgical strtk s tc achieve military bje 'tives rather than tile I mpreclseand lndiscrirnl 11 at bludgeons h'iVol"'ed by the Empire.

Since his feelings, ar w . ll-knuwn by his colleagues in the lnner nun ll, it Domes as no surprise to anyone that he adamantly opposes any use of th Sun rusher.

• Gerreral Crix Madine Type: New RGpl1blic General DEKTERJ1Y 20+2

Blaster '1 ,2. MasIN anUiery 50,2, blaster artillery: anU-il1l!l!llryflD. b'lllster artillery; 'lnll-veJllde 71 -z. brawlIn~ paTry 5D. dodge 7D. L grt'llilde su-a, melee combat 51), melee (:0ll1b11'~: fnrr!! pike 7D. melee parry ID KNOWI.EDGIL an

Alien species 5'0.2, bureau ·racyID. languaues 0-2, mtlltary history 12D. planetary systems 7D, streetwise 5D, smvlvill 5D, tacti~s: ground assault IUD.:.!, tactics: squads 1~'D. willpower sn.s

MEeHANI AL 30+2,

Beas" riding 5D+2, beast ri'dlng: Cracian Ihuml}Cr6Do.:l, capital shlp gunnery 1l1, 2. IiIround vehirle operai illll 5D .2, powersutt operatlcn ~lJ. rcpulsorllll t)pt!raliol1 ~D, starshtp gunnery SD


Bargain 5D, I. ornmand I, ~ n con 51)+ I, gambling <10·2, hide IID~ I" persuastnn SD'~. search 7D. ~Ileilk so-r. sneak: IQre.st IlD.:!


Brawlinll'IlU.climbing/jumpinc<liJ 1 .stamtna (;n,! 1,5""01- m:i.ng an- I


Comp .. ter prngrnmrnlng/repalr 5D. demollnon til . druld r puir .0.2. nut aid 4D I, ground vehlcle r 'Ililir 4D·2, security 1:11). spac inlllspm~s r 'I~ilbr fiD, starflghter Ireparr 40 .. 2

Force Poln!.!!: I

,e.larn T t Points: 12

Move: 111

Equipment: Blaster pl&ltil (-1D !.I lli'ilIlg .. ) , comitnk, cl.uapad

The Jedi Academy Sourcebook

~C~h~alP~re~r~O~n~e~;~T~h~e~N=,e~vv~' ~R~e~p~.~U~b~Ii~C::::::::::::::::::::::::==::::::::::::::::::::::::::::~~~}1 IlL.- waar-

Senator Garm Bellblis

Garm Bel Iblts, on ol the Iounders of lh Rebel Alltance and a popular senator-even the notoriously cynical Hall Solo looks up to himfrom Corellla, feU away from the Alliance many years ago to form his own. anti-Empire organizatlon. ~Ith the rlseol the New Republic, h wever, Bel lblls has onceagaln become anlnfluenHal member of the N w Republic Senate, and a, Senate-appointed member of the Inner Council.

Though Bel lblls has moderated his views somewhat since the days ot the Empire, I estill lends to favor military solutions over diplomatic ones. He meads the opposition to M n Mothma 's new lorelgn poJ'icy lrutlatlve, because he reels that the Ne'w Republic cannot allow the Empire to regroup in the Imperial Core without taking steps to, disrupt them or at least contain them,

When presented withthe awesome power o:f the Sun Crusher, Bellblls is sure that it represents a solution everyone will be able to SI..1Pport. Without diverting resources Mothrna has allocated to diplomatic programs, the military caa use the Sun Crusher to rob the Imperi~ds o:f their most strategically important systems, and perhaps force them to surrender when they realize that they are fa,ced with an unbeatable weapon and an opponent wllllng to use it.

Unfortunately for the B'eID I blis Plan. they aren't laced wlth such an opponent. To his surprise and displeasure, Mothma and her coalition in the Inner Councn successfully bteck his plan on moral grounds. Bel lblis iiflds this vastly discouraging, but ES able '0 affect a philcsophleal attltud about the matter - this isn't the first time he and! Mothma have held d:iffe:rlng opinions, afterall, and It probably won't be the last

• Garm 8:el I'bli~

Type: New Republlc Senator DEXT.ERlTY :10

Blaster BD, blaster Mtiliery 70, brawllng parry 60, dodge 1D, Grenade 5D, melee combat 5D, melee party SD, mIssile weap{}ns 5D··2, thrown w~a:pofis 40+2,. vehlde blasters 6D


Allen spe:cies8D~1. bureaucracy BD, bureaucracy: N-w RepubUc lnner CoulI<:i18D 1, bureau racy; New Replio. Ii Senate 8D+2, buslness SO, cultures 7D+2. intimidation 7D, Innsu.ases 7D, :lll.w entorcemenr (1)" law enforcement Old RellUbHc law 7D·· 2, law !.mfor'cen:l.el1l: New Repllbl~c lil'IV !;O' ... 2. planetary systems 7D~2, streeewlse 70, surviVID 6D. LaClic!>: groundassauk 91) I, taetlcs: capltal ship 9D. tactics: starfighter 8D+2. valu· 50. wUlpower 71iJ MECHANICAL 3D

A.s"-rogaUon 5D,. beast riding SO, capital sl'llp gunnery 50.+2, ,,,apltal shtp piloting ro, capltal ship shretds SD+ 2, communlcsttons 5D, grcund vehicle eperatton 6D, repulsorllft opelutlol1l,6D, sensors 6D'. space transports 5.0 ... 1, sta.rftghter piloting 6!). starshlp gunnery 6D, starslup shields 6D


Ba:rlJ,lIJn 9D, command 9D 2. command: Pe'f~llrine'.:i! Nest troopS 11D, con 60, s 111Ibllng 70, hide 71), unvestlgali II 6D. P -fsuasloo 7D+2. p rsuaston: de'Dal(t; 9D~ I, persuasloa: ora~ion 8D'1-2. search 50, sneak 70


Brawling GD, dlmblflsljumplWlg 3D+ I. 1IIIIn!,l30. S'IMrll"3 5D, ] , swimming 4D


apllal ship r 'Pair .30·2, capital shill weapon repair 3D.2,ompute.r progrcammirig/repnjl' 3D. dernollth:ms 3D, drold programming 3D, drold r pnlr 3D. nrs~ aid 50, ground vehlcte re'I)1I1~ 4D. repulsorlttt repair 4D, seeurlty SD. space ~ran:;poTls N!II'air 4D

Foree Point!!: 2

Cha.rBCler Po,iub: 25

Move: ]If)

Equlpme:n'l: Spor~il1g blaster (3D ... :! . cornllnk, d"tapad

S:enator Hr,ekin Thorm

Hrekln lhorm is native of the Core world Fedalle, Like Lela OrganaSolo and Moll, Mothma, Thorrn was a member of the Imp rial Senat

before it was disbanded, -

Fedallaans do not particularly care who runs the gala tic government so long as they are taken care 01, and Thorm is a typical representattv ot this pragrnatl i.f self-centered philosophy. He vaguely supported the Emperor when Ile was in power, and he vaguely supports Mothma, now that she controls. the ageada.

Since Fedalle is a powerful and wealthy Cor world, Thorrn has an inlluerrtial place _0 th Senate, and the backing to get hims,eU appointed to' the Inner Council (he has many contacts in Coreladusrry). For the most part, he prefers 'to go along with the flow. However. he can be ruthless when it suhs him, and tends to strike an opponentwhen he or she is already down.

Thorm is an obese man with graying black hair and a kindly wizened Iace, He dresses Vet)' stylishly. and is a lover o~ Hf'e 01 the highest order. He bas a vast repertoire oi jokes and anecdotes to fit every occasion.

• Senator Hrekin Thorm Type: New Republtc Seml'lor :O.r.xn:RfIiY 3D

Dod!>!, 4D


Alien specles SO. I, bureaucracy 6D. bureaucracy; New R public Inner CounCil 70.2, bureaucracy; New RepLlblicS€fllll 8D+2, cultures 60, Inl.lmldaLIOf1 1D, hmglJ!gi'S 71), plilinela!f)' systems 9D, si.lMval 4D+2. value 6D~1. willpower 7DLl


AslrogaUon '-'ID, communleattons 5D'+2, r pulsorllll, OIl<eraUO!1i Sn.l, spa' Iran ports 4D+2


Barga1in '91). command !1D .. 2. cfJnl~nafid: New Republic bu~ealU::rats 9D'-2, con 9D, gambling 7D. 1~ld 6D ·2, persuasion 81), persuasion; debate 8D+2, persuaslcrr; oratklll: 60', seru:d~ 1ID, sneak 51)


Brawling 4D .. 1


The Jedl Academy Sourcebook


-WAU' I Chapter One: The New Republic

TEe.1 I AL2D

Compuler porogrnmmJ'lg/rcplIir 60·2, drold Pr<JJ!Villln> mlng 511. I, drotd rep."llr :11).2, Ilrst aid :m, security .5n. I Chan i r POiDt&: I ~


l:.qulpmeDJI: Coml~l~k, dall1.pl'.ld

Capta'in Tresl( Ortola

Tresk rtola first f,fn1l Into Rebel sympathlele:rswhU astudent at th A ademy.Heandafew fri Wilds ntered thellFrchantmarineaUer graduaUon, and on found achance tolumpshlpand Join th I~, bel Alllan e. H spent a number or years as the first offi I r IOf a Reb e,l gunship prote 'l!l1gRebel transports, and after a number o~ bold actions. was promoted to command the Curelllan corvette Novaf/am, shortly before the Battle of El1do,r.,

O.r(ol1J Is a bold captaln, and is not above tating tremendous chances lf he gems the gUI feeling h can pull off a dlfflcult man uver. Wh;i;l~ his s rvf record is x rnplary, he has at r putaUon for d veloping s ·1 tive h arlng or creatively finll rpretlng his orders when he feels he has a b H r solultlon to a given situation, This weakness has brough I him his biggest successes, but iiI is also the reason he is stili commanding, an agln~ corvette whlle other Allian .e veteran captalne have gone on to bigger and more modem sillps.

• ICaptain Treslc Oriola Type: IN w Republic ilplilln DEXTERJ'fY 2.D+2

milruJl· 'Ir 5D··J, blaste .. urtlll 'ry 30.1. br!i"'l~rlg parI')' .1U, dlldg' 50. gfenade :\0.2. m lee combat :m-l, nlelee parry ~D, ruolling 3D

KNo\Yl£DCi£ 3J1)

Allen 51> Ies SD. bureau 'ra,cy SID, inlil1ljdalim1 'IV· I. plrlIWIIlr)' sylltem:o 6[).j i' tliC'1 Ii: capn ,JI . hips 70,

slmtdwl~~' 5!.J.rI, survlvII14[l.ll!, wlllpow r 4[) .


Atlir(lglJllt.lll 6D. ca,iI .. 1 ;$l1lp ~ul1nrery 5D+ I, caplta] shlp pllmlllg51l,capital :>hlp pllvlln,!. Cor' lhancorv Ite,~[). I. capital shllJ pllotlng: Cur~II'I!Hl !lLJJlsnlp rD. repulsorllh operaUtm 50·2. sensor !it} 2, pa I,ansilorls liD d PER [1""1'110 3D+I.

B(jJgrun SD.command 1U,ctJn5D·I, gamhUI'j,l4D.l,l1idl." 40.1. persuasiullI,60. search 5D.sneak 41).1

S11RE am 20+-1

RrllWllllj:1 .10, .c:Iilnbing/iulnlliIl1l3D. 2. IIIUIl!!",O stammn

30·1 '

U'UNI ,L30'

allll,,1 ~hlll repatr ·lD. ~'''ll1IIJulo:r IJroijfill:nmill!!lrcplllr 5D·1, 1Ii'51 aid ~U. secunty !iD .. 'j!

I'ol'('e PlJlntll: I

C.11ILr6 -tllr Points·: 9

hwe: 1(1

[qulliID 'IU: Comllnk, datapad. hold-out blasll!f (3D)


lin his youth, Terpfen was <JJ gifted mechamc who orked on Man' .atamert's lleet olbeautlful and I,' rant spacellners. When his world was

dlscov red and a tacked by the . mpire, Terpten joined ih many Moo Calamari engine rs and mechanics who rushed to arm I h It ships for war.

lie was eventual I,y captured by the lmperlals. and taken ~r-O'm Mon Cal amarl to wOl'k on desig:ntrig and relLllllOIg Star Destroyers. H and a small band olf enslave d mechanics sabotaged one 01 the Star Destroyers they were worldng 01'1. Unlortunat ly, tihey were recaptured belore 'they could slip out of the shmpyard and, scape.

The saboteurs were schedul d for terrnlnation, butt W Fe shipped to Carlda Io 11 new top secret xperlrn mtal program instead, f th 14 Man Calamari that entered the program, only Terpfen survived, a horrible scar all his smootil domed headepermanent souven ir QifMs ordeaL

Upon obtainhllg 11 is freedom, Terpfen lost rio time in rejolnlng the MOil Calamari Rebel starship repa II' 'Il'l w. He soon ros to b come Admi-

ral Ackbar's, hief srarshlp tecbntctan, .

WhB all who know Terplen ar aware of his horrible ord ails with the Empi I' • non nr aware cf the dark se ret that Terpfen has harbored fOIf all the Y IUS he has worked lor th N w R pubhc -heJs an unwilling spy con roll d Ilk ~a puppet by hls Imperial masters on Carlda. Wh Ie he was a prisoner all artda.Irn pertal c10CtOI'S had placed organic lrcultry ill his brain which forces him to comply with their every ommand.

Ambassador -urgan, his final control! r, places some n 'W min r compulston II Terpl n every few dlllYs or SO" t . rnalntaln and r, iniorce his hold over him. Furgan tak s partlcular delight lntorturlng Terpfen. and channels the hate the MOil Calamari reels for hlm Into treasonous (lets,

FLIlrg'an has compelled Terplen to spy for years, and begl I'IS demanding mar overt acts o~ sabotage and treason. Terpten is :[orc d to obtainag neue ell sarnpleol MonMothrna.Ior hls Imperial master. and then comp Heel 11.0 sabotage Admiral A .kbar's pers nal .• wing in an attempt 10 kill Lei .. and Ackbar. His nn~1 act olf betrayal Jill to d liver Into t] e lands of Fnrgan th seer I I arlen 01 th planet wh r nakln Solo is b"ing raised,

With th destru .tlon of Carlda and Furgan's departure lor Ancth, Terpten's cOI''ldltioL'ling begins to break down, and he flnds the strength to confess his crimes to Lela and Ackber, H accompoole; th w Republic's rescue [ore t Anotll. and has lh pleasure of taldl1.g a part in foi.ling Furgan's plans. Freed to express at long last his deep hall' d for Fu rgan , Terplen pursues hlsformer master lnto Ih depths; of he bas. The hvo engage ina furious walker battle ill the landing, bay

The Jed! Academy Sourcebook

~mper.ia~ OrganiC' Implants

, One of the many sadtsttc medical research programs lrnperlal doctors ~llllag'i'~;d in at the height of the Empire's expansion was org'ani r mtnd control Implants. Early subjects for xperlmentatton were all MOil Calamari. because the compartmental structure o[ their brains, made them Ideal subjects,

Imperial xenosurgeons opened the skulls 01 their "patlents," and surgically removed tile portions of tnei'r brains which control a MOJl Calarnarlan's loyalty, voltnon, and resistance 10 spectal commands. The doctors replaced th,~ missing. areasot the brain wIth specially g.rown ctrcutts that mlmi'C: the size, shape, and composition of rile removed tissue.

The or.g,antc circuits were perfectly camouflaged and were ilwJsible to the most thorough medica) scan .. In 'theory, theywould make the subject at perfect slave and spy - helpless to resist .Imperlall commands. and able to employ all of his abUlUes and knowledge to complete his assign men ts,

In application, the prognlm either killed or drove insane all b~.'t Su.bje,ct X-2B who, after extensive monitoring and condlttontng, was r 'leased to serve the Empire from within the enemy's camp. The pmgraJll, was canceled soonalter. when It became apparent that the process could not be reUtlbly dupltcated on other MOil Calamarl, let alone humans, file eventual geml of the program.

of the: station. Terplen casts Furgan's walker out lnto the void beyond the opemng of the hangar, and destroys ,I~ be£ore It strikes bottom. Driven mad with grtel and guill, he attempts I'() hurl bls walker out after it, but A:ckhar stops It lJefol\e it can plunge off the side of the dift

ACkbar reminds Terplen that he too was lnrced to work III the service or tile l;:mpl re. The best any of them can do now is to do their best La defeat the system 'they once aided.

IIll view of the tnvotuatary nature o~ his treason, Motu Mothma grants Terpten a full p.u·do~. Non theless, Terplen cannot bring himself 1'0 don his unllorm agaln. Ultimately,. he asks: Ackbar permlsslon to return 10 Man Calallillar! so lie tan hell) rebuild tile destroyed city or Ilee!'I-IOIn.e ..

I. Terpfen

Type: MQI1 MUll Calarnnrl St.lr5Hlip Mechanic I)EXTEiRITY 3D

Bla. .. ter '10' •. 2. bl<l~I·r Mll11l'r)' 4D, dl)dl4~ ,m·l, mrll!<l' o;'Ollll'lill sn. I, 1Tl15SII~ W(.!<!l1fHlS 40, mI55~1t' w~anr:III~,· pow(!r harpoon olD


;\lIen .spec:les 4[). r, bmellucr<ll:Y '10 ,·1. I" 1~llJr",-~ 511. 1111'1' !lUI'I,!Jo.::I; GO, planetary ~y~ll:r!I'(; GO. 511rviVili '!D. ~urv·!,rill: oc:c.:uI!lJnderSeil GD, vAlue 5D·2


J'CilrnglllitlH 8D'.l:nplllll ~hlp '!!!unne'1' ii[)~~. ("a.pi1al !ihlIJ pllClllng ·1D.1. cap hal ~hlp piloting: M,m 1l>lon CalalTmrl bailie cruiser 5D. r~pll!IJ1 shlp .5hields, '3D. I. repulsurlllr

The Jedi ACilcH:>my Sourcebook


Cutting Ties

Lela malntalned anair of absofut calm, as the Barilbil!l ambassador smashed hls fisl il1to the COi1- leren .e table, Growling curses In I1i.s native tongue, til Barahel railed agai,[lst the New Republic, the Emplr (wei negotiations in general,

"I am surry that you feel tile requ st lfor ace 50S to til spa' port lacilities at Alater-,ka Is Uflreatwnuble, Ambassador, Perhaps you can slIgg 'slim alternalive," I. ia spoke soothingly. Hop fully sh could

aim 'itl • angry Barabel, r ognizing hat th vi 1 nt outbursts and aggressi,Vf' gestures were In fact a component of the aliens' negotlatlon lnyl .

"Not unr asnnable, Organa Solo," the Barabel growled leanlng aeross the table untl) nts race was scant ceattrueters from Lela's. "Jmpus.\ible! Harab I wlll 111;11 play host to New Republic rullltary, Empire was bad enough, What you ask 15 Inllyl'

Til s Barabel had mended to emphasize hts statem nl lIy I undlng his fist into th -"'( nleren e tabl again, directly in front of Lela. Normally. the slgllt of an angr Barahel WaS enough to ' n ince most senti nl beings to capltulat and th angry ambassador b lleved hls size ami few'lty would -iIIsH persuade () rgan~1 Solo W grallt mor lnvnrable ~ reaty terms 10 his people,

A sleely 'I-!rip s~tlled on Ills wrtst, stopping il: before tt struck tile lab le and a gravelly. catlike voice pUI'P'd ell 111m. "You will not harm 111(--' MaJ'ary'Ui.J'i," th volce said. silky ant! mena 'hi!,!. "You will stcl ba k nnw."

Th Bur bel ambass d r swung aroumlsud m nly, aimillg ,1 'I rociuus blow at the small, grey-~kill1n d alien llHd ha pp ared at nts sid as if conjured" The blow II. ver connected. and theambass.lc!urunly had Ii me too re 'is ler:'ill rprtse before he rell Hat on his back QIl the cnld stone Jlonr of the conference room. His

consciousness ned a moment la er,

Moving quickly 10 the fallen Sarabe!. Leta COilfirmttcl her fears: the NoglH'i bodyguard that had been skulking in line shadows had used his species' peculiar martial arts skills to :r rider the <lUl~I"Y ambassador uuconscl us. At least he's not dead. Lela thought.

The problems ass clat d with her NOf(hri bo yguard .. had become vident in tine days foHowin~ I he assault f)11 Mount Tantiss. e eral specles that had one been enslaved by the Empire took exceptlon to Leta's r lati mshtp tu the ghri. Tn ElolTlin representative [0 the New Republic went so far as In ("~ II Lela a "slaver:' Mnn Mothma had been Hentl), pressurlsrg her for months to cut her ties to the Noghrl, tho-ugh LeI'I was IW,II sure if she could actually sever them; !o! tUng surne distance from her OV'I'U alous prot crors was the b st she ould hope for.

·<Apo!ogies. Lady Vader.tth oghrt growled, "but I feme(1 he would strike you. That 'cannot b allowed,"

"I know. hk'laht,"]. iasigh d, "But [cannot allll\ an more incid~nts, lillie this. Between the political prob] ms associated with your life-debt to my fumUy. and this, s he paused, gest \J ri ng to l he prone Harabel, "'I simply cannot allow you 10 stay."

Ahk'Iaht seemed despondent, and Lela laid a C{1lTlforting hand on l he Noghrl's shoulder. "This isn't a dishonor, Ahk'Iaht," sh said, g nil}'. "I alrnply no long r I' quir your servi es. Send 'I, message In the clan dynasts on 1-10110 zhr." she finished_ "Tel II them y U and your xnnrades are coming home."

Now. Lela thought glumly, all I have lu do is explaiu this mess to MOil Mothma. I, think I' I ralh r face the Barabel wl1en tie wakes up _oo

MOr:! Calamari rceefv 1I .11 J bonus to all DIl_tIHril,lI. Perrt'/J/iun anu , /r1>rJwlll'lllriul Ult' il1nl ~kllJ: checks.

01)' Entnronmeuts: When Jill v .. ry 11ry 'l1'!1II1'OJ1,1lJ 'I Ill., :\010)11' Mnn Cal.lIIl1U I iH'f>fH rk·pn'llsl'.d IInf~ wlthurawu. Th~y ~11!fer a,-l D 1:lI'lHilt~' [,,;]u, fJ.'.\/F!tI\·, P"I'C!?pli,m .111.1 !'(Il'liwh 'It tribute nnrl skill cli .. ek s,

lI'i/lpvwef I!pc·,IIJ!it· ul ph,..~kal, ,lll1'r:I!10tls to Terplen S lrraln, hI' ,',III' HIt r"<;I:>.l;:' CC!II III lI.ud tssued by a1l11"'~ll'ri,'t DlIlcer_ Hts "'lIlptIWl.!r is .,l ... ·uys ilJ,,,,UIllt'd I;u lit' zero In such case!> III(Jul.lh Fur;::E' all,1I t'h",racter I'nillis mav rnndllv 'hi~ score.

For",,,' P'o!Jlll!: I

Dart S.lde Points: 2

Chair3C'ler Puilll!l: I ~

Move; II)

EqldPI!II'i'ill: l'''mlink, rlilIlIl' ... I. military dress uullurrn, sl,t[)uard mllit.:Jlry u.ulncm

operm ~cm :;'Il. ,!, ~,I!mmr:. 51J, ~pace I rlw~purl ~ '1In;~. Slarlll>lllil'r pllol hill 1!J. I


Har!laJn i\11.1·!11l1l11im~1 7n, l'IlI1i1l1i1lld: MOil Mr 111 t'abll'LlfJrl nt'wflli'fll'in-;,!.hlc!;;.411-I,J) 'rswl,;iIlIHn 'I.~ ';In'llsn I I. sn ,I).. 111,2

Rt 01'11 3D

1.lllirlK .Ill, surmlnn 1m. !I ..... lrnmlng j'f)- 2 TF.CUN,lf I.:m 1

CajlF"~1 ship f"p.,ir 7U-I, ... "pitaJI ship Ille '1}l1I1 f"pilir 7D":1. {'hIHPlllN pmgrummlng(n'paIT till.~. fI~!lI~1 p~n!lrnrnmlnll ~n. 1.lIr,~Il\hl 11).1, !irsl ald. !>'lon Mllll ("1I1,IITH!.rl 5]}.2.1<~plll~orlili repalr 5D· ;!_sewrJly::l1, I" .~llrh"H ransP[Jr1S n'l'llir !!U, "I arli,fjlJler repair 1110" S[iIf~hip weapon repalr ,'ID,:.:'

SI)(!ciul hlllll(!s:

M(liSllilll"lIllIIrll'rlls· When III morst envlromucnrs, MIlII

ThE' Jedl Academy Sourcebook


Cha'pter Two Corusca,nt


A year ago, the diagnosis {or war-torn Coruscant was rather dire. Disaster consultants, economists, and public policy experts all agreed that the beloved center of human cIvlli,· zation had sufll:ered a grievous blow that would take years,. U not decades, to recover [rom". When the hysteria died down, It was discovered that, while Coruscant had suffered incalculable damage end millions oi its people had died during the recent Imperial Civil 'War, the situa'UOIl was not nearly sodlre as rtrst thought.

The large solar mirrors which warm the upper and lower latitudes of the planet still ride in their orbits, and 110 permanent damage has been done to the planet itself. Many otthe 1I rban centers sU11 stand, and most critically, the major water distribution systems are largely uritouched,

Dtsaster relief eHorts have brought ai.d to many of the refugees who were cast adrift by the civil war. Most of 'the sentient lire forms have been evacuated from the deep underworld of the ancient metropolis, .although some seubbomly evade detectlon and relocation

New Republic civil and mllltary forces have dedicated themselves to rebuilding the planet, and nave received 'funding [rom the New Republic Senate to do so. Top priority has been giv'en to restoring the lnfrastructure 01 the galaNic government, especially Imp€!'l'iaI City and the Irnpertal Palace, where the ministers work and the Senate chambers are Located. .. ..

Most key Imperial City governmental areas have been largely restored, and the immense metropolis has returned to its mum governmental and business activiUe,s, Its, recent suHerings already 'growlng dim In itscolIecti.ve memory. This is not too surprlslng, given that over the centuries and mtllennta, Coruscant's recent experiences 'with war and devastation were but a minor "glltch'' in the: grand scheme of thlngs,

Ano[her restoration priority Is clearing away the hazardous debris driftin:!'l in o'rbl~ - parts from wrecked starshlps destroyed in. the vicious battles the New Republic rou,ght to reclalm Coruscant choke the spacelanes, posing a rea] (langeI' to shipping. With 1100 production capabilities of its own, Coruscant Is absolutely dependent on .regular shipments of food and other consuerables. iPortunately, alter several months o~ hard work, the New Republic Navy has cleared safe zones through the debris, allowing shi,ps to CORle and go on a somewhat regular timetable.

Meanwhile, the Emperor"s construction droids range through the rubble of destroyed urban centers, sifting salva.geable raw material.s out of the wreckage for re-use, and asslstlng In the construction of new bulldings, Gradually, a mew Coruscant lseruergtng from the ashes of the old.


Typ<:, Terrestrlal

TeIDIMlrB.tlU'e: 'Temp e rute Atmol>pln,re: Type! (breathable) Hydt'Q8plierl!: Molil 'r~tf!

Gl:'avll:y: Standard

Terrnl:n: Urban. rnountalns, plalns, Icecaps Lengtb 01 Day: 24 standard ~ourg

I...eu,glh 01 Y.ear.36R tee III days

Sa,phuu Species: Humans eN)

StIUlWrt: SteIL?;!'

POpuID.tJ.on: 1 billion

Planet flUlctil1l:n: New f\epllbllc c<!pilal Go .... e.rnm.enl: -Represenlaflve d.emm:rlll::Y Teeb Levell: Spi.'lc'e

M~liJr Expo~ NI)I!ii.e

MnJorlmpall'llli: fOQd!;tulls. medicinal !,Ioods,lw:urygoods

Imperia,l City

Nearly ~he enttre planetary surlace (.1If Coruseant is covered with layer upon layer .of urban strata, consisting of buildings from a thousand eras and a. thousand archltectural styles. These buildings have been rebuilt. demoltsaed, and rebuilt time and time again, until


The Jedl Academy Sourcebook

~:~ ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::~C~h~a~p~~e~r~T~w~o~:SC2o~ru~s~c:a~nt,

Construction Drolds

110 one can say where one generation of buildIngs Ieavesoll and another begins.

The immense towers of Imperial City" which r~,.~esevera.1 kilometers tnto the sky, are some of the oldest all a very old world. Th cornerstones of these towers have been in place for theusanda o{ generations, dating back to the formative days, 01 the Old Republic OVElt the millennia, higher and higher structur shave been bum on top of the ruined foundations.

Overhead, one can see the faint outllnes of

At 40 st rles taU"an Imperial construction d:rold is si m ply enormous. Sensors arid opttc arrays in its domed head survey the ruins before it. As it repairs the city, the droid checks the buildings arrayed belor it" repairing those it can; and demolishing the rest. Demolished buildings are "recycled" inside the glan t machines. and newcenstructs madefrom these materials are erected, It has ill master onstructton plan implanted In Its computer core, which It onsults whlle mak!ngUs demclttlon and construction deelstons.

The constructor drotd has enormous girdererl arms designed to plow down buildIngs. At tile end oj many of these arms are shovel-clawed hands it uses to feed the de, bris into a pro esaingmouth where the materials are separated and n w components extruded.Som ofitssmaillerlimbsare quipped with implosion wrecking balls or plasma cuttars that S snd explosive jolts Into the walls to further break them down into component: parts. Collector arms rummage througn the rubble, ,s,orting the s Jvage lrom the junk AJ together, the constructor droid has dozens of arms o:r various slzes and shapes.

Rubble deemed lIllt€: overeble is s hoveled mtowattlngboppers to be: towed away. Wreck· age deemed recyclable is scooped directly into the droid's churning mandibles. lilt 'mal conveyor belts deiiver It to atomic in lnerators" which break down the materials and extract th useful substance's. Addi tonal machines wlthin the drold's structure process these substances Into new bui Idfng components, The smelling pods within tile d:roid put out a lot of heat, causing the ,j mmense drold to glow sUghtly in darkness.

The drold moves about on hug - support pods, whi h I uses only L< move ttselt from job to jiob. nee It posltlons ttsell, it I wers itself to the ground and digs in.

The c nstructor drold is not a jOy to work

the numerous orbital shipyards and skyhooks. Hover barges dnlt above the buildings. flashing announcements In numerous languages and terrying tourists abouttown to take in tl1es.ights of the ancient capital.

The weather of Imperial City is somewhat difficult to predict, because of the many microclimates which are generated by mclsaure trapped beneath the tall buildings. O· astonally. unexpect d storms oalesce our of water evaporattng from millions 01 exhaust vents, coo=

wltn. lIs mold brain is, balky, outdated, and unpredictable. and takes three days to program and recallbrate once interrupted. NOlletheless, there are no viable substitutes, and the New R'epubJic government relles heavtly on them.

The Jedi Aca:demy Sourcebook


lal lrnperial records. Uk wise, th staffers who ~ .... or~f'd here" w r sub; cted 10 he Ight st Imagl nable ve tlng p roc SS, which Included mind probes, and loyalty conditioning. Absolutely no one gamed ace 5S to the center who was not absolutely loyal to tile Emperor to the Exclusion of all else,

Given the loyalty of til informauon ceumer's staIf to the Emperor, th ew Republic: is r rtuIlatelnhaving!r cov r d it intact- ndonlydid so be~ause a power. failure during the slege uf Imp rlal It)' cut off the air supply and pow r 0 th s aled center as the' echs labored t wip

the i:"omputers. "

The New Republic has reaetlvat d the c nter, both because it contains Important e 'O~ nomtc Information CHI th worlds 0' the rorrner ~mp:ire. an~ because It promises to bring to light a myriad of th Empire's secrets, h" m ultra-secure diplom.allc odes sUll in use io th Imperial Cor, to organtzencnal har s forint 1-

.Ilgence ,0 Pi ratf ns running on C ruscant and otherw rlds.Hundr dsorIumpy.dulI-graysUc r drotds are hardwlr d Int the l rrntnals, assigned the task of metlculously hot klng at th se urity encryption codes and backup viruses set up in the Emperor's mainframes. They hay been working feverishly at t.he task, and have already expos d 'twenty-three Imp rial spies In deep cover tryil1g to sabotage the hurgeonlng New Republi _

The fadlny is as tightly gU8'fded as it was .n th~ days 01 the Emplr • beeaus Il is at hi,ghP~I rlty target forth d p-eever Imp rial spies still assumed to be OJ} rating In the Palace.

Palace Traffic Control Center

The Pala e Traffl Control Genter is a huge rnulrl-story datacenter located in the Lipper levels of the Patace. It collates and processes Informatlen on ailinsysbem starshtp trame, as well as planetary aIr trafll . Though system-wide traUic information flows through this ceetral system, only consular ships, or those bound for lh Palac landing pads, ar pat h d directly to PTe .The rest I th system traffic is handled [rom other traffic control centers 0111 Coruscant or in orbital stations.

In the central centrcl room, a hug 40~meterwide holographic: s pher: cal grid shows the 10 '£1- tlons of all vessels within sensor range, and plots approach vect rand holding orbits ror traffic around the plan ,t. A number or areas 0111 the holographic spher are blot -hed tn r d tlnts.jndl aUng danger zones wh re the debris 0'£ WI' scked ships Irom the battl ol I'U5. ant still drifts.

Speciallzed traffic control drolds pr cess l.ntormanon on ship sJz s and landing require-

~Ch~a~p~[e~r~T~w~o~:~C~o~-ru~·~·s~c!a~n~t::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::====::::::::::::::::~""~, WAar-

denslng and 1'1 lng from the skys raper rores s, and faJliflg again as rain. There is a pronounced aurora over Imp" rial Ity, a na ural phenornen,ollt!x:agger ted by til reC8f111 war.

The Imperial Palace

The Imperial Palace is ,arguably the most Irnpor em complex. In the galaxy, and bas bell for many milh~lulia. More a city unto itself than [us; an th . admlnis~ratmvelComplex, the rising spir s or th cath drai-Ilike citadel' lower above all oth 'r buildingsn Conus ant, and hay. hous d the gov rnm nts of hundr ds of thousands of Old Republic admlnlstratlcns as th Presldentlal Palace,

Wllell Emp me Palpatlne cam 10 power, he aggress,ively remodeled the Pre.s,ldel1irial Palace tnto a symbol 011 th New Order, and renam Jd:l'l the Imperial alace, Even in the N w Republic, the name has stuck, if only because U1e Senat . has not had tim to on slder a n w one.

Ttl functionalUy of the Lmperrtal Palace has largely [been r stored after being nearly lei ell d during he recent battjes on Coruscarrt, The once-polished, gray-sreen walls inside the sections qi the palace fortunate enough to escape destru .tlon remain scarred and burned from the recent war. 'WIthin Its many chambers and halls, thousands ot bureaucrats, diplomats. P?llHcians. governors, mllnary officers. palace aides, and ourt drotds bustle ab lit the business of running th g vernment.

ImperIal 'nformat.ion Center

The Empire, as a totalttartan gov rnment with a eentrallzed econorm , was far more interested in keeping tabs on the doings of its citizens than had been the more "hands off" Old Republic. To meet the illlcreased need for an infor.maUongatheringand -processtng system, thelmpertals established a huge c rnputer archival center deep withlD the bowels of the lrnpertal Pala - , on e nominaJly contr lied by COMPNOR.

Wi hln the informal ion center, glossy drolds and human technicians process d millions 0'1 polltlcal, economic, and military reports Ilowmg.in fr m allolthe vast domains ol the Ernpln , boiling them down into dige:.stibl Information packets r use to the Emperor's pOlicy makers, They sent these packers out on a need-to-know ~asis, based on the rank, clearane I, and position of the person or offlc req uestlng a particular pa ket of lnlorrnatlon,

Th lnlormatlon center was sailed behin 1 met rs or shje~ding walls and guarded by the elite rmperlal uards, It had to b - - sin anyone gaining ac ess l the tntormanoecen ter could actually rewrt e the most Important om-


The Jedl Academy Sourcebook

--rr~~~~::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::==::::::::::::::~c~h~a~.p~t~e~rlT~w~o~.:~C~o~r~u~s~ca!n~t ",A_"

meats, and keep track of vesselsreporttng lmpaired control. Dozens of space-traffic controlI rs stand at stations SUIT undlng the threedimensional ! lanet map, flagging image with light pens and dra.wIng saf -approach vectors or prioritizing landing patterns,

The Panoramic Projection R,oom The proje 'lion room Is 1'0 at -cl in one of the lrnpertal Palace's many sublevels. TIt ts a great domed cham ber, wll h glan t curved windows set in the walls and arcing Into the ceiling. The Will lows s rnlngly look out ov r the rooftops of 111 palace from a great b i ht, as if th room Is the uppermost room (a mighty tow r. This IS. 0.1 course, just an llIuslom-! - 'the windows are actually high-resolution monitors, displaying a VIew generated by a cluster of holographic earn-

ras mounted at he top o( the palac . SO positioned to provld a realiatic viewto those within Lhe large 'h rnber.

The utility {the room goes, beyond tile trick 01 projeetl ngon eself severs I hundred stories up In space. Witl1 the prop r programs and image meso one can project panoramas from any nUIDber of worlds into the wlndows of thepre] etlon room, as well (.IS displaying flews and cornrnuntcatlons lrorn a variety olsources.

The PaJace Repalir Bays

The Palace has at large II et of fijers, .ourter ships, military escort craft, hum ble deilvery and s rvtcevehleles, and luxury yachtstoruse bylts oiiiciails, who go on thousands of junkets, dtplomane tours, and lact-ftndtng missl ns v ry year, These craft are stored and servl d in a very well-equipped mamntenanoefacility located in interior landing bays iro ~be Palace.

A cmdonecl=off area, contalns the Palace starllghters. lit special dlvlslon of the New Republlic Nav , Th se ships are maintained by Aekbar's hand-picked Mon 'alamari crew. led by the Admiral's chtei starship rnechan!c, Terplen.

The Senate Chambers

In terms or stature <lind ornateness. only the hnpertal Pala e eellpses the adjoining S nate complex .. The Senate chambers are Borne ol the oldest buildings on this I vel of Co ruse ant, and have served as the center of legislative power for thousands of years.

The Senate. assembly chamber i,s agiant amphitheater ill which gather the inner lrcle of appcinted senators and uter rcws of representatives from member worldsf the N 'w Republic. The seats assigned t ch world ar ustorn-Ittted to support the needs of its r PI" sen-

tatlves -each species is pnrvided chairs suitable to its body shape, and those in need of them are provided with alternate gravity fi Ids and containment fields holdillg appropriate atmospheric mlxes,

A dramatic 'feature of the room. was Plll~ into plac at1flilwrderoftheEmpero,rhimseILStalned glass mosaics set in the ceiling' h.igh overb sad fan olored sunlight Olver the dais at the - nter of mhe chamber" scintiUating over the people o ,c'Upyilllg thls SI).::tC.€ as rh y deliberate. This prlsmattc skylight has a twtn in the Emperor's,

former throne rom. -

When the:S I ate is in sessten, halos of pro-

ee llngs of key interest may be broadcast all over Coruscant, and record d for later transmission to other planets. A great many committ e chamb rs and Sell ate offices occupy the buildings surroundlng th Senate Assembly chamber,

The Imperiallnterrogationl Chambers

Oneolth Emperor's secrets which surtao d in the restoretton of Imperial City were the secret Imperial interrogation chambers ." hese sealed bunkers are di.sgUlised as nondescrtpt, run-down bulldlngs close to the squalid surface

r Imperial City, but areprotecn d by solid metal walls able to Withstand great pressure,

The interior Is a showcase of horrors - torture racks, bed ptatforms with marna les and eledricail torture rods, neatly ordered cabinets nil d with pain-Indu Ing drugs, and serums, and so on. Silent and deacttvat d, glossy black.lrnperial tntersoganon drotds slumber in their' sockets atop resting staeds, ready to go about their dre dful business at a moment's notlce,

In a significant way. the ten wed! jed i Knights get their startin one such interrogation cham= ber, Luke Skywalker discovers a device within whlcl was on e used by Darth Vader's minions to detect Jedl -a Force "paddle" - which he turns to the better end of seeking out pot nUal candidates for his academy.

The Undercity

The Undercltles were nee the original SUffa e cltles of Coruscant. A.s layer UPOIl lay r of newer buildings were builtn their solid foundati ns, th . w ll-to-do moved Into the n wer, more modern accommodatlons and communiIHes., teavlng th lower levels with their reduced exposure to sunlight to poorer cltlzens, Graduany, these levels grew in. reaslngly rundown untill even the rntddle and lower class itizens moved up 0 0 cupy th 'I v 1.5 ab ve them,

Th Jed! Academy Sourcebook




The Jedi Academy Sourcebook

--'F~~:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::,C~h~a~p~t~e~r~T~w~o~:~C~o~'r~u~s~ca~n~t: .AU

vacated by th e wealthy who had moved i nto still n w r tevels built at still great r heights.

A!I~er a millennia or 'two of this process, the actual surface of ~he planet has been long-abandcm d by Coru.sca:nt's regular tnhabitaats.Jesvi'!iS' it to th,s dnags of society. The occaslonal efh:ms to reclaim these areas bave met with lallure - though the founda ton remains str . ng, tile areas of the Underctty have run wi ld too long Iorrecol nization. ertalnry, no one has thought s,eri usly or tearing down buildlugs all the way to the surface - the upper 1 vels are so dependent n one another for support that such an action would destabilize the entire tnirastrucure,

Turboltfts oJ modern construction do not run aU ~heway down to the Underclty. A Iew turbolllts of ancient vint ge did run down to these levels when theywer in hablted by average citizens of Ute planet c nturt s ago, but have since b en modified t st p b fore they rea h the depths 01' til Underclty.

he corridors and ancient highways of the Undercity are a hac tic jumble of fallen girders, crumbling walls, and pitted Hoor panels. The wreckage of abandoned equlprnentlays in ptles, rusted and corroded.

Toadstools sprout from. ran lorn compost piles, and fungus overflows from 5 tagnant I) 015, leaky wall pipes, and ancient corridor gray I gardens. Water drips, from the cemng everywhet .Mi r -climatesofrisullgairandcolldensIng molstur rs at· tiny ratnst rrns in he alleys, but the dripping war r smells no fresher than the standing pools r gutters,

The air is thtck with the smell of rotted garbage" dead ~hlllgs, corroded metal, and stagmint water. The upper levels oi the Underetty are dimly lit by sunlight filtering down through hllometers of urban. construction - the sky lisell cannot be seen from thls distance. except, ir:om certain vantage points, as a thin sliver of illumination mar resembling til :light at the end ot a tunnel than the op n sky. Th lower levels are pit h bla k.

Som 01 the denizens of the Underclty are outlaws bMding Irom the Jury .01 tl e Emperor, while others are colontsts who have establlshed $a'vage eivlllzattcns un known to the New Repu bIle above. Many alien comrnunlttes took refuge In lhoe nderctty to escape the dtscrtmlnarton 01 Palpatlne's regime.

Some ,f the inhabitants of th Under ity can no longer be classtfted as fully human. Shabby and naked, with pallid skin and sunken 'eyes, they are the des endants of thos who I I1g ago

ned t Coruscant's darkest aUeys to. escap crimes or because oj poverty.

Animals also. dwell in the depths Qf Coruscant.

Millennia of tourists, politicians, and government officials have brolllght animals to Coruscana who escaped or were flushed down into the sewers of the cities, There they bred and. comlngl d, same to emerge as predators and some as prey.

A complex ecosystem has evolved over centu des t and spawned some real horrors. It is rumored that biological experiments sponsored by the Empero:rwere released into the Undercity by researchers frightened of retribution when the New Republic came to power.

Coruscani Ogre

The Coruscan i ogre is an exam pie orthe sorts of creatures which have found a h me in the Underclty, The ogr Is a. large simian humanoid covered with a pelt of shaggy hair . Its triangular head is set flush between its thick muscular shoulders, and its toothy maw hangs in a long crooked slash, twisted sideways through some old injury or deformity. Jt5 left eye is overgrown with a. mass of tumorsand rotting flesh, and the other is bloodsh at and shines a slckiy yellow.

The ogre is seml-lntelligen . and lives, In a rude shelter assembled from the rubbl of the Undercity. It has lined its I ir with cages it builtto hold prey. It cr . ps out to hunt at night, and d rags whatever it catches back to its lail' to consume at Its leisure. It isn't very particular about what it eats.

• CorlJse,ani Ogre Type: Underclry denlaen DEXTEIUlIi:' 2:0

FhiLwllll1!l parry .D, d.pdge UJ+l, melee combat 31)+2, melee parry 40, thrown weapons 3D KNOWLEDGE m

Survtva]: C rus ill1! ndercny 5D·2 rtIECHAN'ICAl ID


11M 6D, search GD. sneak m~2 STRE ern 5D

Br;H"1!!11[7D~ I. cllmbillg/jlIDlplng 6rJ~:'!, liIt'ing flO, S:tl1llJ'lilla,7D..\


Spi!c.lal AliJUll:ies:

Sjllel/; The ogre IUIII'ts as much by smell as sig~h'l, It doe. s not mcur any peIl~ties when ,il tempting to lise IlS Perception skrlls In the dark.

Character Poiotll: 2

Move.: 1]

~qlllflm.eD'I: Chains. I,arge club ( TR+2D)

lhe Jedi Academy Sourcebook


spent two hours wHh his name at the lOP of the publicly-posted dally list of Joan delauhersln Imperial City,

. NeedJe.sg t0Sil)" U,e lEntperor was not pleased, Heflredthe enttre board ordirflcto:rs at the Corusca Bank, and then wenllooking for the person responsfble for the erroneous posting. Daykirn, not eager to be arrested and placed in a re-education camp, ned into the unsettled depths 01 Coruscant, ab:lg with many o~ his lellow bureaucrats implicated In theerror, TI:1.ey have liV'~d there ever since. eking out a living,

Dayklm is a m~turally optimlstit:ilind cheerful man, which has brought hts people I hrOl;gh many a dru-k time. However, the hard life of the U1l.derclty has 1Q!!t Its mark on hlrn, He is s rrang and hale, hut has lost teeti:J:, and ~as it badly healed broken nose. Like all gf h~s people. Daykim Is very pale, and has reddlsh-brown hal r and a wispy beard. Though his face is the color o£ r<!l.w bread dough, h'l!> eyes are brighL and alert.

As king 01' the band, Da:ykim wears the best material available 10 his people - I.in.e animal skl,l'Is, shoulder pads <lind polished white gtoves taken Irom ,:;I, sta.m!rooper,

I(ing Dayldm

Type: Feral bureaucrat ,IIlID.TERl11:' 30+ I

ArclHllc suns 'ID. blaster 5[)~L bow 5D, brawlinll parry 4D+ I. d<Jdge ~Ih:!. runniug 50


Allen species 5D .. 2. bureaucracy 60, £t:holar:,llccountlng 4D+2. streetwtse 1D. :Hlfvival: 'COf1J~Ci:Ult UI!.der,;:ity ! II)


Swoop op-er!itlon 3D


B:).rgain5D., cumruand: Daykim 's Klngdum 9D+2, con 4D, '" lde 6D··1. persuasion 8D. search (1). sneak 40·2 StRENGTM 21J+:1

l3,rawlrrlg 4D. ell mbll1glJumpirig 'ID .:tslafLilna 5D, TECIcINJCAl3D

Iil1<1 ster r!!pillr- 4.D. bow repair '31''.1+::1. computer programmlng/repail" SD. drold programmtng 51), drold repatr 4D.2, Ilrst aid 5D, ~ . security 5D

Cilarnrler Point!;; 14


Equ lpmen I.: Hold.oU'1 blaster (31)). bow (2D+I). Itnl~e (STR~I). heavy doak.

ICa(ll5iule: "K.ll'1ig~ Dayklm was once Oil lbald Daykin1, ,a IOiw-level clvllservent in th. - employment of the Corusca Bank (Imperial Palace branch) who.for two brief ho~~rs, was the most famous man on Coruscant. Thanks to a simple accounting errorcommitted by Dllykim's staff. Emperor Palpaune

The Jedi Academy Sourcebook


WI Ai Chapter Two: CoriHcarn:

Dayldml Kingdom

Daylrim's Kingdom. is one of the refugee communities establish d in the Underclty by those fleeing the wrath of the Emperor. onsisting of a.gl'lHS of former bureaucrats and th ir [amflles Daykim's people fled into the depths 06 old Imperial, City a1N'~r angering uie Emperor over an mbarrasslng a. countlng err r.

They have established a relatively prlrntttve but stable society in the underclty, ruled by thelr former boss, "Klsrg" Onibald Dayklm. Daykim's people tap into the energy grids 'OJ Imperial City wi~h old generators and have cobbled together awkward surv lllancaand sLlp!~ort syst ms, using [ury-rtgged ele tronlc equipment, computer panels" !hologra.phi ~ display modules, and old-model rood-peocessmg

units. -

They live. ina gutted-out om e building, guarded by several screens of sentries whl h intercept Intruders before th y ·an approa c )_ the living areas. 1.11 the ev mtngs, they ga~he r aremd a [unk-heap bonfire, over which they rOil~ the meats 0" the creatur ss they have

trapped that day. They suarnldst bedrolls, tattere~ el thlng, and stashes of scavenged pessessions. Some sIt m ndtng rags, whlle others work on repairing or . onstructlng spring-loaded animal traps, A few older men and women build small mus i cal lnstru rnents pieced together from old p.lpes,ilnd entertaIn toeil' ie!1o'Ws.

Th . people Me ragged,and very pale, be~ause lew have been exposed to direct sunlight 11"1 many years .. They w ar torn and threadbar clothillg, some mended and some not, all ragged and rand In, They have long. shaggy hair, and the 0'11 n have long beards. The members are fast aging, and the community has i ViI children. . The citizen's of Dayktrn's Kingdom ar very Isolated, and are not aware that the Emperor is dead snd his Empire gone until Jacen andJalna Organn Solo enter their world by accident Though assured of the ew Republic's benevolence, Daykim and his band have come to pref r the Ir edam of the Undercity to the bureaucratic ~Iunness of surface life. After returnirtg ~he _,children to their parents, they disappear back into the depths of tile Underctty.

The Jedi Academy Sourcebook


Chapter Three The Jedi Academy

The' Jedi Se'iI.rch Begins

Tile New Repu bile has faced numerous threats in Its young Lire from the remnants of the Em= ptre, especially those elements commanded by Grand Admiral Thrawn and the resurrected Emperor, Now that the trnrnedlate threat or exttnetlon is gone, Ule New Republic gove_m.~ menl can devote more of ~ts resources to shori.oEll up its Coulldations.

Tile Jedil<Illlgh'ts formed an Integrail part of the Old Republlc, and Luke believes that if the New Repubfte is to thrive, it must once 6!il~lin have a strong unl r-ylng .for·ce. The citizens ,01 the

New Republic deserve JUBt gua.rdlell1s to keep order in the galaxy - order that only the Jedl Knights can maintain.

UntU now, lllke·s search fOI" potemlal Jedl bas been rather hjt or mlss. He has encountered several patentlal jed! In hls travels, among til em Mara Jad e, Klrana Ti and Kam Solusar. However, with I he coming of peace and a reduced demand for his n'lllillaryski 115. Luke realizes that he needs to begin ill more organtaed search for Jedi. He needs to establls h a Jedl academy, so the knowledge or the Jedl can be passed on to, a. new generation.

With the discovery of the Imperial Foree


Luke stepped out onto the roof terrace. and took a deep br ath, The morning air was crtspand a b.il't raw -Impedal City was well Into I ts fall season. amI the lumba trees in the terrace garden. were a!ready wtl tlng. Helooked out over the c:itys.cape spread below him. For 8! time yet, the city slowed with the spangled l'ights oj night. though the sky 'to theeast was tirlged with a pale pre-dawn pink. Far below, fiery tendrils - the headllghts of early commuter traffic ~ wound about on raised expressways.

Luke shook his head and s:rln ned. It was so easy to distract oneself from a problem one didn"h want to face. He slerl1ly turned 'to regard the less visually exciting tableau of a :nearby rooftop, all gri.rny perrnacrete, venting grates, and exhaust stacks, and slowly [lllered out. dtstracttng external stimuli. He needed to do same thinking.

For the first time In Its yOUL1g history, the New Republic seemed to be truly secure, Lukie had read tile reports, and had long discussions with Lela, Mothma,and others. It seemed that at last the Imperial forces had

ceased to pose a dtrect tl1reat to theexistence of the New Republic. Now I he leaders of the New RepubHc could locus all build·· iIig ,ill sure foundation fo.rlts member governments, rather than relying on stopgap peovtsionaleommlrtees and ad hoc coundis 10 keep things lumbering along while tile military kept the lrnperlals !'rum razing their worlds. It was time tor Luke to think about what he should do as <I. Jedt, It was time to think about wh,at he s hould do wi(/l the Jedt.

Once upon a time, In a more naive and opttrelstle period or his IIIe. Luke had supposed that his, respcnslbtlittes as the last 01 the Jedl would end with th death of the' Emperor. Only as the New Republic matured had he come to realne that defeating' the Emperor was. but a simple task next to his real duty .... rest-mo!ng the Order 0:1 Jedl Knlghts,

Luke watched as a patrol. craft flew slowly through the upper spires olthe Imperial Palace, sweeping its search lights here and there, no doubt looklng for a


Tile Jed'i Acaoemy Sown:ebook

~~\;~:;~" ========================:.::C~h:aept~e:!:.r.!Th,!;!: ~re~"e~:.!T!:h!.5e~J!!e~d!!.'i!.A~,c~a~d~e!!m~x

"paddles" in the: depths of Imperial City and the abill~y to probe a person's mind and detect the presence ,of Force talents, Luke has the tools he needs to begin his search. With the blessing of tile New Republic's Senate, he begins to comb the gal"axy for Jedi students, both by following his owu leadsand generating new ones by initlating computer searches in the lmperlal databases designed to flag actlvitles whi h suggest someone might be using the Force.

B,irth 'of it Jedli Academy

After a tim . Luke succeeds in gath ring together twelve students who are willing 'to learn h,QW to harness the powers they have in the service of the New Republic.

Luke has some doubts <IS to where he should train his .ledI candidates, He is concerned that his students mlght unleash something llke a Force storm whil experimenting with th For e, and he doesn't want any bystanders harmed. Ultimately, Lela and Mon Mothmasel ct Yavtn F ur as a good site for his academy. It is isolated, and already equipped with the :irwfrastrllcture necessary to support a small colony. Luke ls pleased with the symmetry or the choice, and 500£1 arrives there w,ith his llrst class of students, unaware Of the evil lntelllgen e which awaits htm, lost lor the mornent in an uneasy slumber.

Jed; Training

In setting up !1lffis academy, Luke reviews the exercises ,ar.ld lessons Yoda and! Obi-Wan taught him, trying to reconstruct his training so that he can pass It on to others. from. Yoda he derives many of the force exercises he teaches his students, inc lud lng levitation training, employing the Force in battles and conflicts, and sensIng other antmals and reatures in tl1 forest.

-He also has other resources to draw from - Jedt artifacts he has dis v red in his travels. The most useful f these arttl ads is the Holocron

The Jedi Praxeum

Excerpt (rom Q speech trom Jed! Moster Shyw(tlker to his firM ctass of studerJI:~

"Your training will be a landscape or sel l-dtscevery. Learn n w things and share what you have learned with others. I will call this pla e e.praxeum. This word, made up of ancl nt roots, was first used by the Jed! scholar Karen-a, rllsttlllng theconcepts o:f mearninM combined with action. ur praxeutn, then, is a place for the learning of actton. A Jedl is aware" but he does not waste time 11'1 rnlndless contemplation. When action is required, a Jedi acts ....

stray hawk-bat that had set o.ff the sensitive security s nsors, ApI' rently satisfied, it buzzed by overhead, briefly illuminating hlm with its bam.

Luke kicked at a rusty discarded vent gasket and watched as it tumbled along the roof terrace with a tinny metalltc sound, It was intensely discouraging. luke knew what he had II) do, he jus] didn't know how to go about it. It was all very well to d cid '10 locate new Jedi students, IL was quit another thing to a, tually go out and fin.d them, It wasn't going tn be easy: Pal patln and Vader bad hunted duwn every J ell they could identify, and l.uk was sur ~ that they It d dune a thorough job of it. Many bloodlines strong lin the Force had been snuffed out during Palpatlne's bloody reign.

Luke sighed. Sometimes he had an overpow rhl~ desire 1"0 fly back to Tatoolne and start arnnlsture farm. Well, Yoda nev r promised 111m that being a J dl would IJ" easy.

At I ast with tb Force as his ally. he was not wlthout hope. H - had peered cautiously lnto ~Ilt' 'future. and had experienced a brief

and vague VIS 1011 of htrnself seat d in a fI gston d room looking On as a beautiful silver-haired woman play d a strtng I instrument and sang of a great Jedi victory to a gathering 0'1 earnest-looking young men and women clad in Jed.1 robes,

It was a reassurlng visinn, ami Luk dr VI' a great deal of strength lrom It. He had no idea when or wher it mighL OCCLII', ami h ,-. erlaJnly didn't know how hewas going t ~~\th("r Lhe students he saw ln the vision. He dirl sense hat s rnething was about to happ n that would make his way '1 rarer. That much he could reel, fJlUJ [or now that was enough.

l.uke looked out over tile city as the sun rose, sendtng rays of light illtn darkened urban eanyuns below, Far across the endless city. one .of the towering demolition rlmlds that dotted the landscape roared to life, and I egan tearlng its way into a new l.~IQ .k !,If buildings demolished lin the recent bettle with the Empire. Luke wal, .hed it a lon~ lime let re ging back inside.

Tile Jedl Academy Sourcebook


In the days of the Old Republic. th J di teachers kept a careful watch n their apprentices, ever -a.lert for the telltale signs of the headstrung apprentice who wanted more than he was ready for. Every Jedl disci pie soon heard the d~'eadkll cautionary tale of the gifted Jedl Exar KUI], and how he was lost to the dark side by an arroga; t belief that he could em bra e Slth tea .htngs and 110t be dominated. If a great Jedl Master could fall. their teachers t Id them, til y th ernselves must LI' ad with sp clal care.

Whil,e Jedl tea "heirs in the past could draw upon centuries of tradition and expertenc til training Jedi, Luke Skywalker lUIs lew r resources availabl to blrn. Like Obi-Wan before him, Luke knows less than he should about the imsnense dangers which arise ill training Jedl,

While he restricts the pace ol teaching to allow his students to develop at a safe pace, he fails toanttctpate the problems this might cause in his star pupils, I-l misses th . warning signs that Gantorls and Kyp, lrnpatlent with Lute's apparent reluctance to teach them the "true" Jedt secrets, ar moving into dangerous orbas.

Even though the corrupting influence o:f a power as great as Exar Kun is a special case not anticipated by most Jedl teachers. bike comes out of the experience with anew respect lor the awesome responsibility that comes with be lllg the teacher 01' a new generation of Jedl,


l.eia recovered Ir m the resurrected Emp ror's stronghold. The Holocron is very useful in augmenting Luke's training regimen,. but Its tru utility is ln instming in hts s udents the knowtedge o~ Jedl history and ulture - all of the lessons Yoda never had the time or luxury to teach him on Dagcbah when he was preparing him! to face Vader.

He has other resources as wei], including a host of tutorial b oks and datatapes he found on ancient Ossu and Dath mtr. He also draws on the Jedi training Kam olusar received as a ymn,ng man; b caus his master, Ranik Solusar, came from a different schonl or Jedl I'raining than did Obi-Wan and Ynda,

From Karn's training he derives a serl s of exercises ill rasourcefulness and concentration. [0 one such exer .j se, luke sends hi s students in patrs into the wilderness. Al ne, with no other

bilil.ies but their OWIl, they work 0111 powers of concentratron, s using and studying other IHforms, and tou hing the Force.

The' Dangers of Training' Jedi

Training Jed! ts a most rewarding pursuit, biu (me ringed witt, many unseen perils. Never, Oh master Jea). rest e'cr.sy Wilen your pupil begins to grow anxious 10 learn at a pace greater man that umtch you haue set for IJ'fm. Such impatience is natural in the young and inexperienced. and a commendable trail in a studen: RaUl also .'>igl1ats a time when th ' pupit is most open to th -remptation of stepping nto {he broad path of instant gratifiwt:ion and asy advancement that leads (0 the dark side. Betoore, Jedi Master, test through carelessness ,(lnd' inattention you loose on the galaxy a monster ...

- Bodo Baas, Jedl Holocron

The ancien t: Jedl masters knew that Jedi tralning must proceed at a slow pace. Too much power gathered too quickly can corrupt even the most selH ss, and devout apprentice J di. A Jecli student must beproperly humbl in his, powers, and mature enough to embrace the tremendous responslblllty tha comes with wielding the For e.

A student impatient with the slow pace of tutorship, a gHteci student eager to dlspense with "polntless 'exercises" and embrace the "true" powers of the Force misses the elltln:"! point of being a Jedt, The Jedl does not crave power, but s kg, to serve others, without the

xpectatlon or becoming "great in the' Force."

The true Jedi is cautious, and refuctant t learn to much too quickly, Overeager students run a fearful risk or opening themselves up to the temptations of takil1g the deceptively easy path or tIle dark side.

Luke SI(ywal.'(er

In the peri d lollowlng the defeat of the resurmeted Emperor; Luke Skywalker becam increaslngly convinced that hls destiny was to forge a new ord r of Jedl Knights Irorn the scattered remnants '01 the Jedl or old.

For a time, tl1 e eomplex logistiCS a r the operation d lscouraged Luke from Il1i tiatllflg his search. How to nod peopl whosuccesslutly eludedthe Emperor's agents [or decades? How to. discov r thOS'B s rang in the Force who may be unawar of their own pot ntlal? Wlth an entlre galaxy to s arch, Luke's task looked all but mmposslble.

Fortunately, tw important dis overles help Luke solve part of his problem. Wbi:le ~rillining Leta, he probes her mind and llnds an area which instinctively "krroeks back" the prober If the subject is. Force-sensitive. At iilinost: the same time, he discovers a scanning device till! Ernplreused to ferret out Force-sensitlve p ople, s.y ornbtntng these dlscoverles with an exhaustiv electronic sear h of galactic computer nets,

uke has th m an . to condu t his search lor potential Jedi candidates.

Though he easily convinces the New Republic Senate that Ioundlng a Jed! academy is an


The Jedi Academy Sourcebook

~~N~======================~==============~Ch~a~p~telr~Th~r~ee~:~Th~e~Je~d~'i~A~Ca~~a~'e~m~y -w .... '

The Jedi Academy Sourcebook


Important step toward 'restating the values of 'the Old Republic, Luke is net entfrely conlldent In his own ability to tr,ain a new. generation of Jedl Knights., He knows that he had good role models In Obi-Wan Kenobt and Yoda, but hIs recent experiences w1.Ul.!1oruus C'baoth and the resurrected Emperor make him cautious. And ever--'pl'esenn at tile beckof his mind is theharsh lesson Kenobt learned In takJi,l1g An akin Skywalker as a sh.ldentt before he was truly prepared to teach Jedl. Luke wonders whether he has the strength to brtng back a.srudern who gives in to the dark side.

Over the course ofa few weeks, Luke recruits. his Hrst class of students" and imm,e.rses, hlruself in the task of establishing a J dl academy 0111, Yaviin FOlllr.Attfirg,t he is delighted at 'the prog;r,ess made by hrs students. But as time passes, Gantorts, and later Kyp, become bitter, tmpatiel1t, and aggressive. It seems that the more' Jedi knowledge they acquire, th more volatile they become. Anger and ambition begin to dominate their actions, - dangerous traltsln a Jedl student.

Ultimat,ely, luke comes to realize that there is an evl.lentity at 'work ol1l.\'.&vl:1'I f'OlJ.f,corruptin.g his students with the dark teachings (J,f the Sith religIon and Us promises of easy power .. By tbe tlme I<yp' returns to the Yavln moon 0 recover the Su n Crusber,Luke knows thatsorneHrulng has gone seriously wrong 111. the remote academy.

8y llLigmenti.ns his power with that IOf Kun.

Kyp pleces luke in a" deep coma from whlch even the best Niew Republic doeteracarmot awaken hi.m. force probes by his sWdents and Lela reveal only a great empty void within him. Until til y can figur'e 'out what to do with him, they place Luke's body on a raised dais in the grand audlencechamber.

.. The disturbance the destruction oi Carl rna, causes In the Force brings awareness lOa.c'k '10 Lukl!, though he is, stn I separated from, his body. He is in a ghost-like slate, hovering over Ills body.

While he is in '~his state', the evlllOrC€ which has haunted the academy revealsttsell to mock him. [t Is Exar Kun, a Slth Lordi and former Jedl Kmlght long thought d ad. While I{UI1 believes that he can now corrupt Luke's students, It Is they that prove to be the stronger. Together they defeat I(LID, and revive Luke.

Luke forgives Kyp Eor hls actions, and accepts him back as a saudent, but requltes orhlm a penance ~ Kyp must cast the' Sun Crusher in to the Maw, Kyp agrees, though events donot play out exacUy as antIcipated.

•• Luke Skyw'alker Type: Jed! Masle.r 1!)EX'TER11Y 31h2

Illll9ter 61!'>+2. br<lwlin'g pury 6D-2, dodRe IlD, I .. .:lc.~ combat 51:>+2, melee parry H1D ,2< 1I,[!l1l5aber n D KNOWiWJlfi:IE 3IJ'

AJiell speeles 50.2, bureallcrOicy 50·,2, Illlltnldalinn GO, languages ,40'. planelary u:otellll5 5D .. 1. scholar sn. $!reetwl~e oIl .. 1, survtv .. 1 8D, value 50, willpo\lo'er BU I'I'IIDCilfANICAL 'ID

,4,.'H.rO;fol!!tJQf] 7D. beast riding SDf l.beasl ridln~:T1liunl1lun 60-1. communications mt I, repulsorlltt OIHlfatlon,sn.I, r,p,pllisorHIt oper;aU!ofll: all'spi!t!de;r 8D.2. starl1gbler 1'1, loUIi!S 8D-I. starrlghte~ p~lollng: X'wlng lOll-I, Siafi!ih,p glJlllIl!ry HD ... I, stanhlp slMelds 7D .. 'I


B,u!juln 50., comrnand 60'.1, 0::01'14D, hlr!e 7.D,s.earcJ.GIJ!, ,snCil.k 7D·1

SntINGlH 3D+2

Br,awllng6Dc.2, climbinilll.lmplJlg 7D~2, IIl1lngtiD, 51runtna SI)·2


'Computcl"' pTogramm~n&lrepair 5D~2.drold [HQl1Hlm· mil'll!: GD" I., drold repalr 60·.1. drold r'61>&11: a5!rom~h '71) .. 1, if! rst ru d 50.·1, llyntsa,ller repalr 9D, r,epuJsGrlll~ r'epatr 7D,,]. securily5D .. I. s'larllghutrmpair 6f) ( S~cl81 AbUUle8':

Farce Skills; O:mlrol J3D~I, sense liD .. l, aller 100+2 These« re only som.i:' of the POW/l'f;$ IIml l.uke has ~o rar demullS,ml'ed;

Coorro(' A.lbsQrb/dls:llpi!te energy. accelerate heaUE:lII, con.(enlrali(lill" •• , control pllin, detold'y pOl~D~', I!I'I1Pllness, enhance attribute", hlbc1I1atlo,n trance, i"edu<=~ i n] ury . rema in conscl [JUS .• reslst stun. 5~ ort,·term mmnory enha ncemen t'

Sense: Combal sense", dOlmger sense", Ins'llncLlvo' astr0!l'Hkm~·. me detection, I!'I.E lU<[151t. magnily senses, recepllve te.iepattly, S'I!If1Sfil Force. sertse For'ce p<D'lenll!l1 Arter Inju!"efldU, '1~t:klnet!J$

Confrol a11d Sense, I'arseelug·. UgJl,ts,ober combat, projertM:ltllepalhy

Conirol and Aller: Coni ral <mn':her'~. paln", imfliclllJalJ1' Conlmi, Sense and A/1m; AileeI' mind, cloppl~;J;f1gl?r··, leree Imrmony" ".lo:::ll."kll]etic kill"

Sense rJfld Aiter:: DUn other's senses" . lest> [Force shlli'ld • lJel>nl bed iii Til f! Thraum Trilogy Sri.!l"CeOOOR

•• DescrIbed 'in the Dark Empire SQlm:t.1llOOk

h. D!:5crlbed ln Tllff Mm.n'e TrllogySo!JI'Cf'.wok

Thla charadeI' ,I1IFQI'CHlC:I1!IIUvc.

FO.If!lli! Points: 7

Dm Side Polnt&: :3

(;barnetrei' Poinl1!, 24

Move; 1.0

EqulllHlcnl: Ughtsaber (SD), cmnank, doak


The blood of 'the Jedl runs In the veins 01 Gantorls; the charlarnattc and strong leader of the long-forgotten EolSha colony. Growing LIP 11'1 a harsh environment 01 sudden ea.rt.hquakes and volcanic eruptions, Gantorts displayed an aptitude for manipulating the Force trom al't early age. On several occasions, he Wa:5 able to sense lmpeadlng groundquakes,tll1d once mlraeulously survived an avalanche than. killed all the otherchlldren In bis play group.

Gantorts grew up to become file leader o~ the


The Jedl Academy Sourcebook

small band 0.1 abandoned colenlsts, He Is a strong man .. accustomed to giving orders and being: obeyed. IL is not easy lor this hardened IftMl to yield La HIe authorityofLukeSkywalker. especially since he has long been haunted by a mysletlOU5 vlslcn or (II dark man who would promise' 111m g'lo,ry and then destroy hIm. However. Luke successfully runs Gantorts' gaul1tlet of challenges" and the colony leader agrees to c,ome with Luke, despite the dangers his fledgnng Force ahllill s have revealed to him.

Once over his Initial resistance to Luke's lea.chillg;S, Gantorls q Llickly proves himself to be a, talented and dedleated student, rnatuee and disciplined. U~l'f,o rtunately, he is. unwl II ins to s!owdo,wn and absorb what he has learned, and harbors a desire to press Oil, Into areas of knowlerlge' he Is not yet prepared to handle. His. ,i m palienee, coupled with his :rierce lndependent S1Jeak, leaves him vulnerable to the temeralions 01 E:xar KlIrt.

The shade of KlIl1 easily convinces Gantorls lhalluke is wHhhlolding, Jedl secrets, rll'om him, secrets which he tells Gantorls that heIs ready 10 learn. Yielding to the ternpratton to take the easy path to power, Gantorls begtns learning Slth philosophy and powers from his shadowy mentor, ignoring the premonition which has haunted him rmm childhood,

Under Kurt's guidance, Gantorts builds his 'own Ugntsaber in secret. UIUmatoely, he grows bol~ eneugh tn his new ~urb!dden powers to challelfige Luke to a duel. When Luke defeats him, he begins to suspect that he has taken the wrong path to achieve the goals he is seeklng.

Uniortum.'li~ely. this revelation comes too late toCantlllris. till priding: hims·e:Lf in his independence and knowledge of the Jedl Code. he belleveshecan face EXaJf Kun alone, However. Kun ,easily goads Gantorls Into striking out at htrn lYilh his passions" by taunting him with a vlston eol U:lf lEol. Sha colonists dyIng. I'll resistlug Kun wi'lh his anger, Ga:ntoris is burned to ashes, t IRIS Jul~illll1g his vlslon ol bel ng destroyed by a dark man,

• Gantoris:

Tl'f)e~ Oolony Leader IriIf.XJmITYSD

tln:,hah::gun.s 50, btaster ,m.:.!'. bews 4D.,2. brawling ptlrry!iD+2. dod.R," 6D.llghuaber '10. melee cumbalSD. ml!lw pa.frj! 60, rnlssllc we.apOIilS 5[)~I.NJnnlnR 5D,

Ihrown weaPOI1~ S D ~ 1 .

I{lIiOw:tnlGE 4D

Alll1Q ~'PI1CIr1:ll 'ID·2, eultures 11[1.1. lntlmidarlon 50. I:mguag!!S 4011, ~l.lrVIVIlI 50. $ul'Vlva.l: Eol 5lia 70,,1, sur'11'1111: '(!lvi!") Four IH».I, wllIpawilr 610,.2


Bargain '10.2. commune! 50" eomrnand: Eo~ Sha CO~Qnl

10 •. 1, (on SD, hide fi'O, persuasion 4lrh2. seardi 6D. sneak 5D+2

STRENGllI ·-10

BmwHng 6D+2. cllmblns/jumplng 70. IHlil'lli SD, stamina 6D~2, swi:mfIllng 51)


Armor repair 4D. Ii rst aid :m+ 1. Ilgh I ~;lb(1r relilaJr 4D SpeditJ AbIIUles:,

"bAY! Shalt;: CO!llrol '!D, sense 4D. 1. a/!er .2D

Tflese are '~l'I!)., .some ,af (he pouil!n; Ilia! Gcm!'on'!! fIgs tl.lJm{,n.~~rtJ{ed. lfis ohm,i!!s WUn! urmuiurolly ougml!Tli~d IJji £lIar KU!l. The ... e Ill'\! tfll! o!iki1l5 Gam<'Jris hIM I'11Q.5if!·t'f!d un IllS QUln:

('"m",l. Aec;e1efnle he.allng. oon~~[raUorn~·'·. c6ntro:1 piI.Il1. hlbemat10n trance, rage~·, rec:it.!t:e I.njury. rematn COIiIl'ciOU5,

Sefl;~e: Combat sense' • danger sense", lire i1e~ectitm.llfr sense, mag.nlly senses. sense: Force

Alter: Te!ekili1es I S

(,mImi and Alter: Aur .. 01 uneastness

CIJ'lIml and Sense: FllltseeIIlS". ilgh1saIJcr combal Control. Sense and ANa!';' Dr-alii Ille eMr·!!}'

• De..qe.rlbed ln TIle TlIrQ'II){1 'T'ri.logy SOllrce.book 'U D!;!Scribed 111 the lJ!lrf./ Empil"l" Sou/"Cl!book

• ~. Descrlhed In the MOl'ie Trliogy Suurr::eboo.k Til II ,cntr.u:1eT' II Pon:~I,[lve

f:cm::e P,pm Is: I

Da:rI(Sldl! Polut&: 3

Ch!lJll~l~Po[nt!!<i I~

Move: 10

Equlp:ment: KIlAP;;~H:k. Jedl cloak, doubllt'-I:lI.a.ded IIghtsabf!r (6D). knHc (SIR· Hl)


Kyp Durron was born In the Deyer colony of the Anoat system to a fal1.llily of outspoken polltietarts. His parenss, embracing the rhetoric oJ the Empire but ignorant of Its deadly realtnes, believed they could moderate Palpatlne by speaking out against some or his more extreme policies. They discovered their error whell stormtmopers broke down their door. Kyp and hts parents found themselves politicaJ prison-

"ers sentenced to hard labor In the spice mines err Kessel, while Kyp's brother Zeth was spirited away to the Imper,ial training facility on Carlda rOI" indoctrination and t raini nlll as a ·r'ecruit

Kyp's parents died in the prison revolt which occurred 0111 Kessel just a year later, Foreight years, Kyp labored in the darkness oj the tunnels. alone. surviving by coplng wilth the rules and not ca.lli.l1g atterttlon to hi.m:seH.

Kyp's me is forever changed by the arrtval of two new prisoners. HaD Solo and Chewbaeca, Starved for news from the outstde, and sensing that Han Is net llkemost ohheo-nhermell hehas known. Kyp arranges to shar a work slnift with the two ex-smuggle.rs. Han and KYD Und much to llke In each other. and lmmedlately hit it off.

Kypknows he has a talent for the. Force, thanks to a provident encounter with <1l! strange old WOma:fl named! Vlrna-Da·Bacia. He knows a lew tricks thanks-to her, bulye.arl1s for someone to teach him how to truly manipulate the Fcrce.

rn~ )ooi AcaCh'~my Sourcebook

Hall, recognizIng IIi):; potential. resolves to take Kyp I I Luke lor tr .. linillg ..

Af~er ill rew weeks on Coruscain (recuperating from his ordeals with Han"), Kyp travels 10 Yavlu Four to join Luke's Jerli academy. There. he immerses himself in work, and within days has surpassed the achievements 01 the other Jedl students. Hf! doesn't soctaltze wlth the others, pre:ie:rring to concentrate on honlllg his Jedl skills.

He is only there a week when Exo.r KUIl appears before him, arid offers to teach him secret knowledge lhat luke Skyw<1~kcr knows noUliing 'lb{l U I, Fcolts h ly, motivated by IJ desire to crush the IO:mp ire that rl estroyed his family. Kyp thi n ks he can get what he wants trom Kun without p<lying a price. In his pride. KYI) helleves Iha~ be has t h _. stren gl h of character to wal k the path nr the dark side and not be touched by it; that he can use the power of the dark sld lor the benefiU of the New Republic.

A!'. his tutorials with Exar KUIl advance, his respect for Luke decreases. He teels that Luke's em phasis on t he model 01 the ancient Jed! n rder is elToneou$ - the Jedl Knights, lor all their power, still Eell victim to lalpatin and Vader.In Kyp's view, l.uke refuses to ~carn lrorn that failure .. To bring the new Jedi Knights ~o greater PUWf'r, he sbouid recognize new abrlities, to make his Jedl Knights powerful enough to resist a purge like Vader's, Kyp believes that the pow~L"s 1>1 the Sitth, as revealed by Exar KUIl. is the source 01 a greater power.

UII'imaJely, Kypopenlydefies Luke.and aided by Exar KUIl's power. places the Jed! Master ill a deep t ranee, He steals th e Sun Crusher, wh iC.b had been cast il110 the heart 1)( the Yavln gas glant,

Armed with the dread superweapon, KYI begins a rampage of destructton aimed at crtppliriS the remain i ngl ill pertallurces. He destroys one of Daala's Star Destroyers, destroys Carlda in a tatled attempt to rescue his brother, and goes on to destroy a major Imperial depot in a peripheral Imperial Care system, Along the way, be stops by [thor to wipe Qwi Xux's memory of the Sun Crusher and all knowledge she.used to invent It, Only the death of Exar Kun breaks the spell tha~ holds Kyp in thrall to the shade of the ancient Slth Lord'.

After facing the High Council, Kyp must (ace Luke. Luke tells him that he has been tested by his journey into the dark side, and may have emerged a stronger Jed] [or It. For ~ he ~irst time ·reallzing the awesome respo[lSibil~ty of being a Jedl, Kyp Iearsthe possIbility he mey agaln use

his powers jor !evil. .

As penance, luke requtres Kyp to race the

clark side in Kun's temple, Inside, Kyp is confronted with a dark specter he assumes tfl be KUIl,. but proves to be his brother Zeth, By choostng not to succumb to the easy path nf violence, . either by using Slth powers or the weapon of a Jedi, Kyp proves to both himself and Luke that he has matured.

When he re-emerges from the temple. LUke welcomes him as a.lerll Knight. t:yp continues 10 wear the black cape that Han gave him as a remlnder 01 what he might have become. His ordeal is behlndhlm, hut Kyp's brush with the (lark slde has taken lts toll on him. Hls 'lace and eyes 1001, [1lT older than his 18 years.

• J<yp' Durren Tyl'(,!; K~"'Si"1 Mirwr DEX'l'I::RIrr' ,3D

B!ils!ur 3D· 2 .• tlmlgl" ,'I D~2, ~lghtf,;lber.'ilJ, me-lee parry 'II)_ plck 1', .. 'k<:'1 10', L ni~illlh'1J 51.)'1

KNOW,t:r:;I)GE 2'D

Aiiel1 Sl",(i~s ::In, ~lIrl~IIlH:fil.(Y: K(>!\~I'1 mlning 11I~la~l.a· linn :m -. 1. in!lrnidflnou :11), 1!m·g.U.ilg~'~ :m· ~, survival ~m. survlval, Kessel 4D .1< su rvrval: Y,~V1il [-'pur :m.1.vulia, :m, I, wiltpr)wer ,11)


As! rng,11 iell I clD. I , I'el'~ il~~ ~rl i I't Opel';,til ~Il :'in. ~PiWt>! ransports .m~2. starfJ~llIer pilnUnlol 4D· I. !\'I<lrli~hter piloth\q: Sun Crusher 4l)~ 2. starsilip g u nuery ~n!::. starshlp shl~lrl:;; ~Dd . PERCEPTION 3D

B<lrJ.:~ln <iD, con ·ILl. I. hid," 5I)~ I. per~lI;!~lnll :OD. search ·m. lm 1;'[1 k <Ill, I


Btawllll~ 41)- 2. cllm bjllg/~ I uuplng ,ID, I. Ii ItlnR <ID· ~! Sliliilillll,m·2


lJIaiil!'I" repulr 2.0 .)1, rOrl'lputer progr:llin lid 1.n~ln~p<JJf 311, fi[~t uld 2D~2. Iigl11511ber n:'J.>-<!ir 3D

SpeclaiJ Abllilj,es:

ForN'SlII/ls: Cu.illm/5/J-1. sense 51). 1//1~"r .m.;

Thesa QI~' onty SUII'll! nf the P()W(!1'S that KYfl ims dem;;wslr{ji~'1I. His abltities IJwro;> .rmnaturoll,y ,ml-/rf'(!n'i!'!d by £'Wir Kuu. 'J'/ii!HP (11'1;' lilt! ~ki/l.~ lip I.I(I~ mastered rH] Iri~· Ol!C!l, Cr:lr~lml' Ane'~enltc ~ le,illng, \'onlQrl!!'~I' ape.ront rol pain. hilJern:lliori trance, mgt"'·. recept lve ~el! r pathy, r!"rh~(~ Injury. remam C011~cl!1u~. remove iM~glli'

Sense Combat sense", dan ~er· HiPllse·. lnstlnctlve ast rog<!llOI!·'· . 1Ir!' d!'\cClian.1 iIe sense. t'l'Ia!jlllfy senses, SE!IlSe r"un:e

Ail!')" Telekinesis

Corllm( una ,liter, Aura {)I ~ measlness. Fan.:!' lightnins" COi'ilml and Sens« F~lrseeln*·. H~hls;lber cnmt.'Jal. pro[ecnve tel~pilthy

CU!lIrt)/, Sense (md Allllt" Alle·cl mlud, I:onl rol mind", dr,nlll llifecnergy. lel!1~iuellc ~111~

Sense end Aller: DIm nrher's senses=

"Described ~n Tne TI~rawn Trilogy SO/1'I'('('b<..1()k "De~cribO!d In lhe Dr,tk i!!llpirf' SWJ/rl'/'I(}[l,/I ~'-DI!;!";:rlbed In Gr; D.' Prng,.mmls FrIlm Thp 1?l111

Tille. cilomcler l!! FQ~t.~nliilive

Fon:e IPohllS; 2

Dark SMePoILlt:ll: 3

Charncicr r"inl;s: 15

Mfli .... e: 10

EqulpllH~lIIf; Jedl robes, black cape, ([alapad, llghtsaher (SO). Illllsl.er phl'lol (4D),

rh€ Jedl Acad€my Sourcebook

~~~~·::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::~C~,h~a~e~te~r~n~h~r~e~e~;JT~h~e~J~e~d~i~.A~c~a~d~e~m~·~y .... AU


Streen is an elderly man who spent m,allY years as are lusive gas prospector on Bespin. ~l:Ike ems LO recndt hlrn for his Jecli a zademy aifter learning that Streen 11M a knack for using the Force to predict when atmosphertc eruptIQ~IS will discharge valued tlbanna gases into the upper atmosphere of Bespin .. AFter deterIflinlng that treen definitely has Force abilities; Luke tempts him away from Bespln by prornlsmg to teach him how to shut out the clamoring voices, Streen hears tn his head whenev r he gees to populated areas,

Streen's sensitivity in the Force allows him to detect Exar Kurt's pres nc , He senses a "Dark Man" who ~ hlspers to him just as h whispered to Gantotls and Kyp. Streen resists Kun, but Is net clever ,enol.lgh to avoid being manipulated b,ythe wily Slth Lord, who deceives Streen into attacking Luk by convtnctng him that he ts reruly fig:hUng KUIl. <mp Wo red by Kun, treen attacks Luk 's sleeping b dy by creattng a force of wi!1Jd which IUts Luke up toward ttl SKylight In the room. He ls not aware of what he 1 s doing, and ceases as soon as Klrana Ti ta kles him and breaks his tran e.

11:1 order to redeem himself, he d rnands to

stand guard over Luke's body when the others moun t their attack aga:l n s t Exar Kun. I t is Streett who protects ~begI"OUJI) fr m Kurt's throat-constrfcting attack while th y work 'to del at the an 'i nt Sith Lord.

• Streen

Type:: Tlbanna Cas Prospector DEJITEIUTV 2.D

Blaster 3D .. I, IIJn.wUng parry :m, dodge ::!D+2.llghlsaber 2D 2, mele ornbat 20 ... 2. tn 'II.'! JjIJrry:m


Bureaucracy 'ID'. bureaucracy: loud City 5D, buslness 3Ll 2, buslness tlbanna gas ~fl(ll1S~ry 4D+2, l)ll1nl!i!l.ry systems 5n, streetwnst:4D, I. ~urvlva.l4D. sutvlval~ Yavln Four 4[J+2, value 3th 1, value: LI benna gm, 11D~~ MECHANICAL 4D

Airship pllo'~lng ~m. hover vehlcle operation .10+2. repulsorhlt ! [J rntion 50. sensors 50. space lr nsports IID .... 2. swoop ( perauon <lD· ]


Barg!lln :l.D. (on 30.1, hide 3D·~, persIlBsion4[), search:

I !b,IIH1;Jl. gas eruptlons 50, sneuk ,ID.I SrRENGTH 30+ 1

~Ii.ltlbitlg/lumping 4,D, lifting 31h2, stamina 41 12 TECIcINICAL 30 .. ·2

Airship repalr 5D·~ I, computer pf!}!!Irammlng/r'l'I~~11' 4D, droid repair 41), first aid 41),·2, llghtsaber repair 'UJ. mach lnery ~ep<il.r: t t ban na ,gilS prot: eSSOf 5D ~ 1" repulsorllft repair 50, seoorlly·1I + I

Special AblHth.'.lI;

Forr;eSkm"~· .ollli'rJ13D.,.J, sensr-st), alter,./D

These are only some of til e POI.L"f!TN !Iull Streen has demon-

The Jedi Academy Sourcebook



SC!2h~eeJ· r~e!.r rTM~- r~e~e~: !Th~e.dJ!e!!dLi AO·-~Ca~d~e!!m~I~Y========================':'.I""-

strured HIS abilill'e ' It! 're 1I1'1I?aIUFtltr..' tlugmenled b) £.\'IlT AUIf TIi1!M'orf> In lulls he 1,lal mtWlut!d on his OU'II Cmllflll At:ctller. 'I, h al'!ng. oneenrr llon",cont nl,p,IIn.

mpuness, hlbC!nmtiClin '-rance, r"'rI>I~'o,: IIliJUry, r 'ITm~11 consctous, remove 1.allg,ul!

SCI15e' Dfln~ r sen e*·. Hie delel"llon, llll' sense, mal!l1l1)1' s!'n5es, recepllve· 1cl 1l1l1h~'. shill senile, weall1e:r ~l'"nM' Aile,.. Teleldl'lelli

Senso ani! uiter: Force wind

C<.lIlIml, ~·ensq and alter Less r IOf!: shield

• IJ rlbed In th MrWle Trilogy SfJurr:ebooll

•• D II dhed In The Thraum Trilvgv!i(Jl/I'(ebook Thll eharacter is FOI'CL.'-t!euJitl v-

Fon:' ' PolnlIl:. '2

OfiJf'k "Ide Politis! I

C~cleF P'oLoIl!;; 15

Mov,e: ]II

Ell ylpml!P I;. Jedl robes, [urnpsuu wl'lln man), pnrk(;ls. (lIi1.nPil.d, looLliH. h.old-out blaster C:m .2)

I(irana Ti

Klrana Tl is 011 oj the young witches or Shlgl,l1igMountain Clan on athornlr, wbo leav her husband and daughter to study under Luke at the Yavin Four Jedl academy. he is a warrtor as well as a Fuece-wlelder, and feels vulnerable when not elad in the reptile-skin garments and ornate [acq uered bat tle helm of her horneworld, She \. ars her armor whenever sheanticlpat s facillg danger.

Klrana knewl.uk Ill"lOl' to hi,s offeno studyal. his academy. She and her Force-wreldlng, rancor-rtdlng ststees were instrumental in hellPing him r cover an ancient wre k d starship, the Ch~ 'nmhor. in which resided many records 01

Id Jedl tr. 'ning~r cords that Luke lat, r studied to d vel p exercls for his Jedt train es.

• Kirana Ti

Type: Y,}ung Dathornlr Wt1c:h DEXTERITY :m+2:

BlfllIll'r ,tilT 1. dlJdgl: '10, melee combat 4D. mele Llarry olD, fij(UII IJ,g 5'iJ. thrown weapon!> 40

KNOWLEDGE 21) ... 1

Allen speetes 3D. cultures 20·2. !llJrvlvlll 3D, survlval, Dathemlr ·m· L. survival Yavin . our 3D. I. value 2D.2, Willpow r 4D

1\.1 HANICAL 20 2 Beas I r I(Ullg~ rane or 5D PER EPTIO'N 40

ommnnd: Slngtns Momltain Ciani rQ{ 11i; 4D·I. hid' 5D.

P u slen 50.1. search .m·I,!II1 11k 'ID-l STRENC'fH 3D+ 1

Btlil\~llnB QD. dlmblngjll.lmping 31).2. stnmlna 4D 2 TECHNlCAl2D

Armor repalr 3D -I. blaster ~epalr 2.0-2. first .'lid :m Sp.tldal Abliities:

£-'rm:1! Sluli~' COlrlnJl.1D, sense 4V, a 11"1' 2lJ

711f!.t1' tim Ofl(.".,~nmll ,ur,the pDll r:s I/l/u'e/l K.mfw TJ liW; ."u fur d .. mlJli.~,ro/l d

("(mlnJI. Ae el ml heellng.concuntratlun", control pa,ln, rnptln ~.SS. hlbernancn trance, pd I . Injury, r rnaln 'om cloy. r rnove Is ilgue

lIS ' Beast I..,nguages. dang I' B fiseT, me dele 11011.

Illi 5"1l.". magnify senses, :rereptlve telepathy, sense fnre'

IrFI' T Il!kille5ls

COlltrol and liS' Pr j 11\" te.lepathy l'JUll,mmrSpel1s··"· ontrol paln 4D. forr!' I'll will :m·l, llllf'ldnc:;ls :m, Imfl'llliUon 4'0

• De!iiCf,lblld In I he> MUil/C' Trilogy SOllfCl!llll(111

•• D~Il(Tlbed !Il nIt' 77m;lwlI l"r{!ogyJ.'rwFri'IXlrJlI

• ' •• DBlhllmirspeils wlJtk Identically III ror~(' l}il""'llr~ 01 the sam name, lluj, the charact 'r mll~ the spell's die code llBarnsl the Il~1W!H"S difficulties, (1Jlltllllllllr slwllll do not requlre ('(lIIltrA, ,,'II .. and u(I .. I.) I[) •• tnemtr [Jells ari! described In ~rl'o11 ~r dNlIjl in Cmclwrl's Th,.'lJl Dos . sie«

Tbli!, I\amcler" on:l'-_ ~lUIIltI~. Force Poln .. : J

Character PoinL8,: 11

MOlle: 10

r:.qu'l,menll Helm".1 Dplly-"kal. ! ~Ill'r~y). (,Kolicro'iJes, wulla boors.

Dorsk 81

Dorsk 1. is a bald, greeu-and-yellow-skinned humanoid lrorn Khomn , a world wh re all family units are g neUcaUy tdentlcal, cloned and raised to .arry 011 thestatus quo.lghly genera-

-tlons of the Dorsk line have been !len lIca,lIy identical. and ha be n trained to pedorlllihe same jobs with the same level of skllll, malntamIng their level of "perfection:'

Dorak I, the I ighty-:fi,rst rehtearnatton of the same genetle ternplat ", was born slighLly dille'r' ent from hi'S broth rs - he tound t hat be en ~lcl sense and manlpulale the Force. For many years he hid his talents, ashamed of his gen tic lai~ ure.t'unttl Luke Skvwalker cam to his worldand t k him to Vavh~ F ur to train him at his J di academy. Now, as stud' nt otth _. dil phil 0- phy.Dorsk 1 is I rnlng to harness his special tal nts .

Dorsk 1 must constantly fight an urge to. r ell ashamed of his van _0 ern-om til Dorsk template. No matt r how he might reason that hIS ability to use the Force is useful and a praetleal contnbuuon to th galaxy, hls cultureand soclety have reinforced through his ntlr iii time the idea that any d Iation from th norm is a majorfalllng. Dorsk l is always struggling \ ith lnse urity.

1_ Dorsk 81

Type: Khornm Bur 'OllCr 'I DEXTERITY 2D

DodS!;> -tD. llght:;;aber 3'D. I. melee o mba I :m. ml!lee parry: 3D I, runnlng-lD


Allen species 5D.2, bureauceacy 50.2, burmtll::ra~y:

I<homm eMI SC"ICC. 11), buslness GD. CUIUH GD. plllJl1· elary systems 51)·2'. ~llrvlvil.I5D~2. survlval: Vowln Four 611. willpower .50. I


Astmgltlion3D.2,b Iltlhlding4D.8mU~ldvehl I 0IPI'iJ!o non 4D I, repul rillt nperatlon tID, I, sensors :m, I. sp a ee h',msports 31., tarship shields:m PERCEPTION '10

Bargalll 50.2. InveSlil:l{lLion: bureaurrarlc audlt ,60. l, persuasjon SD


The J di Academy Souroebook

~.' .• _ .. _~ ... '~._.==========================~r~b~I!!~~~~J~~~

1'1, RI"" o....Ilapter ree: I., eedi AC'2I'demy

SlIEl'Unli 21l

CHmhlnl[/jumplns 2D.2. lilting 2D .. I, slmmlnn. 3D liECHNICiU :llill

,CQmpuler programmil'l81repaJlr 4.0, linn {lid 4D.2, Ilghts<tbeil' repalr 3D+2. se urHy 4,0, space l;f"mi!;p1)rt~ repalr ]Dd

Spedal AbllillleB:

FortI! SlIills: COIllml 'rD. se.lUIl 30+ J , aiMr.'IV

l11rue (1m ol1/Y some of! fie powers which DO'l$,ft Ii/lIas .51'1 leu diJIIlOflJiimtlld:

Cantml' A~clllerllleheaJhlQ. eencentratlea", control paln, CJ]]ptl('les;~. hlbernauon trance, reduce Inj.ur-y. rernfi1.11 conscious, rl!mlllvefiltL!!ue

SeIU!!!' DlInW'~ sells'!!·" lJIe detecUofl,!He sense, mllsnll)' IlI!llSes. ! ense Ferree

Aim,., Te~llldnesls

("(mimi (JmJ JltflJr: Accelernl.ealloli!.er's I1l!allng. control another's p .. in, remove another's lati.gue

• DIl~l:rfhelm III I he .Moui > Trilogy SQl1rcebOlJk

•• Deserlh"rlln The Th!YIl(}n Tfi/'qgy SmJrrelxmk Thl:i chlli'a.c(er Iii f'On::.e-.seDs\Uve

Forre r:DI'nl:!l: .2

Cllanll;lcr 11'0In'l.lI: 9


EqIilp:rn~D'I; Jcdl robes, $1:<11[, data~ad

K'am Solu'sar

Kam SolluSolf Is a middle-aged man, tall and solidly built. The Force runs strong in his rami Iy, and Kam's tather .. Ra.l1fkSolusar, wasa great Jedi master.

Kam studted under his lather Ior a number of years before the Imperial Jed1i purges drove 1115 famIly apert, ROIirtlik iell at the hands of Lord Darth Vad r, and Karn himself barely escaped the Imperial inquisition. He went into hiding ln the Iso,iat d regions of the Outer Rim.

Like Luke and Kyp, Kam bas had his brush with the darkst de of the Force. While lnextle, he was captured and tortured by evil Jedl, and twisted 'to serve the dark side. Luke won him back aver to the liglH side. and brought nirp bad: to the Core to serve as his apprenttce.

Kam's grasp of the Force is astcundmg tn some areas. and remarkably weak In others, because he was forced to leave his master be. (ore he could complete his training. Though he has recelvad advanced tralningill certatn areas, he still knows little about many aspects of the fO.ree.

• Kam Solusa,f' Type: J' 'dl AIl,llre.nllc:e D.EX'n::RIlTY \'II)

BIa~lcr tiD.2. brliwJlllg tJiU':ry 50. dodge 50.2. IIg:tHllilber SD. melee ·1."(Jlllhlll 50+2. m(':l~e parry 4D.2, nlnnlng 5D. mown, wenpOl'ls SD,


AIllen sp ·cl~ !iD. cultures 5D.I, lntlmldat ion 1m, Ian. gIiIil!!e ... 40.2, p!,metary !iy~lelT\s 5D. streetwtse 50·.2:, survival ·ID -2. survival: Yavln FOllr 5D. value 50. wlll.power ril)


A!r"llah.' ,~illr~l1hl pllaUI!:!! 4D·.2, aSlmgllLlnn. 'm·· I. l:l!;!fI~1 rldln,il sn, gr(mnd venlcle cperauon 11J·':::. rcpuLsrlf~1fI opllralkm5D. sensors 3D .. 2 ,SI)LlC I'! Ir;msporlsSD, sUlr.shlp gunru:ry -j D -Z. siarshlp shields 4D .


Barga.in <I.D~ I. command 'II:! .2, forg,ery JU.·I. hide 'lD. persuaslon 5D.2, search 'ID .. 2. sneak 5D STRENGTH2D

Br<!Jwling <10>. ,dlmblns!Jumpll'1~ 5D ... I, stamina SD TECflNliCJU :m

Blaster repalr 30+ l, computer prograrnmingl1eplll.r 'If), dmld progr<lmrnlhg 3D. flrsl. aid ill). l.ighlsaher ~eplJir 4D~1. repuLsorlll1 repai~ 3D .1. ~eeur1ty4D. spaee trans-

ports repan 3D+2 .

Special ADU1ii1M:

Force Skilb;~ Cofilml ]{>.:!. 5:(!iU~ liD'. I. uCref'($D

These are (Jnly ~"Om(!ofdtli! powery; wllich K(J1Tl :mfu.wJ' lUIS so fn" di!tlu:m_~lmred.·

CrmtI'rJL- .oIi.cceJero'te heiilinl, eencen trolio n ", conlrolp<l!ln, emptiness, hlbl!tI1,Miol1l rrarrce, reduce mjUll)'. remain consclcus.j'ernove fali.gut'

Sense: Dang.,r sense-·, ltledetectlon. me: sense, magl1lfy senses, sense Force

Affer: Iniurejk.lll. ~elekine!lls

Ccmtrol alid AII'ef: AcceJcl"iHe ancther's healll1g, control another's. pain' ~; In!lle! pain'''. remove <ft1othe.r'~ fa· tlgue

Sef!.~e' and AfI't'r Dim ot!1er!>' $ Rn!le.'l· •

• Descrihed 1.11 tne ffl(j.lJie Ti'!tog)' SourcebooJi.

• T lJ€sc.rlbed 1.1n TirO! Tbrmun 'r,.1/~gy SOl.m:elK;Jok TIl.bI ~cler " .f'Qf(\~~I.thl.e

Force 'Polu!!!!: 2

Darlil Side rU]otal I

Cbn:rw:.u 'PolrilJl! U


Eq'l1.1.pm.enl: LI!l)lI~~b~r (50). comllnk


Tloone is a. winsome young 'Woman with an !1fld.yingpat5Siof) fm·tbeJedi wa.y. A.s.a chi:ld . .she was fascinated by tales or the .Iedl, and heard manya story of: the Jedl 0 r old at the knees of her grandmotlter, who knew them, even after all traces of'the Jedl ~ holovlds, 'books, data htstorles, and the Jedl themselves - had dlsappeered Irom Imperial. space. Her grandmother instilled ~n her a great pasalen for the old Jedl legends. and she has dedicated her life to resurrectlng the old stories: digging them out: 'of the archives and popul.a:rlzlng them through music.

Blessed with a keen mind capable of quickly grasping broad concepts and detecting trends, and a. talent for singing and playing musical Instruments, Ttonne could have. been equally successful as a htstortan or minstrel. Happily, her ability to wield the Foree has allowed her to wed these di:spourale talents together into III stronger whole.

Becoming a Jedi is. a dream come true for Tleane. Having grown up .1,11 a world bereltol all traces of the Jedl, in a world where mention of the Jedl was grounds for arres'l and lmurlsonment, she never dared believe she would one day meet a. Jedl, let alone become one herself.

Though she is not parUcularly powerful in the force. h - r enthustasm anddevotion to the Jedicause isver')lln'ectiolls and strong. In M<I!ny ways, she is 'the heart and soul of Luke's first


Jedi class, She is the morale booster when the otber students grow despondent

More than the other students, Timme. has made it her task to study the Jedi Hlolocwl1. Before its destruction, she spent many long hours studying its many depths, aile! unlocking Its secrets, She perhaps knows It better than anyone else living. Luke Included.

It is Tlonne who provides the Jedl students with the in6ormation they need to combat Exar KUI1. She discovers the accounts of the Great Sith W,ar, and learns, that though KU!1I was tar more powerful than, anyone other Jedl oi the time, a combined force had defeated him. She supposes that the students havea cha~ce of defeating hjm, since Kun no longer has ill'S servants to draw on for power. He is his ollly resource.

Ttonne is a yourrgstlver-halred woman. Her eyes axe I.argeand oval, glinting with a pearlescent sheen, She plays a. stringed tnstrument: two hollow resonatlng boxes separated by a shaft strung with tonal cords.

.1 TiQfiI.ne

'fype: MInstrel DEXTERITY 2D+2

Blaster 30 .. 1. dodge <1,D.Ii.ghtsaber .1D, plck pocket 30,2, rllullinyilD


Alten species SD, buslrtess 4D .. 2, cuuures 4D~i, languages4[J.I" plnnetary systems<lD I 2, schclar.folklcre 5D.2, scho)1Iir; 1--101-0,,(0111 5D, scholar: Jedl hlstnry 61), streetwlse SO+ I. 5urvlvIl14D+2. survtval: Y;llvln Four 50.. value ~m'+l


Beast IidlllQ 4D, musical Instrument I.lIper.ation; double vlvl 6[1, repu:lsorHII o1)f:!rtltJIJH 40+2, sensors 4D. !,"p.fJ.t:e transports 4D+ 1. $WOO[,1 uperatton 40


BargaJIl fiD .. I. COli SO, gami)/ing 40 .. 2, l'~rsua;;lufl5D, perslJu.slolJl; sturytelllng (m~ I, search ·\1).2. sneak SD STRENGTH 20

BTaW~IIl8! 3D, cHmblf~IUlLImpiIlg 30 .. 1, swlrnming <lD

rnCHNlCAl 2D .

Blaster repair :m. ccmpeter pro.gramrning/:repair 3D, drold progr~l'rnning 31) .. 1. flr~t aid 41), IlghlsilIbe:r repair 3D, musical lnstrumentrepalr: stringed lnstrurnents dl) • .2 Spe~hlIAbllUlru;"

Fcm:e Sh'm:~: CO"l1rol 2D.2. sense tD, alter 1D ... 2

Trw.Si! am onry.mme r:.fihf! powers whic.h' Tionn« nos SCI flit (/el1llJrl~·!.,'tlted;

COllirrol: AcceIE'H,lte healing. coneentratlcn ". control paln, reduce inju.ry" rcrnaln eonsclous

Sense: D!'Illger sens,,-*, llledctectlon, il iie sense, nliI,!!Illl!y senses

/Hle,:' Tt'lekln~5!S

• Described in ~he MOI)ie Triiogy SUU'M:-ebOOR

u Descrlbed il!l17l~ Tflrawn Trilogy Suurcebook 11118 duu'Uctef .Is Fgrc~tive Fon::ePoll'lls: 3

CliaTfit'I:er Poi:n.I:s: D

1'l10"0: .1 Q . Equ1pmeot Jedl roues, blasler pistol (4D), double 'viol, d;}'lapmJ

Ambassador Ci.lghal

Cilghal ls a Mon Calamari. ambassadoe who takes charge of Lela while the Minister 01 State' is on Calamari looking for Ackbar. Together they search out Ackbar, and convlnce hlm te come oUit of hiding. When AdmirallDaaJa attacks Calamari, Cllgllal reveals a. unique Force-drlsen talent for pf<I:!dk:Ung which com batants areabout to die.

Intrigued; and sensil1g that Cilghal might. be a strong Jed! candldare, Lela invites her to visit Luke on Yavin Four. Luke is immediately impressed by her ability, and! senses in her the potential to become a. great healer. She agrees to stay on as his student.

She finds herfellow students rather shaken by the death of Gantorls and the de:fection ?' Kyp, Somehow sensing that somethlng:evl~j,s 10 their rnldst, the students are unsure of themselves. Cilgnal, a natural consensus-bullder amd peacemaker, immediately begins to draw the small group of .ledl students closer together. III tile aftermath of Luke's rail, CHghll.1 €!merg'@s as the leader 01 the Jed] students, despit'e h~l status as the newest disciple.

Cilghal soon lives up toLuke'.seJ(pect.a.tlan~, and reveals hers@lf ('lSi a great healer. At hiS request, she sits down to combat the artific.ifll vtrus destroying Mon Mothma's body. After hours and hours of isolating and ejectil]g eaeh molecu le olthe vi:rus I 5111 e succeeds in restoring the greai leader to health.


Type: Cnlamartan Ambassador DEXI'ERifl'Y 3D", I

Blaster 110.1 doclg~ 40.2, liyl'll$<lber :JD~2 KNOWLIDGE 4D

Alien species 5D~2. bureaucracy 50.. bureaueraey Calam!l!]"'1 70.2. bureaucmeyi NeVi! Republic 6D.2. buslness 5.0, cultures sn, languages '10.2. lIiflg'~il!l-~:

Calamari an Know.lecs,!'! B.mk5D, planetary systems a[)+·!, survival 'ID+~ .. survival; Y,wtn rOIJJ 4D~2, willpower (1) I\olECHANICAL 20

AslrosaUol1 3D, beast ridil1g 31), f~pl,Jbor'llfl opetalllJII 21)+2, space transports 3D~1. starllgi1ter pHcting 3D, starshlp gunnery 20, I, starshlp shields :m ~2 P'ERCEPT1QN 3D

Bargooll 5D .. .2, command 71), !, hide <lD, I. persuaslonfil), persuaslen: oration 71) .:" search :'10.2


Brawling :1D~2" .S tam ina '1D. swimmIng 6D TECHNICAl. ::m .. 2

Computer programmlngjrepalr 4D. drotd programming 3D. Ilr~1 n'id OD .. ;!, lightsaber rep,alr 3D. sacurlty 4!!)+ 1 S:~edal AbUl1ies:

Moist E.u!inmmcnls: When ~n 010~S't en v iwflments. M(ln Calamari recelve a .. 10 l_gotrlis 10 <ill.OaxrerilJl. Perceptkm ami Strenglh n\trlhull! and sklll checks,

Dry EnlJrrolllTle!!/:;: When in very ,dry euvtronmerus, Mot! Cal a 111 fir I scum depressed and wi t hdrawn. Til ey suffer a .1 D pCI1<!Jty ~o a11 De.TferifY. Pert-el'fiof,:md Strenglli at·

~riblJt'e and skill checks. .

~xte.fldf!>cJ Darlger Se!l.~!1': CUg.lHl1 hilS 11 uraque Fcrce talenl


The Jedr l\cad'emy Sourcebook

~:~·.::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::~Ch~qgg~~t~&~T~h~r~e~e~;~~-_~~Ce!-~J!ed~I~A~c~a~_d~e~m~, y

whl 'h II WI! h rr '10 peer a I-w se ends Intu t11 ,ruture anchl termln which memb rs of a spedfic group anile lorm loc"d in comb ,t will be al'l ... e or dead < I tllHlI tlme, Tihegroup,nul,y bea swarm 01 msects, <I.selhoul oHls'h. Of II StOUp ol'!arrirr:h1ers 10 'ked 111 e mba!. The power is III Ihmlited ullll'l . slnce the vision comes 1111 'r'" s ends blare 'I lie !leI i,l1L1 event, givlnl,l CUghalliUl1'.l Un! If} af! :cl Ihe outcome 011 he ~11!.lil~lon.

FlJrcf! Sl'.IIlIs' CO'IJfmILJD, sense :10.2:, ets 1'50

These urn {IoIli), .mllle of jlre poll! r.s wflic/t Cilgtlullm ,.w fM demons/mil''','

Cl.Nlll0/ Aet'lll r.llehe.llling, cone ntranon", ontrclpaln, rl(JIOldly IJHI!;(lI1,·'·. emptln liS, hlbernatton trance, redue In)u1)'. remaln C0l1!lCl0YIl. remO'll'e IlIlIgl!.!f!

S'nslJ: U'UlIl,ler sense" * ,1.lle detect ion,llIe sense, lllagnIfy enses, sens Force

Iller. fe,1 kin 'IIi!!

C(lnttlll ell/Ii AllI'''- Accelerllte • not her's healing, control another's lain. detm;l!y poison In another. remove nnolh~""s In!lgUl..!

• ~)esl'r~bl'd Ii] IbcMm:t1'1" Ti'ilogy SmlfCi!/)ol)l?

.. DeR 'rlbedlll T11'e '!'hmwfI Trilogy Sourr:ellfJok 1:Ilh dlaJ'll ter L!! FOrrre«rudtlv J

,Force PolIll : 2

Cbarnel r Pol nl.'J: U

Move; 10

Equilplll.tml: J ·dl robes, Llflta~>!ul

Yavi,n Four

The tranqudhry of the Jungle mnnn r Yavln Four, Iorm rly HiE: site of th Rebel AIU- nee's primary secret base, is once again disturbed by the arrival of 'tile Ilrst generarlon of Jedl students, under tile tutelage fir Jedl Master Luke Skywalk.er. He stabllshes hIS Jed! a .aderny in 1J1e Massassi temple ruills once us d by the Rebels to' hous th lr srn II Rebel [le· t.

The nights of avin Four are seldom dark, sfncethejungles and mountains of the moon are bathed in the near-constant glow {Yavin's nnmense surface. Even when the sun is not shinifl~ dlrdly 011 th gas giant, a dlffuse glow stlll surrounds the planet, creating a shadowy IwiligM w()~ld on most nighIs. Occaslonally, the Yavln gas giant too ecllpses the sun. plunging, Yavin FOLir lnto the dark !lIght most people are mor a customed to.

Aheaulllul al.mosph erl ph - nornenon occurs in Ihe arl m irnlng on Yavtn Four, as a r sult of the moon's orbit around the gas glanll Yavin. Light from til SUn is r h'.a't,ed into prtrnary colors when n passes tl1fol.Jgh the IJJ1P r atrnospher or Yi~rvirl prime. and lllters through the swirling mists which pool in the lowlands to create a shower of rainbows which only last a few minutes. They GlI1 b seen learly 11'0111 the Massassi temples occupted by til .lecli students,

• YaMin Four

l'yp-! Terresm I ateltlt Tempe 'lure:' HOI

AtUlU8ph 'r': TYP"I (br alhablel

Hydrospb.el'e: Moist (JmyJty:. tandard

Ten1I:In: JunBI~ • moumatn, swamp [&IIR~ll or Day: 24 standard hours LeDIJ~1l or Yea:r: 13,2 standard years, SitU1KH1:. Landlng field

Ptrmel function: AlJ!I!lr!doned hidden base

The Maslassi R,uins

jungles f Yavin Four are thick with the ruins (ston temples and ziggurats. pyramids. and It wer • the sol remaining signs of an advanced alien -lvilizaUon whi h once thrived on th jungle moon, then vanish d without iJ trace. The Rebels were far too wrapped up lin the war against the . rnplre ~o bother with desalted archaeelogteal lnspectlcns.

One inquisitive Sullustan naturalfst named IJr"ulJn Unnh did make at partial study or the rulns, He learn d through his studies 01 tile hieroglyphic; markings on tern pi walls that th y ",'ere I ng ago er cted byth nslav d Ma assl people, under the direction or a _ ith Lord named Ex r Kun.

Unnh never discovered much morethan that about th long vanished Sith Lord. In truth, KUIl based th archnecture on illcredibly anclent 511h designs whicb he recovered from long-lost Slth records during his forbidden studl s, They were desisn eel to serve <IS local points for a SI Lih Lord's power, and KlJJn found them lndlspensable in boosting his power suffi rlently to \ ork d rk mira I s.

When the ell carne to li~ht KUJIl, til y razed most of the structures on the plan I in the

t'll , M n ruins are still visible Ir rn orbit. however. and oth r tow rs and t rnples still stand, hidden from sight in 'l he I hlcklush growth or tile rainforests.

Thll! (i'rand 'Temple

The Reb Is set up shop in ne of th larger ernples, on • which promised shelter r r their fl et of starllghters as well as th ir tr op rs, Wh n the first set up their hidden base in the Iassassl ternpl ,they scoured th thlck plan I life from he .hambers, ami er ct d new pourstone walls and inner chambers rernodled to sult their new fUI] 'nons as barracks.

machine shops. hangar bays. sensor rcorns. and so on.

Retmllinf,! to the base years later , Luke did not hav to do much t restore til temple to a working condnlon, exc pt d-ar away the enroaching vegetation, and repair gl, wpanels, water syst Ins, and Iood-pr p facilities th 'AUi~ n had Install d years belor .Once h reactivated the power generation station. he r und thattheturbolffts srlttjunctlcned. Til J dtacad-

Tile Jedl Academy Sourcebook


The island is dominated by an obstdlan splltpyramid ofsl1arp angles showins the distinctive rnarklags (If Massassi archlteeture: another temple, but this one seemingly unsouched by the passage of time. Between file bl£urcat,ed spire oJ the tall pyramid stands a colossus, a polished obsidian statue ot a dark man, with IOllg hair swept back behlnd him, clad In the archaic padded garments of a SUb Lord. the tattoO' of a black sun is carved ill his forehead.

The figure Is Exar Kun. He had designed the temple to be an anguler funnel to concentrate the Force. in .21. conffguratton which would enhance the powers of Slth tihIals. TIl'e Gr,ea:t Temple, where Luke rounds his Jedi academy, had once served as the focal point for the emtre Massassl clvilizatlon that En!' Kun had built up from primitive decay -It was the pelrae focus of KUl1's battles In the 51th War, BlI~ this smaller isolated temple was more of a. private retreat far Kun, tile place where he concentrated on lmprovlng his own abilities.

The dark walls inside are polished to a slass}" sheen, The inside o~ the temple Jacks windows and openings, and yet is dimly Ii; by same unseen light source, as ifUglltening bolts trapped within the black slabs of gli1llss continue to send faint sparks visible: only from the comer nt tl'le eye, Deep green tendrils of moss grow on t~'1!: poltshed stones; swirled <l!tlO distorted into dtsturbing patterns, Agajns~ol1e wall st.ands a smooth rounded cistern fHled with water.

Frullt etched marks or hierogl:yphics can be made oum in the glassy stone, written in a long. forgotten tongue. They relate in Hlle Massassl language the cornln g of Exar Kurt, his impact on th Ir civili.zaUon, and his crusadeagainst an external force ~ 'the Jedl of the Old R;epublic.

erny would be (II spartan place. but nOI an lII'1~ comfortab'le one,

G,r,and Audience Chamber

The grand audience chamber.Ioeated at the apex. of the main temple, was, seldom used by the Alllance except for ceremonies, The Jedi students uselt even.less, tho!lgb some students meditate within It upon. oceaston, It is here that Luke Is bedded while In his Slth-tnduced coma, on the very dals UpO.11 which be received his award from the Rebel Aillallcefor his part in the Battle oi Yavtn.

An dawn and sunset, 'the sunllighl shines dlrectly th:rough the skylights, illominallng the room with a warm glow. At other tinl s of the day. the Ilgl'l!' ts more diffuse.

The War R'lJom

On the second noor of the temple is the war room, the form r command center oJ (he Rebel secret base where General Dodonna planned his daring strike agai!1st the J-i.TSt Death Star. Fittiligly. it is also in the: war room that the Jedl students gather to plan their iilla1.attack on bar Kun.

The room was ori.ginally s aled by [he Rebel engineers ugai:rnst the hurntdtry of the planet. When the R. bels eva. cuated, the room was not sealed behind them, and the room has (allen into disrepair. The control panels and sensory arrays are covered in grime and mildew, Fewol the sensors still work, though the more essential traffic coot rol and meteorological compu ter systems have been repaired. and new glowpamds nne tile walls.

Title Un:dergr,ound Sprin,g

Deep within the bowels of the temple. B.. hot mineral spring bubbles up from the depths of the planetThe grotto ls steamy and crusted wlth mineral d posits, and a strong smell or brimstone permeates the area. Far above, the' grotto opens 011 jungle sky,

Luke uses the s.prll1g ttl teach his s tudent s to protect themselves and oneanother against the heat. The cooperative lesson of mutual support Is one the students lind a ready applleatlon for in opposing EXaI' Kun.

The .Dar'c Temple

Some dlst.ance from the Great Temple, hldden amtdst thick Jungle foll.age and rocky ou:tcroppII1EfS, Is, a wide j;llas.sy lake, completely [tee of ripples. The lake Is very d~p, and [he water crys~al dear. Submerged stone pillars rise to iltlst below the surlace, forming .sl ppiflg smnes to the small island a,t the center ..

Ne'w Force Powers

Controll Powers


CODJtrol Difficulty; Very Easy for loose bonds:

Easy for Iliand binders: Modera!te for .serlOlJoll, restral nts: Di fficult to Heroic for maximu rn sacurity(vMi:es at gamemaster's di~scretjon, depending on security measures)

R:eq,U!lredPowel'8; Concentration, COIlI'ro/pain, en/m:nc€ attribute

ate.:t:: The eharaeterescapes bonds 'by CO ntorttng ln palll:rul and. dlfflcult (but physically possible) ways. By dls.locating joints and the ltke, a Jedi canescapealmost allY p,11 ysi cal, restraining device. Wlli le this is indeed a paInful procedure, Jedl are trained to block out the pain and focus on the task at hand,


The Jedi Academy Sourcebook

-ITA C .. h."ipter Three: TiMe JediArademy

-~ .. ~~=<==============~=- ~~~~~~.~-

... 111

!1Q'r(an·s unaided onrrot roll to aelemlinf! damage.

If Ihe alien rolls great r JlWIl Harlan's control skill, bu; less (han her prote,cfron' suunber; she would be fully protectS,d from' l/Jlt hostile Force power, l1(}w12ver. hel" will is cansider d (0 be battered, CJnd her wffillJ.. p werskil'ldtops-JDlo6D.j-2, Stie mu troi! the 6D+2 to get Q n ~w (and presumably touer) pfiotection number. It will taf:le tte« eithe« a filII day a/meditating, of one h,o,ur in erupt tness (0 bring herwi II power code. back up 10 lD>i-.2..

Remov,e Fatigue Oontrol Difficulty: Modera.be

~eqllll.red Powers: A,cceierafe healing. COfl/rol


Thi» power may b kepI ··up ." Time to use: neround,

Effect: Thecharacter uses thls power to comba~ th,e eflects of strenuous work .. The Jedl manipulates the Force, causing bodlly tnxlns to be ejected much 111 ,re elficl ntly, thus allowing for greater stamina. Whilek ptup, the Jedl must make a: lamina heckonce p- rday. While us:il1g this power, a Jedi must fail mWQ stamina checks before he or she islatigued. The chara zter still has to eat and drlnk normally. 1£ the Jedi does lall two stamina che .ks and becorn s fatiglled, a-1D penalty is applied to all attributes ,and skills lor 1D hours. Please note that this power cannot be used lor lifting. (fhe Force power enhlmCG ,attribute would be used in this ase.)

~C~h:a~p~[e~r_T~h~r~e~e~.:!T~,h~e~J:e~d~i~A~'c~a~d~e~m~r::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::~ ~


Force of Will Co.nI:r-01 Difficulty: Easy

T~fs power may be kepi "up. ,,'

Effect: Byusil1g force of wilt, the chant .ter US'ES his or her own willpower sklll to !igl1t the effects m( hostlle Force pow.e'rs.1I faced with a. teleklnetic-or mind-based power, the Jedt's willpower' skill Toll lliilay be add d to elth r th ' conaot or Perception code.

The control (or Perception) plus willpDWet tot~1 is 'referred to as the "protec:Hcm. number.' If tneattackroll is less than the target's conlmJ (or Perception roll, the character suffers no III effects. If the attack roll is greater than the prote tlon numb r, the Jedl suffers, the full ef~ fect.s of the anacklug power. Ir the attack roll is igrea1:e·r then the control roll, but less, than the protection numb r, t] e Jedi is protected from the p w 1', but his willpower Is considered to be "battered:' Subtract -]D from the character's wUlpower skill The Jedi 'call still continue to defend, but must do so with decreased unttpounr. Reroll for a new prote tlon numb r in this ·ase. In the vent a Jedl's unttpouie« skill ever reaches 0 .the Iorce of .will power is automatically dropped, and the Jedl can only resist with control or Perception.

Note that It takes one day to recover lD ·01 damag, .Irorn "battering of the will," or one hour in emptiness (or rage) for eacl J -recov red.

Note: Foree of will does not protect against Forc€' lightnin.g or Force s,torms or objects hurled by telekinesis, since ill each cas the power creates a distinct physical man ires tatlon, Tlt se are xternal rather than internal powers, in which case wiUpowefwould have no bearln.!iI on resistance. Force of will works am ifijure/kiN. tt!.lftkinetic kill, inflict pain and other powers which directly IJS€! the Force to a.ffectthe target.

Exmllple: Harlan is alta ked by an alien being whose skills reach into the dOJ"h side. Wi(li' an Easy control roll, Harlan initiates the Iorceofwtll power. TIle alifndecides to use tne teleklnetlc kill power on Harlan Th alien's con rol and sense rolls are successful, and he now rafts his alter skill agairls(' Harton ~ control s.kiii at J 3D. Be<Ceruse Harlan is us ingthe force of will power, S'H~ adds her willpower skUt of ;D+2 ('0 her control code for a prole lion number of 20D+2!

If the alien rolls less ttian Harku: 's zontrol s.kill, sh. would remain [maffecled.

If the alien roils greater than the protection number, Harlan would be struck by th« rufl force ottteropponenrs auack. The alien would make an additional al~er ron against

Sense Powers

B1east L:mguallges

sense Difficulty~ Easy if the animal is domestlcated/frtendly (su h as a bantha): Moderat to Dim ult i.f the anima] is wild. but non-predatory (such as an undornestlcated tauetaun): Very Diffleult to Heroic iI the animal is ferocious/ predatory (such as a wild vornskr 01' rancor),

Required Powe.rs: Receptiue telepathy, pro-

jecti fe/epa(flY l.ran'slati n

Tllis pouser may b . kept "up ." Time to use: One minute.

EJfect: This power allows the Jed i to trallslate a beast-language and speak It in kind. As creatures rarely have "true" languages, the .Iledil is a tually reading the differences in surfac emotions wlthln grunts and growls and other euesol borly language. Not.e that the character may keep thls pow r "up" if the Jedl needs to Continue plcklng up theemotional state of a creature, For beasts that can bertdden, subtract ·2D from their Om riness - od while this power is


The Jedi Academy Sourcebook

ill etJect.. (Obviously, the creature's Ornermess code cannot drop below OIl.)

Predilct Naturall Oi:saster

Sease Difficulty: Easy i.1 the ledii bas lived ill the area for more than a. year: Moder-ate U the Jedl has lived in the area between six and 1:2 months; DIWcuit if the Jed! has lived ill the area between one and six months: Very Dltflcul t 'if the Jedthas JJvedln the area far less han one month. Modified by severity of disaster (larger disasters Me easy' to predict) and degree to which the disaster could be predlcted (e.g, gamemaslers may decide that certain disasters are easier or harder to predict based on ill mlJl~ tltude of factors).

Required Powe.rs:: ,Danger sense, life detection, weal'her sense

lime 10 Use: 15 minutes. M<).y be reduced in Hve-minute increments by lncreaslng difficulty one level p r ltve-mlnute Increment (minimum ume til use of one-minute),

Effect: Thls power allows the Jedl to sense local me eorloglcel and s,eologkal ccndltlons and predict imminent disasters, such as quakes, velcanlc eruptions, floods, landslides, avelaaches, cave-ins, rnl ne subsidences, large scale coni1agra.Uol1s (such as, Iorest il:res) and even dangerous storms, tornadoes and hurrjeanes (which can alIgO bepredictsd withweathersense). By opening his Of her senses ~0 the envtronment, the Jedl cen predict these rltsturbencea much as animals can seemingly sense a quake hours or even days before it happens ..

Like weather sense, this power does not lend l,ts~lf to quick predtcuons. It customa.rfly takes weeks .for a Jed! to acclimate to local weather patterns and topography.

The prediction is effective for 12 hours. The difficulty' increases by one level rOT each additional t2·hour period by which the Jedl wishes toextend the prediction.

Senlse F,orce P'otent~a'

"'LuJ~e closed his eyes andsea! a tendril of !houghl fO the back of Kyp '$ mind where the deep p.rfmaf memories hid, leaving little room {or COJlscions fhought. Luk:(! touched inward to the isolaJed nub in his subconscious. ill! pus/led - and suddenly found himself hurled backward, tossed aside like CI piece offTufli.n a BeSP{11 wind storm. H~ ianded frat on ills back on the other side of the room, gasping.

SeQse D:lf6cwly,: Moderat'e for friendly, nonresisUng targets. Moderate plus target's,Pi!!rcepfir.m or control roll (whlchever is higher) to determine the difficulty of the probe 011 an unwilling SIJ bject.

R,equired Powen: Life detection, lUe sense, rec,ept;v(! ie/epathy, sense For;cB

Time to use: Six rounds.

Effect: This power allows a Jedi to probe the r:ni.:l'lId of a target, and determine whether that person has the potemtal to be stroog in the force.

The deep subconscious of a Force-senstuve person is shielded by a protective barrier Which prevents, another force Wielder trorn penetratillg his or her inner mind. This shield pushes violently back at an intruder i sending him or her stu rn bllng back This. ".shield" is an involuntary defense mechanism malneained by every Forcesensttfvepersen. It is one reliablE:; way to determine which people might have the potentlel to become Jedt,

The magnitude of the backlash generated by the shield depends on the character's strength in the Force. A perSOI1 who IS merely Forcesensltlve wIll shovethe intruder back several feet. Someone with actual Forte sktlls will produce a mote Intense reaction. Those with little ~raIniJ]gwili sendthe intruder reeling, back across theroom. Someone who Is well-trained, or who has agreat deal of raw talent 111 the Force, might actually hurl an intruder across the room.

Shift Sense

Sense DitfflcuUy: Moderate for simple phenomena (such as heat or slmple scents); Difficult Ior more uncommon phenomena (such as comm freqHellcies, infrared radiation): Very Difficult fol' s peclf C., complex phenomena (such as setting olfactory nerves to detect the presence of ttbanna gas).

This power may be kept "up ... Required Power: Magnify senses

Time to use: One minute. May be reduced in l()..second increments by increastng difficulty by one level per 1,Q.second increment (minlmum tirneto use of 30 seconds).

Effect: The character may shift his or her senses as to detect phenomena of adl Uerellt type than normal; shiftin.g eyesight to tile infra· red spectrum. setting olfactory nerves to detect speclflc chemical combinations, or heating frequenetes above or below normal range .for his or her species. This power counts as 8.. "skill use" for determining die code penalties.

Please note that this power is exceptionally useh.1l in some aspects, but talrly limited in others. For example, a Jedi may detect comm lrequencles, but that does nee meen the Jedl can listen in on the transmission. The Jedl will be able to detect that a tram srnl ss to I'll is present. but maynotneqessaruy be-able to moc:ate the signal's

Tf1e Jed! ,Academy Sourcebook


£!:lapterTI,r@e: The, Jedil ACiade'my w __

source, and certainly will not be abl to decod the information carrl d by the trensrntsston.


Sense Difficulty: Moderate r r humans or aliens, Dilficult for high-density languages used by drolds. If the target is being purposely cryptic, add +5 to thedlfftculty, +20 if the languag is written down.

Required Powers: Recepiiue It!i"/)ul'hy, pro-

jective tetepotny

Tills pouier may be kept "up: .. Tlme to use: One minute,

Effe (,: This power allows the character t, translate a languag and speak it In kind. The Jedl may decipher body language, explore the spoken word, or translate ancient Sith texts. lin order lor this power to work, the character must first hear the target speak, 01' see the words In written form (such as an ancient text or document). his power has many advantages. first. it takes only one application of thlspower to "understand" a language. ,k!, king as they all speak th same language and the power is k pt LIp the haracrer need not roll (or each lndlVldUi:tI talking, Also. because they also "speak" using beeps and whistles, drotds may be COtl1~ munlcated w:lth using' this power. Finally, th . Jedt can translate ancient texts, even if the language has long sin e vanished Irorn the galaxy.

Note that the character does n t r ally know the ta~lguage. Once this power is no longer ill use, the Jedi is once again unable to decipher the target language.

Weather .sense

Sense Dllficullty: Easy U the Jedi has lived in the area for mure than a year: Modera~e H the Jedi bas lived in ~ he area between six and l 2' months; Dlfflcuh if the .fedi has lived In the area betweenone and six months; Very Difficult i.f til Jedl has lived in the area less than one month. Modified f r proximity and local m teorologlcal conditions.

Required Powers: Magnify.s "nses This power may be If zpt "up. n Time to use: Orne nJli!'wte.

Effect: This power allows the Jedl to attune himself to the workings of local weather patterns. By sensing th movements of douds, winds, tides. and solar bodies, someone using thls power can discern patterns in the weather, and 50 make limited predictions regarding the behavior of atmospherlc phenomenon.

The power does not lend itseU to Quick predictions, however. It usually takes weeks for a Jedl to become accustomed to local weather

patterns and becom familiar with unique features of the local topography that i~ is possible to obtain accurate readings.

The pr dletlen ws effecttve lor four hours. The dllflculty increases it the Jedi wishes to make more extended terecasrs.

Control and Alter Powers

Detoxify Polson in Another Control Difficulty: V,ery Easy, modified by

relationship. . .

AJter Difficulty; Vry Easy for v ry mild 1D0iSOil (such as alcohol): Etlsy for a mild poison; Moderate lor an average poisoo; Dlfficult [or a virulent polson: Very Difficult to Heroic for a neurotoxin.

Required Powers; A celerate hf!ating, (JCC(~I· eraie cwo/her's healing" comrol pain, ({mtml another's pain, detoxi6r poison

Time to Use: 5 mlnut s

. Effect: This power allows aJedi t, remove or detoxify poison from a patient's body faster than is normally possi hie. Whi le using thl . power"

11e Jedl must remain In physical .ontact with the patient. As long as the Jedi is in contactwith the-target, that person Is considered lmruune to the effects 01 the poison. Failure to make the required control and. alter difficulty checks or breaking physical c ntact during the use of the power wounds the patl ant.

Remove Another's Fati'gue Control Difficulty; Easy.

AUerDiff:iculty; Mo lerate, Modifi cl byproxlrruty and r latlonshtp.

Required Powers: Accelerate heating; ,accel· erase anome r's h€:a/,ing,. control pain. confrof another's patn, remove fatigue.

meet: This power allows the Jedl to remove the effects or Iatigue ln another. However, unlike the basic power, th Jedl must wait until the target is actually fatlgu d, before Hering as~i, - tance. Hence the penalues for failing: a stamina check can be counteracted, bu must be addressed as they occur.

Sense ,and Alter Powers lesser Forc,e Shield

''A second after he MI the ground, a wall 01 steam and superh at d water beiched from the geyser. LlIR'€ shielded his exposed tlesbtrom the scalding droplets and ,waited tar the blast (0 dioindie."

Sense Difficnllty: Easy Alter Difficulty: Moderate

The Jledi Academy Sourcebook


Requ:tn:.d P'owers: Ab.<;orb/dissipale energy.

cOl1ce.fllrmwn, magnify senses, rele,k~nesisThis power may be kept' "tm"

Time to use': One round

Effect: This power allows the Jadl to surround his body with a Force-generated shield. The shield can be used to repel energy and physical rnatter away Irom the Jedl's body. down to the molecislar level.

Thesh:ield acts as STR+ ~Darmor toall energy and physical attacks made agalnst the Jedt, lnclilldillg non-dtrecttonel attacks such as gas douds and glrenade blasts. The shield is not ,Partic'lJ~arly strong. but can sometimes be just l!iilDUgh to protect the Jedl [rom serlouslnjury,

Contro., Sense and AJ'ler Powers

P',oje'ded Fightiing Control Dlffkulty! Difficult Semse l)~fficuUy: Difflc:ull

Alter DlfA'CUilty: Moderah~. modifIed by proxlmlty.

Reqi:dn!d :Powt'!nI:' Concentration, teiekines.is

The wrger must be in withi" me Jedi 's fine of s~ght:

Tlime to use: One round

Effect: Projected fighting allows a Jedi to strike fit an oPPo!1ent,lnllldin:g damage without physi~ ,caBy touching the target, Use 0:1 this power Is more Hum a I1Ule risky; in many cases projf1,ctea fighting lsqulte simply using the Force to attack. HI)W~Veri tne Jed! attempting to use projected Ii§JuI1:Ililcan elect to cause stun damage only, and even then should oillyaitempt to use this POWI~!" lilt Is 1.10 protect an innocent In trnmediate danger. A Jedl who Uses projective figh,ing for any other reason, or causes aDyt.lll1lg more serious than stun damage. receives a Dark Side l'oi'n1lt.

After successfully u5.lng the power, the Jedi makes 8! brawling skill roll. If attac.klng a POTC,esensltlve. the targE!t I1ll!ly use the control or bmrotinB parry sldll to avold the anack. Olher~ wlse, the target cannot dellect the Jedt's blows. II the :target Is not Force-sensrttve, a Difficult brawling parry roll is necessary to block the Jed i a.ttac.k. 111:he bra.wNng roll 15 successful, the Jedl rolls his or her flLlll Stre.ngth versus the ti,arget's Sftrmglh .. The Jerli may tarl!:et a specific portion 0:1 the body (which adds + 10 to damage), bu~ must subtractan addittonal ~ 1 D from his brawlIng skill (se@S,:a.r Wars, Second Edition, paS(e 63). Be sure to add any armor bonuses tl1at the target may have.

'This power can be kept up' as long as the

distance between the Jedi and the target remains thesame, Should the target move slgoilic&l1l'ly or the Jedi wish to select. a new target, tile power must be rerolled,

Example:, Horlan declares sfle is guing 10 make Q projected righting: (Jtlempi aimed specifically at GI guard's hea(/. Sfu:! makes her control, sense and alter plus proximity rolls e.c'ch willi (J -3D mulliple: (lctiOI1 {J1!!(wll)t (she is doing lour#lJngs: using hercomml, sense, alter, and brawling skills, (Jlu~ targeting til e fi ead). If IS 11e success fully rolls theiirst two, she then musi make an Easy brawling rott, this time with a .J[) modifier. due to her preference in hi~ location. BeCQllJSe the 'argel is natFon::e·sensitiue. no brawltng parry.' .r:mempt can be made. Harlan makes her brawiing roft and then 1'olls her Strength dice against tire guard;'] Strength, Because she Cl';me.d for the head, Harlan go'itls (If! additionol-+ID,(,rJ her damage roll.

Th.e jed'i Academy Sourcebook


The Great Sith War

E.xaf Kun did nOI Ing cont n himself with ruling over the Massassi people of Yavln Four. He had greater ambitions. Jetntng tortes wilh another powerful .J di, Uli Q l-Drorna, Kun worked his, invisfble threads inlO th fabrl 01 the Old epubli ,bringing the J di rder tathe brink of ruin through trea hry and his d~&torted abilities with Ihe Force.

Til r is no telling what Kun and his Brotherho d ItheSlth Inighl have a ornpllsh dUQ-IDrama had not In th end betrayed KUJIl and gtv n 11m over to the Jedi Knlghls. When the Jed! combined 'the,ir might and came to KUil'S retreat on Yavin Four to :llgh1 hlrn, they unleashed such powerthat Kun had to drain every last on of his Massassl slaves just to trap his spirU 'within his ern pies - t survive s thai one day he could come back. There he rested III uneasy slumber Ior thousands 01 years, stlrrlns fitfully from tim to time, awalLlng th day when beings strong in the Force would again vtslt his tempi sand provld him the en rgy he n dd to revtv hints If and escape his prlson,

Meal1whil@,inthegrealergalaxy,genera1ions passerkand th memory of th Gr al 51th W,ar passed frompubli knowledge, shamed of he confll t caused by one of th if own, the' Jedi therns lves did nothing to keep the m mary alive.

Of the great Bmtherhood of tine lUu, only a very f w survived to pass their dark knowledge down to small bands of dis Eph:!s. In the Urn betw n the fall of Kun and th rise 'of the

"LC~h~a2et~e~r~F~o~u~r;~E~'c~h~o~e~SWO~f~··~ilh~e~5~I~(h~· ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::~~~ .. WAIIr""

ter Four

of t eSt


The Sed uc:tlion: o'f IExa r '(un Wh.i I build i ng b is empi re on Ya""i n Four. KUR

For many rnHlennla, the dark lth Lords stud- formed his, own synth sis ofJedi andith teach-

Iedth Forcetnrhe " towers and palaces, amass- lngs '10 form a n w philosophy and s 110 101

ins great power and knowledge olthe mysterles For e manipulation. With this knowl. dge Exae

of the dark side. Many dynasties of Sith ords Kun established a vast and pow r:lul brother-

fulled over theSnh peop.le before the Jedl Knights _ hood and elalmed til e tl tie of 'the lirst [)ark Lord

or olld united with the armed forces of the ld of the Slth,

Republi to drive th m from lh -ir marble pala es and murky libraries.

Th lth we~e d riven to n - af-· xtlnct ton, nd the Jedl destroyed its many or th ir fortresses, artlf C1 S, and SUn holoerons as. t 11 y could find. Only a few lsolat d 51th strongholds wer P errnltted to standi so that select d Jedl Masters could carelully study the S:ith teachings to devtse d f nses s.hould the Slth ev r rise a'galn.

Four Hl.OlJsand years ag'o, 1.000 years all r the Slth Empire had fallen, Exar Kun, a dis,ciple of Vodo-Slosk Baas, dlscovered lragm nts or snn t,eaching.s. Drawn by a. thtrst tor torbtdd n knowledge. 'Exar Kun delved into the study ),f SUh philosophy.

Disregarding his master's warnings that unly very advanced and experienc d Jed! Masters could sa(e~y study the Sith teachings without go:ing t t:he dark side, Kun traveled to one of the pres rved strongholds IOn Ond ero ['I " There he located the 'tomb 01 Freedon Nadel, a great Sith inltlate who had brought the dark side t Ond ron and retlr d there.

Th shade of add, still lingering in th musty halls. re .... aled IIs@U [0 Kun and promised him g:real' power if he would consent to becom Nadd's dis iple. Kunagreed, sure that he could useNadd without himseU being used. However. even as Kun prid d him elf '011 hi strength and ability to learn fr m add without surrendering to the dark side, Nadd brougt!lll him further under his sway.

In tim, add brought Kiln to Yavin Four, where a Callen rival Slth Lorrl had once work d shad wymiradeswithdarksidea~ 'h my. Ther . Exar KUIl fully embraced the dark stde and destroyed Freedon Nadd.

The Jedi Academy Sourcebook

Emllhe, tile Dark Lords o~ 'the Slth were seereuveand elusive, Only with the rise of the Empi re would the Si,th name again gain the power to strike terror In the hearts of millions ...

The RetLlrn of Ex,ar .(un

Exar Kun passed the miJlenl'lia in umeasy slumbel. for a moment, and only for a! moment, he was roased partlally from his, stupor by the bright presence of a mafll strong In the Force. 51Gwly extending Ieelers 111 H1ie dtreetton of the Illysterious mart, KlIn discovered that one of' his Qreat temp,let! was tnhablsed by a small band of armed humans. But before be could gather enDugh strength to reach out to tap this elllergy source, tile Force-user and ,h Is fellows, deputed, and Kun again lapsed into, sleep.

A few scant years later, Kun is brought sharply awake by the arrival 01 not one or two, but a dO·ilen humans blazl ng wlth the power he needed to live again. Eagerly but ca,utloLlsly, K'lIfI ebserves each arrival, probing ~or weakUHS!SSeS and the power he needs, to restore his lost reserves 01 energy. For a time, he is, able to subside by feeding on thetr residual en,ergy, but s,oon he wlJl need worshlppers If he 'Is to grow more active .. With a, nucleus of followers to provide him energy-providing' anger and fear, Kun will have enough power to escape his exile and take 011 human form.

To his surprise, Kun recognizes the leader to be the same man who had vis,l.ted Yavtn Four years eerller, now much more powerful in the Force. Too powerful. for the moment, for Kun to tackle"

Kun finds Cantorts, strong-willed and impalien I to learn, to he a, rnore promtslng nut candidate. He easily seduces Ganrorts in the $'ame manner that Nadd had seduced him- by promising fo:rbiddenknow.ledgeand the truly powerfuJ Jedl secrets Gantosts cannot wait to learn,

C./lil'e~ully building up and feeding on the anReF of his fIrst ap prenttce, Kun grows i,1lI power. 5001'1 he feels confident til make an attempt to subvert Luke, kn,owin.g that H he can sway the teacher, (he studentswill all ,foHow" KUIl. posing as Anakin Skywalker, appears to Luke and lJJ~-' tempta to pull him towardthe torbldden Sith leaehlngs by N!mpting him 0 use Sith power to seize control of the New Republic and destroy me Empire. Realizing that this shade Is not that elf his father, Luke rejects the offer.

Enraged and drained, Kun returns 'to Gantorts.

Desperate iar more energy, he goads Oantorts to new he:igl.'1It"s of anger by .showing him the lEol Sha colontsts dying on Dantooine. Gantoris is pushed too tar, however. and turns on his Slth

master. RealIzing that Gantorls is no longer Ills, Kun utterly drains brim ~D provide hlrnsel f a reserve of energy to last until he can subvert more students.

KUll has rust begun ,edging In on Streett when Kyp Durron arrives at the Jedi academy. Knn immediately senses In the YOlllng man bi.s Ideal subject. Like Gantoris, Kyp is stl"Oog-willed end lmpabent to learn, Moreover, he is far mor powerful than the: Eol Shaleader, and young enough to be: ove:rconfiderU and naive,

Over a number or 'Weeks, Kun slowly bends Kyp to his will, and begins to augment his power. He grows verypowerful on Kyp's hate, and soon rUs hold OIl Kyp Is so complete that he c~n sel'lld Kyp beyond the planet to do his will and still retain control o;vet his subject.

Ultimately, he has Kyp return to V,avin FOl,Jf and helps hi.m reclaim the SUI'! Crusher. He also bolsters Kyp's Ui.I'ents to allow him to defeat Luke and place him in a: coma.

He revealshtmself to Luke ill his cOI.1l1,.l-like state, to taunt him. I;';e tells Luke of his plans to revlve the Lords o~ the Slth, usillg his disciples as his first gener.aUon of students. He boasts that healready owns Kyp and Streen, and destroyed Gantorls,

Stili not ready to take 011 luke directly. Kun makes several attempts Or! Luke's body. Each attack is thwarted by the Jed i student's ali d Lei a. Thanks to the 501.0 twins (who can speak with Luke) and Kirana 1'.i (who has sh.ldl,ed E:x:ar Kun in the Holoeron), the students learn the ide'l:lti ty of their I'oe IlIlul' howto defeat him.

The students comer KUD in. the great chamber where Luke's body is resting. He seeks to teJJl1'lpt and taunt each, but they close in Oil him. At thevery end, his master Vodo appears ml1long them, ~dQng with Luke. Klrana Ti and Streen [olntly deliver the Hnal blow, using tile llghtsabers oi Luke and Gaotorls to destroy Exar Kun,

Sith Pu'wers

The Slth ph tlosophy is very dHfer,ent from the .l,edl Code. Whereas ill Jedl uses the Force for knowledge and defense. aSlth uses the Force to bend the universe to hls will. The Jedi manipulates the Force. passively, wh ile in a state of caJm and control. The SlUlglves hlrnsell over to his passions, and channels the Foree by hamesslllg the power 01 anger, hate. love, andjealousy .. To use any Srth power' 'is to relinquish any claim to call onesell a Jedl, [veil the minor pOwers of the SlUt are extrflmely dangerous for Jed I to use, since they lead to the dark side.

TheSith teachings have largelyvlIll1ished From the universe by HIe time of the New Republic.

The Jedi Aeademy Sourcebook


Ellectronic Manipulatjon

"in oU'tmge.Kyp found the powerlo send a bUl'$i of comrolling thought through the integrated cir· .ruils in the Sun Cms.her's computer: He flushed the alien programming, wiping pathways clean and reblJlVdlng them ,in an ins,tant: He remapp.ed the functions - with a sudden mental p,:npQint fhal made 'he Sun Crusher whole again. "

Control mfficu~ty: Easy 101' non-sentient machines; Moderate for sentient machines: 011- Ilcult lor sentient machines hosule to Sith.Modi· fled by proxiimi'ty,

Altelf' Difficulty: Easy for slight alteratioas, Moderate [or significant changes In program· rntng: mmcult for rnsjor reprogrammlng, :ReqwedPowers: Abso.rb/dissipate energy, affect mind

Time to use; One round

Warnln;g:: A character who uses this power lrnmedlately galns a Dark Side Point.

Effect: This power allows a 51th to channell1fs; <linger into the electronlc circuits of a computer, drold, or machine, and reprogram it by manipulating its physical and electrical components. The reprogramming car! only restore original programming which has been altered, not actu aUy rewrite a cemputer's progr,anlming ..

Since this S ith power can on Iy be evoked ill III sta~e of rage, the Jedt have long avoided usl ng It,

Even 4,000 years ago, when the jed! Exar Kun first soughtthe lorbidden teachlngs, theywere virtually 'impossible 10 flnd, The true power .of the 51th has larg:ely passed hom the universe. Many now regard tl1~ once-feared Sith as little more than silly superstition.

The iollowing powers are some of the remnant powers. Exar KUIJ taught hts d!sciples Gantone and Kyp Olin-on. Exar Kun hlms elf possessed a great many other dark powers that he was unable to harness without the energy he needed to ru.e) his disembodied will. Sortie of these powers he was able to channel through Kyp, Ganeorts. and Streen to achieve his ends. How he was able to. do such things Is a Slth mystery which has not been revealed for many centuries.

Nole: The dark knowledge of the 51th teachlugs died with Kun: it is extremely unlikely that any records survive, either on Yavtn Four, or elsewhere (keep' in mind that even Lord Vader, himself a Dark Lord of the Sith, dld not know all· there is to know of the Srth powers). Under no clrcumstances should a. Jedi USe any of these powers, even for the best interrtlons.

Conlrol'and Alte.r

Aura of Uneasiness

"Insects and smaU' biting ereomees buzzed and seaUled around them; but flotie both.er;f/!d .Kyp . .f:i€ cot'lsc.i'ouslyexuded a shadow ofuf1easiness around f1im $0 that lowe,. creatures had no inc;.en'/i!)e to come nearer. Exar Kun had taught him thallrick tao. ,.

Control D:If:H(;liIIlty: Easy. Modified by proxlm-

tty, but ltmited to. line. of sight.

Alter Difficulty; Easy,

thiS power may be kepi ".up. "

Warning:. A character who uses this power against a sentient being imrnedlately gets a Dark Side Point

Effect: This power allows a Sith to proiecta field oJ vague discomfort and unease around him, whtch causes nonsentlent creatlly·es 'to avold him. Sentient creatures IUHiS@ a vague "uneaslaess'' about till!'; person.

Aura of tmeasiness effectively acts as the intimidation skill. Wilen used against a sentient being, the Sitll rolls alter+3Daga.inst thetarget's willpo.wer or Perception. (See sample modifiers and skill descrlptton 0.11 p.age 16 of Star War'S, Second Edition,)

When used agalnst predatory ani mats, the Sith rolls ulter+5D against the target's willpower or Perception.

Sense 81nd Alter

Ferce Winld Sense Diffi.cml'ty: Moderate

Alter mmeult}': Moderate' to affect 5 meters; DjHlcult to affect 10 meters, Very Difficult to affect 15 meters.

IllequlredPowers: Magnify senses, shift sens« telekitTesis

Thi; power may be kept "up. "

WantiJ:lg: A character who uses this power i.mmedl;}tely gels a Dark Side Point,

Effect: This power allows the Sith to ma.f1illu" late and channel air currents 'to form powerful and destructive tornadoes which can lift people bodily up into the air and IHnliI them about. The cyclone does the Slth's alter code in damage to all wHhl1l its range.

Control, Sense.. a nd Alter

O'ra,in Life Energy Control Difficulty: Easy.

Sense Diffh::ulty: Easy, Modifted by proxlmIty.

Aller D~fi'kulty: Easy.


The Jedl Acad,erny Sourcebook


Required Powen: Affect mind, controt pain; coraro! another's pain, dim other's senses, tuber,na/ion trance, life detection, ute sense, receptive

telepathy, sense Force, transfer Force .

This power may be kept ··up. "

Warning: A Jedi who uses this power gains a Dark: Side Poirn.

Effect: This power allows aSlth to draw power from nearby nonsentient beings to boost hls ability '10 go without sleep, As long as this power is kept up, the Sith will not fatigue or require sleep. Use 01 the power depends on a ready supply of nearby insects, small rodents, birds, and so on to draw energy from. This power may not be used to draw energy from sentient beings,

Memory' Wipe Contrnl DUfteuOOty: Moderate.

Sense Difficu~'1y: Target's willpower, Percep-

(ion or contro! roll. Modified by relationship.

Alter Difficu.lty: Target's willpower, Perceplion or contro! foil. Modified by relationship ..

Required PQ,wel'9·: Centro! pain, hibernation trance, life. detection, life sense, magnify senses, receptive teleoattiy, se'I'lS€ Force, telekinesi«, forseein.g, projective telepathy, attect mind, control mind, dim other's senses

Warning.: A character who uses this power immediately gets a Dark Side Point.

Time to use: Five minutes ..

Effect: This dreadful power allows at Slth to sift th rough another person's mind. and destroy all knowledge of speclfic events or learned skills. Use or the skill requires direct contact with the target, and only one specified objective can be pursued per session,

The Jedi Academy Sourcebook




I~Ch~ap~t~e!r!F~jv~e~:~F~o~rc~e~s~o~f~rh~.e~E~lm~pEI~'r!@::::::::::::::::::::::::::==::::::::::::::::::::~ii~ __ ~' ~

Cha er ive Forces of t e

Thelmperi'al Core Systems Though many Core worlds readllyernbraeed the N w RepubU ·wh.en the provisional governrn nl established Usetf on Coruscant. the vast majority resist d Integratt n Into the new governmen ,primarily becaus they reared the consequen .es oj allying themselves with the former R· belllen wh n there was stUl a very good chance tha the Ernplre might rise again to ecllps th N w Republl .

The arrival of Grand Admiral Thrawn exacerbal d thes f ars, and it was very difficul~ [or N w Republte dtp) mats, led by Mon Mothma and Lela Organa 010, to W 0 worlds into the N w Republl fold even after his defeat at Bilbthlgi. Wars, the Emperor's reappearan and subsequent attacks eccurred shortly after Thrawn's campaign, During the Empel'or's lat-

stcampargn», th New Republic suffered mightily, reduced on ce again to a band of Reb Is. It h s been a I ng, difficult struggle. butthe restored New Repuhl Ie is [in ally begl rming 10 make some progress 111 establishl"! its -If as a legitimate form of government, In the wak of Palpatme's latest defeat.

Recently, the Council de IcJ d to direct more resources in a wlnn i ng over n -utraJ worlds than in dashing with the remnant armies and navies, r the Empire.

Many Core worlds refused to enter th " New Republlc under any ctrcumstances, out of loyalty to the Imperial systems. These 'Imperial Core Worlds"" fared very well under Palpatlne, and many owed lhe Empire for their influence and power. Their leaders and p ople prel rred aldlngther matnlnghnpertalferces.mthehop s tha Lhey wOlJk'l have an exa.l.ted place In a restored Empire.

The "various lrnpertal 'Warlords, both rhos who desired to restore the Empire, and thos 'who merely wanted to establtsh one or their own, retreated Into theselmpertal Core systems

to regroup, vte and bicker for resources, and awatt ,a leader that 'Wo!IJld reunlt hem. Ttle~l greatest hop - rose and di d in the f rm ol the resurr t d Emperor . Bereft of a ~rea't leader, the Imperial Core has pulled in on Its if. leaving

, the N w Republic to lick its wounds for a few years of uncertain peac .

for a time at l",as'L, the New Republic. Is free.to pursue more peac ful puesutts, ontldent that the Imperial threat is safely bottled up in the lmperfal ore. Little do Its citizens realize that another threat ltes 111 the M'aw Just beyond Kessel, waHll]g to be unlashed, Or that a sUII greater threat to its I aders lurks pl'oLUng in the

marble halls of Carlda ... -

Ambassador Furgan

Ambassador furl'! n, the pomp lIS ambasaador and nominal ruler of the Imperial training world or Canda, Is at snort, barrel-chested man with spindly arms and legs. He sports, thick eyebrows on his squarish Fa ,e, which flare upwards like birds' wings.

His ps udo-lmperIal un Ifor:m is bedecked with more badg s, ribbons. Insignia, and aeht vement 5 ud than any on person could possibly have earned in altletfme. Theseaccclades could certainly not have been earned by F'urgar:J, who has no c mbat training or experience, and only a vasue Idea or wha it means [10 command men's liv, 5 responsibly,

A loyal servant or the Empire, Furgan is enraged to see many o~ the wa .. rlords 111 the Imperial Cor systems waste their considerable resources wrestling ler dominance amollg the remnants or the imp rial fleet rather than fighting against their real 11 my', the New Repl.lIbll,c. Furgan hi msell has the will but not the means to restoreunay to tile leudfng ractions; wh I II:'! Cartda has some o'f the most sophisticated weaponry and seldl rs in the ntlre galaxy. she lads a fleet. AU th troops n 'the planet mean nothing


The Jedi Academy Sourcebook


- lthout th means to transport them. Furgan hilS beenunsuc - ssful in obtalniJ'lg capi~al ships lrorn other warlords, be- aus - his fellow IrnpertailJ alously guard ttre shjpswnlch Thrawn and the r born _. mperor did n l lann as their own and remove from their Ileets,

Furgan has nonetheless b en productfve. If Ile cannot strike 6Ii blow against the New Republic wl[h dlr t mil tary (ore '1 he rnus us what resources he do s have more creatively. What h has js dip) m tic status, lite tro p rs, a large !j.truf or brilliant military scientists. and a well:'plaeed spy on Coruscant,

From these- resources .. rLlrgan cone Ives a daring plan whi .h will deprtv - the New Republl om lts key leaders. and plac th Jedl chlldr n of L it! Orgalla 010 in his hands. He envlsl ns hlmseUas tile mall who will (orge a new Emp,ir from the ashes of the old, wUh a grandson or granddaughter ot Darth Vader on the thron ood himself as foster parent and "helpfuf' reg n

The first segrn nt of the plot involves assasSinating Mon Mothma, Leta Organa Solo, and Admiral Ackbar, the three best-known leaders in the New' RlepubUc. governrn nt. To arrange lh£!acc1dentald athsotl.ela and Ackbar, Furgan

LIS. 5, his key spy on Coruscent, the Man a[amarl starsh i p rnechan lc Terpl n, who has been bloch rnically brainwashed t, obey his every

mmand, At the same time.," instructs his r search staIf to one ct a tracel -S5. nano vi rus whlch wlll destroy MOI1l Mothma's body [rom within.

ierpten sue essfully sabotages Ackbar's Swtng, and though Ackbar and _ ta surviv h subs quent ac lderu.Terplen convtnc sFurg,an that tl e dlsgr ce A kbar has suffered is far mnre eflectlve ln lowertng New R public morale than his death would be .. furgan himself travels to Coruscant to inoculate Mothma with the nan virus by thr wing a drink ontalnlng h .

ontarnlnant into her face ata dtplornattc function.

With the Cht,ef of State doomed to die or a my teri us wastlng slckness, Ack:har gone, and L la's coalltlon in the: Inn r C un iI sev r ely waken d. Furgan tums to tile S cond stage ol his plan - dts v ring the locatl n of the J, .di ell lldre n .. Again h uses Terplen, who plants a beacon i n Ackbar's ship In the hopes that Ackbar willeventually tray I to the mysterious world. Eventually, Ackbar d es so, and Furgan dis vers that. the Solo children are hidden 011 Aneth,

The Jecli Academy Sourcebook


2;lapter Five: FOKes of the Empire w_

No maUler that the two older twins Me no longer on the planetoid - an Furgan needs is: one token Jedl, and Ana..kin. Solo will do jusr as well as his older' brother and sister.

Furgan plans the cperanon to Iddnap Ana.kln wttbextreme care. He sleets the best stnnrnrocpers all Calida to lorm hls assault force, lIind tncorporates tine new Mountaln Terraln Arm.ored Transport (MT~A.T) into the at~ tack. He entrusts the missIon to the best ship ill his meager fleet the Ve.ndeila,

Hls plans are almost ruined at the last moment by the appearance of Kyp Durron In the Sun Crusher. In attempting, to capture the Sun Crusher. F'urgan goads Kyp into .lalJnching one of his system-destfoyh!l~ torpedoes intolhe Carldoilili'l sun. When It becomes obvious U~a~ Furgan cannot. save Carlda, he gives the evacuatton 'orders, alld barely escapes with only hls attack ship Vendetta and Its crew.

Eager to claim A:nakin at the earltest possible moment. Furgaa accompanies the elght spider walkers which rald Aneth, Furgan successfully captures Anakln, but Is forced to s,lu:l'iIlceaU his men to do so. NewR:epublic torces arrlve, led by Lela and Ackbar.

For a moment, an impasse holds. until }'oun.g Antfkln causes a power drold ['0 dlstract Furgan long enough for Terplen to snatch the baby away. Disp,laying amazingspeed, Furgan managies to flee into the depths ol the base, the Calama:l"lans In hot purselt, Furgallattetnpu to !lee In one o'f the spider walkers, bur Is destroyed by Terpfen before he can escape the area.

:. Ambassador Fursan ])l~: Inrlperla'i liJi.plom.1l.! 'DEXTERm:' ZD

,Blil5ltT 31), flol'.I.St '1042. rul:'lnlnQ, :20 .. 2 KNOWL:EDGE <I.D

lJJlen .~pedes 50.. burl!lloucrtu:y SO, l:iul'e<luc:r.tl<:y (MidI! 10D. burea.uc.racy:lfflperial. Army 70 •. 2. business SO .1. cultures 4D.2 .• lnlimldinlol:l 5.0.2, languages 50. Ii~w enrore,eme:nl: Carlda 70+ i , plal1etll'rySYS~Il:W1S 5D,l.IlCII,C3 ·m·.!, wlllpcw r 6DI


ComrnunlcatiOIls 4D~:!. hover vehlcle operation '1D, ·repl.llsorlllt operation IlO+2, sensors 40.·1, wfllker operaLion 3[)'2


Bargain SD. ccmmaad 1D. con 50·.2, hlde 4D~ ~vesll,ga'lion '1,0'. persuasion 6D,'persLliUloiil: orallon8D+1. search '10 .. 1; sneak 4V


I!Imwllng 3[1. I. dlmbll1!!11umpll1!1 3D. stamina. 3D TECHNtCM3D

Computer p.ro!:lra_mm.iflgl~ep .. lr 5D, dmld programrnlrsg' 'I D. 1; IIBt aid 'ID. securlry 00.2

Forte' 'Polnl:!l: 5

Datk' Ide Pol.n'1\$ 12

Cib:8l!'Ucter' Points;: 22


Equ'lllwcnl: Ornate custom Impe-rJ<lJ~llorm. coml~lik. dalap\!ld

Co .• oner Ardax

Colonel Ardax, a middle-aged Challdrila nalive, Is as accustomed to commanding men on the brid,g€! of a stars hip as he is to commanding men on the ground. He has spent the last decade servlng aboard vartous .ru-myreonlrolled ships In the CaddEll system, from small patrol crail to

larger' cruisers. . ,

A lew years ago, he took command of I he Dreadnaught vendena, one of the few capital ships in the Cartda system. A:rdax has honed his crew Into a Ilnely-tueed machlne capable or respcndlng to changing tactteal sttuattens in seconds. He: is a Lougb but fait taskmaster who aitways. puts his crew tint, and his crew is extremely loyal in return.

The lfende/ta is chosen by Flilrgan La transport his assault team to Anoth. Fur:ganevacuates the doomed Carida aboard the Yendena Just as the system is destroyed, and takes nominal comrnand of the ship. Ardax, howe Vier, is an Indepen· dent captain who Is more concerned w,l,th commandJl1g 111:5 ship properly than humorlng a bureaucrat who has no real mUltaryexperlence.

Wh,en the New Republte shows up dun ng tile raid on Anoth, ArdIDC abandons Furgan's assault team and prepares to flee the system. He lUes between the two largest portions 01 theshattered wOTld in an attempt to lose' the New ,I~ll!public ship in th sensor-blind area as he prepares for ,il leap to hyperspace. The hnrnense static dlschars·es generated by the planetary fragments dtschsrge directly on the hull of his ship. destroying it.

• Colone~ Ard.ax

Type: Imperial Army Oilicer DEXT.ERlTY 3D

Blaster 51), dodge 4.1J.2. grenade 41). vehicle blasters 40··2

Krm:'rYl.E![)[j E 20+ I

IBureaucracy 3D. burenucrac:y~ ImpeJilaJ Army 1i0-2. culluires 3D.2, inllmldalioll 3D. l.iW enforcement: lrnpenal Jaw SD. pl;ll'iel<ll!''y ~)I terms ~Dl,-l.s\Jrvl"'lIl lID, (acHes: capl.nal shIps S,o, taenes: ground a:;SRlJlI 7[l. w'il~!lower 30~~

MECHAN](:A1. 3ll ... Z

N>lmgallol"l 4D, 'Cap II III ship gunnerydlr-L, capltnl_shlP plloUng 5.0.2, capllnl. shlp shields 40.2, Commll1llh:tl.· 'lIDI:t:S SD. hO""1/er vehl Ie operation ·m.·2. repulsorltlt oil" eranon 50. sensorll SD. spilce IrM!ipOnS _<!O. 2. slntShjp gu.nnery 'm. stauhlp shle:lds 4D.l, wlllker operatkm ,1[>+1

.PERCEP1l0N m",z

Barg'!l~!1 3D, ecmmand: Venrl!!Uacrcw BD.I. hide 3[}+2, In'li'eS;tlgalion 400, p·rsl.lInsion 4D. seardl 4D.l SiTlImNGTH 'ID

Brilwlin:H, GD,. stamina 5D


'Capital shlp repair 3,0. ~lJplla.l ship wI:![lpunrcl)!I!r JD.:!, computer progralumln&lrepaiT4D, dr'old pmgrmnmlng 3D ... 2. !lrsl.,de! 4D. ·f!ell'YlliorIIH I'f"pab 3,0, ~~clll"lty4li)..l Chlmlcler Poln'l:S: I:?

l'l'to .... e! ItO

EqUllp:menl: Impeelal Army uniferrn, cQmUnk.. dilll!llJildl

Lie,ut,enan't D'auren

Lieutenant Dauren is an ambitious young officer who spent much or his early military career staying just ODe step ahead of the New Republic. He graduated with honors from Raithal aca.dem:yoril.y rnonths before the New Republtc reclaimed the campus. Ie spent afewmonths in advanced ccmrnuntcattons tratmng at Corulag, before that world was abandoned by the retreating Empire.

Alter 'completing his tral.nlng,. Dauren was sent into tne field under a variety oj commanders, including at various times Grand Admiral Thrawn and the resurrected Emperor. He' spent several y ars being tossed about by the unstableWlnds of war before he managed to 0 btaln a Lrans(,er to Carida., where he looked forward to a .ew years behind a desk while he worked on flinding a polltlcal patron.

Dauren is. quite young to be one of Cartda's maln cemm o Hicera, but he Is talented and already has enough ~Tiends in the upperechelena to ensure a favorable asstgnsaent. He bas made considerable headway in winning lrlends ill Ambassad r Furgan's command stru ture, and ts confident that within a. year or two he might come to the attentlon of the Arnbassador hlmselt

Dauren actually comes to Furgan's attentton a blt sooner than he plans, but not under ideal oircumstan es: Carlda is, about to be Incinerated by ~ts 'collapsing SUIl. Dauren is charged with locating Kyp Durron's brother, Zeth (now a stormstrooper), He succeeds and hopes that he can use the mall to get hlrnsell off the doomed planet. Unfortunately, In hls panic, Dauren in= [ures Zeth arid is in turn slain by the stormttccper.

.Ueuten,ant Da'uren

1}pe: :Imperial Army Offiice.r DEXTERITY 3D

Blaster 4D1"2, dodge ;'0+ I., gr rI<:Ide 4D KNIJM.EDG'E 2D

~lJr:eaucrai!Y 40, planetary systems 5D, value <ll:h I MECHA.N:ICAL 31)+ 1

'CommlJlnlc<lII!lons 60+2, re:pu.lllorIUI cperatlon . - D, sensors SD. I, space transports 40. waJker op ratlen 4-0+ 1 PERCEPTION 2D'

Ba.rgain 40, cemrnand 3D~2. eon 4D. inves,'tigllLlon 3D, pars uaslen <l D +2, sear'l::il 31)~ I


:!b:llwllng 3D, lifting 31), stamina 3D .. l 'fECRN1CJ\l 2D

Compuler programmingjr'e:p,al.r 40, drold pmg,mmmillg 3Dt2, droll'! repelr 3:0, Iillrst aid 'lOT I. security 50 Chllnu:tell" ,'010l1l! S.

1!li'nr~ 10

:Equ[pmenl: Imllllrj-aJ Army untrerm, eomllns, da'tapad, Mh:!l~ut blllllt :r (:3D+2)

TroDp,er ,21 l' 2 "Zeth Dur'ron'J

Zeth Durron was raised all the colony world of Deyer along with his llttle brother Kyp. Z th was an active boy, and spent many hours outon the lakes of his colony, fishing. swimmirug,and working. He was a. very brlgbt student as well, and! had plans to attend Deyer's civil engineerIng school so h could take a hand in guidi.ng the growth 0] the colony,

When the lmpertalscameto errest hls household for sedrtlort, Zeth was separated from. his family. WhHe they were sent to the spice mines of K ssel, Zeth was deemed "salvageable" (from an Imperial pomt oi view).

He spent over a year in a strlct boot camp for politically deviant youths, where ills personality and loyalties were challeaged and assaulted at every level. At first Zeth resisted, bur soon learned thatthe only way to survive was to bury hls own will and let events take control, He became a model student. and hnpressed his supervlsorswlth his a~hletic and acaderruc talents.

Eventually, they sent him 'to Carida Ito enroll in a, special storrntrooper raining 'camp. ver I air of the recruits died in training (many simply failed loyalty tests and were shot), but Zeth survtved, and was inducted in a regular stormtrooper unit as trooper 21 1.2 ..

Trooper 2112 has spent the last few years in endless tralnlng cycles, awaiting the day he will be ailed upon to do hls duty for the Empire. Unexpectedly. the call to duty he receives is not Irorn his superior officer, but from. his brother Kyp,

When Kyp ges UTes to him from the Sun Crusher, he, for the first time in years, thinlcs of something other than his duty to the Emplre. Unfortunately, as he attempts to escape doomed Carida with Kyp, Dauren stuns him with a blow to the head .. He manages to shoot Dauren, but is too Injured to make it aboard the Sun Crusher. Kyp grabs him wlth the tractor beam, and is on tile verge o~ opening the cockpit and i;l'ettln.g Zeth him se 11,. when the sun explodes, destroying Cartda and Zeth ..

Much later, in the temple of Exar KuJ'I on Yavln IV, Zeth appears bel re Kyp to thank his brother for ireeing him from the Imperials ..

• Z'eth Curron

Type: Imp rial tormtrooper DEXTERD'Y 2D

Blaster 51). 1>1 ~ller artillery 'm. dodge 4D+2, gr nade 3D. 2, melee mml)ilit4D,:melee parry i\D, vehicle blasters 110.1


lntlmtdatlon ::10. survival SD, raeucs 31)+ 1 MECHANICAL .2D+2

Repulsortltt operation 41). walker operatlort 4D

1he Jedl Academy Sourcebook


kept herself and her troops at peak performane!", boned toa (inC" pOint through constant clrill'ing and wargarnes. She prkles herself on keeping her men primed for ac tlnn at (I moment's notice.

Tile news that the Empire lies broken, along wilh 'l'arkin and his mighty Deatl: Star. shakes her 10 her core, She resolves to hit the New Hepu b ~ ~r as 11 ard as s Ill'! call. wi UI her arsen al ul experimental weapons.

Unfortunately, things go wronl4 lor her aJ· most Immediately. O;:tal(] soon learns tllHt an aptitude for theory is no substltute for expertence, Her inability 10 alter her plans to take into account the unexpected is tnstrumental in her ev ntual downlal l. Han Solo, Kyp. and Chewbacca escape wi th her prize su perweapon, lilt' SUI'l Crusher, and destroy the HycJ/V, ollie ol her fOLI!' Star lJestl"uyt:rs.

After battling Moru HI Doole's forces at Kessel, Daala retreats to the Cauldron Nebula to reo cover "mel IJlot 11 er next step. RerusIl1g to subrn it 10 any of the warlords in the Imperial Core. she settles on a hlt-arul-run strategy destgned to strike terror in tile New Republlc.

Her plan works fota time, until she decides to hitthe orbital dockyarrls at Calamari. Her plan is tactlcally flawless, but It reveals her greatest weakness.her tendency to rely 011 'l'arkin's strstegies rather Hum her own instlncts. She uses one (If Tarkin'sclasstc maneuvers which IS reeognlzed by Ackhar, who is also familiar with Tarkln'sta .ttcs.He recognlzes ~wr ieintfo[what it is, arid counter-strikes 111 a brilliant move which results ill the loss uf Daala's second destroyer; the N/anlicor€.

Daala again reassesses her goals, and determines that she has 110t been doil1g much damage to the New Republic, Alter briefly detaining (and then destroying) a Sullustan trader and learning from his records that the shield generatOI'S on Coruscaru have not yet been repaired, Daala forms a new attack plan, She resolves to strike at Coruscanr Itself, rammi ng the strippeddown Star Destroyer Basilist: Into Imperial City at full speed, leveling build i rigs lor thousands or kilometers, and causing drastic damage to the enlist of the planet.

Alas, her planIs disrupted before it call even get un dsrway - Kyp appea I'S ill the s taglng area pilot ing the Sun Crusher, and uses it to detonate the nebula her fleet is hidi.ng in. She barely escapes, and the Basilisk is vaporized by tile expanding explosion, Daala Is down fa her 100.st ship,

While' repalrlng her ship,she has time to reflect on he!" mlstakes and actions, and realJzes that her prlorftlea have been o:ff kilter ~ her

~c~h~a2p~[elrlF~lv~e~:!F~o~r(~e~swo~f~t~,h~e~E~m~ .. ~·~e:ir~re~::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::=ii~·.~~


rrJn1l"Il'l.llti ;~D· Z. hide 3n, 1 nVI,')i! ~1:f0l1 [nn 2D"t 1, s!'~T'dl :11). s ,,~~k ·t[)· I


Hrtlll'lhl'-l4"D, t·llnlb~n!ViulII!lil1!,! :lD- ~.I iltielg:m ,.2. !'.'1.1111~ml ::10


Arillor ruualr 2I.h:!. hlaster n-.,palr 1D~ 1. d~'I!l'Jll!lon~ 2D.2. lir.!il air! :m, securlty 4D. walker repalr ~IJ .. ~

C h iIrac~('r Po I n ts·: h

:,!1nve; 10

Equl,lllllent: SbJrl111 roop·er arm: Ir (-~[) physical, -Ill !'lwrgy. ·1 D til 1J~~iI·tN'Z\! 11110.1 n:I<i\ed skills). blaster rllle (~IJ). blaster lJi~11J1 (,IU)

Admiral Daala

Admiral Daala has spent her entire life moving at lull speed. As a cadet, she pushed herself to her physical and menral llrnlts, and occasionally beyond. She excelled in ellery curriculum, and used her strategic skills to wipe out entire navles In wargames.

She soon developed a reputation as a brilliant tactician, and might helve gone: 011 to 011] equally brtlltant careerIn the. fleet, bu.t for one seemingly tnsurmountable problem ~ the antilernale prejudices present through every layer or tile Imperial NaVY,all the way up to the Emperor himself, Daala found herself in u deadend career. wa~ .hlng less qualifiedmen pass her by on thei,," way ro their own commands.

Out of Jrustration and. a desperate desire to be heard and respected by her peers, Daala creased a. false persona in the comput'er netwo rks to serve as her' mow I'll pi ece, Thrls fkll(mal person rapidly made II name rOT "himsell" by proposing I'adlca~ but effec I lve acucs ami id eas, and drew the. attention of MoU Tarkln, H~ traveled to Carida 'to find this brtlllant newtactlelan and fOllnd Daala instead.

More Innov.ative and open-minded than the Emperor (or perhaps simply more willing to make LJSe 1)( all resources available to him), Tarkln quietly took Daala under his wi[Jg, reassigning her to his personal staff in the Outer Rim, and set her to work. She absorbed every lesson Tarkin taught her. and came to analyze every scenario and sltuatlcn ill light of how he might respond to it. She became his prl ze protege and lover, Under his supervtston, sh became a comrnandervand then a captain.

TO keep her hidden from other Impertal leaders ~and perhaps because he was tiring O! her as a lover-s- Tarkin ulttrnately ga ve her four Star Destroyers and charged her with protectlng his precious Maw Installation. He promoted her to aclmiraJ,m,aking her one of the only females to reach that :rank In the Impertal Navy.

Though Admiral Daala has spent over 10 years isolated and cut off in the Maw, she has


The Jedf Academy Sourcebook

:g,::;:\=' =========::::::============:: .. :.:,~C~h!:lau:p~te;Jr~Fi~\I~e~: !:F.!:!o~rc5!.e;;,s~o!.f:;th~e'~E;!m~p~ir~,e

Four tar Destroyers are stationed at Maw Installation, guarding, tl e research facilities.

he Gorgon is Admiral Daala's flagship, and the other shi ps are the Mantlco.re, the Basilisk and the Hydra. The four ships each have 60 turbolaser batteries, 60' i n cannons and 10 tractor beam projectors. The Gorgon alone

ames six TI:Eflghter squadrons, two Gammaclass assaultshuttles, 20 AT-AT walkers, and 30AT~STscout walkers .. The four capjtal ships represent all awesome oncentraticn oJ Ur~ power, and at the height or Imperial power wereconsidered more than enough to hanrlle any non-Ierpertal force which might stumble Into the Maw.

The Star Destroyers are manned by skeleton crews, They ate the best Tarkin and Daala could find, and many are peoplewithout families and conn ttons to. the outside. There ar 180,0100 peopl in the rew not

ountlng tl e i nstallatio:n p rsonnel,

One of Daala's biggest concerns as Maw Commander is that sh is commanding a closed pepulatlon of soldiers and navy men, Promotions are scarce, and the men have Iongago outgrown tnejobs they have held for the last: l2 years ..

A typical career soldier or navy man In the greater Imp rlal mllltary hangesjobs and is promoted s veral times in such a long period, The military men 111 the Maw fa e a unique situation; there is nowhere to be promated to, from the top down.

The result is that the men have remained a~ the same level for over a decade, regardh~5S of how qualiUed they ,are to advance ..

duty was to remain in the Maw and pro ect Its assets, not galllvantaround th galexy in a slapdash attempt t, scare the New Republic. The Nw Republic was sure to return to the Maw once It knew of the place.

Daala returns to the M.aw resolved to defend it to the death" She catches th New Republic forces in occupation or the installation, During the ensuing battle, she accesses the personal logs oJ Slvron (the current director at Maw Installation) and downloads a!] of his research r cords.

After she destroys the installation, she' flees lh Maw as quickly as possible. Her ship is barely functional, and she worries that the men under her hay lost faith in h r. Her new plan is to lak,eSivron's notes,and allywlth oneor more oi the warlords in the Imperial Co:re.

This lack of advancement, along with years ol isolation and no. down-tlrne, are taking their toll, The troops have exhausted the entertamment librari,es, and are restless, bored and angry at being, placed on standby for so long without word from the outside.

Thls situation has, created in ense moral, problems, which have aken all the wit and ingenuity of Daala and her senior om ers to counter. Daala keeps the troops and crews highly trained and drilled; but that or:dy can accomplish so much.

The largestt problem by far is that her men are aging. Typically" the vast majority of enlisted men at the controls of a Star Destroyer's guns" sensors and so on are quite young; most are in their late teens or early twenties. This is the age when reflexes are sharpest, the' b dy is at its peak of efficiency and effec\. tlveness. and the man himself i at the start of his areer.

Th military personnel stationed at the Maw are over 10 years past the ld eal ages for their jobs, The llghtnlng-qnlck reflexes o£ a 21-yea:r-old "fiE pllotslow sllght ly (but signifi .• can tly) by age 33, and the 35-year-ol:d stormtrooper i soot as effective as his younger counterpart, At the other side of the SPC4 trum, senior nllsted men Bind officers ars beginning to 11 ar retirement age.

Daala and General Odosk are very con. erned that th ugh their m 11 are as experienced as drills can make them, they have lost the edge that makes the diUer,ence between victory and defeat. Only actual combat will answer that question.

• Admiral Daala

Type: Imperia] Navy , fficer IlEXTERff'( 2D+ 1

Blaster 50, blaster: blaster pistol 6D.,2, blaster artillery 4D,. b:raw:llng parry 7D, dodge (m, grenade 4D+1, m h,~combat 5D+2, mel e parry 50, mtssll weapons 4D+ 1 KNOWLEDGE ZlD+ a

Anon species 4D+2. bureaucracy 50, bureaucracy: Imperial Na\I'Y8D .. 2 .. bureaucr .. cy; Maw In::ll(!lllal ~on: 10D. bustness 6D~2, cultures 6D. intimidation 8D+2, 11lI11;SlIilges 7D. law enforcement: lmpeelal law lID, plan tary systems 6D .. 1, sIITvi.vaI5D, tactlcs 71J, taeues: capital ships 70t2, tactics: fleets SD.], raetlcs: gnJlJ,nd assault tactics 7D~ I, tacttcs: starflgi1.lers 8D+2. value 80. willpower 10.2 ME.cHA_NICA.L 3D+2

ASlrogatlon 60. capltal ship gunn ry 6D+2. capital :>hlp p~lotlng 6D+2.. capital shlip pHo!ing: Imperia] Star Destrayer 9D, eapltal ship shields 7D, communications 7D .. I, eepulsorntt operatton <tV. 2" sensors 6D, space transports 5D~ I. stadl!ihter ptlotlng 4D" sta.l'sllilp gunnery ,nh2.starship shi.elds 4[)~1; walker operation 40

Ihe Jedi Academy Sourcebook


PERC£M10N 30.1

Barsaln BD, command 6D*2, cernmand: Imperial NilVY Dmce~s I.ID, enmmandr Maw ned personnel 80~2. can 9D, ntde 70+2. InvesUgaUon 80. persuCislon 8D. search 8D~2, ~ra~k 10

.rr.RENCnl 21) .. 1

BmwllrnR Sll, cllmblng/jullliPing tiD .l!. lilting 5.D. slaml.l1(JJ 7D


Computer prQgrilJnI~.jjllgfrep.air 10[).2, dernolltlnns 50, droit! pmgraIumJng 1D, first aid 51). serurlty SD

FQ~' Poh!Ui"J

Dnlit Sidle P'olnb: 1!J

CllurnC'l ~ Poln IA: 2.fi

Mov·lol: III Equllpmeol:.Comlln:k. datapad

Commander I(ral:as

Commander Kratas Is the captain of Adm\ral Daala's [lag.shIp, the Gorgon. Initially. Kratas and Daala got on very badly due to ill radical ditl:erence In command styles, but over the years of tsolatlcnthe two have learned to work together, and Kratas now serves as her' primary advisor and councilor. Though an independent-minded aUker., Kratas alw.ays follows. orders to the letter,

Kratas wa.s born on Derilyn In the EJrood sector. With nothing to look lorward to but a liJe In the ore mines, he eagerly accepted .iiI SAGEducatlon scholarship to attend Calamar University o III Esseles. He excelled il'J hi story and politIcs, and was chosen for officer training school on Carlda,

His flaIr lor commend came too the tore whll~ 0111 Carida, and when lie graduated, he found hlrrrselt under Tarkio's command, He distlnguished hlmseU sumdellUy In ensuing years 'to be chosen as one otthe guardians of Maw inst ... llatlon.

A short man, Kratas has dark hair trimmed to regulation length .. wide watery eyes. set under beetling brows. and a Jutting chin that hangs below almost nonexistent lips.

• Commander Kratas Type: Imperial Navy tOlJlrer DEXTERn'Y 2.0+2

I}lllitoler S]), ~, dt)d8e 5D, gl"en~d-[' 4D~ I, tuelee combat SD. melee parry 40.2, vehicle blasters <1D


A~I@I] sp. des5D, buraaueraey 4 D. blirMuemcylmp~rllll N,Hry fill. I, bureaucracy: Maw InstnUallon: 6D·.2, bust. ness tiD· 2.cuHures 500, langlJag 's S[), law e.lI1oTcerne!1t; 1r'l1:I'e.rll,1 law fil), pIAI1~inry' !ly~lems m. SLlrvi;~<a~i 4D. tactks .'ilJ.2. ladies.: eapltal ships 7D, taettes: gl!'GlIl1d assmalt tactics 5D~ I


As1rogal lorn 5U, capital ship gunnery 7D+2. capiud shIp pllotJ!1~60, cl,;Ipltal Ship plloUllg: .lmprlll15tar Destroyer 7D+2, lCapllAl ship shlelds 60 .. cnmmlHlicalloll5 m. r '.PUISOTilE! operation 5D, sensors 5.0., space transperts 5D.I. $ lal'shrp shields SD, swoop opef<ulon 51), walker operAtion <110


BBI'!Jll1n 60, command 60·2, command; IGnlt,'OrI olficers SD·.:!. con 5D~I, lIambllnll5D, Inves.ugathJIl 70, J}i':r!!I.1I1· slon 7D+ 1. seard160. 1!1'Ie;:t.k ifi!)


Brawling 5D. cllrnblnl!!Jumplng 60, IUlIl1g ~D, stamina 6D TECHNICAL 3D'

Capital ship repair 50. capital ship weapon repalr 5'D. ·C:OITl.puIB prog,amtlllnglrepalr 6D.demollllon6D. dreld programml,n.g 60. fl.rsl aid -10. security 1D. I

Fon:e ,·"tots:1

J)3Tk SldePoln~ 3

CiUmi.Cfler .PolntIJ~ i2

Mmfe: 10

Equipment: ComHnk, dalapad

IC'apt'ain Ste.nT,ha'nas·

Captain Sten Thanas Is the skipper of the Sttlil!' Destroyer Hydra. When he entered the Maw 12 years ago he served as Its first mate, but took over U.s command last yeaJ' when the original captarn died ina turbollft malfunction. He is relattvelyyoung for an Imperia] captaln, and is sttll in the process of wlnrling the conndence 01 his crew and ofHcers. He gets on weU with Daala, and trusts her leadership iml1lkit:ly.

Thanas Is Jrom Q. prominent Coruscanr house which has produced many mdRepllIblic and Imperial ofncers over the centuries .. He served in the Outer Rim Territories (principally in Seswenna sector) under Tarkln before velunteertng to transfer to Maw tnstallatton,

Tall and handsome, Tbanas cuts a splendid figme In his crisp unIform. He has ash-blonde hal r, and blue eyes. Unfotti.mately. Thanas' promlslng career is. elll short when the escaping Rebels ram his ship 'with the Sun Crusher. II drinsinto a black hole and is destroyed.

• Captain St·en Tlilanas Type! Imperial Navy Ollie r DEXTERITY ZI};,.2

.B:laster SQ., blaster: blaste.r pistol 7D.1. dodge 40.1, grenade'lD, melee cOInb:l1 51).1. melee: parry 110. run 5D KNO'WLfDGE 3D

Allen specles 'ilD, buream:.racy5D, bureaucracy; Imperial Nllvy6n, bureaucracy; Maw I nstaJ I al1otl: 70. cultures lID. iMg!Ja~es 5D+2', law enlnrcernentrlrnpeelel Jaw ~iD~I, pitmelal')' sys.tems. 5D~2. 3U rvtva I 40<1. tactlcs 50,laC· tlcs: eapuat shIps 61)


AstrQg~tlPn 50,. ca.p:llaJl ~htp gunnery ;iDt2, ,caplta'l ship pUoUn!l: 50, capltal shlp pllutlng lmperlel SllIr Destroyer liD. II. capital ship .shl;'£lds 50. commuulcnnons 50·2. sensors 50,space tJ,jjn~ports .:rD. starshlp shields ojl) P'ERCD~1l0N 3:0",·1

Bafg3ln ~D, command 110.2. command: HJ'flrtJ Qllkers SD+2. con SO.Z.ln,'CsLlga'lon6D. persuasion GO.I.search 50. sne.ak. 6:0. ]


Ikilwlln!il: 4D+2. slilimlnn SO


C.apltal ship repslr SO, c.u.p!ta.1 ship WCil.pa.n repair 50, computer programming/repair 50, dernelltlens ·41).1. d1.rold programming 510 ~2. IIrst aid 4D.I, seeurlty 50 Fon;c iPollflts: "I


The Jed,j Academy Sourcebook

~~~~::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::~c~h~a~R~r~elr!F~N~~~:lF~o~r~c~e!s~o~f~t~h~e~ .. !E~m~p~j~re

Dark IcfI PAiiot8: 1 Ch___a.m: C r Polu.tl!: m 16, Mo,,~: 10

Eqil1l,pIIIPnt: Comllnk, dill p cJ,l'Iald-ouu blut r (30+1)

Captain Bruse

Captain Bruse Is th cornmander of the

'luntiCOrE!'. He is, a tough and demanding I, ader, able to pusl hlsmen t arnaztnghelghts. Though he is a very competent oIIIceT, he Is also an insecur,e vainglory.

This d Iect makes, him Insult rabl to the officers under him, who must humor him and endure hls frequen't rlrades and bouts Qif depression. Many would have m ved on to other posts, on other ships if they could. but there ts 110 escape In the smallunlverse of Ma\'I' Installation.

Bruse Is a sallow-faced man with thlnnlng blond hair and a weak chin. Hi,s ship IDS I st with all hands during the battle in Calamari's orbit when Admiral Daala's strike at the stJlpyards ~Ialls .

• Captain Bruse

Type: lmperlal Navy Ofllc'l!r DEXTERrn" :m+:2

Blasler 401. blast r: blaster pi _01&0. dodge n. B,rCflil.d~ m. mlssll weapons 4D


Bureaucracy 60. bureaucraey: Imperial Navy 71)",1. bureaucracy: Maw iflStallation: ill, tnttmldarton 50., Janguages til, law enfOti:ll;lm 1111: lrnperlal law 7D. I, planIltary systli:ms 5D, survtvul ~r), raencs 6D, tactics; capital ships 7n. UI!I:uks: lleeas 5D',2, willpower 5D

rdEC:HANl- - 3DT2

I\s{r01l3'lIoll 5D, cap,ital ship ,gunnery 50 .. 2', capiUlJ shIp, piloting 5D.21 cnpltal shlp pllonng: lrrrperlul Star Destroyer i'D, cil.pHI1I ship Slllc1ds S[), comml1n!!'OLII~n$ 60. r~uJJjorllll vehide 5D. sensors SD-Z. space tral1sports 4[):'!'2. star hlp sill Ids 4D

PERCEP'l'ION 301+ I,

Eiargall'l 51). command 60 .. 2, rOllnm.and: Mllntirure oUic· ers 10.2. con 6'0. In1re5til:lalloll 'lD. persuasion 'I'D~I, r;ear,c:fl $ 2


Brnwll118 6:0, stamina 51)~2 1UHNI:CAL 3D

C(Jrnpul r pmgnllmnln&lreplllr6D. demolulons-lf), droid programming 60.2. firs,laid 5D. securnv 7D

Fcm:e PolIn5~ I •

[1)ru1r: Sld,!!, I'oilltll: 2

Charn I r Po'II118: :7

'~fcn<e: to

:Equ}pm DC Com II 11k,. datapad

ICaptain MulUnore

MuUinore is the captain of the Ba.sili!ik. the krurth Star Destroyer statloned ill the Maw under AdmIral Daala. He Is a pale man wlth thin blond hair and watery gray eyes.

Ofthe four captains, he has, known Daala the longest - they were classmates 011 Carida. They were distant acquaintallces at the lime, but

unlike many of her other classmates, Mullinore did n ,t slight her b scause she was a. femal .

She remembered this yearslater wh 11 she was assembling her officers in preparation for h r duties inthe Maw. Wh n she asked Mulllnor if h ' like to hav his own command and s rve under her, be jumped at tile chance,

Daala and Mullin re hav - built Ihelr cornm n ground into adlstant but rnutualfrlendshlp O'V r the long ),,'i'lI"S, Alter Kratas, Daala trusts Mullln:ore more than any at her other otttcers.

Mullino'l'" 15 a native om Taanab, and like many people from that planet, Is very Iorrnal and proper at all tim s, He is a brav roan, and absolutely loyal to Daata .. He is willing to do anything she asks In the lin - or duty. Indeed, he volunteers to command a sk leton crew on a suicide run into the surface o~ Coruscant, Unfcrtuna ely for Mulllnore. he is unable to carry out his Una! order. because hi ship is destroy din a un Crush r-lnduced explosion before Daala's force can approach Coruscant,

The Jedi Academy Sourcebook



• Captal,in Mumno're Type: Imperial N vy .ffker DEXTERITY ZD+2

B,laster 6D+I, blast ir artillery 40, dodge 50. gr nade '1D'+2. rntssu weapon 4D


B~wea~.II::ra'1' 6D. bureaucracy Imp rial Navy 8U L,lnlfl;ll;lue.:racy: Ma.w InSLaHatlon: 5'0, laJ1gu1'i~t:S 4D, law t:11- lorcemellt: lmperlal law 7:0, pl,artei<ll")' systems 60, sur' .... I ... al 4D 2, tactics 6D1"2, tactics: ca.pll~J ships 70~ I. taettes: Fleets 5IJ, tactlcs: starlight rs 4D+2. wmpowe:r 5D",.l


AS!l'ogatlon 'nD, I. capital sh11>!!llUnmery 7D+2, IlIfIHal shlp piloting 50, capital ship, piloting: Imperial Star D stroyer 80, capital ship shields 7D.·ommullkiILlons 60+2:. sensors 7D+2, ~pace transports 5D+2. starsi'll" shlelds 4D 2


Bargain 5D, command 70, command; Basilisk ofilcers tOD,,2, cOI11D.ll1ves-lI.!lallon I;)Q,,2, persuaslon 7D. se<1rch 1i.J)+2


B:rawling 6D+ ~, starnlna 5D


Computer programrnililg/r~PiJI.li' 5D~ 1. demolitions 5D. droldl plI"ogral1~mil18 5D+2, finn Il.ldl4D+I, security 7D.2 Foree Points: 1

DiU'k SIde ,'olul1l: 1

ctllU"actei' Po IuD: 22

Move: '10

Eq1l11llmeOI: ComHnk. datapad

General Odosk

General Odosk is the ommandlng officer or the Imperial Army units attached to Daala's fleet. His days are fill cl with keeping his men m and ready for actl 11 at all 'times, no asytask for units which haven't seen action f.or over a decade.

Odosk is an experienced and grizzled soldier who has participated ln hundreds of cam paigns, He was conslderl ng retirement when Talkin and Daala approached htm with the offer to be senior Army officer ill a new top secret military installation.

Tempted by the otlered promotlon to gen· eral, he postponed his plans to s ttle with 'the Iarnllyofhis youngest dallghter, and headed Qull to the Maw to accept his new commanrd. He thought It would be a pleasant and quiet end to his career. Little did he know that he would be essentially locked away for over a decade.

Now well beyon d retirement age, dosk keeps going by sheer force of will. He d esn't know if his daught,e:J; Is still alive, and h has almost stopped caring.

Odosk was one a stocky and selldly built man, but he is now beginnlng to st ap slightly. His hair is snowy-white and he still malntallis

The J,edi Academy Sourcebook


Itlle prornln nt sideburns which were popular among Imperial officers a d cade ago.

.1 General Odosk

Type:,lrnlPerlal Artily Ollicer DF.X1'm1T!I 2.D

Blaster :10.2:, blaster; rep~illl'fill: bl~~ler 110, bll1>ll'tc~ flrtiJ.·[el'Y 4:D+2, blaster artillery: nutt-lnlanrry 1Dr brawling ,arry 5D,+2, dodge 4D~2; grenade 5D, vehicle blasters 51) KNOWLEDGE 30+1

Bureal.lcnu:y .:tD, bureaucracy, Imperial Army 11)+.2, lnlmldatlon 5D,Iaw i:l1ror~emenl4D~ 1, law en 10 rcernen t: lmperlal law 61) .. 2, streetwls ·51), survival :70, ta LI s5D, lactlcs:ground assa'llltSD,'lacU 's:sleg s 6D, value40+l:!, wilip \.,. r:lD


Ground vehle! operation liD, hover vehicle operatlun 5D, repulsorlllt nperatlon 4D+2, sensors 60, walker up-

ration 4D+2, walk r operation: AT-AT 5D, walker operation: AT-ST 5D+2


Barsalll.5D, cOlillnlam.l5K>+2, ccmmand, Maw troops 8D, COl"! 4.o,lnV'esllga;lol1l 4D .. 2:, persuasion 5D 1, search SD STR:E.NGni 3D

BTawUoS Sl)~ 2, cllmblns/liJrnping "m, stamina 5D TECHNICAl 3D

Armol" repair 4D, blaster reprur4.D+ I "cI<l,'lmolitions ,3th 2, finn atd 4:D"g,rOLll'id vehlele repair 4D+2, r-epulso'rlifL repair 4D~ 1. security 70+ I. walk :r repair 40

Force Pninta: 2 -

Om-Itt Side Polnb: 3

Character PO'i.nl:s: 23

MoVIe: mo

Eclulpmenl: Comllnk, datapad, blaster rllle (SD)

The Jedi Academy Sourcebook


Chapter Six Maw Inst'allation

T.he Maw C.lust'er

The Maw Cluster is a swirling cauldron of warped apace and tangled light ·wh.ich Is cornpacted Into a space not barely a few HgM-minut~sacr?,s.s_. smaller than many solar systems, Within the Maw, a cluster or Interlocked black holes tug and tear at one another with titanic grav~tational forces. The migh.ty Maw drifts ~Iowly through space, consumlng everyth il1g iTII Its path.

TJ"I€ Maw is one of the mysteries of the galaxy! nearly as, .puz,zllng as the worlds of Corellia. The very existence of a black hole cluster seems astropl1ysi.caHy impossible, and has puzzled scientists for centuries. Some' Old Republic sclentists argued thi}lstatistically, something like the Maw IS bound to form at least once in the ~alaxy. Other speculatorsvespeclally superstitious smugglers, suggested that the Maw was actually manufactured bya vastly powerful ancient species for SOIne unknown - purpose, perhaps to open g'a'h~wllys into new diimensions. ·1111$ deba~t~ ~ like the controversy surrounding tile Corel han system ~ shows [10 sign of abating.

For many centuries, it was assumed that the Maw is an impassable phenomenon; scientists who came to study the urnqaearrangements of black: holes concl uded that the chances, oJ locatlng a. path through the Maw are vanishingly small. The enormous gravity wells of the Maw make a. maze oj all the hyperspace and norma! space routes through the cluster, and most of them are either dead ends or go right down the gulleil: of a black hole. As early Imperial probes discovered, however, there are Indeed safe passegesthrough the Maw~passages which would have been impossible to find without certaln technolegteal advances In the Mvigation field and ,8 great deal 01 trial and error.

Even more amazingly, the probes discovered a nominally safe Island ln the middle of the duster: an eye In the center of an immens€!'

gf~~itationalstorm. This discovery, made by mIll tar)" probes sent our by the Outer Rim fleets, was duly logged and processed by Imperial sensor techs, Wilen MoflTarkln heard or it: a day later. he qutetly and personally saw to It that an traces of the discovery were erased Irom government computer riles before the probe data was sel1~ 011 to the Core for procesSing. He hac! DO immediate use for the region, but he knew that an impenetrable region known o Illy to 111m· selJ would someday prove useful.

Talkin sent his OWl"! science team to examine the Maw and develop a Ieasibi I i ty study regard. Ing the eonstructlonol a mobtle base within the ~heno~nenon. The team, over a slx-rnonth pe>rlod, ~ lscovered several more passages throllgh the Maw, Indud.ll1g: one they nicknamed the "Back Door" because the enormous gravttatloael stresses placed on shjps passing through It makes the passage extremely dangerous.

Most Importantly, the team discovered that certain regions ill the eye were stable enough to support not only a mobile base, but permanent structures as well. Tarkm thlClJ:'llked- his scientists, placed commendatfons in their pennanent records, and then had them killed in an "accidental" snottle collision to protect his secret

Tarktn began to HlI,nk about wlha; he mighl do with a secret andunapproachabte location unknown to anyone else. Eventually, when the Emperor approved 11 is, plan to develop arrd COilstruc.t a superweapon, he found a use .for hts hideaway.

Maw Installation

When Tarkin was promoted to Grand Moll and took command of theDeath Star prolect, he at last had the power and authonty to pU1 together a super-secret think-tal1k instaUatioll at ,1;1 location ot his choosing. He decided that the Maw was the perfect place to isolate the most


The Jedl Acaaemy Soun::ebook

Ibe Jedi Academy Sourcebook



eneed pilots should attempt the journey, since the two safest passages known to the Empire require til ree Di rneult o.~lrogllrion tolls to flamgatesuccessfuUy. The more dangerous "Back Ooor"r01.11te requires two Di:Uicult piloting rolls and one VerylJiJficull' pilo.ringroU. Again, any failure means instant death.

Once within the eye, ships may maneuver normally. as &ong as they stay outs.ide the event horizon surrounding each black .hole. Due to thestrange flux sol gravity wlthln the eye, however. movement requires iii Moder~ ate roll on the appropriate pilo,ting skill, Fallme means that the ship ..... eers in an undesirable direction; unless the shlpls flying at the very edge of the event horizon, or next to 3[lQthershiporasterold, there ls llttledanget in failure.

The Maw is quite small, and may be traversed in normal space In it day or two, once a route is discovered.

Navigatingl in the Maw

Navigating in the Maw is a near-impossible task if the traveler ls not using previously establt shed routes. Those .attemptin g to blaze new trails into the Maw must make frequent stops to recallbrate thetr sensor systems and plot out their next microjump or realspace route. AI~ogether, intrepid (and foolish) explorers must make Heroic capit:al ship piloting, space transpotts piloring or starfighter piloling rolls lor :30 rounds to successfully brave the Maw and get to the eye, Failure at any juncture means instant death.

-Obvlously, it 1.5 advisable to stkk to establlshed mutes. Unfortunately., obta::ining charts indicating these routes is nearly as Impossible as bravlngthe Maw ltsell, since the only known charts are encrypted in Imperia] computers - located at the center on the Maw (Tarkin's personal records presumably perished in. the destruction of the first Death Star).

Ewell with charts, only the most expert-

brilliant setennsrs and theorettctans tn.eEmpire had to offer and let them create new weapons ~ it was impossible toapproach, Ilmpossible to leave, and most importantly to his way of thlnkil1g~ known only to himself. Moreover. the great distortion of the Maw prevented messages in any bande« frequency from passing through the Maw. In short, the location was utterly secure.

At Tarkin's dlrectton. a corps of engineers and construction teams designed and built an interlodcjng complex of asteroids and building modules. Constructors ferried rocks and bulldillg materials [rom local systems Ondudlng Kessel) into the Maw, and assembled them on location .. The insides of the asteroids were holloweclout into habitation chambers, laboratory areas, prototype assemblybays, and meeting hails.

Whl.le the base was being built, Tarldn sent Bevel. Lell1lelisk, Tol Sivron,. and other representatives togathel" his research and developmen] stOilff. They found the people they wanted, and reeled them in, one way or another,

The recruited s'laff members all had thetr reasons for ellteringex.ile bycomlng to the Maw. Some carne because they saw it as a promotion:

OJ; chance to stand out and get noticed. Others came because they believed in the Empire, and supported its, need for new armaments.

Still others were coerced. into joining the group of scientists slated to report to Maw

lnstallatton, These were-the brill lant misfits who didn't have the sense' or political power to avoid notice ·\ .... hen Ta,rki.n·s recruiters came, and tile scientists who had relied on the EmpIre for Uleir 'education and specialized training and now found the-Ir scholarships and grants were bonght ata dear price. Yet others ~ namely the military represeruatlves - simply came because they were ordered to.

None of them ye knew that, as brilliant as they were, they all had something else in common - they were expendable'. Tarkln's p·:rotu_e for the scient ish; he wanted demanded not only individuals wlth a. background of academic eltceflence In certain key fields, but also a. clean past devoid ot personal baggage - no mates or close family" no friends that could [Jot be silenced when necessary, and no political patrons who could cause trouble later on if thelr proteges vanished from sight.

From the verystart, Tarktn stressed the need for a totally autonomous facUlty sealed of:! from all external Influences. Because ~he Maw sta:[1 would be expected to produce: working prototypes, often ,011 ,<I major scale, specialists in '<1. wide varlety of englTl,eel'il'lg and constructtou fields would have to be ".acquired" il1 addition to tile scientists and researc hers, to allow the Maw teams to buHd their weapons without outside COIilSU I l a:ti 011 or materlals .. These people, as well as the constructlon docks, foundries and a huge supply of raw materials, were also 'rounded up and transferred to the Maw.

The J'edi Academy Source.boo.k.

Tarkln proved to be as rtuhless In concealing lhe e:dstence of Mawlns~allation after ttscorn ple!lOI! as he was when h d firs!' Iocated the eye In lheMaw.When the workers and architects who built the: pia 'C boarded a rerum shijJ to move-en 10 other projects. they leapt Into the heart of a black hoh! rather than safely bac.k into Kessel system ~ Daal,a herself had recallbrated thelr n!!vlCOmputers to deliver them to their dooms rather than back into the Empire where they might speak of their actlvtttes.

Because he reported dir'ecUy to the Emperor .. larkin was not reqlJlred to submit progress r(!ports.buollfet requests and 50 on to organlz - tlens and individuals. in the ]mperiaJ hierarchy, slnce funding for the Maw came under the bloated budget for the Death Star project. This allaw,ed him to keep the location of Maw lnstallaUon secret even lrom the upper levels of the government. Tarklu successfully kept knowledge'of thelnatalletlon Jrorn other Imperial leaders.l1a:ving no desire to subject his pet project to '1he'irpollHcal g,ames and intrigues. He played a far more dangerous glil!me by seeking to hid till!! .spec-Hits of his project from the Emperor. Tarkil1 alld DaaJ(II believed that Paipatine never did learn the location of Maw Installation.

After several, talse starts, Bevel Lerneltsk led thetearn to create a working prototype 01 a most lmpressfve superweapon. code-named Death Star. Convinced that the project wasvlabl , Jarkiil1l took Lemellsk to the Outer Rim to oversee actual ccnstructfon of the ~i rst produc lionmodel Death Star. Primary coastructlon took place in the Heruz system. Lernelisk ptoneered several more t~C'hn,ologh:.al advancements. lISIng a secondalY all-site team of emglneers to Improve power output, ta.rgetln:1J and other tm- . portant facets of the weapon ..

Stmrtly before he lelt lor the HllIal tlrne, Tarkin Instructed the Maw sclentlsts to toptrsernse lves, ar)d build a weapon still 1110re terrl ble, The years ~hill have passed since he gave this order have beerl uneventful , with no contact [rom the outer ga~axy,

At Daala's ins'tructions. Sivron has periodically sent several self-d estructt n S ell tones llirollgh the fiery walls of the Maw, carrylng coded updates tor Tarkln, None have evoked any reply. Daala would nor entertain any noUOIl 01 sending a crewed ship out of the: Maw. since she bad very strict orders 110t to leave the Maw.

Maw .lnst:aJlat.ion La'yout

Maw Installation consists of a network o~ Prlanetoids clustered at the' exact center oj the gravi1:llolional eye of the Maw. Several of the IIGliowed asterolds are linked by immense Sirde.r

assemblies. access tubes and transit rails to form the main installliatioll. wllHe other constructions and skeletal debris hover around the asteroid .archipelago, anchored to the base by tractor beams.

The Hub

The Hub is the primary asteroid upon which most of the other asteroids are anchored. Many olthe prima.ryoUlces and labs are located in tile:

Hub. as are the rnnil1 computer core, the HvIng qll;larters, cafeterias. and re cresttonal 'acilUles for the sclentists and engineers. Some of the more important scientists have personallabs in the Hub. including Sivron, Qwi Xux and Doxm (Doxjn also has an auxiliary I.a,b in an orbiting asterold) ..

The Hub is the only asteroid with an internal docking bay large enough to 'lCCOI'l1 modate more than two shuttles at a time. There are weapon batteries scattered here and there on 1hl':! surrace or the. Hub. tholllg.l1 they (;ITe not fH'!'lriQ'usly in tended to fend oU Invaders. Til '" Star Destroyers are intended to provide dd nse should Maw lnstallarion come under aUlilck.

The Ut'b Mod'ules

The lab modules are where most oj the superweapon projects are developed anrl bul lt. Lab A was once the primary site Inr the Death Star project, and! has since been taken over by the Metal-Crystal Phase Shifter (MCPS) 'team. The large dish letts once used to' lest laser focusing theories has been modttied to project an MCPS beam. Doxln's high-energy concepts labs are here, though he also has labs lorcertatn expenrnents in Lab D.

Labs B and C eontaln 'various workstations where embryonic projects are' developed to the point wller'e they warrant aetu 01 I facUWes of thelr own, The World Devastator project, which never got beyond the prellmlnary stages at Maw Installation itself, was locased ill Lab C.

Lab D is where power-intensive expertrnents ami trials are performed. It contains a backup g,e:nerator which can, if the main pOWi'll" plant goes offline. power the entjre complex ~or sevei'M hours.

Ltlib E contains t.he labs and Iliunch bay for the Sun Crusher project. Lab E is ailen used for extremely mgh.se:emity projects, since it is connected to the Imperial Garrison rather than directly to the Hub.

.Imperia' (j'ar.rison

The lrnperlal Garrison is a large asteroid lil1lked to the Hub. j,he etorrntroopers arid security personnel assigned. to .Maw tnsrallation rts·eif

Jhe Jed'iArademy Sourcebook

Lab Mudule C

EC~h~aEe~re~r~S~'x~.~M~,~al~w~. ~1"~s~t!a~lIa:t~i~O~"~::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::;;;~A~

Ma1w Installation

COQliog Tower


example, are 10 'at d quite a dis tan from the primary installation.

he majnr ofisi te Iocaf on is th constructlca dock which drifts not far h"om tile base, The dock is where the Maw rnechanh -s assemblel~e various prototypes designed by th . scientists. There ar many ore-ric h asteroids d ri lUng ill the vicinity, kept in a " orral" by iow-_ wer tractor beams. These roc ks are tractored in to the small industrial toundry attached to th dock and broken down into prtmary elements When processed metals and such are required.

Sun Crusher

The Sun Crusher is, one of the prototype superweapon designs to emerge from Maw:1nstanation. Each of Its tnnovatlve reafUres, Ifrom its molecular armor to its resonance t,orpedo~, cost as much to develop as, the original Death Star superlaaer. The Sun Crusher project wm; headed by Qwi Xux, who also contributed soma of its design Ieatures,

The un Crusher superweapon consists of a very last and heavlly armored delivery system

rather than to one of the [our orbiting Star Destroyers liv In the garrison.

The garrison contains the base's primary communtcattens arrays, its detention center and backup cornputercore, and various armories, troop r dorms, and security vaults, Em rgency suppll 's ar also stored here,

lPo'wer Plant

The power plant asteroid provides the Installatton's often considerable power needs, Twin reactors power the base, each designed to provide enough power for normal operation shou Id the other fall An additional backup plant ts located in Lab Module D.

'Offsite Locati'ons

Most of the linstaUaUon's work Is done In the main cluster or asteroids, but there are several otlslte labs located in freely orbiting asteroids. These remote labs are often used for volatue experiments. or-long-term projects which would pose a danger to the installation if they were located within 'the base. The ordnance labs, for


~~:. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::~C~h~a~p~t~e~r~,S~ix~:~M~a~·~=·.~lns~ta~n:a~ti~o~n

The Prototype Death Star

syst m rather than pursue th -~ SUIl Crusher. Alas, Sivr n - blinded by at desire to recapture the Sun Crush r - manages to pilot the t error weapon beyond tile: event horlzon and Into ,obl:iviO!l.

• Pr,ototype De'ath Star Battle Station '. 'rnA: ell rtem Deep pace Battle ~aU(1II Prolatyp. 1Ype: 0 ep spat' mobile battle statlon prototyp

e: D th Slw-

,Length: L20 kIIIlmnt'itel5 (diameter)

SkIll: BaUie sraslon p!loLlng: Death laJl" Crew. 256. gtrnn ers; 45. s keletun: 751' 10

Crew kJU: Bam statiOfl piloting 50. cllpitnl ship gunner)' 40

~p ng '1"3: 500 (engineers, pilots.g-ul'lnt!.rs. observees, ete.)

Cargo Capacity: 50n matrle I"OnS

Co,muHlllJbles: Two rnoruhs

Spnee: I


Sbl,eld!l: ID

The prototype Death Star was built as a test-bed for new t chnologtes developed for the Death Star p,roJect by]B,evel Lernellsk and his team .of emglneel·s. In appesranee, it Is aglganticwlr .. tramesphere m20 IdIom l rs In diameter. Circular rings, connected! at the poles spread out in a network of girders linking the whol Into a surprislngly sol d consrructton. Nested ln the Iramework and sup rstrueture hang the enormous reactor core and the planet-destroylog supertaser system,

The prototype is rather primltlve compared to the linish d sup rweapon and contains only the assemblies necessary to. fire the main gun - the core, the superlaser and reactor. The numerous support systems, Il1ch,mding byperdrtve systems, storage and I,iving modules, landing bays, turbolaser batteries. and so on were lelt 'for outside contra« tors t design and furn ish.

Th Ire ar only two lnterior locatlons in the Death Star link d to life-support syst ms - the reactor eol' c ntrol room Wild the navigation center. Other areas of the prototype are open tv spa e.

The reactor core control ronm is centered near the eore r actor ltsell, The contrail room directs the powerr,eed to. varlous ship's systems. From here, the Death Star techructans can also. caltbrate and Hl"e the station's supertaser system.

The navigation center is a umble 01 bully hand'Wir d navigational systems, Many of th compon nts and subsyst ms are in E ortable, high-Impact pl~stl, ontalners wired tog tiler into a relay system. Th ramped quarters

at neither comtcrta ble nor 'easy 10 mov about 1£1.

The prototype was not de- Powr A.mpUllnl.lloo

signed for long·range flight, and ' I~.m

was only outfttred with suhilsht f'orl!lI~ F:mm:"-=~2~~5~~~~J"r~~

fj 'U p;rr:I1IR.r

engines loallowitto k.eeplts orbit FOC"!!..l.e ...

within th Maw stable, Stili, it AmpUnC!lllcm --i;,~-IJ~~m~1

hoJds toge. h r surprtstngly weill ('I' JUiJ P .... IOI)'V"

when th Imperials fly it through -1~j~:~~

~ ~!$i~;;I~;:;:~~'i-- 10m £1_1110'","

the Maw and ngage in battle in (fDrSIJIilII.lJbl

e Comrn;md •• I)

Kess'elsystt m.lt survives another IJlo ... ovemea .

two trips through the Maw, In- ftlBlJil R~itl:I.or

dudlng one very punishing trip 'or through the Back Door passage, and also survives an attempt to breach Us power cure by New Republic sab teurs,

Th mighty vessel acquits itsen w 'II In bl.lttle. despite some flaws in Its targeting system (the


station Inadvertently destroys

Kessel's mo n), It might have survived Its final battle if it had r.etreaed to an Imperial Core


P(I/iSIVl! 50/0'0 Stili 200,10 arr:h. 500/2D Focus: 10/2D. I

Wpnu: upel1W1er

Pm! A re' Forward

ClVllJ; 6S. skeleton ~::;/~5

('ale: Capll'ilil :;1111' l!Iuml~

Skill; Capital ship gunne'1l: superlaser Body: SD (capital scale]

Space RIlf!".'f1'" 1-20/40/90

DaIl'WI1'1!!' liD·

,. Th Death Star prolo'type can generate 20 01 dnmog D r hour, Unllk Ihf'.f~n[llliroduc~iQn DealhSllIf, lhepro!o(yp <Ill rlre Oil variable ~ow r levels, ranglng from II to 611 dillllag ,

Front View

s,U" Cr sner

"CtlC~--~-- wer'Tur:,flel---~~~~-II"

~~~=' '8oairdhq~ f.lut~'b, {R,e!tmctabh~ l.odd.'fll!' all FmJt} ~~~~

"",-------~-~ C~c.."I;dit, ---~-~

~;iil iiffi~~~==!!=~~Thrd;9!t:ef Stti,p (l 'H6rl:iIUl:nbd)~~~!!I!!!~~

what like the long shard of a ftrefacet gem, The' bottom O~' the long pomt carrtes a stranae toroidal dlsh, 'whb:h is, th. ~, res 0 nanc. '03't orpedo transml tter ~ Its q uan urn armor reflects ligh t in strange direc ions, malting the craft appear '0 have 'been polished w:itl1 slow light

• Sun ,er,u,s'her

Craft: Sun Crush er Prototype ~rype: hnpertal .9;UjJ rweapon pl"Cf totype

Scale: Starf ght:et

·e :Itll,~] 3~5 m ete rs

SId ~ I:: St arf g'f~ 'l: er pi I ot i,n,g::, Sum Crusher

'er - W:: 11 gun]]'e'ts: S

Cr :w .skill:: S tarfigh t, r p UoUn,g 4])1 s t a rsh i ,P gunnery 4D

CH'P1lift 'C' "apioQ;~!II'hj!' ~c lil ... ~ losra mIIU. ~u! .~ :. :u.i..h,,,r ,', '(~.'1 II\,~ U:t'i~ a" S

CO,D9u.mab~es: 4. days

Co '1:: Unique (n'o: J-or sale) ,HYPE!fdri ve M:u UipU,e'f! xl

:r+~L£I,~l Co,m,puler: t] rn:~ ted to' th [i~~ jUI11PS,

UaD;e'U ve'rabWty:~' 3,[)~,2 Splce!~ 12'

,Almophere:: 4:5fJ: 1 ~;~ 00 kmh . HuU~ .50D

~·~l1~elds: ID

1~'AlRpifuO- ·, ...... ,1' ~~UD III ~') ii,

Passioe: 30/0D Scan I" 40/1 ,D Search: 60/30 ,r.-' '. .a, • .J,1/3~· F"I. ? r Deus. 'l' ·u ~11' ....


E~e'vep ReBo:n8!IJJce Torped,oe~· Fire .A rc: Front

Seide: Cap]"tal

5"/~'iU,· StaJshlp gunnery Ii'· r» .~ 2' D

,,1'., re Contra): , . '

C'" :r1; .... ; ..... ,':j, J-;JIA:,,,,,,il:YU' Ii ~ ~' S-/"J!,O/'JI, ~, .2;ll~u,~ l~ 1 y,r '~e,'--.~ .~, l~""'.' J ~iil

,AtmfJ,;r.;pllt!J.'Ye ,Rtln,fJ": ] ~15/30/2'5' km

D --

'," ,

, anuJBe:' 4.0+2

:F:lve Laser Cannons

fire A ;7C: :1 t urret, ], I e,~t/~rontlr.i"gh t 't U fron.tt/~eftfblaH:kJ

1 ~iBft!bBC',k/r~ght! 1 f:ront/rlgh't/back, Sk iH,' Stars hlp' gunn . ry

Ftve Con trot: 2:D

Space ,R,fln,ge.: 1-5/.1 0/25,

Atmosphere Rla;,ng,e,,' 1 OO~,OO/l 12.,.S, km

D· iiI'D amag«: '~,'

On: lrueter 'Beam ,'roject(u'" F1"1"(t Arc: Fron t

S,h-ill: Starsblp gunnery Fire Control: 4,0

Spac. ./~{j'.nge ~', 1-51 U .1,13 n

A ITn (J.\~ph~ r~ ,R ang«: 2' .... 10/30/610 D{lrn'clge: SD

"These stats describe tho .torpedo as used aga i 1[1],$[ a, ship or other ta r get. When rtr d j, nto a s ta r i t he torpedo's sop h m,B t ica~ ed 'I~ racki H,g ays tem guarantees j m pact W]-~ h ,fl, st aJ r'. an ci ,i t 5 devast at i,n g !~ m,p&ct 011 ,a stat" n,as VeJ:l ]itt Ie

- d • - ~ ] ~ ~ '. -" k-" t" . t· 1

'._ ······1'·:"·1'· I'., "I_',o,',I"'_':'I' :""'1'_ "····."··1 _I' ,"_ '.

to ··.0 w~t ~ ,IS exp"OSlve or _rnue,.]{~ pow.r m_, s,~.m,p ,Y

t.f,[:~;rfe~'s ,R C baJn rea.,ttl 0 n wh j:cl:~j j tr,nltes n s urpelTlo~al'

,~5 ~i.,

destr"D)ting '~h€ star ,and ,anyfhi'~,g ill thie sy.sterl1"

wedded with very powerful ordnance _' modulated -son·anc,e torpedoes capab I .. of destroyi" d' ' .. ,t,> - ,~, TL .. t:·, , ,-. -,",·,'·,·dl·1 det .'., '1"" tio - ti ~'g,a·.·" -. ... . U],;5. stars, .ne .orpe i ueronatu rr trtggers a"

chaln re ictlon In 11 e c Dire ot the target sun, ignlttng a supernova even In low ... mass stars" The resulting blast destroys the entire system

· d f l hc -

""~':'I "-.- " . 'I" ',:,~ "",' :.,' ,: t' -'~ -:: .. -1: ... ·; . ','1 jj,lii(. ~

ove,r a ,pe,flo 0,. ,severa .. , OUIS"

Tile Sun Crusher rug, equipped 'with nearly tmpregnable quantum armor SIO it can f'uIDflU its mlsston wlthout regard tothefleet thatmlght be

-, - ,.,' ,- "d'- ., -_ .• ' ..,jj", :' t , '-TI h . ,- . -', .,,,. t" , " . ~ " tal 11' . -.

I(l.lray'e,-. agalll,slu., 1 t _, _ ~e qu,an_um-cr,Ys _ ~_ ,d.ne' ar ... ,

mol' is made up of several layers 10,( atoms which

are' at .~, ehed (I'~' densely '~~ po sslble ;1 am in at ed

"- o(A,' de i ,\.;. , . ',~; 'GJ!":' ,':" ~ ,~ ,ttl";,' I~ ~ ,III, """",,~ ",et L ,I:, I !

on top of another thin rUm,. This second, film is just as tough as the primary armor, but "phase shifted" _, an, experlmental Iorm 'of armor that

--'·,f't' " rd -. 'iI' -".' . "i ,- d'- . " , ,'.,. " t " .... ,' tlo 'T'~ 1 ., .. "., •. ,,,. ,.

a :.It'OI _.8 I~,J emenoous pro ecnon, ne armor IS

.strong enough that the. Sun Crusher has a good chance of surviving I-·ven If it gets caught ln th'l! blast radl us of its. rescnance torpedoes ~ as J,(ll18 as it ls fa.r enough from the exploding star to

avoid the, worst o:f' the' shock wave, .

T'hi·;O;, '. rh r. ": .. ;.l,.'", ., h:~(j'il II.,~ .. , ",,-,,,,., ··b,'~i_. .'-- d-

, !Q S ,Ill IS a.w.slo . ],~I",Wy ,m,an,euvera ... ,w,e an ,

sm a n en uzh to esc ape nof ~o n ma ny stan

iIri ~_ .. ~I··.I ,~w ,- .. I .~~ .. ~.I. t~ :. ~~.". 0, .. ~I ,w.~·":_'1 :,~r~l~ .', : ~~.~ .. _ . ~I~.·,'. I~ g_~,

dard system-wide scans. ,[t 1.8 lightly armed in tb,e Ie'v'en t th,a,t tt enc)ou,nt'e:,('s resis:tanc!e. - etgh' . sm,aJl I,ag"ers provi.'de ,360-degle'l! Co,'v'Erage.,

In allp'eara,n'oe'll '.h.c- S'u:n Crus:he'r' lo'o,ks, S ol'm ,e--'


~R:;' ~::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::~C~h~ap~t~e~r~S~jX~:~M~.a~w~l~n~,s~ta!I~la~t~io~n

Other Maw' Proj,ects

Many projects and designs have been explered ,and initiated at M~w lnstallatl n other than the Death. Star and Sun rusher. The sclentistsand engineers of th base have spent hundreds or thousands ofhours In developing other systems, as, well.

Many of the se projects have concluded as dead-ends: theories ill search of appltcatlens. Others are slmpl,y beyond the capablltttes of the installatiQn to realize.

One such design was a proposal t modify existing mole .ular furnace devices into autonomOlls~World Devastators" that could strip' raw materials Irorn a planet's surface, teed In into huge aueomated onboard factories. and produce useful machines. Actually blllilding' a working prototype was beyond the eapabillttes and lntentrona of Maw Installation, so the project head simply transmuted the proposal oU to Tarkin shorlly after he lerl with Bevel Lemellsk, Unbeknownst to the Maws 'ientists, Umak Leth - an ambftl us sclentlst - managed to Intercept the plans (since, with Tarkin dead, the lindlngs irom Maw Installation actually went through norm I channels), Leth managed to convince his s.uperiors tha the weapon's desiglll was his (IWIl., and pr 50 nted it to the Emperor during the constru tion of the se .ond D eth Star. The Emperor ventually appr ved theconstruetton of the World Devastators, which s.till bear mor thana passing resemblenc ~ Ito theorlgtnal Maw Installation design.

The Metal-·C,rystall Phase Shifter

A prole t which is nearing cornpl tion when Ihe New Republic invades the Maw is the MetalCrystal Phase Shifter (MCPS) , a project headed' by Doxin. The MCPS field alters the crystalline structure of rn tah;, essentially causing metals to break: down into fine powder. The MCPSan penetrate conventional 51 leldtng and, In theory atleast, turn starshtp hull plates truo p, wder ..

Doxtn's tiirst working prototype only produces a lleld capable of working eHectively ver about one percent of the targ t surface area. Even so, the Iield has a devastating ff ct on ship hulls, because it leaves plnhole structural failures overtheenUre.sudace. The resulting hull breach and moss of hull integrity is enough to destroy most ships ..

Doxil1. ever frugal, has lound a use tor the diSh toeuslng lens affixed to Lab Module A which was oJdglllally b ull t to test laser focus i ng for the DeatbStar project - he is using it to project his MCP.s rleld. 'B ecause the dilsh wasn't designed to do anything Ilke this. the f;ield is relatively weak. E,v,entually, Doxln plans to produce' a larger

prototype using acustom-destgned lens, whlch hi hopes will result in iii. lull-powered MCPS tleld generator.

• Metal'-C,rystall Phase S:hlifter Model: MCIf'S QUl!.lI'tel' call! .ProLotype Type: Imperl<l~ superweapon protot:,ope

al'e: Capll<ll

Sklll~ Mep Operation Cr~w: ]2, skeleton: .!V~ 10 Body: :m (starlight!'!r scale) l:Ure Rate: I {5

A,roe Control': 2D

RtuJge: 3-3001 511/300

Biasi Radius: :jOO meters Damage: 5D

Gamemasl"r Ngles; 'file damage cannot be blocked by shields. Because the MCPS is a lletd rather than 11 beam. any ship wilhilw the 30U=meter-wlde neld Is @qlJlally allected by the devastating Effects of the weapon. '

Maw Security

Admi:rw Daala, as Maw Commander, is responsible for rnalntainlng seeurhy within th installations, and protecting Imperial assets located within. Tarkln gave her lour Star Destroyers to perform this task, and gave her strlct orders not to leave the Maw under any circumstances without express orders given by either hi rnself or an 'Officer specifically empowered by the Emperor to order them moved. Daala's flagshtp is the Gorgon,and the others are the Manlicore, 'the Bas'ilisk, arid tile Hydra.

While the lrnperfal prototype technology in the labs is some of the most advanced in the galaxy, the Imp rial ordnance used by Admiral Daala's forces are quite dated by New Republic standards. The four Star Destroyers have not re .elved upgrad 5 or major r fittings i.n ver 10 years, and their weapons, sensors, software packages, and starflghters are all behind the technology CIUVe.

Fortunately lor the Imperials. some of the Maw scientists have taken to tinkering with s me of the TIEs as a hobby over tile years. The result ts a few dczen "super TIEs" which contain new powerful engines, and improved targeting capablhttes. Daala has designated these starflghters aslcterceptors, All ships entering the eye' of the Maw are Intercepted by these customlzed Tljls.andrequtred tc givethe prcper verbal code sequence or b destroy d.

The Maw lnstallatlon itself Is policed by the garrison commander, who also commands the sterrutrcoper divisions stationed on the base. By arrangement with the varleus captains of the orbiUng Star Destroyers! the mstallatl n st rmtro pet units are rotat d up to one of the destroyers for a tlme, and some of tts compliment rotated down, This pro cedure helps keep all the troopers (rom becoming dulled by WU~

The Jedi Academy Sourcebook


Sivro.n has no respect [or life, and is very cavalier at sacriific::ing others to get ahead. Weis extremely threatened by true talent, (0'1" example, and back in the real world usually-deall with perceived threats by sabotaging careers and having the offending person removed Irom his 5,udr, Thls tactic bas railed him spectacularly in the Maw • since [ust about everyone t~a'i works for hlm is more talented than he is, and there tsn't much he can do to get rid of allY Or them. Abou t the only thi rug he can do to protact bimseH(by his way 01 thinking), is 1.0 make sure that his name goes on every research papli!r produced by the staff of the installation,

. Despite his attraction to, advanced p,la:rmirng, Styron famde:s himself a quick decision maker when snap decisions are called for, III H1i1I1)' wa.ys, he has been adapttngto new si~lla:tionS'lili his life, from Ilis tinal departure irom Ryloth, 10 hls tough ascension in tile Imperial academi!) and research field, to his appotntment as the

. head o! the Maw Installation.

Slvron was a. pampered young member 01 a head-clan on his hcmeworld of Ry~oth. Heex pected to live In luxury for rnany years, but when one ofthe five leaders died. theothera=Slvron among them ~were exiled from the communlty according to Twl'lek custom. Ban· ished to the rnerctless desert wastes, 01 the permanentlysua lit hemisphere of Ryloth, Slvron ki ned his three com panlcns to i ncrease his own chances of survival.

WhUe wandering through the desert. he encountered all Imperial naval trai,lling and nduel· irlg base. There he !'net a. young commander named larkin wh 0 was establ ish ing I he basees an important refu.eling depot for hi s small Outer RiM lie t. Slvron made himself useful. to Tarkll1, and proved to be an able manager and assistant as Tarldn moved up In tile ranks. Whel1 Gr.imd MoU Tarkln establtshed the Maw [nstallatlon, he tapped Slvron to, manage it.

Sivron is resentful that Daala abandoned her post al':!d left him and the Installation unprotected. He doesn't much like her, because she refuses to ,accept her subordinate poslrlon, but he depends on her to provide: security.

Ultimately. when the New Republic. invades the Maw" he decides to evacuate in the prototype Death Star, and embarks on a terror Sllre:e auri ng whlc h he destroys Kessel is moon before retreatlng back into th,E!' Maw.

When I he Sun Crusher reappears in the Maw and ,arUacks Srvron's Death Star, he orders the crew to pursue It, against the advi,ce 0.1 his sule remaining mil ita!)' advisor, as it flees tOW<lr~ t~le black holes of the Maw. When the beam of the

tine. The Maw.stormtroopers are sharp andwell tra lned, though they carry older model blasters,

There' are norm.ally 53 law-enlercement personnel on the base at any 'One' time. Wh:el1 Daala pulls her fleet out, she 'Orders an additional 7{) stormrroopers to stay behind to protect the lacllules.

Maw Installation Pe'rs·onnel

Maw lnstallation houses. the most brilliant scientists, and ellgineers Tarkin could obtain when forming h is, research facility - or at least, those 'Who were mot so prominent that they WDuid be missed by their colleagues. They represent a wide cross-section of fie Ids and spec iallzatlens wtthln both theoretical and applied science, from advanced hypernautlcs theory to droid and robotics design.

The researchers are supported by a. large stare o:f men and women who breathe life into the horrlble vlslons eonjured up by the Maw scientist's. These people - draftsmen. naval archltects, welders, electrical engineers. mechanics, dry-dock. workers, Ioundry operators, and so on - work for the Prototype Ccnstructlon <lii1ld Destgn Support Dlvtsion (p'CDS), Until [airty recently. the peDS division was directed by an engineer named Tabbot, Tabbot was killed when an experiment exploded at the constructlon docks (Wermyn lost his arm ill the same aceident),

Since that time, Sivron has taken over as acting director of P'CDS. until he can tind an "appropriate successor." So far. hehasn't made much progress ~!1 doing so.

To' Sivron

TolSlvron is the pasty-faced Twl'Iek Director of Maw Installation. Hets m charge of the vartous dlvlslons thCllt make up the iIIls.tallaHo[l, and is also currently acting director of the P'CDS division.

More a bureaucras than a scientist, SiVTOI1 is lmpallent, petty, uncreative, and maintains ill stifling control over his sctentlsts. He believes that the first task o~ management is to delegate duty down and outward. .

He revels in bureaucracy, and believes that what he cannot generate 111 actual research he can make up for in (arms, contingency plans, feasibility studies, and progress reports. Alas, he very rarely actually reads the mounds oi paperwork his poltcles generate, which is painfully obvious to his staff. It certainly doesn't occur to him that hls ceaseless, efforts to be prepared prevent him from actually accomplis hiug anything productive.


The Jedi AC2l'demy Soun:eboQk


I ToJ :Slvltan

Olreno.r of Maw In,stallatlon


The Maw Installation Organizational Chart

00.11:11'1 11

OiJl'eCKir of "!!111-'"

HECll Division '"


Ii' ~

I I Gr'<'!nd Mort talkin


Admiral Daal,iI J r

Maw' Commander PI

i'~ ~

GQ.lanlja Dlreo::tot ",rOrdlnance Resea.l'iCh DlvloJ1lDn

.. ~----------------~

11' Command;er Kr,Ua,s

: ~l4;;,c;a:p;ta;;;i;;;f1;;;I. ;G;;;g;;;rg:;,a;n~ ..

Yemm II:

Dlre(tctr' or Adm.l.n:tsfirailion and l. Personal ,Re&:oU'n:e~, DIvision


S'U'!'l Cm$llerPrnj!§t!t


I~y-------------~~ CapUtln Tha, !"las I Cap.taln. Hydra

. olio



Dir;ettDr of Plaiilt Op(!mEI!;)flS,;,



h,....- : ..

Tol Siv.ron

.. Actil"lg Dlredor f!C[)S ,CI'ilI~lon

Captain BrusE: J Captain •. Mal1i1core

Resonance Torpedo ProJ~:


Capta'in Mulll:nore Cap:taiil, Basl'lllk

.. - .. ~~ legal Cgllmel II

~ Entertall'ilmel!1lt Ser'lllce:l j~

~ 5up,pl:r .1,

I~r--------------TA'M Captain Fredjal J GOl.rrb:onCgl'!"! manel




H. Ufe Support J!:

H" IFood Preparatlqn 1'1

~. IEnergy !iyste~, ~ ."!":

~fDeath Star Prototype Malntenarll:e J:I

m ."

The Jedl Academy Sourcebook


LC~h~a~p~te~r~S~,j!.x.:~M~'~a~w~'.!I!:!n!st~a!!I!!la!!t!!,io~"!, ============================i:' .... - _AU-

superweapon falls to hit the Sun Crusher, Slvron takes direct control of the Death Star desplte his lack of experlen e piloting the craft, 111 pursuing Kyp in the Sun Crusher, he is lured beyond the event horizon, and is slain elong with most of his remaintng scientists when the Death Star is sucked down. into tile black: hole,

• To' Sivfon

Ty,pc: Diredor of Maw Installation DEXTERITY 20.1

Blast r 4D. brawlilllg parl")l3D-2. dorlg~ 60 KNOWUEDGE 40

Allen species ;m.1, bureaucracy !:ID, bureaucracy; Empire I no, \}ufeil.llCracy: Maw Installation 13D+ I. business 5D~l, lntlmtdatlcn 6D. acholar: do:fense technologies 70 .:o!, scnciar: 1m per~ .. 1 selencaccmrnunlty 6D.stleetw[se SO. !lu,l'vl. ... <l16D .. 2, value liD. w.illpow!lr 7D t\'lE01ANICAL 2D

Communications '10'.2, repulsorlnt op ratlon 410, Simson. 51)·1


Bargain 7D. command 5D, command: Mnw lnstallatlen stan 81l, on 7D"'1 , turgry 5D, hide 5D ... 2. Jnvesugauon 6D. p, rsuasion 10D+W. search 5D. an k 5D,.1 STRENGTH 2D

Bra.wllfig 4D, ,Slamin . 5D TECHNICAL 3D,

Battle statlcnrepelr 51)..2, (A) capl'lnll ship eTIgtneerh1g

70, captral ship repair 5D+ 1. (A) capital ship weapon engine l"ing4[) ... 2.capilul ship weapon r p!lllr3Dt:!.Cfim. put prOQranunlng(r'ep Ir 7D+2, droit! I1rogrammln~ 4D, se{"urily 8D+2


Head 'fa as' Twl'leks cam use their head tal Is ~o comrtlLr nteate In secret wl'th eadl onu~t. even ll Inti room luQ til others, The comptex movement of th€ I 11.1 Is IS. III asllIl.W, a ~secr.el"' language that rul Twl'Ieks are Iluen~ In, r-(jjn:~ "OWlS: 1

Dark Side, PoIDI'lI: 11

'Chanu~ter PoiilnlS: 1'1

Move: ]0

Equipment,: Dllltltpad. lab 'I untc


Doxin Is one o~ the head! scientists at Maw Installation. He is director of HECIL, the HlghE.nergy Concepts ~U1l() Irnplernentatlens L!l~s Divlslon, which conceives 'of and tests new appllcatlons for energy and laser technology ..

Doxln was one of Bevel Lemelisk's prize sly· dents" and followed his mentor from job to Job. lie was 'elated to b involved In h eath 'tar project, and gladly transferred to Maw lnstalla. tlon to work on Lernellsk's team. He was less elated to discover he was trapped there, especially wh n Lemellsk departed with Tarrkio t,o work on the actllaJi D ath Star.

Doxln spent several years: developmg tll, laser focusing system for til" Death Star su perlaser, and several more tinkering with II after Lernelisk lad left, even as he worked 011 other projects. He fina]]y took his beloved prototyp focusing lens in Lab Module Ii. omine when he needed 10 anntballze it for the MCPS project. H is curr ntly working full-tilt on the MCPS projector, which he hopes to have fully, operational within a year. He Is planl1ing to, woo Slvron fot the resources to constru t a brand new prototype, since he suspects the limltll> tlons of the laser lens he is working, with are holding him back.

Wider than he is tall. Doxln Is, a decide41y rotund mall. He is completely bald except for very dark, very narrow eyebrows tI at look Ilke tbln wires burned into his forehead. He has very thick Ups. Doxin IS slatn by Sivron's lncompetence when the Twl'l k pilots tile prototype Death Star they ar aboard lnto a black hole,

• Doxin

Type: M,IW Sclennlil 1I'1::X1'E.Rll'Y 10'

Br<twJ!ng parry 3D, dodge an- I KNOWLEDGE 40

Allen spe les 50, bUJeallcl'acylm .. l, bureaucracy: Maw' Inslall~llol'i 9D~2. business 6D, cultures SD+ l.la.ng.uage:s, SO, is hl,ar: delemlse It '1lIlologles 5D,.2. scholar: Im~ riall s i IlC commU!lily1D,·2, streetwis 51), value 61).2, w:Ulpower 5D

1\:1lIflC:HAN[CAl olD

Cap~~la! ship gun:nemy 4D. 2. eapltal sbjp shields 5D, tom, munlcat ions 40 2. repul s orillt operatlen 5D, sensors 7[1


The Jedi Academy Sourcebook


Bargaln tiD, command: r li arch stalI 8 +2, on 5D, bide 3D .. 2, per uasten 7D+2, search 41). sn nk 4,0 STREN6TH 10+2


CA} Battle station engJneerlng 80, bailie statlon repalr 6'0, (A) bRUle stauen weapon ellglneerlng 1,3D, baitle station weapon repair BD. (A) caplual, ship"'" zapon engtneerlng 9D, capital sIDilp weapon repLlir 70 .. 1, cornputer pro!lrllml'~IBTlg/repalr i'D, d~old prognlmJl1in,!;l,5D+2, securlly 60, (#I) s arshlp weapon englneertng L2D, starshtp weapon I' pair 7D+2

fore Polnl8; 1

D'lU'ik Sid :P'oints: 1

Cham I 11" Polnl:il: 7

1\10\1 ':8

£qllipm . nu Datapad, lab Hmlc


Ool,il:llda" till'! eldest daughter of ,i!! wealthy ~ndustIi.ali5t. 'Was sent to the [in st schools In the Empire. She quickly revealed ,a talent (or mathematics and energy sciences, and went on tostudyatseveralexcluslvesclenrlll enclaves ..

WhHean Intern al one such complex.Golanda fell in with a crowd of young' weap ns special. lsts, and, when her Internship was over, accepted a position with their team at the Imperia] Ordnance Research Facility on Shumogl, She found the s lence of ordn ance design endlessly fascinating, and soon proved to be a brllltant researcher as well as an able manager. Within 10 years, she was running the IORF labs she had entered as a raw lnt r n.

Wh'en Tarkln's representative Tol Slvron arrfved and offered her a prestigious posltton In a new proj ct the Grand Moff was developing, Golanda was initially thrilled. However; when she learned ttl at she was to be placed In virtual exile for an indetermInate amount or time, she decided that she'd rather stay in'

the Core. -

Unfortunately for her, Slvron had offered the IORF director a thre~million-credit per$ol]a1do'l tatlontoensureshemadethe "right cholce," and when she tried to back out of the deal, she 'f und that not only had her oldposltlon been filled, but that other doors in IbRE, university research facllltles, and defense firms were closing as well, Robbed of a livelihood, and faced with a sudden, mysterious (and I1lgbly ominous) lmperial tax audit, she had 1110 choice but to accep~ Slvroa 's generous offer ol em p)oynent,

Golal1da Is not at aU happy tc have been torn fr m her com~ottable research faciliti.e .t suffer total exn .. in the Maw, andhas spent the last II years seething, with resentment. She still finds some

pleasure in her work. however. and as the dlrector of rdnance Research and D v lopment, she finds plenty to keep her busy,

Golanda's division developed the torpedoes and targeting systems wh:icfu deliver the SUI) Crusher's pay.Joad to lts target destination, and Is currently Iteld-testtng a new ion torpedo and has an experimental. cluster-rescnance shell project in early development She is also responsible for conducting artillery trials. and constantly makes pointed comments about the wisdom of conducting artillery research in the middle of a black hole cluster, where gravity fl uctuarlons render all research data flawed and useless, but no one listens to her anyrn 'reo

.Golanda p.}ays sabacc regularly with some of the Hydl;aJ.~ officers. She is the only Maw director who has any meant n giu I non-professtonal contact with mUltary personnel under Daala's command

Golanda is tall and hawkish .. With an angular face, pointed chin. and aquiline nos that gives her face the g neral shape of a Star Destroyer. she is not pleasing to look UpOIl. Sh dles along

with the 0 her scientists aboard th prototype lDeath Star.

The Jedi Aca(Jemy Sourcebook


be was to have created for himself a posltton eomewhere higher in the Imperial hierarchy! possibly on Coruscant Itself. He soon discovered he had made a dreadtel mistake inc,omlnQ" to Maw Installatlen.He had expected the Se(U~ rity to be tight, but he' had not realized that the. base would operate in totallsohi.tiofl untilIt-wa~ too late. How was he to develop contacts languishing in forgotten obscurity? .

Yemm has spenm many 10llg ami extremely restless years trapped lnthe Maw. Hiis natural deslre to move OD to new environments -,a tl'alt common to Devaronlans - has been ampliiied by the knowledge tllat20 years oJ contacts ,!Inti connections, ill the pollHcaJl and bu sillies s worlds are being wastefully neglected. He has moved his department offices 22 times in hali as many years, jll1st for tile change in scenery. This con. stant movJng drives everyone else crazy (espec.iaJly those who must move their orHces elsewhere to make way for Yemm and his slaH), but since he has: the power to reassign Just about everyone else's offices as well, official complaints have been remarkably low-key,

Yernrn mainly manages personnel resources (except for '!the slaves" who are WermYl1l's responsiblllty), and the documentation offices which attempt to keep' up with Slvron's huge vol ume of paperwork He also manages, the legal counsel offices. and entertainment servlces.Fhe latter, which includes helobrcadcasts tor the Maw staff and trnops. library stacks. and so Jorth, used to bemore popularbelore theywete recycled for the nth time. Yemm has tried to keep things inle,resting by starting sabaec leagues. smell chamber orchestras made up oJ ,amateur players culled from the personnel files, and locally produced plays, wilhvru-yll1g suecess,

Pal"tiallyin apology I'o,r moving his oftices around so much, Yemm has taken It upon .him~ self to keep Sk,,'ron amused and ofhhe backs ol the scientists as much as possible. For 'thistle has the entire Maw stsff tn his eternal debt which is how he likes .it

Yemm vanishes Into one of the Maw black holes withev,eryolleelse aboard the prototype Death Star.


Type: De:vaJI'onlan Director oI Admlnistratlen DElITE!RJ1YllD'

Archaic guns 4D+2. bluter4JD,. dodge SD+ I, running {D+2


Allen ,species 60.,,2, bureaucra.cy IOD.2, bur@allN'i!:CY~ Maw Install.alion7lD, buslne.ss,sD, busmess: business law 6D+2, culture:s 60, languages 5D'~2. law enlorcement: l.mplJ:Ilallaw6D, planetary sysuems SD. streetwlse 510+2. val!lle5D


C~~~~~~~===========================;£ .. "_. __ . '. _

£tlapter .Slx: Maw.lnstallation w_


'['we: Maw ScJellUs:t DEXTERITY .2D~]

Blast,l'!f att'lilery 60, dodge 6D, missile u'eapons .fin}.l, "IIelllcle blasters 3D+2


Alien spec.! f!S 5D. barea ~crac1 ,5[) .. 1" bureaucracy: Maw [nstaU,utlo:n 7D~2. business, SD, cultures 7D,. langLlages, 4D.2. D,lanetary S;YSI.Brn.S 5D


Capl:tal ship gunnery 4D. cornmun lcatt ons t\ D" re;Plllsorlln oper~U()n 5D~ 1, starshlp gl!llllery BD

PE:RCRPfIOr<i 2:D .. 2

B~ga'in 4D, command; researeh sta1~ 6D.2, gambling 5D~ I. hide 3[),.2, persuasion 60. search, 4D, sneak 4D SlRENGTIi :2.0+]

BrilJwllns 4[} .. a,stamiliil 50. sWImming 3D TECHNICAl. 4.0

(J!.).Artlllery englneerilili 12D .. 2. (tt.) batUe station weapon englnoorblg SID, balUe stauon wea:pon ~epalr 4D .. 2, (A) capital s.m.1 p weapon en gi neerlng 7D. cap Ita I shtp weapon repals 5D~2. computer pro.IUOOlmlns/repalr S.D, druld pmarnmmll'1!!5~2. clrDld repalr SD, (A) sl:ushlp weapon engineerillg, 7D, starshjp weapon repa.ir 5[) forcePolnbi: :1

Cbantcl,er PolDm:i I)

Mov,e: 10

Equlpiment: Diltmp!ld, lab tunlc


Yemm 's g'oal in life Is, togo as 1M in the EmpIre as a non-human can go" and he has, done. fa.irly well by any standard. The young Devarontan was one of thefew non-humans: in the Gater Rim to obtain a. SAGEducation grant to study in the Core. He obtained his business, administration and law degrees, at the Dansuun Priory on Rhlnnal, and went on to work for several megacorporatlone in the Colontes and eSA as a personnel resources manager.

He has a great talent for saying the right things at the right time, and making the right Iriends. Be found that even hUMans who professed an intense dislike for aUens warmed to him in time,

Yemm's abilitytogeta),ong'wHh and manipulate people served hfm well in moving [rom Job to job, and ever upward, but backfired drastically when he impressed then-MoH Tar kin at a diplomatic function at the capital of Seswenna sector ~ scant mOf'llnhs later, Tarkin (now a Grand MoU) asked Yemm to serve as the admenistrarUve director of a new research facility he was putting, ~Qgether.

At the time; Yernm thougbt the position would be all excellent opportunity to move IJpagai.ll. He would he regula.rly in contact with highranklnglm.perials, and besides, one does not tUI:"FlJ down an offer made bya Grand Morf wUhout g'Oo,d reason. .

Upon reflection, Yeram trnagtnes he should have round one. He antiCipated being in theMaw for two years - perhaps three - by which time

The Jedi Academy Sourcebook

AstmgaUoOliJD, repulsorllft operation D. sensors IID .. 2, space transports 50, starshlp shields 50 ] PERa:P'rtON 3D

BafgaI118D.l, con 90', Illvestiiation 60, persuasion lOD~2. search !lD. sneak 5D



TEell NICi\.L 2D+ '2

Compu'le~' prog:ral'mmi"g/repair tiD, drotd programming

• 10 .2, ~Ir~t aid 5D, security 8D Feeee P(dub: I

Cln\mCI,e,r Points; 12

Move: 10

Equipment: Datapn.d.ofnllllik


Qwi XLIX is the brilliant but naive scientist in Maw Installation who heads up th Sun Crusher team. She focuses entirely on her w'oll'k, l'U'iV'e'r considering the consequences Q~ her actions, nor the needs or feelings of those outside her hnmedtat interests. She does th work she does be ause she ·enjoys the challenge oJ beating a supposedly unsolvable problem. She feels that if outside forces abuse her reate ns, that Is riot a reflection on h r activtties.

Qwl is, a member o~ the Omwatl people, a near-human race. Several years ago, then-Moff Tarkro discovered the Omwati children possessed a taneasttc abiUty to retain arid process vast amounts of lnlormatlon, She was recruited as a child by Tarkin and placed in . .:1 gruellng training program designed to break the students - those who .aUed were for ed to watch as their home cities and families weredestroyed mom orbit. Of the 10 Omwati children who entered h p'i'ogrt1Jll; only Qwi made i't through all the trai !ling.

She survived by ell mlnating everytb].Ilg tha~ might distract her from her work. She knew all too well that should her concentration falter, thousands of her people would dte, including Iler kin. She learn d to suppress compassion, and take I'Elfuge in the problems and lessons before her. There was the safest path, the only sure path.

At the end of her training, Tarkin brought her to Maw Installation to work in his secret thinktank under Bevel Lemellsk. In the early days; she worke d with Lernellsk to design and perlect the Death Star weapons system (she was his prlIIIUlry assistant). When the preliminary design Was completed, Lemeltsk departed with Tarkln to 0'0' rsee construction or th actual Death Star, and Qwi moved on to other projects.

Sh is shocked to learn from HEm 010 that the projects she has worked on have been used as military weapons. She was told tI at the Death Star 'W,IIJ.S to be used 0 break up dead planets 0 allow dl r ct mining of the heavy metals trapped

in the ore • and that the World Devastators were to be autonom us factories combing asteroids or sterile worlds to produce a wide range of items wit.hOlJtpolluti:ing inhabited planets. To her, the open sharing of information is imperative and paramount. She becomes outraged when she discovered that Daala had been wlthhold.lng information and deceiving her ..

When Qwl defects to the New Republlc, she goes befor the New Republic Assembly to champion the destruction of the Sun Crusher. Bereft of all of the crutches thal have kept her propped up all these years, and all wane ln an alien place, Qwi comes to rely on Wedge Antill s, who has volunteered tc be bel' bodyguard and guide. Dnly upon meeting Wedge does she realize how empty her life has been, how devol d of personal relationships. Her o:nly [oys have come trom completing a project or proving her designs and theories orrect.

After her address, she and Wedge leave Coruseant for Vortex. to help in the disaster reltet etlorts. During the trip! Wedge's interest in Qwi grows, and she shyly encourages him .. On the return trip. they stop by Ithor to' take in the sights. Kyp Durron finds. her there, and using Slth powers, drafns her mind of all she knew of the SUIl Crusher.

The purge lsnor extremely focused, however, and many other. memories are destroyed as well. Fortunately, most of her basic scientific knowledge is intact, but she has lost 3. lot of her advanced knowledge.

Sin e losing her memory, Qwi has been obsessed with replacing her ]051 knowledge with Intenslve study. Some memories return. with a bit of prodding, but most remain forever lost to her, She Intends to fin the gaps as best she can. Even .50, she Is Dot sorry to be rid of the know 1- edgethat created tile Sun Crusher-she 'has 1]0 intention of regainir!g that knowledge.

A willowy near-human, Qwi has a blue tint to her skin, and very nne whlte hair. Her voice is high and reedy, and sounds somewhat like birds ng. Her eyes are wide and deep blue, giviing her an 'expression of perpetual astonishment. She uses a special Il1USic keyboard to interface with computers, Those o.f her species lind It much easier to input data via musical chords rather than words and phrases.


Type: Near-hum<ll'l Sun Crusher Pro) cl D.ir crer DEXTIERrlY SO

DodgelD, running 5'0


Alien sp cl s 5D~2, bureaucracy 5D+2, bu mess 5D+2. cultures. 6D. ~anguage,s 5L)·.2


Communications 4D, muslcalkayboard operation 10 l.

The J~di Acad.emy Sourcebook



Type: Plant Supervisor DItJITERrn' 2D .. ] Dodge IlD, fUnning 30 KNOWLEDGE 2D+2

Alien species :~D, bureaucracy 4 D.bufeaucmcy: Ma1!1 Installation (:iD,2, buslness 3D. cultures 30.2, plall~!l\!:Y systems 5D, streetwtse 6D, value BD


As trogll I ion 5D, communications 6D, repulsorlllt nperation 50,. rocket pack operatlon SD. sensors 70, space transports 6D,starshlp shields 6D+ 1

PERCEPTION 2[1 ... 2

Bargain !iD. command: work crews 8D. COil 7D+2. galitbH11§: 5D.lnvestlgation 6D.persu(lslo!l 4D, 2. s ear til fill

STRENGTH 2D ... l .

Brawling 50, climbIng/Jumping 5D,lUling 6D,. Elllmlnal'D TECHNICAL 4D

Battle stallon repalr 6D, computer pmgraillmlnKJ~Ilp:alr JD, drcid programming 50·. 2, ~roid repair 6D. I, UrStiiid 5D, repulsl)rllll repair 711, seeurlty 7D

Fon:e .Points: ~

Dliil:"k Side Po:Ln ts.; I

Character l'olnts:8

Move: l(}

Equipment: datapad, 1001. belt, comllnk. Maw I~stlllra· I)on

£C~h~a~pt~e~r~S~rx~;~M~a~w~~ln~i~ta~,I~la~t~io~n~, ::::====::::::::::::::::::::::::::::==========::::;i"A~

S'eIlSO't5 50. space trunspnr] s 4D, slar~hilil' !!IHlllt'·ry·4D .. l , stnrshlp pi ~oting 30 .. 2. stars hlp shields 4 [) PERCEPTION 2D .

Commend: Sun Crusher tenm liD, hid", '10.2. persuaslcn 50. search: eleetronlc 70 .. 2


Cilmblnlllllllluping 4D

'TE.cHNJ(·AL 51)

(A) BailIe station engtn 'erl,[]G 9D. bailie statlon repair ;m.·2. CA) capital slnp ~l1l!1lneeting 'ID, capltal shlp repair 5D .• (A) capital shtp weapun. engineering 61J~.a,caplt~1 ship weapon repair' 6D, computer progr a mrningJrep~t 8D,· I, drotd programming SD. drotd ~epnlr RD, security 9D.L I: (AI stflrllgnler ensl neering ~. ~!J+2, !>i.nd'I[!lltef 1',10.'pni.r 70.1. {A) starshlp weapon engineering 1.1 D, starshtp weapon repair 5D+2

Special AlJll.li::Ies.;

en/wnced I.eaming CClfXlbih'ly: Thanks to their advanced mtnds, OmW<itl ell !. ldren , .~f properly trained. (an. absorb and process 01 great d!'.~t 01 intorrnatton El~1I young a.g'i;l. Omw.MI who were SOo lralned may il8'iie a Technico! il Uri bute as hi gh as 5 [),

Thl:s cham~'ne:r Is Forc~lwnh~ FlOli"iCe Poin.liI: I

Dark Sld.e Points;: 2

Character Po:lllls: 1:.1

Move: 10

Equ.IJpm(!I'I~: datapad, lab tunlc, musical keyboard

We rmy n

Werrnyn is the dtrector of plant operations ill Maw Installation. He supervises the work crews who keep the base gOing, and is himself very

, hands-on when it comes to maintaining the facility. He can often be seen climbing o~er piping in the water treatment plant, floating over the pitted face ot the Hub II] a vacc SUIt maklng minor repairs to gIrders and local. cornmunicatlons arrays, or running safety tests ill Life Support Systems.

Werrnyn lost his right arm two years ago when an experimental beam projector blew up during a zero-G test 'Bring, The doc~ors and medical drotds present 111 the il1staHatlon were not properly eq uipped to handle blonlc replace. mentaand rather than make do with a cruder artificial arru, he opted to go without 'The lack ol an arm hasn'thl ndered Werl11yntoo much; when he has 5010 work to do which requires two hands, he takes along a humanoid drold,

Many people, 011 nrs~ slght of Werrnyn's purplish-green sktn, assume he ts a member oteee os the many races of near-humans scattered throughout the greater Empire. In reality" Wer01Yl'1 Is a norrnal buman- his stran ge skin color is a! combil1allon Of permanent dYI§ and mtcre-tattooiag applied to young Wermyn in a rite of passage

ceremony on his homeworld of Aquella, .

Wetmyn is charged with sabotaglng Maw Installation whlle the Irnpertals evacuate the Maw. He 5Ucceeds,bU't is abandoned by Sivron and is torced tosurrender to Wedge's soldiers to escape the doomed asteroid complex.

Captain Fredja

Stormtrooper Capt aln Fredja, as the g'iIIrrl~on commander on Maw lnstallatton, is, caught be. tween two superiors, Officially. he reports tto Admiral. Daala, who IS the Maw Commander, Iii day-to-day affairs, however, he sees more otTol SiVTon, who has the distressing h a on 6' confusiug Fredja for a stormtrooper corporal Of ser-

geant rather than the elite offlcer he is. .

Under normal circumstances, rredja extends to Sivron the customary unquestioning obedience expected 01 all stcrrntroopers. However, when Slvron steps over the Ilne and !begills to Interfere with the dunes of the stOfmuroollftr garrison. F'redja puts a stop to It, ~siLIaIly ~Y Quoting Slvron's own rules back to, him. (F'rea.lli. has discovered! to his dlsrnay that this is the' only sure way to get Stvron to' back down - tile. captain doesn't much like being a. rules lawyer.)

When Daala moves out of the Maw wl~h her Star Destroyers, Captaln Fredja becomes the highest-ranking· mllitary man left on the sit~ which technically plates him in command el everyrnilltary asset in Mawlnstallatlon, He uses this authority to destroy the matn computer core of the base when the New Republic occupation force arrives.

Unfortunately for every person who evacuates to the prototype Death Star to escape the occupation force, his authority on Iy extends to the Qutermost asteroid of Maw Installation it· sell, Druce aboard the Death Star, he has no choke but to obey Slvron's every command, though he does his best to sway Slvron iII the


The Jedi AcademySOUficebook


-WAU -

right direction by oHering timely and reasonable suggestIons. This works reasonably well until Kyp Durron taunts Stvron past rational thought and lu res the Death Star and its passengers. to their doom.

• Captain Fredja

Type: Storm trooper Garrison Commander OEXTE!RITY 2D .. 2

Blastl!r SD. blaster /!JtUlery 5D~ I. braw.~ing parry SD. dodge GO, grenade 51), rnlsslle weapons 50~ 1. vehicle Ill~sie'fs <'ID


Bureaucracy; Maw lnstallatlon 5D+2. lnttrnltlatlou olD, law en!orcernent: lrnperlal I<>w SD .. I. planetary systems SD+2, SUrvIVB.1 50. tacHcs~ grollnd assault 71D. tactics:

Mi>winstalhlUon defense flU. willpower 70.2 MEGlA.NICAL ,3D+2

Battle 5t~lion pUOliflg~ Deal It Star 51)..\, capnal ship gunnery: superlaser Sl), communicalions,SD.2; powersult operatlnn: spacetrooper armor 7D, repulsorltlt opera- 11{)]1 GD. S'CIlSI)rS 5:0 .. ,2. space transports GD. starshlp ~unnerJ' 50<·2, stnrsrup gunm::ry: proton torpedoes 60' rERCE.l'TION 3D'l>l

Bargain ,.1,0. command: stormtrcopers 8D .. J, hide 6D, Illy~sUga!loll 1D..-I, persuasion 6D+2., search 70., sneak

6D'1 .

STRE"'GTli 2D+:I

BTil""lIngSD. dlrnl>iI1S/jurnplnS,5D+ l.mUns SO'. 2, stamina SD~2


Armor n'!palr 4D·,,2, blaster repalr oil), computer pregrammlns/repalr 50', dernolWllons BDt drold prc!]l'amm1ng·4[h2, [lrst alr] 5D, pc .... ersult rapalr 5D., I, repulsorlilt 'repair ,~D. security 7DL2

:FoRle P·olntll: I

Du-I;..Sldc Points: 2

'Cham.ct·er Po~il1,l~: IS

Mnve: IU

Eq,ulpmel1l: Starmtrooper arrucr (-2'0 physlca), +l.D energy; -10 to Dexteriry and related skills). blaster rnle (5D). blaster plslal (4D)

Grodon LS"(ky

Lakky is the brutal and sadistic man who oversees the 5 lave labor pool of Wookiees used by. theMaw teams for constructlon and technical maletenance (in the base records. they are designated "lnvcluntary labor"). He is a fat repulsIve-looking mal':l with a. face that looks like pale wet clay roughly twisted and formed into ~Ile shape or a man's; face.

Lakky trulyenjcys breaking Wookiees, and having had over a decade to devote to his current batch. is the preud everseer of the most broken "J!l';id pttlful work gang of Wooklees the Maw has ever seen, He enforces his will with a power-lash, wh i ch delivers a powerful and painluI shock when he uses It to beat his slaves.

Absolutely no one in the Maw likes Lakky • Even those who favor the enslavement 01 certam allen species think him a monster. (The Wookiee Nawruull certainly [eels this way; when freed by Chewbaccaand the New ReplJbl.ic ocCl!patiQn lorce, Nawruuo goes berserk and slays his former master.)

• G'fodon Lakky Type: Woo~I!;!.e K.eeper DEX"f[JUfY 3D

Blaster 4 D ... 2 , brawHl1g' pauy 60<+2. dodge 5D. melee combar GD, melee parry lib", I, power-lash 70, thrown

~ ... e.aPQ[JS 5D .


Alien species 4D. bureaue racy 3D, lntlmldatlcn 3D . .,.,111· powerSO .. Z


l\~pwsOTmt operation 5D


~arg,aiin 4D ... 'I, command; Wooklli!l? slaves 1m" con 4D+2. iQn~ery 30+1, :[l<l!ubl.ill.g ~D. persuaslon 31)., I. ~('arr;b 6D.l


Brawling aD, dlmblng/rumping ·m+ 1. liftlrl~ liID, starnl m. 4P+2


Drold prcs:rarnmingSJ), power-lash repair4D, repulsorlllt repair '![)~2, security 6D, space transports repair 5.D, s.tarflghter rep:filr 4D~2

Dark SI:de Po'llltll: 8

Chllfilcter Polnt8: !-i

Move: 10

Equipmul.: fowet-Iash (STR+2D or STR+lD Shll'l dam<I~e, depending OIl setting)

The Jedl Academy Sourcebook



Nawruun Is the oldest surviving Wooklee 0.1 the Nysshyyyk dan in the Maw. Gray-furred. and slightly deformed after years of hard labor. physical abuse, and !1'talnl,ltritIon, he is a pitifu~ sight, and few who see 1.1I1m could Identify him as the strong warrior who was brough t to the Maw over ,I} decade ago.

Nawruuu's natural optimism has been smothered by years of abuse and despair, but the arrival of the Wookiee Chewbacea g.ives him renewed hope of escaping the Maw and the hated Imperials. Wilen Chewbacca returns with the New Republic, the tiny ember or denance and destre for freedom blazes into 2. ragIng fire. It is NaWfUILITI whoturns on Lakky, and slays 'the W(II)ldee keeper with his own power-lash,

• Nawruun

T~; Emila\l~ Wookiet: Me.chanlc :DEXTERln' 3Ii) *

Bowc~te'r 41), br<lwlln!ol parI1'4D~l. dodge' 'ID. melee eomnat 5D, melee parry 4D'+.2, thrown weapons 4D KNOW.lEDGE 20+2,

Allelil species 4D+ L langt:!ages 5D, p]o'meuf}' systems 3[) .. 1, survival 5D


Sensors <10, e : space transports 6D PERCEPTION 2D", I.

Htda 40, se<.m::1l4D .. 2, sneak 30+]

CC~h~a~p~te~r~S~I~x:~M~~'a~lvv~'~I~n~st=all'E'a~t~io~nl,::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::~%=~~l lUI.~ .AU-

The Woold,ee Slaves

The Wooklees o[ Nysshyyyk clan were proud warriors and trl1lditionaHy some oj the best clockmakers on their homewo rldof Kashyyyk, When the Empire came, the Nysshyyyk clan was partlcularly hard-ntt when over half its maJies were rounded up and shipped to slave labor camps all over the Empire because of: their high bedlmical .aptltude.

Over 100 Woaldees of the Nysshmk clan were shipped to Maw Installation When it was under consrruetton. Within a. month, 12 of tbe warriors chose death rather than work under tile "Ioving eye" of Lakky - eight repeatedly sabotaged thel.r work until slain, and the other {OUl" simply opened their vace suits whlJe in space.

The remailll.ns Wookiee:s stayed on iII. the Maw when the base was completed, and did a. lot of the: heavy zeroG work in constructing and assembling tIi:re:rnlghtygirders of the prototype Death Star .. This was grueling and dangerous, work, and more than 50 of the Wookiees lost their lives before It was completed,

Broken by a decade of harsh labor and abuse, the remaining: Wookie.es are a sorry lot. They walk with a hopeless stoop, and their fur Is matted. tangled and patchy. When there is not heavy construction or repelr work. to be done, they are kept busy doing ma.intenance work to the base's smallfleet of shuttles,

The Jedi .Academy Sourcetook


sr~-;~~::::::::::::::::::::::====::::::::::::::::::::::::::::~Ic~-n~a~p~t~e~r~s~i.x~':~nn~·!avv~·~·2In~s~t!a~"a!· t2i2o~n ..... ARI


Brawling 51l. climbing/Jump n:!I 4D+2. lilting 3D+2 TECHNICAIL 4()

BOlttie SUi.tlcm repair GD, bewcaster repalr 50, capital ship repair 50+2. capltaJi shtp r,epair: Garnlllll-c4ss assault shulUe 7[); computer programmllrig/repal.r 5D+1, drold p.rognlmm.in,!!, 6D+ l, d:r'old repair 5D, repulsorltf] r,epalr 5D.2. sj)iu;1'! transports rep-lIlr 6D, slwltsht.e:r repair 6D, wolke", repair 4D+2

Speelal AbUII1e!!l

Berserker RG;ge: -1-20 to SJtrltlgtll or IJmwllnllln berserker rage_ See page] 37 'of St:ar Wars: The RofeptayinfI Game,

Second Editfofland plige: .25 ,of Star Wars amemoster Handooall.

CUmfJing Claws; +2:0 to cilimoing. Force P~dnla: I

Darl!: Side ll':olll.tB: 1

Charadeii' Points; (j


Equ1:,menl: .001 belt

• Naw.ruun. has weakened sll1(1\ being enslaved due to, malnutritIon lind m.lstr,e<ll:milfi L ALI skins tinder Dexte,rity and S!rengtl.l 11 ave suffered .

The Jedl Academy Sou.rcebook


are thos In the SA who would agree, but other sDluggler groups see the name as a tie to their past - ant'!' a s.ultable rernlnder not to be fully co-opted by ali1ly goverrnnent, however benevolent.

. The syrn bol of the SA '5 ami letlon is an elegant c~osshatched Insignia, which is prominently dlsplayed on ship hulls, I.IInliormsand doeurnents produced by the SA. leadershlo,

Chapter Seven T e Fringe

The Fringe

The fringe isn't a place or organization so much as it is a soeic-economlc condition. It thrlves on backwater 'Worlds where tile Empire and New ReplIblic an: less diligent in Enforcing laws, and where law enforcement can. be bought or subdued.

It co,,!sists or pirate bands, smllggler fleets, cities where anything cal] be had :for a prlce, small govern men ts wh ich \ViII launder anvones 's credits, gambling casinos beyond the r~ach of galactic law, spacestatlcns where bounty hunters and slavers gather. and taetortes where illegal products ._ lrom ryll s];llc:e to assassin drelds - are made. The fringe Is anywhere where society has been sulllclently weakened to allow people to bend or break gaJacUc laws 011 a major scale.

The Smugglers' AUiance

One segment 01 the fringe which has coalesced into a seml-Iormal organlaanonm the altermath of Thrawn's eampaign is the Smuggler's Alliance (SA). The SA Is <I tenuous ccalttlcn of smugglers - a merchant league of sorts - who have banded together to provld a common defense, select leaders who can represen~ their interests before file New Republic. and n'!guJate competition and trade between their var:I.OU5 lnterests to a1lo'w all to flourish.

The SA has a small Jleet of military craft con ttl buted or lent by member groups and organlzatlons, These' ships. many of them ~ormer Rebel prlveteers. come in all shapes, sizes, colOf'S" and conhgutatlcns. but are all wen cared for, The combined Fleet is more than enough to face .any pirate Heel known to exist. or fight oU a rogue In~peritlJ lorce preying OIl New Republic ttaffk_

Some have arg-ued mhat "Smugslers"A1Jliancen is not the bestnaate for oIl group trying to achieve I.egi timacy asan established! organization, There

Mara Jade

. Y'hen she was appointed by the Smugglers' Alliance as all SA repsesentarlve, Mara Jade thoug~t she'd found oil job that wouldemplo}l her skills as a negotiator and businesswoman rather than as some sort Gf armed trOIlilDleshooter. However, if seems that Mara 1:; desuned to keep in the thick 0.1 things one w,ay or all other',

Sh,e travels to Coruscant to warn the New Republic througb Han Solo that Admira~ Daala ha5~een ~utnng out feelers In the fringe. trying to hire spies and saboteurs. While there, she catches Lando's eye.

Mara, attends Luke's Jedi academy for a t1me, hut does not stay Ions:; Kyp 's stealing o,f her ship sours her all the experience. and she begins to worry how theSA is getting onwitheat her, She asks lando to come pic:k her up.

When Lando returns her to Coruscant, he fills her 'in on a plan he's devised. to take over the Kessel mi.lllng program ilf she canaasure him that the SA can pick up distribution of the gIiUersHm.. Sbe tells him it might be workable II he CiW keep the: supp.ly up.

She meets Han and Lando 0111 Kessel's mcon where representattves from the Smugglers' Am: ance have already secured the moon with their OWIl delenstve fleet. When tile prototyp . Death Star appears in the system, she ecxcmpanles Han and Lando aboard the Fatcon to take a. closer look.


The Jedf Academy Seurcebeek

O~~~S~!i..:TUlh;..!F~·:============~=====;%_ .. I.". IL.., .:.:.l'aptereven: '. e . rlnge "AU-

When the "closer 'look" turns into a wild and rough piggyback rldl'" wlthin tile girders of tile Death Star, she suggests that she and Lando plant limpet mines on 'the power core of the Death Star while Hall repairs the Fatcon's hyperdrlve. The ruse ultimately jails. but the Falcon does get away unscathed before the Death Slar plunges Into the black holes of the Maw.

Mara, oncea hardened and angry lone wolf. is softening' as tlere takes her Iarther from her experience as the Emperor's Hand. She stili has a rous:h~dged hardness about her. but she has emerged from, the shadow of the dark side. She stlll has a sl1ghtl.y manlpuletfve streak in her, though. which she occasionally lets out when people annoy her.

• Mara' Jade

Type: StTllJlgers Alliance Repliesema,lIv,e DExTImTI' 30 .. 2

BlaSler gil -I , j)laste~: holti-out blaster lID. brawling parry i'D~2. dodge 9D, lJglutsaber <lD+2, .1n!:!1!!€! combat 8D+I. melee parry 7D.2. missile weapons 6D .... 2. pick: pOCH:I!~ 8D+2. runnil1l1liD~2, thrown weapons 6D+2 KNOWLEDGE 2D'I-,2

Allen, spectes 8[) .. 2, bllreiil.!nacy 700+2. burea!Jcracy:

N'ew Republic 50, business 'j[l'~2. business: Smugg]ers' Alliance 6D. L intJm.ldrulon 1O+2.lan,fjuages 8D .. 2. planetary :lys~ems :iD~2. streetwise '5D.2, stre'etwise: Tal'on

Kllnde·s fJrgmli7.al.ioll 1D ,2. survlval il.>. value 50.:.!. willpower 7U


Asl.ruga!'loll ~D~2, beast -riding 500·2, cOI'mnunk{J.li(ltu 71)+ t, gro,lIIti vellh:le ul)!!rallml liD. 2, repul.s(Jrl.~!1 QP~rn· ~!1]1l6D, sensors 5D-·;l, SP(JCC transports 10D. :;larllgh!~r pilutillg I 01), starshlp gUirllH!ry ~!IJ.,2, si arshlp shleld~ BD+ 1. SWOI.I,Ii 1.11) 'r'l1]oll 7D,2


Bargain liD, command 8D, con I:iU.~. gambling 4D-2, hide 80+ I. !nve!lIIY<llh)l! 50+2. PCl"slJ,-sltm ODt2. ~eJi:rc!17D.~, sneak HI)·, I

S'fRENGTB 31142

Brawling 8J) .. ~, dlmbl~lg/lumplnJ! 70.:.2, H.fIim~ 5])·2, stnmtna 81)~:.!, !!wlJ'nming 6D~2


Blaste!"" repil~r 60. computer programmmg/repalr 80. demolitions 6D·2'. draid pro~ral'mnlnR ·ID. druid repftlr 3D ... 2. Itlr~1 :lId SD. grQ~IJid vel"li'CIl' repulr6IJ, IISilHsl!;l;"n repair 3['1-2. rapulacrllft repalr 5D, securiiy 9D, spa~e transpnrtsrepalr 6-0 ... 1. starshlp Weap(JD] repalr .'il). I SpecluJ Ablllih~5:

Force Sklil,~: Crm!,'oI3D, .s:M5e JD. alter 2D".1

These tIl"(' ollly same of m,e [KIlllt!t:!i rhul ilium Iad« has demoristruted.

COflrrol: Ab~Qrb/dls'!;lpate energy. accelerate he<lllng. cnncentrullnn", control paln, emptiness, enhance attrlbute":", t1lbl!l"II<I'lionlral1t:t!. remain eonsclous. resist stu!")

Sense: Comb u t sense~~. danger sl!nsc··, life datectlon, Hie sense, magnify senses, reeeptlve Itelepathy. sense force

A{1er.lnJurl!tKlII, telekinesis;

Control ondSe'lI.:m: Projective tel epat hy, ll gil ts IIIJ€'r combat


COnlrol and Alter. Inl1ld pall'!

Conlrn/, Sen,~e. (md A I{pr. "I'eleker.teti e kill" ~

• Des>l;rl~d IliIl.he Movie TritogySourrceboolt

• • Dese rl bed In the The T1'MWtI Tril/l!!l Sourcebook "fb:l:!I mor:acter I.s Fo:rc~n IIlve

foree P,olmi!: 5 -

Dart Side rojn~ 1 Charael!ilrPIJInl9~ 22 Move: 10

Eqlllpm~llt l-Iold-O\JtbA<UlI~r (3D~, 'c~flilll1k. Illlh,~s":ber (5D}


'QIl·e:!lt Is one 01 Talon Karrde's ace slicers, posstbly one of the best 1'0 the fringe, When not 'Workl[Jg for Karrde, Ghent freelances [or members Qf the Smugglers' Alllan<e:e, slicing Into varlous databases, running down tntormattcn on competitors' clients, cracking cedes, andsettins up securecomputer systrutls (though lie rellshes 'the c.hallenge ol breakingtnto systems designed by other sneers more than keeping other slicers out of his).

Ghent know just about everything there Js to know about computers" but doesn't have much In the way of soctal g·kills. He tends to express his opinions without Ilrstecaslderlng how they might be received.

When Mara Jade' and Lando Calrtsslen arrive Oil Kessel 'to take possessio,n oJ their !leW property, Ghent uses hls skills to breech Doole's fortress when the amphlblan seals hlmsef Inside.


1'ype:' Slicer DEXTERJn" 20+2, Blasu~,r 3D, dodge 4D .. 2 KNOWlE!DG£ 3D+ I

MIt:I! specIes 5D .. I, bureaucracy 4D • .I, languages 50.1.

planetary systems oD+I. value 70+2 .


ReplllsorHIt eperarlon 5D, starship shlelds 60 PERCIEP1'1DN 20

Bargain ·m.I, eorranand 'I'D, COI"I 4n, gambllnB ilD. hid tiD, sneak 5,0.


Climblnlll~lHnping 3D. I, sramlna 4D, swlmmiRg 3D WCHNlCAL4D

Compuler programmlnil!'repll!r lOD. droid programmllljP; 8D '[, drold rep8J~1' 80, encryptlon 80. repulsorlllt repalr ,4D ' I, security HlU+1

'CluU"lu:ter :f'olnts: 7

Move: 10

,EquJ,pm.lmt: .Datapad (containing a flumber of c:ol:J:ebrealdn!l: programs), hoh:!l·(J.ul blaster (.10)

T'nu'nl Bdu

A dapper Sullustan merchant, T~mm Bdu has worked all his life to move up in the shipping business. He got his start on his uncle's ship, and after a lewyears had carefully saved ·enough credits to make adown payment on his own tiny vessel.

By taking on jobs nobody else 'ii'li'anted. and buying onl,y the lowest quality fu.el, ship parts . and supplies, and working, long hard hours for years on end. Bdu managed to payoff his ship. Once he YVes making an actlJalprofL he began to tmprove his ship 'to the point that by sel.Ung it and pooling the proceeds. with money he 11 ad. saved, he was .':libl.e to make the downpayrnent 01] a battered but servteable Corelltan corvette.

Bdu has captained this vessel :krr (our years now. This time, he Is making enough 011 runs to pay[oT a quality crew, keep his, ship in lip-top shape, and even have enoughtc set aside a~ter making his ship payments,

Now that Bdu hasestabltshed regular cargo runs, he bas decided to settle down 011 Sullust and let his flrst matte make the runs, Having already met the woman he wants to marry, he agrees to make an extra run to Dan rootne fer the New Republic so he can afford the traditional suitor fees without dipping into his regular ]Il~ come,

Alas, w htle ell route to Dantcotne. Bdu is wayiald by J.\clrnlr<!ll Daala's fleet. His s,hip Is captured with all hands by Daala, and he hlmeJf is Int.errogated, 1,Cl his immense relief, Daala lets his ship go. ,aher confiscating his 'Cttrgo arid duplicatll1g h is computer files (for updated star charts and pollttcal information).

After allowln Ii Bdu to get oU a message to the New ~epu bile, Daal~ promptly destroys his ship. Cle.arly, the Adrnlral intended to send (II message

of her own. '

,.r'nun Bdu

1J"ype! SuTluslan Trader DEXTERITI' 3D

Blasl_~r_ 4D. bltl~ter: hold-out bl~ster 5D, dodge SD+2 KNOWlEDGE ZDe+-2

Alien species 50, bureaucracy 4D+.2, bl151nC3S 70. cultures lID :.!, "lll.l1gn..mges 30~ 2. planetary sysLems SD. streetwlse G,D -2. vatue 5D


~trQg,atlon '10. cnpl\at ship, plloung: Con:llinn corvette 4D. capltalsfup shlelds: Cnrelllan eorveue 'm~1. communlcetlcns SQ. r'l'lII.l.scrIiIl <operation ·I'D, sensors 5D,. space trunspcrts 5D. stllf5hip shields 5D


BIlIJgal!16D~2, command; (Orew IjD+ I, COil 5D, persuasion £0+2

S'rREN'GTH :m.+-I Stamina olD ll'ECmnc!U. ::10

C'aplt;jll shi'p r~epair: Corelllan corvette 3D.:!. computer ]lITogramm.llllUrepalr SO, drold progr<immlRg '1D.,2, first aid <1D. rrepuisorillt rcpiili 'I D.· I. security 5D.:!. spaC!1 transports repalr 60

SpecifiJ Abllilli!ll~

E'nlu:mmd Senses: Sullustans have advanced sense 01 hear!Bg and vision" Whenever they make Pep.<:fJlion Or SEUFCh checks ~ri'ol'olvlnil hearing or vlston In luw-ligh'l condltions, I'hlf)'" reeetve iI 420 bonus

l.=a,fiIJfI Sefl,~e: Once a SI.l~luSlan hruo visll.cd all area, he always remembers IlOW 10 return 1'1,} the arc., - hI;!

The Jedl Academy Sourceecok


~Ch~·~a~.p~te:r~Se!v~e~n~:~.T~h~·:eJ,F~ir~jn~gs:,e~::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::~:i: .. ~~-'::--I

cannot S~I lost in a plae t:l1a.l he has 'vlsll ed belore. Tills is 3MI10l11atlc ood :reQuires no dle rel], Wh~ using the US~l1Q(ian skill to, 11.111'11:110., place <I SuIIU51an 'ilas been. 'the astragalor recelvo.!'5 a iJa.mlll,s 01 .ID bonus 10 his cUe roll.

fOM:e !!"olntB: .I Cil.arn(;tu Polni3: 5 Mlive: 10

EquJpme:ol: ComHnk, d<llllpad, hold-out blas'l,er (3D)


CBX-9iS en aged and battered protocol drold with a platinum chrome :Finish, program,rned with a female perscna and VOic.6. A hybrid drold .~ head by Menmdata, body 'by Cybot ~ CBX-9 moves withl em awkward galt, her ratcheting motivators jerking as H her brain can no longer control all of her systems at once. This is the price CBX~9 pays for being a hybrid drold with two Incomparable drold systems 'iiVired together into a functioning whole ~ she is more sturdy and more ,agile than a standard protocol drold, but perhaps not as altoghetber there,

Bdu uses CBX-'f) as hls Interface with the humans he dues business with; though he Uriderstnnds Basic jlust (,ine. me cannot speak It Ne~lher CBX-9 nor Bdu will rdate the condtttens of their partnership, thcughlt seems cleer

to. observers tllat CBX.:9 has avolce In the affairs of 'the buslness. She certai.nly cares ror her boss" Insofar as a. d rold 'car! feel loyalty and affectjori.

.1 C8X-91 Pfo,tocol Dro.id

Type: Hlybrld Hl:lman-C~'oon: R~I<!tIClns Dmld DEX1EtlTY 211)

[)odgeim .. 2


i\11!!11 speetes SD. buslnass 6D.2. cultures 1m, lanGl!nl1f.!~ ren


Repulsorlill operetton 51),5patEtr .. nspor~s411·~ I, stnrs~Jp .~hh~ld~ 4D


Barrg,lIln 7D. con 6D



First <lJcJ 40

Equlp,~d \lIllh:

• 1~luMumold body (two arms. IWO leG~. h!:ad)

• Two vlsualand l\!t'o l:iudlaJ sensors - hurnan range

.. Vocabul011.0npeecll/sound s),stem. CBX-9's vOC<lbula~<Jr s,pellch/soti nd syst e m m !I,kes her capil bleol rc produdllil virtuOlJlly tiny ",(JUDd she hears or 15 programmed '10 r pr duce,

• A.A.] Verbo[lr'aln

• TranLlIlll'Ill1 Ccmmunleeuens module wlth over seven mlllloa ,languages


Size: 1,5 meters tall CMI] 'Not for .s~le

The .Ieai Academy Sourcebook

::;:r~]~~::::==::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::~c~h~a~Pll~!er~E~i9~h~t:~K~e~ll~. ~el





Chapter Eight l(esse,1

.(esse' Systelm

The Kessel system is located farout In the Outer Rim Territories. Made Infamous for its brutal spice mines, Kessel is known. 'throughout the EmlPJre, though Iew know even apprcxtmately where it Is, and stili fewer can describe anything about it. The few who are bmiHM with Kessel. mostly smugglers and gangs ers, sel-

dom ~eel a need to speak of the system, or the Inhospitable wor[(1Is it harbors.

Certainly, the Kessel system does 110t have a proralslng fu tu re, Whatever dubious attractiQ:lTls its second world or the same name might offer, the system wlll never grow In promlnence and influence. Not wheneveryoae knows tha the entire system is doomed to extinction.

The Maw Cluster, a conglomeration o~ black

The ,Kessel Run

The Infamous Kessel Run has become a. parn o{ galactic: fol klore: many people, know of Kessel, and tall tales concerning the horrors thal1urk Mthirn the planee's spice mines can be beard in virtually any spacers" cant I IIUI.

In addition, the Kessel R.1!:I1l has become something of a rite of: passage among smU!g~ glers and other "frill1lge" elements. Virtually every smLlfJ8:ler talks: of daring feats and rnlraculnus exploits they performed 'While sm.ug-

gUng spice from Kessel. .

OUem; smuggling ships deriver their cargoes to p:re-.assigned cargo ships <II. few dozen parsecs away [rom Kessel. Many smugglers tel II oi a 'relatively small portion of space that Is only lightly patrolled byrnllttaryand customs ships, allowing smugglers to drop off their cargo aad avoid Imperia! tnterdictlon,

In gam.eterms, a "typtcal" Kessel Run Is as fo.llows:

• A baste Kessel Run. is roughly 18 parsecs in distance'. Base diUku'lty to success(ully navtgate the region is five suceesslul Vier)" D]m~ cult ,astrogation rolls. The difficulty of these rolls cannot be lowered. Travelling .any larther out (or falling any ofthe live astrogallon foils) means that a ship attempting a run through Kessel will be detected by patrol ships and aensor drones and - mell proba.bi.Uty - destroyed.

.. A Kessel Run C8!1II beshertened (as Han Solo is, fond of boasting). By movillE! closer to the Maw, It is possible to save dis tanceand time, but it 15 considerably more dangerous. For each parsec a smuggler moves closer to the Maw (down to 15).therel.s iMlIadditlonaJV,ery DiHicul t {]scrogation roll. (For example.redac·ing travel dis~.ance Irorn ]8 to IS parsecs requir,eseigllt Very DifUclJlt (Jsrrogat.iofl rolls),

• An additional Heroic astroga/lon roll is required for each hat_f;:parsec below 15 (down 'to ] 3,parsecs) that travel distance ts reduced. :For example. redlJclng travel distance to 13 pairsees requtres eight Very DIfflcult astrogation rolls and foul' Heroic asrr'Ogt:1tiori rolls ..

.' If the pilot attempts to shorten travel ctstance even further, an additional Heroic (l~trogQtiQfl roll is required. In addition, the pilot must add ·10 to the d:tfilculty o~ thiS roll for each half-parsec below U.

Failw-e of any of these astrogatlon rolls indJj~ cates thetthe smuggler mltlca1culatedthe jump coordinates and vanishes Into the Maw.

Han Solo onceclalmed he made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs (indi,ca:tlng 1].5 p.ar:se·cs).1ro successfully navigate this run, I-Ian would have rnadeelght Very DHHcult aslrogalion rolls, four Heroic astrogatlorl rolls. and one HerQlc+30 aslrogaliQn roll,

Obviously, maldng a Kessel Run is not a task for beginners.

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.. ~C~h~a~e~te~r~E~i9~h~t:~K~e~5~s~e~I::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::=-~!I=JUI.. - i.11U-

holes and gas douds, creeps nearer and nearer the system every century, and astronomers prediet tha~ the Maw will tear apart and consume the K'e5sel system within ill thousand years, or so. Aside from glttteesttm miners" shl ppers, and buyers" few will note its passing.

There are only three worlds orbiting the bluewhite star Kessa, none 01 which offer much to developers or miners. Senna. 'the planet elcsest to Kessa, is, little more than a smoldering rock, awash with molten metal seas and frequent volcanic eruptions.

The second pJanet 01 'the system, Kessel. is a crippled planet. Vaguely potato-shaped, it is incapable of retaining Its own atmosphere, and is a veritable wasteland.

Karedda, the tcyouteemest world of the system, is far removed from its brothers, maintaini I1Ig an orbit In the system 's fUi''th,ermost regions. i{;:)Il'edda is already shcwtng signs .of reacttng to the Maw's gravitational ~orces; over the past few centuries, its orbit bas picked upa slight wobble when the planet passes closest to. the Maw.

Powertu] and lethal radlatton pours from the Maw. making spacewalks in all but the most heavl ly sh letded vaccsuits deadly, and me on Its p lanets unlivable without advanced tecnnoleglcal shielding. There wouldn't seem 10 be much to recommend Kessel to settlers find entrepreneurs, But: for one single resource, Kessel would undoubtedsy be: a deserted system today.

Glitters·l.im ,Spice

GI i tie rg.ti rn Is a particularly rare form or splce; rare because It is only found on til - planet Ke.ssel. far undergrourrd .. It was first discovered In the early days ·of tile Empire, though how, no one knows. (An oft-repeated spacers' tale relates :how the Emperor himself emetged from 11i5 meditation chamber one day and Immediately ordered a colony buill. on the remote pl,3llet .)

What makes glltterstlm spice so valuable is that It ternporarl Iy boosts the consumer's lateru empathic sensitivity. allowing him or her to read the surface thoughts of others. Tile el'le<:l only lasts a. few moments. but that ls lona: enough to make glitlersUm spice a greatly valued drug 1'1 businesses .law-enfercement agencies and so On.

The brief Melepat.hlc boostoHelfed by gUth~rsU.m spice makes the substance a valeablecornmodtty tightly controlled by the Empi reo In the days of Pal patine. the Empire kept en iron fist around Kessel's spice produetton. reserving the gllttersUm for 'espionage and lnterrogatlon purposes, as well as checks On loyalty al1ld the granting of security clearances.

But there has always been avast demand for gliUerslim on the black market: lovers wanting Lo share all, ephemeral telepathic link, creative artists seeking inspiration, tnvesrors tryl,llg to obtain Jnslde lntormatl 0.1'1. scam operators wantins to dupe rich clients, and so forth, It is also in high demand I n tile psychologtcaland medical fields, where its properties can be used to aid patients.

And as I.ong as there has beena tr rnendeus demand f,o·r ,gIIUerst.im, there' ha .... e ben smugglers willing to risk me and limb to deliver it. what ver the Imper.ia.ls might say. Sl1I1u:Q:gling splce from Kessel has become a specialty rOf some 5 pacers.end the Kessel Run, a dangerous race along the edges of the Maw to escape detection by the Imperial sensor IU!tiS, a thl ng of legend.

GliUerstim distribution has not muchchanged since the Emptre fell. Moruth Doole, the overlord o:r Kessel, Is no more approving or competition than were his predecessors .. H· has gone through a great deal trouble to build lip 11 lorml-

The Jedi Academy Sourcebook

~.~~~::::::::::::::::======::::::::::::::::::::::::======::::::::C~ha~p~t~e~r~E~19l1h~[~:~K~'e~ss~el. -.AU

GLitterstlrn is very .. very ill.eg.al outside c 1'taln narrowly proscribed, g v mment-c n'trolled sltuatlons (espionage. medical reosearch and such), It Is also in V ry high demand. As a result, glttterstlm Is extrern ly dim ult to obtaln, dangerous to possess and outrageeusly expensive.

Gamernasters are ncouraged to makeeven Inquiring about gUtlersUm exc - dlngly dangerous, the following option is provided to gametnasters who do not want their player characters to acquire gtltterstlm, or are Looking r II' a new, and dangerous, c mptlcatlon 10. add toan existing adventure.

U a character questioning bts underworld c ntacts for a film er tim conne tlon r-olls a oneon thewlld diewhenmakm hissl.reeJwise' roll, someone else has gotten wind of the questioning and resolves to do something about it. This might be law-enforcement agents or ther underworld flgure·s who want the spice fo~ themselves.

Either group will shadow lh characters and appreh nd them wnenand If they manage to obtain sorn glitte.rstlm pice .. Either

situation is danger us. Th crtmtnals, of course, will probably attempt 10 kill the haracters for th lr spice. Til police will arrest the characters and attempt to use them. to foHow th spice pip -lin - back towards its source. If he characters aee perceived by the gangs ter dis trtbuttng tile spice as cooperati.ngwith the Investigation, they may wind LIP' with a boun ty on their h - ads. I tis ha rd to r nd off talen ed assassins when Y'QU are locked in jail.

The splc osts a great deal ol money. A single des can cost up to 10,.000 credits in somemark ta.and almest 11 ver dropsbelow 6,000 cr dtts per dose.

Charact rs lmhlblngglltterstlm ar consldered For e-sensjtlve Ior I o rounds. During this tim ,they Can read th surface thugllts , r a targ t p rson. This lunctlcns just 'like the

orce skill r eptive tefepolhy, except thallh user ts r strict d to using his or her Perceptlon to make the. difficulty roll.

Those wh are already hay the rec ptioe le{epa,lllY powr derive no benefit from iJsing glltterstlm.

Using Glitterstim in the Game

cia ble d fens,€;! navy to dtscou rage unauthorized Incursions Into his space.

Glltterstim is mined in the tunnels of Kess I.

The splc . is photoactlve, so the mining Is. done in total darkness. In the upper tunnels, where the splce fibers have been exposed to air Ior long periods ot til1li@, the spice is old and powdery. Jn the deeper tunnels .• whtch are freshly opened up, the glltterstimis fresl18trtid fibrous. The sptc vems are laid in criss-cross patterns along th walls of the tunnel, and do not run deep into the rock.

The milled gltttersttru fs taken 'to processtng centers, abo in u tter darkness, wh re it is sorted, cleaned, measured into equal doses, and sealed ln sllm black cyl.inders. To aetlvate the spice, one pulls back the opaque outer wrapper, exposing the inert glassy Ilbers of th spice to the light. As. the spice reacts to th llght. scintlllatIng.al1d glowmgfrem w.ithil"l. It ripens, When the transparent llbers glow a pearlescem blue, they are ready to consume. The con umer takes the spice orally, whtch dissolve In his or her mouth with a crackling and faint show oJ 'tiny sparks,

Glitterstim spice sh uld mot b onfused with other forms of spice - such as ryll - which ge'nerally do not boost telepathic ability.

The G.arrison Moon

Kessel has. but One moon, a large barr n ro k which on harbored the Imperial delens fleet.

ver the course of a decade, Ihe Imperlals hollowed out portions of the moon to make room lor a hug rnultl-level internal hangar and the. enormous gen raters and transmltters thai ereale the energy shleld whtch surrounded Kessel. and blocked unauthorized access to t -'e planet.

The energy shield was not effectlv in protecting Kessel in the end, since those who ultlmare.ly .slz d the planet were already on it However, the retreating: Imperials destroyed the shield 51 "'n raton l make the r taking of Kessel easter when lmperlal forces return-d. Kessell1ever was retaken, as it turns out. and the shield, aft r years, of painstaking work, is r stored to working condition only shortly befmeDoole'S pit lful empire comes eras tling down.

Because the planetary shield is down for much 01 Donie's tenure, he places a great 'emphasis on his defensive fI t. Ever sin e taking control oJ Kessel. he has insisted on uslng a largeportlon of his annual budge to build up his navy.

He bad good start ln s.tabUshing a Ilet

because his, men mad seized a large number or Imperial ship's during the uprising. Many of

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ups. Now. th y orne to th garrls n moon.

TIT' garrtsou moon is destroy d wh n the proto' ype [ eath Star targets Ke::;!5 I and misses.

• Garrison Moon Type: :ldl 1!111,1'ti> 1"elTlirlC'I'l!dur~: Conl AlmO!lllltlere: I\'OIll~

1"1 ydmil.p'lt -·tt: ArId Cnn;lty: 1,11,1111

T rruln: IlJ'Ier fif'ld

Length uf Da .: l:i standard huurs I.~",glh or ¥par: G,ll1ocal day ..

ap,ll'nl • P' i : )"1i~ d SUU'purt: SI liar "opulallon: !:l,(l00

PlaRt''! F'lJIldlon: Garrison I,)~se T- cit -'\1('1: Space

~'C~h~aep~(e~rJE~19~i~1[~K~-e~s!se!-/~::::::::~:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::!~ ....


Doole's Defense neet

Doole manages In build up a falrly lmpresslve navy over I en years, Together willi the planetary shteldlug, h is in a good tactical and str uegtc pOSition.

Alas, nearly 90. percent of his defense n<2,VY is lost in the 'lash with Daala's fleet. lncludlng all olth 1 apital ships. Most of til remaining cratt lle the system after the attle, leaving K. ssel bas. 'ally undefended.

Starfigb ters 761'lE/Jntight rs 5.1 2·955.

:3.11 Y.wing figh ters

29 onverted pleasure cruisers 22 TIE lntercepro s

19 X-wing fight rs

14 Hornet lnterc ptors

In perlal syst rn patrol cralts 6 Gamma la 'a' sault shuttle 4 TIE bomb rs

3 Sklpray blastboats 1 B-wing llghter

CapUal Sh~ps

.3 Carrack cruls ~rs .3 Lancer fdgat . s

2. Corellian C TV, It S

J l.oronar strike 'miser

these were damaged In nil fighting. and in need of repair.

One 01 his lirst ads was to hlre a crack team ot experienced rnechantcs [rom the 'orelJian sec tor or Nail' Shadd- 11 to maiatal n his fl et, They pieced back togeth 'I' rh Imperial ships, and II' stored and maintain d. others brought in by Doole's arms dealers and pirate contacts.

The garrison moon hangar is a large cavernous area. with a rnagn tic atrnospl ere-containm nt f.ield to hold. back the vacuum of spa e. Parked in the hangars. arranged in seemingly random order. is Doole's ragta.g fleet or starflghters and light capital ships, A number of larger ships, orbit Kessel and its moon, OJ' range out on system-wide patrols.

Both in the Imperial era. and in Doole's time,. the moon serves as the transfer point for the shipping of spice out or system. Ther are numerous cargo bays asld ~ from the maln hangar, used to sort and store the spice Cor routing to other destinations. TI e smugglers who dealt with Dooleln the days of the Empire once landed directly on the. surface of Kessel to make pick·


Kessel is an asymmetrical, nvoirl world, maned with the tendrils ores .aplnqatmosphere. It is rblt d by a larg mo n.ln the ba 'kgrnuncl, one can S th fiery gases or the aw cluster,

Kess I lsa major plan L Ior sp!, 1Pf( duction and th sit 01 heavy smuggling actlvitles, .. s well as th site lor on ol the tough 50t prisons in the galaxy. For many years, til' Empi,re had controlled spice productlon except [or what smugglers managed ttl steal from Linder ImperialllOses .

But with the lall 01 the Emperor, ure smuggl rs and th prisoners lin th Imp rial Correction. Faclllty uuk over the planet. Kess I has, laid low durlng Grand dmtral Thrawn's campaign and the rae nt resurr tlon of the Emperor, k '. ping quiet and trying hard no to b noticed, and answ ring no one's r quest ror 11 elp.

The surle 'e of Kes~ I is, whitish and powdery where the atmosphere stacks have deposited micro-silt over the ye,ars I' and baked and cracked everywhere else. Kessel is largely <II. barren planet, There are n anlrnalson land or in mille small, salt-heavy seas, and the planet's surface would be entirely JU less except for a Iew sp les o:f hardy grass and tlchen which sproul here and there.

Th air is extremely thin. becaus Kessel too small to retain its own atmosphere, Huge generatl ng fa tori.es constanuy pro ss the raw rocks to rei ase oxygen and carbon dioxide, making it poss.ible to survive outside with simple breath masks instead 0.1 total environmental suits.

A good portion of the manufactured atmosphere escapes into 5 pace, trailing al rug behind Kess l lts If.Accordingt Imp rial studl s, there is only enough raw material In Kess l's c ust to k sep the atmospher c ill qulllbrlum for a entury or two.


The Jedi Academy Sourcebook

'~,=~~ =. ============================~Ch~·~, alJip~,re~r~Ei.li~9~hli.it:.:;K~eiis~s:e~J

The lack: of breathable air is not the only danger in walki,ng on Kessel's outer surface, Hard radiation pouring [rom the Maw beats aoWll on Kessel, shortentng the ltves or those who expose themselves to .it fin extended pertods or ttme, fortunately, powerful orbital radialion shields block a large percentage of the deadly K-rays and gamma rays, greatly reducing risk. Doole ollly keeps the portions of Kessel in use by his people shielded. to discou.rage unauthorized wandertng and min.i.ng.

• K,e'sse,l

iyp.ei Tel"i:'I!IIIrI~.1 TeDiIpc.m.llll:"e: Cool

i\li!:!:tosphc!'le: Type 'III (breath mask required) HydJrosp,bcre: DIrY

Gm",lty: Ughl

TerrnJ[lJt Bi'I.rliell. mounratns Length ri~ [loy: 2i6 .st'lIl.dud hnurs l.enjth ot Y,il:D.rt 322 101;;111 dii)l.'i Saplen.t S.[I! ,el.ll'II: Varied

SlrucpOIi!: Slilnd.1.rd class P'OpHlfi'I'I0fli 122, oeo

1f'lonCI: 'Function:: Spk:.e mirn.ing G.wemmcilb Dlctatorshfp Te,c:n.levnl: Spaee

MrrJo'r E;x'III!II1t!: Gllttersltrn spice

Major Impoi"lI: High tech, loodstLlHs, luxury ltems

M,orwth Doo,le

Momth Doole is the overlord of Kessel .. He is a careful planner who always has luture events plotted out several years in advanee. He is also very keen on mal ntaim i ngcon trol of his envlronrnenr, and has ruthlessly kept other players oU Kessel, even when they might have made him richer. He enjoys feeling the lear of others because it makes him feel stronger and more In control.

Doole isa Rybet, a soft-skinned, squat amphibian. His sld n is brlght-gr.een, and high I lgh ted by faint ochre stripes whkh wander up and down his cheeks. arms and shoulders. 1"115 fingers are long and splayed at tile tips. displaying vestigial suction CLIpS, and his eyes are bulbous wi~h vertical slits ..

One of h is eyes. Is now milky-wh.ite. an d Doole wears a primitive-looking mechanical locuslng device over hlis other eye" strapped over hls smooth head with brcwnleather straps. Lenses 01 varying power can be cllcked into place and focused. He [avon anold-tashtoned li.zard~sk[n 'Waistcoat: and wears a bright yellow cravat. which tndteaaes to othe.rsor his species that he Is in mating· readiness.

Doole has spent the years since coming' to

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th very prolitabl Kess I Run. Ev ry l10W and then, Doole would set one IIp to tak 21 fall, when hedeclded the hapl ssspa eer was mere useful as a trophy to be turned over to the authorltt s than as a shlpper of his prodlDlCt.

At one polnt hed Id dto setup Han Solo. (This was sh rtly b tor Hall took n a argo OE an old man, a farm by and pair or drolds.) Unfortunately. h . made III mistake of doing It wh 11 Han was carrying a 'cargo for Jabba the Hu I. Wh n word got back 1 .Jabba that he had lost a spic shipment thanks 10 Do le, h sent hts enforc rs Old 10 IlnlNe the Rybet killed (11 had be '11 planning to l·.ake over Doole's cperation anyway). While Jabba's assassins alTIUS d thernselv by destroying one of Doole's eyes, Sk nxn J( snuck up on 'til m and kill d them.

Jabba's m ve lorced Doole's hand.and he staged a prlson re ott, In III ensumg chaos, Doole played theguards loyal to the Empire against the' prtsoners and guards :Ioyal to Jabba, and set his own men up to take out the primary rivals who mana.gecl '10 surviv .

When tile dust s ttl d, Moruth Doole 'ontrolled the spaceport, mines and Imperial (aclilltjes on K ssel. '1-1 appointe I Skynxnex as his l"ig:111-11a.[l(1 man and quickly moved to seize all f Kessel, ousting a numb r 01 'P tty slav I rdswh hay setup shop onrheotln r side of th planet. Fortunately for Dole. the Emperor f II b fore th Ern lr could send a rOl"ce out n K ssel to reclaim it, and the Ernplre sudd Illy had b tter things to do with its navies. Th minot bureaucrat had effectlvel)f conquer d an enttr planet wi,lh an army 0:( prtsoners,

~C~h;ae~,[~e~r!E~lg~h~[~:~K~e~.s.~Je~I::::::::::==::==::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::~g~FrIUI..~ wAru-

Doole's Rise to ,Power

Moruth 0001 b l{an his, career on Kessel as a minot bureaucrat in the Prison Correction Facility. He was responsible for assignlngprlsoners ~o spice mine details. By giving - ertaln plf'ls criers perferred assign men ts, Doole began to build up ill network of inlormers and e rita ls 'WIthin the prison population who 'Owed him tav rs.

Fromlhl pool olrnlsereents.D ole quickty learned how 0 lrcurnvent Imperial measures d signed to, con rol spice production. By pro' iding hi m n the means (:0 smuggle spice out, be s on had a prolltable illegal pipeline going.

It was a, srnail-ume operation, but U gave Doole the seed-money to start something bigg r. Eventually, byblackrnatltng or paying off key prison guards, Doole managed to set himself up a a kingpin f spice smuggling right under th Empir 's nose,

H 5' Id maps and access codes f r Kessel' energy sh ld and I) nsor net to smugglers, and helped small-tim Investors set up covert mlnes on lsola] - d parts of the planet ThE entr preneurs worked their new mines 811d sold the splice to Doole,

Once a mine's spice velns began to pliay out, Doole, a"'ting the part of the loyal prison ofUcial. "dlscoverc d" the illicit operation and report, d it l his Imp rlalsupervlsors, When thefmp -rial troops raid d these ill gal mines, 0001 's hand-picked guards made certain that anyon who could point a finger at Doole' never survived capture. The other laborers were put to work in the primary mines. this time as. pnsoners,

Dool'e lunrreled .h spice out to gangsters vsa a n twork of smugglers and there was never a shortage or smugglers willing to make

power sto kpiling spic and buHding up a defense Heel. When he has a defensive Ileet and a planetary shield online, Kessel will be as impregnabl as it can made to be, and Doole can raise gltttersttrn prl es to the skies and fear no retrlbu tlon,

Doole h s spent a lot Oof nmeand eHor~ building up Kessel as an lnd pendent state, and be has no desire to shar his hard-won power and independ n with any ne - esp dallyagovemrnent ltk the N w Republic. He values his indep nod nc rnor than anythtngelse-c-though his delens build-up has cost a considerable amount of rn n Y. 11, r, fuses too pen up Kessel

to smaller operators and harging th m for access, which would yi eld him a gr I deal I easycredlts, H occaslonallyentertalns theldea of bri nging 11'1 outsl de' investors - after al I. once the shield goes up, th )I will have a hard time getrn[Jg thelr money back.

Unfortull,ately, all 0 Do Ie's best-laid plans go awry with the arrival :f Han 01 and Chewba . t1. Perhaps, II 11- had killed the exsmugglers 1m rn dlate Iy and destroy d their ship. he might hav avoid d a great d al of gri,ef. Instead, h 5' nds th mint the spi mines, which sets Into motion a series of events which leads W an Imperial n I: ooi.lilng out of til MaW'

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I~~.~ •. ~ .•.. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::~C~· h~a~p~t~e~r~E~i9~h~f~:~K~e~s~S~el '-WAIU

and decimating his carefuUy bUHt~I.IP' defenses.

Mter Daala' s debllltatl ng:.attac:k nibs Doole of hls fleet. and most of his guards and slaves, he seals hlrnself In his Correctional Facility and takes reluge Ina high-security cell on the lowermost 1'1001'. He would rather escape Kessel altogether, blJ't his underlings fled the planet with every available ship while he was consorting wIth his females,

When Han and the others return to dalm Kessel and storm his barrtcades, Doole faces a rebellton led by tile Iemales he imprlsaned (and some oJ his children). Attacked [rom all sldes, he flees into the mine tlJilulels and Is quickly hunted down and devoured by rampaging spice s,piders.

• Mo.ruth Doole

Type: Rybel Kessel Overlord DEXl'IER:rry .. DI

Blaster 6D. I., bra wl.I.llg parry SD. dodg!! 7IJ, runnmg 5D~ I KNOWLEDGE 21)'~ 1

Allen s.pcles 4D, bI1F'etiUCr:lC)' SD, bureaucracy. Kessel SO, buslrseas: spree mining 100, i.ntin •. ldtll.l{m41D, langlJaE~ 4D~2, !~,w ('!'!t"rcen'l~!1i; Ke.~seJ 6D+2, pla.netary sysN?;ms 5D. SlI'Ect ..... lse 70. ·\!'Ilh.le. GO·· 2


A.stlogaUof! 4D, ,cmIHTlUnlc<Yt]Qns 5D. hover vehldeojJer.atioI14D, r'ocpLltso.rlllt nperatlon 4D~ t, sensors 5D', spaoe traJ'lsporl;s 3D.2, stBr.sh~p shields, 3D .. 2

PEl:C!P'llON 9D",:2

Bllrgail) 'GO, command: Doole"s ar[janlzallon L 11)·.1, con S[).2. lorgery 5D. 2, gambling 5:D,. hide 6D, Inv"~tig1i.UlJn SDt, pessuaslon SO. seaeeh .11D~2. sneak 5D StRENGUI2D

Bmwlll'lg 'lID, ¢lImb!nsl~l.IlT1pl!1S SD, swImmIng 6D TECHNICAl 21'>+ 2

C,ompull"'r programming/repaIr G,o. drolcl programml!l(o! ~D, flr:st aid 3D. securll)' 7D, I

FilK{l P(lI"L~: 1

I)a!"k Side PolQIB~ 3

Cba:mder PolD't:s: 12

Move: 10

Eq!.!.lpm.c-u'l; dO]t<lpad. ccmllrrk, rnechanlcateye (allows [)qale' 10 see In lnfrared, bill does not alway:slunctlOl1 properly). hold-out blusl~r (3D)


When Skynxnex ..... as a. youlIlt,! mail, he was arrested by lmpertel fortes tor then and sentenced to the spice mines o~ Kessel, barely escaping a death sentence' (and only because he was, yourrg and healthy), While tolling in the mines, S~mme:x joined Doole's fJedgllng network, andas the organiaatton grew" moved up withln it, He became Donie's primary "go-between man" who dealt with the smugglers.

By the tlrne of tile uprising, Skynxnex was Uoole's most trusted lleutenant, and cemented his, relationship with the Rybet by saving him from Jabba's assassins. Doole has rewarded Slcynxnex.'s loyalty and good service by making him his right~hall1d man.

S~xnex is a skeletal man who favors loosefining., mll.itary-style clothil1g. He wears armbands 'rom tile Imperlal prlson and carries an illega.l modified double-blaster ~ a tremendouslypowerful weapon.

WhJI.e Doole 18 a carefu I schemer who insists on long-term plafll1ing, Skynxnex is I ess ceutlcus than his boss iilil1d more prone to making snap dectstons based on the passion of the moment. Usually this difference in th two men .favQ,rs, Doole, bUi:.i6 Skynxnex had b n permitted to kill Han Solo. and Chewbacca as soon as 'they arrived on Kessel, Doole mighl' yel· be ill charge of the planet.

Skynxnex meets his doom as he l'l"a ..... ets h'lfO the spice tunnels to terminate Solo alild encounters a spice spider instead .


T:ype: Doole's tJeutenam DEX'FEIRTIYSD+I

Blaster <10, blaster: dQI.l'blp. h~tJSI(:r BD-l, ihrawllng pilr:ry 50<,2, dooge !lD, pid pockets 110" ... e:lilil::le blasters 41D .. 2 KNOWLEDGE <lD'

Bureaucracy: Kesst!'I'fD~2', bustnessrsplce rnill'in~ 5D·+ 1'. lnttmldatlen 9D, ~angu.ages !in, In ..... ~1'I~lo~o:amenl! Keas,eJ 60+2, streerwlse 5D. survival ~D~2


Cornmunlcallcns 11.0, gl'Qund vehicle o.peftlliort 110 .. 2, hover vehicle operetloa 40, rllpulsorllh operenen 5D+2, sensors 40, space transports '1IJ~2


B:argaln 50, commaad: Dcote's orj:!iJjlli~.lJtlon .~n" hid.e SD. ~l1veStig:lJtlall 7D, persuaslon !il)+ I, sfiilrdi (,1), iilie.ilk 5D STiRENGTli 2D

Brawlillil 50. cllmblngflumplng su-r. IIIUII1l2D 1,2 TECH.NICAL 20

Computer pro!,lramm.lnlJlrepnlr 5D. demolitions 31),2. dro'id programming 30,. repulisorlill repair 4:D, se urny 6D ... 1

Dark Side Folnls> 2 Characl,ec Poi:nU: 5 NI!)vei 10

Eqldpl!DeJI,t: Double blast r {61l.' damIllR~" .;m clllllclIHy to aim). cernllnk, stun culls,

BlOSS Rol·(e

Boss Roke is the Overseer of the prlsoners sentenced to wOIJ'k in the spice mines. He is a burly mall, with a lumpy race, a lumpy chin covered with bristly black stubble, ilInd lumpy arms, as If his massive muscles have all been attached at the wrong places.

Roke Is a greedy bully who. overworks his prisoners, in order to uphts quota. H. lntentlonaJly goads and taunts, his charges in the hopes of provoking an attack he can brutally put down. He constantly complains to Doole and 'Other supervisors that he is understaffed.and that 1110 one heeds his warning that' workers are dtsappearlng in the tunnels at analarrntng rate,

Eventually, when enough teams have disappeared, he personally leads the investigation

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team down lneo the new tunnels where the disappearances have been thickest, accompanied by Han Solo, Chewbacca and Kyp Durron, The trip ends 111 disoster for Roke - he is slain by one o~ the sptce spiders, haunting the dark tunnels ofthe spice mines,

• BO$,$ Ro,ke

Type: Kessel M.lnes Overseer DEXTERJlTY 3D'f2

Bi£l.sLer tiD, brawHIl,g parry 6D. dodge 70-1 ,running 4D, thrown weapons 4D",2


Allen spedl!ls. 4D. bur!W.ucra<;y; Kessel 50, lntlmldatlon 60+-2, lal1guag~es 4D. law entoreemene 3[h2. su.rv,lval4.D MECI-lANTCAL 3D

Ground , r ehlele operation 4D, hover vehicle operation 4D. repliIlso.dlft Q[,!emHclJ] S[)·d


Bar!!.iJlr'l4D,cOlutul<ll'l(l: mine guards 50, gambJlIlg: 3D+2, hide liD, Imle$Ugalimit, persuesion :11), search4D, slleal!. 4D-I.


Bi'llwlil'ig.71) CJlillbing!jUmpll1!1 SD+ I, Urung 60, stamina lID


Ccmputer programming/repair 4D.l'lrsl aid 3D~ I. security 5'0

DaM Side Point'; >I 'Clmm.C'ter- Pelnts: 7 Move: HI

Equlpmeul: Comllnk. datapad, hold-oui blaster (3D),

I.mperial Correction FaciUtv

WhEm the Imperials estabtlsheda mining fadllttyon Kessel. tbeyopetated all the credo that the cheapest labor was free. They used ill [at 01 droid -labor In the eady days (giving frustrated masters everywhere something concrete to threaten stubborn droids with). This was an excellenttdeam theory-druids did not haveto be led or housed. could be easi ly commanded, and could see in the dark

In practice. they were a disaster, The heavy moisture in the mines shorted out dsolds regu· larly, even those certllled as beingwater-reststam. Clumsy drold lingers ruined the spice even as they sorted it

In the end, the lmperlals Iel! back on oldfashioned slave labor. This meaat tile. additional expense of ereettng a prison facUlty, but it was cheaper than using droids,

The Imperial Correction Facility was built and stocked full of political prisoners. u has housed prisoners ever since, though since Doole took over, most of the prisoners have been shi.itedinto the mines themselves, to be closer to their work.

The prison facility is a veritable Icrtreas - ill. massive gr<liyish~tan edlftce made of plasteel


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~~~·~::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::~C~h~a~p~. r~e!rlE~i9~h~· t~:!I(~e~s~s~er ·-WAU

and synth tic rode, Its sheer walls slope backward at a 45-degree angle, and turbolasers mount d on turbolllt turrets rotate watchfully along each of the corners. There is only one meln entr n e, located behind a fenced area and next to a guard hous .

Ad mjnistration

A glassed and mirrored substructure protrudes from the upper levels of the' slanted face, housing the admtnlstratlon offices and prison p rsonnel, Transparist I elevators run up the sloped wall, from a guard box at the bottom to the administration bulldlng. TIl is Is the only other entranc . to the facility.

In tbe d ys of the Empire, the admlnlstrative offices housed just the people concerned with lhe funning or the prison and the min lng details. Doole has stabltshed hls entire "gov rnrnent" in this complex, From h re he manages his mining empire - overseeing mille operations, supervising spice pr essing and keeping an eye on his mployees n the garrison moon ..

The interior of the administration area is somewhat chaotic. Even years after the uprtslng, manyof the administration am .es still bear the scars of the conflict; some are riddled with blaster burns, while others are si mply ransacked. The ligbting is somewhat unreliable, and hall lights flicker On and off randomly from time to time.

The offi s nearer 0001 's office complex are a bit more orderly and show signs of recent use. Clerks, bureaucrats and seedy-looting functionaries bustle about, clutchtngdatapads and look~[jg harried. Some have the colorless look of bureaucrats everywhere, while others have a rougher demeanor: former prisoners who are gratefu! for a plush, easy job.

A g.ang of "guards' usually hangs around the outer offic s of Doole's complex, ready to run errands, entertaln their boss and gen rally disrupt the pr ceedlngs of the oUices. LIke all the guards in the complexand the mlnes, these thugs w ar a mishmash of discard d and salvaged uniforms and combat clothing; and bits of armor m dined from prls on-gu ard and stormtrooper plating.

Doole's, WhlCb was once the warden's offtce, is a ritHngly huge and imp,ressive aHalr, with a panoramic view ot 'the wastes of Kessel and several nearby atmosphere towers. There is a hand-lettered sign mounted on the wall that says "0001 '5 Place."

To the right of Doole's desk is the frozen visag olthewarden himself, frozen in arbonlte -a trophy of Doole's and BI warnlng as to what befalls his enemies. Doole captured the warden and sent him down into his own mines to toil in

darkness until he was broken. When Doole tired of this, h planted spice grubs in the warden's body and I t the grubs slowly consume the writhing warden from within. At the height 01 agony, Dool had the man encased ill carbontte,

The Prison Bfocks

In its heyday, the prison was something of a cross between ·a 1,010 and iorrectional facility, because th liie-rorms came from a Wide variety of species with varying levels, of sentienc . The prison ell block levels are largely empty these days, since Doole began shipping most of his prisoners to live down ill the spice mines.

The doors leading to the blocks are heavy and huge, and lift up when the control panel is pressed. At one time it was necessary to entera security code to gain access to the area, but when the prlsons were emptted, i~ became too much of a hassle to remember. so the staffers simply stopped programming them in.

The turbollf 5 meading from level to I v-I are transpartsteel, to expose the occupants to 'the scrutlrry of th guards. Numerous cameras and. motion detect rs, some of which still work, blanket the hallways; platforms and rooms. One area of the cell blocks which is still secured houses a carbonlte chamber, which the lrnperlals used to neutralize particularly dangerous prisoners lor transport.

Doolle'.s Private Wing'

Doole has his own private wing on the facility. which he converted from one I the prison blocks. Despite his best efforts of camouflaging the area with tacky riches and tarnished splendor. it stlll looks like a prlson cell block

Doole is the only person privy to the access c ode of the doors leading' to this wing. He keeps Iernales of his specles Imprisoned in the mazelike interi.or, fearfully awaiting his pleasure. ln other cells, he has stockpiled boxes and boxes of gltttersttm.

S:pic,e Proce'ssing Rooms

In the center of the prison, behind doublesealed doors, Ii s an area of the complex which is kept in total darkness: the splce-precesstng room. The processing roo Ill. Is a huge cavernous warehouse devoted to p.ackaging glitterstlra Into Shl p ping con talroers.

Once the processing rooms were stafted by prisoners wearing infrared goggles. but Doole has found an even cheaper source or labor than that - his own children. The blind, grub-Uke larvae are equipped wlthfour slender hands, which makes them ideal workers for th job. They are qulte docileuntlltheynear maturlty .at

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Deep within the towers, giant generating factories catalyze raw ro ksmtogases, releasing gouts of oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide into the plnktsh sky. Til se (actones are largely automated. but turbo] i Its and catwalks run down into the stacks to allow rnarnrenance crews access to tile inner machinery. Next 10 each atmosphere tower there Is a small. landing Held, where- maintenan e 'Workers and guards land their space tugs and landsklrnrners.

The towers, as vital parts on til K 55 I infrastructur , are prot cted by Kessel's s curlt Iorces. A squad of guards is stattonedet each tower, and regularly patrols the perimeter. As an additional precautton, t be atmos phere stacks are armed with turbot s r batteries,

lronlcally.Adrnlral Daala knocks many of them out during her attack on Kessel, not because she means to destroy Kess l's atrnosph re-producing plants, but because sh thinks them to be extensions or a Rebel base.


which point Doole has them ktlled.

The grubs wrap the fibrcus segments 0" spice in opaque paper and load them into special protectlve cases" whlch are ferried up to Kessel's moon for smugglers to pick LIp .. As. heartless as Doole's staffing solution is, the productlvlty of the processillg rooms is much higher than it was in the days uf the EmpIre.

Doole fnr es thelmpr gnated females to d - posit their egg sacks in a humid slde room. where h ~ nds to the young himsel , centering their exlsten e on sptc and raring them t, revere him as a god. _ his does not endear him to the ~emal Rybets, who ultimately turn their children on their heartless lather.

Atmosphere Tower's

Immense atmosphere towers dot the landscape of Kessel, produclng air to replace that whichescapes the plan t. The work of the atmosphere towers allow people to survive outsid in mere brea h masks rather Iull envlronmental sults. Running lull un. they produce enough air to. allow people to go Without breath masks as well; but Doole declded that running the stacks all out was wasteful. Newthey run at ,68 percent capacity.

The Spice' Mines of I(,esse'

Thespl ce mines f Kess I arescattered across the [are or the planet, predominantly along the equator, where the gl.i tterstim deposit s seem to be most frequent, The landscape is littered with


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the huge shafts of played-out mines, deserted now. Other miroes are stlllln fullprcductkm, 311d show ill bit more life about them.

Mi.ne Shafts:

Mines shatts are: bored into the crust of the planet by the gi,ant atmosphere factories, which chew through the rocks and dissojve out oxygenand carbon dioxide to replenish tile cons.tantly fading air. After the huge factory extracts what it can. Its machine components are dismantled. and moved elsewhere, leaving behlnd a drll1ed mille shaft giving access to an entire networked underground tunnels for spice mining.

The pit is framed In rusted gi . rdersand sup.port structures. tn.€ outer framework oj the atmosphere stack which once stood OVer it. At the rim of the crater Is a large in dustrlal elevator cage which runs down iroto the darkness.

The min.ing crews start near the surface, digging side tunnels out from the main .shaft,ln search of spice. When the upper level tunnels are played out, they move further down the shan and repeat the procedure. The miners' job is' made easter in that the crust of the planet Is riddled with natural tunnels and caverns - opening up a new side tunnel Is usually simply a matter of digging lrcm the shaft to the nearest one, which is found via electronic soundings.

All or the tunnel openings are sealed with metal d DOl'S and aMocks. The metal doors serve both to keep air in the tunnels and light out.

The Mustering Rooms

Each of the tunnels has been modified to house the prisoners who mine it. Passil1g througll the airlock delivers travelers back into an oxygen-rich environment ~ the mustering rooms.

The mustering room was Doole's innovation to prevent anyone else stagi.ng a rnlningrevult like his - the prisoners are kept isolated ill small groups of a.hundred orsojn their tunnels, instead of traveling back to a central prisou where they ate free to plot and plan. Escape from the mines and the plalllet are made more difficult because tile escapee m ust traverse kilometers 01 barren landscapeIn an atmosphere which won't support him. As an extra precautiOI1l,. the breathtngmasks used by the guards and prisoners only functton for i 0 hours before they must be recharged - most of the mines are more than 12 hours on root from another source of good air ..

The typical mustering room (each tunnel has two -'One for each shift) is a large room bias ted (Jut 01 the rock, where 50 workers s Jeep, eat and gather to prepare for another day ill the spice mines. Tall banks of bunks run down the walls,

and tile central area is taken up with long tables where the workers consume their meals.

Each prisoner is assigned a number, and must muster 011 the colored and! numbered square in the central area tor roll call, Holocarns are mounted high on the walls and guards III hodge-podge stormtrooper Lmiforms monitor the workers from behlnd transpartsteel observation cubicles which look out into the room.

At night, the bunks. are bathed In a sleepgeueraslng field which form's the workers into III nightmare-plagued slumber. This is anotherInnovation ofDoole's which reduces tbe opportunity f:o:r prisoners to plot or make escape attempts.

Spice M~ne Tunne'.s

Beyond the mustering rooms is another metal door" w hlch opens lip into an illuminated 'chamber a. hundred meters long, Centtpede-llke mining trams are stored here. The tram cars are linked by rnagnetlc couplers, and run down to doors at the far end 01 the mom.

After the workers and guards take their seats, the lights go out and the tram moves into the pitch-black tunnels. Once beyond the end doors. till"; miners are once again dependent on their breathing masks, since the interior 0:1 the tunnels are not kept stocked with air.

The tr(llm m-oves very fast through the tUI1- nels and periodically passes through more of the metal doors .. Numerous side-tunnele wind away from fhe mail! tunnel, As workers reach their assigned areas, each guard splits his tram car off and moves down various slde tunnels (the worker teams usually constst of one guard and five pris oners- only the guard is issued the Infra-red goggles. necessary tor navigating the tunnels). Once the miners reach the side tunnels. they debark. and continue on root to their assigned work sites.

Of tell, this necessitates traveltng down another mlne shaft, especially if the man-made tunnel opens up 011 a pre-existing natural tunnel.

The natural tunnels are different ill character than the man-made ones. An actual ecology exists deep underground, mostly consisting of small grubs, slugs and other vaguely unp leasant and most:ly harm.less worm-tlkecreatures which dwell in and around the subterranean lakes and pools which are frequently found in the natural tunnels ..

At the ITI i njng site, the guard uses an acous tic disrupter to slough a layer o:f rock off the wall of the tunnel. exposing all other layer ol glitterstim, The workers pick ~hrough the rubble and harvest the spice, placing it 111 be~t pouches.

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;;;;C~h::;:a.li::p:;::te;!r.!N.::.'!!in~. ei.;.: .!T.!.h:.:;e~l:.:;n.:!d!!e;l.e:!!e~n2!d~e~l1~t~: ~C~la!.;s~s~========================


Chapter Nine

The Independent Class

The Independent Class

. ~he vast number of people in the galaxy live their entire lives without leaving their planet of birth. As common and easy as space travel is few have any occes ion to travel to other worlds:

The Independent classIs made up of people wno can move from planet to planet wtth relative freedom, either for business or pleasure. They fire 110t only the nobles andellte pohticlans of the ruling classes, but also well~tCHio merchants" owners and managers of successful jmport}expor~ businesses, and those: who offer professlonal services 011 a. variety of worlds, such as girted artisans, economists and lawyers, and governmental consulrents.

In the days of the Empire, those with money an? influence either served the Empire in purSUit of greater wealth, or paid just enough lip service to Imperial interests to g,et by with a minimum of Imperial mterference in their affairs. Tbere was 1]0 third category; few people 01 note could escape government interference OT regulation altogether. Those who attempted to remain independent, or refused to pay brihes to loeallrnpertal oHicialis. usually found their lands, buslnesses, and properties nattonattzed.

With the rlse of the New Republic, many people ol the lndependent class have quickly moved away fromthe dose government relatlonshtp they. were iorced- tiQ support in the Imperial era. Tills is iii natural reaction, and some will likely move back into a cemfortable relationship with the New Repllbl1c in time. Fo~ now, though, distrust for any sort of authortty backed with gUIlis runs very high.

Lando Calrissia,n

Lando Calrtsslan has plffnty au reasons to distrust authority, having had his ltvellhcod and accumulated wealth taken (rom him several times by the Empire. However, his natural distrust for authority is tempered by his close

relati?rJship with leaders of the New Republle (partteularty since he retook his general's comrntsston during the revtvedErnperor's lastattacks), Besides, he is not exactly (lush w1th foods when he arrfves 01] Coruseant - his lUiC.k h~s n9t turned stnce losing his mining colo~n:y on NkUorn, and lando hopes some 0 f his Irlends and associates can help him sniH out some new business opportunities.

VVhile Oil Coruscant, he agrees to run an errand for Lela - tracking down a lead on a potent_iill Jedieandldate named Tymmo whom A~too has discovered in the lmperlal datacore It .IS well for Lando that he does, for the ensuing adventure leads to the funds he needs to get back Into blg-tlrne mvestfng.

Lando travels to Umgul, the world ot the curlous bli~ popular blob- races, [0. check out a man named Tymrrro who has done very well for himself at the blob rac,es- too well for random chance'. Lando has little trouble i ocatl rig Tymrno onceon Umgul, ~rn:d soon learns that the scruffy~ looklng human IS not using 'the FON::e to win at the: ra~es, butt ahigl-Hech Iorrn of cheatlngwhlch even the eagle-eyed reclng authorities of UmS:u1 have not detected.

Lando corners Tymmo in the Fondlne blob stables, and after a brier IIrefi.ght, has him rounded up by the authorttles. When he learn who Tymrno really is (and that there is a huge reward for his return), Lando talks Slish Fondlne owner of the' stables, into suspend ing the tradi~ tronal death penalty sentence so that the errant consort could be returned to hls wife. In return, he agrees to spllt the million credit reward

oi'fered by Duchess. Mistral. .

Han and lando enter Into an ongoing g.ambllng competitlon over who is tile rlghttul master of the MiIle.nn rum Fa icon . After several games (each supposedly tile flna.! one), Lando wins final cwnershl p of' the Falcon. but gtves her back to Han as a grand gesture designed to impress Mara Jade, who he bas taken a fancy for,


The Jed! Academy Sourcebook

He tomes to regret the gesture when it dawns on him that he is reduced to begging rides from Han enttl he can recover his own ship. He is so obsessed with recoverlng the Lady Luck that it never OC(;UfS to him. that Ile could buy any ship he likes w~th a rni Ilion credits in his pocket. (Given Calrlsstan's nature, it is IIkel:y that the challenge of recovering his ship was more attractive to him than the purchase of a. new vessel).

While helping Luke locate Han on Kessel, L.ando poses as a pctenttaltnvestor in Doole's operation. The trip gets him thinking about getting back Into the mining business, and when tie learns that Duchess Misted is so grateful to get her consortback that she gives, Lando the inll mtlllon credit reward, he decides that his luck is Ilnally changing.

Lando begins to pursue the &cqlJisiUon of Kessel and Mara Jade at about the same tlme.It Is unclear to observers whic.h pursuit comes tlrst In Lando's heart, and he isn't all that sure himself. II is likely that Lando sees Mara as a cherrnl rig "decoretton," as we] I asa worthy business partner.

Working with Mara andthe Smugglers' Alliance, he hegins to work out a deal in which he

will ~ake over Kessel. upgrade it with the reward money he got fromttne Duchess of Dargut, and then giive the SA exclusive dtstributton ri.ght.s.

When. Lando finally meets Mara. out at Kessel to look over the place" he 1s dlsmayedat the extentol the damage Daala has done the place since he last saw it He Is eVEIl less thrilled at learning that Doole has sealed hlmself up in the former Correction Faclllty, the on Iy tntact building of real value left on the planet.

Lando overcomes this obstacle with little trouble, and htsnatural opttmtsm begms toktck in as he makes grand plans for the restoration oJ Kesse[.Hisgood mabel is ruined when the Maw sclentlsts blow up his newly acquired garrison moon with thetr prototype Death Star.

• Lando Calrissian Type: Gann.bh~r .DEXTERITI 30+2:

Blaster 90, blaster: hold-out blaster!!O, brawling p,my 61J+2, dodge 71).2, grenade 5'D, melee combat 5D+ I, melee parry 5p .. 2, thrown weapons 4D, thrown weapons: knives, 6D


A1iBfl specles 5'[1 .. 1. bU(~lLucracy8D; bureaucracy: lmperial Navy procedures gD+ 1, buslness SD+ I. beslaess: mining 12D, business admlntstration Sl)~ Lcultures 7D ~ 1. Ianguages I5D'. planetary syatems 5D~2. streetwtse 9.0. survivnl 6D -e- 2, survival; urban 8D. tactics: capltal !>hlps

The Jedi Academy Sourcebook


5D, tacttcs: st.arfighters 6D,vaj'!JIJ 7D, willpower 6D,.1 MECHANICAL 2D ... (

Arc:ha.lt: starshlp p,l loti I1g 50 ... 1. astrogatlon 10" communteattons GD,groijJnd vehlele operation 50 .. 1. hover vel'Iic1eope!atlon 5[)~1, rep'ulsorHft operation 5D,·2, sellSOrB 5D+2, spaee transports 9D, stliJdl.ghter pllo'tlllg gIl'. starshlp '~runl'lel'Y 8D, starshlpshlelds ED·1, swoop operatlon 5D ... 1


B.arg<l:in 90. barCiiln: mlnerels lQD.2, bi1:rgilln: ttb:anna gas 1.1 D,~2. command 8Ih2., COil IOD+ I. largelY 7D, gam· bllng IOD.2. hide 7D+2, persuasion :10.2, search 5D. sneak 7D .. 2


Brawling I1D.,.2, cl.imblngjj'lJ[nplllg 50.,.2, 1If1lng 4D~2. stamlna GD .. 2. swimming ~D+2


Computer pmg,ra.mmingjrepnlr 5D+2. demolitions 'ID. drotd Nog~amming 4J)_,.L drnld repetr '10 .. 1. iirst aid 4lD+ 1, repulsorllft repair 5,D+.2.s1::curity70 ... I" spaeetransports repair SO, starshlp weapon repair 60·.2

forc~ Poln'lfi: 2

Ohal'lu:ler PobUB: 18

Move: 10

,EqlJiJ:pment: ComUnk, hold-cut blaster (3D~! d1\.mil!lie). sabacc cant deck

Slish Fondine

SUsh Fondlne.n hlrsute andbulky man, ls.the owner of Urngul City's largest blob raclng stadium. An entrepreneur of the first order, Fond lne built the place IJP out or a collapsed sinkhole, taking advantage of the new topography and cheap property values.

His blob stadium has become a huge success, because 01 his round-the-clock races, and the innovative and entartalntng courses he COI1- cocts for his betting: audiences. HI,S blobsracle courses are routtnelycopted byother stadiums, and many have become classics in tile blobstacle racing repertolre.

Grateful ior the return of her consort, Daek, Duchess Mistail offers to build Fondlne a subsidiary blobstac le COUTSe if he will nasne it after her beloved. Fondlne is pleased at the idea. and has since begin plans to build an even grander raeIng stadium than his first.

.Sllsh Fondine

Typ{l.: Blob Sllldium Owner DEXl'EKnY3D'

Brawling parry <lD, dodge 3D .2, running 4D KNOWLEDGE 30+2

Allen species '6[),llure,alJcracy 7:0,. L.I:msh12ss: blob rael.fII.g 8D+1. caltures 5D+2. streetwlse: Urugul SO. val .. e 6D+1


Beil.s~ riding 3D, ground vehicle op@:tatlol'l,4D.repl.Ilsorlllt op_eratlon 4D+2


!?argain GO, command o1D+2, gambli.ng 6D, persuasion ?D, search 5D+l


Brawling 60. cllmbln&lJurnplnlil4Dt2, llillng ,ID, stamln ..

3D<-2 .


COI:i1IPIJ 11':r- pm~.rammlU1g:l repal r 40, Hrat <lId 3JI, repulsorlilt repulr 4D

'Chancter Polnl:!l,: I)

Move: 10

Equlpmenl: D<ltapad. cornllnk

Duchess Mislal

No one has, ever accused Duchess Mistal of I))argul of being a woman who doesn't know what she wants. Evea as a young girl. she tried the patience of members 'of her' house with her various interests and hobbles, which she plJ-rsued with a singl,e-minded obsession which bordered Oil madness, None of the many pets she acquired lived more- tharl a few weeks - every one of them dled of enthustastte eveeatterttion.

\iVhen she reached the age or rnarriege lor Dargullan nobles at, .25, Mistal began looking for a mate. Despite her great beauty, not one male noble 01 her homewceld stepped forth to court her. ~onplu5ed, MistaJ decided to Hnd tbe periect consort instead,

She advertised far across the galaxy, and recelved millions of applic'ants. The Duchess was riel! and beailtiliJI, and the. consort merely had to agree to live in total opulence and be dotedupon by the Duchess.

Ayoung man roamed Dack won by rlggl,ll!! the. ccmputersorter, and MistaI proceeded to smothered him in. affectlon, just as she. had all of her many pets. Rather than dyjl1g .I.i.ke her ether pets, Dack ran away,

Distressed, Mistal places a mllllon-ceedlt award for the capture and return of. her consort When Lando accidentally finds him on U~guJ, she is so gra~erul to have hlm restored to her, she gives Lando, the reward al'!ld otlers to build a new blobstacle course Ior Fondtne.

.' Ducbes$ Mistal

Type: Duchess 01 Dargul D:EX'TERI'ili' 2D

BliI$ter 4D~ l, dodge, 5D. melee combat !,ID. melee parl1' 41), r'unlling1D't I


Aliern. specles 4D+2', cultures 5D, lallguaHe-s 4'0+2. planetary systems .5[;, willpower 6D .. 2


Astr:ogation 30,·1, beast riding 3D+2, 'repuls{)r~!ft operattoil41D, S.en$O~S 4D, space nnl.nspmts :10 .. 1 PERCEPTION 2D

Comrllan.d 40, gambHl1,i! 4D+ 1, persuaslon 50 ST.RENGTH 2D'

CI.imbing/jlJmpina 4D . .swimming ID+Z TIE-ClHNICAL 2D

Computer programmInG/repair tlll.lirstilJdI :IIJ. security 3D

enameler P(!I,Dl!!~ 6 Move: LO

Eqg~pmefit: Cornllnk, datapad, ornarnental rebe

The JecJ:i Academy Sourcebook

Dacl( rrymmoJ

Dack has always viewed the galaxy as "easy pickings." An extremely talented young man, Dack: learned how to ge: all he ever wanted by relying on his charms and tapping into datanets for credits and properties.

Dack knew to stop short of excess. but when he heard that the lovely and very, very rich Duchess Mistal was looking for ,a onsort, it presented an irresistible chaUenge. As a sheer, he had no problem hacking ioto the central

xrmputer at Palace Dargul whl h Was handling the select! , n process, and modUyiiil'lS the seletion algorithm in such a way that his name was selected.

Dack's cocky attitude of triumph changed to horror when he discovered what he had "won." ,M~er a h:~w months, he had endured enough o~ Mlstal's constant attempts to be near him, and

managed bo ,escape. .

Hiding on Umgul as "Tymmo," Dack gratefully reverted to his old ways" Using his knowledge IOf electronics and sllclng, he devised an implant mlero-motlvator w h lc h

would drive ill blob to.

victory. by sending out a powerful internal stimulus which provoked a Irantl flight respouse in the blob. After a race, he de. stroyed the micromotivator by remote, leaving only trace.elements hehind.

In this way, he was able to qui-

etly amass a fortune, placing the implant in blobs not favored to win, and -bettlng on, them. Driven by the terror generated by the implant, his blob always won. Dack was always careful not to belt too often, lest heattract the attention of the Umgullanracing all.ltllor'ities. He was not so careful th at he did not attract the attention of Moo Deetoo OIl far-off Coruscant, however.

Dack is youn,g: and handsome, but has a fidgety I furtive look. He ls now once agal n at the side of Duchess M lstal, a victim of his own machinations.

• Da,clk (lymmoll T~: Consort DFJOERITY 3D

Blaster 5D, brawllngparry 'ID .. 1, d.odge<llJ+2, pick packet 6D+2, rUfinlng 5D


Allen species 3D+ I. business 4iD. cultures 40 2 languages4D. planetary systems :20+2, streetwlse SD. ~a11Je 4D+2

MEC.HA rCAl. sn

Astrogatlon 4 0, beast rldlng 30.2. communications 40 .. 1· hover vehicle operation su .2. repulaorll]! QPeratlo~ 5D+2, S users 41), spaee transports 4,0 .. 2, starshlp gunnery 4,0, siarshlp shields 30+2, swoop operation 4D+2


Bargain <lD+2. con 6D+2, forgery 7D, gambIIIlg6D.2 .• hlde,SD.,persuaslon 70",1, search 5'0, sneak.

4 [)~:2 STRENGTH 2D

Brawling lDti,. climbing/Jumping 5D" swimming 40


Computer programminglrepalr SD+ 1. demo III Ions SD. drold programmlng 70, drold repair 4D'+2; encryptten 6D+ 1, securl :y 7D Ch~rl:l~tel:' P'olnts: 4 iltove; 10

Equllpmen.l: com I i nJ;:, datapad, hOld-DllIt blaster 00)

The Jedi Academy Sourcebook


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