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I. Project Description

This strategic planning workshop is a systematic process directed towards envisioning a

desired future (Vision) for the Foreign Service Institute (FSI) that responds to its role as an
organization (Mission) and in line with its values. Translating this desired future into broadly
defined but measurable Goals or Objectives, and setting Strategies or broad courses of action to
achieve these Objectives.
It aims to revisit and update (if necessary) the current organization’s Vision, Mission and
Goals and to assess their alignment with the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA’s) Strategic Plan
(2017 - 2022) and the Philippine Development Plan (2017-2022) Ambisyon 2040.
Its ultimate objective is to produce the FSI Strategic Plan for 2019-2022 which will serve as
the Institute’s guide on fulfilling its mandate for the given timeframe.

II. Expected Outputs

At the end of the Workshop participants are expected to produce the following outputs:

1. Organization’s Vision;
2. Organization's Mission;
3. Strategic Objectives and Goals; and
4. Programs, Projects or Major Activities

III. Participants

A. Director General/ Officer-in-Charge(1)

B. Heads of Divisions (3)
C. Middle Managers from each Division (3)
D. Rank and File Representatives (4)
a. 1 from FSIEA
b. 1 from each Division
E. Secretariat (3)
F. Facilitator (1)

Total Number of Participants: 15


IV. Schedule

Day 1

8:00- 8:30 am Opening Ceremonies and

Expectation Setting

8:30 am - 12:00 nn Check Presentation of Inputs: This part of the program is

• Introduction to the Planning meant to give the
Workshop Process and participants an introduction
Content of the workshop process. It
• What Excellent and Leading also gives them the skills
Organisations Possess and and mindset they need for
Characteristics of Visionary the planning proper.
• Reports: Performance and
Current Situation

12:00 nn- 1:00 pm LUNCH

1:00- 3:00 pm Workshop 1: SWOT The objective of this

ANALYSIS organization is to identify
• External Assessment priority Strengths and
• Internal Assessment Weaknesses, and
Opportunities and
• Synthesis and determining
the overall organisational
reality The results of this
workshop are key issues
and concerns that need to
be addressed in the
planning process, as well as
a SWOT Matrix.

3:00-4:00 pm Workshop 2: Reviewing the The goal of this Workshop

VISION and MISSION is to revisit the current
Statement Vision and Mission
statement and to employ
necessary changes on

4:00-5:00 pm Workshop 3: In this workshop the

Developing or Revisiting the participants develop the
Core Core Values statement that
Values of the Organisation will guide the behavior or
conduct of all employees
and staff in the

Day 2

8:30- 12:00 nn Workshop 4: Determining In this workshop

Strategic Goals, Key Result participants must translate
Areas and Targets the broad concepts of
vision and mission
statements into concrete
terms, which are Objectives
or Goals. These represent
major accomplishments or
outcomes that are
measurable and

12:00 nn- 1:00 pm LUNCH

1:00- 4:30 pm Workshop 5: Developing In this workshop each

Strategies to Achieve Goals, objective needs to be
KRAs and Targets broken down into its
component Key Result
Areas (KRAs), which are
specific dimensions of
broad Objectives.
Each Key Result Area can
be measured by specific
Performance Indicators (PI).

Day 3

8:30 am- 12:00 nn Workshop 6: Generating and This workshop will

Selecting Strategies to determine the best ways to
Achieve Objectives move forward
to achieve that desired level
of performance through
Strategies. These Strategies
prescribe how your
organisation can best use
its capacities,
resources and systems, and
acquire help from the
outside to achieve the
and their KRAs and PIs.

1:00- 5:00pm Workshop 7: Formulating In this workshop, Strategies

Programs and Projects are broken down into
achievable chunks by
responsibility areas or
clusters of related
tasks called Programs or
Projects which are
assigned to responsible
units or persons.