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The Participant Guide to All Things Fringe

PHASE 1: Welcome to Fringe

Welcome, 2023 Fringe Participants!

Congratulations! You are now a part of our 13th annual Hollywood Fringe
Festival. We are proud to work with such talented and diverse artists and
producers. The work you do is important, and each story is vital to our
collective understanding of ourselves and each other. The stories you
share will have an impact – hold that with great pride and responsibility.
The world is not an easy place, especially for artists. We feel deeply and
choose to dive even more deeply into those feelings, however painful or
uncomfortable, in an effort to bring more awareness, change, acceptance,
laughter, and love into the world. We hope #hff23 provides you ample
opportunity to have fun, build your network and challenge yourself with new
experiences. Remember - we are here for you! We believe in your unique
voice and the bold endeavor you’ve begun, and we strive to create a safe
space to recharge your artistic soul and amplify your voice: we’ve got your

At Fringe, community is at the center of all that we do. We are a collective

of artists, entrepreneurs, and dreamers. Though we are made up of
individuals, we are bound together by our pursuit of art. Connections made
at Fringe have led to incredible friendships and astonishing collaborations.
We’ve seen it happen time and time again; this community can help evolve
your artistry and your soul. It is, of course, your choice to partake or abstain
from socializing with our symphony of storytellers. Our take: dive in
headfirst and don’t look back!

This year’s Fringe also offers a wealth of opportunity: to grow as an artist,

reach an infinitely wider audience, and take more significant creative risk.
There’s no better place to jump out of your comfort zone than in the Fringe
Zone; the Fringe community is your net, and your jump is celebrated no
matter the outcome. So risk big; you have a safe place to fall.

This Hollywood Fringe Participant Packet is jam packed withtips, tricks, and
discounts to lighten the intellectual and financial load of the Fringe journey
and beyond. We know there is a ton of information to wade through during
Fringe; this packet is intended to help guide your path and reconcile the
adventure ahead with a configuration of doable steps.

Just don’t forget to have the time of your life— it’s officially time to FRINGE!


If you want to be included in our printed guide, you must register by

April 1

Printed Guide Deadline (ads, text, venue): April 10

Tickets go on sale: May 1
Official Previews: June 1-6
Opening Night Party: June 7
Festival Dates: June 8-25
Fringe Awards & Closing Night Ceremony: June 25


The Hollywood Fringe Festival is an annual, open-access, community-

derived event celebrating freedom of expression and collaboration in the
performing arts community. Each year during the Hollywood Fringe, the
arts infiltrate the Hollywood neighborhood: fully equipped theaters, parks,
clubs, churches, restaurants, and other unexpected places host hundreds
of productions by local, national, and international arts companies and
independent performers.
Participation in the Hollywood Fringe is completely open and uncensored.
This free-for-all approach underlines the festival’s mission to be a platform
for artists without the barrier of a curating body. By opening the gates to
anyone with a vision, the festival is able to exhibit the most diverse and
cutting-edge points of view the world has to offer. Additionally, by creating
an environment where artists must self-produce their work, the Fringe
motivates its participants to cultivate a spirit of entrepreneurialism in the

The Hollywood Fringe Festival is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. The

festival gives 100% of box office revenue back to participating artists and
venues— over 3.9 million dollars since the inaugural festival in 2010.


This festival is built on freedom of expression and lack of censorship, which

means we must maintain the utmost respect for one another to create a
safe place for people to take risks in their work. We do not censor your
words unless they are actively harmful or hateful towards a protected
group, for example, women, people of color, queer & trans folks, disabled
folks, d/Deaf folks, fat folks, and religious folks.

There are limits to this uncensored nature, which is often set by our Access
Committee and enforced by our staff and Code of Conduct Committee.

We have a very diverse community, one that often has more women and
nonbinary people producing than men, and we attempt to foster a
community where these folks do not face all the gendered issues they
typically face in a working environment.

We are on a path to making this Fringe a more accessible space – this

sometimes means people may use disability-related terms you’re not
familiar with or an interpreter may block your view of the panelists – we
encourage you to use that as a learning opportunity. Google those terms,
move seats, and appreciate the privilege you have to not face these
oppressions in other environments.

We are a space that is committed to anti-racism, not only through our

words but through our actions. In many environments, people face
microaggressions and racism daily. At Fringe, we actively work to keep
these behaviors out of our spaces. We are radically aware of this, and try to
engage folks in conflict resolution when they make mistakes.

We fiercely protect our community ethos and reserve the right to ask
anyone to leave or take a break from our space at any time. This isn’t to
scare you but to encourage you to take this path with us. This is also a
promise to those in this room that face these issues outside this
community- we will actively work with you to make sure these issues are
handled. We strive to have a wholly inclusive environment and invite you to
join us on this journey.


In addition to this community ethos, we have a Code Of Conduct

The following are not allowed within our community:

● Microaggressions
● Verbal and physical intimidation, hate speech, and harassment
● Sexual harassment and assault
● Excessive consumption of alcohol and other legal substances
● Aggressive behavior
● Disrespectful behavior

As you’re navigating the festival, be mindful of:

Intention vs. Impact

● Intent is what you aim to achieve through an action, and impact is
how a person or community receives that action. The impact of that
action does not always match the intent. Good intentions do not
always result in a positive impact, and although our intention is not to
hurt someone, our actions may lead to harm.
● At The Hollywood Fringe, we look at the impact of our actions,
whether direct or indirect, beyond the original intention and take
opportunities to become more culturally competent..

Public vs. Private Interactions

● Our actions, discussions, and behaviors are nuanced between
different settings. And sometimes, what’s appropriate in one setting
may not be appropriate in a public setting.
● Especially when you are in a public Fringe space, keep your
interactions appropriate for our community, and please be mindful of
how others there might be affected by your behavior

If you witness or experience any of the above, report it to any present

Fringe staff member as soon as possible. Or email

We’re not trying to scare you - we can all produce better work, and we can
have a better community, if we work to create this space. We are not in the
business of punishment and actually reject that idea whenever possible.
However, if you are not in a space to handle this with us, we will protect our
community from you or a team member’s behavior.

If you make a mistake, bravely take responsibility for it, listen, and learn.
We encourage you to take a deep breath and avoid defensive reactions
that come from pride, embarrassment, and white supremacy culture. The
Hollywood Fringe staff will do our best to listen and empathize with artists
or crew members who have been reported to us, but we practice victim-
centered conflict resolution. We also are fiercely protective of our diverse
community of artists, and community well-being takes precedent above the
individual. If you cause harm, even accidentally, you may be asked to leave
(or take a break) for the emotional safety of our artists.
If a member of the Fringe staff comes to you about a complaint, please
take it seriously. If our Code of Conduct is not followed, your time at Fringe
may come to an end. Participating in Fringe is a privilege, not a right.

We reserve the right to tell you that you cannot use our platform to uplift
your work- whether or not you agree with our reasoning.

Remember, as the primary producer on a project, the actions of your

cast and crew are ultimately your responsibility, and you need to
make sure they follow this ethos in our spaces. Please print out a
copy of our Code of Conduct and have these conversations. Thank
you in advance for honoring our Code of Conduct and, in doing so,
showing your respect for your community!


Festivities are back to normal, but health and safety are still important
factors as we navigate this new landscape of COVID consideration. There
are no festival-wide COVID Guidelines this year for audience
members. We do have guidelines for artists and crew members when
they test positive, and you can add additional requirements if it makes
your cast/crew feel more comfortable moving forward. Any vaccination
card checks and mask enforcement will be the responsibility of the crew of
the show (usually the person checking audience members’ tickets can
check for these things + hand out extra masks to those who forgot). Our
venue partners and the Hollywood Fringe will 100% support you enforcing
this, and can be of assistance should you receive any resistance. The
website has flags that you can create for each of your performances, easily
letting your audience know if masks or vaccination are required to attend.

COVID-19 affects us all differently. Kindly let your fellow Fringers know
where your comfortability lies, and be respectful when they do the same.
We are coming together from different places; it’s what makes this festival
so magical.
If someone in your production gets COVID-19 during the festival, you must
follow these guidelines:


Every year at Fringe, there is a wealth of information that goes out.

From important e-newsletter announcements to Festival policy, everything
you need to know is available at To make your
navigation of the website easier, here are some important sections!

● Fringe News (important updates, announcements, and more!)

● Participant Supportal (Festival how-to’s, official policy and more!)
● Make sure you have signed up for the Fringe Newsletter.
Hot Tip! Add to your contacts on
your email server to ensure you receive our updates!

Important Blog Posts/Support Articles

Code of Conduct
HFF23 Event Schedule
Participant-Specific Support Articles
Sample Fringe Budgets 2022
International Participation
Volunteer for HFF23
Accessibility Guide & Checklist
Market! Buy Your Printed Guide & Website Ads
Quick Link To My Show


We know that producing is not a cheap endeavor. You will find, scattered
throughout this packet, that we have put together discounts in all areas of
the process to help you save some money along your Fringe journey. We
will continue to update this packet with more discounts, so keep checking

Finding a venue to host your work is one of the trickiest and most critical
tasks of your Fringe producing experience. Fortunately, you have several
options and lots of ways to find help in your quest. If you ever need
pointers, tips, or advice, please contact support.

We suggest you begin your search early – the earlier the better.

Remember, Fringe venues can be anywhere: theatres, clubs, bars,

restaurants, found spaces, outdoor spaces…anything you have
rights/permission to control for the duration of your
events/performances/exhibitions. If you are interested in producing your
show in a found space within the Fringe Zone, email
More Info About HFF Venues
Venues Currently Registered at HFF
Upcoming Tours & Open Houses
The Fringe Zone

To see an overview of the spaces currently available during the

Fringe, check out this grid.


If you’ve already registered for a show during the Festival and have paid
your registration fee, then you can register an educational event (workshop,
class, instructional endeavor, etc.) at no additional charge. Email to add a workshop.
Those not already taking part in the festival can register to hold one of
these events for only $50. To learn about the benefits and what to consider
before registering, please visit this page.

This year, we have more festival events than ever before! Below you will
find every event in the 2023 Hollywood Fringe season. Workshops consist
of panel discussions with past Hollywood Fringe participants, and Town
Halls are led by Hollywood Fringe staff. Both are great ways to get to know
the Hollywood Fringe from different angles and perspectives!

Click any event that has already passed to view the recording. Every one of
these events will help you prepare for your Fringe journey. Start your
Fringe education today!

We will have ASL interpreters at all in-person events and auto-captioning

at all virtual events. If you would like to request an interpreter at any virtual
workshop, please contact at least 72 hours
before the event, and we will provide one.

All Fringe educational events are “pay what you can,” and donations
are much appreciated, but only if you can afford to do so.

Any Workshop or Town Hall that has already passed has been recorded
and is available here!


HFF23 In-Person Town Hall 1: Welcome to Fringe, Registration & More

Saturday, January 28, 2023, 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
The Hudson (6539 Santa Monica Blvd) | Livestream

HFF23 In-Person Town Hall 2: Prepping for Fringe

Saturday, April 15, 2023, 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm PT
The Hudson (6539 Santa Monica Blvd) | Livestream

HFF23 In-Person Workshop 1: Ask A Venue

Tuesday, January 10, 2023, 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm (6-8 panel, 8-9 networking)
Thymele Arts (5481 Santa Monica Blvd) | Livestream

HFF23 Virtual Workshop 2: Budgeting and Fundraising

Sunday, February 12, 2023, 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm PT
Zoom | Livestream

HFF23 Virtual Workshop 3: Anti-Racism in Producing

Sunday, February 26, 2023, 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm PT
Zoom | Livestream

HFF23 Virtual Workshop 4: Accessibility at the Fringe

Wednesday, March 8, 2023, 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm PT
Zoom | Livestream

HFF23 Virtual Workshop 5: Marketing and Ticketing

Sunday, March 26, 2023, 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm PT
Zoom | Livestream

HFF23 Virtual Workshop 6: How to Tech your Fringe Show

Sunday, April 2, 2023, 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm PT
Zoom | Livestream

HFF23 In-Person Workshop 7: Festival Expectations

Saturday, April 29, 2023, 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm PT
The Broadwater (6320 Santa Monica Blvd) | Livestream
Not only that, but all of the previous Workshops & Town Halls from past
Fringe festivals can be watched on our Youtube channel found here. We
highly recommend that you look at our 2019 workshops, as that is our last
pre-pandemic festival, which will be most similar to this year’s festival.


We are thrilled to introduce a branch of our Pre-Festival educational series

this year that is all about navigating the website and the many tools
available to you as Hollywood Fringe Festival participants.

Web Session 1: How to Navigate the Fringe Website Pre-Festival

Thursday, February 2, 2023, 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Zoom | Livestream

How to Navigate the Fringe Website During the Festival

Tuesday, May 2, 2023, 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Zoom | Livestream

PREVIEWS (June 1-6, 2023)

Think hard about how you want to use this time! Whether you plan to use
previews to get an early review or simply as a way to provide a soft
opening for your production, we recommend you book at least one
performance slot during this week (pick your slot carefully - the prime time
slots can be very competitive). Remember, the Fringe doesn’t sell tickets to
performances on June 7th — that’s the day of the Opening Night Party!


Working with an Equity actor? Be sure you’re using an Equity contract:
Note for livestream performances: During the pandemic, Equity has
implemented special remote work agreements and archive use agreements
to exhibit work online. The union welcomes employers who are interested
in issuing contracts for virtual performances, and interested parties should
reach out to their business representative to learn more.


If you choose to use music during your performance, make sure you are
using copyright-free tracks or hold a license to broadcast the tracks on your
livestream. Failure to comply can result in copyright strikes and termination
of your stream or, in some cases, fines. More information can be found by
researching the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).


Lounge on Melrose
7551 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046
Studio A $20/hr: (13ft x 9ft playable space plus risers)
Studio B $20/hr: (20ft x 9ft playable space plus risers)
Studio D $25/hr: (23ft x 12ft playable space plus risers)

Check out our website here for pictures of each space. Email to book your rehearsals!

The Zephyr Theatre

7456 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046

Main Stage $25/hr: (20-30 ft wide x 18ft deep playable space [Depending
on current set])

Check out our website here for pictures of the space. Email to book your rehearsals!

The Hudson Theatres

6539 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90038

$35/hr, weekdays before 5:30pm with a three-hour minimum (regular rate

for non-Fringe shows is $70/hr).
Go to to see pics. Click on the “producers” tab to
see specs of each space.
Email to book your rehearsals!


The Hollywood Fringe is about democratizing theatre and making theatre

creation more diverse, and the Access Committee works to create space
where that can come to fruition. This happens by making recommendations
to the organization and community at large, spearheading programming,
and engaging the community in dialogue around equity and inclusion.

Work that has come out of these meetings is a 5-year accessibility plan, a
2-year awards equity plan, and more. The ACCESS Committee also holds
open forums for the Fringe community to come together and address
issues that may come up within the Festival scope and the theatre
community at large.

Interested in joining the Access Committee? We review applications on a

rolling basis and would love to hear from you! To apply visit


The Hollywood Fringe Festival is devoted to accessibility and equity in our

festival and within the larger theatre community as a whole. We are a
young, progressive, grassroots organization and believe the choices we
make have a rippling impact on our community.

To maximize our impact we need your help. As producers, directors,

theatre-makers and actors you make up our festival, our culture, and our
community. When casting your Hollywood Fringe productions we ask that
you expand your perspective when casting. We are fed the incorrect
message that Whiteness and nondisabled humans are default. We highly
encourage you to cast your productions with the intention to have a cast
that represents the diverse city of Los Angeles and the diversity of our
Impact of equitable casting?
1. You create a production with more creative perspectives to elevate
your show.
2. You reach a wider audience when you cast actors across
communities and are inviting new audiences to participate in your
work, both through your actors’ networks and by representing and
attracting various communities to your show.
3. You’ll make more money. More audience members equals more
ticket sales and more money from your Fringe production.
4. Learn new perspectives and gain broader cultural competency
5. Contribute to anti-racism in our theatre community.

Click HERE to learn how to cast equitably and foster an inclusive



Learn ways to expand your audience by increasing the accessibility of your

show with our comprehensive Accessibility Guide for producers at

Following the 5 steps in our checklist below also ensures that you will
consider practices and procedures that will make potential audience
members feel more comfortable attending your show. Thank you for joining
us in our commitment to make fringe theatre as accessible as possible. If
you have any questions, feel free to email


1. Select the accessibility flags that apply to your performances. (You

can learn how to add accessibility flags, review the description of
each flag, and find additional resources in this year's Accessibility
Guide at
**Accessibility Flags are currently in development. We will alert all
participants when the site is ready so you can update your show's
Accessibility Flags for each performance

2. Provide more detailed information regarding the accessibility of your

performances on your project page.

3. Confirm your venue’s accessibility flags are up to date and accurate

for your performances.

4. Submit this form registering that you have completed these steps.

5. Share your accessibility plans with your performers, box office team,
and production crew so they know what to expect.



It is very important to network with others outside your production. Even if

you have the greatest show on Earth, you need to network. Some of the
most successful shows during Fringe are put up by participants who see a
lot of other shows, attend Fringe events, hang out at the Fringe gathering
places, and who aren’t afraid to strike up conversations with strangers. We
suggest you do the same!


Social media is one of the best ways to get noticed by other Fringers who
are often your best audience source. You might also get the attention of a
few bloggers or other members of the press. Please note that extra effort
here should not take the form of spamming potential followers and friends.
Well-thought-out content that tells a story or propels a conversation spread
out over time is always a much more charming way to captivate your
audience, rather than copying and pasting the same message to 100
people. Groups that put effort into this will reap the rewards: more reviews,
stories, and sold-out houses.

Be sure to follow @hollywoodfringe on Instagram, Facebook, & TikTok and

tag us when posting about your Fringe show! For the 2023 Festival, use the
#hff23 hashtag to join in on the fun.

Join our official Hollywood Fringe Facebook group!

We also recommend these participant-run Facebook groups. These groups

are run by veteran Fringe producers, not directly run or monitored by Fringe

● Los Angeles Theatre Artists

● Fringers Alliance

OFFICE HOURS (In-Person Events, 21+)

Join Hollywood Fringe staff and participants for weekly casual meet-ups at
different bars and restaurants around Hollywood. These events are your
chance to start to build your network and market your show! If you’re
wondering what the fuss is all about, check out this FringeTV video. Office
Hours take place Wednesdays starting March 29th. We’ve included the
times and (some) locations below. Each space will offer drink specials, and
there is plenty of food nearby each location if not offered inside the space.

Official Office Hours Series: 7-10 pm

March 29 - The Broadwater Plunge

April 5 - The Broadwater Plunge
April 12 - Location TBA
April 19 - Location TBA
April 26 - Location TBA
May 3 - Location TBA
May 10 - Location TBA
May 17 - Location TBA
May 24 - Location TBA
May 31 - Location TBA


These entirely virtual “Speed Networking” events are designed to start

connecting with Fringers joining from out of town or for those who want to
network with the community from the comfort of their home (we get it,
sometimes you just don’t want to deal with LA traffic)! During these
sessions, Fringe participants get to know each other in a musical chairs-
style format.

Digital Networking
Thursday, 4/20, 7:30 - 9:30 PM
Monday, 5/1, 7:30 - 9:30 PM
Monday, 5/22, 7:30 - 9:30 PM


You can purchase ads in the printed Fringe Guide and on the Hollywood
Fringe site with special participant rates (50% off the normal rate). This is
an effective and inexpensive way to draw a wider audience to your show.
Visit to check out your options. All printed guide
ads must be reserved by April 1st. There are no deadlines for online ads.

Reserve your ad today! Specs, detailed instructions, and even templates

are available at


We’ve made it a tradition to auction off the premium ad placements in the

Guide: the back cover, the inner front cover & the two centerfold ads. To
participate in the auction, you must purchase an ad by April 10th. We’ll
subtract the cost of your original ad buy from your bid if you win. Keep an
eye out for an announcement in our weekly newsletter about how to


Distributing postcards, posters, and/or other creative marketing products is

a great way to market your show. Here are some rules (and tips!) regarding
your printed goods.

You MUST...
• Print the Hollywood Fringe logo on your materials.
• You can download the logo at (if you forget
to do this, you can print stickers of the Fringe logo and place them on the


• Leave or adhere your promotional materials anywhere without permission,
especially in public places. The city can issue a fine for unauthorized

• Use creativity to make your materials stand out from the crowd!
• Make sure the main text is legible, even from a few feet away.
• Include essential info: What, Where, When, and How Much are the most
important details. Don’t leave this out, but also don’t include so much text
that it overwhelms your materials.
• Spell check, spell check, spell check!
• Offer your materials to people you don’t know, but make conversation
first. Be engaging!
• Place your postcards in Fringe Central (starting June 2), Fringe venues &
Hot Spots (make sure to talk with the venue manager first). Let them know
you are part of the Hollywood Fringe and they’ll let you know where you
can display your materials if they have space.


• Move/cover up other postcards with your own. The Fringe staff won’t
hesitate to remove your flyers if you do this. If you’re having trouble finding
room, consult with the venue’s manager.
• Hand out postcards to an audience walking out of a show unless you
have permission.
• Print more flyers than you need - please be mindful of the environment.
• Leave flyers at any business without permission.
• Litter!

Arnold is offering discounts on his normal pricing for Fringe participants.

Postcards require a 3-4 (4x6) or 4-5 (5x7 or 6x8) day turnaround. Combo
deal with any postcard order Includes (1x 24”x36” poster (printed on 9 mil
photo glossy material) and 100 11x17 posters (printed on 70 Lb. laser non
bleed) for $126.99 additional. All of the above rates do not include tax. Files
are needed for each postcard side and a separate file for posters. .125”
bleed on all sides for postcard files (not necessary for poster files) and 300
dpi. PDF, jpeg, tiff, png or eps files only. Glossy, matte, color, b&w, 1 or 2-
sided, all on 16 or 14pt stock. Contact:
or 818-487-9600. You must mention that it’s for your Fringe Festival show.
More specifics are posted here.



For additional information regarding deliverables and usage rights, visit
Includes: ONE concept and up to TWO revisions
Normal Pricing: $250 | FRINGE DISCOUNTED PRICING: $175
Additional Concepts: Normal Pricing: $50 | FRINGE DISCOUNTED
Additional Revisions: Normal Pricing: $25 | FRINGE DISCOUNTED
Includes: ONE concept and up to TWO revisions of either a double-sided
postcard OR an up to TWO slide digital ad. *Client must provide all copy
and other content / images / show art. If artwork provided is not in a
suitable aspect ratio / size to fit the dimensions of the postcard / ad, I can
rework it to fit for an additional fee (see below).
Normal Pricing: $150 | FRINGE DISCOUNTED PRICING: $125
Reworking of provided artwork (if needed):
Normal Pricing: $40-$80 | FRINGE DISCOUNTED PRICING: $25-$65
(depending on how much work needs to be done to make the artwork fit)
Additional Ad Slides: Normal Pricing: $70 | FRINGE DISCOUNTED
Additional Concepts: Normal Pricing: $50 | FRINGE DISCOUNTED
Additional Revisions Normal Pricing: $25 | FRINGE DISCOUNTED
This is a SPECIAL Project only offered to Fringers
Includes: A no-frills standard program of up to EIGHT pages (including the
cover pages) and ONE revision to correct any textual errors / omissions.
What do I mean by “no-frills”? I will be laying out the content you provide
(including any cover images, headshots, or other images) into a program
format. I will not be customizing the look and feel for your specific show. If
you don’t have any artwork for the cover, I will make it a text-only cover.
The final product will be clean and professional-looking, without any
additional bells and whistles that increase the price. *Client must provide
any key art and other artwork / images in appropriate aspect ratios / sizes
and all copy and other content needed for the program.

MEDIA DISCOUNTS AND OPPORTUNITIES is San Fernando Valley’s #1 source for theatre -

averaging 100,000 visitors per month with 47,000 social media followers
and Enews subscribers. has successfully promoted
the Valley’s 30+ theatres for 16 years. have been a
media sponsor for the Hollywood Fringe Festival for 13 years. brings the San Fernando Valley Theatre-goers to the

This year they are offering Fringe teatre companies an affordable and
effective way to publicize their shows.

What You Get:

• 30 Day Theatre Box Ad on the home page
• Full page listing in our Theatre Guide including description, box office info,
artwork, details about performers/director/producer etc.
• Social Media posts to our 37,000 followers (Facebook/Twitter/ Instagram)
• Listed in Enews Blast to 10,000 subscribers • Feature article about your
show, cast, director, producer
• Price: $190
Interested? Email or text her at 818-263-



Fringe Cabaret is back! Promote your show on the cabaret stage! Fringe
Cabaret books fun acts that include variety, magic, dance, music, comedy,
and general silliness. Hard hitting or triggering material is not the best to
present on cabaret nights; however, you can still promote your show by
presenting a more light-hearted moment of your show
or by donating two free show ticket/swag to be raffled off during Cabaret
performances (which will include us announcing your upcoming
performances, as well as a live description of your show).


Lights, Camera, FRINGE! FringeTV is a fabulous resource. You will find

tons of fun festival footage, and, more importantly, you will find 13 years of
workshops, town halls, and panels. If you missed even a moment of the
HFF journey thus far, fear not; it has been recorded.

Here at FringeTV, we also want to feature you and your show!


Give the Fringe audience a teaser of your show! You show up, and we
shoot a couple of prompt-inspired promos. Check out the Lightning Rounds
from past years on our FringeTV channel.


Sponsored Drinks are back! Market your show via a specially crafted
cocktail uniquely created in celebration of your show and featured at HFF.
This boozy marketing opportunity will be served at Fringe Central.


Combined Artform / Theatre Asylum is available for consulting on

productions and publicity management services for your Hollywood Fringe
show. We are offering a Promotional Package that is available to all
participants, not just the ones in an Asylum venue. In addition, we offer a 3-
hour intensive workshop, "How to Produce a Hollywood Fringe Show" - Let us help you make your
show as successful as possible by utilizing our 25+ years of producing
experience, 14 of those years participating in various fringes, and a year of
producing award-winning streaming shows. Email us at


Part 1: Your Press Release

If you haven’t already, write a press release and send it to a targeted list of
Los Angeles media outlets that focus on your artform or topics related to
your production (do your research!). We also strongly recommend posting
your press release on the Hollywood Fringe site (by going to the “Press”
tab on your project page).

Not sure where to start? We have a great list of media outlets that would be
good to contact in our handy Marketing & Press article. There’s also some
good advice about how to post your press release on the site, among other

Keys to a good press release:

• A catchy title and first sentence. Lead with the most important information!
• A clear message in as few words as possible.
• A pitch enticing enough to make someone want to see your show (what is
unique about your production?).
• The details and action items: time, date, location, ticketing info, and a
“part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival!”
• A captivating image to add some visual appeal and break up the
monotony of words.

Part 2: Beyond the Press Release

You don’t have to hire a professional publicist to get press to come to your
show (though some people find that it helps to delegate this task). It’s really
all about finding the right journalists and approaching them in the right way.
You might be tempted to blast your email to everyone who covers the arts
in any way. This is not the recommended approach. Do your research and
find out who covers your type of production or content. This takes a little
extra time, but we assure you, it’s worth knowing the right people.
Engaging the press is a more complicated process than simply sending off
your press release. First, don’t send the same email (or worse, the same
copy of your press release copied into the body of the email) over and over
again. Try to strike up a conversation: send an email introducing yourself,
pitch your show in a personal and friendly way, and most importantly, offer
comps. Follow-ups are great but don’t be a spammer. Nothing is a bigger
turnoff for journalists and audiences alike!

You also want to make sure that when you approach press, you are
prepared to provide them with information they may need to write about
you and your production. Make it as easy as possible for them to write
about you. You should have a production summary, cast and crew listings,
relevant biographies (yours, the playwright’s, the director’s, etc), and
photographs ready to send to press at their request. These are also the
perfect materials to include in your own press kit.

Part 3: Press Requests

Representatives from the press who have registered with the Fringe also
have the option of requesting free press passes to your show. If you
receive an email that a member of the press is interested in a ticket, make
sure to reserve a comp for them immediately on your project page and
notify them that you have done so. This is one of the reasons why staying
on top of your email account during Fringe is EXTREMELY important. Keep
an eye out for emails from HFF staff— press will sometimes go through us
with requests for photos, interviews, and other fun opportunities. So please,
remember to check the email you used to set up an HFF account,
especially if you are a project admin.


Remember you must sell at least 50% of your tickets through the Fringe
Website. Learn all about how to navigate the website here or register for
our digital event here.


Discounts are a great way to get butts in seats—and participant discounts

in particular help entice other festival folks to come to see your show. Your
project’s administrators can add discount codes through your project
dashboard on the Fringe website. Codes are applied per performance,
so if you want to use the same code for all your performances, you will
need to apply it to all of them. Your patrons can enter their codes when
purchasing tickets online.
For example: if you’re marketing to your college, you can create a special
discount code just for them to use on the Fringe website (“IOWA”, for
example). This is also an excellent way of tracking how patrons hear about
your show. Keep in mind that shorter discount codes are always easier to
remember, thereby more effective.

For a lot more talk about ticketing best practices, make sure to attend our
Marketing & Ticketing Workshop.


In addition to other discount codes you may work into your ticketing plan,
you can set special pricing for participants in the ticketing settings for each
performance. One key to success at Fringe is luring the right people to see
your production, especially the members of the community that see a lot of
shows and talk about them. More often than not, this group consists of a lot
of participants. One highly publicized night of lower-cost tickets for
participants can lead to a successful Fringe run.


The Hollywood Fringe Festival is non-profit, and we rely on donations to

continue to support this amazing community of artists. Fringe Donors are
generous fans of the Fringe whose donations help keep our festival going
and allow us to provide more opportunities to you! If you would like to offer
a 25% discount code for one or more of your performances, please fill out
this form.
This is also a great way to fill your venue with enthusiastic audience
members who will spread the word about your show, but you are under no
obligation to be on this list.


One of the perks of volunteering for Hollywood Fringe is gaining access to

a list of shows offering special discounts specifically for volunteers. You are
under no obligation to be on this list; however, it is a lovely thing to offer our
volunteers appreciation for keeping this festival running smoothly. This is
also a great way to fill your venue with enthusiastic audience members who
will spread the word about your show!

To get your show on the list, email Volunteer Director Wiley Jones
( with the name of your show, a link to your
project page, and information about the discount (whether it’s a comp or
discount code, if it’s only available for certain dates, etc.). This list is shared
only with active Fringe volunteers (usually around 50 people). If you have
any questions about it, please email Wiley.


Even the smallest detail can make an impact on your marketing efforts. If
your show is geared toward families and contains no adult themes or
language, you can state that in your content warning on your project page
and mark your project as family-friendly. You can also specify whether your
show is a solo show, a world premiere, or whether it has nudity or flashing
lights. You can mark these details by navigating to “edit” under the admin
tab of your project on the Fringe website and checking the appropriate box
(you must be logged in as a project admin). Remember, though, that
misleading your audience by making these specifications and not delivering
can backfire.




This year, you can choose to livestream your show in addition to

performing live in the Hollywood Fringe Zone! Make sure you plan directly
with your venue as your venue is responsible for creating your performance
schedule for both in-person and livestream. Some venues will offer in-
house livestream services, and others will allow you to bring in a third party
to capture your performance for an at-home audience. You can choose to
livestream all of your performances, some of your performances, or none at
all. It’s entirely up to you!

Here are some tips and resources if you plan to run your own livestream or
to prepare you to work with a third party you hire.

The streaming link must be added to each performance by you or your

venue. If your venue is running your livestream this will likely be taken care
of by them. If you are running your own livestream, you will be the one to
add it to each livestream performance through your project admin.


HFF is a platform that aims to allow for creative control to be entirely yours.
You can use any platform you wish to present your livestream show on as
a part of the Fringe, as long as you can provide a link. Make sure you chat
with your venue early in the process as livestream will work
differently at each.

Some things to consider…

• Does the platform allow for an unlisted or private link? This is important if
you want only ticket holders to have access to your show.
• Do you want audience interaction via chat?
• If you are booked with an official HFF venue running their own livestream,
make sure you have this conversation early - they may already have a
platform they use.

For all streaming shows...

• The streaming link will be posted on your show’s page as soon as it is
added by you or your venue and will be visible to all those with a
purchased ticket. If you are bringing in a third party to livestream your
show, you must provide the streaming link to your venue so they can add it
to your performance page.
• Streaming links will automatically be emailed to all ticketed patrons 20
minutes before the performance begins.


• Any platform you choose will work on the Fringe site as long as it’s a
viable link. Test your link!
• There are many platforms to choose from, including but not limited to,
Youtube Live, Facebook Live, Vimeo Live, Twitch, Da Cast, and more. We
highly recommend that you use YouTube.
• In order to stream to more than one platform or have more control over
your stream, you can also use platforms like Restream, Streamyard,, and more.
• You can also choose to make the link go to a virtual video chat space like


Tim Kopacz: Technician/Consultant

Tim Kopacz is a Fringe veteran and stream technician. He has produced
six online shows over the course of the pandemic, working both live and
prerecorded. He has experience across most platforms and operating
systems. As an actor, he has performed in five Fringe shows, including a
Best of Fringe winning show, and is an active member of the Fringe
community. Tim will work with you, online, to create the show that you
need! The first half hour is free to talk out the necessary software, and
technology, and then progresses to working with Tim to build a show from
the ground up. Consultation is $40/hr after the first half hour.

To keep his inbox clean (and his sanity intact), please contact him at: with the subject line “Fringe Festival Consultation - [title
of your show]


Are you looking to hire a professional to run your livestream or consult on

your project? Maybe someone to film or photograph your show to help
promote your show this festival or to submit to another festival after HFF?
Here are some that are offering discounts to Fringe participants.
A big part of Fringe is building your network and resources. While these
discounted rates may only be available for HFF23, you might just find your
go-to photographer or videographer for years to come. Fringeships can be
found everywhere.

**Remember, these are third-party agreements between you and these


David Haverty: Videography/Stills (

Official Festival Videographer/Photographer for Hollywood Fringe. To book
visit or text 310-871-6663

Rates (Offering a Fringe Discount of 30%):

● 60 min 4K - Single Cam $255 ($365) or 2 Cams $340 ($485)
● 60+ minute recording is available up to 120 minutes.
Multi-Cam, Promo/Trailer, and Sizzle Editing available.

Charlie Weinmann: Photography (

Event / Portrait Photographer & Official Festival Photographer for
Hollywood Fringe. To book email or call

Rates (Offering a Fringe Discount of 20%):

• Full day of shooting (Day rate including edits) $300
• 2-3 hour photoshoot including edits $100
• Single event coverage including edits $200

Annie Lesser: Photography

Annie Lesser has been doing photographs for performance artists for over
a decade now. Her background as a playwright helps inform her ability to
see moments in the story both on and off stage that need to be
documented. Her clients have included Vice, LAist, Team Starkid, Banks,
Vic Mensa, Kristina Wong, and many Hollywood Fringe alum. Clients love
the emotion, tone, and humor she has the versatility to capture.
You can see her performance art portfolio here, Comedy here, and Live
Music here.

Her normal rates are $250 for 1hr and $365 for 2 hrs with an additional
$100 for each extra hour, but Fringe participants receive 20% off all those
rates if booking for one shoot and 25% off booking for multiple shoots
making baseline price $200 for 1 shoot and $187.50 for each of your 2+

To book email annie.lesser@gmail.com23



The Hollywood Fringe button program returns! This year’s button will help
save you money at the Fringe. Buttons are regularly priced at $5 with a
special price of $3 for participants. Your button entitles you to $1 off every
show at the Fringe, and discounts at local businesses who are members of
our Hot Spots program. One button is included with every registration (you
can buy additional buttons at or when
purchasing tickets on the site). In addition, your button purchase will be
attached to your account on our website, so you can still get your ticket
discounts when you purchase online. If you want to buy multiple buttons
you can do so at Office Hours in May at Office Hours or at Fringe Central in
June. If you are the primary producer of your production, consider ordering
additional participant buttons for your cast & crew.

Physical buttons will be available for pick up starting in May at Office Hours
and at Fringe Central in June.


They’re back! Multiple businesses in Hollywood have opted to give Fringe

participants a discount on the different goods and services they provide
when you show your Fringe button during previews and the official
festival dates this June. You can check out the Fringe website for more
information on the program at (this page
will continue to be updated as new businesses are added). Take a peek at
the great deals being offered to you around town!


If you want to get more involved or you’re interested in learning what it

takes to mount a festival like the Hollywood Fringe, come volunteer with us.
We have many exciting opportunities for volunteers during this year’s
festival! Volunteers are vital to keeping our festival running smoothly. We
are seeking individuals who are excited about supporting our community of
artists and audiences. Historically, our most committed volunteers have
been participants. Volunteers get perks, too, including exclusive
free/discounted tickets and festival merch! To learn more about our
volunteer program (roles, responsibilities, and benefits) as well as how to
apply, check out this article: How to Volunteer!


This year, for the first time, we are curating a program to connect HFF
participants to industry professionals who may be able to provide insights
and opportunities in the international theatre, film, and television industries.
Stay tuned for more information on this program and how to get involved as
we get closer to the festival!


Fringe Central is the community center of the festival and where you can
find Bryan’s Bar, Fringe Concierge, festival staff, guides, merchandise,
impromptu events, and more.

We are thrilled to be back at 905 Cole this year! Plan to make important
Fringeships and interact with the community at our outdoor social hub and
then catch a show inside one of the two beautiful venue spaces - just a
short 6-minute walk from the center of Theatre Row.

This will also be where you can catch the Fringe Scholarship shows!
This program is the only curated aspect of the festival. A committee of
Fringe veterans selects shows from a competitive roster of applicants. This
year we will have 13 scholarship shows.

Fringe Central will be open Friday - Sunday, starting June 2nd!

More details about Fringe Central, including operating hours and
programming, will be released soon!

Fringe Scholarship Shows

Supported by the National Endowment of the Arts, The Hollywood Fringe

Scholarship is an annual program that grants support to artists from
traditionally marginalized communities to put up their work up at the
Hollywood Fringe Festival.

The Program is the only curated aspect of the festival. Shows are selected
by a committee of Fringe Veterans from a competitive roster of applicants.
This year we will have 13 scholarships shows.

Keep an eye out for the scholarship winners. These shows are consistently
outstanding and this year all of our scholarship shows will be housed at
Fringe Central. Come celebrate these fantastic artists with us!


Fringe will host this year’s Awards Ceremony (and closing night party) on
the evening of June 25th.The awards ceremony is a combination of
Discover Fringe awards (sponsored awards) from outside organizations
and community awards based on votes from active members of the Fringe
world. The community awards are based on the category you register your
show under (Dance & Physical Theater, Comedy, etc.). So keep that in
mind when choosing your show category! For example, if your solo
show also features clowning or physical comedy consider choosing
“Dance & Physical Theater.”
Discover Fringe awards are presented by outside organizations.
The Fringe will let you know how to apply for Discover Fringe awards at
Town Hall #2: Prepping for Fringe so please join us for the event!
It’s always nice to be recognized, but the best reward is producing quality
work. We are beyond proud of you all and recognize that the be-all and
end-all of a producer is not the awards they win but rather the connections
they make. Reviews, press, and photography and videography of your run
may be just as important as an award when it comes to taking your show
on to its next life.

More information will be provided about these awards, as well as many

more opportunities through our Discover Fringe Awards (Sponsored
Awards), but here are some to have on your radar as you are looking at
your venues:

Hollywood Fringe Producers’ Encore Series (The Hollywood Encores)

Produced by Combined Artform

Participating Venues: Actors Company, Asylum, Broadwater, Hudson

Theatre, Studio/Stage, and Zephyr Theatre

The Hollywood Encore Producer Awards represent the best shows of the
Hollywood Fringe selected by venue producers based on artistic merit,
commercial potential, and development interest. The extensions
immediately follow HFF23 and run through July in participating Fringe
venues. Shows receive valuable extensions giving them the opportunity for
additional audience, press, awards, and extensions.

Pick of the Fringe ("POTF") is based on the various versions of the

Edinburgh Fringe's POTF. POTF is a curated variety show that features 5-7
top Fringe shows each week. The shows are selected by a team of
POTF/ENCORE judges. Each show is curated to reflect the range of artistic
talent, diverse topics, different genres, and the show's availability; 'A
reflection of the HFF itself.' The shows that are chosen get a chance to
perform 5-10 minutes of their show in a showcase performance during the
Hollywood Fringe Festival, giving the show the opportunity to publicize
themselves as “Pick of the Fringe” winners.

For consideration for the Hollywood Encore Producers' Award and

Pick of the Fringe, please submit to the ENCORE/POTF form available
on the Sponsored Awards list.
The Best Of Broadwater
will occur Friday, June 30, through Sunday, July 2, 2023.

To close out the Hollywood Fringe 2023, Sacred Fools will host a special
limited run of performances featuring our favorite Fringe shows staged
within our home. This amazing three-day event weekend will be curated to
allow both participants and patrons an opportunity to see all of our best
shows back-to-back, and to celebrate all of the amazing artists who played
with us during the Festival.

The Sacred Fools BOB Committee will distribute "Best Of Broadwater"

awards to a handful of productions in each Broadwater venue that
exemplify the most bold, creative, dynamic and Foolish Fringe work during
the festival. In addition to being recognized by our organization, winning
productions will be afforded 1-2 additional performances during our Best Of
Broadwater extension. Only productions that occur at The Broadwater are
eligible for consideration, and all productions that occur at The Broadwater
will be reviewed. (No need to formally apply!)

Participation in the Best Of Broadwater is absolutely free to the winners!

While you are still responsible for your production costs, we will not charge
you any rental fee and you’ll keep your entire box office. In other words, if
you're asked to participate in the Best Of Broadwater, we want you to be
seen by as many people as possible, and we'll support you as to continue
to recoup your Fringe costs! It's our way of honoring you and the fine work
of your production!

If you need to contact the Hollywood Fringe during the festival, the best and
fastest way to get a response is to email You
can also find staff members at every Fringe-run event (we love chatting
with participants), but serious issues should always go through Support.
The Hollywood Fringe Festival takes the physical and emotional safety of
our community very seriously. If you see or experience anything that goes
against our Code of Conduct, please report it to any Fringe staff person as
soon as possible. You may also email This
email is exclusively monitored by Fringe executive staff and will be
responded to within 48 hours


The Fringe organization is designed to ensure that any success we attain

this year can be rolled over to the future, allowing us to begin planning for
an even bigger and more innovative festival in 2024. However, we do need
to raise money each year to cover the incredible costs of mounting this
event. If you’d like to see the Fringe grow and prosper and you have some
cash to spare, we encourage you to donate to the cause at All proceeds will help pay for the festival (and
they are all tax-deductible)!

We hope that your adventures at the Hollywood Fringe Festival are

memorable and that you share your experience with others. As always, we
strive to champion the underexposed artist and to bring our performing arts
community closer together.

It’s never too early to create a project for next year:

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