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Reviewer for English Majors: 1.__________ is the content of communication with others. a. Source b. Message c. Channel d. Receiver 2.

__________ is the sender who creates a message. a.Source b. Message c. Channel d. Receiver 3. The path a message takes once it is encoded by a source is __________. a. receive b. Source c. Encoding d. Channel 4.__________ is anything that distorts or interferes with the message in the communication systems. a. communication signals c. Technical problems b. noise d. Disturbance 5. Media prsent models for people to follow. This is sometimes called the socialization function. a. surveillance function c. Linkage function b. interpretation function d. Transmission of values function 6. An assessment device in which a student reads a series of selections that gradually increase in difficulty is called a. cloze test b. Informal reading inventory c. Miscue analysis d. Retelling 7. Vocabulary knowledge is manifested when students a. relate key words to concepts conveyed in the context of the text b. personalize the meaning of key words in the text c. think of the absolute meaning of words even when there is no context d. decode automatically the printed symbol 8.Comprehension occurs when readers a. answer questions after reading b. do a one-to-one sound symbol matching in reading c. translate the printed symbols into familiar meanings d. integrate information across texts 9. A strategy that allows students to tell back what they have read is called a. introspection b. Think-aloud c. Retelling d. Free-writing 10. A student read the word “ball” as “party” in the sentence, “ We attended the ball.” This case shows that the child a. did not understand the sentence c. Thought party and ball as different b. substituted a word with the same meaning d. Was not reading 11. Reading house as home in a sentence, “God bless our home” the student clearly made ______. a. a reversal b. An error c. A substitution d. A mispronunciation 12. In teaching pronunciation, the difference between ice cream an I scream is a function of _____. a. pitch b. Intonation c. Stress d. Juncture 13. The innate property of all normal persons that enable them to learn a language naturally and spontaneously is _______. a. language competence c. Language performance b. comprehensible input d. Language acquisition device 14.The word with an inflectional morpheme is _______. a.clarify c. Clarity b. clarifying d. Clarification 15. In teaching pronunciation, showing the contrast between /i/ and /I/ is best accomplished by using a. analogous pairs c. Minimal pairs b. dyadic pairs d. Complementary pairs 16. How long is the span of the story May Day Eve? a. one month b. Almost 50 years c. Overnight d. 3 years 17. According to this religion human beings are bound to the wheel of life which is a continual cycle of birth, death, and suffering. a. hinduism b. Buddhism c. Shintoism d. Taoism 18. A farce normally performed between the No Tradegies. a. kabuki b. Kyogen c. Jorori d. Bunrako 19. The world’s first known novel, The Tale of Genji was written by__________. a. Lady Murasaki c. Wu Chengan b. Sei Shonagon d. Valmiki 20. He holds the distinction of being the First Asian to receive the Nobel Prize for Literature. a. Wole Soyinka c. Po Chu-I Prepared by: RWDC10-07-11

get in c. Azucena Grajo Urranza c. get on b. Li sao c. Remember b. The Song of Roland b. When you roll your eyes. 37. The Canterbury Tales 27. Show dizziness b. Tagore b. Utang na loob d. you _________. a. Elsa Martinez Coscolluela d. Constructivist c. The New Life d. a. TELECAST is what kind of word? a. Peter and his father _______ the van bound for Davao. Psalms 24 28. Kalidasa c. answer d. Precious Stones d. If Evann’s father is Edward’s son. d. Manglapus? “ I have done this against the advice of a friend. Show anger c. Kanya-kanya syndrome 26. The Divine Comedy c. Hinduism b. a. Nephew c. answers 33. Look for something 31. The Alderking 29. b. Lu-shih d. Tzu 22. a. _______ is a song of joy and reverence. Borrowed d. Reader response b. hers 34. Life is a never-ending routine of work and leisure. Easier to use c. Child labor is a reality in many Asian nations. Sociolinguist 25. He felt that since I would speak on the Filipino movies. Expensive 23. Hiya b. Gilda Cordero Fernando 38. answered c. a. _______ is Geoffrey Chaucer’s collection of stories about the English society in the 1300’s. Confucianism d. Palakasan and pataasan culture c. What is not a reason why Video cassettes are better than video tapes? a. Who is considered the Indian counterpart of Shakespeare? a. herself b. Aligaynon 32.” a. Invictus c. The ______ is a Chinese poem sung to the tunes of popular melodies a. Clipped 24. Lilia Pablo Amansec b. Interactive d. Buddhism 36. Glen is more responsible than Ric and _____.Filial piety is a basic tenet of this school of thought. shih b.Bamboo in the Wind is a novel written by a. Exercise the eyes d. What pom of William Ernest Henley is about human beings having total control of their lives? a. a. Yasunari Kawabata d. Taoism c. blend b. get over 35. Son b. I should instead begin by making you cry. The poor dreams and are hopeful of better things in their life. Khagyam d. Psalms 8 b. get to d. she d. Nature has a soothing effect on the human spirit. small b. Rabindranath Tagore 21. Acronym c. Brother d. Psalms 23 d. Prepared by: RWDC10-07-11 . Psalms 7 c. What Filipino trait can be inferred in the speech of Raul S. How long will the respondents _______ the questionnaires? a. The writer who was charged and convicted of pornography for her short story. Lightweight d. will answer b. c. what relation has Evann to Edward? a. her c. What insight is suggested by this haiku from Basho? Poverty’s Child He starts to grind the rice And gazes at the moon a. This theory views learners as having the ability to relate new information to prior knowledge. a.b. Grandson 30.

grammar syntax c. /v/. unfulfilled promise d. When the teaching method emphasizes the writer’s purpose and audience. Vicente’s kindness and generosity d. Writing. Socio-cognitive 43. Prepared by: RWDC10-07-11 . 20% 48.One spends _______ of his/her waking hours on listening. a. The concierge in the hotel is very polite. /d/. d. deception 51. What does Magnificience refer to in Estrella Alfon’s story? a. cure-all d. the girl’s innocence c. /v/. the mother’s comforting presence 41. controlled d. 42. a. /k/ d. a mass of broken wings of flattering wingdust. its long feather antennae quivering sensitively in the air. head waiter c. a. America is in the Heart b. /t/. beginning to form c. brightly colored wings fluttered blindly against the leaves of a low tree.There was no magical panacea for the company’s troubles. Paz Latorena b. the reaching approach employed is _______. People have to be taught how to write. Writing is planned and takes time. /d/. 30% d. /z/ 47. a. Romantic c. 10% b. process 44. 46. card b. prewriting c. c. during writing b. Rome d. a. /d/. Social b. The Laughter of My Father d. Listening is a simple process. /z/ b. Which statement conveys an incorrect idea? a. Listening is a passive process c. b. the father’s protectiveness b. Writing is a natural communicative activity.a. busboy 52. like speech is displaced in time. monopoly b. /p/. /g/.What does the moth in the excerpt in the box below symbolize? A large moth with mottled. post writing d. sibling rivalry b. Cognitive d. The moth fell to the ground. This theory also called self-discovery. Promises from politicians usually are paradoxical. _______ is Carlos Bulosan’s most famous autobiography. It rested flatly against a bough. bonus c. is ______. ______ died at the end of Iliad. Listening is an active process d. gives primacy to discovery of writing ideas in the writing process. 60% c. a. doorkeeper d. lost dream c. unfulfilled c. in economic degree b. death in the family 40. Vince 49. a. disorganized d. beginning to leave d. /p/. answered 50. Estrella Alfon 39. simultaneous selling 53. /s/ c. b. her c. granted b. after writing 45. Footnote to Youth 54. Examples of voiced consonants are ____________ a. a. Loreto Paras Sulit d. but before he could do so his brother had hit with the bundle of palay stalks he carried. communicative b. The nascent markets in Taguig City is mushroom development. a. /g/. a. The indirect object in the sentence: Vince sent her a beautiful card from Rome. /k/. /z/. Vidal paused to pick it up. Listening is a one way process. Angela Manalang Gloria c. Falling Leaves c. What is listening? a. Brainstorming is an activity that can be done in the ________ stage of writing. a. wine specialist b.

delirious c. Allomorph d. Her intuition told her so b. This Filipino writer is known for using local color in his works. tired 62. Lyric 57. Hector 55. Sing the refrain portion d. Agamemnon d. and appropriately. In the Philippines. Laya 56. After a careful analysis d. Producing learners who can communicate accurately.This is an Interdisciplinary unit that integrates reading and writing with other curricular areas like social studies. Put force on the refrain. Bomb 67. Juan C. Sionil Jose b. Ode to the West Wind Prepared by: RWDC10-07-11 . Achilles c. Menelaus b. Epic b. a. a. Use normal tone c. cluster c. irritated b. Solve the riddle below: The man who made it did not want it The man who bought it did not want to use it The man who used it did not know it a. Carlos Bulosan d. Clipped d. Choral Reading is _________ reading. Blend 65. Acronym b. The following lines are taken from what poem? Drink to me only with thine eyes And I will pledge with mine Or leave a kiss but in the cup And I’ll not look for wine a. “ To get cold feet” means: a. Somebody must have told her 60.How to read the refrain of a poem properly? a. Manuel Arguilla c. This narrative poem is about the adventures of great heroes. and values education. Guided b. ashamed c. hesitant d. F. cautious b. neglectful 63. Integration 61.This is the smallest unit of sound. This is the lowest level of comprehension a. a. English language teachng is aimed at: a. Producing learners who can confidently speak in English. Gun d. mathematics. Critical evaluation d. Borrowed c. Occured to her c. “ Blue in the face” means: a. d. Producing learners who can use English in proper context. collaborative report d. AWOL is an example of: a. c. Shared d. Critical comprehension c. a. Allophone c. Buddy c. science. Literal comprehension b. b. “ Cross her mind” means: a. Morpheme b. Phoneme 58. learning log 64. fluently. Poison c. theme study b. a. Song To Celia c. Reading aloud to students 68. Romance c. 59. Read in a softer voice than the verse 66. forced d. coffin b. Producing learners who have mastery of English pronunciation and grammar. b.a. Ballad d.

grounds.What does William Norris want you to do in his ZIP THE LIP? If your lips would keep from slips. Hojas Volantes b. Reading Log b. textbook 76. A leader can fade away. Blurb c. framework 82. Who wrote TO LUCASTA? a. To show kindness d. To observe confidentiality 72. Sucesos Felices c. yes. replaced c. Which reply shows full compliance? a.Which of the following terms refers to the reasons. Sir! C. curriculum implementation and curriculum evaluation. Leaders are always born. Quickwrite c. 78. Sir we are about to go.When a president is succeeded by another president. Curriculum planning and implementation d. Doctrina Christiana d. Sir?Yes. Robert Herrick c. A platoon leader ordered his troop to proceed.” a. Nations can survive without leaders. the former is referred to as: a. Sir. c. the production of instructional materials fall under ______. Spencer c. The curriculum goes through the stages of curriculum planning. An absolute ruler who serves his kingdom well and thinks about the welfare of the people is sometimes called: a. Introduction Prepared by: RWDC10-07-11 . An example of instructional material which allows the learners to work independently and learn a particular set of instructional objectives without the help of the teacher is ______. of whom you speak And how. The first newsletter published in the Philippines was named a. To whom you speak. What is the meaning of this statement: “History never cited a leaderless nation. and where a. rationale d. Which reading and writing skill is reading and making graphs? a. module c. d. To be truthful b. study c. Sir we are on leave. John Sucking 73. Crossing the Bar d. or justification that explain the principles behind decisions made in educational processes? a. Tolstoy 70. Sir! b. Richard Lovelace d. She was a Phantom of Delight 69. Shaw b. Sir. objectives b. dethroned 80. El Pasig 75. reference b. when. Curriculum planning and evaluation 77. Leaders are matched with historical events. a. Read-arounds d. 79. language d. Turgenew d. belligerent dictator d. Curriculum evaluation c. deposed b. To be sincere c. Curriculum planning b. The novel War and Peace was written by: a. benevolent dictator 81. a. a. elected d. skill book b.b. Which of the parts is not examined during an external evaluation? a. reference d. but another will come up. Five things observe with care. decoding 74. This is an instructional aid that celebrates stories and other books usually performed at the end of the LITERATURE FOCUS. blatant dictator b. D. beneficial dictator c. schemata c. Thomas Carew b. Readers Theater 71. b.

absence c. Roxanne b. agreement d. The Rain Came 87. The ________ is the best-preserved and the best-known African epic which is a blend of fact and legend of a powerful leader who reestablished the Mandingo Empire of Old Mali. clarity b. The deal was held in abeyance until her arrival from a sales conference. China d. One principle in materials design refers to the use of materials in the real world to expose the learners to language in real use. No error Prepared by: RWDC10-07-11 . Alice Walker c. authenticity d. Ernest Hemingway d. The indigenous literature of this country features the light entertainment of oral story telling. Record of a Journey to the West d. a. Mark Twain d. simile 93. Romeo and Juliet d. a. surprise b.Which one of these selection is a frame story? a. affect c. Africa 88. none of these 94. This is the plot development of the Ramayana. disagreement 100. careful c. A speech made by a person who reveals his thoughts. sonnet c. I am the captain of my soul”. India c. pyramid 85. Don Quixote c. O captain.Author of “How My Brother Leon Brought Home a Wife”. En medias res d.Who won the 1988 Nobel Prize for Literature? a. a. Monzon and the King of Kore 86. My captain c. leaving everything at sixes and sevens among themselves. Activities 83. Cyrano de Bergerac 96. harmony b. Paz Benites b. Japan b. unfazed c. Japan b. this d. compromise 98. The Arrow and the Song b. Hamlet c. Invictus d. Manuel Arguilla c.b. a. a. metaphor d. a. negate c. He is Edmond Rostand’s famous character who is poet and a soldier noted for his peculiar noise. a. soliloquy b. cunning 99. This principle is called the principle of _________. The Tale of Genji b. India c. reality 84. is taken from the poem a. a. Toni Morrison b. The pseudonym of Samuel Clemens. a. The Barrettes c. it will not stand courts. Askia the Great d. Fernando Maramag d. appropriacy c. Take note b. a. Select the error in the sentence: Take note of the immediate affect this drug has on the behavior of the hamster in the cage. a. Ichabod d. King Henry IV 90. Unless we find a witness to corroborate your evidence. aggressive d. collaborate b. People dislike his sly way but granted him a certain vulpine intelligence. how express and admirable! a. Abe Lincoln 92. a. suspended d. Table of Contents d. Ulysses b. The Dausi b. Linear b. Circular c. The committee members ahve gone off. confirm 97. none of these 95. A Midsummer Night’s Dream b. a. William Faulkner 91. interpret d. Africa 89. China d. Many of this country’s writers committed suicide at the height of their careers. obedience b. Sundiata c. a. “ I am the master of my fate. In what Shakespearean play do the following lines appear? What a piece of work is a man!How noble in reason! How infinite in faculties! In form and moving. Panchatantra c.

c 47. d 59. d 9. b 94.d 30. a 29. d 96. c 89.a Prepared by: RWDC10-07-11 48.a 86. d 62.d 23. a 56. d 14. a 25.a 32. c 16. c 68. b 51. a 60. a 38. d 39. c 61.c 42. a 20.a 3.b 85.a 50. c 10. c 31. a 24. b 92. d 55. d 28. d 83. b 63. b 15. d 13.b 2.c 44. a 53.b 33.c 12. b 7. b 18. d 22. b 52.b .b 46. c 54.c 91. a 87. d 88.a 49. b 82. a 40.c 98 d 99. b 64. c 93.d 41. c 57. a 78. a 66.a 76. a 74.a 35.b 11. d 27. d 71.b 36. c 67. b 19. c 77.b 5. b 84.Answer’s Key 1. c 65. a 95. d 100. b 73. a 75. d 21. a 43. d 70. d 72.a 80. a 69.d 6.a 90.b 34.a 45. d 81. a 8. b 26.d 4. d 58.d 97.d 79. b 17. a 37.

Prepared by: RWDC10-07-11 .