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Case Study

Măgura / A milk and honey smile

Package design Package design Package design

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Since the last re-branding process dating back to 2007, Magura still ranked first in the sponge cake category,
despite a visible increase marketing number of new players entering the market and competitors’
communication efforts.

Nevertheless, so as to anticipate potential changes in consumers’ consumption motivations, Cadbury’s

management took the decision to run a brand re-evaluation project, meant to reinforce Magura’s leading
position in the category. Thus, BrandTailors, takes up the challenge to reposition Magura for the second time.

After extensive market research and strategic workshop sessions developed together with Cadbury’s marketing
team, it became obvious that the most important benefit Magura owes in the eyes of the consumer was the
cake’s softness, which at the same time marked the difference between the brand and the competition. So as to
reconfirm Magura’s position as the ”cookie of all cookies”, the brand needed a strong, relevant, functional
attribute association (”reason-to-believe”) to serve as an indisputable foundation.

Following the brand audit, BrandTailors’ consultants deemed that with a distinctive personality and well-defined
associations, Magura only needed a brand platform adjustment so as to generate brand associations’ portfolio
enlargement. Furthermore, to ensure consistency and instant recognition, the logotype was to stay unchanged.

Still, package design wise, there was a urgent need to come up with a solution meant to restore coherency
across Magura portfolio, especially because during the previous years two new product lines had been added to
the portfolio, namely dark chocolate glazed cake and unglazed, ”light” cake.
The conclusion to all the research studies previously conducted doubled by the project team’s strategy
generating efforts lead to such a natural solution for Magura brand foundation, that it was enthusiastically
adopted and implemented by Cadbury’s management team – the product recipe was to be enriched with milk
and honey as of end of 2010. Thus, the additional milk content serves as a cake softness propeller, whereas the
honey is the main argument for the sweet, unique taste of Magura cakes.

The starting point for Magura brand platform adjustment and package design concept development was the
translation of the new product attributes into emotional benefits. As a result, the package design points out the
improvement brought to product’s recipe, enforcing the well-known brand benefit – cake softness – and
strengthening the urban feminine target addressability.

Consequently, the graphic design brought a new product image manner displaying the cake in a dynamic
perspective, on top of the cake various ingredients were falling out of the filling cream, and easily immersing in
the downy dough. Magura’s attitude conveyed through the package design became way merrier and more
energetic, while the differentiation against competition and the visual impact topped the previous packaging

For Romanians the idea of «milk and honey» is so generous

conceptually speaking, that it enabled generating a wide variety of
emotions and symbols to be used in different manners from new
package design to the newly adjusted brand platform or to the
trade campaign activation. The permanent attention paid to the
product improvement, as well as the brand development efforts
will definitely play an important role on Magura’s strengthening
Andreea Florea
position as the cookie of all cookies. Brand Consultant

Specific denominators such as Magura ”Usoara Dulce” (for the non glazed cakes), Magura ”Pufoasa Dulce” (for
the milk chocolate glazed cakes) or Măgura ”Pufoasă Amăruie” (for dark chocolate glazed cakes) were used to
differentiate among the three cake ranges. Subsequently, a two level color-code system was used to differentiate
among cake ranges (on the left side of the package) and among flavors (on its right side), while an iconic
symbol was used to flag product’s recipe enrichment with milk and honey content.

So to fulfill trade communication objective of dramatizing the recipe improvment, BrandTailors chose to stress
the most important product attribute - the rich milk and honey content that makes the cake ”mmmore downy”
and ”mmmore tasty”.
Brand audit - Beatrice Daniș
Brand strategy - Beatrice Daniș, Andreea Florea
Creative concept - Melania Nemeș
Package design - Melania Nemeș, Janos Kurko
Image retouching and printing pre-production - Mihai Părpălea
Project management - Andreea Florea, Anca Andronescu, Cristina Ionescu

Project implementation started in August 2010.

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