1. Keep body, brain and sense-organs still, without any movements, like a statue. Keep the spine straight. This will prevent physical energy dissipation.

2. Keep impulses and emotions in abeyance, at rest. This will prevent psychic energy dissipation.

3. Keep the mind in the present moment experience. Pay attention to everything coming into consciousness without any deliberate act of naming, association, recalling or reacting. Stay aware and attentive by observing the breath movement. This will prevent sensory and memory energy dissipation.

4. Keep the thinking, believing, judging and reflecting intellect silent. Rest it on the attentive mind watching the breath cycle in the present. This will reduce the flow of thoughts that contaminates the light of awareness in the mind.

5. Keep consciousness free from dreams, fantasies, sleep and lethargy. If you feel sleepy, give your body some sleep. Then start from 1 again. Don’t get lost in dreams and fantasies. Rest consciousness on the attentive mind watching the breath in the present. This will provide the body and brain with more energy to move upwards.

6. Using the accumulated energy at the different levels, summon your inner Faith in the higher energy levels and focus all your energy and consciousness on the Third Eye. Faith in the higher powers of consciousness will enable you cross the psychic lower barriers imposed by avidya or ignorance. To activate the Third Eye Centre, rotate the eyes clockwise for some moments before making some anticlockwise eye movements. Then press forcefully with the tip of the index on the space between the eyebrows together with some deep inhalations followed by breath retentions.

7. Once the Third Eye Centre is activated, mentally pull all lower physical and psychic energy to It and feel the energy concentration there. Concentration at this Centre cuts our bondage to the lower dimensions of ignorance, darkness, semiunconscious urges and semi-conscious waves of thoughts. It connects us to the higher dimension of knowledge and light. It opens the spiritual doorway to the higher energy levels by consolidating the Faith Channel. This is why the activated Third Eye Centre is called the Guru Centre: It is the inner spiritual power that takes us to the true light through unswerving faith in Truth. Stay concentrated in stillness and silence for as long as possible. Keep the Centre activated and keep watching


passively the breath movement and any thoughts, images, lights flowing in the space of consciousness. Be anchored to the Centre. Unknowable Beyond

Unknowable Beneath or Root


8. From the Third Eye Centre dive deeper into the Shiva or Christ Centre at the lower back of the head. You may physically stroke or press the back of your head, where the medulla oblongata lies, and feel the Shiva Cave Centre. You may also move your neck to the right, then to the left, in a very gentle manner to feel this Inner Centre. There is also a special throat movement, saliva swallowing, which activates this Centre. This Inner Secret Centre is constantly drenched by the Divine Light (abhisheka) coming from Higher Dimensions; It is called the Anointed Centre: Christ or Shiva. In most people, it is a dormant divine potential or seed, which needs the fertile soil of faith, the water of virtuous living and the air of spiritual yearning to germinate and grow into a fully bloomed divine tree rising upwards towards the Divine Sun of Existence. It is a reflection of a Higher Divine Light and is called the Soul Centre. The Soul is a Spark of universal light. It appears like the light of the moon: cool, white and soothing. In every individual, It manifests as the seed of reflected Light from which Life, Energy, and Consciousness emanate as three roots. This Centre has been symbolised as the trident (trishula) of Shiva or the three-forked Bilva leaf. The central Power of Life is Uma Shakti or Sati, which flows through the lower, gross physical and psychic centres and animates them. From the two sides, flow the Power of Energy (Skanda Shakti) and the Power of Consciousness (Ganesha Shakti). The lower, gross centres, rooted in ignorance, transformation and darkness, are different combinations of life, energy and consciousness and they make up the unique personality of the individual. The Light of the Soul can hardly pierce the veil of darkness, ignorance and activity at each of the lower centres. It thus remains unknown to them. Only the mental sheath, owing to the light of awareness associated with the mind (sattva), can reflect Its Light to some extent. This is why spiritual ascent starts by keeping the mind uncontaminated, silent and receptive.


9. The Third Eye Centre pulls pure mental awareness and energy to the Soul Centre through the Faith doorway (at third eye). When this happens, a first level of bliss is enjoyed by the practitioner. One feels, the pure consciousness and energy flowing from the navel centre to the Soul Centre like a serpent crawling upwards. The titillating experience can be felt as a sexual orgasm. The Activated Soul Centre then becomes an immortal centre that survives the death of the person. It is called Mrityunjaya Shiva, the vanquisher of death, and the Resurrected Christ, whose mission is to move along the Path leading to the Divine Light, Life, Power and Truth.

10. From the Soul Centre, which is a reflection of the Source of Universal Life, Consciousness, Energy and Power, individual consciousness moves towards enlightenment gradually, like the slow march of the bull Nandi on the snowy mountain, creating a path-track to the Higher Dimension of Spiritual Discernment and Self-expansion (Brahmâ). Like the white swan, separating milk (essence) from water (substance), individual consciousness soaring upwards leaves the mixed dimension to the pure higher one. As it moves upwards, new dimensions open up as petals of an unfolding thousand-petalled lotus flower (sahasrara). As more and more petals open up, and as consciousness and energy flow from the Soul Centre to the Cosmic Channel or Brahmarandra, new and more intense levels of bliss are experienced. There is an overflowing into the cosmic dimension situated on the crown of the head. Through the overflowing of consciousness and energy (Sarasvati), one feels oneself expanding into the four directions of the universe. One can hear the cosmic vibration, the Aumkara, the music of creation resounding at the crown centre. Reaching this level, one starts receiving direct spiritual knowledge and revelations (Nârada) and feeling a sense of eternity (Sanat Kumar) in one’s being, knowing, enjoying, and expansion.


11. As consciousness and energy keep expanding and unfolding, one crosses the Cosmic Channel level to enter the supreme abode of the Source of Universal Life, Light, Consciousness and Energy (Nârâyana, Paramashiva). It manifests like the sun, the source of light on earth and the light that shines through the moon. Entering into the sun-like Self-effulgent dimension, one feels like an infinitely expanding spiritual energy (Ananta Sesha), like waves of a milky ocean of pure bliss (ksheerasâgara) and like soaring into the highest skies like a free eagle with an acute vision (Garuda). One is endowed with the highest level of bliss, beauty and majesty (Mahalakshmi). Being established in this Supreme Abode, one’s consciousness and energy merge into the Boundless, Original, Uncreated, and Imperishable Source of Everything. This is the culmination of the spiritual path: merging and becoming one with the Source, Substance and Substratum of everything and nothing.

12. Preparatory exercises for the spiritual ascent include: Cultivation of spiritual faith, self-knowledge, surrender, single-pointedness, and spiritual virtues Cultivation of the ten spiritual attributes: determination, forgiveness, selfcontrol, non-stealing, purity, sensory-restraint, awareness, knowledge, truthfulness, non-violence. Shunning of the six spiritual foes: lustfulness, aggressiveness, greed, delusion (mental intoxication), pride (self-centredness), jealousy. Involving the body, breath and brain in the spiritual actualisation process through the practice of: Aumkâra (vocal and mental recitation of Aum) to reduce the flow of thoughts to a single spiritually charged and meaningful word. Gâyatri Mudrâ to make the body and mind understand the consciousness and energy circuits in the body and brain, to activate the centres and to capture

higher level energy and consciousness through the activation of the Brahmarandra into the body and brain for spiritual cleansing and ascent. (You can learn the technique of Gâyatri Mudrâ on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rv3YoGjXTWk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wc-YWHMl5II http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DEggngf1HRs Vyâhriti Mudrâ to charge the essential spiritual centres in the body and brain and to open up the Brahmarandra so that maximum amount of higher level pure energy and consciousness descend into the body and brain for spiritual connection and bliss.

Step 1


(Technique: Simply put the ends of your fingers of both hands, nail of each finger of each hand against the other, except the thumbs, on the top of the head and concentrate on the crown of the head. Keep the thumbs up. Feel the vibration and bliss there. Then open up the eight curved fingers straight towards the sky as if holding a ball of light in both open palms above the crown of the head. Feel the pure light, energy and consciousness of the higher dimensions flowing into your brain and body. Focus your attention on the crown of the head and feel energy from the Soul Centre (medulla) flowing upwards towards the Crown Centre and experience blissful movements of energy.)

Alignment of the three main spiritual centres situated at the navel level of the spine (manipura), the medulla oblongata level (atma/shivapura), and the crown of the head (brahmapura) to facilitate the spiritual ascent of energy and consciousness and the experience of spiritual bliss.

At the Service of spiritual aspirants

Koosraj KORA VENCIAH, Mauritius.





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