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25 Corning Avenue, Milpitas 95035

October 22, 2010

Dear BAYVP Vaishnavs,

On behalf of the Nomination Committee, I would like to present following candidates to be elected as
the members of the Executive Committee for the years 2011­2012, a two­year term.

All the current Executive Committee (EC) members except Sharadbhai Kurani are returning back to serve
another term. Sharadbhai has opted to retire from the EC due to personal reasons. Sharadbhai plans to
continue his “seva” at Shreemaya Krishnadham without any interruption.

The Nominating Committee added five new individuals to the EC team, making it a committee of twenty
leaders. These new nominees have significant volunteering experience at BAYVP and have led their
functional teams respectively while working with the EC members. They are also highly recommended
by the EC members and we are sure that their experience and background will be of a great asset to our
growing institution along with current experienced and talented EC team.

Alkaben Parekh, Mitaben Vora, Mukeshbhai Shah, Vipulbhai Juthani and Hemantbhai Patel are the new
nominees and not strangers to BAYVP. Their strong contribution as BAYVP volunteers in last few years
has amounted a lot in overall BAYVP success. The returning EC members have provided outstanding
services to our infant organization and led us with successful execution of all the projects. We feel that
this new Executive Committee will provide the needed leadership to our Parivar to meet the challenges
of tomorrow.

Following are nominees for the Executive Committee for the 2011­2012 term:

1. Jogen Shah, President

2. Saumil Shah VP, Program Activities

3. DR. Divyang Patel VP, Community Services

4. Ravi Desai VP, PR & Communications

5. Anjan Parikh VP, Fund Raising/Special Projects

6. Vipul Mehta VP, Support Services

7. Romil Khansaheb Treasurer/CFO

8. Manish Patel Secretary and Director, Program Activities

9. Asmita Sheth Director, Program Activities

10. Mita Vora Director, Program Activities

11. Varsha Patel Director, Program Activities

12. Hemant Patel Director, Program Activities

13. Sangita Shah Director, Community Services

14. Alka Parekh Director, PR & Communications

15. Vipul Juthani Director, PR & Communications

16. Himanshu Majmudar Director, Facilities Management

17. Rohit Parikh Director, Support Services

18. Latika Patel Director, Prasad & Samagri Seva

19. Mukesh Shah Director, Prasad & Samagri Seva

20. Chetan Shah Assistant Treasurer

Per BAYVP bylaws, these individuals will be elected by the Board of Directors.

Please join me in congratulating these fine individuals for accepting the nominations to be the members
of Executive Committee of BAYVP for the two year term of 2011­2012.

Respectfully Submitted,

Subodh Toprani
Subodh Toprani,
Chairman, Nomination Committee BAYVP

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