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oO EVERETT PUBLIC SCHOOLS 00 Bead Ee NA S001 Board of Directors ane amyang Dose angle Administration De soyce Stewart Peer sett Debbie roves November 1, 018 ‘The Hon. Christine Gregoire Chief Executive Officer Challenge Seattle Dear Mis. Gregoire: {I need your advice. Asan alumnus ofthe University of Washington from a family Gust the immediate family) with seven earned degrees from the UW, ‘and along-time member of the President's Club, Iam terribly frustrated with the UWs willingness to impede the development ofa new elementary school in ‘our community. Our dstrit is growing rapidly and itis getting harder to find “undeveloped property of adequate size and eficient location for new schools ‘our young children need for their education For some time we have been attempting to purchase a 10 acre parel (now ‘owned by the UW) through a negotiation wit a private party, Mr. & Mis. ‘Truman. Sine 2036 we have made several god faith offers tothe owners ‘based on fair market appraisals (as required by RCW), on-site inspections, as well as other required reports and assessments [None of our offers were accepted, On July 11,2018 we notified the Trumans ‘we felt it necessary to start the eminent domain process to complete this "soqusition Its central tothe location ofa new school (see the map on the reverse side of this letter). Mr. Truman quickly donated the property tothe ‘UW. On August 7, 2018 the property was formerly transferred to UW. Welhad been aling wh OW sa or weeks proto that transfer, othe were well were of our interest. ‘The UW administration refuses tohonor our years of efforts and our certified appraisal. They began a new appraisal process to determine a higher sales Doe, We are deeply concerned the delivery date of the appraisal seems to keep Slipping. This delays our acquisition of adjacent parcels necessary to build the ‘school. While T remain hopeful of quick resolution to this process, must ‘Prepare to take to our school Board an emtinent domain action against my ‘Tniversity. T would like to avoid this ‘Thope you cen suggest a course that will soften the stance ofthe UW toward ‘the placement ofan elementary school our children need. Sincere