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• A visit to Andhra Pradesh is a delight for art lovers, naturalists, religious…who never find a place like it owing to its varied tourist spots. • The state with its glorious past and luminous present is escalating towards the future with utmost level of development in various fields. • With a very short span of its commencement of development it has climbed the sky attracting every one to see this land of marvel. • Andhra Pradesh, sometimes called as the “Kohinoor of India”, is a mystical land where history has left behind the monuments and architectural ruins; and dynasties as old as 300 BC. • It has many holy temples with architectural beauty, which attract large numbers of pilgrims and tourists from inside and outside the country.


• Royal, rustic, romantic are just a few terms to describe Hyderabad, but one has to be present here to truly experience the exotic enchantment of this historic city. • The piercing calls of the muezzins from the minarets of mosques. The peal of temple bells accompanied by smells of incense. The mesmerizing fragrance of musky Attars (perfumes). Appetizing aromas from Tandoors (ovens), Dekchis (huge pots) and brewing Irani Chai (tea). • Hyderabad - the territory of the richest man in the world, the Nizam, is also rich in history, arts, architecture and culture. Like the Kohinoor diamond which was mined here, the city is multi-faceted and a shining example of valued traditions. More than 400 years of history is preserved and exists along with the ultra modern infrastructure. Known as the City of Pearls, it is now globally famous as an IT hub. Enigmatic, vibrant and alluring, Hyderabad has a mystic charm attached to the various historic monuments, mosques, minarets and museums, which abound here.


• Find a beach for every season... and for every reason. • Sunny, golden, bright and breathtaking... that's Visakhapatnam, popularly known as Vizag. Beautiful blue ocean and sparkling beaches... this second largest city of Andhra Pradesh is gorgeous. But if you think Vizag is all about beaches... you are in for a surprise. • Green picturesque hills greet you, wherever you go. Lush greenery, fascinating tribal dance, and historical Buddhist remains will enchant you. And just in case you need some man-made intervention... there are ample entertainment and shopping zones. Vizag is truly a destination for every imagination. • Set out to explore this charming city... set to redefine great holidays as you know it.



• This picturesque destination is located on the left bank of the mighty river Godavari, in the East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh. Surrounded by lush green paddy fields, coconut trees, and winding roads through quaint villages, Rajahmundry and its surrounding places are truly a visual treat. Raja Mahendri, as it was known in the olden days, was ruled by the Eastern Chalukya ruler, Rajaraja Narendra in A.D. 1022. The remnants of fine palaces and fort walls can be seen standing to this day. The legendary Telugu poet Nannayya, also known as Adi Kavi, belonged to this place. Kandukuri Veeresalingam, a famous social reformer also hailed from Rajahmundry. Asia's largest rail-cum-road-bridge, across the Godavari river, is a major attraction here. Relax and enjoy a boat cruise down the Godavari and you will be struck by the breathtaking beauty of Papi Hills. Take solace in nature and discover the true meaning of greenery at Pattiseema, another beautiful location. This is also a favourite spot for film makers. Kotilingalarevu (one million Shiva Lingas) is a famous Shiva Temple, which is located here and visited regularly by devotees. Visit Kadiyam nurseries, where you will find some of the most exotic varieties of flowers, in myriad hues, spread over acres of land. A sight that will simply take your breath away. Rajahmundry, with all its scenic beauty, and history, will be the holiday destination that you have always dreamt of.



• Durga temple: Vijayawada is famous all over the world for the temple of Kanaka Durga, also called as Sri Durga Malleswara Swami Temple. The Kanaka Durga temple is situated on Indrakeeladri Hills of Vijayawada. Kanaka Durgamma as the locals call is the presiding deity and is said to be the Goddess of power, riches and goodwill. The temple is said to be the second largest temple in Andhra Pradesh and equally popular as Tirumala. Kondapalli toys: The small village of Kondapalli located at a distance of just about 25 km from Vijaywada, one of the major commercial centers of Andhra Pradesh would have faded to oblivion but for two reasons. One of them is definitely the skills displayed by the craftsmen of this village in the production of Kondapalli Toys and the other is the beautiful fort that is located within it. A trip to this village serves two purposes. You can witness the fort which is a major tourist attraction and you can pick up a few Kondapalli Toys which will serve to adorn your drawing room. The Kondapalli Toys are not just decorative items to the people of this state. They are objects of pride to the Telegus all across the world. It reflects their cultural heritage and is the essence of their crafting skills.


• Warrangal is a major tourist destination located towards the north east of Hyderabad city. • The historic monuments and forts are real attractions at Warrangal. The city has a plethora of such attractions dating back to early twelfth century when development was at its zenith. • The Thousand Pillars temple, Badrakali Temple, Rammapa Temple, Vemulawada Temple, Jain Temple and Someswara Temple highlight the architectural brilliance reached during the ancient period. Thousand Pillars Temple, built with basalt is a live specimen left by Kakatiya and Chalukya rulers. • The splendid carvings and inscriptions is all but inviting. Many of these palces are considered as sacred and as such visited by a lot of pilgrims.


• Situated at the southern edge of the Eastern ghats in Andhra Pradesh, Tirupati, is surrounded by seven picturesque hills, which have perennial water falls, forests and superb views of valleys. • While Tirupati is the town at the foot of the seven hills, Tirumala is the temple township located on top of the hills. The age old temple of Lord Sri Venkateswara located here, is considered to be the richest temple in the whole world... The outer walls of the sanctum sanctorum of the temple are covered in a sheet of pure glittering gold... what a splendid sight to behold • Horsley Hills is a scenic hill-station at about 150 km from Tirupati. Here you can enjoy some great adventure sports, or just sit back and relax amidst the clouds. Visit Sri Venkateswara Zoological Park and wildlife sanctuary or enjoy trekking at Mamanduru, a truly refreshing experience. Visit the historic Chandragiri Fort and marvel at the architectural prowess of the Vijayanagar Dynasty. There is no end to the fun you can have here... Tirupati, will charm you indeed!


• Seek divinity and you'll not be denied. Seek peace and you are promised a lifetime of bliss.There will be a moment in your lifetime when you see something or experience a rare emotion and you are, for an instant, touched and in some way transformed. You'll be a changed person. • Welcome to Puttaparthi, the abode of peace. This is the home of Bhagawan Sri Satya Sai Baba, India's most revered spiritual master of modern times. His home (the ashram) is known as 'Prashanti Nilayam', the abode of peace. One of the most important pilgrim centres of India, the ashram lives up to its name, spend moments here and you will be filled with a sense of peace and calm. • You don't have to be an ardent follower of Bhagawan Sri Satya Sai Baba to be here and enjoy the tranquility that this place offers. All you have to have is faith in truth and this holy land will lead you to a world, you never knew existed.

Sriharikota : • It is a barrier island off the coast of the southern state of Andhra Pradesh in India. It houses India's only satellite launch centre in the Satish Dhawan Space Centre (also known as SHAR) and is used by the Indian Space Research Organisation to launch satellites using multi-stage rockets such as the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle or the Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle. • Sriharikota separates the Pulicat Lake from the Bay of bengal.

Nagarjunakonda: • About 1700 years ago, Nagarjunakonda used to be a prosperous Buddhist town in Andhra Pradesh. Nagarjunakonda, meaning the hill of Nagarjuna, was named after the Buddhist scholar and savant Acharya Nagarjuna who lived around the turn of the 2nd century AD. The museum is situated on an island in the Nagarjunasagar dam. Nagarjuna Sagar Dam: • Nagarjuna Sagar Dam is one of the largest dams built in Asia. The tallest masonry Nagarjuna Sagar Dam is certainly the pride of India, This colossal dam supplies water for irrigation purposes to the districts like Nalgonda, Prakasam, Khammam and Guntur in Andhra Pradesh catchment area of 215000 km² (83012 mi) And is one of the largest networks of canal systems.This mighty Nagarjuna dam, which was completed in 1969, owing to its confounding height of 124 meters, and 1 km long, and has 26 crest gates. Nagarjunasagar Dam can store up to 11, 472 million cubic meters in its reservoir.


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