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Architectural Technology (ARC)

is program prepares graduates for employment ARC 106 Building Materials 3
opportunities in the eld of architecture. In addition & Construction II
to being architectural technicians, graduates will be
qualied to be draftspersons, engineering aides, building ARC 110 Architectural 3
materials and manufacturing representatives, planning Drawing (c)
aides and detailers, and to work with city building ARC 122 Architectural 2
departments and renewal and redevelopment agencies. Presentation I
Dutchess Community College graduates also are able to ARC 216 Design eory 3
transfer many of their credits to accredited architectural
colleges. Students should have completed Sequential Math WFE 101 Lifetime Wellness 3
Course III prior to entry into the Architectural program. and Fitness
TOTAL   17
e Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S) degree is awarded
upon completion of the requirements for this program.
ird Semester
Upon successful completion of the ARC program,
graduates can be expected to have knowledge in the Course No. Descriptive Title Credit Hours
following areas of study. ECO 105, GOV 3
121, HIS 104,
• Communications – Student will be able to HIS 108 
graphically, orally and in writing present
architectural ideas. ARC 202 Mechanics of 2
• Technology – Student will have an understanding of Structures
structures, material and methods and environmental ARC 123 Architectural 2
systems. Presentation II
• Practice – Student will be able to move from
architectural programming and predesign activities ARC 203 Architectural 3
through design and construction documentation Design
and will have an understanding of the activities, ARC 205 Working 4
organization and ethics of the profession. Drawings
• History/eory – Student will have awareness about ARC 211 Mechanical and 3
precedent, ideas, culture and history of architecture.
Electrical Systems
• Design – Student will be able to apply information in Buildings
from all other areas of study to solve a specic
architectural problem or program. TOTAL   17
Courses should be selected in consultation with an advisor.
Fourth Semester
First Semester
Course No. Descriptive Title Credit Hours
Course No. Descriptive Title Credit Hours BHS 103 Social Problems in 3
ENG 101 Composition I 3 Today's World
MAT 132 Technical 3 ARC 240 Capstone Project 4
Mathematics II ARC 207 Structural 3
(a) Analysis
ARC 103 Basic 3 ARC 214 Professional 3
Architectural Practice
Drawing (b)
Elective (d)   3
ARC 105 Building Materials 3
& Construction I TOTAL   16
ARC 104 Introduction 1    TOTAL 67
to Computer CREDIT
Graphics HOURS
ARC 113 Architecture 1
ART 101, ART 3
102 OR ART a. Students whose mathematics background does not
104  include intermediate algebra and trigonometry must rst
take MAT 131. Qualied students may take a more
TOTAL   17 advanced mathematics course.
Second Semester b. ARC 100 and ARC 101, in combination, may be taken
in place of ARC 103.
Course No. Descriptive Title Credit Hours
c. ARC 107 and ARC 109, in combination, may be taken
ENG 102 Composition II 3 in place of ARC 110. DUTCHESS COMMUNITY COLLEGE CATALOG | 1
d. Elective courses to be taken in Mathematics (Appendix
A), Humanities (Appendix G), Social Sciences (Appendix
C) or Natural Science (Appendix B). See General
Education Appendices for available courses. DUTCHESS COMMUNITY COLLEGE CATALOG | 2