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SAFE has featured in many current affairs stories as well as hundreds of other news reports in recent months. As a result SAFE is now recognised as the country’s leading voice for all animals. FACTORY FARMING OF DAIRY COWS SAFE and the Green Party argue against cubicle dairy farming. ELEPHANT IMPORTS Campbell Live, Close Up and One News discuss the logic of Auckland Zoo’s plans to import a herd of elephants. PIG INDUSTRY CHALLENGED Presenter Mike Hosking grills the Pork Board CEO on why his industry is failing to improve conditions on pig farms. PIGS DEFENDED SAFE board member, Debra Ashton, appears live on Backbenchers to defend the need for improving pig welfare. PORK BOARD EMBARRASSED The Dominion Post reveals a leaked email showing the Pork Board attempting to hide their farm audits. SAFE says it demonstrates the industry is not transparent. MISLEADING PIG WELFARE LABELLING SAFE and Consumer NZ express concern at the pork industry’s misleading ’animal welfare’ labelling scheme. PROTECTING GOATS SAFE’s call for a law change to improve the welfare of goats is aired on One News.

SAFE has been determined to keep pigs in the media throughout the year. The most recent attention was when SAFE, with the help of Open Rescue, revealed that nothing had changed on the pig farm first exposed, with the help of Mike King, on Sunday in April 2009. SAFE further outed the pork industry for their misleading labelling scheme; exposed their attempts to hide farm audits and highlighted links to a private investigations company caught spying on activists. All these stories were highly damaging to the pork industry. The new code of welfare for pigs is due out later in the year. SAFE expects that sow stalls will be phased out but this is unlikely to happen for another ten-years, which is simply not good enough. SAFE also demands that farrowing crates be banned since they also have inherent serious welfare problems and are already banned elsewhere in the world.

✤ PIGS IN MUD takes on an

entirely new meaning when two brave souls enter the Mud, Sweat and Tears Challenge in Christchurch. Nice one!

campaign to coincide with the Pork Board’s AGM in Christchurch. A thousand A2 posters reminded consumers not to be fooled by misleading ‘welfare’ labels.
✤ SAFE demonstrates at the annual

✤ SAFE successfully launches

its DON’T BE FOOLED campaign outside a New World supermarket in Wellington.
✤ Campaigners around the

100% NZ BACON COMPETITION to remind judges that factory farmers do not deserve to be judged favourably, given the poor treatment of their animals.

country offer passers-by free ‘SHAM’ SANDWICHES as the tantalising vegetarian, cruelty-free alternative to ham. The word on the street is that they’re delicious!

Pigs need your help now

High-profile New Zealanders are also outraged at how pigs are treated on factory farms and are lending a hand to SAFE’s LovePigs campaign. Here are some of their reactions: It makes me sick to my stomach to think that New Zealand pig farmers using this horrific way of farming animals can sleep at night. Sixty centimetres by two metres to house a pregnant, living and breathing creature! It’s hard to even comprehend how wrong this state of living is, and that’s only just the beginning of the poor pig’s horrible existence. Jails for humans are not even this inhumane, and yet these poor animals, who are all innocence and purity, are locked up in far worse conditions than criminals. We are blessed in NZ to have more than enough luscious green land for all of us to live in peace and harmony and this includes pigs! We all need to band together NOW to free the pigs from these sickening torture chambers. GIN WIGMORE, singer The respect we show to the environment we inhabit and our treatment of other life forms has a direct relationship to our collective social condition as a species. The treatment of farmed animals is a sorry indictment of the human race at present. We should all be ashamed. In the case of pigs, New Zealanders should feel this shame, as our love of bacon and pork products has led to appalling farming practice - utterly devoid of humanity. The time to change this is now. ANTONY STARR, actor (Outrageous Fortune) It’s not necessarily a question of what you eat, but rather where that food comes from. We like to show off our “clean, green” image to the international community but we still engage in many disgraceful practices that make me embarrassed to be a Kiwi. I support the work of SAFE and hope that one day the inhumane treatment of pigs in New Zealand disappears completely. TAIKA WAITITI, filmmaker and actor The way that most of our egg and pork products are produced is wrong and it would be considered torture if we subjected humans or companion animals to cruel sow crates or battery cages. As a consumer, the way your food is caught, raised and killed is largely up to you and by choosing humane products you send producers and the government a strong message. GARETH HUGHES, Green Party MP

✤ SAFE’s first EYE-CATCHING BILLBOARDS calling on the public

to boycott cruel pork are placed in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. Feedback to date is that they’re visually striking.
✤ OUTRAGEOUS FORTUNE star Robyn Malcolm and SAFE director

Hans Kriek discuss the status of the pig industry, and where to go from here, in a new online campaign message. Youtube: SAFEAnimalAdvocacy
✤ SAFE produces 30,000 CONSUMER POSTCARDS calling on MPs to

support a ban on cruel sow stalls and battery cages.
✤ SAFE’s ‘HELP LUCY’ TV advertisement returns to air on TV3 and C4

until January 2011, reminding viewers that sows still need help.


Help spread the word about the pork industry’s deceptive labelling campaign. Order a free pack of posters, leaflets and stickers to distribute in your area. Email your name and address to: WANTED: CAFÉS AGAINST


SAFE is compiling a national list of retailers, cafés and eateries that no longer use battery eggs and/or factory-farmed pork products. If you know of any place that no longer uses either, please email their name and address to Mandy at:

As part of SAFE’s campaign against QUICK FACTS factory farming, SAFE has launched its ✤ Ninety million chickens are chicken-cruelty campaign. Chickens, killed annually in New Zealand. (often referred to by the poultry ✤ Up to 40,000 birds are kept industry as ‘broilers’), have been in each large, windowless shed. selectively bred and reared for meat. Around 90 million chickens are ✤ Nearly 3.5 million chickens slaughtered in New Zealand each year. die annually before six weeks The majority of these birds are housed of age due to health problems. in large, windowless sheds that each ✤ Thirty eight per cent hold as many as 40,000 birds. A typical experience difficulty walking. new farm could be responsible for as ✤ On average, Kiwis consume many as 320,000 chickens. 35kg of chicken per person SAFE campaign director Eliot Pryor per year. says chicken is one of the cheapest and most popular meats in New Zealand. SAFE has recently made a submission calling on the government to improve chickens’ welfare conditions and reduce their suffering. “Approximately 10,000 birds die every day in New Zealand chicken sheds as a result of heart failure, disease and other afflictions caused by intensive methods of production,” says Eliot. “The best way to avoid supporting this cruel industry is by no longer eating chicken and at the very least encouraging local shopkeepers, restaurants and cafés to stop using factory-farmed chicken.” FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT:

Despite the controversy, Auckland Zoo continues with its plans to import Asian elephants and establish a breeding herd, claiming it will be of conservational significance. The proposal includes extending into Western Springs to develop a larger enclosure at a cost of $13 million. SAFE says it is surprised that Auckland Zoo remains determined to have elephants when many international zoos have decided against keeping them on grounds of animal welfare. SAFE and WSPA have challenged the proposal which has also been highly debated in the media. SAFE expects a decision will not be made until next year and has mounted an initiative to help encourage the newly elected super city councillors to not provide their support. SAFE has provided a letter, signed by some of the world’s most prestigious elephant experts, strongly advising the council to object on welfare grounds. “Most elephant experts and a number of zoos are now of the opinion that zoos cannot provide elephants with sufficient space or facilities and the elephants suffer as a result,” says SAFE director Hans Kriek. FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT:

A coalition between SAFE, WSPA, the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society and Project Jonah has received a favourable response from the government to calls to no longer keep dolphins in captivity in New Zealand. The move comes after years of campaigning against Marineland, which has now closed after the last remaining dolphin died in 2008. “Many countries around the world already have legislation prohibiting the capture, importing and exporting of dolphins. Adding New Zealand’s name to this growing list will help strengthen worldwide public and government opposition to this cruel practice,” says SAFE director Hans Kriek. FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT:



Proposals to bring two giant pandas to New Zealand have been slammed by SAFE. Former Wellington Mayor Kerry Prendergast, with the support of Prime Minister John Key, has been discussing with Chinese officials the possible acquisition of two captive Chinese pandas. SAFE director Hans Kriek says the proposal is a terrible idea, and is concerned that pandas are used as pawns by the Chinese government to boost its international relations. “The Chinese government has complete control over which zoos receive animals, and it seems decisions are politically motivated rather than being made for conservation or animal welfare reasons,” says Hans. “Trading animals as diplomatic gifts is a throwback to the old days when animals usually ended up living a miserable and often shortened lives in captivity.” FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT:


SAFE presented a 12,039-signature petition to Green MP Sue Kedgley earlier this year, calling on the Government to ban experiments on cats and dogs. SAFE’s petition was initiated after revelations that large numbers of dogs were being bred for research purposes by the Valley Animal Research Centre (VARC), one of the largest suppliers of companion animals for laboratory testing in the southern hemisphere.VARC operates as a contract facility that provides animal experimentation services to national and international clients. A SAFE investigation revealed that VARC holds dozens of beagles in inadequate, barren kennels. “We believe the beagles are used for toxicity testing and that some are killed so that their tissue can be examined,” says SAFE director Hans Kriek. “Cats and dogs have a special place in New Zealand society as valued companion animals, and most New Zealanders would be horrified to find out that hundreds of cats and dogs are confined in small cages and subjected to potentially cruel and lethal experiments in our nation’s laboratories,” says Hans. The petition was considered by Parliament’s Science and Education Committee but their recommendation for Parliament to take note of the petition fell well short of expectations and cats and dogs will continue to be used in animal experimentation in the foreseeable future.

SAFE made a submission on the draft Code of Welfare for Goats, calling for a ban on tethering and dehorning. Supporters were encouraged to make their own submissions. SAFE campaign officer Mandy Carter was interviewed by Country TV. “Despite NAWAC’s acknowledgement that ‘goats should not be tethered,’ the draft code makes no effort to prohibit goats from being left tethered on the roadside,” says Mandy. “The SPCA are also opposed to tethering, and given how vulnerable goats are to roadside attacks, NAWAC has no excuse for allowing the practice to continue.”

In a stroke of good luck, Green Party MP Sue Kedgley was fortunate to have her Animal Welfare Amendment Bill drawn from the ballot box just when the pig controversy hit the media again. The Bill calls for farming practices that do not meet the obligations of the Animal Welfare Act to be phased out within five years. SAFE lobbied other parties to get behind the Bill and secured support from the Maori Party, United Future and Labour. Unfortunately, both National and Act have refused their support which is likely to stymie the Bill. “Given John Key’s previous statements on sow crates, such as saying on national television that he found it ‘very, very disturbing,’ it is disappointing that his government is quick to dismiss an opportunity to improve pig farming practices in New Zealand,” says SAFE director Hans Kriek.

SAFE director Hans Kriek was asked to make a presentation to Youth Parliament on the issue of free-range farming versus factory farming alongside MAF and Federated Farmers. Hans said his opponents clearly failed to make a convincing case for factory farming. “I was surprised at the lack of knowledge displayed by MAF and Federated Farmers and to see how unprepared they were. The smart young MPs were quick to judge and completely supported SAFE’s stance,” says Hans. “These Youth MPs showed a lot of common sense. Shame their adult counterparts don’t always show the same!”

Recent publicity surrounding calf inductions has revealed a disturbing side to the dairy industry. Tens of thousands of cows are forced to abort their calves six-eight weeks prematurely, simply to suit the farmer’s milking schedule. Now it has been revealed that Fonterra’s CEO induces his calves despite the company stating its opposition to the controversial practice. The CEO was left red-faced in a television interview in which he clearly didn’t want to admit his involvement. About 40 per cent of New Zealand dairy farmers induce healthy cows.Veterinarians are contracted by these farmers to administer abortions by injecting pregnant cows. Approximately 200,000 calves are induced annually solely for economic gain. SAFE says calf inductions have serious welfare implications for the cow and calf and will continue to demand a ban on this cruel practice. FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT:

LOBBY YOUR MP You can help SAFE lobby MPs to ban factory farming. Order some postcards to encourage your family, friends and workmates to sign. Email the number of postcards required with your name and address to

✤ SAFE Christchurch screens ✤ AMERICAN AUTHOR Karen ✤ SAFE hosts a successful talk in

Wellington to discuss the Green Party’s PRIVATE MEMBER’S BILL that could ban battery cages and sow stalls.

A DELICATE BALANCE, the compelling documentary that explores the benefits of a vegetarian diet.
✤ Kids in Christchurch are taught

Dawn gives talks about her book and veganism in Christchurch and Auckland.

WHY ANIMALS MATTER during the school holiday programme.
✤ VIVISECTION workshops are

Soryl, shares her knowledge of vegetarian and vegan nutrition in Christchurch.

screens in Wellington, profiling ways people can transform their lives to become inspiring ambassadors for animals.
✤ Christchurch SAFE screens

SAFE’s fan page is attracting fans at an amazing rate, doubling within six months. Our daily updates make Facebook the best way to stay in touch. Come join us! Facebook: SAFE

held in Auckland and Christchurch and are well attended.
✤ A public screening of

includes a SAFE BBQ offering delicious vegetarian sausages to hundreds of party-goers.
✤ SAFE joins demonstrators

EARTHLINGS, a controversial documentary that challenges humanity’s attitude towards animals, screens in Whangarei.

END OF THE LINE for those interested in the exploits of the fishing industry.

outside the Japanese Embassy in Christchurch to protest the annual slaughter of dolphins in Japan. As part of SAFE’s Animals and Us programme, SAFE has established a national network of volunteer speakers who can visit their local schools. SAFE now has speakers in Auckland, Tauranga, Palmerston North, Nelson, Christchurch, Oamaru, Dunedin and Invercargill. For more info visit: If you are interested in learning more about becoming a school speaker, email Nichola at:

Feeding our fans with the best, most worthy snippets of latest news and campaign updates. Tweet with us! Twitter: @SAFElovepigs

SAFE’s education officer, Nichola Kriek, is thrilled at the exciting new powerpoint presentations SAFE has created for use in schools. “We are currently personalising presentations for each speaker and creating sets of professional-looking slide presentations on factory farming, animal rights, animal experimentation and animals in entertainment,” says Nichola.

Watch our team in action during some of our campaign activities, online news items and selected staff pics - usually hilarious! Youtube: SAFEAnimalAdvocacy

Despite almost everything available online, school talks still remain one of the most effective ways to encourage young people to bring about positive change for animals.

If you’re not receiving SAFE’s free ebulletins every fortnight then you’re missing out! Stick with us for news, updates, invites, media alerts and free goodies.


WELLINGTON ✤ Vegetarian BBQs ✤ Vege Expo stall ✤ Bacon award protest ✤ ‘Sham’ giveaways ✤ Bimonthly social event ✤ Beagle petition presented ✤ Film night: Peaceable Kingdom NELSON ✤ Market stalls ✤ Nelson Girls College stall

Watch the planet’s slowest residents at the world’s only sloth sanctuary in Costa Rica. Too cute! Youtube - meet the sloths Highly creative, interactive viral post that reminds us that bears have so much more to offer, given some direction! Youtube - hunter shoots a bear Watch Bambi, the bottle fed lamb, enjoying a pastime shared with kids worldwide! Youtube – bambi jumping No chains or abuse, just a highly unusual relationship based on kindness, respect and trust. Youtube - 17 foot crocodile Cats don’t like water, or do they? Youtube – cat shower

FAR NORTH ✤ Three information stalls ✤ Fundraising collections WHANGAREI ✤ Film night: Earthlings ✤ Night market stall ✤ Vegan potluck ✤ Farmers market stall AUCKLAND ✤ Over 15 stalls or displays ✤ Vegan Traveller talk ✤ Regular market stalls ✤ Pet Expo and Veggie Expos ✤ Intro to SAFE nights ✤ Fundraising collections ✤ Vegan Supper clubs TAURANGA ✤ Healthy Living Festival stall ✤ Vegan potlucks ✤ Regular meetings HAMILTON ✤ Inner city street stall ✤ Pet Expo stall ✤ Natural Health Expo stall PALMERSTON NORTH ✤ Day-long pig action ✤ Factory farming stall KAPITI COAST ✤ Collection

After troubled beginnings this unlikely pair are friends for life. Youtube – tara bella The antics of Simon’s cat fascinate us. He’s probably the most watched cat on the planet! Youtube – simons cat Not your typical slob on the sofa! Youtube - bulldog family guy CHRISTCHURCH ✤ Lyttelton St Party: Vege BBQ ✤ Climate Smart Film Festival ✤ Sham (veggie ham) giveaways ✤ Film night: End of the Line ✤ Eco Expo stall ✤ Vegetarian Expo stall ✤ International talk: Karen Dawn ✤ Library displays ✤ SBS Marathon as ‘pigs!’ OAMARU ✤ New SAFE group formed ✤ Monthly meetings ✤ Fundraising collection ✤ Library display DUNEDIN ✤ Regular meetings ✤ Moro Marathon ✤ Lemonade fundraiser stall ✤ Farmers market stalls ✤ Animal Law Week stall INVERCARGILL ✤ Monthly meetings ✤ Spring Festival stall ✤ Film screening ✤ Street stalls David Attenborough presents the amazing lyre bird which mimics almost everything else in the forest! Youtube - lyre bird

SAFE’s promotions manager Amanda Sorrenson organised a fabulous colouring competition to help show how wonderfully smart pigs are and why children should care about pigs. Many newspapers published the competition that attracted over 100 entries from kids between four and twelve years old. Fabulous effort!

SAFE has published a cute and colourful leaflet, designed to appeal to young children, that promotes being kind and respectful to animals. Love Animals is available on request by emailing with your address.

SAFE movie clips and community advertisements are appearing on Animal Talk TV, a New Zealand-based online channel dedicated to animal stories. Check us out:

✤ SAFE Waiheke volunteers stage


Choosing to shop compassionately and ethically this Christmas has become a whole lot easier! SAFE’s cruelty-free online store now includes their entire range of over 450 products. The diverse and exciting collection includes the latest in t-shirts, bags, wallets, shoes, cookbooks, makeup and a huge selection of delicious sweets, chocolates and even dairy-free cheeses.

regular MARKET STALLS on Saturday mornings, handing out information about SAFE’s work.
✤ Canterbury University SAFE

volunteers Regan Stokes and Shanti Ahluwalia, dressed as pigs, and RAN UP THE TOWER - all the way to the eleventh story! Awesome, guys!

surprised and amused to see costume-clad ‘pigs’ and ‘chickens’ joining them at the movies in Auckland.
✤ FOUR SAFE volunteers teamed

✤ SAFE staged a demonstration

up recently to enter the SBS 10km Marathon walk - in pig costumes!

outside the Japanese Embassy to protest against the slaughter of dolphins. SAFE also supported rallies in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch in support of ANTIWHALING DAY (5-6 Nov).

VOLUNTEER SAFE SPEAKERS visit at least 15 schools to promote compassion to animals.

Come check us out!

Avid Shortland Street fans may have seen SAFE’s Say No to Factory Farming poster featured on their staffroom wall set during August. Awesome!

Thompson, says she has always felt more of a connection with animals than people, which is perhaps why she spent her Saturday morning in a crate dressed as a pig. Way cool, Cindi!

took SAFE’s message to the Pet Expo, which went extremely well.

students continue to show they are passionate about animal rights and SAFE. Their latest activities raised over $200! Great job!

been working very hard, with regular stalls. The tireless team say they received hundreds of signed pig submission postcards to help the pigs. Keep up the good work, guys!
✤ A DOZEN dedicated SAFE

SAFE is delighted to introduce a very talented campaigner and advocate, Jonathan O’Brien, who has been appointed SAFE’s new Wellington coordinator. The new SAFE office operates out of a small, yet efficient inner city building that is being put to good use with all the increased activity. If you would like to get involved locally please email Jonathan at:

Palmy volunteers organised a successful day of action for pigs.

Candy of Waikanae Primary says she is so passionate about helping animals that she has been kept busy promoting and fundraising for SAFE. Well done, Kellee!

Christchurch and Dunedin supporters competed in the Moro Marathon, all dressed up in pig or chicken costumes. Fabulous effort!

Campaigners in Auckland, Far North, Dargaville, Palmerston North, Kapiti, Wellington, Christchurch, West Coast, Oamaru and Invercargill have been furiously beavering away to raise money to help the hens. The funds go towards making life-sized, true-to-life models of battery cages for stalls and displays. Appeal coordinator Sacha Dowell says the centres are progressing really well.

“The aim is to raise $25,000 to produce 15 battery cage models and so far the centres have raised one-third. We have lots more rattling-ofcollection-buckets-while-dressedas-chickens to be done unless, of course, some angel out there can make a generous donation to put us out of our misery!” says Sacha. If you can help fundraise please email Sacha at:

Kiwi fashion designer and SAFE supporter Annah Stretton, took an anti-factory farming message to the fashion runway of Australia’s 2010 Fashion Week. The collection, entitled Stop the Slaughter, was inspired by the activist and actress Brigitte Bardot who, back in the sixties, was very outspoken about animal cruelty and advocating for animal rights.

Come check us out!


SAFE promotions manager, Amanda Sorrenson, pays a special tribute to a remarkable animal-hero and dedicated volunteer who sadly passed away, but not without leaving SAFE a tremendous gift. “No dear, I can’t stay for coffee. I’m off to visit a friend at the hospital.” There was always a good reason keeping Elizabeth from spending leisurely time with her fellow activists, after her hard graft at a SAFE demonstration. She was simply always too busy. Elizabeth was actually a secret hero of mine. The kind of elderly person I want to be - independent, glamorous, fit and active, still driving - and a keen activist to boot! Elizabeth believed it was her business to get out onto the streets to protest, distribute leaflets or even lie on the street for hours wearing an animal mask and toe-tag, covered with a ‘blood-stained’ sheet, to help prevent cruelty to animals. I recently discovered that Elizabeth was actually in her mid-eighties when she began volunteering in 2004. Elizabeth also collected for SAFE during each Christmas appeal without fail, compensating for her petite street presence by purloining somebody’s canine. It turns out Elizabeth’s activism for SAFE was not well known by her children, who could only second guess the nature of their mother’s activities based on whether their dog was still at home! Daughter Frances tells us “Mum used to take part in street collections and once she went to my house, without me knowing, and took my rambunctious Huntaway dog with her. Apparently he was very well behaved for her, and thank heavens, as she was already fairly frail then.” Elizabeth was an asset to SAFE, bringing an added level of dignity and respectability that being elderly affords. If we had older people on our team we must be addressing serious matters! Elizabeth always listened carefully and got straight to work! She was a no-nonsense person, who

always looked sparkly and fabulous, her scarf draped glamorously over her shoulder as she handed leaflets to the public. I have missed Elizabeth over the last years. She told me her forgetfulness had made assisting SAFE too difficult. In recent years we spoke a few more times, and I visited her to advise on setting up a run for the ex-battery hens she planned to adopt. She kept those hens until just recently, when they were re-homed when she went into care. Elizabeth died in November 2009 at the remarkable age of 90, honouring SAFE with a considerable bequest. SAFE has earmarked a portion to produce SAFE’s next humane education resource for secondary schools, which focuses on animal experiments. It seems a fitting tribute for Elizabeth that she can continue to help laboratory animals, given that she was determined to lie on a cold footpath for many hours protesting against the use of animal experiments. Her daughter assures us Elizabeth would be pleased. From all of the SAFE team, we thank you Elizabeth. It’s time to rest (and put your feet up!).

If you would like to know more about leaving a legacy to SAFE in your will please email us at:


1) DONATE to support SAFE’s important work. Use the enclosed form or donate online now. 2) JOIN SAFE for just $40 or become a monthly donor. Sign up online at SAFE’s website. 3) VOLUNTEER in your area. Call Sacha on 03 379 9711 or email her at:


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