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A best place to learn VLSI, Robotics, Embedded System and MATLAB

QRAT, 3/186-Vivek khand, near Neelkanth, Gomati nagar, Lucknow, UP, India, 226001 Phone: +91-522-2397687 (Office) Mobile: +91-9793206228, +91-9696668157 ebrains.tech@gmail.com

Training Program
Dear Sir/Madam e-Brain[s] Tech. is organizing special Summer Training Programs in “VLSI Design (VHDL, Verilog, PSPICE and Back end), Embedded Systems, Robotics and MATLAB”. The aim of this summer project training and certificate programs is to provide you with the experience of designing a circuit of approximately a few thousand gate complexity.
Training will be provided by expert IITians or Industrial Experts.

e-Brain[s] Tech. is offering training and certificate programs in the following design categories. Training Duration Registration Fee Total Fees : 15 DAYS/30 DAYS : Rs. 1500/: Rs. 5,000/- For Module 1 & Module 3 Rs. 6,000/- For Module 2 & Module 4

MODULE 1: Category 1: Front-end design using VHDL Category 2: Category 3: Front-end design using PSPICE Back end design (Layout)

MODULE 2: Embedded System Design MODULE 3: Robotics MODULE 4: MATLAB Interested students can enroll as soon as possible. For any further enquiry Students can contact us: QRAT, 3/186-Vivek Khand, Near Neelkanth, Gomati nagar, Lucknow (U.P.) Phone: 0522-2397687 (Office), 09793206228, 09696668157 ebrains.tech@gmail.com
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e-Brain[s] Tech.
Lucknow UP (INDIA)

. Design of 8237/8357 DMA Controller.tech@gmail. Category 2 Major and Minor Projects 1. Four point moving average of 8-bit data with speciation as Y (n) = (X (n) + X (n-1) + X (n-2) + X (n-3))/4 5. Embedded System and MATLAB QRAT. Advanced camera scanner system. Various projects related to temperature compensation of different designs. Design of various current Mirrors. Design of Current Mode Devices like current Conveyor. 7. 16/32. 8.com LIST OF PROJECT PROJECTS FOR MODULE 1: VLSI DESIGN Category 1 Major Projects 1. Design of operational transconductance amplifier (OTA) using CMOS and bipolar technologies and its various applications. 5. Design and Implementation of USART. 4.e-Brain[s] Tech. +91-9696668157 ebrains. Lucknow. Design of Universal Filter based on CCCII using 0. 6. 4. 7. near Neelkanth. Design of Current Controlled current Conveyor (CCC) using various technologies and various applications. Design of Phase Lock Loop 2. Drill machine system. Design of 8-bit Microcontroller/Microprocessor 2. 6. 6. Vending Machine Controller 7. A best place to learn VLSI.5μm CMOS Technology. Security System. Gomati nagar.bit ALU. etc. Design of 16-bit Multiplier using either of the following algorithms (a) Repeated Addition (b) Shift & Add Method and (c) Booth’s Algorithm 4. 5. 3. Design of ARM (32-bit Microprocessor) with pipelining. UP. Robotics. 3. Current controlled current conveyor etc. Simulation of macro model based Op-amp and its various applications. 226001 Phone: +91-522-2397687 (Office) Mobile: +91-9793206228. 2. 3/186-Vivek khand. Traffic Light Controller using Structural and FSM Method. Digital Alarm Clock 3. India. etc. Minor Project 1. Digital sound meter.

25. Power saver. 5. 226001 Phone: +91-522-2397687 (Office) Mobile: +91-9793206228. 20. Timer and counters. 26. 12. Lucknow. RF. A best place to learn VLSI. 10. 27. Home Intelligent System. Ultrasonic distance measurement. Telephone line based automation. 3/186-Vivek khand. Temperature Control Mechanism in Air conditioning. 23. Dimmer. 19. Microcontroller based wireless patient monitoring system.tech@gmail. 3. Water level controller. 11. 17. Remote control for PC. LPG leakage. etc.e-Brain[s] Tech. 6. near Neelkanth. remote control robot. 2. 8. Gas sensor alcohol sensing. Robotics. Robot line follower. UP. wireless dimmer. Energy Meters. 16. RFID. GSM mobile phone automation. IR remote control. India. Stepper Motor Mechanism 4. 18. Gomati nagar. Motor protector. Smoke alarm 13. 21. +91-9696668157 ebrains. Microcontroller based metro station auto detection system. graphic LCD. 22. 7. 9.com Many other related projects Category 3 Many Layout Design projects PROJECT FOR MODULE 2: EMBEDDED SYSTEMS Major Projects & Minor Projects 1. DC voltmeter. Embedded System and MATLAB QRAT. 15. LCD display control. Data logger. Keyboard and seven segment display interfacing. . 24. Temperature controller. 14. AC main RMS voltmeter. DC motor Speed Control.

etc. 2. network security etc. handwriting detection. Design of RF and IR controlled Wireless Robot.com PROJECT FOR MODULE 3: ROBOTICS Major Projects 1. Design of Fire Extinguishing Robots. Minor Project 1. A best place to learn VLSI. Design of Computer Controlled Autonomous/Semi-Autonomous Robots. bolometers and switches etc. UP. 3. text mining. mass sensors and tunneling current sensors etc. pressure sensors. Artificial Intelligence. Design of Microcontroller Based Line Following Robot. +91-9696668157 ebrains. 3. 3/186-Vivek khand. Data mining and Machine Learning projects. Embedded System and MATLAB QRAT. India. near Neelkanth. identification of spam mail. Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) – Modeling of MEMS. Modeling of nano sensors. 3. Design of Mobile controlled Robot. Lucknow. Note: There are many other projects are to be covered. Gomati nagar. vibration sensors. etc. Implementation of different algorithms from research papers by using MATLAB. Design of Obstructions Detection Based Robot 2. All necessary help will be provided to complete their project within time. Controlling of Relay Based Motor Mechanism. 226001 Phone: +91-522-2397687 (Office) Mobile: +91-9793206228. Student may also bring their own project. above projects are written just to mention few of them. PROJECT FOR MODULE 4: MATLAB Major Projects 1. 4. Robotics.e-Brain[s] Tech. .tech@gmail. accelerometer. 2.