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Humans vs. Zombies is a heavily modified game of tag. In HvZ, all players start the game as humans. A small number of volunteers will be selected to be the first zombies. Zombies tag humans to turn them into zombies as well. Once a player is turned, they remain a zombie for the rest of the game.

The objective for humans is simple; try to stay alive long enough to stop the infection from spreading, or optionally go out in a blaze of heroic glory. Zombies will try to turn as many humans as they can, hoping to kill off all resistance and spread the infection. There will be a few missions, and mini-missions throughout the week that will have special objectives and rewards for both sides. These will be announced and explained on the website before they start.  

Wearing a bandana of any color symbolizes participation in this event. Humans wear theirs’ on their right or left bicep while zombies’ are worn around their head or neck. The bandana’s colors are irrelevant so long as they are clearly visible and not camouflaged with what you are wearing.

Socks may also be rolled into balls and thrown. . but they do not need to answer an opposing player if asked. It is highly encouraged that your weapons remain brightly colored so that they can be swiftly identified as such by law enforcement. The game is played 24/7. They could however ignore the question entirely. just put on a bandana and play. the human will be considered infected. Slaying:   Slaying a zombie can only be done with Nerf or other soft foam projectile weapons. so please wear your bandana at all times and actively participate as much as possible. if a human sees a zombie walking towards them and asks “Are you an active zombie?”. The bandana does not have to be removed. the zombie wouldn’t be able to respond “No”. Anyone is welcome to start playing at anytime. For example. No registration is required. Infection:   In order to infect a human. Nerf darts must be launched. a zombie must grab a human’s bandana. Melee weapons are not allowed.Neither side may directly lie about whether they are players. Sockballs must be thrown. As long as the zombie gets a good tug on the humans bandana.

This includes blocking projectiles (known as “meat shielding”) or scouting for active zombies.Only a single hit is required to kill a zombie. These specific zombies will be very identifiable and will be announced beforehand on the site. The  Witch: The witch is not aggressive towards humans until she is aggravated. 3:00… etc ). This time will be counted and announced by a neutral moderator nearby the witch. • For 5 seconds after activation. The moment she gets back to her original location. Special  Zombies:   Throughout the week there may be a handful of “special” zombies with extra abilities or rule sets. Once hit. the zombie will remain inactive until the next respawn time. Respawning:   Respawn: Zombies who have been shot or hit by sockballs respawn at the top of every hour ( 1:00. Inactive zombies should not influence the game in any way. These times will remain constant though the week. • If the witch is shot after this 5 second period. she will return to her original spot and go back to being non-agressive. . she will become activated mainly focusing on the person responsible. 2:00. the witch will be immune to all nerf darts and sockbombs. • If a human gets too close or somehow disturbs the witch. she is able to be startled again. Specific rules regarding special zombies can be found on the special zombie rule page. but events such as the final night often have special rules which will be posted on the site as the time approaches.

• The witch will be identifiable by a green glowstick. A player considered inside a safe zone until both feet are outside of the safe zone. and searching to kill. in addition so are private businesses. • Tank isn't a stealth creature – loud. Vehicles are also safe zones. • The tank will be identifiable by a green glowstick.. Moves at a reduced. Public buildings such as university buildings and dorms are safe zones. and bikes. Players also cannot shoot from safe zones at players outside of safe zones. Because of this. as well as audio clues. vehicle use by players should be avoided unless necessary. as well as angry yelling. angry. • Tank can be stunned by normal means. Tank will announce a countdown to when it will become active. and will only be out during missions. • Tank does not die. you are probably in a safe zone. unrelenting pace. • Tank is big.. This includes cars. or does it? • Tank does not follow normal zombie respawn rules. • When stunned. but slow. If inside a building. Safe  Zones:   Players may not be infected or shot in safe zones. The  Tank:     Tank is a walking mass of muscle who will stop at nothing to destroy humanity. public transportation. .

If there is a situation where the rules are in question. but there may still be times where the outcome might not be clear. This is a request from the police. . You probably shouldn’t be shooting a stranger with a nerf gun that leaves welts. use common sense. Good sportsmanship is essential to keeping this game running smoothly. Once again. If you see someone fall. Other than this. Do’s:   Remember to have fun. Don’t use any weapon that might hurt someone. Sockballs shouldn’t contain anything except for a sock. the first thing that should be done is to try and work it out amongst those involved.Disputes:   This game is run on the honor system. Listen to game Admins/Moderators. any attire is acceptable as long as your bandanna is clearly visible. They are looking out for the best interests of the game. it should be decided in favor of the human. be safe. be courteous of others. Use common sense. They don’t want anyone playing who will not be able to be identified. stop and check if they are hurt or need assistance. Remember. getting a kill is not worth someone being injured. In most cases where it is unclear if a human was turned. Dont’s:   Physical violence in any form is absolutely prohibited. Don’t wear anything that will cover your face during play. and sporting. If it is needed. the players can find a moderator can be found to help resolve the situation. it is only a game.

In addition. If you are talking to a moderator or admin while they have their glowstick out. Anyone claiming to be a moderator who is not on this page should not be trusted as a moderator. you will be considered to be in a safe zone.Admins/Moderator   During the game there will be a non-player admin observing to make sure things are going smoothly and to answer any questions that may come up. Admins/Moderators will be identified by blue glowsticks. but able to pause in order to solve disputes or help players. . there will be several moderators who will be in play. The Admin and Moderators are listed on the Moderator Page.

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