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American University of Sharjah Civil Engineering Department

CVE 240 – FLUID MECHANICS ASSIGNMENT 3 Q.1) Gate AB in Figure 1 is 2m wide in to the paper, hinged at A, and restrained by a stop at B. The water is at 10 oC. If the water depth h=4 m and hgate=1.5m, compute a) The force on stop B b) The reactions at A (with zero gate weight). (Answers 51.5kN, 44.13kN, 0) Q.2) The tank in Figure 2 has a 4-cmdiameter plug which will pop out if the hydrostatic force on it reaches 25 N. For 20oC fluids (w=9.790 kN/m3, m=133.1 kN/m3) what will be the reading h on the manometer when this happens? (Answers 0.15m) Q.3) The rectangular gate CD is 1.5 m wide and 2.5 m long (Figure 3). Neglecting the friction at the hinge C, determine the weight of the gate necessary to keep it shut until the water level rises to 2m above the hinge. (Answer PB=204.5kN)
Q.4) A 2.5-m wide gate OAB is hinged at O and rest against a rigid support at B as shown in

Figure 4. What minimum horizontal force, P, is required to hold the gate closed? Neglect the weight of the gate. (Answer 302.15N) Q.5) Isosceles triangle gate AB in Fig 5. below is hinged at A and weighs 1500 N. What horizontal force P is required at point B for equilibrium? (Answers 18.0 kN)

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