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‡ Experimented with the design and production of indigenous diapers. Didn t work out well.Good Knight . . ‡ Started a trading firm to deal with ceramic insulators.Introduction and background ‡ Mr Mohan (founder) is an Electrical engineer. ‡ Worked possibilities of starting own manufacture of antimosquito mats. ‡ Distributorship of Vape. ‡ Had to close down insulator business in 1982.

Mohan flew to Osaka after many attempts to meet their officers in Mumbai and finally established collaboration. Finance: ‡No help from friends and family members. ‡ One private officer offered to lend Rs. ‡ Loan application rejected by over thirty banks and financial institutions on ground of non viability. ‡The financiers son offered funds for purchase of raw materials only if he will be given sole distributorship for Good Knight.20 million at 5% interest per month.Challenges faced Technology: ‡ Collaboration with Sumitomo group that had monopoly over technical materials which were needed for manufacture of mosquito repellent mats was difficult. ‡ Mr. . 0.

‡The father. ‡The total liability that Mohan had with the bank of India came to Rs.son financiers came with a proposal for 50% stake in company otherwise they will have to settle accounts. ‡Loan officer of bank of India provided him with a credit facility of 0. .10 million after settling his dues with private financers.5 million and bailed him out with private financiers. 2.

These mats were cut into equal sizes and packed. ‡ A new factory was opened in Chennai in 1991 where production capacity was 70000 boxes per year.About the product ‡ People initially used mosquito coils and skin ointments as mosquito repellents. ‡ Raw material import became easy by 1991. ‡ Consisted of a rectangular blue coloured paper mat electronically heated at a specified temperature by an EMD. ‡ The EMD s were assembled by subcontractors through imported thermistors from Sumitomo. Japan. Transelektra itself started the production of thermistors. evaporator and fragrance added to the special paper. ‡ Transelektra Domestic products introduced Good Knight as a substitute to these products. Later. In it s factory in Mumbai ‡ Production of the mats involved a mixture of allethrin. .

‡ Mr. ‡By 1992 the company had 2.Market share and Competition ‡ First television advertisement of Good Knight was telecast on 31 July 1985.000 retail outlets. ‡ Good Knight was later targeted even to middle income group. . Mohan wanted Good Knight to be easily available everywhere. Turnover reached to 468 million in 1992-93.50. ‡ In 1991-92 nearly 20 million was spent on advertisement. ‡ 4. ‡ Good Knight always stuck to quality norms.

Six to Six. ‡ Other brands such as Casper. Samurai. ‡ Sales went upto 140 million in 1992. . ‡ Since entering the market in 1985 Good Knight remained the all India market leader.‡ In 1991 they sponsored an all India Good Knight cup football tournament. jet and banish had 15% market share each and Odomos with 8%. ‡ Jet introduced mats that emitted fragrance throughout the day and was priced lesser than Good Knight and came up with models like Jet gypsy and Jet fighter but couldn t take Good Knight s place. ‡In 1992 Good Knight had 60% share. ARS and Knight Queen shared rest of the market.

‡ It spent 5 million each in 1989 and 1990 on advertising. Target market was the middle and upper class ‡ Snuggy along with it s two small competitors was finding it difficult to sell diapers. It spent 10 million on the advertising of the products. (TV. ‡ Snuggy had a market share of 75% after the shut down of the other two brands. Snuggy: A new company Diapers India Ltd was started by Mohan with the help from a US company and Snuggy brand of diapers was launched in 1989. . It also increased the price of diapers in 93.). ‡ Snuggy club was started for young mothers.Diversification into other products/activities Hit : Taranselektra introduced Hit for flying insects in Dec 1990 and crawling insects in Dec 1991. newspapers. buses etc.

Feature films : ‡ Mohan got into film making in 1990 and produced his first Malayalam film which was a huge success. ‡ Mohan still continues to finance films and has produced films with many creative directors. ‡They published a journal for mothers called Young Mother and sold over 2000 copies.‡ In 1992 Snuggy books were introduced to push the sales. ‡ In 1993 he produced his first Hindi film Gardish which was the subject of a lot of controversies. .

‡ They wanted to expand the production of Hit and the thermistors. Required a lot of funds (250 million) that could hamper growth of other products. ‡ Post liberalisation. Mohan was negotiating with a US firm to sell more than half the equity of Transelektra. . ‡ He was also involved in aerosol bottling and real estate. ‡ In 1998 Mohan was managing a company called Shogun producing different varieties of paper. ‡ It was finally sold to Godrej for 1 billion in 1994.Transelektra changing hands and Mohan s new venture ‡ Mohan had dreams of making Transelektra a big firm manufacturing several products.

Good Knight : Then and now .