Prepared by: Lea Queen M. Tamayao

Least Mastered Competency Our Goals are the following: Recognize the history of baking Identify baking ingredients Discuss the functions of the different baking ingredients .

I wonder when baking started? G U I D E C A R D I think it’s time to go back to history… Let’s go… .

Baking is part of the ancient history… Older than me?? Maybe. Baking evolved from man’s innovation in the preparation and cooking of grains.. hohoho The earliest Biblical record of bread making is during the time of Abraham (Genesis 14:8) more than 2000 years ago. .

Now I know when baking really started. let us see how far have you learn… . it’s my job to tell you history. Thank you my friend… It’s alright. Great job!!! Now that we have mastered the history of baking...

Answer the following questions briefly. When did baking started? What verse in the Bible that tells us when did baking started? A C T I V I T Y C A R D How did baking evolved? # 1 Good luck… ..

let’s take a look on this… .GUIDE CARD I really wanted to bake. but I do not know what to mix and combine? I can help you with that.

These are the basic ingredients in baking… Baked products are made from essentially the same ingredients – flour. fats. and leavening. Combinations of these ingredients and preparation methods produce the various general . water or milk. eggs. sugar.

Name the following ingredients A C T I V I T Y C A R D # 2 .

let’s take a look on their functions. These family can help you with that… Come on!!! .Now that you’ve mastered identifying the ingredients..

Here are the Baking Ingredients and their Functions Flour -is the primary ingredient of most baked products because it provides the structure of the product.purpose flour .Rice flour .Bread flour . Types of Flour: .All.Wheat flour .Cake flour .

Juices .Water .Liquid- ingredients are important for hydrating protein. starch and leavening agents. Types of Liquid: .Milk and creams . Liquids contribute to the moistness and texture of the products.

act as creaming agent with fats.Brown or raw sugar .Shortening Sugar- They generally add sweetness and flavor.Confectioner or powdered sugar . add flavor. increase keeping quality. and provide food for yeast Types of Sugar: . give color to the crust. increase keeping quality (by retaining moisture).Butter .Oil . assist in leavening when used as creaming agents Types of Fats: .Margarine .Fats- Fats generally help to tenderize the product and soften the structure.Lard . add moistness and richness.Granulated or refine cane sugar . create tenderness and fineness of texture (partly by weakening the gluten structure).

Types of Leavening Agents: .Yeast . .Baking soda .Baking powder Eggs- eggs perform many functions in the production of baked products.Leavening Agents- are responsible for the production and incorporation of gases during the baking process.

.Yipee!!! We are done in identifying the basic baking ingredients and their functions. You are now ready to bake the most delicious bread you wish you baked.. We will bake many delicious breads.. . I can help you with that.