v1.0 - first public release v1.

1 - fixed some problems with SSE 2, 3D-MArk 2001 SE - small layout changes - fixed some file selection dialog bugs - LOG files have no a time stamp, old files won't be overwritten anymore v1.1 (build 101) - no extra beginscen/endscene calls for the frame counter in DX8.1 required v1.1 (build 102) - force dll no longer required for 3D-Mark 2001 SE - fixed 3D-Mark 2001 SE error with the "Pixel Shader" tests v1.2 (build 103) - force small texture option added - added average polys per scene to the log file - corrected the ext. of the log files from cvs to csv v1.3 (build 105) - emulate HW TnL option added (useful for kyro boards) - added some statistics to the log files v1.4 beta - section hardware limits added (useful for kyro / voodoo boards or other board with missing features) - added debug log option v1.4 beta 2 - added the "force write only Vertex Buffer" option - this will seth the D3DUSAGE_WRITEONLY to all created vertex/index buffers -> this can cause errors, if the app needs read permisson v1.4 beta 3 - updated the "force dll" option, now it patches *.dll and *.exe files v1.5 build (149) - fixed some problems with the "force dll" option and done some enhancements, small GUI changes v1.5 build (150) - fixed a heavy bug, which caused under some certain conditions the lost of some files v1.5.1 build (151) - fixed a bug with the "force hook dll" option - EXE and BAT files can now be executed - command line options and "Save batch file!" option v1.5.2 build (152) - fixed a small dialog bug - fixed some problems with the NOLF2 demo and Morrowind v1.5.3 build (153) (no public release) - added a fourth counter, only for DX8, which shows the VRAM usage - added "force 100 hz" option and "no renders till flip" option (for bf1942 and

kyro boards) v1.6 build (160) - added "remove stuttering" option - changed the "force 100 hz" option, if your monitor supports a lesser hz rate, this option will also try 85 and 75 hz - removed the and "no renders till flip" option - added "force ref. rast." option - fixed some OpenGL bugs with the "force small texture option" - added VRAM usage to the performance log file v1.6.1 build (161) - fixed the "remove stuttering" option, which worked only in combination with the "counters" option and some other small problems with this option v1.6.2 build (162) - fixed the "remove stuttering" option, "pure hardware devices" couldn't do stateblocks.... v1.6.3 build (163) - fixed the performance impact of the "remove stuttering" option, mybe its now a little bit more rough - fixed problems with Combat Flight Simulator 3 v1.6.4 build (164) - fixed the "washed out textures" problems v1.6.7 build (167) - added 2 z-buffer options (force to 16 bit) - added a NOLF2 hack, the game engines seems to have some bugs, which prevent non hw tnl cards to run the game error free, maybe its a dx8 problem.... v1.6.8 build (168) - improved the NOLF2 fix v1.6.9 build (169) - added a Gun Metal Demo fix, to run on the Radeon 9500/9700 v1.6.9b build (169) - CSV files entries are noe seperated through comma instead of a tab v1.7 build (170) - added a flickering shadow fix for Mafia and the Radeon 9700, which is caused by a driver bug (D3DRS_ZBIAS<16 won't work correctly) v1.71 build (173) - added the options "force zbuffer" and "force wbuffer" - If you don't see any changes in the game, your card doesn't support w-buffering, but you can try some tweak utils like Rage3D Tweak or NVMAX to enable it - added a Lord Of The Rings fix for the kyro card v1.72 build (174) - added a the "disable lighting" option for the kyro v1.73 build (175) - added a the "KYRO zbuffer/stencil fix" option for the kyro, because it only upports the D3DFMT_D24X4S4 format, not the usual D3DFMT_D24S8

v1.74 build (177) - improved the "NOLF2 texture/ib fix", because if an issue with the final dx9 release and/or the catalyst 3.0 drivers - remove stuttering should now work with NOLF2 and this option - fixed some other issues, forget some "testing code" in the last release v2.0 build (200) - added an automatic texture fix for the voodoo 5 and Lord of the rings (works only in a window) - improved the "debug log" feature - added DX9 support - added the "force pixel hader 1.1 or 1.4" option - added the "disable two sided stencil" option (dx9 only) - added the "emulate DXT textures" option, uses uncompressed textures to simulate DXT1-5 textures - overdraw counter added (dx9 only) v2.1 build (212) - gui changes - added "voodoo flicker fix" - added "Pixel and Vertex Shader" section and options - fixed the "force wbuffer" option - debug.log improvements (a lot slower now, but more safe, if the system crashes) v2.11 build (213) - fixed a problem with nascar 2003 demo - some fixes for the "emulate cube maps" and "emulate bump mapping" option v2.12 build (214) - fixed a bug with the INI's path finder v2.13 build (215) - fixed a bug when the INI files are in the root directory v2.14 build (217) - added the "Matrox Reef Demo fix" - only tested on thr Radeon 9700 v2.14b build (218) - fixed a small bug, when saving the .bat file and 3DA is in a directory with spaces v2.15 build (219) - fixed a problem with ati's chimp demo v2.16 build (223) - added fragment and vertex program save function for opengl - fixed some dx9 and opengl problems v2.16a build (224) - fixed some UI and INI bugs v2.25 build (300) - fixed some bugs in the vertex and pixel shader decompiler - fixed the vid mem counter - fixed some DirectX 8 and DirectX 9 problems - added "force anisotropic filtering" for DirectX 8,9 and OpenGL - added "Color MipMap" options for DirectX 8 and 9 - added 2 z-buffer options (force to 24 bit)

- added "Anti-Detect-Mode" v2.25a build (301) - fixed a bug in the "Color MipMap" option v2.25b build (304) - fixed a DirectX 9 bug (ProcessVertices) - a problem with Halo - added VendorID and DeviceID options v2.25c build (305) - fixed a problem with 3d-Mark03 (config INI's) v2.26 build (307) - fixed a problem with Flight Simulator 2004 and the "Counter" option - added "force high precision pixel shaders" option v2.3 build (312) - fixed a problem with AquaMark3 and the Deus Ex "Invisible War" Demo - major GUI update, more easy to use from now on - new hook code - added "force windowed mode" for dx8/dx9 - added "spider-man the movie fix" for the voodoo 5 v2.3a build (313) - fixed the "Can�t run the aplication because ForceDLL.dll couldn�t been found" error v2.31 build (316) - readded Win95/98/ME support, but some app+3DA will only work with winxp (Deus Ex 2 demo, Aquamark3,...) v2.33 - more robust configuration INI support - support for Far Cry - rewrote shader decompiler / modifier - small dx9 fixes.... v2.34 - added "NV40 fix for R420 demos" - which should enable the NV40 to run the ATi's "Double Cross" and "Subsurface" demos v2.35 beta - changed the "NV40 fix for R420 demos" option to "Ruby benchmark - NV4x" - added the "Ruby benchmark - R42x" - improved the "Gun Metal Demo fix" option, which now enabled the nv4x to run the latest gun metal 1.2 benchmark v2.36 - add support for vs/ps 3.0 to the shader decompiler - changed the ANTI-DETECT-MODE code for shaders >=2.0 v2.36b - "Ruby benchmark - NV4x" and "Ruby benchmark - R42x" now use 3Dc - fixed a texture replacement bug in with the Ruby benchmark option