• Why should I study Digital electronics? • What is digital electronics? • What are the uses of digital electronics? .

• Devices used in applications such as these are constantly decreasing in size and employing more complex technology. audio systems. implementation and application principles of digital electronics. • It is therefore essential for engineers and students to understand the fundamentals. consumer/industrial electronics. digital logic systems. This is so that they can use the most appropriate and effective technique to suit their technical need. medical electronics. networking.Why should I study Digital Electronics? • A knowledge of digital design sets the stage for studies in electronic circuits. . devices and integrated circuits. security and military equipment. communications. computers. and so on. control systems. embedded systems.

it looks very difficult at a casual glance but is (relatively) easy if you know how. it is a discrete representation of analog signals) • Digital electronics is a branch of electronics which deals with digital format of data and codes. • The main advantage of digital signals over analog signal is that it is less prone to noise.(ie. • What is Digital Electronics? • Digital Electronics deals with logic 1 and logic 0.Digital design is a bit like a Chinese puzzle box. . where logic 1 is represented by one voltage and logic 0 is represented by another voltage.

and numerous other consumer products. . mobile phones.Uses • Digital electronics are the basis of all digital circuits for computers. • Camera • Voice recorder • Cam corder • Digital clock and many more…….

• • • • • Boolean algebra and logic gates Combinational logic Synchronous sequential logic Asynchronous sequential logic Memory and programmable logic .

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Efforts made so far • • • • Collected 10 sets of Old University Questions Collected more than 15 books for research Prepared clear notes for 5 Units . Solved university question papers .


• • • • Teaching on screen as well as board Solving Problems Student Interaction Seminars .

• Minimum 5 problems daily. • It should be written in A4 sheet and must be submitted in staff table before 8 am daily.• Simple problems similar to class work. • These sheets should be filed for checking and no-dues . • The problems for the next week will be given this week itself for ease of the students.

• Exam paper will move to other department.• Teaching methods based on how people learn • Students need to play an active part and be intensively engaged in the learning process • Very basic and most important paper for you • Supplies you more grade points since the credit is 3. .

• 3. Now. “PRACTICE”. .• 1. • 2. Think of something you are really good at. describe how you got to be good at that thing. in one or two words.

Unit II.• Cycle Test will be conducted every week. • You should solve all the ten old University questions before going for university practical's. Model Problems from old University questions will be asked. . • For Unit I.


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