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World's leading food service retailer.

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   serving      each day.



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Ú o brothers from Ne ampshire, Richard and Maurice

McDonald ere the o ners of a drive-in restaurant near Los

In the year 1954, a milk-shake machine salesman, Raymond Kroc

found that McDonald·s had purchased eight multimixers!

Úhis as quite astonishing for him as generally people purchased

just one or t o.

e tracked him and observed the efficiency ith hich the little
restaurant functioned by selling food at incredibly lo prices and that
too ithin 60 secs, set him thinking about a chain of restaurants.

Úhe next day Kroc talked the brothers into a deal hich allo ed him
to sell McDonald·s franchises for a price of

In return Kroc ould keep 1.4% of all sales and the brothers ould
get 0.5% back.
Úhe company ent public on April 15, 1955 and opened its first
outlet in Des Plaines, Illinois.

Within 10 years, McDonald·s became the

largest fast-food chain in America.

And then, In 1971, McDonald·s as introduced

in Japan and Germany;
and later in 1977 in Europe and Asia.
What is McDonald's Mission Statement?

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A Yocus on providing their customers high quality

products, served quickly ith a smile, in a clean and
pleasant environment at an affordable price.
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-pened on -ctober 13, 1996 in Delhi.
Within a span of just 8 days the second restaurant opened in Mumbai,
as launched at Linking Road, Bandra on -ctober 21st.

Celebrating 13 years of leadership in food service retailing in India, It

has a net ork of 155 restaurants across the country.
McDonald·s India caters to 3 lakh customers every single day.

Planned to expand its outlets from

160 to 200 by the year-end ith an
investment of Rs 1.2 billion.

In India, McDonald's is a joint-venture company
managed by t o Indians.

Amit Jatia and Smiti Jatia, M.D. Hardcastle Restaurants

Pvt. Ltd. o ns and spearheads McDonalds in est &
south India.

McDonald·s restaurants in North & East India are o ned

and managed by Vikram Bakshi·s Connaught Plaza
Restaurants Private Limited.



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A üses 82million Buns

A 66 million Patties
A2.1million litres of Dairy Products
A0.5 million kgs -f Lettuce
A0.12 million kgs of Curries
A22 million litres of Sauces.
Úhe average McDonald's restaurant employs 60-80 people
from cre to restaurant manager.
McDonald's orld class-training
inputs to its employees can be
seen in the present close to 4000
employees currently in India.

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Úhis branch does not provide home delivery to the customers.

Úheir guest expectancy per day ranges from 600 ² 700


ere, all the employees are on

part time basis hich is mini
-mum of 4 hours per day.

Yood is provided to the staff

along ith the benefits of ESIC,
PY and gratuity.






Maintain excellent levels of quality, service, cleanliness.
Control profit and loss line items & keeps an eye on their 12 orking systems.
Build sales, increase customer counts, schedule and retain employees.


Manages six systems and helps Restaurant Manager in his ork.


Manages remaining six systems.


Develop and train cre and shift managers.
Manages shifts of employees and handles duties of
trainee manager in his absence.
Looks after the aiters on the
restaurant floor.
Úrain the trainees
Works in guest area, on the
floor, and in kitchen.

As part of its in-store activity, the company has
entered into a global tie up ith the ¶Aliens and
Monsters· herein toys based on the movie ill be
form the part of the appy Meal package at McDonald·s.

Úhey have spent appro.

Rs 6 million to promote
·Aliens and Monsters· toys.
ÿ ÿ
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We ould like to thank Mr. Nikhil Úailor ² Restaurant Manager of

McDonalds, Inox Branch, Vadodra for sharing his experience,
guidance and allo ing us to gather information and pictures of this

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xï xÚï