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SovereignAd Airline In flight media kit

In-Flight Advertising Proposal for Tigerair Taiwan
Why Airline Media???


Reach high net worth captive customers for distraction free viewing of your ads for 1 – 5 hrs.

High dwell time allows for a greater depth of engagement with a captive audience, greater levels of recall,
retention and higher levels of motivation and brand empathy.

Studies show that over 80% people who saw Inflight Advertisements during their flight were able to recall
the brand/message with over 35% increase in intent to purchase.

No other traditional advertising media is able to achieve even half the unaided recall of in-flight advertising.

Best way to reach out to both the Business Traveller as well as the Leisure Traveller.
How About Changing
The Overhead Bin into
a Billboard???

Overhead Bins: Place
images on the Overhead Bins
that is seen, as the
passenger looks to the left or
right and along the length of
the cabin. This high visibility
area further strengthens your
brand and message as you
decorate the cabin with
creative advertising.
Overhead Bins
Large Format, uncluttered media placed
on the overhead Bins of the aircraft that
will attract several eyeballs of a high net
worth captive audience.

Overhead Bin Ads are visible across the
length and breadth of the aircraft cabin
guaranteeing 100% visibility and high

These are also visible at all times during
all phases of flight: boarding, departure,
in-flight, landing and deplaning.

Depending on the configuration there
will be 24 - 26 panels on each side for a
total of 52 panels inside each aircraft.

Captive high net worth audience,
undistracted guaranteed viewing time is
1 - 5 hours (depending upon the flight
Overhead Bins
Commercials : Overhead Bins

Advertising No of Qty (per Price Per Production Per
Type Aircraft aircraft) Aircraft/ Month Aircraft (USD)
Overhead Bins 8 28 – 34 $5100 3680

Production Lead Time: 30days
Taxes Extra as applicable
Media not available on Emergency Exit Rows
Seat Back Devices

Placed on the back of
the meal tray table in
front of every passenger

View time of 1 – 8 hours
per flight, the seatback
devices are perfectly sized
for a one - one interaction
with the passenger.
Our Impossible to
Miss Advertising

Visible to every passenger
while the tray table is in its
upright and locked position.

Patented locking mechanism
ensures the ad is tamper

Depending on the
configuration a total of 162-
168 devices will be placed
inside each aircraft.
Seatback Devices

Each seatback in a row is
visible to all three passengers
providing display options of
multiple products or creatives.

This global advertising media
vehicle is present in over 20
airlines across the world.

Reach high net worth
customers arriving into your
market before your
Commercials – Seatback Devices

Advertising Type No of Aircraft Qty Price Per Production
(per aircraft) Aircraft/Per Per Aircraft
month (USD) (USD)
Seatback Devices 8 162 – 168 $4300 $700

Production Lead Time: 15 days
Taxes Extra as applicable
Media not available on Front Row, Emergency Exit Rows and Last Row
Why Advertise on Tigerair Taiwan?

Tigerair Taiwan is a low-cost carrier (LCC) based at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. It was formed as a joint
venture between China Airlines Group and Tiger Airways Holdings.

Empowers people to explore new destinations and accumulate memorable experiences by offering an increased
network of destinations and affordable travel options, is committed to maintaining the highest standards of safety,
security and reliability.

Flies 8 Airbus A320 aircraft covering over 13 destinations across South Asia.

Ferries over 1.6 million passengers annually. High load factors with an impressive on-time performance places it
amongst the best in Asia.

Average flight duration is 2hr 15 mins. Average time spent on board by a guest is 3hrs.
Tigerair Taiwan Passenger Demographics

Age Travel Mode
Below 20 21 - 35
Gender Ratio 36 - 45 46 - 60 Leisure Business
Male Female 60 and above

0% 10% 10%

35% 15% 38%

65% 62%

Tigerair Taiwan Passenger Demographics

Annual Income
Traffic Less than 5 lacs 5 - 12 lacs Occupation
12 - 20 lacs 20 - 28 lacs
Domestic International/Onward More than 28 lacs SME PSU Salaried Others

0% 4% 18%
14% 19%
30% 30%

70% 35% 38% 14%
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