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2) The basic needs of humans are: .shelter ( 庇护所 ) BASIC NEEDS OF HUMANS FOODS WATER AIR SHELTER .water ( 水 ) .foods ( 食物 ) .THE BASIC NEEDS OF HUMANS 1) All humans need basic needs to stay alive.air ( 空气 ) .

maintain the body tem(erature( 体温 ) at 3")*.et ener y( 力量 ) for daily activities.( 输送营养到全身 ) .( 帮助血液循护 ) .et the nutrient( 营养 ) from foods to stay healthy( 健康 ) and rowin ( 成护 ) well.( 帮助排泄 ) . ') Humans need water to: . !) About "#$ of humans body is water% we need to drin& about 12 bi lass of water everyday.trans(orts nutrients to whole (arts of the body.remove the waste (roducts( 排泄物 ) of our body. .hel( the blood circulation.( 保持体温 ) .3) Humans need foods to: .

-) Humans stay in various ty(e of shelter: flat terrace house bun alow wooden house .hale carbon dio. ") Humans need shelter to (rotect( 保护 ) themselves from dan er( 危护 )% rain( 雨 ) and bri ht sunli ht( 强烈的阳光 ).y en and e.ide.+) Humans need air to survive( 生存 )% we breathe in o.

2) The basic needs of animals are: .foods .water .shelter BASIC NEEDS OF ANIMALS FOODS WATER AIR SHELTER .THE BASIC NEEDS OF ANIMALS 1) All animals need basic needs to stay alive.air .

horse .am(les of herbivore are: . !) /ome animals that only eat (lants% ve etables% fruits% leaves and other (arts of (lants are called herbivore ( 草食护物 ).(anda .3) . ') The e.hamster .ifferent animals are need different ty(e of foods.butterfly .

am(les of carnivore are : .ti er . ") The e.+) /ome animals that eat other small animals are called carnivore ( 肉食护物 ).wolf .

(i . 0) The e.-) /ome animals that eat other small animals and (lants are called omnivore ( 护食护物 ).rat .am(les of omnivore are : .cow .

et ener y( 力量 ) from foods for daily activities( 日常活护 ). . 11) Animals also needs water to : .remove waste (roducts.trans(ort nutrients( 护养 ) to all (art of their body. . . . .maintain their body tem(erature.stay healthy.1#) Animals eat foods everyday li&e humans% they need foods to : .hel( in rowin well.

y en from air throu h breathin .12) Animals et the o.y en. . 13) 1f we (ut an animal in a air-ti ht( 封护 ) container( 罐 )% it will die because lac& of o.

( 护! ) . 1+) . 1') They needs shelter to : .1!) /helter is the im(ortant basic need for all animals.(rotect themselves from rain and bri ht sunli ht.(rotect themselves( 保护自 ) from enemy.ifferent animals will stay in different shelter : bird nest cave .

bee hive under round nest s(ider web .

BASIC NEEDS OF PLANTS SUNLIGHT 阳光 WATER 水 AIR 空气 .THE BASIC NEEDS OF PLANTS 1) 2lants is also the livin thin s% they also need basic needs to stay alive.

!) 2lants absorb( %& ) water and minerals( 护物 ''''护 ) from soil( () ) throu h the root( * ). 3) 2lants need water to carry out (hotosynthesis ( 光"#$ ).2) 3ater is one of the im(ortant basic needs for (lants. .

') 2lants need water to : . +) 2lants will wilt if they are lac&s of water.carry out (hotosynthesis to ma&e foods. ). . .su((ort them from wilt( themselves. .

") 2lants absorb carbon dio.ide and o. 8) Green plants need carbon dioxide to carry out photosynthesis for the production of oxygen and foods in daytime.) on the leaves. .y en throu h their stomata ( 气.

y en to survive( 生存 ). at o(en volume (lant rowin well in the closin volume (lant will dead . 1#) At ni ht% (hotosynthesis do not ta&e (lace% so (lants will absorb o. 11) 1f we (ut a (lant in a closin ( 封护 ) volume( 空 ''''''护 )% that (lant will dead.0) 2lants also needs o.y en for res(iration.

1!) 1f reen (lants cannot et sunli ht% they will turn yellow and finally dead. Plant T stay alive and growing well Plants U turned yellow and die . 13) 4reen (lants use chloro(hyll( 叶护. ) which are inside the leaves to absorb sunli ht and turn sunli ht to ener y for rowin .12) 4reens (lants need sunli ht to carry out (hotosynthesis for ma&in foods.