18 Cottage St., Apt. 3
East Boston, MA 02128

(p) 617-823-2397
(e) karen@karenzgoda.org


Ph.D. Boston College (ABD status 2009)
Graduate School of Social Work

MSW University of Missouri-Columbia (1999)
Masters in Social Work, Planning & Administration Focus

BA Canisius College (1997)
Psychology major, Liberal Arts and Computer Science concentration
Zgoda 2



• Research • Program • Human behavior
methods evaluation in the social
• Social policy • Field placement environment
• Macro social • Social • Community
work practice entrepreneurship organizing and
• Technology in and innovation collaboration
social work


Visiting Instructor, Bridgewater State University
January 2014 – Present

Courses Developed:
• SCWK 399 – Social Work 2.0: Classic and Contemporary
Communication Skills

Courses Taught:
• SCWK 321 – Human Behavior in the Social Environment II
• SCWK 350 – Social Welfare Policy
• SCWK 375 – Data Analysis for Social Work
• SCWK 380 – Research Methods in Social Work
• SCWK 432 – Social Work Practice: Communities & Organizations
• SCWK 500 – Introduction to Social Policy: History & Issues
• SCWK 508 – Social Policy Advocacy
• SCWK 510 – Human Behavior in the Social Environment
• SCWK 511 – Human Behavior in the Social Environment II
• SCWK 540 – Introduction to Research Methods and Design
• SCWK 541 – Evaluating Practice
Zgoda 3

Online Section Instructor, Simmons College
May 2016 – Present
Online Courses Taught:
• SWO 441 – Social Work Research
• SWO 509 – Evaluation in Social Work Practice

Course Writer, Cohesion
January 2016 – May 2016
Develop online courses as part of a team. Serve as content and subject-
matter expert, owner of the curriculum construction, and provide and write
course content.
Courses Developed:
• SCWK 542 – Human Behavior in the Social Environment

Continuing Education Course Developer, NASW Massachusetts Chapter
January 2016
Courses Developed:
• Interagency Collaboration

Community Education Instructor, Bunker Hill Community College
Spring 2014
Courses Developed and Taught:
• Community Organizing & Collaboration

Part-Time Faculty, Wheelock College
August 2010 – May 2011, Spring 2014
Courses Taught:
• SWK 530 – Foundations of Social Research
• SWK 550 – Social Work Field Practicum I

Part-Time Faculty, Boston College
Spring 2011
Courses Taught:
• SW 747 – Research Methods

Visiting Lecturer, Salem State University
Spring 2008 – Spring 2010
Courses Taught:
• SWK 101 – The Profession of Social Work
• SWK 380 – Research Methods
• SWK 410 – Social Policy: Theory & Action
• SWK 706 – Social Work Practice II
• SWK 855R – Research Laboratory I
• SWK 856R – Research Laboratory II
Zgoda 4



• Technology and • Poverty and • Socioeconomic
social media in class development
social work • Social policy • Innovative
• Macro social • Collaboration social work
work practice practice


Research Assistant, Charlestown Connects Project
January 2008 – January 2010
Charlestown Connects was an interagency collaboration project in the
neighborhood of Charlestown, MA, designed to affect change in public
safety, community mental health, education and jobs, youth and family
support, and human and physical infrastructure via collaboration.
• Developed and conducted evaluation research plan with Boston
College team and Charlestown Connects staff
• Conducted literature review
• Qualitative interview data analysis
• Wrote research reports with all teams

Research Assistant, Cash & Counselling Program
July 2007 – June 2008
The Cash & Counselling grant program has introduced participant-directed
programs into the Medicaid programs of 15 states. Cash & Counselling
gives people with disabilities, including older adults, the option to manage a
flexible budget and decide what mix of goods and services best meet their
personal care needs.
• Edited “Developing and Implementing Self-Direction Programs
and Policies: A Handbook”

Graduate Assistant, Boston College Graduate School of Social Work
September 2003 – May 2005
• Assisted department faculty in course and research pursuits
Zgoda 5



Consulting Editor
Information for Practice, http://ifp.nyu.edu/
2010 – Present
Information for Practice helps social service professionals throughout the
world conveniently maintain an awareness of news regarding the
profession and emerging scholarship.

Technology and Social Work Columnist
The New Social Worker Magazine, http://www.socialworker.com/
2009 – 2011


Teaching and Technology Faculty Advisor, Teaching and Technology
Center, Bridgewater State University
September 2016 – May 2017
• Provide consultation services, support, and professional
development opportunities for faculty colleagues interested in
using technology for teaching and learning

Senior Advocate, Veronica Smith Senior Center
April 2006 – December 2007
• Provided information & referral services to seniors and their
• Visited homebound seniors to assist with completing applications
for government related benefits and other community services
• Developed program to tutor seniors on computer use
• Maintained current files on government benefits, health care and
housing rules and regulations, community elder services and other
issues effecting elders and their needs
Zgoda 6

Connections for Tomorrow (C4T) Consultant, CTCNet (Community
Technology Centers Network)
August 2003 – August 2005
• Worked with Community Technology Centers (CTCs) to enhance
operational sustainability, outreach, and volunteer program
• Developed plans for outreach materials, community information,
and additional resources
• Developed volunteer program and strategies including program
structure, program management forms, outreach and recruitment,
orientation and materials for volunteer training programs,
management and supervision materials, volunteer recognition
materials, and additional volunteer program resources

Vista Support Coordinator, Consultant, University of Massachusetts-
Boston, CTC (Community Technology Center) AmeriCORPS *VISTA
October 2001 - December 2002
• Assisted program staff and CTC Vista volunteers with program
• Development of VISTA Supervisor Tips to improve program
• Developed a project database, resource development, and
AmeriCorps *VISTA member development with members serving
at CTCs across the country

Project Coordinator, CTCNet (Community Technology Centers Network)
August 2001 - September 2002
• Revised and edited the CTC (Community Technology Center)
Start-Up Manual, a freely available manual for starting and running
a CTC, including soliciting over 60 contributions from over 40
CTCNet members across the country
• Development and disbursement of resources to over 1,000
CTCNet members via email lists

AmeriCorps *VISTA, PowerUP Technology Project Coordinator, Boys &
Girls Club of Taunton
August 2000 - August 2001
• Assisted over 200 children on average per week, and Senior
Citizens, with technology skills while serving as an AmeriCorps
*VISTA member
• Creation of PowerUP ePals program
Zgoda 7

AmeriCorps *VISTA, Volunteer Coordinator, Supervised Child Access
August 1999 - August 2000
• Recruited, trained, and coordinated volunteer monitors
• Developed training curriculum
• Created flyers, brochures, and newsletters to publicize and
market programs
• Researched funding sources and wrote grants
• Monitored supervised child visits


Wine Shop, Wegmans
February 2015 – Present
• Customer service

Specialist, Apple, Inc.
September 2010 – September 2014
• Sales
• Developed workshop team to provide education experiences for
• Delivered group workshops
• Troubleshooting and developing solutions for customer’s needs

Student Assistant, Boston College Social Work Library
May 2005 – August 2014
• Assist library patrons with materials circulation
• Participate in library research projects as requested
Zgoda 8


#MacroSW Weekly Twitter Chat Partner
2014 – Present, http://macrosw.com

Blogger Advisory Council Member
American Cancer Society, http://www.cancer.org
2009 – 2013

Online Chat Host and Bulletin Board Moderator
SocialWorkChat.org, http://www.socialworkchat.org
Technology Social Work Research Boards, 2008 – 2011
Chat Host, 2000 – 2006

Blogger on New Social Worker Blog
The New Social Worker Magazine, http://blog.socialworker.com/
2009 – 2010

Community Software Lab, http://thecsl.org/
Board President, 2007 – 2010
Board Member, 2006 – 2010

Advisory Council Member
ONEin3 Boston Mayor’s Young Bostonian Advisory Council,
Young Families Subcommittee
2008 – 2009

MoveOn.org Boston Coordinating Council
2006 –2007

Secretary and Treasurer
Canisius College Regional Alumni Chapter
2003 – 2005

Computer Tutor
Brookline Senior Center
2005 – 2005
Zgoda 9



• Folayan, S. & Zgoda, K. (in press). Using Twitter in macro practice, and
reclaiming our social work roots. Reflections.

• Zgoda, K. & Shane, K. (2017) Digital literacy in social work education: A case
study incorporating technology and social media within the social work
curriculum. Manuscript submitted for publication.

• Silfen, K. & Zgoda, K. (2008). Evidence-based practice and library
instruction: An assessment of student reference lists. Behavioural and
Social Science Librarian, 27(2), 104-115.

• Mahoney, K., Simon-Rusinowitz, L., Simone, K., & Zgoda, K. (2006, Winter).
Cash and Counseling: A promising option for consumer-direction of home
and community-based services and supports. Care Management Journals,
7(4), 199-204.


• Zgoda, K. & Shane, K. (2017). Social Justice 140 Characters at a time: The
role of twitter in social action. Manuscript submitted for publication.

• Hitchcock, L., Zgoda, K., & Battista-Frazee, K. (2017). Connecting social
workers worldwide in 140 characters or less: The #MacroSW community.
Manuscript submitted for publication.

• Mahoney, K., McGaffigan, E., Sciegaj, M., Zgoda, K., & Mahoney, E. (2015).
Approaches to empowering individuals and communities. In B. Berkman &
S. D’Ambruoso (Eds.), Handbook of Social Work in Health and Aging (2nd
ed.). New York: Oxford University Press.

• Zgoda, K. (2007). When the white cane comes in handy: Helping older
adults navigate the health care system. In L. Grobman & D. Bourassa (Eds.),
Days in the Lives of Gerontological Social Workers. Harrisburg, PA: White
Hat Communications.
Zgoda 10


• Grobman, L. & Zgoda, K. (Eds.) (2013). The New Social Worker Magazine’s
Back to School Guide for Social Work Students. Harrisburg, PA: White Hat



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AmeriCorps *VISTA personal journey. New Social Worker Magazine.

• Zgoda, K. (2001, Summer). Click on over: a profile of the Boys & Girls Club
of Taunton technology center. Community Technology Review.

Book & Software Reviews

• Zgoda, K. (2007). Application Review: HyperRESEARCH. Journal of
Technology in Human Services, 25(4), 109-113.

• Zgoda, K. (2007, Fall). Book Review: Age matters: Realigning feminist
thinking. The New Social Worker, 14(4), 28. Available online:
Zgoda 11


• Zgoda, K. (2009 - 2011). SW 2.0. Column focused on the role of
technology in social work. The New Social Worker. Available online:
Columns published:
§ Going where the client is: Exploring virtual clinical social work
practice. (2011, Fall). The New Social Worker, 18(4).
§ “I want you to be part of this experience”: How Kickstarter is being
used to build creative, social projects. (2011, Summer). The New
Social Worker, 18(3).
§ (Ctrl C) + (Ctrl V) = homework NOT finished. (2011, Spring). The New
Social Worker, 18(2).
§ It gets better: A YouTube response to anti-gay bullying and suicide.
(2011, Winter). The New Social Worker, 18(1).
§ Adventures ‘round the social work web. (2010, Fall). The New Social
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§ Social work? There’s a blog for that. (2009, Fall). The New Social
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Worker, 16(3).
§ CaringBridge: A valuable tool for social workers and those with critical
illness. (2009, Spring). The New Social Worker, 16(2).

Edited Books & Manuals

• Calloway, S. (2017). How I passed the social work licensure exam and how
you can too: Why strategy & determination paves the way [Kindle version].
Retrieved from http://amazon.com

• O’Keeffe, J. (2009). Developing and Implementing Self-Direction Programs
and Policies: A Handbook. Completed editing work as part of research
assistant work for the Center for the Study of Home and Community Life at
Boston College. Available online:
Zgoda 12

• Zgoda, K. & Stone, A. (2003). CTC (Community Technology Center) center
start-up manual. Available online:


• Silfen, K., & Zgoda, K. (2016). 10 Key Steps for Finding & Evaluating Journal
Articles for Social Work Research & Literature Reviews [Infographic].
Retrieved from: https://karenzgoda.org/2016/03/22/10-key-steps-for-

Media Coverage

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Zgoda 13

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Newsletter Articles

• Zgoda, K. (2003, Summer). Destination: summer youth activities.
Massachusetts AmeriCorps InterCorps Council (ICC) Newsletter.

• Zgoda, K. (2003, Spring). Web sites you can use. Massachusetts
AmeriCorps InterCorps Council (ICC) Newsletter.

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Macro Social Work Through Social Media/Twitter Chats. (2017, February
27). inSocialWork® Podcast Series. [Audio Podcast] Retrieved from

• Episode 199 - Karen Zgoda, Dr. Melanie Sage, Dr. Jonathan Singer, and Dr.
Lauri Goldkind: Technology-Mediated Assignments for Real World Learning.
(2016, September 12). inSocialWork® Podcast Series. [Audio Podcast]
Retrieved from http://www.insocialwork.org/episode.asp?ep=199
Zgoda 14


Copy Editor, The Journal of Social Work Values and Ethics
Reviewer, Advances in Social Work
Reviewer, Journal of Nonprofit Education and Leadership
Reviewer, The Gerontologist
Zgoda 15



Zgoda, K. Active Learning Strategies in Data Analysis to Reduce Student
Anxiety. SeQUEL (Southeastern-Massachusetts Quantitative Engagement &
Literacy), Bridgewater, MA, January 2017. Available online:

Zgoda, K. Macro Social Work via 140 Characters: An Evaluation of Twitter
Chat. Center for the Advancement of Research and Scholarship (CARS) May
Celebration, Bridgewater, MA, May 2016.

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Practice: Meaningful Technology-Mediated Assignments for Real-World
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Social Workers: Developing Best Practices in Social Networking. NASW
Conference – Restoring Hope: The Power of Social Work, Washington, D.C.
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Zgoda 16

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Collaboration Program Works and An Examination of Long-Term Effects.
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Curriculum (WAC) Early Summer Retreat, Bridgewater, MA, May 2017.
Available online: https://karenzgoda.org/2017/06/06/digital-tools-for-engaging-

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through Inspiration: A Professional Development Conference, Bridgewater, MA,
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Zgoda 17

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Massachusetts AmeriCorps InterCorpsCouncil Meeting, Boston, MA. February


Wegmans Scholarship, 2017-2018

Presidential Award for Distinguished Part-time Teaching at Bridgewater State
University (Nominated), 2017

PowerUP Local Success Story, May 2001
Awarded for creation of PowerUP ePals Program, an interstate collaboration
art sharing project between Boys & Girls Clubs participating in AOL’s digital
divide PowerUP program.
Zgoda 18


Mediation Training (1999)
Forty hours of basic mediation training in family disputes.

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