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Choral Speaking SCHOOL LIFE Rembau Science School Prodigy 2012

We reach school and see our friends , And what will we do ? Noise , talk Look , look , the teacher is coming The teachers coming 3x , shhhh Good morning teacher Studies develop brainpower Sports develop willpower EQ , IQ , SQ , we can do it all ! Cause we are the champion Hey , no pain , no gain Honestly , truthfully We love school , because school is cool Because this is where leaders are made Talents are discovered And skills are polished Also , at school , we learn Wave in physics , differentiation in addmaths , Respiration in biology , and etc etc etc And when exams is just around the corner Its the time to flaunt and shine , What ? Flaunt and shine During exams , students huddle in corners Cramping for their test Sometimes they are lucky And sometimes they fail Olla Mi Amigos ! Theres more . More ? Yes ! More and more and more Co co co co curriculums . It builds up our confidence And train us to be discipline Nurture our inner kindness Also , encourage teamwork . Dont forget our teacher , O yes yes yes , dear teachers , You know how much we love you Because you are like our mama papa Ready to listen and be a friend

Hey hey , hello Malaysia Are you ready for us ? Tick tick tick BOOM Honorable judges Meticulous timekeepers Ladies and gentlemen Boys and girls , sit back and relax We proudly present to you Where it all begins , SCHOOL ( School is cool , school is bore ) The journey , the adventure Of students life is full of fun They learn , they play , Their day begins with a prayer And ends of a heavy load of homework They go to school with bags , files and paper works . Hey ! Dont forget your water bottles Oh yeah ( annoyed ) And water bottles , gulp gulp gulp In their hands While , in the morning Tick tock 3x , KRINGGG Hey , wake up ! Huh ? Wake up ! Its almost 6 Youre late , its time to go to school Oh my god , im late for school We feel that school is such a bore , err We feel that school is such a snore , huhh Parents say A+ , A+ , A+ We say all right mama , we will , we will

Lending hands toward the end Well teachers , ( kisses ) Like we said , we love you ! Sometimes we feel like screaming shouting because , schools life can be complicated and very very stressful As the children of today And the leaders of tomorrow Friends , we ask you to stick to the fight Rest if you must , but dont you quit Im sure you can , I can , we all can Thats all from us , and Remember 3x , we are young , we are free , So , enjoy it will it last One day , we will all miss our school . Thank you .