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CONTACT 395 Cook Road Toronto, Canada M3J 3T4 T: (416) 560-9957 mujtabakhoja@hot mail.

com (preferred method of contact temporarily) EDUCATION York University Bachelor of Arts in Political Science (Dec. 2011) Toronto, Canada

Resourceful, Talented, Diplomatic and Energetic with a results-driven attitude. Highly adaptable in fast-paced, high stress, complex work environments. Self-motivated and coherent political science student with strong qualitative and analytical skills. Creative problem solver with the capacity to effectively and efficiently complete tasks in a dynamic, fastpaced environment. A dedicated team player with effective leadership, communication and interpersonal skills. Knowledgeable and experienced with a variety of effective sales strategies and communication styles. Highly proficient in Microsoft Office: Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Publisher.


MAJOR COURSES TAKEN  International Relations  International Development  Human Rights and Global Economy  Multilateralism MINOR COURSES TAKEN  Financial & Managerial Accounting  Consumer Behavior  Organizational Behavior  Applied Marketing Management

Business Analyst Intern January 2012 -- April 2012 Ernst & Young, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Transaction Real Estate Advisory Services • Assisted in financial analysis and report writing for appraisals of income producing properties. • Analyzed recent commercial real estate transactions for sales and rent comparables. Performed site inspection of subject properties, sales and rent comparables. Drafted summary of comparables, along with subject market and area analysis. • Extracted capitalization rates, depreciation rates, and equity rates for use in real estate appraisal reports and proposed development projects. Performed absorption, rent studies and market condition studies for use in real estate appraisals and real estate proposed development projects. Conducted various business reviews, delivering restructuring advice for major real estate projects. • Reviewed deeds and leases of subject and comparable properties used in appraisal reports to analyze future income quality and consistency for purchase decisions. Analyzed recent real estate transactions to extract market conditions and yield rates for use in analytical reports. Regional Sales Manager Sept. 2011 – January 2012 Metabody Inc., Toronto, Canada • Successfully converted prospects into a clientele base of over 100 accounts; continuously surpassed sales targets and achieved monthly bonuses. Ensured continuous client satisfaction, while expanding the business. • Contributed to profitability by effective implementation of account handing led to retention of clients and save 20% costs by preventing running promotions again in same cities. • Identified and implemented sales and account development strategies in alignment with growth and volume targets. Sourced and secured new client accounts. • Contributed to rapid business growth of up to 25% through highly effective communication skills and sales strategies; managed cities where sales were 30% higher than previous sales records.

HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA American International School of Jeddah

2009 Loons Can Learn Incorporated. Canada • Offered academic services and support to current or prospective international students who are studying or intend to study in Canadian colleges and universities.). Toronto. Toronto. Jeddah. 2010 Dulhan Mandap. 2011 York Driveway Sealing. Research and Development Analyst (Volunteer) May 2009 . worked under stressful conditions in order to meet deadlines.L.Aug. Toronto. English as a Second Language Teacher (Periodically) Sept. 2009 – Sept. • Effectively motivated a team of three salesmen as well as two laborers to provide superior service. took initiative and solely devised and managed routes where it led to effectively saving costs and created the best potential way to profit the company. Volleyball)  Investment Opportunities  Dragon’s Den  Business Development MUJTABA KHOJA PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Sales Manager March 2011 – Sept. offered clientele ways of saving 50% on their driveways based on clientele‘s budget.INTERESTS  TED—Ideas Worth Spreading  Public Relations  International Development  United Nations  Foreign Policies  Sports (Basketball. Canada • Co-ordinated special events to meet clients’ customized requirements. Soccer. • Facilitated research to build a comprehensive organizational knowledge of programs at institutes throughout Canada. Madog . maintained a successful clientele base. while assisting and teaching them English as a Second Language (E. Canada • Communicated with customers on a door-to-door basis and provided driveway sealing services. Saudi Arabia • Developed and demonstrated communication. • Promptly reacted and altered venue preparation as required by the client’s needs. 2010 Oxford English Academy. • Conducted sales negotiations with over 90 satisfied customers. interaction and leadership skills with students aged from 10 to 25. Built trustworthy relationships with potential students across the globe and provided advice which led to over 50 students opting for Canadian universities as their choice of post-secondary education. of which our group was the only one selected to present to the CEO of our assigned company. PAST ACTIVITIES  Atkinson College Frosh Boss  National Honor Society  Knowledge Bowl Team (Trivia Competition)  Varsity Basketball & Volleyball  8 groups were selected from my Marketing Management class to reconstruct a business plan for 8 different companies.S. Event Specialist (Part Time) Mar. systematically managed the preparation of a venue for a large audience in an effective and timely manner. 2005 -Aug.