I. OBJECTIVES At the end of the lesson, the students shold be able to: 1. Learn the functions of monostable multivibrator; 2.

Apply the knowledge in making their own circuit; and 3. Discriminate the monostable multivibrator from other types of multivibrator. II. SUBJECT MATTER: Major Concept: Sub-concept: References: Multivibrators Monostable Multivibrators  http://www.eleinmec.com/article.asp?4  http://www.allaboutcircuits.com/vol_4/chpt_10/8.html  Tirol, Benjo, Learning Digital Electronics Thru Experiments Manila : Electronics Hobbyists Publishing , 2002, pp. 123-126 printed materials for visual aids, breadboard & power supply, capacitors, resistors, transistor, LED, wires, switch


III. LEARNING ACTIVITIES A. Preparatory Activities 1. Daily Routine a) Prayer b) Greetings c) Checking of Attendance d) Collecting of Assignment 2. Review 1) What does BCD stands for? 2) What is the difference between an encoder and decoder? B. Developmental Activities 1. Motivation  ³Pinoy Genius´ 2. Lesson Proper 
Definition of Terms 


Multivibrators - an electronic circuit used to implement a variety of simple two-state systems such as oscillators, timers and flip-flops. Stable - state of output where the device is able to latch or hold to forever, without external prodding. Monostable - often called a one shot multivibrator is a pulse generating circuit in which the duration of this pulse is determined by the RC network connected externally to the 555 timer. In a stable or standby state, the output of the circuit is approximately zero or a logic-low level. When external trigger pulse is applied output is forced to go high.

Tirol. 2. Generalization Monostable is a type of multivibrator where there is only one stable output state. 4. Building a Monostable Circuit using 555 Timer  How to compute the time the output remains high t = 1. EVALUATION: Fill in the blanks. only one / one one-shot 555 Timer low t = 1. ________________ 2.qrp. 129-132 . ASSIGNMENT: 1. Key to Correction: 1.asp.1 (RxC) V. What is an astable multivibrator? 2. pp. A ___________ IC is commonly used in creating monostable circuits. 3. Monotsable multivibrator has ____________ stable state. ____________ multivibrator is another term for a monostable multi ________________ 3.1(R x C) 3. Application The students will individually construct a monostable multivibrator circuit. IV. 4. References: www. ________________ 5. Monostable multivibrators.Manila : Electronics Hobbyists Publishing . following the given schematic diagram. sometimes called one-shots. Write your answers on the space provided before each item. Give common uses for astable multivirator. The formula for computing for the time the output of the monostbale circuit remains high is __________.net/multivibrator. The normal(stable) state of monostable circuits is logic ______ state.pops. come in two basic varieties: retriggerable and nonretriggerable. ________________ 4. 2002. 5. ________________ 1. Learning Digital Electronics Thru Experiments . Benjo.

GARCIA Student Teacher Checked by: ____________________ Dr. Melchor Fernando Cooperating Teacher 22 September 2011 . Dasmariñas City. Cavite Industrial Education Department IE 403 MONOSTABLE MULTIVIBRATOR Prepared by: ____________________ JANET E.TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY OF THE PHILIPPINES AT CAVITE CQT Avenue. Salawag.

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