Miami University Asian American Association Constitution Revised 11/03/04 This Constitution governs the Student Organization, its officers, its members, and its relationship with Miami University and the City of Oxford. Article 1 Name The name of the student organization shall be the Asian American Association (hereinafter referred to as “AAA”). Article 2 Mission and Purpose The Asian American Association is a Student Organization, recognized and registered with Miami University and the Miami University Associated Student Government, and shall run as a Student Organization, governed by the rules and regulations stated in the Miami University Handbook.
Section 1 Mission Statement:

To promote and provide opportunities to the communities of Miami University and Oxford, OH for education and discussion regarding Asian and Asian-American history, culture and issues.
Section 2 Purpose:

The purpose of the Asian American Association is (a) to create an organization of students interested in Asian and Asian-American society and culture; (b) to promote the study of Asian and Asian-American history and culture at and beyond Miami University; (c) to raise and promote issues important to Asian and Asian-American culture; (d) to create programs to promote awareness of the Asian-American culture; (e) to instill friendships and relationships among those who are interested in Asian and Asian-American issues. Article 3 Membership
Section 1 Eligibility of Members:

Membership into the AAA shall be open to all individuals regardless of age, gender, religion, sexual orientation or ethnicity with an interest and respect for Asian culture.
Section 2 Collegiate Members:

Collegiate members shall be undergraduate and graduate students of Miami University with an expressed interest in Asian or Asian-American culture.

financially or promotionally. 5. manager or crew member. Must be nominated by two members of the AAA on or before the selected day of the election. toward the purpose of the AAA. 1. Must be able to serve for the entire year of their term. Current Executive Board Officers are not allowed to nominate candidates. Alumni members are encouraged to also serve as Professional Members. Election Day: . Must be a Collegiate Member in good standing. 3. 2. Article 4 Executive Board Officers Section 1 Positions: The officers of the Asian American Association shall be the President. the Treasurer. the Vice President. Section 5 Associate Members: Associate members shall be persons who cannot fit the categories of Collegiate. the prospective candidate: 1. Section 4 Professional Members: Professional members shall be persons of the community who have provided support. Nominations: In order to run for a position on the Executive Board Officer position. Section 2 Nominations and Elections: 1. Alumni or Professional members but have an expressed interest in Asian and Asian-American issues and joining the AAA. Must have participated in Asian Fest as a performer. 1. A nominated member deemed to not be in good standing will be notified prior to the election whether they can run for their desired position. 4. the Social Chair and the Webmaster. 2. The entire outgoing executive board must unanimously agree if a member is not in good standing.Section 3 Alumni Members: Alumni members shall be former Collegiate members of the AAA who have graduated from Miami University and still wish to be affiliated with the AAA. The nominations must come from collegiate members of the organization. 2. Must have met with the current office holder once regarding their position. prior to their nomination. physically.

Social Chairperson. 2. Treasurer. Each candidate. or a representative of the candidate.Executive Board Officers shall be elected during the school year prior to the beginning their terms. two candidates can agree to serve together as Co-Officers as long as there is no additional competition from another candidate. If a nominee for a position cannot attend the Executive Board election day meeting. He/she may call upon another member of the AAA to represent him/her. Choosing the date of the election shall be made at the discretion of the outgoing Executive Board Officers. Any further campaigning rules must be decided and voted upon by the body of the Asian American Association through a majority vote. . This recording must be no more than two minutes long. The only requirements are that the election date shall be during the month of April. 3. A tied result in voting can also set grounds for a Co-Officer election. they shall forfeit their nomination for office. The attending Collegiate Members of the AAA shall vote on the candidate of their choosing. the other officer nominees shall each be given two minutes for their speeches. the President and Treasurer positions are the only required positions to be filled. 4. It shall be turned off after two minutes have passed. he/she shall have two options: 1. All voting members must stay during the entire meeting. 2. Election Procedure: On the chosen Executive Board Election Day. Thus. shall be given their allotted time to speak about their plans. 2. 1. Vice President. shall be given a timed period to give a speech regarding their campaign for office during the Executive Board Election Day. The Faculty Advisor shall be responsible for tabulating the results of each of the elections and presenting them to the Executive Board. He/she may send in a video or audio recording regarding his/her plans for office. by the Miami University requirements for student organizations. the following procedure will be followed: 1. If a candidate breaches the rules created by the body. 1. Campaigning: Each candidate. If agreed upon by both parties. Although all Executive Officer positions are expected to be filled. If a member leaves the meeting before all the votes for every position are collected. 4. his/her votes shall be forfeited. 3. The positions for the new Executive Board will be chosen in the given order: President. no other position can be elected upon until those two positions have been voted upon. The Presidential nominees shall each be given four minutes for their speeches. and Webmaster. 1. or a representative of the candidate.

To provide support to every other Executive Board Officer in their duties. To serve as Chairperson of the Executive Board of the AAA. 2. Treasurer 1. Webmaster 1. To coordinate collaborative programs with other organizations on the Miami University campus. Vice President 1. To provide direct assistance to the President in regards to the recruitment efforts of the AAA. 2. 3. To provide direct assistance with the administrative tasks of the President. To facilitate the decision-making process for the Executive Board. To handle the financial responsibilities stated in Article 8. Social Chairperson 1. To provide support to every other Executive Board Officer in their duties. To serve as Chairperson of the Recruitment Committee of the AAA. 2. To facilitate the meetings of the Executive Board of the AAA as well as the general meetings of the AAA. To provide the general membership with important information through the AAA website. 4. To coordinate the social activities and functions of the AAA. Section 4 Duties of the Executive Board Officers: 1. 3. Article 5 Advisor Section 1 Qualification: . To provide support to every other Executive Board Officer in their duties. The results shall be presented to the members by the outgoing Executive Board during the final AAA social gathering of the school year. To serve as the computer technological advisor of the AAA. To provide support to every other Executive Board Officer in their duties. The candidates to progress to their intended officer positions shall be the ones who receive the majority vote from the Collegiate Members of the AAA who attend the election meeting. 3. To manage the AAA listserv and email address. 2. To be a resource for the general membership of the AAA in regards to the operations of the Executive Board.5. 3. 2. 5. 5. To provide support to every other Executive Board Officer in their duties. 2. Section 3 Terms of Office: The newly-elected Executive Board Officers shall assume their office immediately following the last day of final exams for the Spring Semester at Miami University and serve until the last day of final exams for the Spring Semester of the next year. 4. To manage the website of the AAA. 6. President 1. 3. 4. 5. 4.

as well as an area utilized for storage of items and as a meeting place. Section 2 Sharing: The Room 31 of MacMillan Hall shall be shared with the Miami University Indian Student Association. Section 3 Asian Fest Practices: Performance practices for Asian Fest shall be held both in conjunctions with as well as in addition to general meetings on an as-needed basis.The Advisor shall be a current member of Miami University’s administrative or faculty staff with an expressed interested in the Asian American Association and its purpose. Section 2 Executive Meetings: The Executive Board shall meet on an as-needed basis. Section 2 Terms of Office: The Advisor will serve the AAA until he/she chooses to leave the organization or if he/she is no longer employed by Miami University. Article 6 The AAA Office Section 1 Location: The official AAA Office shall be Room 31 of MacMillan Hall. To provide support to Executive Board Officers in their duties. Any other uses of the office shall be determined by the Executive Board and the Indian Student Organization. 2. Section 3 Duties of the Faculty Advisor: 1. To oversee the activities of the Collegiate members of the AAA. To serve as the Miami University Staff representative of the AAA. Section 3 Purpose: The primary purpose of the AAA Office shall be to store documents and information regarding the management and financial responsibilities of the Executive Board. 3. Article 7 Meetings Section 1 General Meetings: The Collegiate members of the AAA shall meet on basis determined by the Executive Board Officers. .

Article 8 Finances Section 1 Treasurer: All financial responsibilities regarding the AAA shall be given to the Treasurer.Section 4 Calling Meetings: Any Executive Officer can call for the general membership or the Executive Board to hold a meeting. 3. 2. though not necessary. Article 10 Vacancy of Office/Replacement of Executive Board Officers Section 1 Succession of President . however. 2. 6. 2. The Treasurer shall collect the monthly reports regarding the student organization account from General Accounting Office in Roudebush Hall. Funding from the Associated Student Government: 1. The Treasurer shall be responsible for learning about and utilizing the funding procedure for student organizations provided by the Associated Student Government of Miami University. The Treasurer must approve any decisions that regard the financial status of the AAA. 5. Fundraisers: 1. The Treasurer shall keep a ledger regarding the financial activities of the student organization account. The Treasurer shall be the primary representative of the AAA during their meeting of the Associated Student Government Committee on Student Organization Funding. 1. The Treasurer shall be responsible to collect money that is generated from a fundraiser conducted by the AAA. Article 9 Removal of Executive Board Officers Section 1 Impeachment Any AAA Executive Board Officer may be impeached for just cause by unanimous decision by the other members of the Executive Board. Student Organization Account: 1. that all other Executive Board Officers shall be put into consideration when a meeting is called. 4. The Treasurer shall be responsible for making withdrawals from the student organization account for activities of the AAA. The Treasurer shall be responsible for making deposits to the student organization account from revenue made by the AAA. it shall be expected. The AAA shall only hold an account with the Miami University as a student organization. 3.

There must be at . sexual orientation. Article 12 Discrimination Section 1 Statement of Nondiscrimination: Regarding discrimination. Americans with Disabilities Act. educational or organizational activities and programs as required by Title IX of the Education Amendment of 1972. the line of succession will be: 1. Sections 503 and 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. race. either verbally or in writing. or veterans' status in its social. such a vacancy will be filled by a Collegiate member chosen by the remaining Executive Board. Vice President 2. Article 11 Asian Fest Asian Fest is an annual performance to showcase the talents and abilities of the AAA. as well as educate its audience about the issues and culture of Asia. Section 1 Event Date and Time: The AAA shall hold the performance in Hall Auditorium on a date in February chosen by the Executive Board. Treasurer Section 2 Replacement of Other Officers If another officer is unable to complete his/her term.02. Title VI and VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. member. age. religion.If the President is unable to complete his/her term. disability. or the Advisor of the AAA. and Ohio Revised Code 4112. Section 2 Enactment: Proposed amendment to the Constitution may be enacted by a unanimous vote by all Executive Board Officers during the meeting planned for discussion of the proposition. Article 13 Amendment Procedures to the Constitution Section 1 Proposition: Amendments to the Constitution may be proposed by any Executive Board Officer. Section 2 Post-Performance Activities: The AAA will host a Asian-Themed Dinner for the performers and audience of Asian Fest after the performance is over. Executive Order 11246 and all its amendments. national origin. color. the Asian American Association does not discriminate on the basis of sex.

The decision must then receive final approval by the Faculty Advisor. otherwise the meeting must be postponed. .least three Executive represented during the amendment meeting.