Moloch Sorcery Money Drawing Basics Part 1 In our tighter economic times, money seems to be the elusive thing

many people n eed. This is not the same as the uber wealthy who covet money more than anything but rather the average Joe & Mary Sixpack who punch the old time clock while tr ying to make ends meet. Also, it's funny that when the economy is humming along & people seem to have mo ney flowing in, the typical practitioner will often (not always) thumb their nos e at using Magic to help their finances. Why is usually found in the older, holi er-than-thou rhetoric of the late Victorian era - a mentality that still has str ong influence on modern Western practitioners. I believe this mentality is foste red today & is a holdover from that era. Why? CM's often tend to hold onto such ideas even though they are outdated. That 's one explanation at least but here's the bigger one: Ceremonial MagicK is more often practiced by affluent, white, middle class people who have college educat ions & well paying jobs. If you're making more than you need, then what is the n eed for using Sorcery to help with your finances? Whereas in the Black & Hispanic communities, especially those in the barrios, gh ettos & inner city regions, the focus of money & gambling magics is as much a da y to day thing much as is CM"s practicing the LBRP. You will find that many ATR practitioners will learn as part of their training & curriculum a wide variety o f ouangas & ebbos (re: spells) that focus on drawing money to the person. Of course many of you may rightly ask, "WHY so many? And why don't these folks n eeding this learn to better manage their money?" Often there are a cultural & so cio-graphic reasons for that but suffice to say that a lot of them are living pa ycheck to paycheck with responsibilities that many of you have as well it's just that even though their bills may seem paltry compared to your own, they are rel evant in perspective. Buddhism aside, if you look into other cultures, holy wo/men often are trained i n how to petition the LWA of their nation for money, prosperity & success on beh alf of their clients or laity. You just don't see this because it's not a part o f their holy writ but rest assured it IS part of their training. Even in Catholi cism, there are certain saints one can petition for financial help. So too it is in all cultures. Another hurdle to overcome is the 'Money is dirty' mind-trap which is just utter bullshit. (Pardon my profanity but for those of you who have followed my postin gs in Yahoo Groups for years know I speak plainly & often a colorful metaphor is easier to print than saying "that is a pile of cow dung & it stinks") Money is like Magic - it is a neutral force that can be used for both good or il l. If you grew up in a household where someone who had a strong influence on you continually quoted the old 'Ye cannot serve God & Mammon' & 'Money is the root of all evil' then you a great blockage to overcome & it won't be overcome, overn ight. If such IS the case with you reading this, then I suggest start with a ser ies of Uncrossings & spend some time reprogramming your own subconscious mind to like money & not be at odds about having it. Once you get past these hurdles, you can move on to attracting wealth & prosperi ty to yourself. The wise man will know how to save & invest money to help himsel f but the fool will continue to spend it on things not essential. For instance I had a client who came to me for help getting a large sum of money for a special project. He needed a large bank loan & needed the bank to grant h

Many CM's & Wiccans tend cling to a foolish belief which is the Dead have no purp ose in MagicK so why should they be called upon?' A: Because your magical system was more likely originated by a believer in old late Victorian MagicKal literat ure written by aflfluent scholars of the day. "Hey! Get a new amp & get a new soun d!" but then I heard my Head Spirit say. he couldn't make the payments on the loan & ended up getting himself into a wors e position than ever before. you are connected & when you pass on from this world. old beliefs die hard) Your Ancestors know you. Resea rch shows that there is a disturbing majority of such winners who end up not onl y broke but also with broken families (& often tragedies) within several years a fter winning. Now had I NOT done as I originally intended. Oh y ou can but they'll be harder to convince than a non-related Spirit. (I already have four amps! LoL) How to Get Money -------------------First. So yes. T he Ancestors are not the ones you go to for requests for business ventures. The KEY is to have a definite plan to use the money on when you ask for it. their blood. I did my JuJu & he got the loan. When I went to the music store. great-grandparents. Hardly. When I began to look at the n ew amplifiers. aunts.EVEN IF you were adopted & never knew them. WHY do you hold it a gainst the rest of your family? Your grandparents. They are related to you & have a vested interest in y our well being. Hello? Regardless of your belief. mortgage & putting away fo r savings. the moron spent it on fr ivolous things like a 60" plasma TV. hot tub (he lived in a ghetto ne ighborhood) and all this did was piss away this loan. I was short on cash at the time after having paid s ome major bills & doling out money to my teenage children (parents reading this will FULLY understand what I'm talking about!) So l asked and received the money. Let me repeat that so you let it sink in: have a plan to use it' and more importantly STICK TO THE PLAN! Last summer I asked my Head Spirit for money for a new guitar. ask your Ancestors. new request. They tend to be the best for helping you with day-to-day living such as having money to eat & pay the utilities. family & even DNA is carried by you today . your own Ancestors should be petitioned for day to day living expenses & helping you to smooth your life out rather than create bumps in it. If you 're bitter that your mother/father put you up for adoption. "That's NOT what you originally asked t hat money for!" so I resolved myself to continue looking for a decent playing gu itar and yes I found a nice Fender Squire strat which fit the bill & got a great deal on it. In my experience. money does NOT solve such inner problems. (Remember. then I'd have been jus t as guilty as anyone else who gets a windfall & pisses it away on something tha t I don't need. car. He was like the Aesop's gr asshopper who lived in today with no thought of tomorrow & well you guessed it. I didn't need a $ 1K+ guitar because I'm not playing out professionally so a simple guitar in the $400 range was ideal for me. However the average person com ing to me thinks winning a lottery would solve all their problems. But that is another essay I need to work on & share at a lat er time. a part of my mind was going. un cles & the like may well be quite fond of you so do NOT thumb your nose at their grace towards you. you will meet them. I played a wi de variety of guitars but none seemd to my liking. He had a falling out with his silen t-partner & instead of returning the funds to the bank. .

) ca n often be simply employed to he Moloch Sorcery Money Drawing Basics Part 2 The smart Sorcerer will become a student of commerce & the economy. Set it on a plain white plate with a small white tea light candle next to it. T hey can & will help you with that as they themselves would want the same thing f or themselves if they were in your shoes.pardon the shameless plug ." Wait a moment then bow and turn cloc kwise to the West. I used to use such techniques when I was in the old door-to-door sales game. fa ce East & say. It's no t a spell for gambling but mainly just a simple ouanga anyone can do to boost th eir earning power a little. When finished you have a bless ed gallon of pineapple juice. I s old water treatment equipment (water softeners. continuous ring around the outside of your home. You may also find opportunities to make money outside of your regular jo b such as a part-time job or maybe doing some odd jobs for someone else. Grocery Store Sorcery --------------------------ATR magic is quite subtle & often the ingredients are simple & straightforward ( not always mind you!) Many a Houngan has simple things to tell their clients to do at home to bring in money for example: Go to the store & buy some pineapple juice. Repeat the same thing then turn counter-clockwise to the Nort h. Doesn't matter if you pour clockwise or counter-clockwise.(Not a big deal if you live in the cit y but if you live out in the country. career path & getting a bette r place to live (especially if you live in an urban area that is not so nice). This will bring money into your home through normal means such as bringing you m ore hours at work (if you're an hourly employee) or more opportunities for commi ssions. "I offer this juice to the Spirits to help me draw more money to my home! Please bless it for that purpose. Just pour a small. Shake well. Now if you wish to start a business there are Spirits to talk to about this & we 'll discuss this subject in a later essay as well but for now I'm going to give you a couple of very simple things you can do around your home to bring in money . Do not get a fruit cocktail type but rather buy a can of pinapple juice. well water can be quite harsh!) Metaphysical Recipes -------------------------Money oil (or better yet my own Money Aid brew . You ca n stretch it by pouring it into a gallon container & adding water to bring it up to the gallon point. RV or ca mper trailer when you do this) cap it & save for alter use. Take it outside & pour it around your home. I m not advoca .Just ask your Ancestors to help you with your job. chlorination systems & reverse o smosis units) and such simple Sorcerous techniques always worked quite well. repeat & turn clockwise to the South & repeat. rather what they did was lead me to people who NEEDED & WANTED help wit their water. (maybe you live in a mobile home. If you have any left over. They sell it so pick up a can of it. The y didn't force anyone to buy from me.

energy & probably some mone y into yourself. Sales goes beyond asking someone for money . If you have ever spent time talking with John Smith about some political thing y ou re passionate about such as Greenpeace. You all belong to me. reli gion and so on. I know Pagans who can argue & shout to t he world their personal politics but to ask someone to buy something they freeze up & say they cannot do it. make a Thrall to watch over & guide your Money Spiders. and so forth. I began to try my han d at what I called Mental Waving . Money Spiders ---------------This is a simple ivalent currency on your working le Money Drawing money technique I like to use: take ten $1. One of the smartest things you can do is start a business. I give you life & I give you purpose. vegetarianism. Silly? Sorry goofy title for a lovely technique. Mental Waves ---------------Years & years ago after I just got involved in the Occult. strip miners. Oh no Moloch! I wasn t se lling anything! I was just informing John Smith about why he should do X Part of sales involves informing customers about your product & services. Learn all you can about it & then create some simple strategies to make yours become even bigger. if you stop to grab a newspaper somewhere. use one of the Money Spiders to b uy it. simply call out to the Money Spiders you ve spent & tell them to attract friends of all sizes and to bring them all home to you. Yes the Small Busines s Administration says most small businesses fail within a six year time frame an d frankly that s okay. What are your weaknesses? Most people I know have poor self-est eem or lack self-confidence. use one of the Money Spiders to get them. If you can bring up politics and argue it. buy a meal & use one of the Money Spiders to pay for it. if you have to run to the mall to get a new pair of shoes. PETA. If you desire to make money you need to invest time. Rather I m suggesting you take t ime & study how to use money when you get it. Plain & simple. Sorry but that s bullshit. you re selling . Later that s about asking & receiving. One of these days I will write a book for the Pagan business person and teach th em some simple basics so they can start & operate a business they re passionate ab out without losing their life savings.00 bills (or any equ for wherever you live) and place them on top of your photograph altar. Try & spend one at a t ime along with any other money that you can when & where needed or wanted. Using my PDF on The Care & Feeding of Thralls . Exclaim. . Anoint each one with some Money Drawing oil. Your purpose is to now go out & attract MORE of yourself in bigger siz es and bring them back home to me! Then you spend the dollar bills as far & wide as you can. You will do as I say. Burn a litt incense & hold each bill in the smoke for a few short seconds. A business that fails is a huge tax write off. Meani ng if you go out to lunch.ting that you run out and get a Series 6 license to become an Financial Planner or anything unless that is where you re heart lies. you ve tried to sell the other party on it. Is there persuasion involved? Not always no but sometimes yes. Seriously.

one of them called me back to get pricing. It started to work fairly well because I d get feedback in my gut that there was a cop just over that hill or around that corner & I d slow down and sure enough. The first two weeks were dismal then I got an idea: mental waves. Business Success and Lucky 9 wash. I began to work out a series of Pentagrams to blanket my car for protection. services & how to deal with customer s questions over th e phone. I brought in Money Drawing & High John incenses. plus given time & patience. leave . our tools were pricey and it was from this boss who taught me. Hell! Gimme your fax number and I ll send yo u a purchase order now. Mental Waving can be used in a lot of ways and not just for sales but you see by my illustration how simple it is. You ll like me. were always (& I mean always) mellow. why not to sell something? So I d hold the 3 X 5 card of the compa ny & it s phone number which is all I had to work with. We really NEED this tool. I was calling on businesses .It all started when I was living a long distance from work . Money Drawing. Sure I didn t get a sale EVERY TIME but I got results.specifically workers (actually linemen) for teleph one & cable companies trying to interest them in tools we were selling. teachi ng me about his products. and I brought in a quarter I had to enchant weekly for good l uck. The interesting thing was that those supervisors I did this to. You ll buy from me. I d call and ask who was the manager or supervisor in charge. ) Then I left that job and went into a relatively new sales position where the own er himself hired me and sat with me for about three weeks in the evening. Some of the guys who I spok e with couldn t help me but they d give me a referral to someone who they knew WOULD buy. (quote). I went in to work one night when I knew my boss was out on a drunk (business owners love to get pl astered) and I took in my Money Drawing kit. Later I began to experiment with sending out thought waves to the police to move on . you ll find it does work. Don t laugh! I drove by one cop & he was leaned back i his cruiser stretching so you know he was either sleepy or trying to wake up. Once I had a name that was all I needed. You ll talk to me. thoughtful people to talk with.about 45-50 minutes away without speeding. Jo hnny Law was sitting there running radar. Well if it wor ked for police. When I mentally sent waves as we talked on the phone he sa id. well received. Make no mistake. Price is a whore s game so do not sell on price. or even fall asleep . Then I d hold the card & send out a mental thought wave to the guy who ran the cre w. The idea was to remove the negative vibes the office had accumulated over the ye . None of the m were angry with me for bugging them and that first week. Since I had the keys to the building at that first sales job. I d send them out such as: You ll be relaxed. What I did was get the mop bucket & some water to wipe down the concrete floor w ith and burned a cone of incense of each of the High John & Money Drawing incens e then shut my office door. . Out of that grew the idea of imagining the road ahead of me and sending out a thought wave to tell me if police were running radar.

For instance & Craig s List are two simple ways you can make fast cash at home. Then take two lodestones one in each hand and say. I don t have a job where I make sales.. You never kno w who is an angel in disguise . The photograph captures the person s essence thus by fo cusing on them. Lay their photograph on your working altar and next to their photograph. 1978) _Moneylove_ by Jerry Gillies (M. an oint. Tec Mental Waving can be used to send out over the city or countryside that you have stuff for sale. _The Ten Day Money Miracle hnique_ (Finbarr International. Cover your ass an your local ordinances to make sure you do not cause any problems. 1993) _The Money Secret_ by Donald Ivor Peake (Finbarr International. As these stones are attracted. a car. Okay Moloch. a job or whatever. then the other lodestone on the other pho tograph. Wh at do I do? Your options . a deal. Mental Waving To Specific Person It is best if you have a photograph of the person you wish to influence but if n ot.ars and replace them with positive ones suited for sales. in some d check with are somewhat limited yes but you can still make money. The coin I d leave in my desk drawer unless it was Friday then I d bring it home. obtain a photograph of them. Put some thought into this & give yourself some time to try out these techniques . Never spit on nor be mean to homeless people because as my late grandpa used to say. ----------------------Further Reading: _The Ten Day Money Miracle Technique_ by John Pope (Finbarr International. I m in a dead end type of job. Hold hands over both photographs & send out waves of mental force from your mind down your arms and out through your hands into the photographs. lay one of yourself. Remember to share some of your money you make with the poor. you can send out a surcharged Mental Wave to influence them to d o whatever it is you wish for them to do. Yard Sales ile the city les. so too shall (insert name here) be attracted to me! You will feel affinity for and trust me! Set your lodestone on your photograph. 1993) where he too advocated using a mental wave to send out the signal to others you wanted their money. This worked out very w ell because I began to make some serious sales that got the attention of my boss . there are such regulations. Lodestone Here s a simple & effective money attracting technique I came up with years ago: i f your wish is to get someone to give something to you such as a specific amount of money. 1988) _Money Spells_ by Donna Rose (Mi-World Occult Supplies. Wh where I live does not require any permit or license to hold Yard Sa areas of the country. Evans & Co. I remember reading John Pope s book. use whatever you have. 1978) . cense & enchant it again with money/luck vibes then take it back with me o n Monday morning.

_Think & Grow Rich_ by Napoleon Hill (Tribeca Books. 2011) .

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