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A*STAR National Science Scholarship

My PhD was a learning experience apart from the thrill of scientific discovery, I was schooled in the virtues of hard work, perseverance and endurance. The Cambridge MB-PhD programme has taught me to appreciate the integrative nature of both medicine and science, and that excellent scholarship is synonymous with lifelong learning.
National Science Scholarship (MBBS - PhD) MB-PhD Programme, University of Cambridge Raffles Junior College

Su Xinyi

National Science Scholarship (NSS) MBBS-PhD

The National Science Scholarship (MBBS-PhD) programme seeks to train a core group of clinician-scientists who can take the next step in biomedical science research translating basic research discoveries into real clinical applications. The programme supports 3 years of undergraduate studies followed by 5-6 years of intercalated MBBS-PhD at selected UK universities. Upon successful completion of MBBS-PhD, scholars may proceed to clinical specialist training.

The long-term career opportunity for clinicianscientists in Singapore is very bright. These investigators, who are trained not only in science but also in clinical medicine, will serve as the leaders of translational and clinical research teams. These are also the individuals who will be essential in driving collaborations between the biomedical industry and academia. Thus A*STAR is putting special emphasis on our MBBS-PhD to develop the next generation of leaders in translational medicine.
Candidates with a strong interest in pursuing a career as clinician-scientists Singaporeans or Singapore PR/ASEAN Nationals intending to take up Singapore citizenship Excellent results for GCE A Level (minimum 11 units), International Baccalaureate (IB), NUS High School diploma or equivalent Candidates are expected to sit for SATs prior to, or during the course of their application. The expected minimum scores are as follows: SAT I 2100 minimum SAT II 1400 minimum Candidates must have obtained an offer from UK medical schools offering the intercalated MBBS-PhD programme They must also apply and gain admission into the National University of Singapore Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine Preference will be given to candidates with experience and notable achievements in science-related projects and activities

Award Details
Successful candidates will be given support for up to 9 years of academic pursuit, leading to MBBS and PhD degrees. Scholarship support comprises#: Full tuition fees Monthly sustenance allowance Annual return airfare Annual book allowance Computer allowance Warm clothing and settling-in allowance Additional allowances are available in the PhD phase of scholarship Houseman allowance
#All allowances vary according to country and university, and are subject to A*STAR adjustments

Service Commitment
6 years, inclusive of 1-year housemanship in Singapore

Executive Director Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences (SICS), A*STAR

Prof Judith Swan

How To Apply
Please refer to for application process and deadline.

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