Upgraded LMX/BMX-33X Gearbox


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Upgraded -33X Gearbox Input Shaft Bearings New Design Feature • Spherical roller bearings replace the ball bearings as the input shaft supports. (2º misalignment versus 3’minutes. • Improved ability to withstand coupling misalignment. Benefits • Increased L10 bearing life.) .

Upgraded -33X Gearbox Input Shaft Bearings M in im u m T h e o r e tic a l L 1 0  B e a r in g r p m ) L ife (O u tp u t S p e e d 250000 1 0 . k W 250 300 350 400 L o a d . H o u r s 150000 6 0 100000 H z L 10 5 0 50000 H z 0 200 220 240 260 280 300 L o a d . H o r s e p o w e r .0 0 0 200000 B e a r in g L i fe .

. Benefits • Higher shaft speeds • Greater radial load capacity. changed from a ball bearing.Upgraded -33X Gearbox Lower Idler Shaft Bearing New Design Feature • Hydrodynamic bearing (ø 1.75 inch).

Original Configuration Ball bearing Upgraded Configuration with spherical roller bearings on input shaft. .

Upgraded 33X Gearbox Internal Oil Pump New Design Feature • New lube oil pump design. • Directly interchangeable with original oil pump. Benefits • 12% more oil flow to accommodate the additional requirements of the new idler shaft journal bearing. .

2 1. U .4 0 2 50 H z O ld C o n f i g u r a t i o n (1 5 0 N e w C o n fi g u r a ti o n oF . S .8 1. G P M 4 6 8 10 .6 2.4 0.O il F l o w . m 3 / h r 0. 65 O ld C o n fig u r a tio n o C ) 60 H z In te r n a l O il P u m p F lo w R a t e N e w C o n f igu r a tio n Internal Oil Pump Upgraded -33X Gearbox 0 2 O il F lo w .

Upgraded -33X Gearbox O-Rings New Design Feature • Fluoroelastmer o-rings replace gaskets at the gearbox split lines. . Benefits • More positive seal to prevent oil seepage during operation. • Easier to store o-rings verse a paper gasket.

Upgraded -33X Gearbox Interchangeability 125C 125D 160 936AG Design Feature • Gear ratios. Benefits • The hydraulic or aerodynamic performance of a converted unit is not affected by this upgrade. and mounting configurations are not changed. 125A 155C . • The physical installation is also not effected. output shaft and bearing.

Spherical Roller Bearing Installation. • Use level on top of the upper gearbox housing while lowering it into position. 936AG 125A 155C . • Lubricate the upper housing bearing bores and bearing outside diameters with gearbox oil. • Using machinist level ensure that the outer race of the upper input shaft bearing is level before installing the upper gearbox housing.Upgraded -33X Gearbox Maintenance Changes 125C 125D 160 Lubrication • Gearbox lubricant is changed to ISO viscosity grade 46.

Upgraded -33X Gearbox Parts Designation Changes Item No. ***If any idler shaft component or the lower gearbox housing listed under “old designation” is to be replaced. ****To convert from split line gaskets to split line O-rings the bearing plate and lower gearbox housing listed under “new designation” must also be changed. the entire input shaft assembly listed under “new designation” and noted by * is required. **The new internal oil pump completely replaces either old style internal oil pump without any additional changes. A120 120 122A 125C 125D Description Input Shaft Assembly Input Shaft Input Helical Gear Upper Input Shaft Bearing Lower Input Shaft Bearing 160 Internal Pump A140 Idler Shaft Assembly 140 122C 125A 155C 101 105 102 Idler Shaft Lower Idler Spur Gear Lower Idler Shaft Bearing Lower Idler Trust Brg. all components listed under “new designation” and noted by ***must be replaced. Lower Gearbox Housing Split Line Gaskets Bearing Plate Old Designation SH01AG12X SH02AGO3 GE04AG01XXX 21-060 21-122 PU04AG02 or PU04AG03 SH01AG13X or SH01AD06X0 SH02AG02XX or SH01AD07XX0 GE03AA01XXX 21-027 or BE09AA11 None or WA05AA01320 HO05AA03 GK01AA01**** PL01AG02X New Designation SH01AG18XA* SH02AG07 GE04AG03XXX 21-118 21-117 PU04AK01** SH01AD06XX1*** SH01AD07XX1 GE03AG03XXX BE09AG17A*** WA05AW02*** HO05AD13X1*** 14-223UC (ITEM 936AG) PL01AG02XXXX1 *If any input shaft component listed under “old designation” must be replaced. .

– Each component can be added independently of the other component upgrades. • Exchange Gearbox – An upgraded gearbox is supplied and a credit is given when the old gearbox is returned.Incorporating Upgrades • Individual components. .

Gearbox Exchange • OEM quality components are used throughout the exchange gearbox. • Field assembly is eliminated • Credit for exchanged old gearbox. . • Warranted for 12 months from start up or 18 months form date of shipment.

15 Original field trial units have been running for over two years now. References available on request. 2003.Upgraded 33X Gearbox Field Experience Effective since September 1. No change in the exchange gearbox price. .

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