The smartFOCUS Academy Program

• 10am Introductions Aims of the Academy Objectives for today smartFOCUS overview • 10.20am Bristol Business School Pilot

• 10.50am Product demonstration Customer Applications Lunch Hands-on Product training Coffee • 3.30pm Q&A

• •

12 - 1pm 1pm

Introduction .

uk Jon Asprey Martin Evans Rebecca Hughes Academy Sponsor Chris Underhill Managing Director Principal Consultant .uk Academic Sponsor

Aims of the Academy .

Aims of the Academy • To encourage educators to use our technology in the pursuit of learning & the development of technology-driven marketing. . • Realise the Marketing challenges of tomorrow through an understanding of the benefits of technology-driven marketing. • To lower the barriers and encourage feedback from academics. customers to develop our technology.

How ?
By providing leading Academic Institutions with software solutions with market value up to £250k • • • • Visualisation Analysis Data Mining Campaign Management

Delivering Industry relevant content to students within the confines of a classroom environment

Enabling members to. . .
• Demonstrate technology as an integral elements of course content • Deliver hands-on experience of a leadingedge marketing technology • Provide real-life marketing applications and case-study scenarios

• Support projects - Consultancy, Dissertation

Integral element of Course Content
Demonstrate how technology facilitates many aspects of:
• • • • • Customer Acquisition Retention Cross, Up, Repeat selling Marketing Accountability and Measurement

• • • • • • Segmentation of customer base Identification of Target Audience Campaign planning Campaign deployment Response analysis Marketing ROI .Integral element of Course Content Demonstrate a marketing campaign from planning through to execution.

Objectives for today .

Objectives for today To enable you to deliver Industry relevant content to students within the confines of a classroom environment • Bristol Business School Pilot • Customer application examples • Product Training and Usage • Academy Pack .

Academy Membership Pack To equip you with the building blocks from today: • Software. sample customer data • Training notes & User Guides • Case studies & Presentations .

Academy Membership Pack To equip you with the building blocks from today: • Implementation notes • Support no. • Training dates / Fax-back forms .

Academy Membership Pack Our requirement from you to become a member of the academy: • Terms and conditions • Confidentiality agreement • Case Study completion first term • Welcome feedback! .

smartFOCUS Solution Overview .

and marketing automation solutions that integrate to deliver Intelligent Marketing CRM Enabling marketers to maximise customer insight & intelligence to Acquire. campaign management. visualisation. data mining. Retain and Grow profitable customer relationships. .smartFOCUS overview Leading marketing analysis.

..Some Customers. Banking & Finance Bank of Scotland Lloyds TSB Zurich Financial Services Bank of Ireland Information delivery Telecoms & Utilities Worldcom Vartec Scottish & Southern Energy BT Cellnet ACNielsen Microsoft Dell Computer Xerox Media & Publishing The Economist Group The Guardian EMAP GEE Publishing Automotive & Transport Renault Toyota Business Post Retail & Mail Order JPBoden Scotts of Stow Boots Opticians Comet Oddbins FMCG Proctor & Gamble Friskies Petfood Regal Greetings Cards L’Oreal Travel & Tourism Avis Europe Airtours Going Places Corus & Regal Hotels Non-profit PDSA DTI Canadian Diabetes Assoc. .


Turn Information into Insight • Analyse: • Profile: • Predict: identify. timely & personalised marketing. understand & differentiate customers build a single view of the customer identify the factors that influence customer behaviour • Segment: build target groups for marketing activity Build & maintain your customer insight to drive more accurate. .


multi-stage. measure and interact with customers on a one-to-one basis plan.Turn Insight into Action • Campaign: • Plan: • Execute: • Automate: identify. services and interactions based on customers’ individual and changing needs . manage and measure key performance objectives execute customer-driven. multi-channel campaigns automate marketing interactions across all channels & touch-points Personalise products.


Turn Learning into Profit • Track: • Refine: track & measure customer and campaign performance over their lifetime continuously test and refine campaigns • Measure: results from campaigns • Manage: close the feedback loop by taking results back into the cycle Continuously improve your Return on Marketing Investment and Customer Lifetime Value .

Bristol Business School Pilot Program .

Bristol Business School Pilot Program Martin Evans Now at .

Background Strategic Organisation-Customer Interaction •Databases. •New Models of Organ-Market CRM The New Marketing . Technological Targeting.

The Census Catalyst .


New Info for the New Marketing Biographics Databases. Technological Targeting .Census Data Electoral Roll Financial Data Lifestyle Transactional Data So.

Data Fusion & Data Mining .





A Major Issue for Marketing Education Are we developing the right Skills???? .

most marketers just hand over a brief to IT.” CIM/UWE Research-Effects of Technology on Marketing and Marketers (Tapp. And then when IT turn round and say no. marketers don‟t know enough to challenge it.. Nancarrow. Evans) . We cannot influence the development and usage of IT within companies unless we know something about it. Stone.” “Marketers should develop IT / new technology skills –people who are „IT savvy‟.“How many times have marketers actually got outside their comfort zone and really got their hands dirty with this new technology? ….

Strategic Organisation . Cynical. But there are Privacy Concerns .Customer Interaction New Models of Organ-Market Interaction eg CRM But is the Relational paradigm Reality or Rhetoric? Customers are Street-wise. but DO engage with Interactive Marketing.More if they REALLY knew what’s happening …? .

but the techies are taking over Marketing Jobs VIPER in labs for hands-on data mining & campaign development .BBS Pilot Teaching set within this framework: Data Driven Interactive Marketing is Reality But are Marketing Students Equipped? Easy to show VIPER Screenshots.

BBS Pilot Some use tools for Dissertations & Staff Research ISN’T (but IS!) PR for smartFOCUS Evaluation of range of tools Also evaluation of the New Marketing & Concerns over Data Driven Marketing & Implications for marketing. consumers & society Same thing started at Cardiff .

BBS Pilot Results so far & feedback: • Most see relevance •‘up-to-dateness’ •‘brings Marketing to Life’ • ‘good for Job Hunting’ •‘Don’t understand the stats’ •So far the approach (at U/G) within a DM Option – so they have a choice •But Core at P/G But do we really have an option if we are to prepare students for the New Marketing ? .

Product Demonstration .

Customer Application Examples Demonstrate how technology facilitates many aspects of: • • • • • Customer Acquisition Retention Development Marketing Accountability and Measurement .

• • • • • • Segmentation of customer base Identification of Target Audience Campaign planning Campaign deployment Response analysis Marketing ROI .Customer Application Examples Demonstrate a marketing campaign from planning through to execution.

Customer Acquisition A leading telecom provider uses Viper to monitor the performance of its ongoing acquisition campaign. Response rate measured by creative Also profiled against lifestyle data on responder Creatives that appeal to particular lifestyle groups identified Poorly performing creatives discontinued saving print and production costs • • • • .

Customer Development • A leading electrical retailer. segments based on combinations of purchases Using a Venn diagram it is trivial to identify high value early adopters (high value widescreen TV. reduce mailing cost • • • . matching DVD) Similar mini-disc campaign achieved 60% response Minimise wastage. video but no DVD) Targeted mailing sent further segmenting by price point and brand (i.e.

Customer Retention A leading mobile telecom provider profiles ‘churned’ customers and takes pre-emptive action • Using Viper Data-mining the key characteristics of previous ‘churners’ are determined • These are then matched against higher value customer segments • As these customers approach contract renewal pre-emptive mailing sent to encourage contact to be maintained .

category and product analysis and management CRM KPI measurement & analysis • • • • • • Loyalty programme & customer analysis Campaign performance. response & profitability analysis External enrichment data integration & analysis Channel & touch-point analysis Web site & e-channel analysis Geo-demographic & spatial analysis (integrated Mapinfo) .Viper Analyse & Visualise • • • • • • • Customer segmentation & profiling Cross sell & up sell analysis Customer profitability & lifetime value analysis Customer KPI analysis Acquisition & prospect analysis Brand.

automating the discovery of future trends • Identify significant relationships across multimillion row databases • Build and refine propensity to buy and churn models • Manage your existing customer base through lifetime value models • Build cross sell models for new product and prospect targeting .Viper Data Mining • Engage in statistical data mining.

Viper CRM • Automate marketing interactions across all your channels and touch-points • Identify. measure and interact with individual customers on a one-to-one basis • Continuously refine customer insight and intelligence • Interact with customers based on individual customer performance • Track and measure customer and campaign performance over their lifetime .

Viper Campaign Planner • Create and test campaigns • Build hierarchical selections • De-dupe and suppress selections based on previous campaign history and customer behaviour • Test and define segments. . costs and expected responses • Forecast & test ROI for each selection and campaign.

optimise campaign and customer performance to maximise customer lifetime value and marketing ROI. continuous dialogue Assign pre-planned response steps and detailed costs. • • • Seamless Integration Export segments directly from Viper. product. defining the expected response and automating subsequent treatment . multi phase. automate reporting & deploy this insight across the enterprise. build and execute complex. Strategy Management Manage multiple campaigns. multi channel campaigns on the marketer’s desktop. Respond rapidly to changes in customer behaviour or competitor innovation.smartCAMPAIGNER • Empower Marketers Plan. by channel.Track and Measure Every stage and wave of the campaign. creative. • Automated. customer segment… Knowledge Management Continually track & refine campaigns. • Manage.

refine and clearly present results • Build & annotate pictures. graphs and reports • Storyboard and email presentations • Print or publish to website or intranet • Integrate with MS Powerpoint Deploy customer insight and intelligence across the enterprise .Viper Viewer • Capture.

Lunch .

Product Training Robin Prouse Training Manager .

Academy Membership Pack .

Academy Membership Pack • • • • • • • CD 1 Viper Viper Data Mining Viper CRM Viper Campaign Planner Viper Viewer Standard dataset Implementation notes CD 2 • Wine dataset .

Academy Membership Pack • • • • • • • • CD 3 Viper user guides Training manuals Training from today Training credentials booklet Case studies Case study template Viper brochure Direct Marketing Campaign .

Terms & Conditions .

uk .uk • Training – Sally Andrews 0117 943 5822 – & Conditions • Software Provision • Conditions of use • Support and Maintenance – 0117 927 6662 – academy@smartFOCUS.

Confidentiality Agreement .

Q&A .

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