CDO High School December 2010

Angels Bring Hope
Sixteen year old Cory was never known to be doing the wrong things. One Christmas vacation things were going great, and after coming back from a day filled with laughter and fun, Cory’s parents, Tommy and Denice Lucas, were caught with possession of marijuana. They were both arrested and Cory and his little brother went to live with their aunt. “When they were in prison, I was really mad at them and sometimes I felt that I never wanted to speak to them again.” confessed Cory. After a few weeks of Cory’s parents being in prison, he began hanging around the wrong crowd and doing things he shouldn’t be doing. While Cory was doing things that could have landed him in juvenile detention, his parents found an organization called the Angel Tree. Angel Tree is a foundation that connects parents that are in prison with their kids during Christmas through gifts. This foundation has put so many smiles on children’s faces and has brightened the lives of thousands of kids. These kids don’t only receive a letter from there parents, but also get to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas, Jesus Christ. For most churches, They deliver presents and the Gospel to children with parents who are prisoners. In many cases, churches make an annual commitment to Angel Tree as a way to connect parents and there children. If you haven’t already, I would strongly consider joining Angle Tree to help out children who aren’t as lucky to have parents at home for Christmas. The feeling of satisfaction and gratitude will come over you when you see the smile on a child’s face. The Angel Tree is located in the Counseling office, where you can “adopt” an Angel from the tree. If you can’t adopt, you can always donate money for the gifts each struggling family will receive. A special thanks to National Honor Society and our Counseling office for putting this together and keeping CDO in the giving spirit! -eriCa eller, staff Writer

Jobs for the Holidays
As high school students, we have so much that we want to do outside of school. This includes going to the movies, shopping, going out to eat, and possibly paying for a car and its gas. However, doing all of these events involves having some cash, and perhaps, as some of us get older, our parents stop giving us the money we need and then we are faced with the inevitable truth that we must get a job. Some of us have already realized that we need to get jobs, however there is another problem. Getting jobs in this economy is tough, many stores aren’t hiring as much as they used to because they can’t afford it and people have become frugal because they are afraid of losing too much money. But, as the holidays grow closer, many of us are doing our holiday shopping. Stores are having remarkable deals and sometimes the stores can get pretty crowded. This is good news for those of us in need of jobs because some stores are hiring numerous employees. One of the stores hiring is the clothing store Aeropostale. I talked to Amanda Burnett, an employee of one year at the Aeropostale in the Foothills mall, who informed us that Aeropostale has hired fifty new workers for the holiday season, and that’s just at the Foothills mall location! However, she also noted that, “They only keep about ten to fifteen of the seasonal workers.” So basically, over half of those workers are there specifically for the holiday shopping season, and then after the season is over will be let go. So, are these extra workers really needed? “I think it’s necessary because of hour crazy it gets at Christmas time.” Says Burnett. Although most of the seasonal workers will be laid off after the season is over, the store will always have your application and knows that you have previously worked there, so if they need more workers, they could easily give you a call. “I love it!” says Burnett of her job at Aeropostale. Burnett actually applied to Aeropstale as a seasonal worker, and then, after the holiday season was over, they offered her a permanent position. So as the holiday season is still going, make sure to send in your applications, because what may at first be just a seasonal job, may turn out as a long lasting career. -Karylin Veres, Co-eiC

Photo Courtesy os- Katelyn treiChel, eiC

Hey Baby, You Busy?
December Events Calendar 12/11- ACT Test 12/15- Finals, periods 1, 3, 5, 7 12/16- Finals, periods 1, 2, 4, 6 12/17- 1/3 Winter Break!!! Sports Schedules on page 7

Quote of the Month
“The value of a man resides in what he gives and not in what he is capable of receiving.” -Albert Einstein

News 02

teen mothers, like The Secret Life of the American Teenager and MTV’s 16 and Pregnant, teen pregnancy is no longer a “hushhush” subject, and young women under this circumstance feel less ostracized. While these teens are able to feel more comfortable with what they are, could the acceptance of pregnancy at such a young age have negative effects? From 1991-2005, teen pregnancy in America has plummeted from 60 to 40.5 out of a thousand. This declination is thought to be the result of better practice of birth control –but that does not mean that there is less sexual activity among minors. Teen pregnancy has been increasing, however, since 2006, being 42 teenage girls out of every thousand in US in 2006 have been pregnant; 80% of teen pregnancies were unintended. These statistics were posted by Women’s Health Channel. According to Kids Having Kids By Rebecca Maynard, about 10% of American young women become pregnant while they are a teenager.

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Glammed Up:
She also claims that roughly a third of them abort the child, 14% of them have a miscarriage, and 52% of them give birth. Approximately one million teenage girls total get pregnant each year in the United States, which was also said on Women’s Health Channel. This means that half a million teenage girls give birth every year in America! With this becoming such a common issue, could it eventually be considered okay to be a teen mom?


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t Up

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Raising a child when girls have barely even stepped out of childhood has proved to make it more difficult for them to be responsible since only a third of teen moms gain a high school diploma. A quarter of pregnant teenagers who give birth to their baby end up having another one within two years, making it nearly impossible to obtain enough money, forcing them to apply for welfare. Aside from the results of the life of the mother, a number of complications can occur in the baby who was born from a teen. These include but aren’t limited to brain damage, mental retardation, low weight and difficulty obtaining a healthy weight, premature birth, and the possibility of being stillborn. There is no real way to tell if various television shows are glorifying this issue or if they are increasing the numbers of teen births, but with the fact that 13% of all births in America are done by teenage girls, then it is obvious that action should be taken. The 20% of teenagers who intentionally get pregnant should look at the whole picture before following through with such a drastic act. Sex Ed and birth control should be taught more often and in more schools to ensure that no “accidents” happen. -soPhia elice natania ruben, oPinion editor


Gifts for our Troops
The American Sign Language Club, assisted by FBLA collected items fir their service project, “Adopting CDO’s Own.” On Saturday, December 11th, club members packed boxes to send to service personnel serving over seas. The clubs would like to thank everyone for their help. -mrs. sillman, cdo teacher


Did you know that school counselors are here to serve the entire student body? Many students think that counselors exist only to help the troubled students or the top 5% but, we are here to tell you “That is NOT the truth!” Counselors can help you face the challenges that you encounter everyday like: school, friendships, relationships, family and more. Remember we are not here to discipline or judge; we are here to help you. Keep in mind as John Donne once said, “No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent.” In other words, we all need a little help sometimes. So come by and talk to your counselor! We cannot wait to meet you!
- nicole bemis, cdo counselor

Step Aside HotmailFacebook is Taking Over!

CDO Counselors: Nicole Bemis- A-D Mike Gutman- E-L Julie Cota- M-R Michelle Barcanic- S-Z

As expected, Facebook announced a new messaging service, or what some people are referring to as an e-mail service. Rather than calling it Facebook’s new messaging service, it’s more like an updated version of the previous messaging that Facebook offered. This new messaging arrangement has gone above and beyond the standard e-mail services available. Adding free cell-phone texting, instant messaging and non-Facebook e-mail access, this new system looks much like AOL’s new Project Phoenix. Considering the some 500 million Facebook users, this new messaging service is bound to go far! Though Facebook’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg said, “We don’t think a modern messaging system is going to be e-mail,” Facebook will still allow its users to combine e-mail through the system’s messaging service and then add the ability to send and recei ve e-mail from accounts. More than half of Facebook users actually use today’s messaging service. Here the competition only gets stronger with the 362 millions Hotmail users, 273 million Yahoo! Mail users, and 193 millions Gmail users. Who knows—this new service could potentially be the new leading e-mail messaging provider in months or years to come. -sarah hale, staff writer

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Shhh Yourself Saying, “Happy Holidays”
“Happy Holidays”! That is the phrase commonly used this time of year in place of other phrases such as “Merry Christmas”. We use ‘happy holidays’ for the sole fact that we don’t want to offend anyone who may not celebrate our same customs. But has anybody thought that perhaps forcing people to say ‘happy holidays’ instead of what they wish to say could be offending to others? Personally, I use the phrase “Merry Christmas” to greet friends of mine. Always have, always will. This is my way of wishing someone to have a good holiday season. I completely understand that not everyone celebrates Christmas, and this is not my place to be bashing on someone else’s customs. However, I do think that stripping someone of displaying what they celebrate is ridiculous. Obviously our right to say “Merry Christmas” and other phrases hasn’t been taken away from us completely, but it sure feels that way. Society is so afraid of offending other people and their customs, that they stick with the most mainstream saying they can come up with. But I don’t think that it has occurred to anyone that perhaps some people want to say ‘Merry Christmas’, and perhaps not everyone wants to say ‘happy holidays’. In societies attempt to keep the peace among everyone and their traditions, they are offending those who actually want to display their traditions. It feels as though there is so much pressure for everyone not to insult anybody, but I personally think you should be able to say what you want without fear of criticism. We should be able to say, “Merry Christmas”, “Happy Hanukkah”, “Happy Winter Solstice” and if you want to, “Happy Holidays”! So this holiday season, I plan on greeting those around me with whatever I choose, and I believe everyone should have the right to do the same.

Opinion 03
Employees Shouldn’t Work on Holidays

With the recession still in effect and last years very disappointing turn-out for the holiday season, many retailers were open on Thanksgiving for last minute food and gift shopping from major retailers such as Fry’s, Wal-Mart, and even Sears. This was shocking to many including myself. Thanksgiving is all about family, fun and love, not about getting good deals on things you do not necessarily need. I believe stores should be open for a few hours on thanksgiving just in case your grandmother forgot to buy 3 jars of her favorite cranberry sauce. However the major Grocery stores decided to have sales on things like electronics. Could this be turning into a trend? Could big name retailers actually open on major holidays? For example, could a store like Wal-Mart be open on Christmas day? Many industry groups are beginning to think that way and it is expected to raise sales 2-3% for the 2010 holiday season. I know these are tough times,, but come on are those stores really that desperate? I am a strong believer in the idea that holidays are for family and nothing else. For this upcoming holiday I will be working at a movie theater and I will be working on Christmas day -Karilyn vereS, co-editor in chief because the holiday season is one of the busiest time of the photo courteSy of: year for the theater which I do not understand at all. Who wants to spend Christmas watching a movie? So for this holiday no matter what you celebrate I want everybody to stay home with the warmth of love from their family and go out and see a movie or seek the best deal after the holiday. -colby hobbS, SportS editor The new Call of Duty: Black Ops has been one of the biggest and most anticipated video game releases of 2010. It sold about 5.6 million copies the first day it hit the shelves and has been played by millions more ever since. We decided to take a look from a video game crazy teenage boy, and a pretty normal teenage girl to see what they think of the hyped up game.

Boy vs. Girl: Opinions on Call of Duty: Black Ops!

BOY- My name is Steve Shouse, I’m a sophomore here and I recently have played the hyped up Call of Duty 7 Black Ops and I absolutely loved every second of it. They brought back the zombies they had in Call of Duty 5 World at War, except the COD Black Ops are set in the 60’s during the Bay of Pigs and the Cuban missile crisis so theyre not really Nazis. COD 7 is a lot better than COD 5 World at War, set during World at War, but I find Modern Warfare 2 a little cooler only because I like using modern guns when I play first person shooter games. I’m not saying that there aren’t any cool guns in Black Ops, they’re just older guns. Black Ops has better graphics than Modern Warfare 2, for example if you shoot a dead body, blood and guts burst from his face. It has a really smooth game play and a pretty cool story line. It had it’s moments that had me thinking, “What was infinity ward?”, and some parts had me saying, “Wow”. The online multiplayer added your ratio for every match which is pretty interesting, it has a bunch of new attachments, camos, and some new perks. Some people were mad there was no beta but that is untrue. Modern Warfare 2 was the beta. Infinity ward did a really good job preventing bugs and glitches that was in Modern Warfare 2 they basically perfected the balance. For this game i give it a five star rating, and re-assure you that all the hype is for good reasoning. This game has been perfected and for all the hype it’s getting, I suggest you rent or buy a copy and try it out for yourself. -Steve ShouSe, Staff Writer

GIRL- It’s been the subject of every Facebook status, and the rant of every teenage boy here at CDO in the past few weeks. Black Ops: the reason boys and even some girls have stopped their everyday routine, in return for 23 hours of mindless killing. I hear guys saying how they waited in line for 5 hours just to get the game first, but because they had school the next morning, they didn’t even play it. So getting a game the second it’s released, but not even playing it until the next day seems pointless to a normal girl right? The game came out November 9th, and more than a month later all I hear is how cool it is if you beat the game on Veteran, and how “freakin sweet” the graphics are compared to the other COD games, and don’t even get me started on how “awesome it is since they brought back the zombies!” Ok, maybe I’m a little bias because I’m a girl who has only played a few video games that actually require me to press down the ‘R’ button multiple times while aiming, and looking around at the same time that I’m finding ammo and crawling on the ground. I’m sure if I even attempted to play the game I may find myself having a little fun, but sitting in the dark for hours on end obsessively playing a video game is something you will not find me doing with my spare time. So hopefully this whole thing quiets down before the next game, Assassin’s Warfare Duty hits the shelves and we can all finally get back to reality. -Katelyn treichel, editor in chief

Holidays have Lost Original Value

From hectic last-minute shopping to crying children in over-crowded department stores, what’s not to love about the holidays? Over the years, the winter holiday season has evolved to nothing but commercialism and profit. Undoubtedly, a big part of this season is about consuming and commercialism, but not to the degree it has reached today. To get a clearer idea, compare holidays in the past to holidays now. In the past, Americans valued family time and giving, above materialistic gifts. Don’t get me wrong, gifts always have been a huge part of the holidays, but in recent years, majority of people only focus on that. It’s like having the frosting without the cake --they were put together for a reason. Before, holidays were a time to give without expecting to get back. On the contrary, Americans nowadays just give to get. People used to give small tokens of compassion for Christmas, but now it seems like everyone is so fixed on giving the “perfect gift”. What happened to our society now that people have become so shallow? It’s sad that this great time of the year has evolved to greediness and money. In the end, we haven’t completely lost the depth and origin of Christmas, yet we’re going down that road. So stop stressing out about finding “that present” for every relative and friend, and relax. Give the gift of time and memories, because in the end those are much more valuable. -Madeline dunlap, feature editor

Feature 04
Top Ten Most Wanted Items of the Holidays
With the holiday seasons coming up, everyone is stressing about what to get, and it looks like they will have to up there budget this year. According to 13 News, this years “hot” presents are more of electronics then toys. Its no longer that kids are asking for G.I Joe and Barbie dolls, but more things like iPods and cell phones. Parents questioned 2,000 kids and 39% percent said they wanted some type of Apple item. Here is a list of the top ten most wanted items for the holidays: 1 . iPhone 4 -A phone and an iPod conveneintly in one gadget. 2. iPod touch -A device that enables web browsing, and includes music, games and many other activities. 3. iPad -A miniature computer, but a large iPod. 4. Kinect for Xbox- A fun game that observes your movement. 5. Zhu Zhu Pet Hamsters- A toy that resembles a real hamster. 6. Flip Video Camera -A small video camera. 7. Toy Story 3 -Jetpack Buzz Lightyear 8. Play Station Move -An interactive game that enables the player to move and exercise. 9. LEGO Harry Potter -A LEGO game with Harry Potter characters and scenes. 10. Barbie Video Girl -A barbie doll with a built in video camera. -Erica EllEr, Staf WritEr

Oracle & Magee

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20 oz. Soft Drink
with the purchase of a Slice of Pizza!
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DINE-IN & CARRY-OUT ONLY Now repeat after me, Mama’s Pizzaaah...

History of the Holidays

The holiday season is here, and as people prepare for Christmas, others are preparing for Hanukkah, and others holidays. Although each tradition is unique and interesting, what’s even more fascinating is the background behind the tradition. What’s one of the first people you think of when you hear the word “Christmas”? That’s right, Santa Claus, otherwise known as Saint Nicholas. Saint Nick was born into a wealthy family in a village called Patara which is located in Turkey. Saint Nicholas was raised in a Christian family where he was taught to give to those in need. Although he would help those in need, it was one particular story that allowed the tradition of Christmas to begin. It has been said that there was a poor family with three girls whose father wanted them to marry into a good home. But at that early time, fathers had to give dowries to the potential husband. But because they were poor, they didn’t have enough money to offer any man. It was said that on three occasions, three bags of gold were thrown into the window, and had supposedly landed inside socks that were lying by the fire to dry. The family said that it was the great Saint Nicholas that had given them the money, and that is how the custom of Christmas, and hanging stockings by the fireplace came to be. Hanukkah, which means “dedication” originated from a story that started with a man named Judah the Maccabee and his followers. They had gone to the village of Modi’in and to reclaim the Holy Temple of Jerusalem. After they had reclaimed it, Judah the Maccabee and his army cleaned the temple and relit the Menorah. Apparently they could only find enough oil to light the Menorah for one day. Amazingly, the oil burned for eight days, not just one like they had originally thought. This is why in the tradition of Hanukkah; they light eight candles, one for each night that the oil had unbelievably kept on burning. Many traditions are still out there, and those customs also have fascinating backgrounds to how they came about. So this holiday season, no matter what you are celebrating, keep in mind those other customs, because they just might fascinate you. -Karilyn VErES, co- Eic

Electrifying Deals
When shopping for your family and friends for the holidays, you want the best deals. That is why many Americans go shopping on Black Friday. Various stores were having huge deals on Black Friday, and one notable similarity in most of the wider, well known stores, were having the biggest deals on their electronics. This is no surprise considering that in a world where we all survive off of our cell phones and laptops, stores bank on the fact that those are the items that most people will buy. Wal-Mart, among other stores was having major deals on their electronics. They were having deals such as an eMachines Laptop for just $198, and a Kodak digital camera for only $59. They were having deals also on HDTV’s and other digital cameras, as well as other laptops. Other stores were also having deals on their electronics, such as Best Buy which was having sales on items such as a Nintendo Wii Console for $169 and other items like an Insignia digital camera for $59 and even a Nook for $99. Stores such as Target also had sales on their electronics. These sales included a WiFi Ready Blue Ray Disk player for $99 and an Ipod/ Iphone dock for just $69. Sears was also having plenty of deals, such as a $44.99 Vivitar digital camera and an iTower Speaker System for $99.99! There were also plenty of deals online, for those that preferred to stay at home and shop. was having deals on a variety of items such as TVs, computers, and video games. It’s clear that America is in an age where technology is everything, and the stores have taken notice and offered some great deals. -Karylin VErES, co-Eic

Five “No- Nonsense” Skin Care Tips!

Feature 05

Don’t have time for intensive skin care? Pamper yourself with the basics! Good skin care and healthy lifestyle choices can help delay the natural again process and prevent many skin care problems. Let’s get started with the five “no-nonsense” skin care tips! 1. Protect yourself from the sun. This is basically the most important way to take care of your skin. A lifetime of sun exposures can cause wrinkles, freckles, age spots, rough, dry skin and in some rare cases-cancer. For the most complete sun protection: * Try to avoid the sun as much as possible between 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. This is when the sun’s rays are the strongest and most harmful. * Wear protective clothing. Try to cover most of your skin with longer pants and shirts. Sunglasses help to a degree but will not save your life when it comes to sun exposure. * Always use sunscreen. As an Arizona citizen, we obviously get a lot more sun than most other states in the country. Anything SPF 15 and higher can definitely help protect our fragile skin in the Arizona rays. 2. Do not smoke! Smoking makes your skin look all over older and contributes to wrinkles. It depletes the skin of oxygen and nutrients from valuable vitamins such as vitamin A that are important to skin health. 3. Eat a healthy diet. A healthy diet can help you look and feel your best. Eat plenty of whole grains, fruits and veggies and lean proteins. 4. Manage stress. Uncontrolled stress can make your skin more sensitive and trigger acne breakouts and other skin problems. 5. Finally, treat your skin gently. Some ways of doing this would be limiting shower time. Hot water and long showers or baths can remove oils from you skin. You can gently pat your face dry after washing it so that the moisture remains in your pores and are not stripped off. Also, try to moisturize frequently. You can experiment with different moisturizers that fit your skin type and make you look your best! -Sarah haleS, Staff Writer It was Sunday morning and my mom and I were up way too early, and not happy about it. There we were, sitting on the couch, watching television when my mom suggested an idea. Breakfast! This early morning unexpectedly became the perfect opportunity for me to do a restaurant review. So, my mom and I decided to go to the Eclectic Café on East Tanque Verde road. Our experience began the moment we sat down, outside on their nice patio, when a worker asked us what we would like to drink. We answered and the worker left. It all seemed normal until another, different, worker came up and asked what we would like to drink. We politely told him that someone else had already taken our drink orders. After that worker left another worker came and asked us what we wanted to drink. Three separate people asked us what we wanted to drink. My first thought was that they obviously weren’t communicating well with one another, otherwise they would have known that someone has already been to our table. That aside, a lot of the review has to do with the food, correct? I ordered scrambled eggs with wheat toast, and sausage. The eggs were my favorite, perfectly scrambled and warm. Everything else was okay, not bad, but nothing spectacular either. However, I must commend them on their outstanding prices, with their breakfast prices ranging from $1. 25 ( yes, $1.25! Insanely cheap!) to $10.75. Not to mention that their portion sizes were quite hefty, and well worth the inexpensive price. Altogether, the Eclectic Café offered many great things, great prices fit for people on small budgets who would still like to eat somewhere nice. Their portion sizes were great and their food was good, it sure filled me up and I was satisfied. Don’t forget that they also have lunch and dinner and a great location with not only indoor seating, but also a wonderful patio. I would definitely recommend this restaurant, and I sure hope I can go there again soon. -Karylin VereS, Co-eiC

Eclectic Café

The Magic Of Harry Potter
The long goodbye for the most successful film series of the century begins with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1, the darkest of the batch of films. In this thrilling first part of the well-loved book, Hogwarts is corrupted and now vulnerable to the dark lord. Harry and his alliances are now on the run throughout the whole movie. He, Hermione and Ron begin a long, painful journey to finding the rest of the horcruxes of “He who must not be named” before it gets too late. Together, the trio works together through rough events through the first half of this exciting movie, leading to the climax of the great escape towards the end. As hard as Harry and his two accompanies have it in The Deathly Hallows, there is still hope in the end for the infamous Harry Potter. With the help of serious bonds of friendship and loyalty, Harry manages to escape the clutches of the dark lord once more. As captivating as J.K. Rowling made her the previous stories, Harry potter and the Deathly Hallows easily became not only the most seen movie in the world, but also the “best” film out of all the others in the series thus far. As for “Undesirable #1” and his friends, this movie is only a chip off of what fans are anxiously anticipating, for Part 2, but still, exceedingly susPhoto CourteSy of penseful and exciting at the same time. The “wake me when it’s over” effect carries the audience through all the way to the end. Be sure not to miss Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 July 2011! -Sarah haleS, Staff Writer

Dance Recital Remix
Remixed. Redanced. Relived. On November 16th and 17th , CDO dance students really shook it up. They danced at Ironwood Ridge because our stage is in the process of being renovated and really did a tremendous job. With about 200 dancers, and the help of Ms. Gower, these Dorados put on quite a show. From classics like “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” to newer music such as “Bad Romance”, the performance was fresh and impressive. Beginning Dance, with the largest group of around 150 students danced to tunes like “Let Me Think About It”, the aforementioned “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” and “Dat New New”. Performance Dance, the group with the most experience, had a bigger role in this performance than last year. For instance, they were in charge of the grand finale where they danced to “Monkey”, a hip hop compilation. Advanced Dance performed to an orchestral version of “Bad Romance” and “Heaven is a Place on Earth”. As a whole, the recital was well run with few flaws. Performance Dance however, really stole the show. Their dances kept the audience wanting more, and the performers raised the bar. Performance dance however has the smallest group with 20-30 girls. This group truly was the highlight of the show while dancing contemporary, Hip-hop and many more showing their variety. So bravo ladies, you shined like gold on stage and gave Dorados a good name.
Story by: Maddie Dunlap

The University of Arizona wildcats have made it to post-season play for the third season in a row and no I am not talking about softball or basketball I am talking about football! Yes, the wildcats will be heading to San Antonio, Texas for the Alamo bowl to face Oklahoma State. The Wildcats have really finished the season with a four game losing streak that left them at 7-5 which wouldn’t be too bad in past seasons however this season was different The Cats were ranked nine weeks this year, reaching as high as No. 9 on Oct. 3. The wildcats have not been ranked since its loss to No. 1 Oregon on Nov. 26. This team was rolling until they hit four tough opponets and the Oklahoma State Cowboys are going to be no different. The Cowboys are ranked 16th and are 10-2 this season. They have many incredible threats such as WR Justin Blackmon, the national leader with nearly 10 receptions per game and also their All-Big-12 quarterback Brandon Beedon. OSU is number 1 in total offense. You can expect big scoring and two high powered offences going head to head .
colBy hoBBs, sPorts eDItor

U of A Football

SportS 06

Interview with coach Kimberlin
1. Are you enthusiastic about this year’s basketball team? Yes, I am, we have a strong senior leadership and a host of young talent. 2. What’s one of the tough teams to beat this year? Catalina Foothills has been a big rival for the last 5 years. 3. Can you name some of the strong starters on this year’s CDO Varsity Team? Eight, this year that start most of our games; Josh Lewis, Dre Anderson, Billy Lason, Chris Garcia, Roman Mathis, Jesus Hughes, Kadeem Carey, and Jason McBrayer. 4. Is this season more difficult than last year’s season? Not sure yet, ask me in February. 5. What are your goals for this year’s varsity basketball team? Have fun! Win a Sonoran Region Champion, and get to the “ Big House.”

story By: aBrahaM Velasco

CDO Alumni March to Next Level
There is band life at next level for these CDO Alums. They showed their colors at the U of A vs ASU game at Arizona stadium where after they all got to catch up and share some photos after the game. Great job guys, way to make CDO proud to be Dorados!

In thIs Photo (left to rIght): DanIel Jackson(2006), tyler anDerson(2008), ryan Mayer (2009) anDy stegen (2010), hannah Boettger (2008)

In thIs Photo:anDy stegen (2010), ryan Mayer (2009)

Photos curtosey of: ralPh stegen

Club Sports vs. High School Sports
High school sports seem to be a way of life for many student athletes here at CDO, but for many, it doesn’t just stop at their high school season. Their sport is a way of life and through a club team, they play year round. So what are the pros and cons to playing on both a club team, and high school team? A main reason that players take their passion for their sport to the club level is due to the amount of exposure they get from club teams. Club teams travel all over the state, U.S and some even go to other countries to play. College coaches show up to tournaments to scout out potential players, and playing on a well known club team, will give the advantage when applying for colleges. It seems so simple, if you want to play at the next level, then play for a club team. Of course it isn’t that simple at all, club teams are no where near cheap. The cost of uniforms, transportation, and of course tournaments, is usually quite pricey. It all adds up pretty quickly, and in this economy, you can’t be a lower class family wanting to play on a traveling team. If you pick the right club team, you may find that it isn’t too terrible of a cost, but those club teams stay in local tournaments and rarely travel out of the state. If you’re looking for high exposure, you’re going to have to dig pretty deep into your pocket. A high end club team is tight competition as well, everyone is adept at what they do, and if you’re just looking to have some fun and travel for your summer, it won’t be as fun when you’re just watching your team play rather than playing yourself. If you go for a more local based club team, then you may find it to be a closer knit and more family oriented team, opposed to a competition within a team. Whatever you choose to do with your high school off season, club teams are a good way to spend your time. There’s a club team out there for everyone, weather you want to stay in shape, have some fun, travel, get recruited, or make lasting memories with teammates. Whatever your motive to play outside of high school, a club team will shape you into a better athlete, and sometimes, the price can be overlooked for just that reason.
-Katelyn treichel, eic

Sports 07

Streak Ends for CDO Football
Our Varsity Dorado’s sure know how to give a show. Most of the guys on the team have been undefeated since their freshman year at CDO. These players have worked very hard to be where they are today. Our CDO Dorados were going on 27 consecutive wins and a 4A division II championship that we impressively won last season. So needless to say, their loss at the championships on Saturday, December 4th was devastating to everyone on the team and the many fans. This game was probably the most exciting and intense one out of this season. The game started out great, by half time we were up 27-14. We looked as if we were going to have a great win and closing of this season. But then plays started being gambled and some players had injuries that just made us not on top our game. So in the end, CDO lost to Saguaro with a score of 34-41. Even though players are upset over this loss, this season has been extraordinary and no one should have hard feeling for these persistent players who went out and played the best they could. Every team has to lose sometime and every team has to win at some time. Its all fair game in the end. So our Dorado’s just need to keep their heads up high because one thing they will never be is losers. They are all winners.

-lexi eperson, Feture edittor photos curtesey oF: allan tiggis

Sports Schedules
Dec 10 Dec 27 Dec 28 Dec 29 Dec 30 Jan 04 Jan 07 Marana Cactus Shadows Invitational Cactus Shadows Invitational Cactus Shadows Invitational Cactus Shadows Invitational Rincon Sahuaro

Dec 10 Dec 27 Dec 28 Dec 29 Dec 30 Jan 04 Jan 07 Marana NW Classic vs. St. Gregory
NW Classic vs. Catalina Foothills

NW Classic vs. So. Okanagon NW Classic vs. Tba Rincon Sahuaro

Dec 10 Dec 14-18 Jan 04 Ironwood Ridge TUSD Championship Palo Verde

Dec 10 Dec 11 Jan 12 Jan 14 Jan 15 Douglas Wrestling Invitational Douglas Wrestling Invitational Desert View Flowing Wells Invitational Flowing Wells Invitational

Dec 10 Dec 11 Dec 14-18 Ironwood Ridge Pueblo
Maier Sabercat Invitational vs. Buena

Lil’ Dorados
What is you favorite Holiday Movie?
Zoey: Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer Lauren: Frosty The Snowman

What toy are you asking for this Holiday?
Kailyn: Play Dough Evan: A Motorcycle

Kailyn Tyler

What’s your favorite food served at your Holiday Meal?
Lauren Zoey: Cookies Kailyn:Spaghetti Lauren: Watermelon Evan: Christmas Cookies

December Question : Name a CDO alum who plays for the U of A marching band and a CDO alum playing for ASU’s marching band. The CDO Palantir is changing this year and we want you guys to help us out! Every month, one lucky CDO student will receive a free pizza from Mama’s Pizza just for reading our online paper. Each month in our paper, there will be a trivia question regarding an article. If you read the article, and think you know the answer, you can then go to the library and put your answer into a drawing with your name and grade. The first name drawn with the correct answer is our winner and will be notified with instructions to get their free pizza. So get involved with the CDO Palantir and check back next month for the next question!