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November 2010
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Completing the Big Picture

Dear Readers,
Assalam – o –Alaikum

The 21st century has ushered wars into the Muslim lands.After the Crusades in the 11th and 12th centuries, this is
the most massive, and consequently even bloodier, Western invasion into the Muslim heartland. Led by the
United States, these are the new Crusades, launched under the generic name of War on Terror. By September
2000, almost a year before 9/11, a plan for such an invasion had been finalized by the Zionist think tank The
Project for the New American Century (PNAC). The grand strategic objectives of the US for the 21st century
were outlined in the following chilling statement of Grand Strategy in the final report presented in September

“As the 20th century draws to a close, the United States stands as the
world's most preeminent power. Having led the West to victory in
the Cold War, America faces an opportunity and a challenge: Does
the United States have the vision to build upon the achievement of
past decades? Does the United States have the resolve to shape a
new century favorable to American principles and interests?

[What we require is] a military that is strong and ready to meet

both present and future challenges; a foreign policy that boldly and
purposefully promotes American principles abroad; and national
leadership that accepts the United States' global responsibilities.
Of course, the United States must be prudent in how it exercises its
power. But we cannot safely avoid the responsibilities of global
leadership of the costs that are associated with its exercise. America
has a vital role in maintaining peace and security in Europe, Asia,
and the Middle East. If we shirk our responsibilities, we invite
challenges to our fundamental interests. The history of the 20th
century should have taught us that it is important to shape
circumstances before crises emerge, and to meet threats before they
become dire. The history of the past century should have taught us
to embrace the cause of American leadership.”
From the Project's founding Statement of Principles

This is the Neo-Con vision of the future world where the United States would attempt a fair amount of killings to
re-shape the world in order to maintain its dominance in the 21st century. Explaining the role, power and vision
of the PNAC, on December 16th, 2002, famous journalist John Pilger writes in New Statesman:
“Two years ago a project set up by the men who now surround George W Bush said what America needed
was “a new Pearl Harbor.” Its published aims have, alarmingly, come true”.
He further writes in the article:

“One of George W Bush's “thinkers” is Richard Perle. I interviewed Perle when he was advising Reagan,
and when he spoke about “total war”, I mistakenly dismissed him as mad. He recently used the term again
in describing America's “war on terror”. “No stages,” he said. “This is total war. We are fighting a variety
of enemies. There are lots of them out there. All this talk about first we are going to do Afghanistan, then we
will do Iraq... this is entirely the wrong way to go about it. If we just let our vision of the world go forth, and
we embrace it entirely and we don't try to piece together clever diplomacy, but just wage a total war... our
children will sing great songs about us years from now.”

Pilger further writes in the same article:

“Perle is one of the founders of the Project for the New American Century, the PNAC. Other founders
include Dick Cheney, now vice-president, Donald Rumsfeld, defence secretary, Paul Wolfowitz, deputy
defence secretary, I Lewis Libby, Cheney's chief of staff, William J Bennett, Reagan's education secretary,
and ZalmayKhalilzad, Bush's ambassador to Afghanistan. These are the modern chartists of American
terrorism. The PNAC's seminal report, Rebuilding America's Defences: strategy, forces and resources for a
new century, was a blueprint of American aims in all but name. Two years ago it recommended an increase
in arms-spending by $48bn so that Washington could “fight and win multiple, simultaneous major theatre
wars”. This hasFarzana
By: happened. It said the United States should develop “bunker-buster” nuclear weapons and
make “star wars” a national priority. This is happening. It said that, in the event of Bush taking power, Iraq
should be a target. And so it is”.

About the war strategy to be deployed by the Neo-Cons, Pilger further writes:

“In the Los Angeles Times, the military analyst William Arkin describes a secret army set up by Donald
Rumsfeld, similar to those run by Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger and which Congress outlawed. This
“super-intelligence support activity” will bring together the “CIA and military covert action, information
warfare, and deception”. According to a classified document prepared for Rumsfeld, the new organisation,
known by its Orwellian moniker as the Proactive Pre-emptive Operations Group, or P2OG, will provoke
terrorist attacks which would then require “counter-attack” by the United States on countries “harbouring
the terrorists”.

In other words, innocent people will be killed by the United States. This is reminiscent of Operation
Northwoods, the plan put to President Kennedy by his military chiefs for a phoney terrorist campaign -
complete with bombings, hijackings, plane crashes and dead Americans - as justification for an invasion of
Cuba. Kennedy rejected it. He was assassinated a few months later. Now Rumsfeld has resurrected
Northwoods, but with resources undreamt of in 1963 and with no global rival to invite caution. You have to
keep reminding yourself this is not fantasy: that truly dangerous men, such as Perle and Rumsfeld and
Cheney, have power. The thread running through their ruminations is the importance of the media,
the prioritised task of bringing on board journalists of repute to accept our position”.

This is no conspiracy theory. These are the hardcore grand strategic objectives, strategies, policies and
operations of the US foreign policy for the 21st century, already set in motion a decade ago through the
orchestrated “Pearl Harbor” of 9/11 under the code name War on Terror (WOT). The primary battle grounds
chosen for the invasion, occupation and waging multiple theater high intensity wars are Afghanistan and Iraq,
with Pakistan being the next direct target and battle ground for the 4th generation war already raging in full
intensity with devastating consequences for the country. Afghanistan and Iraq are the staging areas for more

high intensity wars and for the control of the global trade routes, natural resource regions and for containing
hostile ideologies and civilizations;all under the façade of WOT.

Having seen through the American game, it is time to build the responses. Pakistan is now taking the full brunt
of this massive 4GW. As a softening up operation, a bloody overt as well as covert war has been waged against
Pakistan on all axes–by exploiting internal political instabilities, igniting sectarian wars, supporting
insurgencies, staging economic collapse, launching media psy-ops –and to target the country diplomatically
under the pretext of supporting “terrorism”.Creating “terrorist” groups within Pakistan and in other Muslim
lands is as critical a dimension of this war as waging the “pre-emptive war” against them. Though, no Muslim
country, from NorthAfrica to the Far East, is safe in this war, Pakistan is the hotly contested battleground now.

These challenges and the crises are also the greatest of opportunities for Pakistan. America's wars have turned
into military and economic disasters for the occupation forces. Under the staggering burden of two active wars
and global deployments, the US economy at home is collapsing. US and NATO supplies pass through Pakistan
giving incredible leverage to Pakistan to decide the fate of the US war in Afghanistan. Despite facing the most
ruthless wave of terrorism and insurgencies, the Pakistan army has held its ground and emerged triumphant
against overwhelming odds. Pakistan's strategic and nuclear assets remain safe, making the country the natural
born leader of the Muslim bloc. The tide is turning in Pakistan's favor. The winds are changing against the
occupation forces.

Pakistan now has to take a decisive step. As far as Pakistan's National Security and sovereignty is concerned, is
the presence of United States and the NATO in Afghanistan, part of the solution or part of the problem? And if it
is part of the problem, which it is, then how will Pakistan exert itself to reclaim its rightful place in the region and
secure its National Security interests in the 21st century?

Great leaders are the greatest assets of any nation, more so in times of such staggering crises. The finest
moments for Pakistan are now visible, the moment of destiny is close; let's hope great leaders are as well.

MayAllah be our protector.Ameen

Farzana Shah

American Wars
Conflict and Chaos in the Muslim Lands

The sinister struggle for control of Pakistan and the Muslim world between two
opposing fascist ideologies of Western / Hindu Zionists and Kharjee Takfiris
by: Zaid Hamid

They said it – lest we forget: remained in a state of covert war ever since. India, a
“When the wealthy Jews play, the nations and the State which is secular on paper only, is led and
rulers dance." controlled by idol worshiping Brahmin pagans with
"The Jews make countries fight each other and extreme hostility towards Pakistan, hence becoming
when they want, make peace. But whatever the natural born collaborator of the Zionist State. The
happens, they get rich from this.” following quote by the founding father of the Jewish
Founder of Zionism, Theodore Herzl State completes this geopolitical and strategic
equation in totality.
"There is only one power which really counts. The
power of political pressure. We Jews are the most “The world Zionist movement should not be
powerful people on earth, because we have this neglectful of the dangers of Pakistan to it. And
power, and we know how to apply it." – Pakistan now should be its first target, for this
Vladimir Jabotinsky, Jewish Daily Bulletin, July 27, ideological State is a threat to our existence. And
1935. Pakistan, the whole of it, hates the Jews and loves
the Arabs. This lover of the Arabs is more
The History: dangerous to us than the Arabs themselves. For that
matter, it is most essential for the world Zionism
Almost ninety years ago, in the beginning of the 20
th that it should now take immediate steps against
century, Muslim world received a most shattering and Pakistan. Whereas the inhabitants of the Indian
devastating blow as maps of the Muslim world were peninsula are Hindus whose hearts have been full of
radically re-drawn by the invading and victorious hatred towards Muslims, therefore, India is the most
Western powers as spoils of war when the Ottoman important base for us to work there from against
Empire was defeated and dismembered. It was during Pakistan. It is essential that we exploit this base and
this outrageous and sacrilegious pillage of the Muslim strike and crush Pakistanis, enemies of Jews and
lands that the State of Israel was sanctioned to the Zionism, by all disguised and secret plans.”
World Jewry by the triumphant British Empire. It took David Ben Gurion, the first Israeli Prime Minister.
another great war few years later with horrendous His words, as printed in the Jewish Chronicle,
death and destruction to the humanity, both in the East August 1967.
and the West, to finally materialize the dream of the
Zionist Jewry – the State of Israel in the holy lands. A The Environment:
political, military and ideological dagger pierced the
Muslim heartland. Pakistan was born almost at the As the 21st century unfolds, the contemporary times
same time as Israel. Both countries, representing two are witnessing yet another epic struggle within the
diametrically opposite religious ideologies hostile to Muslim heartland. Muslim world is desperately
each other, were born to be enemies and have fighting in an existential war this time against two
violent ideologies which have invaded from opposing The prongs:
prongs. The entire Muslim heartland – from the
Arabian Peninsula to the greater Middle East Today, the Muslim world finds itself between the two
including Pakistan - is the battle ground, and the proverbial jaws of an alligator, facing the following
ultimate prize. Not just that the heart and soul of the invading prongs from the opposing directions:
Muslim world is at stake, even the geography is once
again threatened to be altered radically. In terms of 1. The Western Crusaders, US, NATO, Neo-
phenomenon and scale, the threat is so severe and Cons and the Zionists. Using the full might of
unique that it has baffled even the finest Muslim the western military and industrial power,
thinkers, philosophers, generals and analysts who are backed by the massive use of information
desperately trying to understand and then cope with warfare and Psy-ops weapons, another wave
the staggering emotional turmoil and the ensuing of physical colonization of Muslim lands has
ground violence within the Muslim lands. The begun.
ideological, political and military confusion and chaos
is so complete within the Muslim world that the 2. The Radically anarchic Takfiri Kharjee
mature reason and sound logic has almost given way religious militants. Exploiting the heretical
to irrational radicalism or defeated resignation to the interpretations of religious ideals, these
fate as violence, anarchy and the sheer pace of the terrorist gangs have been on rampage within
events cripple the capacity of the Muslim world to the Muslim lands, primarily targeting Iraq and
develop even a reactive response let alone a pro-active Pakistan with devastating effects. By
one. There is no strategic threat analysis, hence no declaring war from within on the Muslim
long term response strategy. The Muslim political lands, the Kharjees have become the most
leadership, despite hanging on to the power, has valuable assets for the Western crusaders to
crumbled in totality to rise to the challenges, hence justify their global war and colonization.
giving a free run to the invaders, leaving the hapless
Muslim population to the wolves. The crisis confronted by the Muslim world today of
facing two prongs of attacks from opposing violent
Once again it seems sharply clear that the colonial and ideologies has only one precedent in the entire 1400
anarchic invading forces – operating on external and years of Muslim history though in terms of
internal axis -- would further attempt to divide, phenomenon and scale the threat today has magnified
conquer and dismember the Muslim countries into many times over.
smaller territories. The 4th Generation war deployed in
the greater Middle East today was first applied, Historically, it is not new for the Muslim world to
experimented and perfected upon pro-Soviet come under attack from the powerful Western
Yugoslavia in the last decade of the 20th century, civilization or radical Zionists ideologies from the
obliterating the country into history. Now the Judeo-Christian world. The Crusades are a vivid and
American wars are being waged right into the Muslim brutal expression of the militant and violent Judeo-
heartland, with genuine threats of re-drawing of Christian anarchists' ideology invading Muslim
greater Middle Eastern Maps as well. After bringing heartland for religious, political and economic
death and destruction to Afghanistan and Iraq, reasons.
Pakistan is now in the eye of the storm, already
staggering under the sheer scale of violence, war, Similarly, radical anarchist thoughts within the
chaos as well as political and economic anarchy. Muslim world are also not without precedent. The
Kharjiites in the early days during the times of
Still, the threat is manageable, downslide can be companions of the Prophet (pbuh) declared war on the
checked and rock solid responses can be built but this Muslim political and civil society. The radical and
remarkable turnaround would need genuinely great anarchists ideology of Assassins came later during 10th
leadership with vision, courage and spiritual prowess century and wrecked havoc within the Muslim society
to dream and then achieve the seemingly impossible for almost 200 years during the times of Crusades and
under these desperate conditions. after. The great Kurdish Sultan of Syria and Egypt
Salahuddin Ayubi had to fight and subdue Assassins
within the Muslim society before he could attack and
counterattack invading Crusaders from the Western War on Terror (WOT) actually means War of Crusades
world. by Zionists within the Muslim world for its
colonization using the radical ideology of Kharjees as
It would be interesting to note for our readers that the a justification for invasion and forcing the Muslim
English word Assassin has come from theArabic word society to accept the Zionist invasion by presenting to
Hashashin, meaning the ones who use Hashish or them the Kharjee ideology as a bigger threat to the
drugs. The Murderous thugs of The Order of the Muslim world. So even if the Kharjee threat is not real
Assassin cult were drugged with Hashish and then in certain lands, creating, fabricating and promoting
sent on dangerous suicide missions within the Muslim the phantom bogey through orchestrated media
world for murders, sabotage and creating terrorism, campaigns and psy-ops remains an integral part of the
hence the word Assassins came into the use in Western entire Zionist war effort.
languages representing the qualities of a hidden
terrorist murderer. In mid nineteenth century German While Zionists invade Muslim lands and occupy
historian Von Hammer wrote a rare and invaluable them, they want Muslim world to fight and finish off
book on the ideology and practices of medieval age the Kharjees first. On the other hand, it is the ultimate
assassins titled the History of the Assassins and desire of the Kharjees to bring about a massive high
vividly explain their murderous practices and cult intensity conflict between the Muslim world and the
ideology which almost succeeded in overrunning the Crusading Zionists so that a power and leadership
entire Muslim heartland even coming close to vacuum within the Muslim world would allow
murdering Sultan Salahuddin at the peak of the Kharjees to break out and grab power just as Assassins
Crusades. But even Salahuddin could not finish off the did in the past during Crusades. Both Zionists and
cloak and dagger cult of the Order of the Assassins Kharjees want the other to finish off the Muslim world
who were finally and decisively eliminated ruthlessly and are using the bogey of the other to justify their
by the rampaging Mongol armies which had also presence within the Muslim heartland and society.
overrun the Capital of Khilifat in Baghdad around the Both are waging war against the Muslim world and the
13th century AD. battle ground is the Muslim urban societies with
devastating effects. In reality, they are often willing
It is only now after the times of Crusades that the partners to destroy the status quo within the Muslim
Muslim world is again facing two prongs of opposing world by violent means. The net result for the Muslim
violent fascist political ideologies – Crusading world would remain total and complete destruction if
Zionists and the Assassin Kharjees. – often fighting any or both of the ideologies succeed.
with each other as well within the Muslim world for
control, power, influence and turf. The game is The commonly known name for the modern day
sinister, evil and indeed bloody with violent Kharjees in Pakistan is Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan
consequences for the Muslim world. External and the so called Al-Qaeda, both of which have waged
invasion fueled by religious fanaticism of the Judeo- bloody wars within the Muslim world against Muslim
Christian Zionists and aided by Hindu Zionists and States and Muslim societies while also occasionally
internal sabotage by home grown cult of Kharjees terrorizing western societies as well. Comprehensive
recreate the threats, risks and the environment of the analysis and introduction of this ideology and its
crusades after almost a 1000 years. patronizing gangs have been discussed in detail in
BrassTacks September issue. Baitullah Mehsud,
Similarly, though all Muslim Ummah disapproves of Hakim ullah Mehsud, Mullah Fadlullah, Ayman
Western invasion of Muslim lands, Kharjees are Zawihiri and Osama Bin Laden as well as Uzbek
exploiting the Zionist invasion to wage their war militants and Lal Masjid gangs are examples of this
against the Muslim societies and governments by anarchic cult in modern times. Another example of
declaring them partners in crime in these Crusades and Kharjee thought is the group of Utaibi who took over
thus Kharjees are also trying to grab the strategic Holy Kaaba in 1979 in an armed rebellion against
control of Muslim world by exploiting the emotional Saudi monarchy during Hajj which resulted in
upheaval and anger within the Muslim societies due to thousands of deaths in fighting in holiest Masjid of
lack of any quality leadership within Muslim Muslims in Makkah. The similarities between the
countries. siege of Makkah in 1979 and siege of Lal Masjid in
2007 in Islamabad are strikingly obvious with similar

that is happening in ME,Africa andAsia has to do with
one or more of these objectives and the clash between
US foreign policy and the rest of the regional players
who have a stake in preventing US from achieving
these objectives. These world wars and global agenda
have nothing to do with “war on terror”. The “WOT”
is the new great game to gain strategic foothold in the
21st century.

Political heavyweight, Zbigniew Brzezinski, clarified

the importance of Central Asia to US plans for global
dominance in his book, “The Grand Chessboard”. In it
he states:
“Ever since the continents started interacting
politically, some 500 years ago, Eurasia has been
the center of world power”…“For America, the
ideological, militant and political goals of the chief geopolitical prize is Eurasia—and America's
Kharjees and with similar ends to the two cult global primacy is directly dependent on how long
rebellions. and how effectively its preponderance on the
Eurasian continent is sustained”….“How America
The Great Game: manages Eurasia is critical. Eurasia is the globe's
largest continent and is geopolitically axial. A
Having understood the ideology of the two invading power that dominates Eurasia would control two of
prongs, this brings us to the grand strategic objectives the world's three most advanced and economically
of Neo-Con foreign policy for 21st century in Middle productive regions. A mere glance at the map also
East, Africa and Asia. This is the larger game of the suggests that control over Eurasia would almost
Neo-Cons for which an “enemy” had to be created and automatically entail Africa's subordination,
Zionist backed Kharjees played that anarchic role rendering the Western Hemisphere and Oceania
within the Muslim world rather brilliantly. geopolitically peripheral to the world's central
continent. About 75% of the world's people live in
1. Defense and Security of Israel and to create Eurasia and most of the world's physical wealth as
weak headless States in Middle East, even well, both in its enterprises and underneath its soil.
changing geography to create a new Middle Eurasia accounts for 60% of the world's GNP and
East. Stopping Muslim countries from about three-fourths of the world's known energy
acquiring nuke weapons is integrated part of resources.”
this objective. “The Grand Chessboard”

2. Containing and destruction of political and To achieve the above stated six Grand strategic
militant Islam. objectives, Muslim lands need to be further
dismembered. US forces need to be based within
3. Control of fuel assets. Muslim lands. Ethnic and sectarian wars ignited to
create “new blood borders” on ethnic and religious
4. Control of global trading routes, oil pipelines lines. Muslim nuclear potential needs to be blunted.
and strategic water ways like Gulf, Suez, Defense of Israel is not possible if Pakistan or Iran
Bosporus, horn of Africa, Gibraltar, Malacca posses nuclear weapons and Ballistic missiles. If
straits. Pakistan does not agree to surrender its nuclear
weapons and missile program, then TTP Kharjees to
5. Encirclement and Containment of Russia. be deployed to create such mayhem and anarchy
within Pakistan that Pakistan becomes a failed and
6. Encirclement and Containment of China. dysfunctional state forcing the world community to
“step in” to prevent “proliferation” of nuclear
We emphasize that everything, repeat – everything weapons into “wrong” hands.
The New Middle East map planned by US, for whom
multiple wars would be launched in the region, is Pakistani planners and strategists. The American
similar to what is shown below. US government has Enterprise Institute (AEI) for Public Policy Research
recently officially denied any such plans to reshape founded in 1943 during the post WWII era is located in
the Middle East. But the events on ground and US Washington, DC. It is an organization dedicated to
force positioning in the region points towards what the strengthening national defense, Jewish cultural and
US denies. political institutions of and related to Israel. The
American Enterprise Institute (AEI) is fundamentally
made up of mostly scholars, corporate executives and
politicians with Neoconservative leanings to the right.
It is more or less a central “think tank” of Zionism.
They over-see and make decisions regarding trade,
economics, social welfare, government tax spending,
US policies on foreign affairs and all US defense
policies related to Israel and the entire Middle East.
AEI is a nonpartisan organization composed of
Neoconservative and Compassionate Conservative
Zionists. The AEI considers itself to be the American-
Jewish political presence in the world. World
domination is their goal. The Neoconservative dream
world is a Jewish World. Global domination with
Israel by its side is the main concern of the US
government and all its Neoconservative think thank
organizations, such as theAEI.

The modern easy to understand name for Zionists is Christian Zionists, or dispensationalists, give Israel
Neo-Conservatives Christian Evangelicals and they total support because they think there has to be an
rule United States of America today with their Israel there, a place — not for Jews, but for the battle
ideological allies in London, Tel-Aviv and Delhi. The of Armageddon, which they actually believe must
belief of Christian Zionists is that State of Israel must occur. Its part of the required steps, they believe, that
be protected at all costs as that is the place where final will lead to their Rapture and the Second Coming of
war with Anti-Christ, Armageddon, will take place Christ. American Christianity — referring to what is
and Christ would return to earth to lead the good variously called American Evangelism, Christian
Christians. Hence their fanatical loyalty to Jewish Zionism, or Dominionism, and comprising much of
Zionists and their ideals of creating a greater Israel in mainstream American Protestantism — isn't really
the Middle East at the cost of Muslim world. Crusades Christianity at all. By 1947, the Jewish Zionists in US
of the Middle Ages were religious wars. Crusades of had formed a powerful, $100 million a year, lobbyist
the 21st century are equally fanatical in religious organization in Washington that pushed Truman into
fervor, driven by the same ideals which drove the
frenzy of earlier Crusades.

It should be noted that not every Jew is a Zionist just as

not every Christian is a Neo-Con. In fact true Jews
and good Christians hate Zionism and Israeli policies.
There are millions of them as well but they are denied
space by the mainstream media which is also
controlled by the Zionists. A quick search on Google
throws up many such Jewish and Christian groups
rejecting Jewish and Christian Zionists.

It would be appropriate here if we give some time and

space to understanding the Neo-Con Christian
ideology as it is least understood phenomenon in
military might to promote US values around the world
especially in the Middle East which translates for the
Zionists into the US protecting and supporting Israel
at all costs.

Hindu Zionists – Hitching a ride with

Western Zionists:

Hindu Zionists too are no different from their Judeo-

Christian counterparts in antipathy towards Islamic
world but suffer from an intrinsic inferiority complex
against Muslims due to the fact that Muslims had ruled
India for a thousand years till 1857 and then India fell
into the hand of the British for another 90 years. Hindu
zealots are burning with anger to revenge their 1000
years of shame and subjugation at the hands of
Muslims but lack the courage and ferocity to do the job
themselves especially against Pakistan, their arch
pushing the U.N. into giving away 55% of the enemy. They need Western Zionists to do the job for
Palestinian people's land to Zionist Jews. them. It is the ultimate dream of their foreign policy
and diplomacy to get the Western countries to attack
But in 1947, the United States government was not and destroy Pakistan. One can still remember the
infiltrated so much with Jewish Zionists or non- eagerness and impatience of the Indian government to
Jewish Zionists. The State Department, Senate, House offer bases to the US forces after 9/11 to attack and
of Representatives, Pentagon, and White House were destroy Pakistan! Just like Israelis, Indians also plan to
still Christian and conservative Americans – very fight Pakistan to the last American!!
unlike today. Today, that infiltration is massive -- it
almost represents a coup d'etat. The most recent
Zionist group to infiltrate the US government is called About Hindu Zionists and their objectives, Vijay
Neocons (neoconservatives). Prashad writes on August 8th, 2001, in a fascinating
and thought provoking article titled Hindutva and
In the 1960s Irving Kristol and other East European Zionism:
Zionist Jews founded the Neocon movement in New “The fantasy entertained by the Hindu Right
York. They followed the political, philosophical government is that an alliance with the world's lions
writings of another German Zionist Jew who taught at (USA-Israel) will allow India to sup at High Table,
the University of Chicago and whose class many of to eat high on the hog. Certainly the expectation is
them attended. His name is Leo Strauss (1899-1973). that trade will follow the military tie-up.
Kristol, the godfather of the Neocons, became the For that reason, we see a wholesale sell-out by the
managing editor of Commentary magazine, which Hindu Right to US-Israeli foreign/military policy
according to the Christian Science Monitor, became objectives. The Hindu Right recognize the
the "neocon bible." Later, he founded additional persistence of US imperialism, and Israeli sub-
magazines: the Public Interest and the National imperialism -- and they want a piece of the action in
Interest. South Asia. It appears that the Hindu Right seeks the
franchise for US lackey against what it sees as
Neocons teach that one of the best ways to maintain Islamic fundamentalism and Chinese Communism.
political order is to have an external threat. It unifies But the alliance with Israel is not so strange after
the people behind the President. If there is no external all, because at the ideological level, Hindutva is
threat, they say, government should manufacture one. much like Zionism, for both extol the importance of
In that vain perpetual war is a good goal. War is also the Race-State, and both cast aspersions at the
good because it keeps people from their more presence of a Muslim minority. An India-born
hedonistic tendencies. Therefore, the US being the analyst at the Zionist Freeman Center in Houston,
world's only superpower, should aggressively use its Texas, makes just this connection: "Islamic fascists
see Bharat [India] as the soft spot to propagate their
irrational creed and foment violence. India tries to
placate them. Israel expels them. This is what
Bharat should do. If they hate Hindu Rashtra so
much they are free to leave for Dar-ul Islam."
At the unofficial level, the links seem to be growing.
Among semi-fascists the links are deep. The restless
lions of west and south Asia join the tigers of East
Asia to encircle China and the predominantly
Muslim states of west and central Asia.”

The Dirty Wars:

Post 9/11 American wars to redraw the Middle East

are based on what Robert Greene, in his book “The
33 strategies of War”, described as unconventional
or dirty war. Greene explained this war further;
“A general fighting a war must constantly search for 1. US is threatening to invade Pakistani tribal
an advantage over the opponent. The greatest areas and regularly attack targets of its choice
advantage comes from the element of surprise, from using Drones and other means. Relations
hitting enemies with strategies that are novel, between US and Pakistan are tense, nervous
outside their experience, completely unconventional. and based on mistrust and betrayal. US
It is in the nature of war; however, that over time supplies pass through Pakistan making US
any strategy with any possible application will be vulnerable to developments in Pakistan. War
tried and tested, so that the search for the new and in Afghanistan is not going as US had wanted
unconventional has an innate tendency to become creating a military and political crisis for
more and more extreme. At the same time, moral United States and NATO, making US even
and ethical codes that governed warfare for more nervous and jittery towards Pakistan. US
centuries have gradually loosened. These two effects now want Pakistan to fight Afghan Taliban and
dovetail into what we today call “dirty war”, where other resistance groups on behalf of the
anything goes down to the killing of thousands of Americans and is using all forms of carrots and
unwarned civilians. Dirty war is political, deceptive sticks to push Pakistan into another war in
and supremely manipulative. Often the last recourse North Waziristan.
of the weak and desperate, it uses any means
available to level the playing field. 2. Pakistan is still not sure on its role in
The dynamic of the dirty has filtered into society and Afghanistan and remains clueless without an
the culture at large. Whether in politics, business or Afghan policy nor has defined rules of
society, the way to defeat your enemy is to surprise engagement with the US. Even after nearly 10
them, to come at them from an unexpected angle. years of Afghan war, Pakistan has no vision to
And the increasing pressures of these daily wars protect its interests and assets in Afghanistan
make dirty strategies inevitable. People go nor have defined and declared national
underground: they seem nice and decent but use security goals. Despite the anarchic chaos and
slippery devious methods behind the scenes.” the conflict within Pakistan due to US
presence in Afghanistan, the government and
So basically now, following is the brief summary of the military is still not sure what is good for
the ridiculous situation in which Pakistan finds itself Pakistan – American presence in Afghanistan
today due to these US “dirty wars”. It is a master piece or their withdrawal from it!!
of Pakistan's foreign and national security policy
blunders, failures and confusion fully exploited by the 3. Kabul government remains hostile to
Zionists and Kharjee Fascists. Islamabad supporting multiple insurgencies,
supporting the Indians to establish bases all
along the western borders, staging terror
campaigns inside Pakistan and protecting
wanted terrorists. Pakistan has not made any unless the regime is changed urgently. This is
significant breakthrough in the Northern what both the Zionists and Kharjees had
alliance nor taken any independent initiative planned to bring about from the very
to play aggressive role as peace maker in beginning and is being facilitated by the
Afghanistan. The hesitation and lack of corrupt regime.
confidence to get involved is breathtaking in
Islamabad. 8. National media remains equally confused and
directionless, even hostage to the Kharjee
4. TTP Kharjees, Al-Qaeda and their allied terrorists and the Neo-Cons. US information
militant gangs have maintained their open war warfare has penetrated deep into Pakistani
against the State of Pakistan. Their supplies media controlling the direction, content and
remain open from Afghanistan making it the perception management of the Pakistani
impossible to eliminate this threat decisively nation. Despite massive devastation and TTP
despite major gains made by the army against driven war against the State, media remains
these terrorists. The entire judicial system of dreadfully silent to nail and name the
the country has collapsed to respond to the perpetrators. The “free” media has willfully
threat. Security forces are fighting a reactive surrendered its “freedom” to the dreaded
war where the advantage remains with the terrorists.
terrorists to hit at urban soft targets of their
choice with surprise and impunity. 9. Despite having closest and common national
security interests, Pakistan has still not used
5. Afghan Taliban are still not considered as the power and clout of China to exert itself in
assets for Pakistan nor offering any direct the region and in Afghanistan to create a
support to crush the Kharjee insurgency favorable space for both countries.
against Pakistan. They have not declared any
war against Pakistan though but are extremely 10. Iran remains isolated from Pakistan despite
unhappy with the way Pakistan has handled some cooperation at security and economic
the entire crisis. issues. Both countries have not yet discussed
Afghanistan and American presence seriously
6. Indian Zionists continue to work on the plan to nor have forged any common strategy to
get Pakistan beaten up by the Americans. They secure Afghanistan after the US withdrawal or
have been on this agenda since 9/11 when they to force a US withdrawal.
had offered bases to the US to attack Pakistan!
It is Indian desire that a situation is created in 11. Pakistan has still not built any relations with
which an open confrontation is developed Russia which has great interest in countering
between Pakistan and US where US would be US aggressive postures in Eurasian region and
doing the dirty job of destroying Pakistan to is looking for allies in South and WestAsia.
the utter pleasure and advantage of India. US
and India have now successfully forged an
open and aggressive alliance against “Islamic”
threat from Pakistan. Meanwhile Indians are
busy trying to crush the Kashmiri uprising and
resistance in the valley taking advantage of the
favorable environment in the region against
Islamic militancy and Pakistan.

7. The government in Islamabad remains

incapacitated, corrupt and dysfunctional
almost turning Pakistan into a banana republic
if Army and the Supreme Court were not there
to salvage some dignity. The economic and
governance collapse is almost total with real Hindu Zionist- Bal Thakery
possibilities of a street level anarchic chaos
were kept in strong check by the Afghan Taliban,
The Challenge and the Response: never causing any security hazard to Pakistan.

The biggest failure of Pakistani leadership so far is Even today, a strong mind exists in Pakistani
that they have failed to see the threats emerging from government and policy makers which strongly feel
the Neo-Con ideology!! The Neo-cons are as sinister that US must stay in Afghanistan to bring “stability”!
and existential threat as the Kharjee terrorists but in They feel that NATO supplies must pass through
Islamabad, Neo-Cons are taken as friends and Pakistan so that Pakistan may maintain leverage over
masters. While Kharjee terrorist threat is considered US in Afghanistan. It is believed by them that if
as the biggest national security risk, the Neo-Con Pakistan demands US withdrawal from Afghanistan,
colonial and hostile agenda against Pakistan and in the it would make US openly hostile towards the Islamic
region is dismissed as just a conspiracy theory! This Republic and it would impose sanctions on Islamabad
sheer lack of political, historic and philosophical and the country would collapse under the economic
vision, touching the limits of stupidity and insanity by meltdown! They believe and propagate that Afghans
the political leadership has brought Pakistan to this are not capable to manage their own affairs hence a
unprecedented crisis stage. foreign Western force is required to eliminate
“terrorism” from the region. The Neo-Con perception
Pakistan's has still not decided if the US presence in management and disinformation teams have done a
Afghanistan is part of the problem or is it the part of fantastic job at spreading despondency and strategic
the solution to Pakistan's national security challenges. confusion within Pakistani leadership.
It cannot get more ironic than this.
Major segments of the Pakistan government are open
It is the US presence in Afghanistan which is causing collaborators with the Neo-Cons. They are not
all the chaos and anarchy in the region. Indians, expected to protect or understand Pakistan's security
Kharjees and the terrorism breed under the US needs. But even a segment of the patriots, for lack of
umbrella. When Afghan Taliban were in Afghanistan understanding of the Neo-Con threat and their great
between 1996 to 2001, not a single incident of game against Pakistan, believe that US should
bombings, terrorism and insurgency was reported in continue to stay in Afghanistan and give above
Pakistan. Indians had been eliminated from reasons as excuse. This great confusion within the
Afghanistan and drugs were not flowing into Pakistan. political and military leadership is the precise reason
There was no insurgency in Baluchistan. Pakistan had why there is still no Afghan policy or vision in
not lost a single soldier or civilian to political Pakistan despite suffering so much for the last 10
terrorism during that period. TTP never existed. Even years.
if the so called Al-Qaeda existed in Afghanistan, they
Let us make it clear firmly and decisively. If Pakistan and overt means.
wants to come out of the crisis, there is no option but to
be ruthless. 7. Zero tolerance and no mercy policy towards
Kharjee terrorist with special military courts
1. There can be no peace in Pakistan if US to put to trial and eliminate the captured
remains in Afghanistan. It is the US presence militants. Since the civilian courts have totally
which has brought Pakistan to this brink. collapsed to respond to the threat, the clauses
Sooner we throw the Americans out, the better. in the military law to be invoked which allow
The leverage which Pakistan has over US for for a military court martial for the captured
economic and military aid due to their supply “civilian” terrorists and insurgents.
lines passing through Pakistan is nothing
compared to the damages, losses and chaos 8. Neo-Cons influence into Pakistani media and
which is created in the country due to the US policy making to be eliminated and to be
presence. replaced with indigenous homegrown national
security and media policy to revive the
2. US is broke economically and militarily. The national ideology and patriotism.
two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have broken
the back of the Neo-Con war machine. There is The crisis is staggering. The challenge remains
no way US can threaten Pakistan militarily. phenomenal. The stakes are of life and death for this
nation. If it was not for the army, the country would
3. This major US vulnerability should be have already disintegrated under the two prong
powerfully used in strategic negotiations to Kharjee and Zionists threat axes. Pakistan has never
demand a US withdrawal and to eliminate faced such monumental existential threats of such
Indian influence from Afghanistan. Pakistan staggering intensity in such short duration of time.
must now decisively demand a US withdrawal What is cruelly ironic is that this crisis is self created
from the region. by the leadership in the past 10 years and has emerged
due to deliberate blunders of policy, diplomacy,
4. A regional political and diplomatic power bloc politics, strategy and perception management. The
between Pakistan, China, Iran and Russia can solution lies in undoing the damages done on the
be created which should further bolster above mentioned points.
Pakistan's posture in demanding a US
withdrawal. All countries are anti-US and The crisis is still totally manageable in shortest
want exit of the Western forces from possible time. The problem is sharply defined,
Afghanistan. solutions clear. Assets are available, resources are in
hand, military strength available to enforce political
5. Pakistan must aggressively and openly engage decisions and the global and regional geo-politics
with all factions of the Afghan conflict and rapidly turning in Pakistan's favor, military gaining
exert its due role in bringing the warring ground against internal threats and beginning to hard
Afghan factions closer to peace. Most of the bargain with the foreign forces but still we see
Northern Alliance factions are former Afghan complete lack of coherence in the national policies.
Mujahideen parties of the Afghan Jihad era The ship remains rudderless and in seriously turbulent
and can easily be brought back into our fold. waters. The crisis of leadership is phenomenal
So far, no serious attempt has been made to undoing all the sacrifices and the advantages gained
bring them back. on ground. If saving Pakistan means bringing a regime
change in Islamabad first, then so be it!
6. Pakistan should pro-actively and pre-
emptively hit at TTP and Kharjee bases in
Afghanistan and exert pressure on US, NATO ********************
and Afghan regime to “do more” to check and
control the logistics and supplies of the
terrorist networks. The war against Kharjees
will have to enter Afghanistan by all covert

Synopsis of the Month
By: Zaid Hamid

Eastern Front, Pakistan-India relations

and National Security:

Pakistan and United States concluded their “strategic

dialogue”.This is one last, desperate attempt by the US
to exploit the slavish PPP government to extract
maximum concessions from Pakistan in an
environment when the mood of Pakistani patriots and
armed forces is extremely hostile towards the US
policies. The US is losing the war in Afghanistan.
Their supplies are highly vulnerable when passing
through Pakistan. There is absolutely no military
pressure, which the US can bring against Pakistan due
to these factors. The only way the US can assure
constant support of Pakistan is through bribes, traitors,
arm- twisting, bluffs and carrots for economic and
military aid. The Americans could not have hoped for
better slaves than the present PPP government, and
now when the Pakistan army is flexing its muscles, the
US finds it prudent to invest, once again, on the
crumbling PPP regime. This is the reality of the
“strategic dialogue”.

The only man present at the talks and trusted to defend

and protect Pakistan's national interests was General
Kayani, the Chief of Army Staff. The foreign minister
has already sold the country cheap. The press briefing
of the FM, bragging about their achievement in the
strategic dialogue, included subjects like how the US
has generously offered to “train” hundreds of
Pakistani journalists in the US and help Radio
Pakistan to expand its operations! This is further
penetration of the US into the local media in order to
control the hearts and minds of Pakistani masses in the
perception management war, permitted by this
government under the façade of the “strategic
dialogue”! What is so “strategic” about expanding the
broadcast of Radio Pakistan into the rural regions and
why is the US required to do that? The game is
obvious: The US has been allowed total and complete
penetration to redefine Pakistan's social, moral,
ideological and military profile to its own strategic
advantage. How far the US can achieve this sinister
of Pakistan, insisting that all those elements
that are hostile to the US policies within the
government must be removed. The main man
the US hates is Governor NWFP, Owais
Ghani. The PPP government has already
initiated the move to remove him, to be
replaced with someone the US can rely upon.

4. The US wants to have an aggressive presence

inside the Pakistani State and private media to
control its direction, and content and use it as a
psy-ops weapon to re-program the collective
national psyche of the Pakistani nation.
Training hundreds of Pakistani journalists in
the US, buying private channels, opening
The diplomatic flirting! The US got what they direct American channels and controlling
wanted from the PPP regime Radio Pakistan and PTV are the important
steps. Blocking anti-American analysts,
agenda depends upon how long this PPP government journalists and anchors is also part of the
can survive. Removing this sold out PPP government strategy.
has now become a necessity for the Pakistani patriots.
5. In the name of social development, aid and
This was primarily an “order taking” exercise as far as donations, empowering the western NGO's
this PPP government is concerned. Everything the US and sub-nationalist provincial governments in
desired has been accepted without any conditions. order to bypass the federal government and
However, the Pakistan army is a different ball game directly embark on the US projects without
altogether. This shall be discussed as well, but first any federal and legal control of the Pakistani
let's see what the US requires from this PPP State. With ANP, BLA sympathizers and
government as well as the state of Pakistan under the MQM already in power in the NWFP,
so- called strategic dialogue. It is interesting to note Baluchistan and Sindh provinces, this
that the US demands are not just limited to Pakistan's American task will be carried out rather
support in their war on terror; the real agenda is long th
smoothly. The 18 amendment has also
term US interests in the 21st century and bringing cleared the path for provincial autonomy,
Pakistan into its fold as a colony, obliterating its role as paving the way for complete secession. The
an independent, strategic, Islamic nuclear power. role of the ANP in creating a separatist trend
Many of these points have been raised in the media but and rifts over Hazara community as well as eid
many more remain untouched. What we write below is moon sighting, are just two examples.
exactly what the US is demanding, based on their
needs and plans for the region: 6. The US wants to limit the military and
economic cooperation between Pakistan and
1. The US wants total, unconditional, China, especially on nuclear deals. All details
unrestricted assistance from Pakistan in on Pak-China nuclear deals are demanded by
fighting the Afghan resistance. That means the US.
putting Pakistan on the war path with Mullah
Omar, Haqqani and Hekmatyar. Military 7. A highly conditional military package of 2bn
operation in North Waziristan to be initiated dollars is being offered as carrots to the army to
and drone strikes to continue without any behave. It is like a post dated cheque, which can
restrictions. be cancelled anytime the army creates difficulty
for the US interests, like blocking NATO
2. The US wants uninterrupted supply line for supplies or not waging a war against Afghan
US and NATO forces inAfghanistan. Taliban. The allegations of HR violations
against the army are also a part of this carrot and
3. The US wants to re-shape the political profile stick doctrine to increase pressure.
8. The US wants the ISI to be under civilian
control, making the Interior Ministry more
powerful. The ISI is seriously resisting the
CIA's attempts to expand its operations in
Pakistan. When the CIA was allowed to
establish “anti-terror” units in the tribal areas
during the Musharraf era, they created TTP
instead of capturing Osama Bin Laden. Now
the ISI is more cautious making the CIA

9. The entire NADRA database, air line travel

data and access into Pakistan's telecom
networks are also demanded.

Just to remind our readers, the PPP government has

accepted all the above conditions but army has not;
hence major hurdles still remain for the US policy
makers. General Kayani is a one man army when it
comes to protecting Pakistan's strategic core interests The man the US fears the most and the
within the government. He had Owais Ghani as an ally Pakistani patriots are counting on!
but now OG is being targeted by the Americans as
well. A deadly trap is being laid around Pakistan with The US desire has already brought it on to a collision
the objectives ranging far beyond Pakistan's support course with the Pakistani patriots. This PPP regime is
to the US in Afghanistan. The political elements have pushing its luck dangerously by doing the American
all compromised the national security and honor. A bidding in an environment where the mood of the
final showdown seems to be close at hand within armed forces and patriots is visibly angry. The US
Pakistan's political and security establishment as well, knows this and has tried to send signals to the
while the Americans are aggressively trying to exploit Pakistani patriots and military that any move against
the crumbling regime. this PPP government will not be welcomed.

Pakistan also wanted the US to get involved in However, these are just empty US bluffs. The US is in
Kashmir, to increase pressure on India and to give no position to threaten the Pakistan army while the
preferential treatment to Pakistan for trade and NATO supplies pass through Pakistan, the US also
business access, but the Obama administration desperately needs Pakistan to find an exit strategy in
resisted these suggestions, irritating the Pakistani Afghanistan. If the Pakistan army decides to get
military leadership. This is the harsh, stark and tough, the US would not have any other option but to
shameful reality of these “strategic dialogues”, which succumb and accept the terms of surrender given by
depicted almost a master-slave relationship, with Pakistan. The US military knows this and they are
humiliating conditions as well as abusing Pakistan's nervous about the possibility, as its demonstration was
alliance since the last 10 years. seen when Pakistan blocked the NATO supplies
recently. The NATO supplies are still vulnerable,
In the coming years, the conflict between Pakistan and sending sharp signals to NATO and the US that they
India is bound to rise exponentially, as climate are dealing with the wrong people in Islamabad on
changes create other axes of friction in addition to very wrong terms. The tide has now turned against the
Kashmir, terrorism and water. There is no way the US US.
can bring Pakistan and India into one collective,
security arrangement camp against China. There is The US is forced to accept the reality that Pakistan
also no way Pakistan would give up its nuclear cannot be isolated from the developments in
security umbrella under this emerging hostile regional Afghanistan and that the fate of the US may depend
scenario. upon it. Even the weak PM is forced to speak what the
Americans do not want to hear. The drone strikes are a
sensitive issue for the Americans and now the PPP The Indian and American media is constantly pushing
regime is also under pressure to stop this arrangement, the theme that all terrorism across the globe is
though they will not go ahead with it. emerging from Pakistan or the tribal pocket of North
Waziristan, where Pakistan army is reluctant to wage a
This is no more the post 9/11 era, when the US could high intensity war. The choice of words and their
get away with murder. Now the US is facing defeat in constant reference to Pakistan is a classic example of
Afghanistan, Pakistan military is exerting itself and perception management to paint Pakistan as the
the US has no choice but to comply. This PPP regime “epicenter of terror”, by the Indian and American
has no future anyway. Americans are betting on the media. Any attack in the US or even anywhere in
wrong horses, yet again. Afghanistan, is blamed on “terrorism” from North
Waziristan. The US is indeed desperate to draw
While India is the strategic partner for the US in the Pakistan into its war.
21st century, Pakistan remains their immediate short-
term need till the time they remain engaged in Subsequently, the ironically stunning fact of the
Afghanistan. The US President has decided to visit matter is that the terrorists in North Waziristan are
India, avoiding Pakistan and sending signals to actually assets created, planted, equipped and
Islamabad that India remains their priority ally, but the supported by the Indians from Afghanistan, right
Americans are also nervous over the possibility that it under the nose of the Americans and the Karzai
might infuriate the Pakistani patriots and armed regime. The objective of backing and supporting these
forces. Some damage control was attempted by Mr. terrorists in North Waziristan is to draw the Pakistan
Obama and his team before the Indian visit. army into an all out war against the Afghan resistance
groups, especially those of Haqqani, which are giving
Pakistan would want Obama to raise the issue of a tough time to the American and NATO forces. In a
Kashmir and India would want to avoid that. Pakistan news report, the so- called Taliban are openly seeking
would want Obama to avoid targeting Pakistan over the protection of the Karzai regime in case the
terrorism allegations but India would want to achieve Pakistan army launches attacks on them in the North.
that. Such is the delicate balancing act that Mr. Obama This is comically ironic as this local TTP terrorist gang
will have to perform in India. As the signs indicate, is actually a CIA/RAW asset and not anti-US fighters.
India will have their way. Kashmir will not be raised Lately, these TTP terrorists have stepped up their
and Pakistan will be targeted for supporting attacks on the forces including use of IED's and better
“terrorism” inside India. While Kashmiris are communication equipment. All these logistics and
desperate to draw attention towards their cause, the supplies are coming from Afghanistan. It is the
body language of the Obama visit is highly American CIA and Indian RAW which continue to
provocative for Pakistan. support insurgency and terrorism inside Pakistan. The
Army knows it, the government knows it but the PPP
Kashmir is making headlines these days and would be regime is too corrupt and compromised to raise the
a difficult proposition for either Obama or India to issue with theAmericans or the Indians. In the absence
ignore. of any political or diplomatic support, the army has its
own ways to try and contain the incoming terrorism.
1. India's top most writers are now raising their
voices in favour of the Kashmiri resistance Already there are reports of Indian cellular networks
and uprising, creating an embarrassing having their coverage in sensitive FATA regions of
situation for the Indian government. Pakistan. Indians have installed their cell phone
towers in Afghanistan, expanding their coverage into
2. The uprising within the valley is gaining Baluchistan and FATA, allowing the Indian assets to
momentum and is now a major crisis for Delhi. have direct communication links bypassing Pakistani
cellular and communication networks.
3. Clashes on the Line of Control between
Pakistan and India have become more It is obvious that Pakistan does not have any national
frequent, raising fears that any false move by security policy towards the threats emerging from the
either side can initiate serious hostilities. Afghan side. The confusion in Islamabad is appalling,
and is being fully exploited primarily by the Indians.

Pakistani FO has also sent signals to Obama to watch
his step. Pakistan wants Obama to force India on
Kashmir and has warned US not to give any UNSC
related concessions to India. Obama will not accept
Pakistani demands on Kashmir and the UNSC seat
issue does not suit US also, so that is settled for now.

Now, Obama tries to appease the Indians by offering

them massive trade deals and also “threatened”
Pakistan indirectly over “terror” groups. Indians are
NOT happy with this. They had expected a coup
against Pakistan. This is just admonition. Not
acceptable to Delhi.

The Indians have cultivated a strong lobby in the US,

which continues to threaten Pakistan. These are
Obama stuck in Pak-India quicksand – mostly pro-Israel Zionists or Neo-cons who hold
Damned if you do, Damned if you don't powerful positions in the US administration and
lobbies. McCain has come out openly in favor of
Outrageously enough, it is Pakistan that gets blamed Indians and against Pakistan, even threatening a joint
for terrorism in India as well as in the rest of the world. US-India military strike against Pakistan. This is
On this Obama visit, this is exactly what the Indians exactly the scenario we built in our October issue
would try to exploit. article, Armageddon 2014,available at
Indians plan to fight Pakistan to the last American. The
Indian foreign policy towards Pakistan heavily relies This is the harsh reality. In the long term, Pakistan will
upon using the American muscle to bully Pakistan into have to fight on multiple axes against a combined
submission. Obama is treading dangerous ground coalition of Americans and Indians. Pakistan still
here. He cannot disappoint the Indians and he cannot maintains an India specific military doctrine with no
antagonize the Pakistanis. He did try to walk the razor capability or training to fight high intensity
sharp line. The diplomatic minefield that he is treading asymmetrical wars within its own borders, in urban
through has zero margin for error. He has to please the environment against organized armies. As long as
Indians. To start with, he launched his tour from Pakistan controls the lifeline of the Americans in
Mumbai Taj Mahal hotel and prayed for the dead of Afghanistan, it is safe from a direct confrontation.
26/11 attacks. With the anniversary of the attacks just Americans had their own game plan in the region
3 weeks away, the timing of the visit is critical for when they walked into Afghanistan. They have
Indians to exploit the occasion in their favor. But achieved nothing as yet except creating chaos and
Obama is sensitive to the fact that there are certain red anarchy in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Secondly, they
lines the US cannot cross when giving concessions to have not been able to “secure” Pakistan's nuclear
India. Neither Pakistan can be demonized assets so far. Their Indian allies had given them a plan
unconditionally nor can Indians be given a UNSC seat – to support TTP terrorism at such a scale that Pakistan
or military use of nuclear technology in return for becomes a dysfunctional failed state and the global
favors. Indians want it all. Obama is cautious, visibly community then moves in to “de-nuclearize”
cautious. Pakistan. Even that plan has failed after the TTP got a
severe thrashing at the hands of Pakistan army. But
It is getting difficult for Obama to avoid Kashmir but that plan holds even today. The TTP is now being re-
he did not embarrass the Indians on this visit. Despite equipped, re-supplied and re-organized, to be re-
the fact that 12 US lawmakers have urged him to launched by the Indians from Afghanistan. Another
appoint a dedicated Kashmir envoy, he simply massive wave of anarchy, violence and mass murder
decided to go soft on India and tried to appease the has already been orchestrated by the TTP.
Indians by lots of carrots but would not like to get
involved in Kashmir at this stage nor would he risk On the other hand, the Indians will definitely launch a
making Pakistan more hostile than it already is. The false flag “terror” attack anywhere in the world, most
are pointing towards it. NATO continues to provoke
Pakistan. TTP would be their most prized asset to
create a false flag to be blamed on JeM (Jaish-e-
Muhammed) or LeT. This is the shape of things to

Western Theatre andAfghanistan:

Pakistani and American security interests clash in
Afghanistan. While Americans consider Afghan
resistance as THE enemy, Pakistan has its own
priorities, hedging the bets for the time when the US
withdrawal takes place from the graveyard of the

Samjhota Express attack and burning by Hindu Afghan resistance knows this and they have the
radicals was blamed on Pakistan first patience and the time to let the fatigue set in the
occupation forces. Till date, none of the Afghan
probably against western assets and then blame it groups have waged any war against Pakistan, despite
massively on Pakistan. Pakistan will be blamed for not Pakistan's closest association with the US since the
“doing enough” against “terrorist” groups and then last 9 years. In fact, Afghan resistance has been trying
US/NATO would take the matters into their own to contain the violence of the TTP and sectarian wars
hands. The NATO incursions into Pakistan are in the tribal regions, which had become a menace for
exercises to test the waters and to judge Pakistani the Pakistani State. It is a ruthless cut - throat war in
response. Even after nearly 2 years, India is still Afghanistan, where the Americans have played the
pursuing the 26/11 attacks, desperate to create most sinister betrayal with Pakistan by allowing the
international embarrassment for Pakistan. With a th
Indians to wage a bloody 4 generation insurgency
weak government in Islamabad, Pakistani defense through Afghanistan. With the Americans facing
remains equally hopeless. defeat, Indians are visibly nervous as well and
Pakistan is now in a position to pay them back. There
India is going regional, exploiting its contacts in is no way the Pakistani and US interests would
Bangladesh to frame and nail LeT(Lashkar-e- converge in Afghanistan. The Afghan resistance had
Tayyaba), the group Indians blame for carrying out the been waiting for this time all along.
26/11 Mumbai attacks. There is no doubt that
hardliner Hindu extremists would be going over board US and NATO faced their first major test in Pakistan
to cash in on the opportunity to create a diplomatic since their invasion of Afghanistan in 2001, which
crisis for Pakistan. In the past also, Hindu extremists explicitly established Pakistan's strengths and
have bombed a train coming from India, Samjhota exposed NATO's vulnerability in their Afghan war.
express, killing about 100 Pakistanis. The attacks Not just that the NATO supplies were blocked by a
were blamed on Pakistani groups and ISI but later an very angry Pakistan army, the supply convoys all over
Indian MI officer was arrested for his links with Hindu the country were ruthlessly targeted by the militants to
extremists. The explosives used belonged to the cause hundreds of millions of dollars losses in lost fuel
Indian army. and supplies.
Also, it is now totally in the open that “Al-Qaeda” is an For the last 9 years, the presence of CIA, NATO and
orchestrated phantom bogey, created to justify US RAW in Afghanistan have brought death, destruction
intrusions into the region. So many times “Al-Qaeda” and misery into Pakistan. The friction between ISI and
operatives turned out to be secret service agents. The CIA was rising since the past many months. When
Indians are disappointed with what Obama has given NATO attacked and killed 3 Pakistani soldiers, the
them with regards to Pakistan bashing. If Obama does Pakistan army responded by blocking NATO supplies.
not do it, Indians would create a “terror attack” to The war between Pakistani nation and the US and its
force him to do it. Pakistan should watch its back now. allies is now in the open. Tempers are high at all levels
Another 26/11 is just around the corner. All the signs
and the mood is defiant in Pakistan. For the first time,
US and NATO are sensing that they have crossed the
red line.

Once the NATO supplies were blocked, the panic in

US and NATO were immediately visible. Pakistani
armed forces made sure that their anger and fury was
conveyed to the western Capitals in full. The flurry of
activity is breathtaking. A full blown military and
diplomatic crisis is now brewing and US/NATO are
most vulnerable. Pakistan is in a very strong position
to deal with NATO at the moment. Pakistani reaction
has surprised the US and NATO, and there is nothing
they can do about it except come to terms set by

The unbelievable happened pretty quickly when US

and NATO came down on their knees to seek No way out -- A super power bogged down
forgiveness for killing Pakistani soldiers. Pakistani in Afghan hell hole!
armed forces had put their foot down decisively but
the PPP government were weak- kneed and were too factor for the US, which is now facing a very firm and
eager to comply with the US demands. In the absence determined Pakistan army which has its priorities
of support from the government, the army could not defined.
continue to block the supply route for long. The
Parliament, Cabinet and the leadership could not take Desperate for an exit strategy and after taking severe
the US pressure. The Army rubbed it in properly, but losses at the hands of Afghan resistance, the Obama
the PPP government was more than eager to oblige regime has given the go ahead for talks between
NATO. resistance and the intermediaries. The Kabul
government is talking on behalf of the Americans but
NATO supplies are just one issue where the US is so the real bet is on Pakistan here. This is what gives so
heavily dependent upon Pakistan. In fact, the entire much leverage to Pakistan to nail down the US in
US survival and exit strategy in Afghanistan is in the Afghanistan.
hands of Pakistan. This is an ironic situation where US
finds itself in the shoes of the Soviet Union, whose fate This PPP government is so compromised by the
was also decided by Pakistan in the 80's. The US is Indians and the US that despite all the support to
now desperate to withdraw but want to have a face terrorists of TTP and BLA from Karzai regime as well
saving exit. The US also does not want Pakistan to fill as the NATO attacks in Pakistan, they were going in
the vacuum, hence want Pakistan to get into a state of over drive to allow trade between Afghanistan and
war with the Afghan resistance instead. The pressure India. While NATO supplies were being blocked by
on Pakistan to invade North Waziristan is for this sole the army, the PPP regime was allowing goods, bound
purpose only. Pakistan has been refusing to get for India, to pass through Pakistan. The leverage that
involved in the American war inside Afghanistan and Pakistan has on Afghanistan is the total and complete
has focused only on eliminating the TTP terrorists. control of Afghan food, fuel and trade supplies. But
These are serious policy level, strategic differences this great geographic advantage is not being turned
where now Pakistan is in the driving seat as the into a strategic asset in any diplomatic or political
Taliban continue to draw more blood from the forum by this government. It was Pak army which
occupation forces and the cost of invasion has already exploited this advantage briefly but the FO and the
broken the back of the US economy. The US is still regime remains spineless. The Americans are feeling
hopeful that Pakistan will succumb to their demands. that their presence in Afghanistan and support to the
This PPP government would, but the army will not. It Indians is causing major unrest and apprehensions in
is the army which has taken the brunt of failed policies Pakistani patriots. The concerns of Pakistan army are
of the Musharraf era and now would not be making also being noted. While the Americans have arm
those mistakes again. This is a seriously concerning twisted the PPP regime to sign a pro-India transit trade
deal, they are quick to defend their move as well. In the accused Pakistan of training Taliban or supplying
coming days, the Indians will be given the full transit them with weapons. Then how can the US or the
facility, bypassing the concerns of Pakistan army and Karzai regime blame Pakistan for their defeat in the
patriots. For now, just the first steps have been taken. Afghan debacle?

The Pakistani military is now fully exerting itself on The Taliban are based inside Afghanistan. Their
the Americans and NATO over Afghanistan. It is weapons are snatched from the US, NATO or the
rather amusing to notice how the US and NATO find Afghan army. Their money comes from the US and
themselves in a desperate situation, as the Pakistan NATO paying them for safe passage! They may be
military continues to talk and walk tough with them. minimally supported by anti-US countries in the
The NATO supplies were resumed, after sending the region but not by Pakistan for sure. The West has
US and NATO into a panic attack. The US heaved a accused Iran of supporting the resistance but failed to
sigh of relief, though remaining extremely nervous. produce any proof. Even if few Taliban cross into
Pakistan, it remains insignificant in affecting the
On another axis, the US has given a go ahead for talks larger outcome of the war. If Pakistan is required to
with Afghan Taliban. Now, despite the Indian and wage a war with the Afghan Taliban, why are the US
Afghan displeasure, it is Pakistan, which holds the key and NATO cutting peace deals inside Afghanistan and
to any US exit strategy and peace talks. Over here also, even paying the Taliban and not fighting the militants?
Pakistan is now aggressively exerting itself. The US is This is a classic case where the US and Karzai are
getting desperate in Afghanistan. Their peace trying to pass the buck and rest the blame on Pakistan.
initiative has not taken off yet and the Taliban have not If the US is losing the war in Afghanistan, it is not due
just rejected it but also stepped up their attacks. As to Pakistan. This is what Islamabad needs to make
usual, Karzai was quick to blame Pakistan for all the them understand.
defeats and humiliation at the hands of the Taliban.
This is getting comical now. The US itself is cutting But the real bone of contention between Pakistan and
peace deals with the Taliban, even paying them for the Western Forces in Afghanistan, are 3 critical
transit of NATO supplies. High level resistance issues:
leaders from Haqqani group have met the Karzai
regime members. Still, Karzai feels that it is Pakistan's 1. North Waziristan operation, which the US
doing that the US is facing defeat. insists that Pakistan must carry out against
Haqqani group. That is where the “do more”
During the Afghan war of the 80's against Soviets, mantra continues to be heard. The US wants
Pakistan was indeed a base camp for the resistance. Pakistan to clash with theAfghan resistance.
With 4 million refugees all over Pakistan, hundreds of
training camps were established all along the border 2. US and NATO attacks inside Pakistan,
and a massive supply chain was built with thousands including drone strikes.
of horses, donkeys, trucks and pickups transporting
weapons, ammunition, food and communication 3. Smuggling and illicit trade through NATO
equipment into Afghanistan. It was a gigantic containers and Afghan transit trade. Hundreds
operation but was critical to defeat a super power. o f NATO containers have gone “missing”.
Without the base areas, training camps, weapons and
supplies and steady stream of fighters – no war of NATO has not complained about the missing
resistance can be fought. The entire world joined containers! That makes the whole scenario even more
hands to support the resistance. Only then a super suspicious. It is clear that the entire operation is being
power was defeated. done under their tacit approval. Hundreds of
containers carrying war equipment, guns, explosives
Today, not a single weapons truck or horse goes into and surveillance equipment are being emptied in
Afghanistan, not a single training camp exists inside Pakistan by either secret private contractors like
Pakistan. Fighters are based inside Afghanistan and Blackwater or being handed over to local anarchic and
they are not backed by any power of the world. The terrorists groups for future civil war in the country.
region is most heavily monitored for training camps, This is the most sinister and threatening aspect of
supply trains and fighters. Not even the US has ever NATO supply lines through Pakistan. The US is
desperate to find excuses to justify its Drone war
inside Pakistan. Spreading lies and disinformation
against ISI and Pakistan army remains an important
part of this strategy. The US has made it clear that it
will continue with the drone war inside Pakistan.
There is nothing this PPP regime can do about it; in
fact they have approved of it.

The biggest American strategy and desire is to draw

Pakistan into an open confrontation with the Afghan
Taliban and to force Pakistan to launch a military
operation in North Waziristan. To achieve this, the
TTP has been asked to increase attacks inside Pakistan
and to brandish their presence with audacity in the
region. A trap is being set for Pakistan. The TTP are
also trying to gain sympathies by pretending to be
associated with Afghan resistance and working
against the US interests by claiming to kill “US spies”.
In reality, these so called “US spies” are often time, and the US wants to make the most of it while
Pakistani loyalists, who side with the army against this sold out regime exists in Islamabad. Note how the
these terrorists and are then punished, execution style “journalists” from “soft spots” are invited.
to send messages to the local population. The attacks
on Masjids on the bloody Friday of November 12, The US now has plans to open a consulate in
which killed and wounded over a hundred tribesmen Baluchistan also. It has openly cited the reasons for
were also a part of this terror tactic. The hundreds of this consulate as to monitor the developments in
ordinary worshipers killed in Masjids, were not “US Baluchistan and to have a direct contact with the
spies” as claimed by the TTP. people of Baluchistan. One can feel that a sinister US
game is unfolding on the Western front of Pakistan,
To appear as the good guys, the Americans were also especially orchestrated by the CIA and RAW. Despite
forced to give a reluctant approval to Pakistan's deals major military gains by the army, Pakistani State and
with Iran. For years, Americans have been resisting the nation are now genuinely in trouble on the Western
any trade or defense deal between two Muslim borders with no response strategy from the
neighbors, but now for sometime is unable to prevent government at all. The entire burden has fallen on the
working relationship between the two countries. Army.
Pakistan and Iran are coming closer. This is a major
US concern. The US response is to increase its Political / EconomicAxes:
presence in the “soft regions” of Pakistan.
The country is on the verge of a street level uprising! It
The Americans are now highly active and aggressive is make or break time for this corrupt regime. If the
in the “soft spots” of Pakistan – Baluchistan, FATA corruption does not bring it down, inflation, economic
and Gilgit-Baltistan region. There is a huge game plan collapse or the strong arm of the Supreme Court can
underway to completely take over and shape the deliver the final blow. The crises are brewing on all
media and perception management teams of these axes with severe ferocity.
regions through a direct media control program run by
the CIA. The PPP regime has allowed unchecked and The country is affectively being run by the IMF and
direct access to the CIA and Voice of America into the World bank. Since hemorrhage of financial resources
State and private media in the country and now and coffers has not been blocked, taxes remain the
allowing the US more direct access into these only means for the corrupt regime to bleed the masses
sensitive regions. Pakistan army is being blamed for to death. It is now dangerous to the point of a social
“excesses” in these regions, the youth is being explosion as the government continues to impose
instigated to find their own “voice” and “freedom”, staggering taxes on the poorest of people. Basic food
and a chessboard is being set for breaking off these stuff is also almost untenable now. With fuel prices
regions on the Yugoslavia pattern. The game is on, big
alive and continues to pose serious challenges. The
government is incredibly lucky to have survived this
far. Now its future is genuinely bleak. The PPP
government is on its way to commit political suicide!
It already has. Just the formalities need to be taken
care of. By declaring an open and all out war against
the Supreme Court, the odds are now heavily against
the PPP government. The way it is going, it seems that
any day a judicial coup de grace can send this PPP
government packing.

The Supreme Court took a step back to give a breather

to the regime. Massive behind the scene maneuvering
by the government, Supreme Court, army Chief and
the Americans have stalled the demise of the
Hungry, abandoned and burdened by the government, perhaps for a few weeks. The crisis
Government – violent street chaos is possible remains as the institutions continue to be at war with
each other. The Army has not yet decided on the future
hitting record levels and more taxes being imposed, a political setup, hence has not offered full backing to
street rebellion is just a spark away! the Supreme Court to move decisively against the
government's corruption and crimes. The PPP was
If we outline the priorities of this government, they relieved to be given this concession. The Supreme
would be the following. Everything that is happening Court is the only institution, which can nail the
in Pakistan on the judicial and economic front, has to government on genuine criminal charges. This whole
do with this priority list of the government: so called democratic setup is a fraud, with MNA's
forging their educational documents to get elected and
1. Survival against Supreme Court's aggressive involved in massive corruption. The government and
judicial inquiry. the departments are so corrupt that it has become an
international embarrassment.
2. Survival against IMF's harshest terms which
would initiate a rebellion on the streets if The government continues to defy the Supreme Court,
implemented rapidly. IMF is now running the find avenues to do more corruption and continues to
country and collapsing the national economy. feed the nation to dogs! Prices are being hiked, taxes
are being imposed and inflation is skyrocketing but
3. Corruption and minting money in the shortest there is no financial or fiscal discipline in the
possible time. They know that they will not get government. They just don't want to stop scavenging.
any other chance to rule and loot, hence the The business community is in an uproar but there is
urgency is breathtaking. Destroying the State nothing they can do about it. Incredibly, since the
institutions for corruption prosecution rulers are all landlords and feudals, the tax bodies have
remains a top most priority as the entire PPP been asked not to tax their agricultural incomes. In this
government now faces criminal cases of country, the feudals and the lords are a tax- free
corruption due to NRO. community. While billions of rupees worth of loans of
the rich and powerful have been written off, the State
4. Maintaining some sort of law and order to keep Bank is now giving signals that more loans would be
the system going till they last. written off to benefit the “poorest” rich of the country!
This is the organized money swindling business:
The Government is trying to deceive the SC but we see Getting your loans written off. Everyone in the
little chance of that. Corruption scandals continue to government is part of this racket. The audacity of the
surface everyday and the SC continues to take notice corrupt knows no bounds. Even the name of the ISI is
of these. The media is now getting bolder in exploited by the corrupt to fool the decision makers.
humiliating the regime and the army is exerting itself
forcefully. The IMF driven economy is not sustainable Zardari's bravado is now touching the limits of
and it would snap if exerted any further. Terrorism is stupidity. He has made enemies with almost all power
groups in the country. Supreme Court, Army, Media, deal with this lot.
PML(N) and the terrorist gangs of TTP. Only MQM Sindh Home Minister, Zulfiqar Mirza
and the ANP remain allied to PPP so far, though their
alliance is also shaking up rapidly. Sensing the You must understand the environment in Pakistan.
pressure building upon the PPP regime, the opposition This has become a moneymaking concern. A lot
parties tried a desperate bid of their own to try to put up of people say if you want to go abroad and get a
a unified opposition. That also seems to have fizzled visa for Canada or citizenship and be a
away as many larger factions stayed away. millionaire, get yourself raped.
Former President General Pervez Musharraf
Nowhere in the world such shamelessly corrupt and
criminal elements could come to power except in I don't say that there is no corruption in my ministry,
Pakistan, where the CIA sponsored democracy threw but the question is where is it not?
the scum of the earth into the parliament and the Federal Minister Railways, Ghulam Ahmad Bilour
corridors of power. Below, we have compiled quotes
from the mighty and the powerful in the land, which (Burying women alive) is a centuries-old tradition
would give an idea how sickening the whole system is. and I will continue to defend it.
These are actually quotes of the Governors, Ministers Federal Minister for Postal Services,
and MP's, most of whom are corrupt, criminals and Israr Ullah Zehri
We were ready to break Pakistan and were much
The National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) is a more determined to chant the slogan of 'Pakistan
medal and I regret not being listed in it. Na Khappay' : No need for Pakistan.
Governor Punjab, Salman Taseer Sindh Home Minister, Zulfiqar Mirza

Everyone, whether he is a Baluch, Sindhi, Seraiki, I apologize to the departed soul of the Sikh ruler
Pashtun or Punjabi should be given an equal (Ranjit Singh), for frequently quoting his name
right to indulge in corruption. in meetings for the wrong reasons. I was wrong.
Minister of State for Defence Production, Ranjit (Singh) was a great administrator of
Abdul Qayyum Jatoi Punjab.
Leader of Opposition, Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan
The other issues are all domestic and could be
discussed later on… I can co-exist with a pig, Iftekhar Chaudhry is the scum of the earth – a third-
but not with a Punjabi. rate man – a corrupt man.
Nawab Kher Bakhsh Marri, Baluch Nationalist Former President General Pervez Musharraf
Even more gorgeous than I had expected, now I
We, in the PML-N opposed Musharraf's policies and know why the whole of America is crazy about
rejected dictation from abroad. If the Taliban are you. If he (the cameraman) keeps insisting, I
also fighting for the same cause, then they might hug you.
should not carry out acts of terror in Punjab. President of Pakistan, Asif Ali Zardari to Sarah Palin
Punjab Chief Minister, Shahbaz Sharif
Punjab law minister Rana Sanaullah is a
Let's persuade people to consume less sugar and 'manjan seller'
then we will see where these hoarders sell their Central Secretary for Information of Pakistan
sugar. Peoples Party, Fauzia Wahab
Information Minister, Qamar Zaman Kaira
I am not afraid of jail's mosquitoes.
The Governor Punjab's status is no better than toilet President of Pakistan, Asif Ali Zardari
Punjab Law Minister, Rana Sanaullah The MQM will openly support the patriotic generals
if they take any martial law-type action against
I'm a badmash (gangster) and know well how to corrupt politicians and feudal lords.
and chaotic anarchy. Change is inevitable. Even
Zardari and Gilani know it. They are barely hanging
by a thread and just might end up hanging at the end of
a rope, if they continue to fail as they have so far. Time
is one luxury they do not have.

Internal Security:
Karachi witnessed sectarian war expanded into the
urban metropolis. TheTTP is now expanding the axis
of war against Sufis and Shias. The Sufi/Barelvis and
Shias have lately taken serious hits at the hands of
these terrorists. Swat valley remained quiet. The CIA
has gone hyper in its drone war inside Pakistani tribal
regions. They are mostly targeting Afghan Taliban,
Haqqani group and their allies. The TTP, which fights
against Pakistan, is not being targeted. The Army
In fool's paradise – oblivious of the brewing storm maintains their pressure on the TTP. But the TTP has
regrouped and has been re-supplied in the recent
Muttahida Qaumi Movement chief Altaf Hussain weeks and has re-launched their war against the State
and the army. Many serious hits against military and
civilian population have resulted in major loss of life
My own brother approached me and said lala and property. The centre of gravity of TTP lies in
(brother), 'Can I also join your party?' I told him Afghanistan and they are being used by the CIA to
to run away … he is a known gambler. draw the army into an open confrontation with the
Dr. Sher Afgan Niazi, Member of All Pakistan Afghan Taliban and to launch a war in North
Muslim Leagues Waziristan.

The PML-N has appointed Punjab Law Minister Baluchistan :

Rana Sanaullah as a “loudspeaker”.
Governor Punjab, Salman Taseer BLA continues its assassination campaign of pro-
Pakistan intellectuals and leaders and political
How did a person, who used to sell tickets at the opponents, even if they are Baluch. There is
Bambino cinema in Karachi, reach the Surrey absolutely no response from the Baluchistan
Palace and became richer than Queen Elizabeth government to this threat, which continues to operate
before his ascendancy to the presidency? It is a with impunity.
million-dollar question that only the PPP top
leader has to answer.
Spokesman PML(N), Siddiq ul Farooq

These people are in power today, truly the shame of

the nation. This is the true face of democracy in
Pakistan. The crisis for the army, Supreme Court and
the patriots is that whom should they replace this
stinking, corrupt regime with? The Army chief is
weighing his options and meeting the politicians who
may be just workable.

The system has reached critical limits of failure. It is

untenable now. Army or the Supreme Court would
bring an organized change. Street violence would
create anarchy. It is a race between organized change ********************
By Shahzad Masood Roomi

“The world Zionist movement should not be Muslim countries located next to Israel. Pakistan is the
neglectful of the dangers of Pakistan to it. And only country in the Muslim world that has top of the
Pakistan now should be its first target, for this line military training infrastructure and skilled
ideological State is a threat to our existence. And military trainers making it a natural target for Israel's
Pakistan, the whole of it, hates the Jews and loves overt and covert plans.
the Arabs. This lover of the Arabs is more dangerous
to us than the Arabs themselves. For that matter, it is As desired by David Ben Gurion, today, India is
most essential for the world Zionism that it should serving as covert base against Pakistan. Not only this
now take immediate steps against Pakistan. Whereas but both are colluding against Pakistan in every
the inhabitants of the Indian peninsula are Hindus possible way to make it fragile on economic, political
whose hearts have been full of hatred towards th
and military axes. Indian 4 generation war against
Muslims, therefore, India is the most important base Pakistan is a manifestation of this covert war and has
for us to work there from against Pakistan. It is Israeli collaboration and assistance. Covert military
essential that we exploit this base and strike and and diplomatic relations between the two predate to
crush Pakistanis, enemies of Jews and Zionism, by 1960s when Indian foreign spy agency RAW was
all disguised and secret plans.” formed on the footsteps of Israeli Mossad though
David Ben Gurion, the first Israeli Prime Minister. nature of these relations was covert during Cold War
His words, as printed in the Jewish Chronicle, 9 to avoid annoyance of Soviets.
August 1967.
After dismemberment of Soviet Union in 1991, India
Traditionally, India is considered the only real enemy and Israel established their diplomatic relations after
for Pakistani state but above mention statement of first India formally accepted Israeli state in 1992. These
Israeli premier and history of covert relations between
two countries –even before 1992, the year India
formally recognized Israel and established diplomatic
relations –proves that Pakistan was perceived as a
security threat despite the fact that Pakistan never
showed any such intentions against Israel. Apart from
that, this statement was an announcement of natural
strategic alliance between Israel and India against

Just like India, a nuclear armed Pakistan is also a

nightmare for Israel as well due to its strong ideology
and armed forces. Israeli threat perception of Pakistan
stepped up further after the participation of Pakistani
armed forces personnel in Arab-Israel wars of 1967
and 1973. Even today various Pakistani military Pakistani Pilot shooting down Israeli jet
schools are training military staff belonging to in 1967 Arab Israel war
In conventional warfare domain, US and Israel are the
biggest supplier of advanced weapons to India which
India is going to use against Pakistan in the next
conflict whereas Pakistan has been denied number of
weapon systems, even those who are purely defensive
in nature. These sales began after 2003, when the
cunning Indians proposed the idea of forging an
alliance among India, Israel and United States, against
common threat of “Islamic terrorism and

Below is a brief summary of previous and current

arms deals between India and Israel. These facts and
figures should suffice to showcase how Israel is
arming India to execute her Cold Start military
doctrine against a nuclear armed Pakistan.

From 2001 to 2009, India purchased arms

David Ben Gurion worth staggering $24 billion from Israel and
Pakistan’s arch enemy emerged as the largest military hardware client
relations proved a marriage of convenience for both of Israel.
India and Israel. Israeli war industry found a huge
market to sell weapons and allowed India to arm its According to the figures released in 2008 by
forces with most lethal weapon systems against the Israeli Defense Ministry, India accounted
Pakistan, creating imbalance in the military equation for 50% of Israel's military exports.
existing between the two rivals. Israel is an active
partner in Indian military buildup for her Cold Start Supply of 3 state of the art Phalcon AWACS air
war plans against Pakistan. surveillance system to IAF. Deliveries have
been started already since last year. System
Infiltrating the sensitive circles of enemy's military would allow Indian forces to look deep into
and strategic infrastructure to make it implode from Pakistani lands and skies.
within is an old ploy of Mossad. Today it is fully
utilizing the cover of NATO forces in Afghanistan, Indian air force's SU-30MKI, fighter jets were
UN and US personnel to find alternate ways to gain upgraded by Israel Aviation Industry (IAI)
access into Pakistan's security infrastructure. boosting their electronic warfare and jamming
Pakistan, having 6th largest military machine of the abilities.
world with nuclear weapons at her disposal, is too big
a target to take on for Israel alone. This military Sale of long-range Green-Pine radars to India.
strength of Pakistan helped both India and Israel to These radars are capable of detecting any
push their strategic alliance further. flying object from hundreds of kilometers.

India-Israel military relations: In 1996 India purchased 32 Searcher

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Electronic
The nature of Indo-Israel military co-operation is Support Measure sensors and an Air Combat
secretive. India is one of the 39 countries with whom Maneuvering Instrumentation simulator
Israel has signed “secret co-operative agreements” in system from Israel.
order to conceal the information about joint military
projects. Much of these plans are related to In 1997, Israel offered its Barak-I vertically
denuclearization campaigns against Pakistan which
launched surface to air missile (SAM). India
has been put into top gear after 1998 in political
bought this missile system with the ability of
affairs, diplomatic engagements and media debates by
this Indo-Israel nexus around the globe. destroying targets like cruise missiles.
During 1999 Kargil crisis, Israel supplied
India with laser guided missiles and munitions
making it possible for Indian air force's
Mirages to destroy Pakistani bunkers in
mountains. According to Jane's Defense
Weekly, India was provided with Heron /
Machatz 1 UAVs for high altitude
surveillance, laser-guided bomb and many
other systems within 24 hours.

In 2000, Israeli submarines reportedly

conducted test launches of cruise missiles
capable of carrying nuclear warheads in the
waters of the Indian Ocean, off the Sri Lankan
coast. Israeli Heron UAV’s purchased by India

In June 2002, as part of “Operation Parakram,” culmination of adopting the military tactics
after the attack on Indian Parliament, Israel used by Israeli defense forces against
supplied hardware through special planes after Palestinian citizens. Emergence of a
a visit by the Director-General of Israeli horrifying resemblance between the two
Defense ministry. forces' counterinsurgency approach vividly
explains how Indian army is getting its lesson
India has signed a $30 million contract with from the masters of oppression. Result is a
Israel Military Industries (IMI) for 3,400 state bloodbath in Kashmir with deaths of innocent
of the art Tavor assault rifles and 200 Galil children and women exactly replicating Gaza
sniper rifles, as well as night vision and laser which came under attack by Israel in 2008.
range finding and targeting equipment. India Indeed, India and Israel are natural allies as
buys the counter-infiltration devices Israel these are the only two “democratic” countries
uses in Golan Heights and in the Negev Desert. in the world that have killed over 1 million
4 battalions were sent to Israel for special people in between 1947 and 2010, even
training against insurgency in Kashmir, called without labeling any charges.
the Ghatak force.
Strategic blunders in foreign policy affairs by
India launched Israeli Spy satellite with Islamabad and US military invasion into Afghanistan
ability to draw real time 3D maps. after 9/11 provided another base for combined Indo-

Israel advised India on new methods of

curbing Kashmiri struggle. Indian newspaper
The Pioneer, wrote on 3 March 2001:
"Fencing of the Indo-Pak border is not enough. To
check Pakistan-sponsored cross-border
terrorism, top security experts of Israel have
suggested that hi-tech gadgets ranging from an
electronic barrier system of radars to thermal
imaging devices should be immediately installed
on India's sensitive international border in J&K
and Punjab sectors.”

Israeli involvement in Kashmir issue is not a

secret anymore. Recent wave of Indian
Israeli made Tavor assault rifle for Indian army
military human crimes in the valley is a
Israel clandestine operations inside Pakistan's FATA India a bigger role in Afghanistan overlooking all its
and NWFP regions from Afghanistan. Pakistan has security implications on Pakistan is yet another
been bleeding profusely since last 10 years due to expression of this media influence.
these furtive wars. Indians are willing partners in these
dirty wars as they have succeeded in damaging In his article carried by Opinion Maker, in May 2010,
Pakistan and its armed forces much more than they titled 'Framing Pakistan: How the pro-Israel media
could in previous four wars since 1947. The excerpt, enables India's surrogate warfare' Maidhc Ó Cathail
re-produced below, from Janes intelligence report, of wrote:
2001, vividly explains the connection between RAW “The media component of India's alliance with
and Mossad; Israel affords India a powerful weapon to wage
“The Indian spy agency RAW and the Israeli spy surrogate warfare against Pakistan and enables
agency Mossad have created "four new agencies" to both Tel Aviv and Delhi to pursue their common
infiltrate Pakistan to target important religious and objective of destabilizing the nuclear-armed Muslim
military personalities, journalists, judges, lawyers nation”.
and bureaucrats. In addition, bombs would be
exploded in trains, railway stations, bridges, bus Characters like Fareed Zakaria, Stephen Schwartz,
stations, cinemas, hotels and mosques of rival Daniel Pipes and others have been tasked to create a
Islamic sects to incite sectarianism. Pakistani monstrous image of Pakistan, as source of global
intelligence agencies also said that RAW had terrorism and an unreliable and devious ally. Not very
constituted a plan to lure Pakistani men between 20 surprisingly this heinous media onslaught has met
and 30 years of age to visit India so that they could with unprecedented level of success due to complete
be entrapped 'in cases of fake currency and diplomatic failure of Pakistan.
subversion' and then be coerced to spy for India."
Denying nuclear capability to any Muslim country is
Not surprisingly, the pattern of terrorism and social foremost strategic goal of Israel. Attacking pre-
unrest in Pakistan since 2001 is exactly the same. emptively deep into enemy territories and destroying
Pakistan army is the biggest encumbrance to Indian their under-construction nuclear installations is an old
hegemonic designs in the region so weakening it Israeli military strategy. Israel destroyed the Iraqi
through surrogate wars remain an obvious imperative. nuclear reactor at Osirak in 1981. In 2007 Syrian
After engaging Pakistan army on Western theatre, secret nuclear installation met with the same fate due
exploiting economic pressures due to internal war is to devastating attack by Israeli Air Force. Pakistani
the next step in ultimate game against the army and nuclear installations are constant targets of Israel, and
state. this is one point where US is also fully onboard in the
sinister drive of Indo-Israel covert nexus. Making
Pakistan has spent billions of dollars while fighting
against Indian and Israeli proxies in Northern areas.
On the other hand, it requires billions more, every
year, to maintain a credible balance of forces in the
region vis-à-vis India. Strong lobbying by Indian-
Israeli political and diplomatic engagements and
media ops has painted Pakistan army as a collaborator
against US/NATO forces in Afghanistan. Compelled
by this propaganda, US administration is hesitating to
give any economic waiver to already economically
strained Pakistani military. Consequently, whole
modernization of Pakistan military is about to suffer,
further weakening the country's defenses.

Obviously, this Indo-Israel nexus enables India to

enjoy considerable influence over the American
media. Pakistan's global outlook has been devastated
by this influence haunting country's foreign direct Israel destroyed Iraqi nuclear plant in 1981
investment (FDI) as well. US insistence on giving
Pakistan a nuclear free state is one of the greatest analysis and planted intelligence reports about
ambitions of the Americans. According to intelligence Pakistan, its nuclear weapons and its possible
circles of Pakistan, India and Israel tried at least twice extinction in the near future.
to destroy Pakistan's nuclear plant at Kahuta; in 1984
and in 1998 just before Pakistan declared itself as N- Corrupt and incompetent government in
Capable country. Islamabad accelerated economic meltdown of
Pakistan through staggering corruption.
But after failure of previous attempts to destroy
National financial policies and institutes have
Pakistan's nuclear capability, India, Israel and US trio
th been handed over to IMF and World Bank and
cultivated covert plans, using 4 generation
by taking loans on compromisingly
asymmetric warfare, to meet their ends. A detailed
evaluation of this war had been carried out in June unforgiving conditions.
2010 and October 2010 issues of Brasstacks Monthly
Security Review. A brief tactical excerpt of the 4
th On diplomatic plain, worldwide cloak-and-
generation war against Pakistan is given below; dagger Israeli spy network is working in
semblance with Indian diplomatic presence in
Insurgencies in North and North Western the countries who have not established any
provinces. These are supported by Indian RAW diplomatic relations with Israel.
from Afghanistan. TTP in FATA and BLA in
Baluchistan are creating mayhem and chaos by Conclusion:
unleashing terrorism and anarchy.
Despite hostile intentions of Israel and India, a
An extreme sense of insecurity is prevailing in campaign with renewed vengeance against Pakistan
masses due to target killings, suicide and its nuclear assets began after 9/11 when Islamabad
bombings, sectarian violence and ethno- failed to demonstrate any sense of sovereignty while
linguistic sadism in all major cities. Increasing allying itself in US war on terror. This move provided
frequency of these incidents depicts a very necessary foothold to RAW-Mossad nexus against
bleak picture of national security profile. Pakistan. Pakistan has paid heavily for that mistake. It
is time to fix this historical error.
This frenzied situation presented foreign
In a fascinating development in late October, when a
secret services like CIA, MI6 and RAW and
US delegate confronted a Chinese diplomat about
private mercenaries like Blackwater (Xe Beijing's uncompromising support for Pakistan in
Worldwide) with an opportunity to establish military and nuclear domains, the Chinese responded
their independent footprints in Pakistan to with a heavily-loaded remark: "Pakistan is our Israel".
carry out kidnappings, assassinations and Remarks of Chinese diplomat may sound sarcastic to
sabotage operations as well as eavesdropping Americans but undoubtedly this is the strongest
and spying. The entire Drone operations and expression of Chinese aspiration of having a long term
subsequent assassinations are being strategic partnership with Pakistan.
conducted by CIA and their mercenary
contractors with impunity. For Pakistan, this is ideal time to get out of US camp
where Israeli and Indian lobbies are dominating and
Economic intimidation of Pakistan and to dictating the terms. A uni-polar world is coming to an
destroy Pakistan's food supply chain, through end with the emergence of China and now Pakistan
water aggression is relatively new but most will have to make an ultimate decision about its
ruthless move in this hushed war by India. strategic partnership in 21st century. Intimidation by
Violating Indus Water Treaty, India built US on political and diplomatic fronts, sacrifices of
multiple dams on Pakistani rivers in Kashmir core strategic interests made to appease US and grand
region. failure of this appeasement policy must serve as
helping tools for Islamabad while weighing its options
Media ops and propaganda warfare have been for future strategic partnership.
launched using disinformation, twisted
Propaganda & Warfare in Cyber World:
Pakistan's weak flank
By: Farzana Shah

After sea, land and air warfare, traditional arch rivals Global Cyber Wars:
India and Pakistan are now facing each other in
another arena. With the help of Israelis, Indians have China and US are spearheading cyber war at global
launched another war on a new axis against Pakistan – level with dozens of cyber attacks on each other's
Cyber Warfare. critical IT infrastructure. Both countries are spending
millions every year in order to fight against cyber
In certain aspects, cyber warfare is complex, more attacks.
penetrating and detrimental to the national security
than conventional warfare. It is fought on the Lethality of cyber warfare becomes palpable by the
cyberspace using weapons like Cyber espionage, web fact that till April 2009, Pentagon had spent more than
vandalism, gathering data, Distributed Denial-of- 100 million dollars in just 6 months to fight against
Service Attacks (DDOS), equipment disruption, cyber attacks on its different systems. Money spent on
attacking critical infrastructure, compromised propaganda operations are apart from this. In October
counterfeit hardware, virus and worm release. 2010, US army created its first ever US army Cyber
Potential targets include; Command headed by a 3 star General.

Emergency services ARCYBER headquarters will be located in the

National Capital Region and will realign soldiers and
Financial markets and bank systems civilians into essential ARCYBER headquarters
positions. ARCYBER is the Army's service
Power grids component command to US Cyber Command, a sub-
unified command under US Strategic Command to
Water and fuel pipelines operate the Defense Department's information
resources of 15,000 computer networks across 4,000
Strategic Weapons systems military bases in 88 countries. The total command
strength of 21,000 soldiers and civilians will be
Communication networks (Military / Civil)
located around the globe.
Industrial and Engineering Complexes
Not only US army but US navy and air force have
E-Government services (internet based also setup their respective cyber commands to tackle
utility services, web servers) cyber threats from hostile enemies (read China).

The Internet security company McAfee stated in their This aggressive cyber warfare capability build-up by
2007 annual report that approximately 120 countries US has triggered serious restiveness among Chinese
have been developing ways to use the Internet as a intelligentsia and media. The People's Daily, a
weapon and target financial markets, government Chinese government-run newspaper, said in an
computer systems and utilities. editorial:

“The US was the first country in the world to
introduce the concept of cyberwar; it has introduced
and developed a new kind of army, a cyber army,
and even set up a hacker brigade. US intelligence
agencies can, through technical means, fully
monitor, follow and erase online information
harmful to the US' national interest. It is really
ridiculous that under such circumstances, it
demands other countries to allow the free flow of
information on the net.”

From Pakistan's perspective, unlike any other

conventional threat, cyber warfare is rather a new
battle field for Pakistani government, its intelligence
agencies and citizens. Pakistan is not geared nor
prepared to respond to this latest threat. India has all
the reasons and resources to use this as a weapon Maj. Gen. Rhett A. Hernandez assumed command
against Pakistan, but more recently Israel has joined of the US Army Cyber Command from
hands with Indians increasing the threats for Pakistan. Lt. Gen. Kevin T. Campbell, who is also
the commanding general of US Army Space
Cyber espionage, web vandalism and information and Missile Defense Command, as well as
gathering are known cyber threats to its security US Army Forces Strategic Command.
establishment and government. Apart from these
cyber threats, recently cyber world has been used vulnerable to cyber attacks. Information Technology
ruthlessly as a part of propaganda warfare by Indo- is our country's known strength and it would be in
Israel alliance. As per various media reports one can our interest to leverage this strength in developing a
be sure that Indians and Israelis are taking these formidable 'offensive' and 'defensive' cyber warfare
known cyber threats to next level by using money, capability. Harnessing the gene pool available in
talent and technology to defame Pakistan and its academia, private industry and the younger
nuclear program. generation of talented individuals is imperative,”

How eagerly Indians wanted to gain an edge in cyber Statement of Indian Naval Chief is an endorsement to
warfare technology is evident from what Indian Naval the media reports that India has offensive cyber
Chief Admiral Sureesh Mehta told to Start Post; warfare plans. Pakistan is the natural target though
“The Indian Armed Forces are increasingly Indian military establishment and political leadership
investing in networked operations, both singly and used Chinese threat as an excuse for introducing this
in a joint fashion. We cannot, therefore, afford to be new war theatre in the region.

Indian endeavor:
Recently in August this year (2010) the Indian
government decided to recruit and form cyber army of
software professionals to spy on the classified data of
hostile nations (read Pakistan and China) by hacking
into their computer systems.

Astrategy was drafted for this purpose earlier in a high

level security meeting on July 29, 2010, chaired by
Indian National Security Advisor Shiv Shankar
Menon and attended by the director of Indian
Intelligence Bureau (IB) as well as the senior officials
of the telecom department, IT ministry and RAW.

US army cyber command centers
According to the strategy drafted in the meeting, India region (a veiled message and threat to both Pakistan
will recruit IT professionals and hackers who will be and China).
assigned to be on the offensive or to launch pre-
emptive strikes by breaching the security walls of Indo-Israeli Cyber nexus against Pakistan:
enemy's computer systems. The most important factor
to note is the involvement of the Indian National Though no large scale cyber attack has been reported
Technical Research Organization (NTRO) along with yet in Pakistan but limited cyber skirmishes have
the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) which will be already taken place between Indian and Pakistani
responsible for creating these cyber-offensive hackers in the recent years. In 2008 a group of Indian
capabilities. It is to be noted that NTRO is a key hackers defaced a Pakistani website of Ministry of Oil
government agency of India that gathers technical and Gas. Pakistani hackers, in retaliation, attacked and
intelligence while DIA is tasked with collating inputs defaced many Indian websites. This year also many
from the Navy, Army and theAir Force. websites were defaced by hackers on both sides.
The Indian Army conducted a war game called the This is where the interests of both India and Israel
Divine Matrix in March 2009. converged. According to reports, Israel has recently
established a cyber task force for Cyber Warfare
The most interesting aspect of this exercise was that against Islam and Pakistan, besides harming the
Indian Military simulated a scenario in which China Palestinian cause. A budget of $ 1,50,000,00 has been
launches a nuclear attack on India somewhere in 2017. also allocated to this force to carry out various digital
The purpose of the exercise was to describe how espionage and information gathering operations
China will launch a cyber attack on India before the against Pakistan.
launch of the actual nuclear strike.
Propaganda warfare and Cyber Space:
Chinese were not amused by this Indian war gaming In a new development, Israel has also setup a huge
and simulation. workforce of writers on the internet and is still
“We are surprised by the report. Leaders of China increasing its strength. Primary task of this force
and India had already reached at consensus that the would also be to wage propaganda war against
two countries will not pose a threat to each other Pakistan and its nuclear weapons and armed forces.
but rather treat each other as partners.” Israelis are waging a net based disinformation and
psychological war against Pakistan since long.
Foreign Ministry's spokesman Qin Gang expressed
Hebrew websites and magazines have been targeting
his views on the Indian cyber warfare exercise. But
Pakistan by orchestrating near to impossible scenarios
recently the Indian Army chief and the ex-chief has
about vulnerability of Pakistani nukes and the
clearly threatened that there can be a nuclear war in the
“possibility” of their falling into the hands of Al-
Qaeda.,, and
Arutz-7's Hebrew newsmagazine are few to name
among these media outfits where Israelis are spiting
their venom against Pakistan.

Israeli government first tested these cyber propaganda

tools during operation Cast Lead (brutal military
operation in Gaza in 2008) when bloggers, surfers and
writers were asked by the ministry of foreign affairs of
Israel, through (Give Israel Your
United Support), to promote words like “holocaust”,
“promised land” and “murder of jews” on social A hacked Indian website
networking and blogging websites like Face book,
Twitter, MySpace, BlogSpot, wordpress etc. Israeli organizations and intelligence agencies responsible
government went to the extent to give written for cyber war and perception management through
messages which were to be posted on the propaganda wars in cyber space. The whole existing
aforementioned websites as if they were the personal system and organizations have failed to deliver in
responses or views of the citizen of any country. these times of great crisis and threats in the arena of
cyber warfare due to reliance on old fashioned
Israeli lobbies have been heavily exploiting their methods of information collection and processing.
clouts in US and UK to wage propaganda wars against This should be clearly understood that in the modern
Pakistan's nuclear program through satellite news world only those nations would have the advantage on
channels (like BBC, FOX, SkyNews) and news papers the battle field, in both conventional and
(New York Time, Washington Post). Disinformation unconventional wars, which have fought and won the
campaign was also launched from US and Western war in the cyber world first. The entire military
media when operation Rah-e-Rast was initiated in equation in a war can be changed dramatically without
Swat and Malakand regions. Taliban threat was so even firing a shot, by controlling the critical
exaggerated that the perception was created as if infrastructure and perception of the target population
Islamabad was about to fall to the Taliban! Indian through propaganda war in cyber world.
government also took active part in this campaign.
Indian premier took this disinformation war to new Weapons like E-bombs have emerged as a new threat
heights by saying that some of the Pakistani nuclear to cripple the military communication infrastructure
installations are already in Taliban control! by producing massive electromagnetic pulse. Pakistan
must start work on Transient Electro Magnetic Pulse
Israeli cyber operations were resolutely countered by Emanations Standards, known as TEMPEST in
the young Palestinian bloggers by posting thousands military parlance to counter electromagnetic-pulse
of pictures and footages from GAZAover the internet. bombs that can interrupt wireless signals.
Final Thoughts: Since Pakistan had faced interception of its vital
highly secret data on military operations in FATA by
In Pakistan, where billions are being spent on India through its assets in the area therefore, it's a must
conventional forces and strategic nuclear assets, it is that we should work on TEMPEST making it difficult
alarming to see the absence of any serious threat for a cyber spy to hack into our systems minimizing
perception in the theatre of cyber warfare. The the chances of interception of data transferred by
government as well as the armed forces have defense agencies.
neglected this threat too long and now are hopelessly
unprepared to respond to the new challenges. Pakistan Pakistan now urgently needs to create a new
will now have to respond to this threat on literal war centralized, aggressive and pro-active Command for
footings. Cyber and Information warfare under the office of
Chairman Joints Chief of Staff. It is not too late yet. An
There is absolutely no coordination, planning or entire flank of Pakistan's defense has been left
understanding within various civil and military unguarded and unprepared.
Zaid Hamid

In the Chilghoza Grove!

It was November 1986. I began my early morning bumpy ride in

an open back, Toyota pickup truck from the border village of
Angoor Adda in South Waziristan, into the Paktika province of
Afghanistan. Our destination was the rear Head Quarters of
Commander Khalid Farooqi of Hizb Islami. Being a guest, I was
given a preferential treatment and got my seat next to the driver.
All other men, weapons and supplies were loaded in the open
back of the truck. Winter had started to set in and there was a
biting edge in the morning breeze. I was comparatively
comfortable in the cabin but the men at the back were already
feeling the slicing cold; the realization made me feel thankful at
being treated as a guest. I had already received my AK-47 from
the base, and now held my weapon tightly as we jerked through
our treacherous journey.

Entering the killing fields of Afghanistan was always a sobering

experience. As always, the rush of adrenaline and excitement
caused a quivering sensation deep inside me. In the shining
morning sun, our pickup truck was driving fast into the open
plains. Getting caught in the open by Soviet Gunship helicopters
was not the desired option and our route was also under the
observation of the Communist army posts, dotted at various
locations. Around eight, fully armed, tough men were in the
truck, silent but observing the sky and the plains for possible
threats. I have to confess, my heart was pounding faster than
usual. This sudden change of mood and atmosphere was sharply
visible even amongst the Afghans in our truck. Just a few

minutes earlier, the group was jovial, laughing and in a the foothills and ridges and would be met with fierce
light mood, while in their camp in Pakistan. Crossing resistance from the Mujahideen. The ridges
the border into the front lines had affected them as overlooking the plains and the passages into
well. Now they were serious and sharp eyed, Afghanistan were prized targets and bitterly
anticipating the unexpected. contested. The Soviet and Communist army
objectives were to block these routes and dislocate the
resistance. The Mujahideen were determined to hold
their ground and keep the supply routes open. If these
routes were to be blocked by the Soviets, the entire
resistance in the eastern and even central Afghanistan
would be choked. The stakes were extremely high for
both the warring factions and this region was under
severe pressure since the beginning of the war in 1979.
The Communist army would also set up ambushes on
the Mujahideen trails and convoys, planting
landmines to block the convoys and then attacking
briefly, before withdrawing into their fortified posts.
Here it was purely post warfare but with regular bouts
of fierce clashes in the open after which both sides
would withdraw into their fortresses and hideouts. On
their part, the Mujahideen would also plant landmines
The region of Paktika was mountainous but had wide on the roads and routes between various posts and
valleys, almost turning into plains at many locations. used to raid the garrisons and posts to capture them.
This entry point from Pakistan into Afghanistan was Due to the lack of any air support or ability to shoot
an important staging area and a logistical route for the down the Soviet aircraft, the Mujahideen could not
resistance for Eastern and Central theatres and was stay in the plains for long and had to retreat quickly
therefore, hotly contested by both, the resistance and into the safety of the mountains, else they would be
the Soviets. Soviet planes and Helicopters would made minced meat by the Soviet air power. With their
regularly bomb Angoor Adda and the routes coming bases and lairs hidden in the safety of the mountains,
into Afghanistan from it. Urgoon was the major town the Mujahideen landmines and fire was a constant
in the region under the control of the Kabul regime and nuisance for the Communists military convoys and
the plains had many strong and fortified mini posts, often irritating and provoking them enough into
garrisons and posts, not just in the valleys but also on launching a major offensive towards the hills and
many deeper mountain ridges, which they could hold. ridges in order to dislodge the anti-aircraft guns of the
The front line posts were all manned by the Afghan Mujahideen dug in there.
Communist army, with tanks and artillery, while the
Soviets provided them air cover through their The entire population of the region had migrated
fearsome MI-24 Gunships and MiG bombers. Enemy towards Pakistan, leaving their homes, lands and dry
spotter planes for spying and observation would fruit orchards behind; thus creating a haunted aura
regularly fly high, keeping a close eye on all about the whole region with thousands of houses and
Mujahideen movement from Pakistan into the Eastern villages dotting the slopes and plains but not a soul
regions. In those days, unmanned aerial vehicles within. One would get an eerie feeling walking
(UAV's) or Drones were not around and the Soviets through them. Now only the resistance or the
relied upon small planes for spying and observation. occupation forces and their allies fought bitter battles
within these villages and plains.
The Mujahideen, on the other hand, were based in
small camps inside Afghanistan, with their backs For the resistance, it was an exciting, yet unforgiving
towards Pakistan, dug into the foothills or on the life, full of all the ingredients of a brutally ruthless,
mountain slopes and ridges overlooking the plains. real life, action packed suspense thriller, with zero
Often the Afghan army would make advances towards margin for error. The beautiful land was now the most
cruel and unforgiving territory. I was indeed
In the Afghan society in those days, and perhaps even
today, little things signify huge messages. In a country
where literacy rate was in single digits, a pen in the
breast pocket was a proud sign of a literate man; two
pens meant a very educated man and three perhaps
were only reserved for Nobel laureates! Pistol gun
belts, reading glasses, pens, walkie- talkies,
binoculars and a pickup truck with a driver, were
respected signs of a real Commander. Junior warriors
would compete to have any of these trophies and
display them with pride, as these drew admiration and
respect from the fighters and the community alike.
Khalid possessed everything that signified a
Commander or Qomandan, in local dialect.

A resistance group during an assault action I was exceptionally eager to have a detailed discussion
against communist army's convoy with Khalid. It was incredible that while I was just 22
years of age and fresh on the battlefront, with only my
mesmerized by the beauty of the countryside already,
fourth expedition since March, my perceptions had
but was also well aware of the threats and dangers that
become acutely alive to the global geo-politics and
lurked all around. “Only yesterday there was an air
local dynamics of the resistance. I was observing,
attack on this road on one of our trucks”, the driver
noting and analyzing the war and its direction,
broke the news, making me a touch more anxious than
implications and fallout. The role of the present day
I already was. “So, what happened to the
super powers, the political developments, strengths
Mujahideen?” I asked, pretending not to be moved by
and weakness of the resistance as well as the Soviets
the possibility of a similar scenario being repeated for
and the role of contemporary Muslim world were of
us as well. I also wanted to calculate the risk factor for
great interest to me in the light of the global history of
our own survival. “MashaAllah, they all became
former Muslim resistance movements. History of the
Shaheeds. May Allah accept their sacrifice”, he said in
Muslim warriors, conquests, defeats and the wars of
a casual manner, with his right index finger pointing
resistance had been my passionate subject always. I
towards the sky followed by a gesture of a prayer for
was sadly aware that since the last 250 years, Muslims
them. I tried pretending to be unmoved, nodding my
had not won a single war of resistance against the
head in agreement, but acutely aware of a little knot
dominant occupation forces from the West. Muslims
forming in my stomach and a lump rising in my throat.
were passionate resistance fighters but had always lost
With my eyes now firmly fixed on the sky, we had no
further conversation for the next one hour till we
finally reached the base camp of Commander Khalid

I instantly liked him and felt that he was pleased to see

me as well. Seated in a warm mud house, on a cotton
mattress over Afghan carpets, dressed in traditional
Shalwar Qameez suit, Commander Khalid Farooqi
was a burly Pashtun, with a thick beard and a pleasant
face, clad in a large brown turban and a gun belt
holding a holster with a Tokarov TT Pistol and a row of
rounds shining on his chest. Two pens flashed their
caps in his breast pocket and a couple of handheld
walkie -talkie units lay close by.
Khalid Farooqi
Caucasus and the Central Asian regions which were overrun by Soviets in 19th century

the wars despite decades of resistance. The statistics overrunning the Muslim state of Tataristan in times of
were frightful. Ivan the Terrible and Peter the 'not so' Great, in the 16th
and 17th centuries, sweeping through the entire
The tide of history in the past few centuries had been Caucasus region and the then Central Asia in the 19th
against Muslim resistance wars. Siraj-ud-Daula and century, and finally rolling into Afghanistan in 1979.
Tipu Sultan lost to the British in 1757 and 1799 Before this time, the Russians had not been defeated
respectively. The War of Independence of India was by any Muslim resistance group, despite their heroic
lost in 1857. Imam Shamil in Chechnya lost to the sacrifices throughout the centuries. I was eager to
Russians in 1861. Central Asian States of Samarkand, know if the Afghan resistance would also meet the
Bokhara and Tashqand were also lost to the Russians same fate, or whether this time destiny had other plans
during the same era in the late 19th century. The in store? Why this time it would be different, if it were
Ottoman Empire was dismembered in the post world to be, from the sad and tragic historical experience of
war period. Umar Mukhtar in Libya lost to the Italians the Muslim resistance wars in the past?
in 1931, Palestinians lost to the Jews in 1948 and
Kashmiris lost their freedom in 1947. Even as a child, These were critical questions itching for answers. My
in the books of Naseem Hijazi, I had read about the heart, mind and soul had been ignited into passionate
treachery and betrayals within the Muslim resistance and serious ponderings and readings since my first
movements as well as the failure of the Muslim interaction with the resistance forces, just a few
community at large, to rise in times of crises. I was months back, to search for the answers. Within my
also aware of the political and diplomatic blunders, heart, I was determined to play my role in proving
which had caused the Muslim military advantage to history wrong this time. Whatever I had witnessed by
collapse on so many occasions. The Muslim this time had shown me that the Afghan resistance
experience with the Russians was particularly painful, leadership was yet again hopelessly short of vision,
considering the last 400 years of debacles since the courage and wisdom to play a decisive role on the
Russian empire started to roll down from Moscow, global canvas. The real fears were that the gains made
on the battlefield, through staggering sacrifices of experience the others never had. I was thrust into
over a million people thus far, and the atrocious reality certain circumstances that the others could not even
of dislocating over 6 million Afghans, would dream of. I had interacted with the leaders at all levels
ultimately be lost on the negotiating table, when the and was shown what the others perhaps overlooked. I
major power players of the world would achieve their was protected and guarded even in the face of death as
objectives in this new great game. The Afghan if angels had been appointed to pull me through
resistance was hopelessly divided politically as well against all odds. I could see and feel dangers being
as militarily, though the presence of a common Soviet diverted when I would pursue them knowingly or
threat had maintained some semblance of a unified unknowingly and sometimes even foolishly. On the
resistance front. very private and personal level, the Afghan
occurrence was truly a mystical experience for me.
Little had I known at that time, that these passionate There were forces operating on plains which were
pursuit for answers to the complex questions haunting beyond intellect, beyond experience, beyond any
the Afghan resistance, were training me to become a logic. They could be felt but not explained and they
Security and Defense analyst in the later years. Today, were affecting me profoundly from a sublime,
after nearly 24 years, when I run my own Security and transcendent level. I take no credit for all these
Threat Analysis Think Tank, addressing the same blessings for I know how vulnerable I was on these
security and political issues which were once haunting battlefronts and how totally dependent upon divine
Afghanistan and Pakistan, gives a feeling of déjà vu. mercy.
Now, in retrospect, I can see that nature herself had *********
conspired to turn a young engineering student into
something he could never have become otherwise. Now, I was seated in front of Khalid Farooqi and
While thousands of young volunteers came and wanted to pick his brains on the issues that were
participated in the Jihad at that time, their role making me uncomfortable. We had a detailed
remained focused on pursuits of their passion or discussion on all these issues. He was candid, open
duties. Some were plain foot soldiers, some doctors, and frank. Even now I get an eerie, nostalgic feeling,
some engineers, some educationists and others media pondering over the fact that the critical issues raised
managers. They did their duty with courage, passion and discussed on the Sarobi base that day, actually
and honor. Some died in the battlefields and some came back to haunt the resistance a few years later and
went back to their lands with great stories of courage, degenerated the Jihad into a ruthless civil war, leading
passion and valor. When the history of Afghan up to another foreign invasion and occupation of the
resistance will be written, such honorable men will be country in 2001. Khalid Farooqi, for that matter all
remembered with respect. Many greater men will Mujahideen leadership, collapsed when the time for
remain unsung, unknown. They were the best this closure came after years of bitter war and resistance.
Muslim Ummah could produce at that time. When Though they succeeded in reversing the tide of history
there was total darkness and the Ummah was at least on this count that the Soviet Empire was forced
directionless, with Muslim lands under siege and to roll back from a Muslim land for the first time in 4
occupation, they sacrificed their families, homes, centuries, and the Afghan Jihad became the first
careers and wealth to live and die by the sword for a organized Muslim resistance to defeat a super power
noble cause they so passionately believed in. They of the time. These are great achievements no doubt,
were the true salt of the earth. They gave their best and but greater and more honorable heights could have
InshaAllah have received the ultimate reward from been reached had the Afghan leadership been taller in
their Creator. stature and sharper in vision and spirituality. In
November 1986, as a 22 year old novice into the war,
It was at the very onset of my Afghan adventures that I Allah had shown me the painful shapes of things to
had started to realize that perhaps Allah (swt) had come.
destined my humble role to be more encompassing, far
reaching and on a higher plain, than the rest of my My diary had saved some of the questions I had
comrades in arms. Allah had created such written for him, though our discussion revolved
circumstances that I was given the exposure and the around tactical, battle field operations in the theatre

Ammunition boxes being carried in cloths sheets due to lack of backpacks

under his command. From the government in exile to have not seen peace ever since. In 1986, when I, as a
the role of Geneva talks, to the unity within the youngster, could foresee this tragic end in the making,
Afghans, to the role of the UNO and OIC, as well as it is strange how the major power players in the world,
disputes within the Afghan resistance, came under Pakistan or among theAfghan Mujahideen leadership,
discussion. could not see it coming. Perhaps they saw it and it was
also a part of the plan not to give any closure to the
As per the fears raised by me back then, a couple of Afghan resistance after the Soviet withdrawal, and to
years later, the Afghan cause was sold in the Geneva create the chaos we see today in order to create
accord after the Soviet withdrawal and the Afghans circumstances for the American invasion in the 21st
were abandoned by the US, the UN as well as the OIC, century.
leaving them to fight a bitter war within themselves
and against the last remains of the Communist army of Back in Sarobi camp, my diary entry had these painful
Najeebullah. Afghan Mujahideen could not form a questions noted down:
government in exile after the Soviet withdrawal, nor
could they capture any major city, which would have 1. Government in exile.
acted as their new Capital. The bloody and failed
battle of Jalalabad in 1989, doomed all hopes of a 2. Air defense systems against new black jet used
Mujahideen government, and thus till 1992 by red army.
Najeebullah held his ground, till he was finally
overrun by the alliance of Tajiks, Uzbeks and Hazaras, 3. Coordination, cooperation between different
threatening the Pashtuns of being sidelined in the new Hizb's.
power struggle. A bitter civil war with the Pashtuns
ensued, which later, in 1996 invited the Pashtun 4. Mujahideen membership of OIC and UNO.
Taliban and then theAmericans in 2001, as allies to the
non-Pashtuns, who had by now formed their own 5. What do the Mujahideen require and expect
military coalition of Northern Alliance. The Afghans from the Islamic world? What is your call to
the Islamic world?
6. Any chances of Soviet pullout and political In this aspect, my diary entry read:
solution, is Jihad the only way? any optimism
regarding the Geneva talks? Requirements of the Mujahideen

7. In Afghanistan, Russians are working on a 1. Range finders

mass program of intellectual revolution and
nearly 25 thousand children are taken to 2. Ear guards
Russia for education. How do you think you
will tackle this problem as it can tremendously 3. Binoculars
affect the future of freeAfghanistan?
4. Stretchers
At the tactical level, the needs and requirements of the
Mujahideen had already been written by me and 5. Belts
shown to Khalid. He approved of them as well. It was
shocking for me to see that the resistance was paying 6. Backpacks
with blood for equipment, which could have been
easily procured off the shelf and used in making life 7. Gloves
comfortable for the resistance, both in transit and in
the battlefield. It was even stranger that such a rag tag 8. Socks
army was nailing down the mightiest Soviet army, for
which NATO had spent billions of dollars to counter. I spent a day with Khalid on his base, picking his mind
Winter had almost set in and I was seeing men without and mixing with the resistance to get the feel of the
socks, without gloves, without backpacks to carry battlefield. The Mujahideen were preparing for a
their stuff into the mountains. The wounded were major attack on a post before the snow fall and onset of
carried in cloth sheets, as there was no concept of field winter, which would slow down the operation. Khalid
stretchers. Hardly anyone carried water bottles or tied wanted me to stay close to him but I insisted in going
military belts around their waists to hold bottles or to the forward attacking base. I could sense the same
knives, for none were available despite the desperate protective care in him which I had felt in Kochi Khan
need for these most basic items. For lack of ear guards, in March, at Jalalabad, when I insisted on going in the
the ears of the Mujahideen would bleed, as their open assault and he wanted me to stay close to him,
shoulder fired RPG launchers or recoilless rifles near the recoilless rifle. Finally, I had my way and
would be held uncomfortably close to the ears for Khalid reluctantly allowed me to move to the forward
multiple fires. For absence of Range finders, many base and handed me over to Dr. Awwal Jan, the front
precious rockets or shells would be wasted in trying to line operational commander of Sarobi front for Hizb-
find the range of the target through trial and error, e-Islami.
which would not only waste ammunition and alert the
enemy, killing the advantage of surprise, but would My diary recalls these very nostalgic moments when I
also give away the friendly position, which would then had moved to the forward location:
receive hostile fire causing casualties. Binoculars 19th November 86
were rare even at the front line posts. Even on my very It's my fifth day with the Mujahideen Sarobi in
first visit, I could see the absence of this most basic but Paktika. Preparing for days for a big action.
vital battlefield equipment, but those providing Commander Khalid is leading the Mujahideen
billions of dollars of weapons and ammunition, united front against one strong govt. post. Attack
somehow failed to notice. Later, when I was back in would be in a few days and preparations are
Pakistan, we created a supply line of this equipment underway for the big show.
for the fronts, sending in thousands of such needed I had good sittings with Khalid. He is a fine Mujahid
items and units, though considering the size of the with good tactical sense. During the attack he
resistance and the need, our entire effort was just a wanted me to stay at the Ack Ack guns, being used in
drop in the ocean. anti-personnel role against the government post, but
I want to go with the mujahideen in the open
Soviet war on Afghan nation - the landmines and the victims

assault. Let's see what Allah has for me. Still have dominance and surveying in the region. Each day, the
few days to go for that. fighting patrols would leave the camp and would look
I am thoroughly enjoying the feeling of spiritual for enemy movements, ambush opportunities, battle
purity only reserved for the battle fronts. May Allah field reconnaissance and mine clearing operations. It
accept our humble effort and bless us and the Jihad was exciting work and excellent education for me,
with His help and pleasure. (Ameen)” very necessary for training and orientation of the
guerrilla war tactics.
Dr. Awwal Jan was a very pleasant, tall and firmly
built man in his mid 40's. We both took instant liking to Dr. Awwal was a trained mine sweeper as well. Every
each other, and from here onward, he would play the day, he carried a long mine detector in his hand,
role of my mentor and guardian angel. From the rear followed by his men, including me, and would go to
base of Khalid, we drove next to the foothills, further clear landmines from the posts and passages, which
into the mountains overlooking the plains towards were planted by the enemy. Enemy scouts would
Urgoon. It was here that in a narrow ravine, the deliberately plant mines inside empty Mujahideen
Mujahideen, under the command of Awwal Jan, had foxholes and trenches on the ridges, making it
their base hidden deep in the jungle under the extremely dangerous to step into trenches without
overhanging peaks. Consisting of few grey tents and sweeping them first. Once, in my naivety, during a
dugouts on the mountain slopes, it was an ideal patrol, I moved ahead of the group and tried to enter a
defensive position and almost totally camouflaged small foxhole on the ridge overlooking the plains. If
from the air. A small stream of ice-cold water ran right Awwal Jan had not shouted in time to warn me, I
through the narrow canyon housing the base. Trees of would have lost a leg for sure. He pulled me back,
special pine nuts, called Chilgozas grew in thousands, swept the ground inches away from me, with his
laden with ripened fruit. In Pakistan one could only minesweeper. His headphones made small beeping
dream of having Chilgozas due to their high cost, but sounds which only he could hear, but the expression
here we were based in their jungle. Throughout my life on his face showed that he had found something.
before or after, I have not eaten so many Chilgozas as I Circling the round metal disc over the suspected area,
did in those few days, with the Mujahideen of Sarobi. he asked one of his men to dig out the mine. Using a
There, I also tasted the true flavour of another kind: Dr. bayonet to prod the earth surface lightly, he found the
Awwal Jan taught me Pashtu, which I noted down in deadly trap, removed the dirt from it carefully, and
my faithful little diary. then lifted it from the base using the blade of the knife.
It was for the first time I witnessed a live mine being
The base consisted of about 40 Mujahideen, who were taken out from the land, a spot I had almost stepped on.
basically at a screening position to give time to rear Ashiver of chill went through my spine. I was red with
bases to prepare and respond in case any attack came sheepish embarrassment. Very carefully, Awwal Jan
from the enemy posts, and were also serving as unscrewed a small bolt on the side of the mine and
fighting and reconnaissance patrols for area jerked it slightly, bending it sideways. A small fuse
A typical Mujahideen Observer group on a hilltop

like detonator fell out. He put the bolt back and then of Dr.Awwal Jan.
pressed the top of the mine with both hands, it made a
small “clicking” sound. Now the mine was safe. If the A Hizb camera team from Peshawar also arrived
detonator had not been taken out and I had stepped on which intended to film the entire operation. Daud was
the mine, it would have blown away my leg. He looked the chief cameraman. Those were the days of VHS
at me kindly, not saying a word but performing the video cameras which recorded on tapes. Also, the
whole operation right in front of me, to teach the digital age of still cameras had not arrived and still
invaluable lesson once again without saying it – stupid pictures were taken on film cameras. A film roll would
men don't last long! take weeks or months to be taken from the battlefield
to get back to Peshawar for processing, and only then
Afghanistan has millions of mines planted across the one would know what had come out. Daud had a
country by the Soviets. It was a brutal way to fight the passion for his work. A young, sober man of medium
population that offered such stiff resistance. It is height, in his mid twenties; we became instant friends.
estimated that with the present demining pace, it
We talked about each other's lives, passions and
would take almost 400 years for the country to be
ambitions. We promised to meet again in Peshawar
cleansed of all the deadly traps spread all over the
when I would return. I noticed two pens in his breast
countryside in farms, around rivers, lakes, plains and
in fields. In later years, I had more close shaves with pocket!
landmines in every region of the country. It is nothing
short of a miracle that I am alive today after so many That night I had insisted upon being given the night
close encounters with these elusive and deadly foes. It sentry duties. My turn of guard was near dawn and by
was due to the threat of these weapons that the the time I completed two hours of my duty on the hill,
Mujahideen had developed the practice of single file it was daybreak. Days started early on those fronts.
marching, in the suspicious zones. Each man would Everyone was awake, leisurely and casual. Some were
step into the footmarks of the one ahead of him in busy in preparing breakfast and others trying to
order to avoid making contact with unsafe ground. snuggle back into their sleeping bags after prayers. It
The first man of the column was always at risk and had was a beautiful cold morning and hardly anything
to be the bravest. That day, we pulled many more signaled the bloody adventure that was about to hit us
mines from trenches and foxholes. The Mujahideen like a thunderbolt.
were preparing for a major offensive, and clearing the
area was necessary. These patrols were invaluable in Around 7o'clock in the morning, a young man came
battle field orientation and survival tactics. I was rushing in through the narrow gorge, which housed
relishing every moment of these, under the patronage our base. He was one of the Mujahideen from a nearby
similar camp. He was breathless and in obvious panic. hills and get on to the high ridges along with 10 older
He charged into our tent where about 20 Mujahideen men, who he thought would find it difficult to keep
had gathered in and around, and made a loud pace on the deadly mountainous tracks. We were told
announcement in Pashtu, “Askar Raghley”, the enemy to hold the ridge. I wanted to go with him and so I
troops have arrived! He then quickly delivered the rest insisted. He paused, looked at me, and I saw a painful
of the message that the enemy had attacked at dawn smile on his face. He glanced back where his
and was rapidly gaining ground towards the foothills, Mujahideen were charging fast and then turned
backed by tanks and the infantry! towards me with a silent but firm plea, “You are
holding me back. Please go!” I could clearly see the
What happened after that was even more stunning for love, care and concern on his face as well as the
me. For a second, the listening crowd remained dead desperation to go with his men, but he wanted to make
silent and frozen to allow the messenger to complete sure that I would be away from harm's way. I decided
his message. Then suddenly, the casual, leisurely to obey him and turned right. A relieved Awwal Jan
crowd exploded into an electrifying flurry of battle turned left and charged down the valley to join his
preparations. While everyone prepared to get their men. I climbed and reached the ridge. There lying on
gear for moving out to face the enemy, I just watched my belly, I lifted my head to see the battle in the valley
in amazed silence. In less than five minutes of below. It was an awesome and formidable sight!
receiving the news, the first batch of Guerillas had
already geared up and left for the battle! The sheer The mountain foothills as well as the entire valley
pace and the flawless efficiency, with which these plains were within the range of my view, clear as a
seemingly carefree, sleepy young men were picture, in the early morning sunshine. I was at an ideal
transformed into hardcore war machines, would put position to observe the tactics of the battle. In the
any professional army to shame. Even the most highly plains right in front of me, was a column of enemy
trained Special Forces of any country could not have tanks pointing their guns straight at us and advancing
moved out as quickly as they did on that particular day. towards the mountains. They were about 3 kilometers
away. I could see the enemy infantry following them
One young man who led the first batch out was, too. On my left towards the foothills, the Mujahideen
Baryaley. He shouted at everyone to follow him and were seen breaking out from the mountain slopes and
those who were ready were led by him into the battle. moving into the plains. It was going to be a face to face
He had the courage, the flair and the initiative. I could infantry battle now. Suddenly I saw a huge flash above
see a leader in him. I still see him in my memory, the tank and before I could react to it, a tank shell flew
moving rapidly and then stopping briefly to turn inches over our heads with a massive, whistling
around and making a “follow me” gesture. The image “whoooosh”, and crashed with a cracking, thunderous
is permanently etched in my memory. explosion in the mountain side just behind me. God!

I waited, observed and then left with Dr. Awwal Jan,

who was delayed because he was busy opening the
boxes and distributing the ammunition. Once all were
fully armed, he too left with about 20 remaining men
including myself. We marched through the narrow
gorge at a fast pace and advanced forward towards the
foothills. The excitement was razor sharp. We could
hear fierce gunfire at close range, signaling that the
fight was already hot and close. Daud also had left
earlier, with an advance group.

We reached a “Y” junction within the gorge. I could

see that Awwal Jan did not want me to go with him to
the front. Already the sounds of gunfire had become
rapid and loud. His guardian angel mode had been Spoils of war - A captured Soviet tank
used by Mujahideen
switched on. He ordered me to turn right, climb the
A Russian tank totally destroyed by a Mujahideen anti-tank mine

That was scary! It had shaken me completely. The personal now!

tanks were now taking direct aim at the very ridge I
was lying on, but I had learned something as well. The Moments later, we heard another similar bang and
flash on the tank would signal a fire and we would another plume of smoke rose from the tank behind the
quickly slide backwards into the safety of the ridge first, wounded one. The second tank had come closer
slope. The shell would fly over our heads and hit the to the first one to tug and drag it away from the battle
mountain behind us and then we would rise again to field. The rescue tank itself struck a landmine and was
see the action. It was naive of us to think that a few feet also incapacitated. We were now truly delirious,
of ridge would protect us against a direct, high screaming our hearts out with excitement. With two
explosive or armoured piercing tank shell. If the ridge tanks damaged and abandoned, the enemy attack
edge had taken a direct hit, it would have blown us all began to fizzle out and the remaining tanks and
into oblivion. At least a dozen shells were fired at us armoured cars began a slow withdrawal, allowing the
but all went inches above our heads and missed the Mujahideen to advance a little further. Then tragedy
ridge slopes. struck.

It was around noon now, and the battle had been raging The Mujahideen were using 14.5mm and 12.7mm
for a few hours now. I could see that it had come to a anti-aircraft guns positioned in the mountains, in anti-
stall with neither side making advances, but the firing personnel role in this battle. These guns were also
continued. Suddenly, I heard a huge explosion, which firing on the enemy tanks and armoured cars in the
once again shook us all, but somehow, something was valley, from around 2 kilometers away. One Mujahid
different. There was no flash of the tank barrel, so had advanced forward and was able to climb the
what could have caused this explosion? Then we saw a abandoned wounded tank, and had turned its 7.62mm
plume of thick black smoke emerging from under the Granov machine gun around to fire at the retreating
leading tank. The tank was smoking heavily and had enemy. This was an act of mad bravery and raw
come to a stop. It had either hit a Mujahideen anti-tank courage. The Mujahideen, anti-aircraft gunners could
mine or was hit by a recoilless rifle or RPG, which had not tell the difference between the government soldier
broken its tracks, grinding it to a halt. Once we in uniform and the Mujahid on top of the tank. They
realized that it was incapacitated, we were ecstatic. zeroed on the tank and fired, killing the Mujahid.
Screaming “Nara-e-Takbeer” at the top of our voices, I
felt a deep personal satisfaction at getting back at this At night, when we were all safely back at the base, I
particular tank. This was the one that had fired the was shattered to know that the killed Mujahid was
maximum number of shells at us, served it right; it was none other than Baryaley.
There were more sad news to come: Daud had been to cause panic and confusion, in which they failed, and
wounded as well. A mortar shell had landed near him incurred severe losses in the process.
while he was filming the action, wounding him
critically. He was taken out towards Pakistan and no At night when I went into my sleeping bag in the tent, I
one knew about his condition. pondered over the day's events. It was a massive
educational process for me, witnessing the entire
My diary records the day's events in these words: battle in a kaleidoscopic sequence and in
understanding the tactics of the war being fought. It
20 November 86: was often said within the Mujahideen ranks that
“Praise be to Allah, the Lord of all the worlds. Afghan army were cowards and that they would not
Today, we had a long action day in actual battle. fight well in a battle. There was a general tendency
The enemy attacked us in the morning but by the within the resistance and even within the Arabs and
grace of Allah, the Mujahideen were able to beat off Pakistanis, to rubbish the Afghan army. I saw the
the attack. It was a full day's action with heavy Afghan army fight that day, and they fought well.
casualties to the enemy both in men and equipment, They came out of their fortresses and into the open.
the Mujahideen gave one shaheed and two wounded. They took the war to the Mujahideen without the
One of the wounded is my friend Daud. I have not Soviet support and without any air cover. They fought
seen him after his injury but I am told he is serious. a bitter battle all day and then withdrew by the
May Allah accept his effort in His way. He was a evening, after giving a dawn surprise to the resistance.
member of the camera team, which had come from I began to take the Afghan army seriously. The
Peshawar to film the Jihad. I only participated in Communist army comprised of Afghans as well, and
watching the whole action and seeing the miracles all Afghans are natural born fighters, irrespective of
in the Jihad. The enemy was very far from my post their religious beliefs or ethnic distribution. In the later
to fire upon, but by the grace of Allah I had a good years this fact was proven beyond doubt. After the
view of the live action, something that pays an Soviet withdrawal in 1988, the Afghan communist
important role in the training of a soldier. We thank army held their ground on their own for almost 4 years
Allah for his mercy upon His humble servants. All against the combined might of all Mujahideen groups.
praises are for Him, the Greatest, the Almighty.” This underestimation of the Afghan army caused
many debacles in the years to come, the biggest one
I was glad to see Dr. Awwal Jan safely back. He was being the defeat of the Mujahideen at the hands of the
dusty and tired but very happy. He was a graceful man Afghan army at Jalalabad in 1989. I was there too and
and showed emotions with a flair of dignity. I could experienced their tenacity first hand once again.
see that he was happy to see me safe as well. At night,
after everyone had had a warm meal, there were a Two days later, while we were preparing for our attack
thousand stories to tell over the hot cups of Afghan on the Afghan army post, I received the very sad news
chai. Each man excitedly narrated his tales, around the – Daud had died too!
warm campfire in the bitter cold.
(To be continued)
The fact that there were no enemy aircraft deployed on
that day, was surprising for me. The Mujahideen had
come out in the open to confront the advancing
Afghan army. We too were highly exposed on the
ridges. It was easy picking for the Soviet air force, but
they did not show up. The reports of a proposed
Mujahideen attack on the nearby post had reached the
enemy too. They had launched this attack to throw the
Mujahideen off guard and to disrupt their attack plans.
It was clear that the enemy did not want to capture
territory nor came with a determined plan to push the
Mujahideen back. It was a pre-emptive strike in order