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Business In A
Fast Start

Adekunle, PhD
30 Day Business In A Box

When starting any business, you are going to spend

some money either on office supplies or products, and it
is ok you are in business. The good thing among many
you are not in business alone. You can build a team or
network with others. Arm yourself with information
and consider attending events such as seminars. The
more you empower yourself, the better you will be. You
will need mental toughness, and you will need to
understand the product you are selling.
If you are interested in building a viral business, which
is the fastest method in the 21st century, I will point you
in the right direction. You don’t have to have the skills
you can hire freelancers through several websites,
although the most affordable are and Consider an Influencer to help you on Social
Media, which skilled in branding your business.
Besides the most popular social media sites Facebook,
Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, consider Yelp, Alignable,
Pinterest, Snapchat, Linkedin, and TikTok.
Also worth your time are blogging, eCommerce
campaign, SEO campaign, press releases, article writing,
newsletters, backlinks, which are apart of SEO. Look up
Hootesuite, Buffer, which connects all your social media
sites. Consider googling related images to help you with
posting also look at Unbounce and use landing pages to
help you gather leads to communicate with.
Each day takes on one task so that you are not
overwhelmed with so many options learn each or again,
hire a freelancer to free up your time for other things
The most comfortable marketing and promotion is
word-of-mouth. Everywhere you go, take a postcard or
flier pass or post it out. Ask friends to consider helping
you with a group meeting. If you active in church or an
organization, ask can you present your project. Large
groups or leaders are always the right way to build your
Final tips for your 30-day foundation blitz consider
reaching out to online tv, and online radio shows ask for
interviews and always send a thank you or a sample of
whatever you sell. Always follow up and repeat this
month's activities, and your business in a box will be
your gift because it equates to more money. All that you
learn and build on, if you teach the team, you will reap
I end with a famous saying from Art Williams, “if you
help enough people get what they want, you will get
what you want.”
Here’s to health & wealth
LaVerne Adekunle, PhD
You are relatively new to the entrepreneurial world or
just started your business, then marketing and
promoting your product can be time-consuming and, at
times, frustrating. But it’s also essential.
Building your web presence can be time-consuming
because it’s not just something that happens overnight;
it can be frustrating because it’s not just something that
happens overnight.
Your online presence is significant because it’s what
allows people to find you, get to know, like, interact, and
trust you.
But marketing and promoting your products through
social media and other online tools can be less
frustrating and less time consuming if you know where
to start.
Firstly, you have to create your presence online. A web
presence is the sum of all the identities you’ve created,
and it can be both personal and business-driven.
Your online presence has an extensive reach, and when
built successfully, it can spread brand awareness and
gain your fans, followers, leads, customers, and
anything else you could ever want for your business.
Companies around the globe know that social media
will stay for an extended time, but that doesn’t mean
you’ve yet had the effort necessary to cultivate a proper
presence on the right networks or chance to put in the
There is still time even if you haven't optimized your
social media presence, and the benefits will be worth
the effort. There are several advantages to refining your
brand on social media, including that it can drive traffic
to your website, allow you to interact with clients and
prospects on a new level, help engage the audience and
reach new audiences, help you build authority, and help
you improve your customer service operation.

Marketing and Promoting products through online

channels involve a few steps:


Social media exploded since Facebook went viral in

2012, and there are thousands of people out there
committed to anything from connecting old classmates
to social activism and anything else on this earth.
There are many options out there; how does a brand
hone in on the right ones? The suggestion from most
experts is to join four of the most popular, and choosing
the right ones to come down to your audience (and
where they are) and your goals. Here's some
information to help guide you:
Facebook: is the most significant platform that has two
billion-plus active users monthly, and the site is perfect
for businesses and merchants that want to generate
leads and build relationships.
Twitter: immediacy is perfect for businesses whose key
audience is under 50 and who need to stay apprised of
like breaking news, announcements, and trending
LinkedIn: a platform for business networking, which
can be used by both B2B and B2C businesses to engage
audiences, build authority, and create trust.
Instagram: is an American photo and video-sharing
social networking service that allows you to promote
your brand and product amiably and authentically
without hard selling to your customers. Over 70% of its
users have spent time searching for a brand on the
Tik-Tok - TikTok, a platform with new energy, though,
isn’t a new platform. It offers so much opportunity for
marketers and affiliates who are looking to be the first
of their generation to be on it. Customers are becoming
increasingly skeptical of ads, unedited videos, and raws
on TikTok would be a great way to showcase your
brand to people in their everyday lives.
Snapchat: An expiring content platform is one of
the fastest-growing social networking channels, and
merchants can leverage it by providing personalized
content, offering promotions, giving exclusive access,
and building relationships with influencers to drive
brand recognition and loyalty.
Pinterest: the photo-sharing platform, is a fantastic
platform for businesses with art, fashion, restaurants,
travel, and weddings (visual appeal ), and it’s great for
driving sales because so many users look to the site to
plan purchases.


Being super active and famous online has several

benefits for business, brands owners and merchant, and
lots of things can be accomplished with your social
presence, such as performing engaging customers,
expanding your audience, customer service, generating
leads, driving sales, increasing web traffic, gaining
valuable insights and feedback, and much more.
You should have a predetermined goal in mind that you
can work toward to achieve these with any measure of
success because you'll have to create a strategy to
achieve success. Your techniques for driving sales will
be different from your approach if you plan to improve
your customer service operation, so it’s important to
know what you want to accomplish.


Stating a goal for improving your social media presence

is a perfect idea, but it’s only at the start. Once you’ve
concluded what you want to accomplish, you have to
come up with a plan.
Start by designating the people who will be part of the
team, and make sure you break up their roles and
responsibilities to them, so everybody knows what they
are expected to do.
You should decide on your posting frequency, and
maybe you might want to create a content calendar that
will assist you in planning posts and making sure you
miss no days. A content calendar should be a big part of
your strategy because it should layout:
 Who are your audience
 What topics and subjects your audience are
always interested in
 The exploitable content you previously have
 The kind of content you might still have to create
or curate
 When exactly and where (platforms)post will be


Identifying your audience is vital when it comes to

finding success with social media engagement because
the needs and interests of your audience determine the
way you engage your followers and the kind of content you
should share.
Some of the essential things you should know about
your audience include age, behaviors, challenges,
location, gender, goals, likes, needs, and pain points.

No matter who your audience is, Nevertheless,

the content you share should always be relevant and
high quality, and you should prioritize images, videos,
and other forms of visual content as frequently as
possible because these are trendy among all
demographics and all audiences.


Being active and functional on social media takes

dedication and time, but there are automation tools
available you can use to publish posts and schedule
posts up automatically.
Automation tools like Buffer, BuzzSumo, Hootsuite and
Sprout Social, can save you time by allowing you to
schedule batches of posts at once, but they also make it
easier to monitor your networks and respond to
messages quickly.


Although content is supremely vital on social media, it’s

not enough to post your content and walk away just like
that. Social media is also about engagement and
connection. You want to gain and build the trust of your
audience, that’s the only way you can foster the
There are several ways you can engage with your
audiences, and they include:
 Commenting on posts
 Starting and participating in conversations
 Sharing relevant information
 Sharing user-generated content
 Posing and answering questions
 Addressing complaints and criticisms
 Showing appreciation for customers


Even though the method of selling on social networking

channels is becoming accepted among salespeople and
marketers, the actual procedure of using social
networks to drive growth is much different from what
most people are used to. Rather than using social as a
powerful promotional platform, it’s best to use it as a
tool for engagement and communication.
Due to recommendations, businesses should keep their
promotional content to 20%, while the lion’s share of
content should be to meeting the needs of your

To cultivate a constant presence, it takes time and

patience. With the perfect automation tools, you can
minimize the time dedicated to social media, although it
still requires at least 15 minutes a day to monitor your
channels and respond to conversations and questions.
The right number of posting frequency depends on the
platform you're using.
For Facebook and LinkedIn, limit posts to five times a
week; you don’t have to post more than a day. Twitter
requires, the more you post, the better. Eleven pins a
day seems to be the magic number with Pinterest.


Social media is perfect for brand building and

recognition, so every post you make must be in line
with your brand and image. If you have multiple
workers assigned to the task of social, everybody will
bring their personality to their posts, and this might be
an issue.
It’s better to limit the number of workers responsible
for posting, and workers are on the same page in terms
of the image and voice you want to present.


The usage of social media channels has grown that

there are more active users than the previous every
month, especially on Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and
Facebook. It’s a better strategy to describe your goals,
find your audience, and choose the platforms that are
right for you than have a presence on every social
network out there.
The building of social media relationship has several
benefits to confer on your business, but it’s crucial to
put in the time cultivating your presence if you want to
take advantage of them all.

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