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Daniel William Bennett

Address: 13 Whitesmith Road Newport Isle of Wight PO30 5HY Telephone: 01983526576 Mobile: 07977351117 Email: Personal Statement I am a very hard working person and I like to be well organized. I am also a good leader but also will work well with others. I am friendly and enjoy talking and helping customers. I am a very active person and like to be outgoing and sociable. I think good timekeeping is very important and I dont like to be late. I am trustworthy and dont like to let people down.

Key Skills Team player- I play in a basketball team and in another basketball team for a basketball league. Good leader- I am a good leader I'm always captain of the basketball team and I take leadership in core PE so I am very used to leading people. Friendly- I get on with lots of people. Listener- I am always willing to listen to peoples ideas and take into account everyone's ideas. Active-I am an active person I like to do sporty things. Not afraid of a challenge. Independent- I like to think outside the box and find new ways of doing things. Achievements July 2008 - I won most determined basketball player in basketball summer camp. I have achieved 100% attendance certificates from my high school. I have achieved a standard at which I won a medal for most successful club for our school basketball team. I have been invited and have taking part in helping my school to run a successful induction day. This included organization and social skills.

Education History School Name Carisbrooke high school Kitbridge middle school Town/City Carisbrooke Newport Attended Sep 2008 to June 2011 Jan 2004 to Jul 2008

Qualifications Subject Maths Science English Language English Literature Qualification GCSE GCSE GCSE GCSE Grade B BB C B

History Business studies Btec photography Full course PE PSHE Religious studies ICT


A B Pass B Level 2 C merit

Employment History Totland pier cafe (seasonal employment) Co-op (work experience)

School Work Experience Co-op 1 week Skills: stock checking ordering date rotation till work Responsibilities / Interests Basketball captain I am interested in business and have finished a business GCSE at my school (awaiting results) and am planning on taking a A level business course at 6 form I am arty and especially like photography. I have finished a photography course at my school I am sporty I taking a PE full course GCSE which I am also hoping to carry on in A level.

I am sociable and love to go out with friends and family.

Mr Peak PE and Full Corse teacher Address: Carisbrooke High School Mountbatten Drive Newport Isle of Wight
PO30 5QU

Telephone: 524651 Mr Hooper Business teacher Address: Carisbrooke High School Mountbatten Drive Newport Isle of Wight
PO30 5QU

Telephone: 524651 Tutor report available on request