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Sept. - Nov. 2019

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and still growing!
I hope your first day of school with
Fall is Here! your kiddos went Great! Summer is
over, but I must say this Mama had a
wonderful Summer and hated to see it go! This by far was one of my favorite
Summers! I am sharing a few picture with you from my trip to Bali with my
daughters. I can't tell you enough what a wonderful experience it was to go
to a place I've been wanting to go to since I saw the movie Eat, Pray, Love,
and to experience this with my daughters was something I will never forget. I
got to share a dream with them, and we experienced snorkeling, a monkey
forest, and some of the most beautiful oceans, mountains, sunsets and
sunrises I have ever seen. I got to see my youngest who turns 21 this year,
and who traveled to Southeast Asia for the entire summer with her boyfriend,
grow into a strong, confident, fearless woman right before my eyes. I got to
re-connect with my middle daughter in a whole different way watching her fly
for the first time out of the country, and grow more into her adulthood as well.
We learned to support each other, work together and face things without
fear. It was like we were just three girlfriends on a trip together. I didn't need
to mother them, I just sat back and enjoyed them. I cherish these photos.
Being a mama has so many wonderful benefits, whether you are a new
mama, have had a few kids already, are a mama like myself with adult
children, or maybe you’re a grandma... whatever age or stage you are in,
enjoy it, every minute of it. Yes, there are times when we just feel like we
need a break, or don't know how we will get through something, but when
your kids grow up and believe me it seems like they do at lightning speed,
you will one day look back and cherish those little moments you had. Let
them be little as long as you can... and enjoy it, and when they are all grown
up, no matter what path they choose, stand beside them, and let them know
you support them in whatever they want to do.
I have learned to mother less and support more as my kids get older, and I've
learned that its also ok to put yourself first too when needed. This trip made
me remember who I was as a young woman. I highly recommend planning a
trip either now or in the future with your older daughters, sons, kids to a
magical place where you can all connect all over again! I hope you enjoy
my pics and now lets get back to reality, back to school, and of course...
Bring on FALL FUN!
We have filled this issue with all the wonderful fall fest and happenings in the
area, and there are so many! Don't forget to check out our facebook page
for your chance to win Shadybrook Farm and The Market at Del Val Fall Fest
Passes. Enter your photos for a chance to be next year’s cover winner by
snapping a photo at either of the festivals and emailing it to us. Look out for
designated photo spots to take your Cover Photo submission. We also
included more local businesses for you to check out and remember to patron-
ize our locals, because without them we couldn't put this lil guide in your
hands! Have a Fun Filled Fall and enjoy all the great events and things to do
in this issue! We would also like to thank you, our fans and readers, and
local advertisers, for helping us celebrate 9 years of Mama's Lil Guide this
year. Without your support we would not have been able to put out our great
lil guide. We love our community and are so blessed to have been doing this
for 9 years!
Happy Fall Mamas!
Sharon Cowell
Graphic Design
267-312-1825 The Uncorked Artist
Mama’s Healthy Corner salmon just to name a few. These foods have omeg
3 fats and they are anti-inflammatory and good for
Health tips, answers to questions & more! hormone balance, too!
5. Eat foods that support the liver such as root
vegetables, dark leafy greens, seaweed, asparagus,
berries, black pepper just to name a few.
6. Obtain adequate micronutrients through whole
foods like zinc, selenium, folate and Vitamin D.
What does that word mean to you?
As a Certified Integrative Nutrition 7. Pro-biotics and Pre-biotics promote beneficial gut
Health Coach, when I say the word bacteria. They help you have a balanced gut
“detox” I mean that we need to eliminate microbiome for overall health.
triggers or support our body’s natural waste
8. Getting high quality sleep. The best time to go to
removal process. Our body has a wonder-
bed is by 10:00pm so you can get a full 7-8 sleep.
ful system to remove toxins naturally
While you sleep, your brain actually does some
through our skin, kidneys, intestines,
waste removal as well! Which in turn enhances your
lungs, lymphatic system, and liver. Most
immune system, hormone balance, boosts metabo-
detox happens in the liver.
lism and more…
Today, our bodies are overloaded with toxins because of
9. Reduce stress. The body can’t adequately deal
eating too much processed foods, stress, lack of sleep
with chronic stress and digestion at the same time so
and sedentary lifestyles. Toxins are also in the water we
toxins gets pushed back into the body and stored as
drink and the air we breathe. When our bodies become
overloaded, our liver can’t perform its function to remove
all the toxins so they get sent back into the body. This 10. Sweating while exercising and even sitting in a
then causes inflammation in the body. It can be seen as sauna help flush toxins through the skin.
headaches, migraines, brain fog, allergies, joint pain, Are you looking for support and guidance on
skin issues, acid reflux, difficulty losing weight, hormone detoxing your body slowly and naturally? Contact
imbalance, gut issues, autoimmune issues, diabetes…the me to make changes to your diet, nutrition, exercise,
list goes on. sleep and stress. Together we will make changes to
Here are some tips to live a Detox Lifestyle to eliminate meet your health and lifestyle goals. You can reach
and limit toxin exposure to help your body rid of them me through my website or
naturally. e-mail
1. Crowd out foods made with white flour as they have
additives and preservatives and all the good stuff has
been taken out.
2. Crowd out sugar. The bad bacteria in your gut feed
on sugar.
3. Eat fiber from whole foods. Fiber helps to speed up
waste through the GI tract and is fuel for the good
bacteria in your gut along with many other benefits.
4. Healthy fats and oils such as extra virgin olive oil, 215-534-8246
avocado oil, avocadoes, walnuts, flaxseed, wild caught

Need a Workout?
Our Friends at Fit 4 Mom Warrington will offer all moms that mention this challenge their First class FREE,
and sign up fee Waived. 1505 N. Main St., Warrington (915) 274-0637
All of the staff members and guests who visit the Barn Nature Center have one very important thing in
common: A passion for wildlife! Most of us will go out of our way to catch and release spiders from our
homes or create little habitats in our yards to encourage wildlife to visit!
Knowing this, what we are about to tell you may seem a little strange. If you ever see a bug that looks like the
one in the picture…smoosh it. That is a spotted lanternfly, and they are a particularly nasty invasive species.
An invasive species is a living thing (typically an animal or plant) that is brought into a new habitat where it
does not belong. Sometimes people bring them by accident, like with the lanternflies, and sometimes it is on
purpose, like with feral cats. We have several animals at the Nature Center that are invasive species in
different places around the world, most notably red-eared slider turtles and a cane toad. No matter what the
species is, it almost always messes up the ecosystems and habitats that it invades.
Spotted lanternflies destroy trees and other plants,
and secrete a honeydew that grows mold, furthering
damage to plants. They are originally from Asia, and
our native plants are not equipped to deal with them.
In the fall they lay massive numbers of eggs, so it is
important to kill them or report them on the PA Depart-
ment of Agriculture Website.
Happy hunting everyone!

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Voted Best In Kids Birthday Parties!

willow grove Use code *MAMASLILGUIDE* to receive 5 more guests on us! | 215-902-9331 |


“Best Gym For Kids In

~SHAPE Magazine

Hello fellow parents!

We are super excited to join your community! We thank everyone who has brought their family and
friends to spend time at Urban Air Willow Grove. Here’s a little bit of information on us, the franchise
owner/operators. We are the proud parents of three wonderful girls and we had a dream of
launching a business that could really add enrichment to our family life, as well as to the lives of
other parents. We both have corporate backgrounds in the sales arena (technology, pharmaceutical
and medical). In the growing age of technology and electronics, we saw the opportunity to own
and operate an Urban Air Adventure Park franchise as a great way to provide an alternative form of
entertainment for families and businesses. At Urban Air Willow Grove, families and friends can
gather to play, explore, socialize and find adventure together. Our tagline is “Activate Awesome” –
our goal is ensure that everyone has a fun and safe time at the park and create lasting memories!

Let’s Activate Awesome!

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Female Financial Planning
You hear these words and what comes to mind? Danielle Ives and Therese O’Connell.
We are a unique, specialized all female financial planning team located in Bucks County.

We thrive on three main principals:

1 People are everything.

2 Give First,
Share Always.

3 Caring.
In our industry, it is important to attentively listen closely to our clients and understand that each
person is an individual. We treat others the way we would want to be treated. Making sure our
clients are taken care of completely.

When we started in this business, we understood that people- our clients, our potential clients and
our partners are the difference between success and failure. We understand that you are looking for
a team who supports you, cheers you on and celebrates your financial victories right alongside you.
We are that team!

Female Financial Planning in Bucks County

(267) 864-2000
FOR KIDS $200 Kids Party
Text KIDS to 267-714-8545 or
email: • 10 kids (additional seats $20pp)
• Private Room & Instructor
• 2 hour party must begin prior to 12:30pm. • 16x20 canvas
• 90 min. paint + 30 min. party time included.
• No other discounts permitted. • Select from hundreds of paintings
• Based on availability. Expires 11/15/2019

$ 250 Adult Party FOR

Package Text MOMS to 267-714-8545
• 10 guests (additional seats $25pp) email:
• Private Room & Instructor
• 16x20 canvas • 3 hour party. • Based on availability.
• Up to 150 min. paint + 30 min. party time.
• Select from hundreds of paintings • No other discounts permitted.
Expires 11/15/2019 • Stenciled board parties $10pp additional

• All Ages Events SO
• Discounted Family Events
• Special Projects & Paintings FUN
Register Online or
Text 267-714-8545 or
to let us know you’re coming!

319 W. County Line Road • Lynrose Plaza • Hatboro, PA 19040

A concussion is a traumatic brain injury that results from a
sudden hit to the head or a forceful shaking of the head
spectrum from side to side.

Severe or repeated concussions can have lasting effects

on memory, motor skills, and vision. The prevalence of
Dr. Melissa Richard
concussions is increasing, especially in young athletes.
521 W. Butler Ave. Most children with a concussion recover within two weeks
Chalfont, PA 18914
without complications, but some have symptoms that last
267-875-EYES (3937) longer. These children often have trouble in school. Nearly 50% had vision-related problems such as blurred

vision, light sensitivity, headaches, double vision, visual
memory deficits, and trouble focusing.

Children who’ve had a concussion with symptoms lasting

more than 2 weeks should undergo a comprehensive
neuro-optometric eye examination.

Visual problems that occur after a brain injury respond

well to vision therapy and/or special prismatic lenses.

Eye Exams ~ Glasses ~ Contacts ~ Pediatrics ~ Low Vision ~ Concussion Rehab

After treatment, patients can return to school and the
field/court more comfortably, safely, and successfully.
Birthday Parties!

185 3 Hour Party for up to 25 Guests
Includes Hayride, picnic area & private bonfire!
Available 11am through 4pm

Corn Maize
Regular Hay Maze Open All of October!
Hayride to Pumpkin Patch Fridays 7-10pm Last Regular Hay Maze - 7pm
Under the Stars Evening Hayride
Saturdays 11am-10pm Last Regular Hayride - 8pm
Corn Walk of Horror
Night Chills Haunted Hayride Sunday 10/6 open 11am-5pm
Haunted Attractions
Haunted Hay Maze Sunday 10/13, 20 & 27 open 11am-10pm 7:30-10pm
3014 Bristol Road
Warrington, PA 18976

Hay Rides!
Babes in the Woods Halloween Family Paint! Bensalem Fall Festival
9/19, 9/26 and 10/3, 10/10 | 10-11am 9/28-10am, 10/20-12pm & 10/25-3pm 10/5
Peace Valley Nature Center, Doylestown The Uncorked Artist, 319 W. County Line Road, Hatboro Bensalem Municipal Complex
For children 9 mos to 2 yrs. Awaken the All ages welcome! Sponsored by the Penn Community Bank
senses of your babe with a great outdoor Bring snacks & Amphitheater, Craft, eat, and enjoy live
nature awareness class with a story and a drinks and select entertainment throughout the Bensalem
led walk. your favorite painting, Municipal Complex. See a guest appear-
Fee $50 (members $45) 215-345-7860 everyone can paint ance by former Philadelphia Flyer Bernie
something different. Parent and listen to live music like The
The Count's Register online: Urban Guerilla Orchestra.
Spooktacular Farm Fest
9/21 - 11/3 Children’s Story Time 10/5-10/6 | 10am-4pm
Sesame Place 10/1 | 10am Lehigh Valley Zoo, 5150 Game Preserve Road, Schnecksville
Bring the little ones in Halloween costumes Souderton Mennonite Church, 105 W. Chestnut Street What better way to spend the weekend
to Sesame for this family-friendly Hallow- FREE interactive story time for infants than at the Lehigh Valley Zoo? Animal
een tradition! Mazes, Halloween shows, through age five and their caregivers. mingles both days from 10:30-11:30, and
thrilling hayride with your favorite furry Stories, songs, dance and more! music from 12-2 provided by DJ Ray!
friends and watch an exciting Neighbor- 215-723-3088
hood Street Party Halloween Parade. Perkasie Fall Festival
Child Play Series - Spices 10/6 | 12-4pm
Valley of Fear Haunted Hayride 10/2 | 10am + 1pm Town Center and Menlo Park
9/27 - 11/2 Peter Wentz Farmstead, 2030 Shearer Road, Lansdale Enjoy food, artisans, raffles, a scavenger
Feasterville Preschoolers will learn about the origins of hunt, train rides, a petting zoo, pony rides,
Explore the darker side of Bucks County spices and then prepare a sachet of a inflatables and live music. Bring your own
during one of the many haunted hayrides common spice mix. Dress to get dirty! scarecrow and sample this year's chili
in the woods behind Phoenix Sport Club, Ages: 3 and up & accompanied by an cook-off and pie-baking contest.
where you can hop off the hayride and test adult. Fee: $5 per child; Pre-registration
your aim in Zombie Paintball. required. 610-584-5104 Children’s Nature Series:
Squirrel Tales
National Alpaca Farm Days Doylestown Storytime 10/9 Norristown Farm Park,
9/28 – 9/29 | 10am-4pm 10/3 | 11:00am Doylestown Bookshop, 16 S. Main St. 2500 Upper Farm Road
Arrow Acres Alpaca Farm, Wall, NJ Every Thursday at 11am. Our popular Why do squirrels and chipmunks seem so
Join us for National Alpaca Farm Days to children's story time features music, books, busy now? Listen to a squirrel story, make a
kick off the start of our season! FREE! Meet crafts and more. No sign-ups necessary. craft, and walk to find squirrel signs.
our alpacas and give them treats all day The recommended age group is 2-4 Preregistration is required. Meet at the pavilions.
long. Farm store open. FREE hot dogs, Ages: 3 & up with an adult; fee: $5 per
apples, apple cider, cookies, and snacks. Lahaska StoryTime child.
Donations are greatly appreciated! 10/4 | 10:30am Lahaska Bookshop
Every Friday. Our popular children's story 2nd Annual Haunted Hayride
9/28 - 9/29 Annual time features music, books, crafts and 10/12 | 6:30-9:30pm
New Hope-Solebury High School more. No sign-ups necessary. The Green Lane Park
Sponsored by the Bucks recommended age group is 2-4 Enjoy a hayride through our spooktacular
County Playhouse. Browse the work of and creepy campground. Festive crafts
talented local artists during this juried Pumpkin Painting & and tasty snacks will also be offered at this
show, nosh on delicious food, enjoy live Make a Scarecrow family friendly event. No pre-registration
entertainment, and more. 10/5 | 11am-3pm needed. All ages; FREE 215-234-4528
Gasper Home & Garden,
Lower Milford Fall Fesitval 316 Tanyard Road, Richboro Harvest Festival
9/28 | 10am-5pm Bring the kiddos for a day of fun at Gasper 10/12 | 4-9pm
Township Building, 607 Chesnut Hill Church Rd., Coopersburg that they'll never forget! Details: Walnut Street Park, Richlandtown Borough, 125 S. Main St.
Live music, tractor rides, food, craft There will be games, food, a bouncy
vendors, silent auction, kids entertainment, 12596889279/ house, hayrides, craft vendors, Rita's Italian
blacksmith demonstrations & SO MUCH MORE! Ice, a bonfire, a pumpkin decorating
12 To Advertise, Call Sharon: 267-312-1825
contest, and much more! Company, Mead Well Philadelphia, Scarecrow Making
Craft vendors please contact the borough Noble Earth Kombucha, and Locust Light 10/20 | 2pm Norristown Farm Park
office for more details. Farm. Jewelry, clothes, wood crafted Make your fall scarecrow. We are having
wares, local honey, paintings, and a contest to see who can make the
Historic Fallsington Day Bavarian-style foods. 267-880-5037 scariest, the most original, and the best
10/12 | 10am-4:30pm overall scarecrow. Bring the clothes you
Visit the “Village that Time Forgot”. Journey Spiders! Kids Program want to use, something to make a head
back in time more than 300 years to 10/19 | 10am-12:30pm with, and a hat for your creation. We will
Quaker Pennsylvania with the help of Glen Foerd on the Delaware, 5001 Grant Avenue, supply the straw. Pre-registration is
colonial and Native American dance Philadelphia, PA 19114 required. Meet at the park office. All ages;
performances, crafters and folksingers. Discover the world of spiders in this fee: $5 per scarecrow 610 270 0215 program for 7 to 10 year olds. Learn
about their world with Philadelphia's Quakertown
Boo at the Zoo Insectarium and see some varieties up Halloween Parade
10/12, 10/13, 10/19, close and personal. Then kids can get 10/20 | 12-2pm
10/20, 10/26 & 10/27 | creative by weaving their own web The parade will begin line up at noon and
10am-5pm 215-632-5530 will step off at 2pm. Juniper, parts of 11th,
Philadelphia Zoo, 3400 W Girard Ave. and Broad Streets will be closed. The rain
Celebrate the Halloween 42nd Annual Historic Bristol Day date is October 27th.
season with a day of 10/19
spooky adventures at the Sponsored by Bristol Cultural & Historical Batty For Bats and Other Wildlife!
Zoo! Put on your favorite costume and set Foundation. This FREE, family-friendly street 10/24 | 6-8pm Aldie Mansion
out on a trick. 215-243-1100 fair celebrates the town's diversity with a 85 Old Dublin Pike, Doylestown
variety of arts and craft vendors, food Come in costume, learn about bats and
American Girl Teatime - Rebecca Rubin (1914) vendors, entertainers, children's games, a other creatures of the night from AARK, and
10/13 | 1:30-2:30pm sailing regatta on the Delaware River, a get an update on local bat counts. There
Schwenkfelder Library and Heritage Center, car show and much more! will be a costume contest, activities, and
105 Seminary St, Pennsburg trick-or-treating. Please register with Emily.
Enjoy afternoon teatime with your doll and Organic Halloween Call for pricing. 215-345-7020 ext. 107
friends. Each tea will feature a character 10/19 | 1-3pm
from American Girl and we will learn what Rodale Institute, 611 Siegfriedale Road, Kutztown Old Langhorne Harvest Day
life was like for children during her era. Trick-or-treat for organic candy at Rodale 10/26 | 10am-3pm
The cost is $5 per child. Please register with Institute Garden Store, take a farm-wide 102 W. Maple Ave, Langhorne
Museum Educator Alyssa McQuirns. scavenger hunt, partake in a craft activity, Outdoor street festival for all ages.
215-679-3103 and take home an organically grown Vendors, food, live music, entertainers and
pumpkin. $8/family. more.
Witches + Wizards 610-683-6009
in Chesnut Hill Sing! Delaware Valley
10/19 | 12-5pm Tots For Sculpture 10/19 Conference and
Older witches and wizards Grounds for Sculpture, 80 Sculptors Way, Hamilton, NJ Children’s Event
can enjoy a Brews & Broomsticks pub Fascinating Faces: Portraits Early learners 10/26 | 9am-12pm
crawl through outdoor beer gardens and explore new materials, make art, and get Cairn University, 200 Manor Avenue, Langhorn
have their fortunes told along the way. inspired by GFS's current exhibitions. For We will be hosting Keith & Kristyn Getty's
Pub Crawl 10/18. Fire-breathers, dancing kids ages 3 to 5 together with their families Sing! Regional Conference and Children's
zombies, hay rides, a costume parade, 609-586-0616 Event for the Delaware Valley. Purchase
Quidditch tournament, and Woodmere Art tickets today at
Museum hosts a straw maze, too. Cost: Autumn Alive in
Free to attend. Festival includes both free Quakertown 10/19 Apple Festival
and paid/ticketed activities. Music, games, prizes, 11/2 + 11/3 Peddlers Village, Lahaska crafts, beer tasting, Pie-eating contests, live entertainment,
a pet parade and sample apple-themed dishes and browse
Autumn Faire more, the event is also pet-friendly! the work of local artisans lined up along
10/19 | 2-6pm the beautiful cobblestone streets of this
Churchville Nature Center, 501 Churchville Lane All Hallow’s Eve Fall Festival 18th-century-style shopping village.
Join us in our Wildlife Gardens for our first 10/19 | 1-4pm
annual Autumn Faire! Enjoy tastings from Pennypacker Mills Historic Site, 5 Haldeman Rd, Schwenksville
local breweries, live music, artisan vendors Pumpkin painting, fall kid-crafts, hay rides,
with sustainably crafted goods, food trucks, corn shucking, cider pressing, bean bag
herbalism workshops, games, raffles and toss and hay pile jump! Food vendor
so much more! You'll see Naked Brewing Don't forget to visit The Lucky Cupcake Company for
available. All ages; FREE 610-287-9349
Company, Crooked Eye Brewing some yummy desserts!
To Advertise, Call Sharon: 267-312-1825 13
Register before 9/30 and mention this ad when
enrolling to receive a free waterbottle!

Helping make Magical Memories, Open Every Tuesday & Saturday 7-1
One vacation at a time! 6326 Greenhill Road
Why book with us? New Hope, PA 18938 • 215-297-5993
www. rices . com
Our services are 100% FREE! You will never pay a
dime more than the prices Disney would offer you contact us! Rice’s
SALE & Country Market
directly. Sometimes we can even SAVE you money! SINCE 1860

Follow us for updates & special promotions!

We are available to you before you book, after you Find everything under the sun!

book and even after you come home to help you with
any questions or problems!
FREE Gift! As a thank you, we give all children in
your party a small surprise to show our appreciation.

Cait Ruiz • Warminster 267-265-2248

Carollee Marjarum • Chalfont 215-771-0983
Corinne Cowden • Bensalem 267-474-6526
Jenna Sobocinski • Lansdale 610-420-0971
Karen Coar • Feasterville 267-825-1621 Antiques & Home Goods • Health & Beauty
Clothing, Jewelry & Accessories
Local moms helping local moms with Disney & other travel Hand Crafted & Artisan Goods • Plants & Produce

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LifeSpan • 215.536.4417
*$50 value. Not valid with other offers.
Expires: 09/15/19

2460 JOHN FRIES HWY. | QUAKERTOWN | 215.536.4417
1651 N CEDAR CREST BLVD | ALLENTOWN | 610.435.7833


Feasterville Plaza Shopping Center ● 1045 Bustleton Pike

Feasterville PA ● 215-357-JUMP (5867)
Mon-Thurs 9:30am-9pm, Fri. & Sat. 9:30am-10pm, Sun 10am-8pm

buy one hour at general admission
and get one hour free ($10 value)
With this coupon. Non-transferable. One per customer.
Not valid with other offers. Subject to availability.
hour A valid signed waiver is prerequisite for jumping.
Expires 12-1-19
Mama’s Lil’ Guide

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Go on a Collect Leaves and make a
Fall scrapbook
Hike Check out your local
Nature Center m o v
Take a drive llow een
and look at the outside and pla y H
Host a t
Fall Foliage H a v e a Movie
Nigh at all the local farms in our
Fall Camp Out
or es I nc l uded Hay Rides &
Check out as many as
you can and have fun!

Halloween Snacks &

Grab some glow sticks
at the dollar store and 2

big pumpkins with some
Hot dogs wrapped like mummy's using nice stems and have a
cresent roll dough. Cut dough into strips, pumpkin Ring Toss
wrap them up and bake. When finished
cooking use a lil mustard for the eyes.
Eye Ball Dig... Speghetti
Dip strawberries in plus candy eye balls...
white chocolate and Have the kids find the eyes
use mini choco in the gooey pasta
chips for eyes to
make Ghost...

Halloween ghost kabobs... Tic Tac Toe Use colored paper

Use skewers and put grapes, strawberries and and draw a tic tac toe board.. and
marshmallows. Use an edible marker to draw use plastic spiders in 2 colors as
eyes on ghost marshmallows. your game pieces

Are you hosting Thanksgiving this year?

Don't stress Mamas! You will be fine...
1 Print out your recipes and tape them to your cabinets Here are a few
2 Plan ahead and make list so you don't forget anything Holiday hacks
3 Use a thermos as a gravy warmer to free up space on your stove to help you out
4 Keep mashed potatoes warm in your slow cooker
5 Prepare dishes ahead of time by making your easier dishes the day before like cranberry sauce, apple pies, or
cutting up all your ingredients for your stuffing
6 Save time on baking—buy your desserts! (Altomontes, and The Lucky Cupcake Company, (both in this issue) can
help you out with all you need
7 Order a FRESH Turkey from Shadybrook or Altomontes. Fresh is always best and makes for a jucier turkey and
you won't have to take time to thaw (pre order)
8 Cook in pans you can also serve in and save yourself some dishes
9 Don't open the oven and baste every 30 mts.. Instead butter up the turkey under the skin with your herbs and
spices and use a thick layer and on top.. Let it cook and it will be crispy and delicious and your oven temp won't
keep going down with the door opeining all the time
10 Dont Stress. It will all be perfectly fine... Enjoy your family Time! Gobble Gobble!!!!

16 To Advertise, Call Sharon: 267-312-1825

Pets Are In No

Pets Are Inn


Pets Are Inn


We board your pets in

pre-screened, loving homes.
Transportation provided.

Serving Bucks County, PA

Fun and Safety for the Fur Kids this Fall!

1. Keep halloween candy
away from pets,
Chocolate espe-
cially can be
toxic for them.

3. If your furbabies don't like the

doorbell or tend to run out the door,
2. Keep your pets inside on Halloween, its very
keep them safe on halloween
scary for them to see all those kids in costumes
night by keeping them in
and masks.
their crate or in a room so
they don't run away

4. Enjoy your Thanksgiving meal..

but remember most of the meal is
5. You can treat them with pumpkin
not good for your furbabies... be
and some white turkey meat and sweet
sure to keep bones away from where they
potatoes if you want to give them a
may get them, and keep the stuffing away, as onions
special thanksgiving treat.
are not good for them either!
To Advertise, Call Sharon: 267-312-1825 17
Aerial Adventure Park
open daily starting June 8th
Now you don’t need to drive for hours to the
Poconos or the shore for High Ropes Adventure!
Come challenge yourself to our Aerial Adventure
Park close by in Doylestown, Pennsylvania! Our
Aerial Adventure Park provides safe family fun for
ages 7+ and has 30 different challenging elements,
bridges and zip lines plus the heart pounding
Quickjump free fall from the top of the main tower!

Goat Yoga available weekends

Adventure Farm opening Mid May

A day of education on ways
to live vibrantly!


Healing and Expressive Arts

Classes • Workshops • Experiences Email
Join us in sharing the healing and expressive arts with our local community in an effort for details to participate
to educate and support them in Vibrant Living.
On our small farm setting, music, vendors, healing experiences, mini workshops, food FREE Admission!
culminating in a sound healing experience. Noon to 4:30 pm with Sound Healing at 5
so all participants can enjoy. We look forward to having you be there to educate or Holistic Vendors Table: $30
attend to get informed. For more information:
Animal Healing Saturday, September 28, 2019 • noon to 4:30pm
4089 Durham Rd., Ottsville, PA 5pm • Sound Healing Experience

Get your FREE! Roofing Report Card A $375.00 value (Limited time only!)

Your complete roofing report card will consist of the following:

Photographs of roof provided by walking roof line or aerial drone
when conditions safely permit. Included are attic photographs
(when easily accessible). The 10 point Roofing Report Card
implies no warranty or statements that leaks can not
occur at any time.
• Check seals on shingles.
• Check ridge capping.
• Check for Ice shield at eaves
• Check for proper ventilation
• Check chimney & crown pour
• Check all counter flashing
• Check sub flashings
A=Excellent condition with little or no visible flaws. Many years of serviceable life remaining.
• Check for edge metal
B=Good condition with a few minor repairable defects. Many years of serviceable life remaining.
• Check attic / plywood inspection
C= Fair condition with minor repairs needed immediately. Roof is at or past 50% of its life expectancy
• Check all pipe vents
D= Poor condition with multiple repairs needed immediately. Roof is approaching failure,
The sole intention of this service is to inform the property budget for complete replacement.
owner of any potential issues and the overall general F= Roof is in state of complete failure. Immediate replacement required.
condition of their roofing system to the best of our ability. | |

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Reid’s Real Estate Review
Get to Know Your Local Real
Estate Expert Chad Reid!
Chad Reid is a Realtor with Long and
Foster®, Doylestown with several years
of experience in the real estate industry. Chad Reid
He started in real estate on the invest-
ment side, flipping houses for Cell: 267-888-6072
5 years in the City of Philadelphia. O ce: 215-348-0000
Sharing the knowledge he has gained
over the years and helping clients find
their dream home or a great real estate
investment property is the perfect recipe
Doylestown O ce
for someone who truly loves the industry.
511 Hyde Park, Doylestown, PA 18902

Chad has extensive knowledge of the

construction and permit process, having previously He strives for greatness and his great attention to detail
designed and built several houses from the ground up. will reward you with knowing that all the t’s are crossed
and i’s are dotted on any written contract.
He has a keen eye for what it costs to renovate a house
and how to utilize space effectively, which is invaluable for Chad’s philosophy is simple – only you know which house
clients searching for investment or fixer-upper properties. is the right one for you. Chad will work with you to find
the perfect fit by building a relationship founded on
Chad holds a degree in Marketing from Penn State knowledge and honesty.
University and has more than 15 years of professional
marketing and sales experience. You can be assured that He looks forward to assisting you with all of your real
you will have a seasoned negotiator on your side when it estate needs and any questions you have.
comes to selling your current home or buying a new home
with Chad on your side. He recently had a listing that sold He prides himself in always being available and boasts,
the same day it was listed for well over asking price! “My phone is always on for my clients!”

Chad’s goal is to educate his clients and be with them Chad enjoys spending time with his girlfriend Stephanie,
every step of the way - whether you are a first-time home his family, watching sports and hanging out with their two
buyer, investor or somewhere in between. He is committed dogs, Deuce, a 9-year-old sweetheart Rottweiler lap dog,
to providing you with a positive, satisfying experience that and Quincy, the cutest 4-year-old Golden Retriever with
you will want to share with your family and friends. off-the-charts energy.

Each issue, I will focus on unique discussion topics, such as mortgage rate information, home search help and ideas,
checklists for listing your home, home improvement tips, insight into the current real estate market and much more.

We will call this new segment Reid’s Real Estate Review.

Feel free to contact me to discuss any of these ideas or questions that you may have.

Currently, we are in a seller’s market with rates at historically low rates.

This means that more people are willing and able to buy a home and homes are selling at a higher rate than normal.

Therefore, home inventory is low, which means that there are less homes available than buyers,
creating a great opportunity to list your home.

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