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1. Investigate how HRM contributes to the achievement of organisational
2. Examine HR planning and development methods
3. Analyse ways in which performance of HR may be enhanced

Coursework Assignment (Winter 2011)

Learners are required to research the role of the HR function, analyse HR

planning and development methods and examine how they contribute to
achieving organisational objectives and requirements, and to analyse
performance. You will need to identify and choose an appropriate organisation,
either from the private sector or public sector to do this assignment. It is
recommended that the size of the organisation or the public department is
important and ideally it should provide an opportunity for the learner to
thoroughly understand and learn from the organisation chosen. The following
tasks are to be carried out:

1. Choose an organisation and investigate how Human Resources

Management (HRM) contributes to achieving the organisational objectives.
You need to discuss the significance of at least two HRM models for the
proper planning for human resource management within the chosen
organisation. (You may want to provide a synopsis on the organisational
profile first before examining three key HRM activities as well as key
objectives versus HRM strategies)
2. Examine the HR planning and development process briefly (you should use
academic references whenever deemed necessary) and critically analyse at
least three methods used by the organisation for HR planning and
development, (recruitment and selection, training and development, etc.)
3. Critically analyse the current HR performance level of the chosen
organisation and suggest ways to improve and enhance performance of HR
in terms of appraisal/reward systems in relation to staff motivation.

Submission Date: End of the term

Recommended word count: 3,500
Assessment Criteria

Learning Outcomes Assessment criteria for a Passing Grade

To achieve each outcome a learner must have the

ability to:
1. Investigate how • Identify three key HRM activities of an
Human Resources identified organisation
Management (HRM) • Justify how the objectives of these were
contributes to the achieved by effective management of human
achievement of resources.
organisational • Refer to at least two HRM models.
(Task 1)
1. Examine HR planning • For an identified organisation, select at least
and development three HR planning and development methods.
methods (Task 2) • Critically evaluate their effectiveness to meet
organisational objectives.
1. Analyse ways in • Critically review how HR performance in an
which performance of identified organisation is currently indicated
HR may be enhanced and monitored.
(Task 3) • Suggest ways to improve this.


Outcome/Task 1 Indicate the criteria number in your feedback:

Outcome/Task 2 Indicate the criteria number in your feedback:

Outcome/Task 3 Indicate the criteria number in your feedback: