graphic is an illustration that helps the learner conceptualize and/or visualize an author's ideas and/or concepts. illustrations such as drawings, charts, graphs, maps or photos, and dynamic presentations such as animation and video. are non-photographic, two dimensional materials design specifically to communicate a message to the viewer. These often includes

Definitions of Graphics

 static

 Graphics

In order to facilitate more effective learning, educational graphics must be:
 Used

appropriately  Organizational or explanative  Placed near the text they are illustrating  Useful to the reader  Meaningful and not detract from the meaning of the text

Four Types Of Graphics

Decorative  Representational  Organizational  Explanative

1. Decorative Graphics
 Decorative

graphic is "intended to the interest or entertain the reader but does not enhance the message of the passage. graphics do not enhance the learner's ability to comprehend, contextualize, or visualize learning material are best used for the book covers , title pages, chapter headings, as well

 Decorative

 They

Example of Decorative Graphics

2. Representational Graphics

representational graphic is one "that portrays a single element." This type of graphic illustrates concepts. representational graphic may allow a learner to conceptualize / visualize on a large scale (educational topics)



The musculoskeletal system is one of the eight systems that we will be studying this semester. The musculoskeletal system is comprised of the bodies bones and muscles.

Fig 1. Skeleton

3. Organizational Graphics
 an

organizational graphic is one "that depicts relations along elements such as a map or chart. form of graphic illustrates facts.

 This  This

allows the learner to form a mental picture of the text, thus enhancing learning


4. Explanative Graphics
 Explanative  This

graphics explains how a system works" type of graphics supports and explains the text. explanatory graphics assists in explaining the process/procedure

 The

Examples of Explanative Graphics

 Please

take a few minutes and practice creating your own graphics. Try to create graphics of your own for each of four types. partner up with one of your classmates, to discuss and correct each others work.

 Then,

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