for Vanessa Hall
1. What role does trust play in business today? 2. How do we know we can trust someone? 3. How should we manage our expectations in regards to trust? 4. What should you do when you find out someone lied to you? 5. Who has the most difficulty being trustworthy today? Why? 6. Are particular industries or a certain company size more likely to have trust issues? 7. Trust is many things. How would you define what it is? 8. What role does trust play in sales? 9. How about in customer service? 10. How does one work with a boss or co-worker they find to be untrustworthy? 11. What challenges do leaders confront with regard to trust? 12. How does one measure his or her own level of trust? 13. What role does “ENP” play in building trust? 14. How can we become more trustworthy to others? 15. How do you find the business world, with regard to trust, differs between your homeland of Australia and America? 16. How can a CEO implement a plan to bring trust to the workplace so that retention and productivity increase? 17. What are some of the key steps in your 10-step process to build trust with stakeholders? 18. What are some of the promises many managers make, but often fail to keep? 19. What connection is there between setting one’s expectations and trust? 20. Why do we come to trust in the brands that we like? (Answers available on request.)
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