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Process Audit Preparation

With What (Materials/ Equipment)

Customer Related Process
 Computer With Who (Competence/ Skills/ Training)
 Phone and Fax machine  Sale competence (presentation
 Mail and internet skills, product information and
skill, etc.)

 Customer requirement Outputs
 Customer order  Delivered products to
 Customer forecast Process customer
 Product catalogue  Customer satisfaction
 Delivery plan results

Product price list
Materials specifications
Customer  Response of the new
product approval

Product specifications
Customer satisfaction criteria
 New product information

How (Procedures & Methods) Support Processes Performance Indicators

 Order reviewing process  Purchasing  On-time delivery 100%
 Customer satisfaction survey  Production planning  Customer satisfaction 100%
 Production and Inspection (QA)  Sale revenue 10% increase
 Finished Goods Warehouse
Process Audit Preparation
With What (Materials/ Equipment)
Purchasing Process
 Computer With Who (Competence/ Skills/ Training)
 Phone and Fax machine  Purchasing staff (price
 Mail and internet negotiate, Nature of
Organization and Supplier,
English, etc.)

 Customer requirement Outputs
 Request from requester (PR)  Purchasing order to
 Materials catalogues Process supplier
 Supplier list  Supplier selection result
 Customer order  Supplier evaluation result

Delivery plan
Materials cost
Purchasing  Approved supplier list
 Supplier delivery lead time  Purchased products
 Materials specifications  Incoming inspection
 Product specifications report
 Supplier selection criteria  Supplier Parts Approval
 Supplier evaluation criteria

How (Procedures & Methods) Support Processes Performance Indicators

 Supplier selection  Sale, marketing  On-time delivery 100%
 Supplier evaluation  Production planning  Supplier in “A” grade 100%
 Purchasing procedure  Quality control/assurance  Cost down 30% yearly
(QC/QA)  Find new 5 suppliers per year
Process Audit Preparation
Preventive Maintenance Process
With What (Materials/ Equipment)
 Machine With Who (Competence/ Skills/ Training)
 Equipment  Maintenance staff
 Measurement/Monitoring  Electrical maintenance staff
equipment  Production staff
 Spare parts  Outsourcer/Subcontractor

 Machines Outputs
 Breakdown/Repairing history  PM records
 Machine history Process  Machine history
 Production plan  Graph data / trend
 PM plan  Revise PM plan

Spare parts list
Customer requirements

Breakdown request
 Defect rate

How (Procedures & Methods) Support Processes Performance Indicators

 Machine manual  Production planning  OEE
 Technical experience on  Production  MTBF
machine repairing  Sale/Delivery  MTTR
 Know how  Spare parts store  Breakdown time
 Calibration  Repairing hour
Process Audit Preparation
With What (Materials/ Equipment)
Manufacturing and Inspection Process
 Production machine With Who (Competence/ Skills/ Training)
 Monitoring and measuring  Operators
devices  Inspectors
 Infrastructure and utility  Line leader
 Tooling  Supervisor
 Testing machine  Engineer

 Customer specific requirements
 Defined special characteristic Outputs
(SC) and symbol  Product inspection report
 Controlled conditions  Process job-set-up
 Production control plan or
 In-process inspection
quality plan report
 Raw materials Manufacturing  Layout inspection report
 Production plan
 Customer order
and Inspection  Performance report
 Non-conformity report
 BOM Process  Product identification
 Product specifications  Tooling record
 Process specifications 
 Inspection sampling plan, AQL
 Acceptance criteria
 Master sample

How (Procedures & Methods)

 Production control plan Support Processes Performance Indicators
 Work instruction  Maintenance and tooling  Defect rate
 Statistic process control  Production planning  Productivity target
 Control of non-conformity  Material storage  Cost of poor quality target
product  Finished goods warehouse  % claim
 Contingency plan  Human resource and training  Customer complaint
 Testing and inspection method
Process Audit Preparation
Top Management and Continual Improvement
With What (Materials/ Equipment) Process With Who (Competence/ Skills/ Training)
 Meeting room
 Presentation equipment  Top management
 Customer representative

 Business plan and strategy
 Quality policy Outputs
 Customer specific requirements  Business plan summary
 Internal audit results  Revised quality policy
 Customer feedback (claim and
 Revised quality objective
satisfaction) and target
 Process performance and Top Management  Management review
product conformity
 Corrective and preventive action
Process and CI minute report
 Continual improvement
status summary report
 Follow up from previous  Performance trend report
management review
 Change that could effect to QMS
 Recommendation for
 Cost of poor quality

How (Procedures & Methods) Support Processes Performance Indicators

 Quality manual  All activities  Customer satisfaction
 Related documented  On-time delivery
procedure(s)  Supplier evaluation score
 Customer specific requirements (received from customer)
 Defect and reject rate