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Music Video TimelinePerformance

By James Powell

0.00- Video will open with a single long shot to establish the band and
performance setting, then when the recognisable guitar and drum sounds open the
song there will be several close up shots showing the instruments being played to
further establish each member.

0.30- Camera cuts to another long shot of the band from the side stage with the
Camera set to a lower angle to provide the sense of a gig/rehearsal scene. There
is another cut to an angle behind the performance showing the back of the
guitarists and performer almost from the drummers perspective also placing
emphasis on the lighting.

0.41- Singing begins, cut to close up of the performer miming lyrics. Pace of editing
speeds up significantly it quickly cuts between this close up and a mid shot of all of
the band members when the singing or instruments match their performance.

1.05- Cut to a close up of the main guitar as the distinctive sound is played, the camera
will be placed side on following the main body of the guitar up. This will be intersected
by an extreme close up of the drum kit that will match the drum beat of the song,
finally towards the end of the solo I will cut to a short low angle mid shot of the
second guitar player as his instrument signals the end of the solo.

1.17- Cut back to the close ups of the performer miming the lyrics of the song unaware
of the camera to further communicate the idea of a gig. Also featuring a mid shot from
the side of the stage that features all three guitars playing the song in time along with
the shots of all the band members playing their instruments from both mid and close up

1.42- After the singing section ends the performer will turn around and the mid
performance shot from straight on will cut to a long shot of the stage from the side
showing all three guitarists and drummer playing their instruments. Before the singing
resumes their are extremely frequent cuts between all of the instruments close up
before cutting back to the lead performer.

2.14- Fast cuts between the face on close up performance and a low angle mid shot
of the drummer to match the pace established within the song.

2.26- Low angle shot of the main guitar placing emphasis on the players hand
coming down and striking the chord to open the next instrumental section of the
song. Then cut between mid shots of the musicians and main performer.

2.40- During the silence it will cut back to the original shot of the performers on stage
before the music starts and it again cuts to a close up of every instrument playing
their part of the song.

2.53- As the last cord is struck there is fast edit between a mid shot of the main guitar
player striking the last cord before cutting the long shot of the stage face on showing
the performers one last time before cutting to black