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Innovative Product

Flavored Bread
Group Members
Names I.D.
Sr #

► AtifIqbal 073605-058 13
► Faisal Adil 073605-069 19
► Omer Hayat Khan 073605-076
► Malik Allah Razi 073605-087 29
► Faheem Nawaz 073605-088 31
► Explanation of

► Need Gap Analysis

►Product Differentiation
►Flavored Bread
►Low Light Bread
►Natural and Organic

►Fulfilling the Need

►Market Situation


Mission Statement

“This is a family company selling

traditionally baked bread with a
freshness and quality you really can

“ Our vision is to become Pakistan's

favorite bread this will come to reality
by our dedication to continued
improvement across all areas of the
Market Trend

► Using updated Technology

► There is Huge Market Available

►5 % People Are Using Baked Bread

Competitive Analysis

Indirect Competitors

Substitute Competitors
►Dawn Bread
►Vita Bread

“Our goal is to ensure that important

values such as quality, freshness, and
service are delivered to our consumers
in the 21st Century. For us this isn't
just a business. It's a way of life.”



Target Analysis
►Income Groups


Product Analysis
►Brand Name


FAB Analysis


Quality Function


Channels of
► Product position Strategy
 the customer believes
► Value
► Features
► Benefits
► Basic strategies
 By attribute or benefit
 By use or application
 By user
 By product or service class
 By price or quality
Advertising strategy
► Position the product:
► Investing in creating a stronger
brand personality:
► Using the Internet / Web site:
► Ad strategy deals with the big
strategic issues:
 Branding,
 Positioning,
 Media.
► Psycho-Dynamics
 What is going on the brain of the
 Consumer Involvement Theory (CIT)
►How the consumer relates to the purchase
►High to low involvement.

 Always changing
► Above the line sales promotion
 TV,
 Radio,
 Newspaper,
► Advertising objective
 To earn profits
 To compare,
 To gain attention,
 To inform,
 To persuade, or
 To remind our customers about our
► Campaign theme

► Reach

► Frequency

► Media Vehicle
Proper Budget Allocation
► In
order to keep the advertising
budget in line with promotional and
marketing goals Artesian have focus
on the followings:
 Target consumer

 Health conscious
 Profit is earned for each Rupee spent on
► Slogan
“Healthier slice of life”  
“The bread which build strong bodies and
which has the flavor of your choice.”
► Push strategy
► Promotional Materials
 Banner & Hoardings
 Point of sale (POS) Terminals
 Fairs and Exhibitions
 Broachers and Leaflets
► Marketing Skimming:
► Price Elasticity:
► Key People with Specific Skills
► HR number including managerial
and non managerial staff
► Physical evidence
► Land and Building
► Location and side details
Market Entry strategy
Market Entry strategy

1. Guerilla Attack

3. Soft launch strategy

5. Official launch strategy

Market Entry strategy
4. Event marketing at launch stage.
► sponsoring cricket matches
► Sponsoring concerts

5. Public relation activities

6. Publicity
SWOT Matrix
►External Threats

►External Opportunities

►Internal Strengths

►Internal Weakness
Matching the SWOT matrix

►Strengths with opportunities

►Strengths with weakness
►Opportunities with weakness
►Weakness with threats
Financial analysis
► Projected startup cost or onetime cost

► Total sales